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Frontpoint was founded in 2007 by a team of home security experts. The company offers technology and services to homes and families and allows for security monitoring and home security systems using state of the art networking. Other services offered by Frontpoint include wireless, cellular, affordable protection, intrusion protection, environmental protection, fire protection and life safety. 

If you are a Frontpoint customer with a comment or suggestion you can mail the corporate headquarters at 1595 Spring Hill Road Suite 110 Vienna, VA 22182. For problems reach out to the Frontpoint customer service number at 1-877-602-5276 or call for sales on 1-855-808-1480.

Common complaints about the company include the equipment that FrontPoint offers such as: Controls, Sensors, Cameras and Home Automation. Their are many different types of plans you can sign up for on their website, the most popular of which is the Protection Monitoring Plan.

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I called the Frontpoint support hotline at night about 8pm. I finally reached a gentlemen who seemed from the start like he was upset about something. When I finally confronted him about my billing issue he raised his voice and told me to "Calm the hell down". Well, my daughter is 12 and was in the room with me. she does not need to hear these kinds of words coming from customer service employees. Needless to say I love Frontpoint but will not continue because of the way we were treated.


I am a frontpoint customer who is not happy with their service. I really would like someone to get back to me about this. I visited a few websites today, and read hundreds of complaints online about people having similar problems. My issue pertains to my monthly billing statement.


On the 24th of June 2016 I received my Frontpoint monthly billing statement for my account. After that I handed over a complaint at the Frontpoint care center via email that one of my contracts that has been upgraded is wrongly charged. My original contract in my possession the amount shows I must pay a month but is charged 178.99 a month. I went so far as sending the original contract to the Frontpoint corporate headquarters via email address. I received response that they can see that I been charged too much. Problem is they deducted the end of June that amount until now the problem is not resolved.


Not good customer service on my recent support inquiry. I have been having issues tripping sensors and had no idea it would be such a hassle to get someone to come out to the house.


Frontpoint has activated my account while I am now out of the country and without my consent. I have tried to get to bottom of this via the customer hotline in vain. I have had to pay for a service that i do need. Further more I am billed for plans I did not want. I am also being harassed for an outstanding payment, this is after i have made a payment, and told to ignore the call. I have been complaining about this but it happens monthly. Being the best network they are, I am not happy with the recent service I am getting. I have six years experience with Frontpoint because I thought they were the best, not sure anymore.


I am writing to voice out my issues with the Frontpoint support. I'm hoping that the problem may be resolved and i will be fairly compensated. I was charged a fee of $350 without any prior notification. The billing statement was reviewed in the Frontpoint website and there were no other remarks expect for what I claimed. The unit installed on my house had a defect in the power button and the staff, after reviewing my equipment, assured me the replacement was going to be free of cost. The technician immediately ordered a new unit for a replacement since there were no other damages other than the power button.

During the second billing cycling after the replacement I was surprised to see I was charged $350. When I dialed for enquiry the Frontpoint customer care agent did not have any information on the system for the reason I was charged, he quickly postponed the billing date for a week and promised me that I would be contacted with the details of the charges. Unfortunately, I never heard back, however when calling back after a week I was told that I’m being charged because the front door sensor was detected to be on.

When the store didn't detect any defect with the sensor and when I was promised the replacement would be free, it is not fair for the company to charge me later when I’m in no position to claim the unit back. It was totally a gesture of hypocrisy from Frontpoint. However, I was told the issue will be forwarded to the research team and I would be contacted again after 3-4 days. No one contacted me and overnight all lines in the plan were disconnected.

Ultimately I was forced to pay the bill since all the lines in the family was temporarily disconnected for not clearing my bill of replacement, which I suppose was almost like a black mail/threat to leaving me no option to argue for a fair and transparent process.

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