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If I could give a lower rating I would. I purchased a firearm on Black Friday but was told so many lies I decided to get a refund. I applied for refund on 7th of December and for the next 3 weeks was treated like a thief. I was told that it was refunded , that I needed to wait a few days, I need to check with my bank. So finally I do get the refund on the 9th of January over a month after I requested the refund only to find a email that wasn't supposed to come to me basically stating that I hadn't responded back to them because I got a 50 dollar gift card. Darling you can take the gift card and push it all the way up where the sun doesn't shine. Ill never spend another dollar of my hard earned money with these crooks.


Thank you for going out of business , had you cut your in house work force in half & give them some training on customer service perhaps you would still be in buisness , from Houston Texas. To Jackson TN. Poor customer service.


New lansing mi store has the slowest gun support. Twice I picked a number and they skipped over me. I just left when I ask the guy if they were using the numbers as I was holding 85, he was helping 87 and the board said 83. I bought a rifle before and the guy got on the phone while helping me and took 25 minutes. They will get zero $ from me.


My son and I are regular customers at your Gastonia, NC location. Kendra, in the firearm department should not be in any type of customer service. She does not acknowledge the customer. I have seen her do this on more than one occasion. No smile, no eye contact, no effort to even let you know that someone will be with you shortly. You guys should do yourselves and your customers a great service by either, retraining her or getting rid of her and replacing her with someone who knows the meaning of customer service. She needs to go find a personality.


Went to store Sat 10 dec. took a number at gun department waited 1.5 hours never got service. went back to store Tues. at 5:30 number 49 showing store empty was told people behind gun counter on break came back from break 2 people helping 1 person. 6:00 still no service and number 49 still showing flagged down a manager and was told to take a number 6:20 number 49 still showing. i will buy the crossbow i wanted on line and go to Academy for shotgun i wanted. i have never seen such bad service i will not go back. Knoxville TN store horrible.


Received my new Gander Mountain credit card. Activated it on 10/14 at about 6pm. Tried to place order on line. Can't do it. I spent a lot of time on the phone and got no where!! On 10/15 at about 9:30 I tried again! Got no where real fast. Keeps telling me my account number is wrong, what the hell gives. I'm ready to tell Gander Mountain to take there card and shove it. I will not pay any fees for trying to use a card they sent me that is defective.


Two Mondays ago I went to the Kingston store to pick up my pistol. There was already a line when I got there. It took me an hour and a half to get my pistol and a woman who got in line 20 minutes after me was done 20 minutes before me, and we were both being helped at the same time for the same thing. If I didn't live 40 mini away, I would have left and come back another day. The employees who were very nice stated that Mondays are the busiest day for pistol pick ups. Gander needs to come up with a better way. An hour and a half is unacceptable! Very unhappy.


My son bought an ugly stick yesterday to go Salmon fishing and while assembling it broke. He did not have the receipt but had the bag and the packaging. He was told he must have broke it, which if you know anything about an ugly stick you would know it is meant to be able to bend. There was something wrong with this stick, he did not break it. We spend a lot of money at Gander Mountain and I am very upset they did not replace it. We live less than a mile from the store and will take our business to Cabellas if this stick is not replaced. We are avid outdoorsmen and spend a minimum of 1000 A year on equipment, accessories, clothes and shoes.


Gander Mountain is one of the only DC that I know of that does not have any kind of absentee policy. Now they want to in force a NO Tolerance Absenteeism Policy. You can get a written warning for missing three day in a 4 month period and that is with a Dr’s excuse. Why?? Because it doesn’t matter or not if you have one or not they do not accept them. Instead they want you to take FMLA. Gander Mountain treats their hard worker like crap and their Lazy workers like King & Queens. After working there for 6 yrs, I have seen this 1st hand. I have asked to learn several different jobs in several different areas. I have been laugh at, had eyes rolled at me, and lied too as well.

There are new hires that have all ready learned the very same jobs I have ask to learn. Heck, we even have hourly associates doing supervisors jobs. Some of us have been through 6 managers in 4 years at Gander Mountain and don’ ask about supervisors. Makes you wonder Why? As far as raises go they suck there too. They would rather spend money on NASCAR car, or equipment that may work for only a month or two. We the workers are what makes that company run, but we don’t get any recognition at all. Heck we are lucky if we get a good job from anyone.

Yes, it pays some of the bills but not every many. And yes it is a job. Gander Mountain used to be a great place to work now it sucks. I could go on but I’ll stop for now.

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