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It's been 48 hours and I have not received my $10 gift certificate. I've won more than once and received those within 48 hours for whatever reason I have not received the last one submitted on 12/17.

The 48 hour response time is not working and Customer Service at the stores are very short with your questions. You shop, gather winning buttons and you never received the official certificates. I've won twice since December 11, 2012 with no response. Also entered two more buttons and the response was that the codes are not valid.

I have not received my printable $10 certificate. I received the email on December 17th indicating that I was a winner. I successfully responded to the email on the same day. I have not received the printable certificate. Please send me the certificate at your earliest convenience or let me know what I need to do to receive it.

The code goes no where, just says invalid captcha. It asked for two words to type in . There are no words and no where to type them. This is a big hassle. Time is running out. Don't have the game if you're not going to make it work, stand behind it or have some one to talk to or a contact number for a real person.

I've talked to 4 different people, they knew nothing and this site doesn't look like it's going to help me either . And if it does, it won't for 2 days. I'm not going to have time to enter my buttons. Not happy!

I had a button that was for $10 but two days later it disappeared, but I was not sure if I was to print it or if a certificate was to be mailed because there was a statement that said that it would be mailed. How can I get this $10 that I won.

I Got a message saying i won $10.00 from entering my codes this was on Monday December 17,2012 it said give it 48 hours for it to show up well its been 3 days and still my certificate has not shown up I revised the page and clicked on it a couple more times and still no coupon certificate has been e-mailed to me yet.

Then today i visited the store @Richmond Mall got two more buttons and there said that the buttons have already been used how is this so if i just got them today from your sales rep. will like to receive my certificate and two codes that have not been tampered with used upon giving out. Wow Jcpenny you can do better than this i hope.


My husband and I were at JCpenney's Bedding Dept. on 12/13/12 between 1:00 and 3:p.m we needed to buy some bedding items. There was one particular comforter that we really liked, but we could not find it,so we asked for help from one of the sales representative he said this is not my Dept. another sales representative came over to us my husband and I asked her if they have that one particular comforter that we really liked, she told us that is out of stock you can probably order it online.

I am so disappointed because she did not offer any apologies for having the item still on display when it is already out of stock and did not offer any other customer options she just stood around and watched us,so we left. We like really shopping at JCpenney and we have experienced some unpleasant representative manners,but today was the worst! So we took our business to Belk.


How do you tell customers to enter a 7 digit code when the button you gave out has only 6 letters? Normally I don't even waste time on games and promos but I thought JCP would be legit. I just opened a Charge account and I'm just ticked enough not to use it ever, if I don't get some explanation.

I redeemed a few buttons earlier in the Christmas button program but starting last Friday, the buttons stopped working. It will give the message that the code is wrong or the captcha is wrong. It will alternate the messages until you get tired of trying. I am a regular Penney's customer and would rather not have the program than to have it and only some people can use it.

This is really annoying. All attempts at getting them to help me have failed. What is up with this?


I am very disapointed in the JCPenney's company, you are changing you stores to be for the young and skinny people. You don't have anything that is for the middle or older people. You don't have any dresses that are for Church people you have the tight trashy cloths that we don't wear. We all like getting the large catloges so we can see what we are looking for. You keep going the way you are going you will be closing before long. You need someone to Run the company that will get cloths for everyone. I have always shopped with JCPenney's, I knew I could count on them to have the styles that I was looking for. I can't do that now, I don't even want to go in the store anymore because it is useless. VERY DISAPOINTED!!


my husband has purchased jewelry several times at pennys..the values have added up over the years. i went over the weekend to look into trading up on a ring he purchased for me. we have certificates on the pieces for trade- up on the value of the ring and earrings. The salesperson 1st off was not professional at all, and told me we know longer honor your paper..no explanation or no knpwledge on how a decision could be made without contacting the consumer. I had no chance to take advantage of the agreement given to me byPennys before you decided to do away this...I feel i should be given the chance to consider trading in the ring, as i had intended to do over the weekend. This is not proper for you to rip off the consumer..This was a deciding factor to purchase several items over the years.. What a bussiness you must run.. I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years. I do not expect this from your store chain...I would like a response to validate your actions as to why you would rip-off a consumer without notification.


I was told that my ring that was being shipped to me would arrive within 4-8 days, I then looked online and my tracking order stated that it wouldn't even be shipped until Dec. 4th! I need the ring before then and Jcp did little for me in helping me in the matter. I was not told the correct information and now must wait for a ring to come that I was suppose to have within a day or 2 of thanksgiving and now may not be receiving it until christmas. I do not think that this was my fault and this issue should be handled and I should not have ever been put in this imposition. I am very disappointed in the service of Jcpennys.


I feel I was treated very badly at your store in Lebanon NH at the Upper Valley Plaza in the Hair Solon Dept on Sept 9,2012. Here is what happened, on August 23, 2012 I went and had a Perm and Hair cut by Barbie (I would like to note she was very nice no problems with her) after she was finished with my hair she sold me some products (shampoo and conditioner package deal for $22.00) she told me if I was not happy with it I could return it for a full refund. My total cost for the day was $102.00 plus a $10.00 tip.. (See attached slip #1). I tried the product, it did not work for me, and it made my hair feels matted and had such a hard time getting a comb thru my hair. So I returned the product.

When I got the register I explained to the young lady what was going on with the product. She got me some other stuff to try. I purchased the products she handed me along with other products that I needed. Well she did not know how to do the refund; she first rang up each product and was going to give me a credit of $40.00 I explained that I only paid $22.00 as a package deal. (I feel if I was not an honest person and took the $40.00 maybe you would not be getting this letter from me anyway.) She did not know how to process the refund as a package deal, so that I would get a credit of $22.00. A co-worker came over to help her and she too was not sure how to process this, so they told me she would take $2.00 off conditioner. The replacement product were fresh curl for $12.00 and redkin all soft cond for $9.00 but was rang in as $7.00. (See receipt #2) if she did not take the $2.00 off the total would be $21.00 So went home tried these products, the product that she sold me made my head burn and itch. So I returned them.

When I walked into the store there was no one at the register I stood at the solon register for a good 10 to 15 minutes no one came out to wait on me. (Let me explain why I waited so long, I live 35 minutes away for this store) So as I am standing there I see one of your associates who works in the solon dept. talking to an other associates in the make-up dept... ( Their conversation was being done at the new make-up dept.) The young lady who worked in the solon dept. finally walks over to help me. I explained that I was returning these products as they were not working for me. She listened to me and then walked out back. Someone else comes out from out back to help and again I explained why I was returning the product. She did not know how to do a refund. The young lady that I started with came back out and grabbed the Product from me looked at it put it on the counter and walked out back yet again, did not say a word.

A few minutes passed. She finally came back out and rang up the credit and only issued me a credit for $19.00,(the young ladie who was talking to the ladie in the make up dept.) I explained that I she short me $2.00. She then raised her voice and told me I was only getting back $19.00. The young lady told me that she was not giving me the full credit and was very rude; she embossed me in front of her co-workers tell me I did not know how to add or did I know what I was talking about.. I was not rude to her and there was no reason for her to be so rude to me. I did try to explain why I felt I was due $21.00 and not $19.00. She told me “I can give you credit for $19.00 or I could keep the products. “ (See slip #3) I did ask if there was something else I could try, as I wanted something good so my perm would keep longer and look good and not dry. She did not want to assist me, so any other person came out to help me and as she was helping me that same young lady called her out back, So I walked around the solon checking out other products and seein if I could find something, waited a while and no one came back out to help me.

All those ladies turned there back and walked away from me. They ALL walked out back and no one would come out to assist me.. I saw a manager in the store and walked over to her and explained to her what had happened and that I was interested in getting the right product for me. All she said to me was that she was sorry. I will talk to the girls. That was all she had to say. I did not pick up any products that evening, as I was so upset, I left your store shaking and very upset. Not because of the $2.00 it was because of the way they treated me. I have never been treated so rude. I went back into the store a few weeks ago and as I was approaching the solon there were two of the ladies who that were there the night (slip #2), they saw me approaching them, they turned there back and walked out back. They did not come back out front to wait on me,or anyone else.

That same week I had an appointment with Barbie for a hair cut. I was afraid to go in, so I canceled my appointment with her. I was afraid that those young ladies would embarrass me again in front of other people. It took a lot for me to send you this letter; I feel you those ladie need some training in Good Customer Service Skill. It dosent matter who was right or wrong aobut the $2.00, it was the way I was treated when I was making the return and trying to explain why I thought I was stil due the $2.00. There is right way and wrong way to tell a customer they are wrong without embrassment, to either the parties.

I feel the manager who told me she would talk to the young ladies she did not. I feel if she did they would be more respectful to me as a customers. I wish that you could have seen how I was treated, you would have been shocked. One of the reasons it’s taken me so long to write this letter is because I was afraid of the consequence of what they would do when I walk in to your solon dept. So I have decided to stay away from your solon dept. But felt you should know why and what happened. You know when Irene flooded the Upper Valley JC Penny’s it was so sad could not find anyone to do a good as job as Barbie. But when the news came out that your store was re-openinng I was so happy, As I have been going to your Solon for years. As I really enjoy going to Barbie for my hair, She dose a great job! If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me.


I purchased a sectional sofa on my account last year (approx Feb or March, 2012) for my daughter. At the time we were told that we should take a warranty on the set, which was $ 180.00. We were told it would take care of everything, especially seams, zippers, dog and cat damage, etc.
We purchased it. Now when we have a claim, which my daughter did on line, and I uploade the picutres, they came back immediately and told us that the policy does not cover seams and this is seam damage. I did not spend this kind of money to have seams fall apart in just over a year. The set has been very well taken care of and looks almost new. I have been a customer of yours since the 1970's and hope that you can resolve this matter by either fixing the seams or replacing the part of the sectional that is damaged. The seams should not tear this easily.
We are very disappointed with the seams in this set, and disappointed even more that we were told it was not covered by the warranty policy we purchased. That was the only reason we purchased the policy. I look forward to hearing from you with a solution to our problems. I can send you the photos if you like.


I entered one of your stores today and promptly turned around and left due to the poor experience a couple weeks before. Lets just say the bad taste is still left. A couple weeks ago my fiance and I did some shopping in the Henrietta location. When we were done my children had to use the restroom. My oldest daughter took my youngest in. When my fiance met up with us I was proceeding to enter the restroom with my children but the cleaning lady tried to push her cart infront of me. While I was in there with my three year old the cleaning lady yells in you almost done I have to clean. I informed her when my child is done I would be out. While washing my daughter's hands I stated to het I could not stand rude people as the tone and words your employee used I found extremely rude. She proceeds to yell in she wasn't rude. I informed her I felt she was and that was all that mattered. She stated yet again she was not rude. When I I went to leave with my two daughters and 12 year old cousin your employee was standing right at the door with her cart. I opened the door wich she was blocking with her foot and I was barely allowed to open and my cousin stepped out and almost fell over the wet floor sign that was placed directly outside the door, she fortunately was able to gain her balance your employee informed me I could have excused myself. I reported this to management as I am sure there was no repercussions for her behavior. I am angry that this whole experience has cost me one of my favorite places to spend my money.Just thought you sshould know this is how your customers are being treated.


My complaint is with the JC Penney furniture store at the Arrowhead Mall in Peoria, AZ. I went to the store two days ago to buy a dining set. I saw one that I liked and tried to buy it. The salesperson, who said that it was her last day on the job as she was retiring, indicated that the computer system was down and that she couldn't sell me anything. She took down my name and number and said that she would have someone call me.

I waited a day, and no one called. Two days later I called and offered to buy the dining set over the phone, but was told that I would have to come to the store to buy it. I then returned to the store and once again tried to buy the dining set, but once again was told that the computer system was down. No one had a solution, and no one would sell me the set over the phone.

I received a call after I got home on my voice mail that the dining set I wanted was not in stock, but that I could buy the floor model IF I came and picked it up. As much as I liked the dining set, I am going to look for one elsewhere. To say that this store is operating in the Stone Age would be an understatement.

I have shopped at JC Penney for many decades and have spent plenty of money with the company. I expect better service.


Congratulations, Penneys. Your plan worked. I was shopping for earrings today at the Penneys in Century III Mall, West Mifflin, and saw a sign that said in big letters "$10." At the cash register, I gave the associate a 20% off coupon and he charged me $15.41. I said that I thought the earrings were $10, and the associate next to him told me that the sign says $10 but in small print next to it, the sign says, "and up." I paid for it anyway.

When I went back to look at the price sign, it said "and up" in barely perceptible small print. So, if the plan is to get the customer to the register thinking that the price is $10 and then bank on her/him paying the higher price anyway, then it was a success.

I generally like Penneys, and prices are good, but I really dislike deceptive advertising.


Twice now I have gotten new buttons from my local JCP store and have entered them and a message comes up saying these codes were already entered, but they were brand new buttons.

I returned them to my local store. The first time it was four buttons and the cashier took them, threw them away and gave me 4 new ones. Of those 4 new ones, 3 of them also said that they were already entered.

At that time they were all out of buttons and do not plan on getting any more. I would like to at least get new codes for these buttons that I have in my possession right now to see if I have been a winner or not. The codes are 3wbxqzs, kwjhwnn, 45rmaca.

Last week I entered the code off of one of my buttons and was told that it was a $10.00 winner ant that I would receive a coupon in the mail. Here is it a week later and I never received anything. I called JCPenney and they gave me a web site to go to but it doesn't work.

I have still not received my coupon and when I called the store where I received the buttons in the first place they told me I could come back and they would give me more buttons but that is a 30 mile drive one way for me. I have been a loyal customer at JCPenney for years but right now I am very dissatisfied with them.

Please respond before the deadline of the contest.


Dear JCPenney's: I had some difficulty in locating your homepage red button for the code entry as none of your instruction, links or pages held the infamous button noted in the instructions. I was finally successful & posted my findings:

1. Go the the official JCPenney web page
2. Enter jcp.com/christmas
3. When at new page enter your e-mail address and you will then be presented a page with the red button & can enter your codes.

This process was successful for me but it did take some attempts and a desire to be successful. Your site is not working as indicated per your instructions. Thank you for you time and Happy Holidays!

I would like to say I am very disappointed in JCPenney. First of all the very burst button I got dated I won $10 dollars. An I have yet to receive that. No email to print out nothing. An then I had 2 more bottoms that when I put the codes in I never got an email saying I won or lost.

So I tries to re enter an it dates those have already been entered. Ok I that's the case then where is my response on winning. I would like my winnings an compensation for what happen. I love penny's an shop there at least twice a week an now will probably never shop there again. I'm discussed with the way things were handled.

An since I can't get a JCPenney credit card from y'all I'm very pusses. You know not everyone has perfect credit but have awesome payment history on other stuff. So I want something done about this or ill go higher up to y'all's Bose an get my compensations.

I shopped at JCPenney and received a bunch of buttons for all the Christmas shopping I have done there. Not one Time has the comp. gone through to see if I won any gifts. I think it was a scam to get my email to send out info. This is not right.

It's very difficult to read the Christmas captcha's so i can see if i won anything & i won some of the JCPenney discount coupons but they didn't come with the upc codes & i tried to use those again they wouldn't work so i'm out the 10.00$ i could have saved because YOUR web site said they were already used!!

Now i'm out!! I'm 50 years old & don't have time for all this hassle just to save a few bucks!! Why do you put your customers thru all this hoop jumping & frustration??!! I like JCP but come on this sucks! And then i have to do ANOTHER STUPID CAPTCHA AT THE BOTTOM THANKS A LOT!

The first 4 Christmas buttons I received worked just fine, but these last 2 are a pain. I worked for 1 hour on one button code and only got a invalid captcha message on the next one I received a message that the 7 digit code was incorrect. How do I send this by mail to JCPenney?

My husband and I won twice and we can most certainly use these gifts!


I was in JCP yesterday to make an exchange, I had bought a pair of clearance tennis shoes in the Tracy store last week. I had a handfull of toddlers with me and was unable to try them on, I bought them as they were the last pair and figured if they did not work out, JCP has 'hassle free happy returns'...Well of course they did not work out and I went to exchange them for a pair of boots for my daughter yesterday and ANGIE refused to do the return.

She said that because I had used my winnings from the buttons I would only get a 4 dollar credit. Before speaking with her an associate at a different register said if I returned the shoes I would get 4$ but if I exchanged for other merchandise I would get the full 36$ toward the new purchase. ANGIE wanted me to walk her across the store and point out the associate that said this... I had my children with me and I was not going to haul them across the store just to get some poor girl in trouble..It is not the girls fault it is the managements fault that their staff is unaware of the policies. Angie was smirking the entire time being extremely rude. I ended up leaving the store in tears with the same tennis shoes I walked in with.

I grew up in JCP my dad was a store manager for 35 years, I am a dedicated customer and go into JCP on a weekly basis. I have a JCP gold rewards card that I keep in good standings. I understand that maybe that is the policy but I was misinformed by other staff and the exchange should have been honored. I am disappointed in the customer service I received and I must say I do not look forward to visiting JCP anytime soon.

I know that JCP is all about having satisfied customers and they failed to do that yesterday. Now I am left with these shoes that do not fit and have lost 30$ of my winnings from buttons. JCP was not going to lose anything in the exchange process and I know that they would turn around and sell those shoes for the price I paid so then they are making double on those shoes because they would have only returned 4$ to me. The whole situation is very upsetting and I was a part of the JCP family for a long time and this is not the way it should be.


After winning 3 times with the buttons (one $5 and 2 $10 coupons) much earlier in the season, the last 8 buttons either don't work when the CORRECT letters/numbers are put in, or the message tells me those numbers/letters have already been used. Why are the sales people giving out "used" buttons?

Over the course of the last week my husband and I received 4 holiday buttons from your Stonecrest Mall Store in Lithonia, Georgia. When we input the numbers online, we got a message that the buttons had already been used! Here are the numbers: y252e4a, vjvvfqr, zamnpau, busu2tj.

I think there is some fraud going on at the store were people are checking the button inventory for winners and passing the codes on to people they know to redeem the reward. I mentioned it to my sister and she had the same outcome with a couple of the buttons she received.

This promotion has an easy exposure for fraud since the codes are readily visable and people can use their cellphones to check them. If you decide to use it again, buttons should be in some kind of wrapper. I love JC Penney so I was dissappointed to see what happened with your button promotion.


What marketing genius in upper management decided to discontinue carrying JCPenny Pantyhose? Some hot shot college grad, no doubt. What are women supposed to do? Listen, bub, not all women, regardless of age, have been blessed to have the perfect, model-like legs to go bare-skinned. And just because tights and leggings are in fashion doesn't mean ALL women want to wear them. Who actually manufactures the JCP hose? I will buy directly from them, thank you very much. And by the way, your website stinks.

Apparently the hose were supposed to be available online, (yes i know, while supplies last) so i put several pair in my cart, noted that they were on backorder, went to checkout, put in a free shipping code, & suddenly all my items are deleted. I went back, put the items in my cart again, and suddenly they are no longer available at all? Then why were they still shown on the site to begin with? A couple of months ago I tried to order them & it said they were out of stock. But then today they are available on backorder but then suddenly out of stock again!? Figure out if they are available or not & stop misleading the consumer!


I took my son for a free haircut at the Wellington Green Mall today. I was told by the salon that today would be the last day for this service. They said JCPenneys was stopping the program. I can't seem to find this information anywhere online at your websites. I just wanted to verify that the information is in fact correct and it will no longer be offered to children. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Debbie Bechalany


All excited to go to function looking great. Spanx order > arrived approx time when expected..attached was security tag ..the tag that is removed when purchased in store. Can't believe this hindered me from looking gr8 and when needed. I Spend a lot of dollars at your store and have recommended to all my friends. Saddens me that your Quality Control was so non par! $61.62 was money wasted for you to de-value me as a good customer...Now I have to make a trip to store, but after the moment that I needed it the most.


I had my hair done today Penney in Hobart Indiana 219-7382155 ..first it was dyed red,orange.brown I told girl to fix well she then dyed it black!!and said that was all they could do for me also I am a breast cancer surv.. She wouldn't even cut my hair . And she didn't not fix black. I said I was not walking out like that she said that's all I can do for you apparently the mangment is just as. Lame as the manager Beth would not talk to me or return my calls the people in this store said to me that's a shame Beth is leaving right now bye bye mayb you should not hire preschoolers for such an upscale job!!!! They said I could try to call Beth in the morning. Maybe she could help me.. Then..I have globs of dye all over my face my neck I informed them I was showing up in morning globs included they need to do their jobs right!!!! And fix this horrific .so called hairstyle I have a job a family and I have to b seen out in public like this . This is. It right . This is a hair nightmare from penneys . Please help me .


to whom it may concern: I live in NYC i went to the JCP store in Bay Plaza Mall to buy the Invicta watch 051-5177 (price) $262.00 that your advisement have in the web . Unfortunally the store ran out of it. I try to buy it through the web but it's also unavailable. My question is, can I get this watch for the same price when ever become available in the store or web. if your answer is yes send me an e-mail or a code number to be able to get it at the same price. Excuse me to write in this section but i didn't know where to go to ask my question. By the way Bronx staff from JCP at Bay plaza mall are exceptional, especially Mr. Kenneth that gave me the extra mile to help me. He went to so many to try to find me the watch. Thank you in advance for your answer. Margarita


JC Penney store in Searcy Arkansas. This store has some of the kindest employees working in the most poorly stocked JCP! This was once a GREAT store and now its turned into a place to pick up online orders at best. Even that had been made more difficult with the closing of the catalog dept! Was that the intention?

While Little Rock is not too (30ish miles!) much further to drive, we in Searcy try to push the "shop local" mantra. I've used the online catalog a lot this year therefor am wondering if thats what you are shooting for? Sometimes it nice to actually shop in the store.

Or it used to be, not anymore at this location. I feel If your store doesn't care about our little town maybe we should take our business to one of the other local businesses that does. Sorry JCP but If I'm going to have to travel the extra distance, there's much better competition for you in Little Rock that I will be utilizing.

I'll miss shopping at JCP and may still utilize your catalog occasionally but my days of shopping inside your stores is sadly gone.Whoever is responsible for these recent changes has thoroughly ruined my once favorite store. Thanks CEO I hope you makes lots of profit. (sarcasm, of course)


I was in Jcpenny's in Washington, MO last night to buy a wedding gift and I had received some rewards certificates. When I went to check out I requested a gift receipt and they informed me that if the gift was brought back that they could only exchange the gift for the balance that I owed after the certificates. This does not make any sense. I have been a loyal customer and to here that I was purchasing over $70.00 in goods, but it the gift need to be exchanged they could only exchange for the balance of $2.82 is insane. I was very shocked and in the future will be looking for a new retailer.


I need to speak with the JCPenney manger regarding my picture that was taken on Saturday. I'm writing for several reasons: my appointment was at 12.50pm I was not called until three. The guy that took the picture angel was ok, the girl that was helping was rude she did not want to hear anything I had to say.

I told them I wanted to a Christmas and birthday for my daughter and the outcome was a disaster . I try to speak with shanell but was unsuccessful the other girl who said she was the assistant ( pointless ) she was very rude and I use the term"rude" loosely.

At this point I would prefer to speak with a live person instead of emailing so I can explain this better.

Disappointed JCPenney customer- Shiva


I put in my JCP Christmas buttons code and at the time I did not know that the email account had been deleted. When I restored the account it sent all the emails back to the senders. When I tried to reenter the code it would not let me because it had been entered once before. Is there any way I can reenter to see if it won anything?

When you enter the code and the security Captcha, the site does not work. I double check all of the information on my end and it still does not work. JCP needs to get this fixed. The promotion end and I still have several buttons to enter. No promotion if people cannot get prizes!! Will not shop at JCP and tell friends and relatives to shop there either if they cannot fix the site!!

I Entered 2 JCP Christmas buttons and never got a response as to whether or not they were winners. I tried to re-enter them and they said they were already used. Not sure when to call or talk to about this problem. I called an 800 number and they gave me this email and said I would receive a response within 24 hours.


I finally get a winner and it wont accept the Captcha codes you have at the end! Ive lowered my security ....stopped my pop up blockers and it still doesnt work! I have one hour in on a $10 winner! your button promotion sucks and so does your site! No need for endless e-mails keep your $10 and I'll shop somewhere else!this is where I'm not proud to be an American! I visited your jcp store in the Columbia Mall on Saturday December 15th and requested buttons for the current button campaign.

One of your store clerks in the linen and clothing Department issued me some buttons for entry. I entered the buttons as I had done before on previous entries, but every one of the buttons that she gave me gave the message that the button had been used before. I made another trip on December 17 2012 at the Prince George's Customer Service Desk and was issued two buttons which again gave me a message that those buttons had been used before.. This is very frustrating, because it seems that the store employes are entering the buttons then giving them to unsuspecting customers. I would appreciate an inquiry into this obviously fraudulent activity at your stores.


I recently called to make an appointment with the optometry department at the Glendale galleria JC Penney and was told to go elsewhere because they wanted me to be happy. I had my glasses made there in the past and was very happy with them. I made the mistake of going to the JC Penney in Valencia, but after several visits they couldn't get my prescription right. I got a refund and called the JC Penney in Glendale to schedule an appointment and explain my situation, I was told to go elsewhere so I could be happy. All I wanted was to get my prescription done right.


I have 2 buttons I received from Jceppeny. I go to jcp.com/christmas to enter the codes and I put in the captcha and every time and it tells me it is incorrect. I have done this 30 times at least!! I KNOW I am putting the codes in correct!!

work in techincal support and help people with these captcha's all the time, something is clearly wrong! Please fix so I can enter my codes!!

I have won twice with the buttons but the last two I received will not register. It keeps saying wrong captcha. It is not wrong just will not register. This is very annoying and misleading. Now I see there is another captcha on this page.

First I love this promotion, and has cased me to go in a jcp almost every other day to see sales and get buttons, the captca is a pain in the but but i can usually get it to work on the second try its a pain but i don't mind its free money, lol.

The problem i have is i keep getting "there seams to be a problem with your 7 digit code" error? ill try a few times on each code once again not the captca error its a problem saying the code is ivallad and yes im typing it in correct i have 20/20 as well as had my wife double check.

Bottom line ether some of the codes are bad or my other thought is some one at the store has already used it ? but out of 16 buttons 7 are no good, i did win 15 bucks totle tho,woot woot. but it makes me think i have a trip code or something that just isnt working or some one else used? Any ideas

Hope it works!


I have been a shopper in your store for years. I went in tonight and looked through your Arizona Jeans and didn't find my inseam size which is a size 36. I was told that they don't carry them anymore only online. I went online and found out that the size of inseams only went up to 34. I have gone to your big and tall section and have only found a wide waist selection there.
I have been to many different stores, wal-mart, target, etc. They only go up to 34 inseam if that. The big and tall stores said I was too short and I fell through the cracks. I have been told before that the Arizona Jeans bootcut 36x36 was a popular and often fly off of the shelfs when they come in. I don't understand why you wouldn't carry a product anymore if it was popular. Please bring this product back into your stores.


Once again I was disappointed with the severe shortage of merchandise. I used to go there because I could always find and unusual item or something that I didn't realize that I just had to have. My hard to please family could always find clothing there, but not anymore. You no longer carry jeans that have big legs; the children’s section is nowhere to be found. What happen to bedding and bath? Career clothes in all white!!!


I was told by a JC Penney Supervisor to get a Git Card and order on line on 11/23. The supervisor then check to see if my items were availalbe and they were so we ordered 3 different pair of Arizona jeans size 36 x 36 and paid with Gift Card which she kept. I was told I would have then no later than the 2nd and now not only am I still waiting I am now being told 1 pair is no longer available. They will credit my gift card which I don't have. I will never shop JC Penney on line again. When Walmart says shipped in 3 to 5 days they mean it. JC Penney apparently does not care what they tell you as long as they get your money.


I used my Penny's card quite frequently until the change in the store. Although I don't care for the new store idea, I still shop try to shop there once in a while. First of all the store hours are not posted on the door, nor does the phone service work when prompted to get those hours.

Secondly, the prices are not as good and the quality is just a little better than it used to be. Lastly, I made a trip 20 miles today to go there after I couldn't find any information saying they were closed for Easter to arrive to a closed store with no sign or and advertisement about being closed.

This is not good customer relations or marketing. Just wanted to give my input.

Thank you.


I have done for a few years most of my shopping at JC Penney. Last Friday broke the straw on the camels back. I don't like the changes you have made to the store and guess you no longer want my business. Last Friday I was talking with several woman who felt the same way and we ended up at Kohl's. My favorite cloths are gone and I don't like the way the store has been remodeled and your poor selection of Christmas items. I really loved shopping at J C Penney in the past and taking my grandchildren but I guess those days are gone.


I have been a JCPenney customer for 30-something years. I think their merchandise is great, fashionable, reasonably priced, great sale opportunities but I have got to write in about the latest commercial being played in the Charlotte, North Carolina market. It is a commercial of people screaming about sales. It is the most irritating commercial I have ever seen. Whether it plays in the evening when I'm watching the news or in the middle of the night waking me up and scaring me to death, I hate it.

I have never lodged a complaint with any merchandisers but PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! I am not psycho but it actually makes me mad when it comes on. Its an obnoxious commercial. Thank you for your consideration.

Your current commercial that is being aired on TV that shows all these super annoying screaming people is a horrible thing. My little grandchildren were here and were frightened, asking in a distraught way, "What's wrong with them, Grandma?" We can't get to the remote fast enough to hit the mute button. Perhaps you think this ad will "get our attention" and therefore, we'll follow up with whatever you are promoting. WRONG. I don't even know what message you are trying to get across.

And frankly, I don't care to find out what it is - any company that would produce something this annoying (and frightening to children) doesn't deserve my business -- I won't be visiting any Penney's stores anytime soon.


This Sunday's paper (02/17/13) included an advertisement titled Spring Stock up: Save Big (jcpenny). on the back is a picture of a young couple 25% off Jockey. The picture (male) is far too risque as far as sexually impropriety goes (call it smut, degrading, shameful, perverted, negatively suggestive. or whatever) Some of your customers still have morals) Just about the time I am ready to shop at jcpennys this shows up. Sorry you just lost my business.


Yesterday I was in Penney's in Lafayette, Indiana. Normally I have a great time shopping there and find all kinds of things I want. The staff are usually very helpful; too, but yesterday they seemed a bit flustered. Throughout the store there were large while "things" that took up a lot of space. I couldn't tell what they were or if they even had a purpose.

With these "things" all over it seemed like merchandise was in places it shoulldn't be and I had great difficulty finding more than a few selection of my favorite desginer Alfred Dunner. While checking out my concerns the really nice saleslady suggested I use the we site and my access code to tell the poers that be my concerns.

I got so mixed up trying to find the right thing to use got the jcpenney.com/survery but on it was asked numerous very personal questions and nowhere was there a space for me to list any concerns at all. So, please read my above listed concerns and tell me what you are going to do about the. I want to keep shopping at Penneys, but only if I can find the things I want - and easily!


I have been shopping for Christmas at J C Penny in Altamonte Springs Florida mall all during the button a. I followed directions and put the code in on sister given for giveaway. All but our button said already used. My sister came to visit and she also opened a first time account and was given buttons with the same results.I and many of my friends feel its a rip off to get people to shop there.

We also feel that the only people that could be using these buttons are workers and then putting them back to give to customers. I am a big time shopper of JCP and is very angry and thinking of cutting up my card.

I received a button from the JCP button promo and my number is invalid. Is there any way to get in touch with someone from JCP store so I can see if I won anything? I called and they gave me an address to write to . I did that and to no avail. This is frustrating.

Like several of other shoppers. I have notices that if I win a $10 certificate, I have a hard time trying to get the certificate. So far I have missed out on three. What to do?

These buttons are a farce to get us old people into their stores. They do not work. have to keep entering stuff in and to no avail. This is the worst scam ever by JCP. I will never shop at JCP again, this is terrible.

I entered my codes never receiving email as to if I won or not. Can you tell me 1) wmgb4f4 2) vtfgwk5 had 2 more saying already used. I shopped at Florence SC JCP.


I have placed 3 separate orders since mid November 2012. All 3 orders have been cancelled due to " the supplier!" I thought JCPenney was the supplier! Received a post card just a few days ago stating to expect my order made 12/07/12 within 2 wks. Today I learned that the order has been cancelled! please explain to me why I should not be.frustrated not to mention angry.

I deserve an explanation from JCPenney on why they advertise items in their catalog but are not able to satisfy the orders. I will never use your JCPenney credit card again or your retail services. I have purchased several items from the local retail store for this holiday season I am now sorry to say. If it wasn't Christmas Eve I would return them today!!

I want a response from you JCPenney! I believe your catalog service is a sham! I am sincere when I say I will never go into another one of your stores and will be sure to spread the word!


I`ve already put in 8 button codes-------nothing---no responce----Am I wasting my time putting my codes in. I still have 7 more to enter. So far i`ve entered codes wujzqvv , fgmnkf , cpxf4s2, rrxwqmz, j5sgqz, zpntqsq, kizsehg, qchwfxd. No responce!!!!! Now I have 7 more button codes to enter c2wnysc, nmsuv32, e3xurpx, sztbrqy, tumf2pz, s2pna3e, uxbaz3h.

Ok whats the next step. I noticed I`m not the only complaining customer you have several before my complaint. I would appreciate an answer to my complaint as soon as you receive my complain. I`m surprised someone hasn`t gone to Channel 8 news and let them know that this like a fraudulant come on to get extra business. I do know it is a way of loosing customers. O

ther customers are complaining that your company isn`t answering their complaints at all so 24 hours is wrong. My dad always told me you never receive something for nothing. He told the truth .

I have read several complaints about JCP button campaign and the fact that many of the 7-digit codes that people are being given are coming up as, ALREADY USED! It was suspected my a previous customer who complained that it might be JCP employees, I supposed that is possible.

I just wanted to let everyone know, it's happening in my area as well. I live in NW Missiouri, North of Kansas City and my last few trips to JCP which included approximately 14 buttons have turned up as, "ALREADY USED!!" I've spoken to friends and it's the same for them, every button is either coming up as, "ALREADY USED" OR "SORRY YOU DIDN'T WIN".

I would imagine that if JCP is getting enough heat over this it would be very easy for them to remove their, "ALREADY USED" response and replace all with "SORRY, YOU DIDN'T WIN", either way it's a massive screwup on JCP's part, the fallout is huge. Curious to see how they plan to correct this dishonest blunder!?!


Hello, I just purchased a CD at JCP studio for $149 (refular price) on November 11, 2012. The CD is already going for $49 on Nov 23, and about $89 on other dates. I really like the CD but I am very unsatisfied that I am not able to print the enhanced pictures from it. I have been getting a run around from Walgreens and WalMart. I have contacted JCPBy phone and went to the studio to seek a solution where I can get the odd sizes printed out.

One rep promised to call – never did, the other one called and offered to print at JCP for $25.00 I have already spent a fortune on that CD that is only good for downloading and not printing the pictures. I am really upset since I was advised at JCP that I should not have any issues with printing the pictures out. The rep talked us into getting the CD and I am not sure what to do. There is no other choice but write to you about it.


I am a semi regular customer at the JC Penney store in Rome, New York. What I witnessed a male employee doing to 2 female employees in front of customers was appalling! On Monday April 1st I was towards the front of store when I heard yelling behind me...it was around noon and I was browsing with a friend. I turned to see a balding male employee around 6 ft tall yelling, no screaming in the face of a petite blonde employee whose name tag said Cheryl, another female employee with name tag saying Kim was beside her. He screamed "what do you think you are doing? Why are you asking me stupid questions?!" I believe the poor woman in trying to reply called him Jim. He was so intimidating, trying to humiliate them and treating them in such a demeaning and verbally abusive way, and in front of customers was horrible! I was so upset I was going to step in but my friend said report him. He continued as I left the store. I will never shop there again if I see him when I am there. There is no way he should have his job. If he did that to my wife he would be in the hospital and JC Penney corporate would be facing a huge lawsuit. Please don't ignore this as this was so bad I can't believe he acted like this to employees no less women!


This complaint dates back to 12/2012 when I emailed jcpennyI disgust my dec pmt error from my bank. It was 1day late and tacked on a fee. The next bill minimum pmt due was ontop on the late fee and each month after. Even know my bill was pd on time. I was charged because of the minimum pmt due was with the fee that should have never been charged to my account in the first place. I received 7 letters from JCPenny all dated the same day regarding the 35.00 late fee. How does something like this happen with such a reputable and professional Company. I've have such a problem trying to fix one late fee from December 2012 and it has spiral out of control. I would like JC Penny to look at my account as a account holder and consumer and not just a number. Please help me with these error(s).


When they trashed the clothing and shoe department I thought, oh well there is always the hair salon and household goods. Guess what? They are busy trashing it. I have been a loyal JC Penney customer for over 20 years and purchased many of my clothes there. First, they attacked sizes. Being small, I could no longer find any dress pants in my size, but could find lingerie and other items. I just returned from our local store and in addition to inappropriate selections, there were not many selections at all. So, to me another reliable, American icon bites the dust. How terribly sad.


Today i saw a table full of shawls, collars, caps, and wraps. looking at the labels, it was from china and it was real wild coyoty fur. look on you tube and see how china skins or boils alive, its cats, dogs, coyoty, red panda, etc. to send abroad to stores like you. it is appalling. i will never purchase from penny’s no will any of my colleagues who are against china export of tortured animals. there is no need at all, to sell real fur. these animals go through horrid torture, and stores who sell it, keep there business alive. you should be ashamed. i am posting it on facebook immediately. stop this right now, and put china’s skinning animals alive, out of business.


A month or so ago I went to the Fort Wayne IN Glenbrook JCPenney to purchase underwear. I have been purchasing Stafford brand underwear for as long as I can remember. The shelves were nearly empty of most sizes. My popular size, 36 Brief and large tall for the heavyweight t-shirts were nowhere to be found with the Stafford label. So I asked the young man at the counter what was up with the underwear inventory. His comment was "we are working on that". I did not purchase any underwear.

Fast forward to today. I was surprised to find almost the same situation. I did find the briefs in my size and after searching through bin after bin, I found and purchased the last two packages of heavyweight large tall t-shirts you had. It was hard not to notice that you are now putting two tee's in a package and charging the same price as the older three per package.

A young employee passed by to move some containers that were empty that he may have been using to stock the shelves, so I asked him what was up with the smaller packaging and the same price. Half embarrased he said "yea I know" and walked away. I have always known that I pay more for the t-shirts and briefs. I have liked the quality and fit so I am comfortable paying a bit more..... until today. I am sorry to say I will be shopping somewhere else from now on.


To whom it may concern, My family and I went to the JcPenney's in Victorville, C.A. on Wednesday Jan. 2,2013 in the evening. I had got a gift card for Christmas so I was going to purchase some items. We made it a family outing. We have four kids which two of our kids our 2 and 3 years of age.

So As I'm looking around my husband grabbed the mesh bag displayed by the doors as you come in to shop to put your items in. He had put the kids jackets in them along. So when I was done shopping, my husband walked out by the mall to sit in the chairs with the kids so I could pay.

Forgetting about the mesh jcpenneys bag he had on his shoulders (which normally would alarm to remind us it couldn't leave the store). We walked thru the rest of the mall continuing on with our shopping. As we our headed back to JcPenney's our last stop was at Kays Jewlers to check up on my ring.

As my husband and I are talking two men walk-one a very large black man over 6ft high husky in built and a shorter man hispanic come over to my husband and interrupted our conversation and demanded us return the bag to the store now. My husband told them no problem we are headed back anyways.

As we proceed to walk back to the store these two men are walking right on my husbands back as if we are criminals and are being arrested. My two young boys became very uncomfortable and were intimidated by these two mean who are looking very mean at there dad and they are concerned they are going to hurt him.

My husband makes a comment to lightened the kids up that don't worry its just the FBI on our tail. As we walk into the store I had to get another bag because the plastic jcpenneys bag my clothes were in was ripping from the hanger. As I'm getting the bag I look over to my right I see those guys standing there laughing.

It bothered me so I went over to them and asked them are they security for JcPenney's or the mall because they are dressed in plain clothes. They hispanic guy got an attitude and said JcPenneys so what about it. I asked them do they think it was right the way they treated us and the hispanic guy started to get sarcastic and say you shouldn't of stole the bag.

I said we didn't it was an accident we forgot about it and he continued to be disrespectful. So I asked him his name and he told me then said so what of it what am I gonna do about it. His actions were aggressive as if he was some thug off the street.

My husband walked up and heard the way he was talking to me and told he is not gonna talk to me that way and tone it down. The guy started getting smart like he was gonna fight my husband. I asked the black guy his name and he said don't worry about it. My husband told him to get the manager and he said no, get him yourself.

As I'm getting my kids and we are walking away they are following us harassing us down the isle. I'm looking at a worker who is standing there talking to another worker and asked him if he could please call the manager. The hispanic man said he was the manager and his name was Tito. I couldn't believe he was the manager and could obviously see there was a confrontation going on and he didn't immediately interveine.

I told him I need to speak to him and explained what had happened. As I am explaining the hispanic guy rudely interrupts and starts raising his voice and being rude and kept saying you shouldn't of taken the bag in an aggressive way. I told the manager I couldn't believe he was allowing this punk to talk to me this way. I have never been so disrespected in my life.

My family has always shopped here since I was a young girl and in turn our kids shop there but now I will never ever shop there again. It shows his employee has no respect for his authority and doesn't care. He then said to the hispanic guy in a soft whisper voice oh yeah don' t talked to her that way. At the same time the black guy asked my husband if he did anything wrong. He sais I know the other guy did but I didn't.

My husband said at first you didn't, but when you refused to give us your name or get the manager then you did. He didn't like what my husband had to say so he stormed off with the hispanic guy. I told the manager I can't believe my four young kids had to witness this. Those guys are a representation of your company, and I will not shop or bring my family into an environment that condones this behavior.

The manager made us feel like he was just appeasing the moment but wasn't gonna really do anything about it. I am young and have been a manager for a company for years, and I never would allow anyone to step into our place of business with that kind of bad attitude.

They would be fired immediately especially doing it right in front of the manager. There is never any reason to treat anyone like this. And what are your employees doing wandering around the mall in a jewlery store anyways when they should be working.


Courtney a teller at flowood ms was extremely rude. I was friendly and polite and in fact this is the first time in 40 years that I have complained about someone in work field. Her rudeness has caused me to go to kohls. You have lost a valued customer of 25 years due to her unbelievable rudeness.


As an JCPenney international customer, I have been visiting Florida for the last 10 years, and have shopped in your stores multiple times during each of these trips. I have never felt the need to complain to a store before, but the incompetence and rudeness of your staff has left me so angry that I now feel the need to express it somewhere.

My first poor experience of JCPenney this holiday was before Christmas when I attended your Davenport store to take advantage of your JCP Cash offer, whereby a $10 coupon can be used on purchases of over $50. Upon entering the store with my mother, customers were being handed several of the aforementioned (photocopied) coupons by a staff member. To save time (so we didn't have to join the line to get some), we grabbed one from the pile and continued into the store. Additionally, while browsing I noticed several sales associates gathering these used JCPenney coupons from behind the various checkout points, and then handing these out to new customers.

Since your staff were giving out multiple coupons to each customer, one would assume that each customer is permitted to use more than one coupon. Apparently not. During a similar sales event the week before this incident I had printed off a couple of these coupons from your website, unaware of the fact they were freely given out in store. In fact, when I got to the checkout on this occasion I was told not to even bother printing off the coupons since they rarely scanned. I was advised that the staff always kept "master" copies of these JCPenney coupons at the checkout anyway. So, with this in mind, I am waiting in a long line to pay for my purchases. I end up waiting for 11 minutes (only two checkout points in the store were open, despite this being a "massive sales event") before we are greeted by a sales associate.

My mother gave the gentleman her $75 purchase and it is processed and paid for using the coupon. I then present my $60 worth of merchandise and state my wish to utilise the coupon (I felt the need to specify this, because after witnessing an argument between customers and your staff before I realised that unlike other stores, namely Macys, apparently JCPenney doesn't scan coupons that are being given out freely within your store unless the customer specifically requests that they do).

The sales associate tells me he can't, because it's already been used. I question this, explaining that I've seen other members of staff restocking the coupon pile from the used ones behind the till. He is persistent that he can't, and he tells me I must walk the 20 feet to go and get a "new" (i.e. previously been used by another customer and put back onto the "new" pile) photocopied voucher. Feeling slightly cross but not wanting an argument, I walk like to the associate giving out coupons at the front of the store. He gives me 3.

I return to the checkout and my payment is processed. Wonderful, one down and one more to go. I place the next $60 lot of merchandise on the checkout, this time feeling secretly smug that I already have my next coupon ready and waiting. However, now your sales associate tells me he can't process the transaction because I've already used the offer once. I question the sense of this when the employee at the front of the JCPenney store is giving multiple coupons to each customer anyway. I ask him what's stopping me from just paying elsewhere in the store. He, perhaps not surprisingly, has no answer. Now furious, I make my way to the other line (remember, still only two checkout points open) and wait again, this time for 8 minutes. I complete my payment and leave the store.

My second poor experience of your store actually occurs on several occasions and actually occurred in three of your stores. It is based on the complete inability of any of your sales associates (or at least the ones I have had the misfortune to deal with) to effectively deal with a traveller's cheque. When in England, we are encouraged to use traveller's cheques as a means of payment rather than cash for security reasons. I have never had a problem paying with a traveller's cheque in any other store (I have successfully used them in Macys, Wal-Mart, Sears, Dillards, Bath and Body Works to name a few) in the 7 weeks I have been here.

Yet in your stores in Davenport, the Florida Mall and Estero, Florida I have had problems. On one occasion two female employees stood behind the counter discussing why they thought the $100 cheque could be fake while waiting for a manager to come down. I found this particularly insulting, and felt the need upon this occasion to endure another 10 painful minutes in your store waiting to speak to the store manager.

He was very apologetic, repeatedly informing me that he didn't want to lose my custom. Clearly that's all customers are to you.. money. The other two occasions involving traveller's cheques involved me being asked to wait to one side while the sales associate continued to serve other people. After waiting for at least 5 minutes, a manager turned up to press a button on the till thus allowing the payment to be processed (why this couldn't have been communicated over the telephone, I have no idea).

The only time I was ever offered an apology was when the manager was called down, and like I mentioned earlier, he was only sorry "to lose our custom." The thing is with traveller's cheques, if I were in a store that wasn't the tourist capital of America I might be able to understand the lack of staff training, but in Orlando. Really?! I felt so angry after this that I even did one of your customer surveys advertised on the back of your receipts - I couldn't even fully express my anger there due to a word limit. How funny, you want customer feedback but only 1000 words of it.

My third JCPenney complaint and perhaps the worst occurred today and it left me so incensed I felt the need to write this message. I was in your Davenport store today (16th January 2012 between 20.35 and 21.00), once again with my mother, to purchase some cosmetics. After spending 20 minutes deciding on the purchase, we continued to the Sephora check out where a young lady served us. I swiped my credit card (MasterCard) and signed the little screen. The associate then asks me if my name is "Jenifer" to which I answer yes.

She then asks for photo identification. Confused, I tell her that I have shopped with my credit card for 7 weeks in this country and have not once been asked for ID in either JCPenney or any other store. She insists she must see it, explaining the computer is asking for it. I tell her I don't have any (I don't have a driving license and I leave my passport safely locked up in my accommodation - as I am advised to do when travelling), all I have are other bank cards and credit cards. She calls over a manager. The manager turns up after a few minutes later and tells me she will on this occasion accept another card with a signature on it. I once again ask why they need further identification when they never have before, apparently the manager tells me it's store policy and on every other occasion that I've used the card the sales associate has been breaking store policy.

I have travelled the world, and in every other country (and apparently in every other store in Florida) I have visited, when you use a credit card, the signature on the back of the card is compared to the one you provide at the checkout - the transaction is then approved by the sales associate if the signatures match. Your staff didn't even want to see the back of my card. Getting angry at the lack of explanation by your staff (hiding behind the "it's company policy" excuse is not a valid explanation - WHY is it company policy?) and the rudeness of the manager, I refuse to provide another card with a signature.

The manager leaves without apologising or anything. Dumbfounded, I ask the cashier what is happening and she tells me she can't proceed with the transaction. She tells us she has rejected the transaction on the screen so it shouldn't go through, but doesn't provide any evidence of this (in England if something like this happens, you are always given a "void slip").


Though I realize it may not be jcp or any of the employees, I bought a CHI flat iron from the salon. Got it home, the next morining went to get ready for church and it didnt work. I took it back and exchanged it for another one. It work approximately a week, and have an important meeting today, dressed up, went to do my hair...and now the 2nd on also does not work.

I live 30 minutes away from Carbondale, IL, where the nearest jcp is. So for the 2nd time within 2 weeks, I have to return a $90 flat iron (luckily it was on sale for $90). I am very frustrated about this! You could maybe expect this from a no name store or a no name brand...but sad a CHI from JCP!!!


I have been a JCP customer for almost 30 years and have always been satisfied with the service. It has been one company I have always trusted and could rely on. However, this past xmas I was very dissappointed. I ordered a necklace in November and after not receiving it for 2 weeks I called and was told it would not even be shipped until the 14th of Dec. but I would recieve it by xmas.

I believed this to be true. Late on December 21st I received an email saying that the necklace was no longer available. This left me without a gift that I was relying on and with no days left for me to shop with my schedule. (I live 45 min. from any jewelry store) I also had a inconvenient situation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. When I made a purchase I was told that they were trying a new way to place purchases on the card.

It did not work to give me a receipt and I was told to wait for the manager to figure it out. After 10 minutes and the manager not showing up I just requested my money back and return the item. She couldn't even get that to work. Though I was running late to leave the mall, I was told to go shop and come back later for the receipt. Help me to trust your company again. Tracy


I used my 10 dollar rewards for spending over 100 dollars on two items, even though I originally intended to only purchase one item, a shirt. The second item, some shoes for my son were too small and the store did not have half sizes, so I asked for a refund, but Steve, the very slow sales person that took over 8 minutes to ring up a shoe sale ( 3 minutes was spent on removing stickers and placing the shoes in a bag) told me that because I used my rewards coupon, I would only get back 13.33 for the twenty dollar shoes. Had I not had a receipt I would have received the full 20 dollars I paid for them and IF I had purchase them separately from the shirt I would have received my $20, BUt COmpany policy says that when using a coupon, the discount gets prorated to the number of items purchased. AND this makes no sense. I get 13.33 back and you get to resale them for $20, or after the sale for $30. He got his supervisor and she told me the same lame policy and I had to leave mad and upset. I was told the only way to have a full refund is to return both the shirt and the shoes, which is a 45 minute roundtrip and another 3 dollars in gas in order to get my full refund. I also called to complain, put she was just as adamant about corporate policy. I am left with no choice but to make my own policy , which is to cancel my jcpenny card and never support you business again. I have also worked in retail for over twenty years for a variety off retail establishments, all corporate policies can be overridden especially when they do not make sense.


I was not going to send anything in, but wanted to let someone know that we have been receiving button that have already been used. It's not just 1 location. I stop daily depending on where I am working to get my buttons and I at 1st thought it was my error that I had a button in my pocket that I already used, but so far I have come across +6 buttons that someone has already entered.

My daughter has had about 5 and she does not get daily buttons so she is worse off than me. I do not know if it is the cashiers or maybe when some people are entering them they are entered incorrectly, but this seems to be happening more often now we are winding down. I should of keep them separated, but didnt think much about it until I mentioned it to a co-worker and they said they got one in DuBois,

Pa today that also was used. This will make 4 from DuBois between my daughter and I that have been used.

I have tried, tried, tried in vain to enter the bogus 'BUTTON CAMPAIGN' only to be so frustrated that I want to do something evil to the JCP people who are responsible. This whole absolutely awful experience has put me off JCP entirely. Shame, shame, shame on them! I tried to call them only to be told "I don't work in that department.

I don't know anything about it" by some idiot woman. I intend to make sure they lose money on this great deal. I now consider them just another rip-off store who I hold in absolute contempt. Now I tried to submit this complaint and cannot because of an "invalid recaptcha" which is one of the original complaints! The ultimate in crass disrespect to customers!

Me and my familty have been collecting the buttons for the past few weeks and I now have 14 buttons that keep telling me: Sorry. Looks like something went wrong. Please check your 7-digit code and try again. What am I suppose to do with these buttons to see if I won anything.

On Thursday Dec. 13 in enter 2 buttons one said I had a 5 dollar certificate the other said I had a 10 doksh kllar certificate. I did every thing it told me to do I hit the red button to claim my prize, but I have yet to receive my e-mail saying my certificate is ready.

Sirs: Have received two "you have won" notices. Both times I have filled out all of the forms and followed the information.

I have supposedly won $5.oo gift certificate twice. First date 12/16 second one12/17. I have received NO follow up from the game people. How about a little help here? Hope to hear from you soon. Time is running out according to your rules of the game.


Dear JC Penny, I will not shop at your store ever again. The sign on the table said $15 for t-shirts so I bought one and it was 22 dollars when I saked about it they said it was another shirt, but there was no other shirts there, Everything on the table was 22 dollars with a pair of jeans for 35 nothing was 15 dollars. The sign is large enought to bring your attebtion to it so you see and think all is 15 dollars very very misleading. Ever since you changed your store I have hated to shop there. So this will be the last time. And I will let my friends also know about your store. Your employees were very rude also. I was at the store in St Claire Mall in Fairview Heights IL. Thank you


I was followed through the Mt. Shasta Mall after accidentally leaving the store with a clearance baby shirt hanging on a hanger from the stroller which had my 10 month old son in it. The Loss Prevention woman from JCP grabbed my arm and spun me around while I was in line at Radio Shack (also in ther mall). I was embarrassed and completely cooperative and she held my elbow as I was pushing my stroller and escorted me back to the store. She said I had better tell her everything that happened and not to lie because she had it on tape. Clearly if she actually watched it she would see it was only an oversite on my part.

She said I was under citizens arrest and that I wouldnt go to jail if I have a clean record for theft. Then she poured hand snitizer all over her arms becase she touched the psoriasis on my arms when grabbing and escorting me. She asked if I was going to spread it, I was mortified. I asked for a copy of the tape in which they "caught me purposefully shoplifting" and they refused. In addition I havnt even been convicted yet and I'm getting threatening calls/letters from a lawyers office for a bill. I would like a response to my complint how you plan to handle this, I feel like I was mis-treated and manipulated.


I just received a call from a lady stating that she was calling from JCPenney. She asked if our student's wore uniforms. I answered yes. She then proceeded to ask for colors. I explained that we are under contract with another company and were not interested.

She then told me that if I didn't tell her, that JCPenney would continue to call me until I answered their questions. I again said we are not interested and if that was the case, my answer would be NO when asked if we wore uniforms. She then yelled at me and told me that "I" am the reason that schools are struggling. She then hung up on me. I do not appreciate this and this does not make me want to do business with JCPenney at all!


Got a letter last month from JCP saying they were slashing my credit to "$100" (after two years of having this account, and being upgraded unsolicited to gold) "after careful analysis of my credit history". I never missed a payment and was very careful. This was insulting. I paid it off and closed the account. Is this is how you treat working Americans?


I have two buttons and every time I enter the code it says that something has gone wrong re-enter the code number and try again or invalid capcha code. I have been trying to enter these 2 codes for 2 days. I`m totally bummed!

On 11/23/2012 I shop at Jc Penneys and spent $212.00. I was giving two buttons with codes #tbgnd2m and #kig34ad, which I submitted and won a gift certificate for $5.00, which I never recieved.

I shoped at penneys again on 12/14/2012 and spent $59.36 and was giving two more buttons with the codes #xh3hjxk and #q3tpbxy, I never recieved the first gift as promised, how do I know if I will recieve the second gift?

I have recieve two buttons from the store located at the Westroads in Omaha, NE. I had problems trying to get the buttons to work. I enter one of the buttons and the respond was. The buttons had been used. Another respond was the code was not correct and diffferent codes kept coming up.

I enter two butttons prior to this case but did not recevie anything from my e-mail telling if I won or try again. The very first time I tried the buttons I had no problems but just recently I have had alot of problems with this promtion recently.


This complaint is for the hair salon in Hazard Ky. On two seperate occasions I have been treated absolutely awful by the same woman. I made an appointment during the free hair cut special for my 3 children. I patiently waited over an hour and was then told that it would be another hour because the paying customers come first. She was so rude and humiliated me in front of alot of people. I left without saying anything and just decided to let it go.

I went back in there today and when I walked in the same woman and another employee were sitting in the chairs. I told them I needed three haircuts and once again this woman treated me horrible. She rolled her eyes and acted like I shouldn't be there. She then went up to the counter and said I hope you know that haircuts for children have gone up to 14.oo.

She didn't want to cut their hair so she was hoping I wouldn't want to pay that much. I do not know this woman personally so I know she can't have anything against me. I can't understand how Jc Penny can allow an employee to treat their customers with such disrespect. I've asked around and found out her name is Vanessa Baker. I will never be back there again.


So is it unreasonable to think that I should be able to walk through JCPenney without almost getting knocked out by low signage? This happened to me and I was so mad that I asked to speak with a manager . After explaining what happened, that I was simiply walking through the women's dress department and I was looking at the merchandise and got whacked on the head with a sign that was hanging from the ceiling, I felt I my concerns were disregarded by the manager. I was told that the manufacturer of that particular line of clothing has strict guidelines as to how high the sign can be. REALLY? Evidently it is more important to follow the manaufacturers instructions that be concerned about customer's well being and safety. I asked her if it was worth someone getting hurt. All she told me is that she would inquire about it but didn't offer to raise the sign. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I didn't mention it the last time but this time I was angry. The manager looked at me like I was freakishly tall. I am just under 6' tall but that shouldn't matter. To top it off, the manager didn't even apologize. I felt I was blown off. Guess I won't be shopping there anymore. It just isn't safe for me and my family since we are all tall. I'll spread the word that JCPenney doesn't care about their customer's safety. I still have a lump on my head!


I brought my 13 year old daughter into JCPenneys to get a hair cut ($22) signed her in and told the lady at the desk that I wanted a HAIRCUT for my daughter. After waiting quite some time with no customers the same lady that met us at the front desk started cutting my daughters hair. The lady did quite a wonderful job of cutting very little hair from my childs head, then blow drying and styling it without asking my permission. She then added $10 to final charge for the service I did not request nor did we need. It was quite obvious the lady was upset and very quickly called in "somebody" else that worked for JCPenneys.

So enters this new lady, we both quickly explained our sides, me stating that I asked for a hair cut, the lady working there stating that I shouldn't leave without paying for services rendered. Now, as far as I understand, a 13 year old cannot create a leagally binding contract in the United States of America no matter who, what, when, were, or why, but the lady cutting my daughters hair seemed to think different, as she stated that when she takes her 4 year old son to get his hair cut that what he says goes....At this point I am getting more upset and embarrased over the fact that I am having to argue over this. After stating our points, me and the beautition, to the third JCPenney party, the result was, "I don't know what to".

Since the third party did not help at all, I asked if there was somebody higher we can talk to. I was refusing to let this go, as I believe in America that a 13 year old cannot concent to a leagally binding agreement, but the the beautition refused to let us leave unless she rewashed my daughters hair, removing all of her talented glory, thus negating the $10 difference of her blowdrying expertice, surely further damaging my daughters hair and costing the store more money in product, and both of us in time. I am severly upset and will NEVER EVER EVER shop JCPenneys again, and will SURELY spread the word of my bad experience.


I have been to JCP several times this holiday season and like everyone else in my family have been entering the buttons everyday....i have gotten several buttons that the 7-digit code came back invalid and a couple of buttons had two "china" stickers on them.

I went to JCP last night to try and trade them in and would only give one button with purchase....tried to explain that i have made purchases, that's how i got the buttons in the first place, only wanted to trade them in for valid codes!! I am very disappointed in how i was treated and that so many buttons had invalid codes!! How is JCP going to rectify this situation??

I entered your button code, and I got the message that my button had already been used. While I am not a frequent shopper, I do spend a good portion of my Christmas budget in JCP.

I had just went to the store, to pick up a few buttons after I was told about all of the great prizes being given out. First of all my mother nearly got yelled at, by a boy who refused to give her a button because she did not make a purchase, to the point where she wouldn't go to the same register to pay for items trying to avoid this boy.

Also I received two button, a friend of mine received two, and my mother received two. When we arrived home to check them one of the codes was already in use and the others said that the code was invalid. After this I looked up a few reviews on the program with similar problems.

I was wondering if there were in working codes, we could possibly went sent? After all we drove about 45 minutes out of the way and waited in a line only to receive poor service (not from everyone mind you, just one boy) and malfunctioning buttons. I have never been disappointed with JCPenny's until now.


I have been playing JCP holiday button game and have won several times. I have received most of the certificates that I have won but three of them, won on 11/26 and 11/27. I emailed the contact provided on the site several times in several reworded ways but get the same generic email to check my spam and that the emails might be coming in slow due to the provider you have.

They are not in my spam and I have received every other message from them before and after. I then called JCP and got an email address to contact, it did not work. Next I emailed the contact address from the JCP site and have not gotten any reply or acknowledgement . Very frustrating .

When I buy at JC Penny they told me that every button they give always have a gift. When I went to chistmas button code it said that my button is not the luck winner. I feel cheated. If they said for the people to keep buying that is not the way to do it. I am very disapointed.


Your JCPenney store sales practices are not cost effective and take cosumer's time for granted. You store no longer has weekly or monthly advertised sales, so customers are expected to visit the store and hope to stumble on a sale of items they might need. You do however, send picture magazines depicting items that can be seen at the store or internet. This week I recieved two magazines. Each was presented differently, but contained the same items. This is redundant, a poor use of advertisemnt investment, and not ecologically friendly. I would have benefited more from one flyer adverstising a JCPenney sale I might have been interested in. Your stores have signs advertising price ranges such as "10.00 and up" However, her is seldom anything at the lower price. So, customers are foreced to spend time looking through racks. This is not customer friendly to older clients who can't stand for long periods of time. It also keeps non buyers in your store. Gas is expensive and time is valuable. Our economy is in crisis. Who's dome idea is it not to advertise sales? Is this your idea of accomodating clients? It seems to me that advertisement has always been JCP's down fall. Two yrs. ago you over advertised with expensive commercials and flyers. Now you misalocate advertismnt money by producing magazines that depict merchandise and never notify clients of sales. I learned that when you have advertised sales like the one on JCPenney black friday, many if not most advertised items were not available. You need new managment.


For one Christmas button I entered on line, your msg said that it was a winner and I must claim it in 48 hrs. It said nothing else. I phoned the store that gave me the button and No One had a clue as to what I might do to claim my winning prize. The experience has given me a sour taste in my mouth as to the waste of time I have spent. Also, I need to let u know that you have probably lost a lot of catalog sales due to a lack of work staff taking orders. It took about 15 min. Holding before I got a sales rep. In the past I have never waited like that and will have to reconsider when ordering items thru catalog. You will turn a better profit in hiring enough workers rather than sending out merchandise magazines that are quickly tossed. Also, know people like the idea they are getting a good sale. Your new strategy of reasonable pricing might just backfire. For sure, your christmas button promotion is pretty much a hoax. Please use wisdom and keep your stores in business.


Every salon in the USA opens at 8 o'clock or earlier but now your salon will open at ten what the heck are you thinking. I take my wife and her sister at 8.00 and the salon is busy.This is what a lot of elderly people do go early to everything including doctors, dentist etc.what are people going to do when they have weddings or functions early on Saturdays use your heads your salon is a money maker for you. Please rethink this option before you lose even more customers.Like I said earlier there are a lot of salons that open before 10.00 please let me no who made this bright choice.


Please bring back the old jc penny all departments always bought all housewares yhere it has become horrible Very few places to buy country quilts you always had a great selection at fair prices they have all disappeared. many people have country decorated homes you are missing out,as there are few places to purchase them.. hope to see a big change here. sincerely J.Van Dyke


I purchased 6 pair of pants at J.C. Penney store in the Big Flats N.Y. Mall, the service at the time of sale was outstanding, two sales associates went out of their way to assist me with purchasing and ordering 4 pair of pants that were not in stock. This was on 10/22/12, I was told that the pants would be shipped out by 10/24/12, I did not recieve any shipment to my home but did get a response card in the mail that the pants would be shipped out on 11/1/12. I waited and finally got 2 of the 4 pair of pants, the enclosed invoice then said that the other pants were on back order, I went to the store and asked how long I would have to wait they said they would not be shipped until 11/29/12. I then called customer service on 11/13/12 and stated that I was not happy with the delay in delivery of my pants and asked to have my order cancelled. I have not shopped at J.C. Penny for about 2 years other then on 10/22/12, this was the first time I had been in the store since then, I really like the new set up with smaller stores within a large Department store, however my experience with service after the sale was not good. Waiting 5 or 6 weeks for a delivery is not acceptible. I also did not feel that Customer service at the store or on the phone was helpful and I felt I was just another number.

Matthew J. Leszyk


As a Christian woman, I want to tell you how offended I am over your endorsement of a disgusting skit on SNL last Saturday night. I'm telling my friends and family about this incident, and hopefully they will not shop with you either. God bless you.


I spent just over $250 online during your black Friday sales. I received a called the next day, and was told most of the items I specifcially went to JCP to buy had been back ordered then canceled, and the only solution you could offer me was a coupon. It was upsetting since I could have picked those items up somewhere on black Friday, and I now have to pay full price for them. Even so, I had still gotten some good deals, and just figured I would pick up some last minutes presents somewhere else to replace the canceled items. After almost 2 weeks I decided to see when the rest of my order would arrive. I log onto your website and to my suprise you have canceled even more of my items good deals. I received no phone call and no email, and I'm sure I will receive no other satisfactory solution other than a coupon if I do. I have no adequate words to describe the outrage and annoyance I feel torwards your company right now. I'm not sure what your company could even do to make this all right, but I am sure no one is going to care too much about my complaints for it to even matter. I would have never bought from your company had I known it would be such an inconvience, and after the service I recieved and the aggravation and resentment it has caused me to feel torwards your company I highly doubt I will EVER shop there again.


On or around August 2 2013 about 4:00 pm I was shopping at your mens department at south hill mall in Puyallup wa. As I was walking I stepped on the edging separating your tile from the carpet and my ankle was pushed outward causing a loud pop so much so I could feel it all the way to my head !My ankle now still has a feeling of something (like a torn tendon )slipping back and forth causing discomfort when I walk ( and my daily exercise is out of question ). I have not gone to the doctor as of yet I was hopping it would heel on its own ,but it has not ! I'm going to contact my doctor for an appointment . You should really take a look at your flooring before someone gets an even grater injury ! Thank you Mary Sebastian A


I was at the Jcpenny store (4/12/13) in Aberdeen SD at around 7pm this evening shopping with a male friend who wanted to buy some hello kitty shoes for his niece that he saw in the weekly add. There were two ladies working at the shoe department. One older blond lady and a younger lady with black hair and glasses! After about 10 minutes of searching for the shoes that we never found we finally dicieded to ask one of the two ladies since niether one of them asked if we needed some assistance which I thought was costomary for them to do anyway!

My male friend asked if they had the hello kitty high top shoes that were in the weekly add! The younger lady with black hair and glasses said, "well we're a smaller store so we don't always have everything that is in that add".

Ok, fine so my male friend said that it would be nice if the add only advertise what was in this store! Then the older blond lady inturupted and said "well it says on the bottom that some items are not available at all store locations".

Ok fine so we walked away and when we were in the mens department we could hear the younger lady with black hair and glasses say sarcastically and very loud "well it is not my fault don't be mad at me I don't print the add". Then the older blond lady began to laugh and say "yeah". I thought this was very unprofessional and rude! She did not have to say anything!

My male friend then responded "if you are going to talk about me make sure I'm standing in front of you and not wait until we start walking away! This unpleasant expierence just made us never to return to this Jcpenny again! I do not care if this is the only one in the area! I will shop some where else! Teach your rude employees to not talk about customers when they are walking away!


On Tuesday Sept 27th I placed an jcpenny order (#2011270581551407) and the call service I received was very willing to go well beyond their fundamental call service. Unfortunately I did not get their names but it was approximately 8:30pm Eastern time zone. The first jcpenny person I spoke to stated she would have to have manager call me back...bottom line they were open to helping the customer.

Basic issue was that I wanted a 5piece outdoor furniture set that was at a discounted jcpenny price online it stated it was unavailable but all the individual pieces were available but cost more than the complete set price but after working approximately 1 hour cause that was when I got the return call from the manager they were able to get the set at the cheaper price. They tried-that is the bottom line. After researching I found that local stores had the chairs at even a cheaper price I decided to cancel the order for the tacle set pieces.

But I had also ordered a cover for this set which jcpenny online stated was no longer available but keep in mind it was available the night prior when the order was placed. Nancy and Barb (Barbara) out of Pittsburgh, PA. Stated their was nothing they could do for me to get this cover other they watching the website to see if I could catch when it is put back as available-who has that kind of time.

Bottom line is that they were not open to even trying and now I can not get that cover so I know it may not be much but this is a lost sale and keep in mind that if the topic of jcpenny comes up in conversation with friends and co-workers this lack of a sense to try and help the customer can be discussed. I just hate that I am out of a product that I had less than 24hours ago that I really wanted. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


I am normally in love with JCPenney, but now I am very disappointed in them. They have discontinued my favorite, and most comfortable cotton briefs. Why? Someone else, or another company should take up the selling of the Underscore brand, because there are a lot of loyal customers like me who want to purchase this brand. I hate when a corporation makes a decision without understanding its customer base. It is an insult. I have tried other brands and have hated their fit. Who wants a skinny stringy underpants that bunches up in your private area? I don't.


Someone has replaced my previous phone number on my rewards account with a strangers name and phone number, plus there e-mail address. When I was in the Georgia Mall store on January 9, 2015, my phone number that we used for 23 years would not activate and another person's name keep reappearing. I was able to get his phone number, name plus after talking to customer service his e-mail address, which I was not impressed with the phone menu. JC Penny's need a better system just to address my account and concerns. My next option was to contact the store manager, which was a fail. In attempt to contact the store manager several times at the store location that this may have occurred, the manager was not available, so in observation the store has poor leadership. I feel with my gut that something isn't right at this location, and a possible scam may be occurring. I plan to contact the person on my account and let them be aware of my findings, and that I have reported this incident to authorities and plan to contact the local police in the area that action occurred. It is only fair to due to having no easy access to get this resolved. I feel that JC Penny wants my business as a customer, but when I need to talk with a person to start a process, I have to search the internet just to find a number that doesn't exist then finally this section for a complaint. I have lost all faith in the company with this process and plan to support this store less. I hope to hear from someone soon to make sure this isn't happening to other customers that might be unaware or could this be a one time event, however I want answers!


Schedule and appointment to have my picture taken wiuth my four grandchildren. appointment was 350pm on March 30, 2014. Arrived at 330p. Girl taking picutres asked what we wanted, we explained and then she proceeded to tell us what was going to take place. /not igving us the opportunity to choose how we wanted pictures. She rushed us through the process and we did have some difficulty with our three year old. Photogrpaher didnt seem to care just wanted to get pictures over with and move on the the last shoot of the day. Pictures we thought were being taken and were told were being taken were not. After photo session, we waited 15 minutes for anohter assoicate to come over to us and she then told me that we would need to look at pictures ourself since she was going to have to helo the photogrpaher. She stated that photographer was done mentally for the day. So we looked at less than exceptable pictures and after another 15 minutes the aqssoicates came back and she was told that we were in no way buying anything today. Pictures looked like they were rushed and we were not paying for these. Associate apoligized and told us we could view them on line for the next week if we wanted to choose anything.
JC Penney lost not only my business today but that of my daughter and daughter in law. In addition, anyone that I can tell my experience to I will. Facebook is a wonderful media outlet and I have posted my dissatification with JC Penney already.


I’m a 6 ‘6 388 pound guy that just wants to be able to walk in a store and go to the big AND tall section and actually find clothes for big and tall not so called 5x shirt that is a high priced 2x shirt for a boy.the big and tall community demand real big and tall clothes . Jcpenny STOP the false advertisements and take away the big and tall section in your stores you don’t know what your doing .


I missed a call from the Albany, GA JC Penney mall. I assumed it was about the recent order I made on line and had shipped to their store. When I called, I got the children’s department, when I explained what I thought may have happened the young lady said she would transfer me to catalog. The phone rang at least twenty times and then I was routed back to the same young woman. I explained that I was holding for catalog. She sighed loudly into the phone and said well I guess no one is there. Hold on, I will transfer you again. I tried to tell her that I just needed to know where to pick up my delivery and ask if I needed to bring anything but she had already transfered me again. The next person that answered was rude and told me that I would need to call them back in ten minutes that she had customers looking at her and could not assist me. I spend a good deal of money in that store and only needed a minute of her time. I am very unsatisfied with the service that I received today. Not sure if I will be back.


I have always loved JC Penney. However, this past year I have noticed that I cant find anything in the stores. When I ask the cashiers they keep telling me that I need to get online to find more items or that I can order items but it will take 5-10 working days. I guess that when I go to a store I want to purchase merchandise there, not be told to go online or wait for 2 weeks. My daughter asked me why I keep going there since I cant find what I want at the store. I told her I really didnt know, maybe I am hopeful that you will get the stores back to where they used to be. I doubt this will make any difference but I hope that you will at least consider this request. Your customers want to go to the store and come out with purchased items, not go online or wait. Thank you.


I left a very bad domestic abuse situation. When the police helped me leave all I took was my dog and a overnight bag. Two weeks later when I went back to get my things they had all been destroyed. I’ve been working hard to rebuild my life. Our case is before the wisc appeals court. I even got charged with disorderly conduct for going back to get my two house cats. I work cleaning homes right now-and get 150.00 a month in food assistance. I was tired of wearing everything from a thrift store I wanted new underwear and socks maybe a pair of shorts . So I went to my local penneys store in marshfield wisc. I asked for the manager I wanted to see if they had any “damaged” but yet new items I could maybe buy for a really reduced price. Before I could finish asking I was told “there are places for people like me” I said I was aware of them in our town etc.. I was spoken to loud and rudely in front of customers in both the store and hair salon. I just said I was sorry and left. Maybe I had no right to ask but I should not have been humiliated privately or publicly. If treating people this way is another way you are changing your stores I feel sorry for you. Ellen degeneres can give penneys giftcards away on tv to her audience you look good for that! I will NEVER go in the marshfield store. AGAIN EVER!!! I live with a friend right now I don’t have a bath towel of my own or a new anything but I treat better than your store manager!!! I hope your company is proud “there are places for people like me”!!


I am now 59 yeara old and have been shopping @JC Pennys since was a teenager in high school. Was always the place to go for school wear or dress clothes for any occasion down to belts,socks,cufflinks or whatever needed. Have for years since homeowner always bought bathroom & home decor there and always felt like had great selections and great prices. Now, I walk in every store in Louisville, Ky with $50 gift cards given me and can’t find a thing to buy.

The brands and selection I had grown to love are gone and nothing but alot of money spent on little cubicles of clothing supposedly with high end fashion names with styles and quality that only young teenagers would wear and very little in stock to choose from with ridiculous prices. No selection for bathroom, bedding and home decor that had before,just overpriced cheap looking products that can buy cheaper at discount stores.

Example is bathroom carpeting, shower curtain selections. The JC Penny Collection used to be wonderful but now the recent carpeting and rugs I purchased that were supposed to be the same quality are thin, terrible backing and look cheap. Used to have a wonderful drapery section, but now looks like rags on rods. And lord help you to find someone to help you without an attitude or even knows anything about the products.

Most of the great sales men and women most likely got discouraged and left, replaced my young snotty kids that don’t seem to know anything about helping with home decor or picking out a suit jacket and really don’t want to be bothered. I will say that seems to be a problem in other what I call more high end department stores. JC Penny’s used to be the place to go for about anything I needed, clothing,furniture,home decor, jewerly but now is just a big disappointment.

Please bring back the old brands. the full tables and racks of selection and sales people that actually want to help you find what you need and some place to check it out without getting attitude. I think the recently replaced “boss” might have been great for other stores (even though I think Target is much worse and worse quality than it used to be too) but what has been done to JC Penny now is a tragedy and I am forced to shop elsewhere. Thanks!


I am 7 months pregnant and experiencing a lot of back pain, which limits my ability to walk far distances. My husband and I were leaving the Quakerbridge Mall in West Windsor, NJ. Our car was parked outside the JC Penny. We were 20 feet away from the inside mall entrance to the store when a sales woman locked the doors. I went to the door and knocked, hoping they would open the door for me so I could walk through to my car. A different sales woman, whom I later learned is named Zarna Shah, looked at me, said no and shook her head. I knocked several more times, hoping she would come over and at least talk to me and explain, but she blatantly ignored me. I had to walk all the way around the mall, in pain, to get to my car. I understand if it is company policy that they can’t open the door past a certain time, but she shouldn’t have ignored me.


I went to your Daytona Beach, FL store yesterday (4.13.2013) to get another drapery set-up (rod and curtains) and three new sets of towels after receiving emails on specials for the home and an email coupon to take an extra 20% off the purchase. My wife and I have already spent hundreds of dollars at this location in fixing up our new home and wanted to get additional matching items, so going elsewhere wasn’t even a thought…but it is now! The departments I needed to visit were under a reconstruction with really NO merchandise available to choose from…there were a few towels out but not enough (maybe 4 of each color, I need 8-12 towels and other pieces to match the set).

Additionally, I could not find anybody to help…the place felt deserted. I left the store and have been trying to get the items on-line, however, it is hard to tell on-line exactly what the curtain and rod materials look like, and what I think is the correct matching rod on-line doesn’t show the hardware (braces) to get a positive match to the rest of the house. I like to shop and what I’m purchasing…not taking queses on-line. I would like to take advantage of your ‘extra’ offers if merchandise and helpful personnel are available. I live approx. 40 mins. from the DB JCP and 5 mins. to the nearest Belks.


I have been a JC Penney’s customer for over 45 years and enjoyed the wonderful selections and variety of products they offered. I spend a lot of money at the Rapid City, Sd store and Christmas was always the greatest shopping trip. I walked into our local store after the so called up to date changes and my shock was apparent as it was like walking into a completely different store. The usual brands of ST Johns and the great selection of women’s clothing were no where in sight. Sad to say, that was my last visit to a store that been part of my shopping experience for years. NOW, that you all have gotten back on terra firma and replaced the so called new look with the older, better selections I will be checking you out!!!


The latest look of JC Penney has been the best look for them in years! The CEO had a vision and it was a good one. The prices were great and the stores were laid out wonderfully. My daughters and I loved the way everything came together and did some Christmas shopping there. Why in the world would you let this man go when things were just getting better for the company? It takes a while to get a new concept off of the ground and you didn’t give him enough time to accomplish this. Shame on you!!! I hope you’ll reconsider.


Every day low price ? Not true. I used to shop at this store all the time . I had a jc credit card with a pretty good amount o spending money. I was a costumer for probably 5-6 years. But after the new CEO decide to change the sales coupons for every day Lowe price I was very disappointed.

But I still gave I try so I took my kids to go cloth shopping for back to school. Which was a big mistake. When the cashier gave my total price I them realize that the every day low price wasn’t such every day low price and since them i never shop at that store again.

i finished paying my jcp card and cancel my account . AIM so disappointed. The store now looks empty and the layout and clothe quality is really bad.


I took my 6 year old son to the salon at JC Penny, Tukwila, Wa, on Sunday February 17, 2013 for a haircut. I was under the impression that your store was offering the free haircuts for kids every Sunday. I was disappointed when I asked for my sons hair to be trimmed and instead the stylist gave him a buzz cut. I was then disappointed when I found out after the cut that JC Penny stopped offering the free kids cuts February 1. I wish that the stylist or the women who made the appointment had mentioned this detail. I to say the least am disappointed and believe the information should have been pored somewhere so customers are informed.

Thank you,
Allison Hardman


I am visiting Poughkeepsie, NY for my mothers birthday and went to the store to purchase a piece of Jewelery. The brochure atated the sale was dec 30 to xxx. Dec 30th bing today I thought I would get the discount. Instead I was told I had to pick the item up on Sunday. I told him I would not be here and her birthday is tomorrow. I eventully left with out purchasing anything. I called to speak to a manager to understand the sale.

She said something about pre sale and thats the way it works. I said there was nothing in the brochure but thats the way it is done and she worked in furniture for 20 yrs and this always happend. Being a JC penney member for 40 yrs I have never been told this nor have I been trated this badly. She wemt on to say my mother could pick the item up, my mother is 86 and does not drive. She also said there are millions who appreciate our sales.

I felt like she was saying I didnt appreciate them. She made me feel uncomfortable. I have never been treated by your competitors as I was today. I am sorry this happened as I shop a lot in your store but will think twice before I do again. Thank you. Marshall Dalleo


I visited the JCPenney Salon in Fredericksburg, VA on December 28th, 2012. I called 2 weeks ahead and scheduled a cut and color. When I arrived 15 minutes early I was told to have a seat and someone would be with me shortly. I brought my mother in law along to get a shampoo and style. She however did not have an appointment, but was a walk-in. We were given the same appointment time. She (who has short hair) was taken back on time. A few employees went to the desk to check the computer and asked if I had been helped. Each time I told the new lady at the desk my name and that I had a 10:30 appointment. Three different ladies asked me the same question, then looked in the computer and walked away. They either started a conversation with another employee or sat down int heir chairs. When the fourth lady finally came up and asked me the same question, I again told her my name and my appointment time. It was now 20 minutes past my appointment. The woman had a negative attitude in the beginning. She said “and you want color?” in a nasty tone. I told her yes, I wanted a cut and color. Looking around I noticed a lot of the clientele were ladies with shorter hair getting cuts or perms. I have long hair that takes time, and the impression I got was that nobody in the salon wanted to deal with my hair. If long hair or color is not something a salon specializes in then it should not be offered on the menu of services. When the fourth lady finally brought me back she was very reserved and seemed like she was put out having to “deal” with me. I tried to be friendly and make conversation. I attempted to make jokes when she pulled out the color book to see which one I wanted. She seemed to warm up a little following the jokes, but not much. She did not explain anything she was doing while she worked. The color we chose is not the color it turned out to be on my hair. I tried to make the best of it and thanked her. I also left her a 25% tip to show my appreciation for “dealing” with my hair. She also took a few smoke breaks while working on my hair. I know this because when she returned from her breaks she reeked of cigarette smoke. I am not telling anyone how to live, but in a business when you are working in close proximity to the customer at least make an attempt to avoid smelling offensive when you are working with them. I must say I am very disappointed in the service and product I received that day. I am an avid JCPenney shopper. I am sad to say that was my first and last visit to the JCPenney salon.


I purchased 2 pair of Arizona jeans in August 2012 and 1 pair in September 2012 and all of them have ripped near the back pocket. The first pair tore about 1 week after purchasing them, the second pair was the one bought in September and that tore right away and the third pair was one purchased in August and that just now finally ripped January 2013. I didn’t have my receipt for either purchase so the store would not take them back. It’s very frustrating to buy them and have the rip out right away. I purchase a lot of items at JCPenney but lately have not been very satisifed.


I placed an order on December 13 for my children’s Christmas. After checking Track my order on the website several times and not seeing that my order had been shipped I contacted customer service on Dec. 21 to find out they were holding the entire order because two items were on back order. I told them to cancel the back order items and send the rest. So I reordered the back order items on a separate ticket. In the past JCP has always sent what is in stock and then sends the back order items later. Even though I called on Dec. 21 I didn’t receive the in stock items until January 7. Then two of the back order items were cancelled by JCP because they were out of stock. The other item didn’t arrive until January 14. Complaint #2 I had to return jeans for another size so I reorder those and was told the store would call me when they arrive at the store. The Jeans arrived 4 days ago and the store never called me. I had to call to find out that my order had arrived. I’ve been doing business with JCP for over 30 years and have never had these issues. If this continues I will be taking my business elsewhere. Besides that JCP doesn’t have the quality clothes or the petite size in any variety like they have had in the past.


I have been shopping at JC penneys for a long time. I came into the Silverdale Washington store on Friday 1/11/2013 about approx. 11 a.m.ish?? I had just purchased a dress and was looking for some shoes to go with my dress. I approached the desk in the shoe department and asked the employee for some help in finding some high heal black shoes. All she said to me is “what you see is what you get!” I could no believe that response at all. I turned around and felt just so little like I meant nothing as a customer. She had a medium build and had blondish brown hair. I just want to inform you of who is representing your company:(


Marnee K Mellon


I ordered a pair of boots on 12/27/12 in store. The sales clerk ordered them on line for me and told me it would be 4 to 7 days. She said I would be called when they come in. As of 1/10/13, I still had not been called. I went in store to see if they were in. They were in and I asked when the merchandise arrived. The clerk said the boots arrived on 1/3/13. Poor customer service to not be called as promised. The clerk simply said sorry but that doesnt change the fact that I waited an extra week to get these. JCP has really gone down hill the last couple of years and I shop there less and less. Poor customer service and quailty of merchandise.


My stylist works at the JcPenny’s Salon in Cedar Hill, TX. She is very good, no complaints on her service. However, I am very concerned that every other Sunday, there is rarely a receptionist checking in clients, answering phones and checking out customers. Many of the stylist have to stop working and go take care of those duties. I understand JcPenny’s maybe like every other company out there, cutting costs as much as they can. But it is extremely inefficient to stop working and go handle other duties that are not necessarily the stylist duties (as most of them do not know how the register works – sometimes it takes 2 or 3 to make it happen). I believe someone should be in that department from 1p-5p – assisting with transactions and check-ins.


First off let me say the JcPenny penny’s is my favorite store to shop. On 1/4/2013 I went in to shop and found some great deals on some dresses for the unbelievable price of six dollar. I was going to purchase three do them
That I reall loved. As I went to pay for them the cashier told me that I couldn’t buy two of them because the price was wrong ( she left to check) I was really upset and told her in which area I had gotten them and that their were more of the same in the rack for that price. I also told her the the other customers were going to get upset if they also didn’t get them for the price stated on the tag, she didn’t seem to care all she said was maybe they could help you on the other side. I was in a hurry or I would have aske for a manager to speak to. This has never happen to me the ladies alway charged me on what the tag is priced. My only question is what is your policy on items priced , this was on the clearance racks.


Hello, I loved the buttons. My grandchildren will love them too! The promotion did get me into the store, more than I have been in, for a while. The numbers were a little hard to read, but I have a magnifying glass that works great. Some of the captcha words were hard to figure out as well. But I did win a couple of coupons. Thanks ! I did get several buttons that were invalid. Not sure how that happened, but that was disappointing. All in all, I would definitely do this again.


I have been a customer of jcpenney’s for many years but I have never in my life had bad customer service as yesterday. Had an appointment for pictures and there was no greetings and it took the person 20 minutes to even speak.

The appointment was later as in 40 minutes so if the appointments are not going to be on time you shouldn’t schedule them the way you do.

The first time I had an appointment at Cielo Vista Mall I left because of the same situation. I had been taking pictures at Jcpenney off Joe battle and the service is always on time. Cielo Vista Mall need better customer service.


I had 2 buttons that was a winner of $10, when this promotion started. It stated that I will recd my $10 in 48 hours. I didn’t recd it and called customer service and they took info and said, someone will contact me and that they were mailing out my 2 $10 winners. Well, that was a month ago and no one has contact me. Then I called again and today.

So, my question is when will I recd my 2 $10 certificate from the buttons promotions? I was in jcp before Christmas and the sales lady ask me to do the survey, and I told her this will not be a good idea because I don’t have good things to say about jcp right now. When this was my favorite shopping store that I thought stood by their word.

I’m in college and recently did a paper on jcp and their falling prices and how people don’t like the fact that Ellen is the spokeperson. I was for Ellen as spokesperson and I was saying I hope jcp pull out of this mess and don’t shut down. Now having second thoughts.

Someone please contact me or email my certificate totaling $20.00.


I recently have entered 6 buttons and i have gotten emails back that I have won three. so i claimed them. I got one back and the next day the other. But after more than 48 hours i have not gotten the third one back. We do not have internet so i am relying on my family members to let me come over and get on there computers. These are the six buttons i entered. mesxrmp pjeuvnv wvwyju2 afag4dz cbjasgm and zhnhm2p I do not remember which ones were which so i gave them all to you to verify i lost three and won three. I have been able to print out two of the three coupons, and i would really appreciate it if i could get that third one before the 31. Thank you.


Hello I had received four button during your little button rewards game. these are the codes I entered tt2dwkn, uwt3htg, mvyffqn, za4y5n3 one of these button was a winner of a $10 dollar gift card not sure which one, but I never received the card. it stated i would receive it in the mail. I am sure if you pull up my member credit card you will see that i am a avid shopper at JCP and have payed my bills. I am not sure why I did not get my gift card, but I feel if your are going to advertise a game to help increase sales you should honor it. So I would like to know what happened and how long will it be before I get my gift card.


I had purchased some pants from the Battlefield Mall Penneys store and decided to get a couple more pairs in other colors. I called the store to see if they had them in my size. The lady was gone a long time and came back to say they only had a white pair in my size which wasn’t what I wanted. I called again later and got a saleswoman that found the pants I wanted in the color and size and said she would hold them for me until the next day. I then went to the store the next day and when I went to the register I was told to go to, they were unable to find any record of the hold and casually brushed me off saying they were probably put back on the rack. I checked and they were not there. I now find that they are a discontinued brand “made for life” that is not online!!!

Very unhappy customer that will probably never shop at JCP again………


I shop at the store in Owasso Ok. and the pricing is very deceiving. I pay attention to the fine print on the signs that read (and up) but when it does not have that on them I expect to pay that price. I went in to buy a coat yesterday and some tags read 30.00 and some read 40.00 etc. So I pick out a 30.00 coat several more on the same rack so I know it was not placed on the rack by a shopper. When i went to check out it rang up 80.00 I am on a fixed income so of course i did not buy it. This is not the first time this has happened. It will be the last time. I spend quite a bit in that store but I find it more difficult to find anything for my age category. Over 60

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