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Famous Footwear is famous for athletic and casual shoes. They have various brands across the company with over 130 years of experience. If you have a problem and need to contact Famous Footwear customer service, the best phone number is 1-888-869-1053.

Common issues range from rude employees, refund complaints, poor quality shoes, and price disputes. There are several other alternative suppport methods on their website including a 24/7 support form as well as a live chat option.

There was no corporate mailing address listed on the website because they are a subsiderary of Brown Shoe company. That office is located at 8300 Maryland Ave St Louis, MO 63105. The company sells almost every brand of shoes at their local stores including Nike, Reebok, and Adidas.

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I’m very upset that as a customer I had issues with the employee @ the Levittown store this is where I live and now I am forced to go further where the employees are nicer then ever I had bought online and had to return shoes as they were too tight the size and color I purchased wasn’t available so I went online twice both times I had to return the lady at the register is not in any way cut out to be involved with customers she is always saying comings that she shouldn’t be doing as with me in front of others stated oh no again your returning made me feel like I shouldn’t be shopping at this location safely she is still there and I am aware she is nasty to her customers this should be taken serious as I am just one who is never going back I continue to shop at the other location friends also told me I know that one she’s not nice I’d appreciate if you can change her attitude as now we are all staying away from her wise remarks thank you


As a respectable footwear distributor, I am tremendously disgusted with the person's employed at your Wenatchee, WA location. I was personally messaged by one of your managers with hanous accusations. I am astounded that you would employ someone with such poor morals and respect for customers. As a member of private contract wildland firefighting and private security and private shooting club networks, I will never shop at any of your stores again and will be sure to pass my experience's with other clients and members of these organizations to not go into your stores for service. Purely disgusted with the service and the name of your establishment.



You are now being considered for the position of 'Assistant Sales Manager - Region 4 - Requisition 658240' in (unknown location) for Famous Footwear. Although you previously completed an online assessment, this position requires that you answer some additional questions. Please click the link below and log in to answer the questions.


Thank you,

Wendy Roso
Famous Footwear I am trying to reach this woman. I cannot do this assessment. Everytime I try to add my work history, it says I need 100 characters. I have done that and more. It will not allow me to further the process. What can I do? Please help.


Bought 6 pair of converse shoes one week then last week bought 2 more pair.. Got socks to try the shoes on and put them in the shoe box and told the girl at the counter they were to big she then got me 2 packages of the right socks.. I was checking out when some worthless loser who works there acused me of stealing a pair of size 9 1/2and I wear an 8 he bullied me and made me pay for the socks someone had stolen with the shoes..he's a little bitch and Famous Footwear can suck a dick because u worthless bastards never called me back after I filed the complaint.. If u cunts are so desperate for $15 socks keep the money ur clearly In worse shape than I am...never shop with u low life to stupid to check a camer bitches ever.. To many other stores need my money.. Now have a great day and fuck off.. To bad u didn't do ur job and forced me to tell u what a piece of shit famous foot wear has become.


I was shopping and I had an employee call the cops on me because they suspected that I stole something from the store. Cops stopped me out in the parking lot and asked me about it. I make enough money where I don't need to steal anything. I dont understand how they think I could have stole something especially shoes. Everything I tried on i put right back. I do believe its because I am American Indian. But seriously accuse me of stealing something when they have absolutely no proof.


I fell on a broken tile on November 26 in famous footwear at galleria mall in
Poughkeepsie n y... a lady named Cynthia from insurance company called me and she asked for photos and said she would investigate and get back with me in a few days...been over a month and never heard back from her again...I sent her photos of my injuries and sent her text and E-mails but no response...guess it doesn’t matter if customers fall and get hurt ...oh well I certainly won’t be shopping at any of your stores again...


I called customer service (after on line tracking failed me) only to hear that there would be a 15 minute wait. No problem, I expected that.
Then I listened to some music and after several minutes the recording kicked in. We are experiencing a
high volume of calls your wait time is 15 minutes. This happened three times. 15 minutes each time. Then on the fourth recording
it said your wait time is now 17 minutes. How does that happen? I was going in reverse! As much as I enjoy shopping at Famous
Footwear. I hope I have too never use "Tracking or Customer Service" again. Your phone system "SUCKS"!


On November 17, 2018 we purchased 2 shoes (both worth $59.99) with a PROMO of BOGO at Store# 1072. Trans#1966. However, one shoes was not available and we were told that they were going to mail it in 3-5 days. The shoes was not delivered as promised, but my nephew decided to return his shoes-Timberland Backroad hiker -286516 on 11/23/18. I told the sales lady that the other shoes has not arrived yet, and it was supposed to be a present to my daughter. She told me that I can return the shoes with no problem as long as I bring the receipt because I was only getting $29.99 +tax refund on the Timberland shoes.
When I returned to the same store on 12/3/18 at 4:14PM Associate 152317 was just giving me a refund of $29.99 for the second shoes-SPORTO.
I tried to explain to her that I have the receipt and I was told that if I did not received the shoes on time or would like to return it, I may do so and I will be given a full refund of $59.99+tax. We went back and forth arguing about this issue, my blood pressure was going up and she was not very pleasant at all to her customers. I demanded to speak to a Manager and she said "she was the Manager-her name was Rachel". I then told her that "If you're the Manager, you should know the protocol and guidelines with your store policy, rather that arguing with your customers" She finally reached out to another girl in the store ( I do not know if she was the real store manager? and corrected the problem and gave me the full refund of $59.99- which I was explaining to her from the very beginning). Because of my annoyance with the way she was treating me I told her "You need to get more training on customer service" Instead of apologizing for her mistake she told me this "Mam you need to LEAVE THE STORE"!!!! That was very RUDE and very discriminatory!
This was a very strong statement to use to any customer who is simply returning their product and just trying to correct their mistake of not LISTENING properly to their customers. There were no lines or a lot of people in the store except for one couple who already left after paying.
It is only now, that I realized after checking the receipt that this was "the same Associate 152317 who told me when I returned the first shoes to bring the second shoes back with receipts" to get the full refund .
My biggest complaint was: this associate need to LOOK into the receipt closely and understand their customers and not argue with them or have the nerve to tell me to "LEAVE THE STORE". This was very inappropriate for that associate and the other person sided with her instead of rectifying the problem. I have all the receipts kept and I demand a word of apology from these associates.

Romina Yee


I was at Poughkeepsie galleria store on Monday 11-26-18 and fell hard as a result of a tile missing on floor..the cashier says a walked over that all day..never saw it..asked for accident report and it took so long and I had to leave bc I had to pick up my waiting grandson...the cashier never came to me and asked if I was hurt nor did the mgr. she did call me that night and said mgr. had put in request that morning to have tile fixed...not really buying that...gave her my address and called store yesterday to see if I was getting copy of report and the mgr. Will said it was submitted..told him I wanted to have copy to give to my attorney..asked him his name and he said Will and when I asked last name he said quite rudely we don’t give last names here...I am very bruised in my left side and pulled my back also and yet your mgr. not once asked me if I was hurt or if I was ok...I will get an attorney to check out negligence of having broken floor tiles..also there was a camera above where I fell...so should be on tape...I took pictures of floor and all my bruises...I doubt I’ll ever shop in your stores again bc I feel as if I was treated very rudely...


I am wondering why this complaint has not been taken care of yet!!

Thanks for submitting your question! The reference number for your inquiry is #181019-000834.
A member of our support team will get back to you soon.

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To whom it may concern, Do not go to La Quinta, CA Famous Footwear. And do not get helped by ELVIRA. She did not want to return my shoes that i bought 2 days ago because she thought i wore them allegedly. So, i went to the Palm Desert store and they gladly aaccepted my request. The LA QUINTA Famous Footwear lost my business, thanks to someone with poor judgement.


I would like to bring to your attention the loss of the sale of 8 pair of shoes today, which we purchased at a neighboring retailer due to the unfortunate customer service we received from your employee. The young lady clearly was more interested in the new fall line of boots hitting the shelves than that of any sales. I do not expect an employee who is busy stocking to jump up and offer assistance , although that is the proper customer service approach to implement for high sales. I requested assistance stating to the gal that I myself have poor eye sight and being with my elderly mother her eyes were of no help. The sizes on the boxes were very small, of which we were not accustomed, hindering our search for a box with the appropriate size. As if off put by our request she pointed to a box. We explained that the box to which she pointed contained a different color not lined up with the sample shoe. Irritated almost, she stated that well that did not belong there. Ahhhh, we already figured that! Then unfortunately she walked off, yes turned her back and just walked off. Hmmm...........I guess we were not going to receive any help ,I surmised. And since I and my mother are beyond the age for scaling shelving and could not see the sizes on the boxes without some assistance, we honestly felt we had no recourse but to carry on with our shoe search elsewhere. I would be careful with further customer service lacking at this Killingly, CT location, as it is a very short walk to the next store and we got GREAT over the top customer service and in comparison a much better deal than what we were looking at in Famous Footwear. I have a new go to store now that I never would have had if not for the unpleasant experience in your establishment.


I went to the Famous Footwear store to find shoes for my son for school that starts next week.
A sale going on was buy one pair get one pair for %50 off. The pair my son picked out wasnt available in the store so the associate suggested we order it and have it delivered to the house. The pair i picked out was available so i was able to take them home that day.
We also bought 2 packages of socks because of the same sale.
9 days after we ordered i called customer service to track the order only to find out the order DID NOT EXIST. My receipt reflects the shoes being purchased and ordered but for some bizarre reason my order got deleted from all store records. I paid cash that day.
I spent an hour on the phone with customer service and they ended up telling me to go back to the store and get another kind of receipt and then to call them back again. I visited the store the next day and they said they couldnt do anything and basically stared at me and said customer service hasnt contacted them. So i said okay... then just refund my money back to me. They said they cant do that and again said customer service hasnt contacted them. I picked up my phone and proceeded to call customer service while i was physically there at the store. ONE hour later (again) they didnt find my order and didnt see any thing for it. ONLY the shoes and the socks that i purchased in the store, the pair i paid for and ordered for home delivery arent on the records. I was told that it is now to be sent to district to see what they want to do. 2 days later...NO call and no resolution!! and No one is giving me my $90 back !! 2 days later I am back on the phone again with customer service and going on another hour. Next call is the police. Do they really think im going to let $90 just go and not do anything about it ?


This company is totally in mess in its business operation. Its store sold product either it doesn't have or cannot be delivered, worse than that, the company kept quiet on undelivered business until weeks after I filed a complaint. In responding to our complaint, the customer service at its headquarter first promised to send out the purchased product as that's what we always wanted, then simply telling us to wait for refund stuffed with few dollars coupon for future purchase. People work there have no respect to its customers, nor to the reputation of the company.


Hello I was in your store bought a pair of Asics woman's I wore for about 2 days and my feet started hurting took them no receipt just wanted to change for a different size . I have worn this shoe for years ...I still would like to exchange and get the correct size .. it was not the service there but I should be able to exchange for the correct size after all these shoes are not cheap I never complain but I would like to have the correct size if you could please help in this situation I would greatly appreciate help in the matter.

Sincerely, Karen Mathieu


I went into the famous footwear located at 3304 S 23rd street in Tacoma, WA. I have been to this store multiple times since it has been open and have spent lots of money at this store. I have never had an issue at this store until tonight. Me my sister my daughter and my 2 nieces went to this store to get my sister some new shoes. Immediately entering the store we are greeted by who iblater find out is the store sales manager a lady named Heather. We go to the women's section and while there are other people entering the store and walking around the store Heather once again approaches us and asks us if we need help, I told her no she stays close to the areas in which we were looking.

So eventually my sister finds the shoe she likes we go to the front. Heather is ringing up the shoe and my sister notices the shoe says 99.99 but when we saw the shoe on the floor it was placed over the sign that said 79.99. I went back to go check the section we got the shoe from where the tag read 79.99. Another associate who later stated she was the assistant manager named kiara came over to the area where we picked the shoe from and stated that there was no price and she said the shoe price I had seen was for the shoe next to the one we picked. I asked her then why was the shoe placed next to the label she stated the shoe was new and that they had just received the shoe the night before. I asked why the shoe was on the floor with no price and she said because they didn't have time to make the tag.

I said then why is the shoe out on the floor it's misleading because we thought that the tag which is was displayed above went to the shoe. So my sister picked another shoe we go to the front I ask the manager Heather why they displayed the shoe without a price tag she stated because of the fact that they have not made the sign since the shoe just came in the night before. I asked for corporates number she stated she would give me the regional district managers number. As I'm talking to Heather. Kiara the assistant manager is antagonizing me and still going off at the mouth, I asked Heather to address her employee to stop speaking to me kiara continues to still speak to me.

I started going off as well due to the disrespect we were shown. My sister also forgot her $10 off coupon at home. So I said I would ask the employee when we got to the register to give us one, Heather comes out from near some shoes and states they would not be able to give us another coupon and that the coupons are destroyed after the promotional weekend funny seeing as the promotion doesn't begin til the 2nd of April. I feel as if I was treated in this manner because they thought I was just some random black young girl. I am a 25 year old educated African American woman who has been coming to this store and never had an issue. I will not shop here until this issue is addressed. We were harassed the moment we got in the store and treated horribly by the two women who were supposedly the highest members who work at this location. I have never felt racially profiled until today and I want this issue to be addressed.


The Famous Footwear store in Sherman Texas has started refusing to take our personal checks after we have done business with them for many years. They say that their check confirmation says there is insufficient information on them. No one will tell us what information Is needed. Calls to customer care go unanswered, and their automated call service absolutely stinks. After many years of buying your shoes (and spending thousands of dollars) our only choice is to go to another company for shoes.


I placed an order on line. I called three different numbers. Each one said to call during office hours which was stated as 7A.M. to 7 P.M. I was calling at 1:45 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. I tried live chat and it said it was closed. I even tried to send an email, and it wouldn't go through.


Horrible experience at Famous Footwear stores. Very poor customer service and wasn't able to use coupon cashier told me I didn't have enough reward points to use coupon!


I drove out of my way to purchase my son's shoes at Famous Footwear because the shoe department had experienced staff who sized and fit shoes properly for young growing feet. Imagine my dismay when I found out the children's shoes had been relocated to the children's clothing department, with no way to measure for size and no shoe stools to sit on. Children were forced to sit on the floor to try on shoes. The only device to size my son's growing feet was located in the adult's shoe department. Frankly, I find this idiotic as adult feet down't grow as children's do. Children's feet can grow in the span of a month and a proper fitting is necessary for length and width.

Also, shoe fit varies by style and manufacturer. Knowing this information is key in obtaining a proper fit for growing feet. Only experienced sales reps in the shoe department can advise a parent with regard to size and fit by manufacturer. If I had wanted to self serve, I could have gone to Kohls's which is why I did not go there in the first place. Whoever decided that children's shoes were only a fashion accessory and therefore only merited shelves to stock them on has no idea how important it is to size growing feet properly.

Next time I need shoes for my son, I'll remember to go to the children's stand alone shoe store where I know the staff is experienced, my son won't need to sit on the floor and they can advise me on style vs sizing. Please bring back a proper children's shoe department to Famous Footwear.

Finally, another week my daughter shopped at Famous Footwear. She lost 1 pair of her brand new boots I bought it to another store. I told it about them they said to employee at customers service I came back and said they never found it. Then I have this feeling to check it on their shoes department guess what I found out they displayed it with a price on it. I was lucky I kept it the 1 pair and showed to them that they displayed my daughters boots the Famous Footwear manager gave it to then even said sorry.

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