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Toll free phone number: (866) 893-3726

LifeShield provides wireless home security systems with burglary and fire monitoring for homes, apartments and small businesses. LifeShield systems can be used with GSM or cellular units and come with mobile access to allow users to control and monitor their systems via the company website, and smartphone apps.

If you have a problem and need to escalate your complaint, try the head office. CEO Michael Hagan left NutriSystem in December 2009 to run LifeShield and has raised more than $20 million in venture capital funding and changed the company's sales to direct-to-consumer.

LifeShield is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with operations also in Wayne, PA. Customer support available by calling 877-232-5472, and reports 95% customer satisfaction. The customer service hours of operation are from 8am – 12am EST, Monday through Friday.

Common issues with LifeShield are with 24/7 Professional Monitoring, Video Monitoring, Remote Door Locks, Lighting & Thermostat Control, Water Detection and Fire & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring.

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  • LifeShield headquarters address

    • 2021 Cabot Blvd West
    • Langhorne
    • PA
  • Company website

  • 1-800 phone number

    (866) 893-3726
  • Better Business Bureau rating

  • Customer service hours

    8am – 12am EST

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I have tried LifeShield originally after a friend recommended them to me. Unfortunately, there is definitely a "big corporate" feel to dealing with the support and customer service team. We wanted a family owned organization that we could call when we had problems. After all, our security system is something that we hold as a very intimate service that we purchase. I would recommend LifeShield, but only if you are not the type of person that does not need support often.


I have had to call multiple times for broadband outages and the system not working. I unplugged the system to reboot it and never even got a phone call. The system was completely unplugged and I never got a call just an e-mail. To many times I had to reboot the whole system so I cancelled service and then got a early cancellation fee.


I really enjoy LifeShield. Especially how each user can customize the AT&T Digital Life wireless system to fit their homes. We have been using LifeSheild in a bundle with AT&T Digital Life, so we can add additional AT&T Digital Life devices to the system. We considered their wireless home security system, but they currently only offer packages with a basic system. We would need to pay to add extra sensors, video cameras, motion sensors or other devices. So at the moment we are sticking with ADT.


Sine LifeShield got bought out by DirecTV their customer service has gone downhill fast. I'm thinking of switching to ADT or Monitronics at this point.

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