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I called to academy Sports in Flowood on 6/17/2020 @0921 and I spoke with customer service rep; Cornesha and her attitude was very unprofessional. I advised her that she needed to go to customer service class and learn how to talk to customers. She wanted to tell me how she is having to do a lot ex., customer service, answer phone , run the register etc. I then advised it is a better way to talk to customers that is spending money with the company. I advised her that I will contact the corporate office and she said that is fine and hung up rudely. she need classes bad.


I went in to the store number 131 to purchase a gun, I am a healthcare worker and thought I would be able to go in and have a good explaining on which would be the best fit for me. I waited in line and Matt was the gentleman behind the counter and as I approached him I told him I was interested in purchasing a weapon and run my background, he said well you need to know first which one you want before I do that and pointed to where the weapons where at. My husband was with me at the time and hes more knowledgeable so he was telling me more about them, so I decided on a 9mm ludger hangun. I approached Matt and told him, ok, sir I am interested in the 9mm ludger handgun and he said well that doesn't tell me anything 9mm just tells me the size of the bullet and I said I can show you which one it is I want but he cut me off, rolled his eyes and went back to the computer, I stood in disbelief for some brief seconds thinking ok maybe he'll ask for my form of identification but he never did so I turned to my husband and to what he heard of what had happened he asked, he's not really wanting to help right? I shook my head and we ended up walking away. I attempted to talk to the manager Agustin but by the time I got to the line to where he was, he was on the phone and it seemed Matt was giving him my description because he was eyeballing me and I could hear he was asking the color of my shirt, so I turned to my husband and told him that we should just leave because I honestly didn't feel safe there anymore. I love shopping at Academy but this situation made me not want to even come near an Academy, its unbelievable how staff can discriminate you by the simple fact of asking a simple question which you would think thats what hes getting payed for. I wasn't there to browse around, I intended to actually purchase a gun, I've never gone thru the process and I thought Academy would be the best place to get my first gun. I felt so discriminated never had I experienced such thing and felt such shame and belittling.


I ordered ammo on line. The store said it was available then canceled the order the day of delivery.


3 times in 2 days at 2 different locations (11077 NW Freeway & 19720 NW Freeway, Houston TX) I have attempted to purchase a fishing reel. Waited patiently. Got passed by and ignored by personnel behind the counter at both stores. One employee even grabbed his sweater and proceeded out from behind the counter and left without even looking at me. Even if they are in the process of a gun sale, or any other transaction, they should acknowledge a customer standing at the counter with " I'll be with you shortly" instead of completely blowing them off. I have spent A LOT of money at Academy over the course of my life and at this point I may be DONE! Another complaint is that I received a coupon in the mail and went to store (and checked online) for stock of the item on the first day of the coupon and NO INVENTORY TO COVER THE COUPON. Seems like bait and switch to me.


Why is it that the most popular merchandise / things that sell very good aren't stocked in the stores? You guys make us order these thing so you can add the shipping cost instead of sell them for the same price as everything else. Why don'y you guys let us get these products for the same price without shipping if it is found on your website or found at another location?

Reels / Rods / Lures (old merchandise in store...nothing new)...if things don't sell it's not our fault so why should we have to be penalized for this?


I went to the south point shopping center in mcdonough ga to purchase some hunting supplies ,mainly a coyote game call. I took my time selecting the best call to fit my needs and my budget..I carefully read all the labels both on the box and on the shelf to make sure I was making the best choice.. I finally decided on Promos turbo dog predator call , which according to the label was 79.99 I also planned to purchase the 250.00 of clothing , game corn batteries beef jerky ect i went to bv the register andthe total was 100.00 more them I estimated, the game call was ringing up @ 179.00 after informing cashier 2 managers were called and I explain it is labeled 79.00and that I wanted it for the price that was on the shelf. but they would not give it to me for the labeled price .. claiming they dont wven carry that ay their store so they would not honor that price . Again I carefully checked and rechecked labels and read information on each call and 2 e CF plotmyees were in the aisle while I was doing so. You rd syote hi honors price match it should also honor the price If it is labeled wrong.. I left your store without the call or the other $ 250 worth of merchandise because not only would they not honor the price i was treated disrespectfully , yelled at and embarrassed by your staff.. i was disappointed since I really wanted this particular game call.


I went to the north east side location on Perrin Burrell and 410 today to exchange a broken fishing pole setup that I bought around 3 weeks ago, after I took it out for the first time I realized that the drag did not work at all on it. So I got to the store and was told that I could exchange it, so I went and grabbed a new fishing pole that was actually $10.00 cheaper then the broken one I bought 3 weeks ago, I also grabbed about $90.00 worth of tackle as well. When I got to the register I was told I could not make the exchange without an ID, of which I didn’t bring because I wasn’t buying anything I need my if for, I didn’t use an ID to buy the fishing pole! So not only did I purchase a broken fishing pole and not know it until I was in my kayak on the lake, but I went back to exchange it and was satisfied with an even cheaper one, I wasted my time AGAIN! I think it’s pretty rediculous, and I don’t think I will ever go back to academy again after that one!!! Store 36


On January 11.2020 I purchased a pair of shoes at the Victoria,Tx..Acadamy store. When checking out the register ate my check. The cashier ran it through several times ,then called the manager,who went to the office and checked to see if the check went through. After 10 minutes she.came and asked me to write another check.I did so,they ran that one through too. I was told my check went through once. The manager told me if I check my bank account later and find it went through.twice to come back for my refund. After finding out it went through twice, I drove the 60 miles back to the store and the manager refused to return my money! The drive is 1 hour long plus my gas and was a complete waste of my time and gas.I was given a customer service number which I've called twice. So far nothing is resolved! I want my money back! The store manager was rude and kept trying to dismiss me (.High lighted hair and wore glasses) I would appreciate a quick response as I have waited way too long!


At Christmas this year, I received two shirts of the Magellan Fishing shirts. Only problem, on Fathers day last year I received the exact one, green long sleeve. So, this is a normal stocking item, not seasonal nor on closeout, so I go to the store in Prattville, Al. to exchange the green shirt for another color, did not want a gift card, did not want money back, just another color shirt, and I was going to purchase another short sleeve shirt in a different color than the one I got for Christmas. I really liked the feel of the shirt and they way it wore. All is going well, until I get back to the register where I had left the first long sleeve shirt, and the cashier scanned the tag on the shirt I had received as a gift, which had a $29. price on it and turns to me and said, " we can give you a $9 credit for the shirt you want to exchange and you will have to pay the difference. I asked why and she said you don't have a receipt and you only have your drivers license, so all the store can not do an even swap, all we can do is credit you and you pay the difference. What kind of policy is this? I can understand if this was a seasonal item, but it is not. I could understand if this was a close out item and you were never carrying it again, I could understand if I had been trying to get cash back but I was not. All I wanted to do was to exchange the green shirt for a different shirt, spend more money at your store then wear the shirt and give you guys free advertisement each time I wore your branded shirt. However, due to your exchange policy on items that are given as gifts, I will never darken the doors of your stores again, nor will I accept any gifts given to me in the future from there!!!!
Now by no means have your doors been kept open my by business, but, I have shopped with you guys a lot. I have purchased firearms, bar barb Que grill, clothing, fishing gear ammunition, shoes, knives, golfing gear, and many misc. items.
However, you will never have to worry about me again, I will take my business to Bass Pro. instead,( by the way had the same thing happen with them and no questions asked, they were glad to accommodate me.)
I don't know if this message will ever reach any one who even cares, at any rate it is good to get it off my chest, after being introuded to the worst customer exchange policy in the history of retail.


Every time I go to the Cumming store, there is always a group of employees hanging out at the entrance. It would be one thing if they were greeting customers, but on 12/19 that was not the case. When ecommerce is so dominant now, you would think brick and mortar stores would be rolling out customer service to lure customers. After this happening on many occasions at this store, I turned around and left. Went home and ordered from Amazon. I will not be returning to this Academy store as customer service is not a priority.


I purchased an item on the or about around the 27 December 2019, the item wasn’t any good, a set of children’s training wheels. They ( the wheels ) didn’t last an hour, they bent. Took them back without the receipt, was told since no receipt that I could exchange them for another set or take a marked down price, which was $2 and a few cents. I refused , because I paid over $10 . I was told to take there offer or she would call the police and have me escorted out and band from the store. I DO NOT appreciate be talked to like that and except I receive my money back and a apology I will contact the Huntsville News Team that has a program called On Your Side. The manager’s name was Mandy ( a red head with glasses) she talked smart and short with me, I demand results from this .


I got a Christmas present from my wife a Lew's Hero fishing pole and it was a left hand and I need a right hand had no recite but he virfied it was from there and was $79.99 it had all the bar code on it and he wanted to give me only$35.00 on a gift card this is not right so I went to Dick's sporting goods and got another one so I will never shop at academy again taking advantage of


Less than 1. We waited ober 20 minutes while at one time 5 associates including managers were at the front watching the "circus" a girl came out with a till...this was probably close to 4 and she literally walked around like she had no clue where to put the till. Where i work all tills open at 6 am.i finally said can anyone of you working here check us out. A man left and they finally opened another register. Im sorrh but the management at this location is so sub par i would be embarrassed. Im embarrassed for you. Monkeys could run a store better. And while these ppl stood up front the store was an utter chaotic mess. I don't know that i will ever visit this location again.. since your managers definitely do not value customer service in any way i have horrible photos but they won't uploaf


i called into academy to ask how long a promotion was going on, you buy a grill 299+ and get a $100 gift card, they said the promotion would be going on until christmas day. i went in there and bought a $350 grill, they told me the deal was over and i wouldnt get the gift card.


I went to the store in diberville ms to purchase a gun. I asked the guy working the counter if he had a mp 2.0 smith and wesson in a 9m. He said he had a few. I asked if he was able to price match he said yes. I had found a set up online that was in the store. I asked again will he price match again the answer was yes. I showed him the price I had for a mp 2.0 9mm combo for 379.00. This kit includes a gun knife and flash light. He then said no I cant price match that. The same combo in the store was marked 479.00 so I said if you cant match the price can you get close and he said know. I asked why would I pay 100 more for a gun at this store. Bottom line its false advertisement to say you will price match and then not do it. I like academy and I have bought guns there but I will not buy anything else just out of principle.


Your Christmas commercial is really really really bad, you are telling our children that Santa bounces in the air and picked gifts from a store, not from the elves making them. That tells them that Santa isn't real you are killing there beliefs at a every young age. Shane on you and your advertising.


Everyone I've gone into academy in Tuscaloosa, Alabama I have got a vet discount. Went in the other day and the cashier said we don't give vet discounts. Only on the fourth of July. Hello the fourth of July. She was not very nice about it and I tried to explain that I'm a vet and had always got a vet discount. What have you changed and Tuscaloosa Alabama stores needs to let there people know and not be a smart ass when a vet ask about a discounts. If it wasn't for us vets she wouldn't be free to have a job.


I made an online order this morning, 9/1/2019. My husband and I went to see a movie in the same town the Academy is located. During the movie, I received an email saying the order was ready. We stopped in the store on our way home to pick up the order. I didn’t have my wallet for ID purposes because I didn’t drive, however, I had the email, and my husband with me. I explained to the CS lady that we were already in town, that I didn’t have my ID but that my husband did. Same last name, same exact billing address on his ID that was on my order. They absolutely refused to let me pick up the order. I asked why and she said was just my name on there. Okay, I understand that ID was needed, but she wouldn’t even look at my husbands ID to verify that the last names and billing address were exactly the same as the order. We live 25 miles away in another town. It wasn’t like I just grabbed some random person in the store to act like my husband. It’s very infuriating that customer service wouldn’t even help the CUSTOMER. She said I would have to come back. I cancelled the order. Now, I will not shop at that store again. And, quite possibly, this may never reach whom it it intended for, but, I hope that it does. It would have taken all of 5 seconds for her to verify the details and let me retrieve my order. Instead, you have lost a customer.


I was in the Fayetteville Arkansas store here recently. Anyways, in the shoe department a manager (I didn’t see his name badge) was taking all the sale stickers from each product. I approached him and ask...So is this sale already over??? He’s like oh NO we just don’t want to be here until 2 a.m. taking down all of these stickers. Totally not right to the customers when they are trying to find a pair of shoes on sale. When of course there’s several to choose from! So with that being said I had to double check each pair of shoes I looked with the wall scanner!


I have been holding over 1 hour trying to get a status for order 274155853, this is pretty sad that you treat your customers this way, it seems like we are buying under a communist party that will not allow us to talk to anyone about issues or concerns. how could a company this big just treat people like dirt. pretty pathetic.


I bought a backpack chair. I had to return it before i got to my car bc there was no strap to hold it up. Then i boughy a kid's bike, only to find out there was no kickstand. When i brought it back, i had to buy a replacement kickstand. How do you sell a bike without a kickstand? Quality is going downhill for Academy, which i spend a lot of money at your stores. I may have to start shopping at Dick's again.


I went to shop for some items and was shocked when a man came in with his dog NOT A SERVICE ANIMAL and proceeded to push him around the store in the basket. The dog pooped in the cart. It smelled, it was disgusting and a health violation in case Academy does not know that. When I asked about it I was told that it is store policy to allow animals non service related in the stores. Do you not realize that some people have allergies to dogs and also the chance of being bitten when he took it out and let it roam the store. The feces is the main concern because that buggy when right back into the rack of buggies for someone else to touch and use. I will no longer use Academy for my sporting good needs


1)Providing empty promises
2)Money conscious, training fees are too much.
3)Difficulty in contacting the right person if needed
4) No advance information given to the parents if in case there is no regular classes


Your manager Troy will NOT follow the return policy on your receipt. I am over purchasing for the Mid-State Youth Football League. I went into the Rivergate, Tn location 615-855-6900. I spend over $15,000 per year with your company buying numerous things for football season. My receipt number is 396724 sale-4883 0091 202 5/25/18. I purchase 2 of your easy shade tents and I used it once and we stored them until yesterday. We had another league meeting and we were caught in the rain, and when I tried to return the item to get another one, I was met with a very unprofessional attitude and accused of trying to steal merchandise from your store. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR!! When I ask for the DM number I was told that no one knows it and I can not get a replacement. I WILL NOW GO TO DICKS SPORT ACROSS THE STREET AND WAVE GOODBYE TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. I use to love your store...what happen to you?




1 year ago I bought a Optima battery model D34M from your Bryant Irving location in Ft. Worth. This past weekend this battery would not
take a charge so I went to the location on Cherry Lane in Ft. Worth to exchange the battery. I was told I had to go to Interstate all battery warranty location in Euless Texas. I had to buy another Optima battery model D34M so I could get my boat running. I called Interstate Battery and was turned
away due to the fact that this battery model number did not start with SC witch would be one of their Optima batteries. I called the Academy hotline
and was told to call Optima direct.
Apparently Academy sales products with no intention of taking care of their customers when there is a issue with what they sale.
I would like a call back from somebody from this company who still values good customer service because everybody I have been in
contact with up to now knows nothing about customer service.


To Whom It May Concern,

Hello. My name is Brandon Sentner. I quit my job rather abruptly,

without explanation or notice. My leaving Academy (Store #114, Killeen,

Texas) is due primarily to the treatment and actions of Caitlyn, Team

Leader, whom I have had to work with numerous times. The following is a

list of offenses which have contributed to my resignation. Note there

are other things involved as detailed further.

1. Speaking to me with a condencending tone. (Numerous cases).

2. Lecturing me when no lecturing was needed; despite my attempts to

assure her that I understood what she was communicating.

3. Doing said things in the presence of at least three other associates,

thereby degrading me by means of spectacle.

4. Lying about the nature of events that led to getting my write up and

sent home early: A shameless and malicious effort to make my conduct

sound unprofessional.

5. General attitude which has lead to said actions; failing to put

professionalism before personal feelings.

This took place on 3/15/2019, involving 1 through 5.

It was about time for my meal so I went to clock out. Note that there

was a lack of communication beforehand regarding me going on lunch

break. Caitlyn asked me in a tone that one would get with a child "what

are you doing?".

Me: Clocking out for break.

Caitlyn (same tone): Did Jennifer get back from lunch?

Me: (no response because I had no idea she was at lunch. She is a

manager after all so she could have been doing other things.)

Caitlyn: You cannot clock out yet because Jennifer will be relieving


Me: Oh okay.

It was at this point Caitlyn began to lecture me on the importance of

coverage at the registers. As if I was so unintelligent that I couldn't

wrap my head around this concept.

I kept repeatedly telling her "Okay. I understand. I get it.", without

sounding unprofessional.

But no. Caitlyn really had to go on and on about it. All I can remember

was keeping my mouth shut and feeling humiliated, as other associates

watched. (Alby was one of them. I didn't recognize the others).

After the stupid lecture, she took me into the room before the safe room

under the guise of having an open discussion. I described her actions

"nitpicking". The truth was she was harrassing me and I wanted to be

left alone to do my work. I WAS trying to be professional in explaining

how I felt about the situation. I was so frustrated and was struglling

to be calm and professional. She used that term I used to motivate Dylan

into making an example out of me. Utterly pathetic. Talk about "snakes

in the grass". More on that later...
Caitlyn made such a prolonged and concentrated effort on what SHOULD

have been a very short communication. She tried/succeeded to make me

feel like a stupid child. And the worst part is she had to make a damn

show out of it. If this is what passes for professionalism then I would

say I did the right thing and quit before I really got angry. I am 43

years old and I have much more experience than Caitlyn does.
I'll even wager that I am much more intelligent than she is and am more

capable of doing her job.
People such as myself should never endure such a low standard of conduct

from any member of management. All I have is my self-worth and dignity.

I'll be damned if I let this happen repeatedly.

Also note that Caitlyn's general attitude was fine for the first couple

weeks of my employment. After that, her attitude changed greatly which

leads me to believe that she has personal problems, which she is unable

to put aside while on company time. I believe this has affected her

professionalism in a negative way and advise that somebody look into

this situation seriously and objectively.

Furthermore, when I decided to quit, I ascertained that Steve would have

no choice but to support Dylan (Manager, also, his friend), who in turn

supported Caitlyn. This, with corporate's highly restrictive rules,

unmalleable policies, stingy pay, lack of benefits, lack of job task

autonomy; made me feel like I was less than an adult and more like an

idiot child. Steve even mentioned to me before that he stands behind

every member of management, (when he spoke to me about "challenging

Dylan"), and so I figured I wouldn't have a chance of motivating him to

advocate for me.

Bonus complaints: Dylan never bothered to check the CCTV footage to

verify if Caitlyn's claim (when I clocked out) was true. But that

wouldn't be acceptable to him because he already decided to make sure I

was written up.
This is because he did not appreciate me asking him about why he let a

co-worker use his phone in store, 10 minutes before closing. I refuse to

believe that corporate was waiting on an employee's email response. This

happened just after I was sternly reminded of the no phone policy (and

given my verbal warning). Also note that Dylan was quick to have CCTV

video ready in case I were to deny having my phone out. I found this

inconsistent and disappointing. But all in all Dylan decided to push the

narrative that I made him feel like a hypocrite but in reality he CHOSE

that interpretation. Probably because I told him that I was having a

hard time taking him seriously, when he just gave an exception to a rule

which he was adamant about.

Also note that night, Dylan committed another act of petty

unprofessionalism: we were closing and I was sitting on the counter

because, waiting for what I thought (due to past closings), people

getting ready to leave; turn in electronics, etc. Instead I hear him

calling me out directly on the PA system to get off the counter and do

something. He could've used the phone but I imagine he thought he was

getting back at me for "inadvertantly" making him feel hypocritcal. This

is due to the lack of communication and so I cannot say I could have

anticipated closing the store would take so long and therefor would have

stayed busy zoning items until everything was ready. I was not

impressed. This isn't the military. The pay is inadequate. And the store

isn't run like a tight ship that Steve has implied. In short, Dylan

failed to communicate in a professional manner and instead chose to try

and degrade me.

Additionally, I don't mind having my every move watched for the sake of

job performance. But having some employee tell Steve Knowlton that I

have symptoms of PTSD, really made me angry. He also stated that he

specifically asked other employees to watch me. A red flag in my


He said he had to ask me if I had PTSD. I told him "No" and that while I

was serving in the Army, had never been on a combat tour.

Another thing about Steve; when he heard I said that I was trying to be

"slick", back when I had my phone out; he told me he could not tolerate

with any "snakes in the grass". This was another red flag to me because

this was an issue of semantics. When I use the word "slick", I mean

"with finesse". To Steve, I think this may have been a word that

triggered something he experincedand honestly, I am not responsible for

that. Maybe this is why he had people watch me like silly geriatric

women with nothing better to do than fabricate non-thruths.

I felt creeped out. I felt singled out and discriminated against. Is it

not enough that I worked hard, stayed busy, and was dependable? Does

anyone know the inherent problems of having any potential employee

spying on another employee? Note that "Spying", I mean attempting to

glean personal details without communicating. Details not directly

related to job tasks. And I think it's unfair because people can and

will, either lie or blow things out of proportion to please management.

To make themselves more valuable. Also, I seriously doubt that ANYBODY

was qualified to make such a diagnosis about my mental health! It's a

sporting goods store! I can't believe your staff could be so careless as

to commit to perceived doubts regarding my character and, by extension,

my work ethic.

I'm not crazy but this makes me sick. I have NO criminal record. I've

come in on my days off to cover for others. I was a true team player.

Steve even mentioned, during our talk about Dylan and my having phone

out, (a week or so prior to this) that I said something. Something which

I could not remember. But I didn't agree because I felt I would not say

something like that. It was a minor issue that he casually mentioned

and did not bother to talk about it further.
It's so frustrating because how the hell am I supposed to remember

something I MIGHT have said? On another boring day at work, a week ago?

And explain myself? I did not appreciate Steve pulling this toxic high

school garbage on me. If he did not trust me then why hire me? Once

again, I felt singled out, as if I was the outsider.

The nerve of some people! It makes me sick how professionalism among

managers, in successful businesses, has declined since I was a working

teenager. Nobody and I mean nobody acted like this towards me in retail.

Management was ALWAYS grateful if an employee was hardworking and on


The thing about my mindset is I do not go to work to be anyone's

"friend". I don't go to work to do anything other than my job and make

money. I owe the company and management nothing more beyond that. I have

been polite, smiled at everybody, improved my skills despite being ill

for a month. I worked so hard and aside from Dylan, Steve, and Caitlyn,

I got along wonderfully with everyone else at the store. No problems. I

imagine others COULD have said additional things about me but

thankfully, not everybody is a douchebag.

At this point, I am debating contacting the Anti-Defammation League and

any other relavent group or organization. It really depends how well

corporate "steps up to the plate" and handles the mistakes management

has made.I am not impressed by the lack of professionalism exhibited.

Somebody has to take responsibility.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this kind sir/ma'am. I

know it was long winded and not the best organized summary of complaints

but I feel much better sending this out now that I am no longer so upset

by said events. I look forward to a reply regarding my grievances. If

you need clarification about anything I wrote here I will be happy to

provide that for you. Thank you.


Brandon Spalding Sentner


The Burlington NC store insists on playing loud country music of the lowest grade. I find it nauseating. Can't stand to stay in the store when this offensive crap is played. Other than that,you have an excellent store. I've spent plenty with you. Thanks.


My complaint is not with the academy store I shopped in or the store staff and product I purchased. My complaint is with the outside contractors Academy uses to make deliveries, in my case a gun safe. After purchasing the gun safe, thanks to store manager Clifton Stevens working with us in our purchase. Mr. Stevens setup delivery service through a 3rd party contractor that Academy cooperate is contracted with Assemblers Inc. On the third day after my purchase we were contacted from Assemblers Inc to setup delivery and prepaid for their serves. They ask us for a 3 day window for delivery for the next week. We chose Wed, Thursday and Fri of the following week. After not being contacted on the first day, we called to see if delivery date and time could be narrowed down. They responded by telling us we would received a call from delivery person. After not receiving a call, we contacted Mr. Stevens with Academy. He said he would contact the management for Assemblers Inc. After speaking to Mr. Stevens, a representative for Assemblers Inc called us and asked if we could take delivery between 2 pm and 6 pm on that Saturday. After changing our weekend plans, the delivery never showed up. After calling Assemblers Inc, they said we were scheduled for that day and to call back if we did not hear from delivery person by 6 pm. After not hearing from delivery person, we cancelled the delivery and started the process to get a refund. We once again contacted Mr. Stevens, and relayed him we would come in the next day for a refund on the safe we purchased. At approx. 6:30 pm that evening the delivery person called us and stated it was his day off and he did know we were scheduled for a delivery. We told him we had cancelled the order.


I took my purchase item to the cashier and only one was open. I stood behind the lady to the cashier who had a personal conversation with the cashier. Meanwhile, two other employees were standing there nearby and having a personal conversation while another person behind me an myself were waiting. Just after the lady at the cashier finally left the lady talking near me said, "I have to change the change drawer now." I gave them my purchase and said that maybe they wanted it more than me instead of letting the cashier on duty service me and the guy behind me. I walked out and no one stopped me with an apology.


Just before Christmas I went to academy store in Burleson tax. I asked young man at gun counter if he had gunsmith hammers. He gave me a dumb look and said whatever’s out there. Upset I left. In February I went to same store to get .40 cal. Ammo and I asked the same young man if he had it behind the counter. Another arrogant answer and attitude and I found it myself. I was shopping for 5 minutes and an older man came out and yelled across 3 aisles did I find everything I need and pointed to check out. No reason for this treatment. These men need to be re-educated in people skill.


I asked Academy this question a year ago and got a terrible reply. I decided to try it again. My question is why does Academy ONLY carry the MinnKota Ultrex “Link” in the 36 Volt, 112lb, 45” trolling motor? When I asked a year ago I was told that it’s because MinnKota only had the LINK available. Now a year later I know for a fact that is not true. I just got off the phone with MinnKota and they informed me they have these units available for distribution. This is the newest and most advanced trolling motor on the market. They are highly sought after by professional as well as everyday fisherman.
The reason I’m asking about this is because there are at least 10 major depth finder/chartplotter brands on the market today and all of equal quality. The Ultrex LINK is 100% useless on all of these other than the Hummingbird. The Link model will ONLY link to the Hummingbird brand depth finder. That means if you are not in the small 10% of Hummingbird users than this trolling motor LINK feature, which is an additional $400 is totally useless to you. I am 100% positive Academy would sell a lot more units if they would cater to more than 10% of the fishing community. I mean why someone would want to pay over $400 more for an option they will never be able to use. It makes no sense to me and I am pretty sure someone in Academy's marketing department is either misinformed about what they are carrying or doesn’t realize the potential income and customer satisfaction being able to buy the product from Academy. You can look through my purchases and see that I make many of my fishing purchases from Academy. When they don’t carry what I need I am forced to use a competitor which I really do not like doing.
All I am asking is to let me help you. I understand that this is a multi-million dollar business and how could a retired disabled vet help you. What I am saying is I have been a tournament bass angler for many years and fish throughout the southeast U.S. I know the fishing community and what they want. Unlike depth finders trolling motors are split into 2 groups. You have your Motorguide fans and then MinnKota. Academy is missing out on the 50% or more of fishermen that use MinnKota.
Thank you for listening to my concerns and please allow me to help you. I am available for any type of consultation or explanation if needed. My contact info is listed below.
. Last year all I got was thank you for contacting Academy but we do not carry that item. I am hoping we can move past that to some resolution.

Gregg Grodner
102 Beverly Dr
Bonaire Ga 31005


I was in store today. Bought $110 worth of items. Shoes was $60. When the associate finished my deal he looked through the shoe box. We both noticed the shoes had been worn. The cashier called over a manager, Scott, and he offered me 5% off! So I said instead of three dollars just give me 2 of your 2 97 tee shirts. He walked off!!!!
I returned everything and on my way out I called corporate. The guy I spoke with said he would have given me a $25 store credit. Instead my fat ass I dealt with walked off.....i have only been in your store twice and both times I have had issues.
I am also opening a large bicycle shop in town for underprivileged kids. I went into your store asking for help and I never heard from you. I am sure my letter never made it pass the front desk.


I completed an online order on 3/24 (241796055) and purchased a lowrance fish finder that was on sale. This morning I received a cancellation notification indicating that the items I purchased were not able to be fulfilled. This is very disheartening and I am not sure why this item was listed as available online the day of purchase and for days following the purchase. I understand that there is "fine print" indicating items may not be available, however, one would assume that items would be removed sooner from the website as to prevent dissatisfied customers as I now have to tell my husband that he isn't getting a birthday present that our entire family contributed funds to purchase for him. My family has been a very loyal customer to Academy Sports for all of our needs and have always experienced great customer service in the store. However, this experience is very frustrating and upsetting. I would like to know what recourse is available and/or anything Academy is willing to do rectify this situation.


I have been shopping at the BR Airline hwy location since it opened. Over the past few years the customer service has progressively declined to the point at which i will no longer shop at this location. Most of the time you cannot find anyone to help regardless of department. The wait to be checked out seems to get longer each time i visit. Also there seems to be a lack of presence of any managers to observe & help to keep the check out lines operating efficiently. I reside in the immediate area & often buy clothes, fishing, boating & hunting equipment but will now take my business elsewhere as a result of the lack of acceptable customer service.


Why do you have a policy of not selling firearms to someone that had a "hold". Law says (according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) that a hold expires after 5 days and the firearm can then be sold. I have a hold on me, which I do NOT understand. I am retired Military/Law Enforcement with NO convictions or anything that would prevent me from buying a 20 Ga shotgun, or any other legal firearm. I also have a concealed carry permit. I, and my family, shop at Academy and love the selection and pricing. If this matter is not cleared up, we are all finished with Academy.

Gary D Noble
(918) 915-1551


I have yet to receive a refund of an item that was returned via Fed Ex. It has been over 2 weeks now and the money has not been returned as of yet. What is going on?
I've spoken to 2 customer service reps to no avail. Am I just out of $200?
Worst of all I have gotten NO RESPONSE from Academy Sports.
Is Academy Sports going to just keep my money?


Order #: 235657927

Ship To: Harlise Watson
APOPKA, FL 32703-1616

Bill To: Harlise Watson
752 Lake Doe Blvd
Apopka, FL 32703

Shipping Method: LOCAL - Ground
Delivery Estimate: January 12, 2019
No. of Packages: 1

Tracking Number: 478083000233

Invoice Number: 20190107175200000506409320


popwat1 <>

Jan 14, 2019, 10:20 PM (8 days ago)

to Academy

The item was returned, kindly refund the money back to my account.

Thank you,

Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Assemblers, Inc.

popwat1 <>

Jan 19, 2019, 4:23 PM (3 days ago)

to Academy

Please refund the money to my account, has been over 7 days.

Thank you

Assemblers, Inc.

popwat1 <>

Jan 19, 2019, 4:48 PM (3 days ago)

to Academy

I have returned the item via FED EX as it was delivered by FED EX.

My refund has not been processed or returned as of yet.

Obviously the item has been returned by now.

Why is the process of returning my funds to my account taking so long?

As of this writing i have spoken to 2 customer service reps who cannot give me any answers.

Does this mean i am just out of $220?

Please return my funds to my account.

Assemblers, Inc.


2:41 AM (5 minutes ago)

to Academy

It has been well over 2 weeks, why hasn't my funds been returned to my account?


Your loss prevention team member Joseph McGee point my daughter out the store saying she couldn't buy nothing she had to leave. He says she was there 2 or 3 months ago which it's impossible for her due to school job and basketball plus I have drive my daughter everywhere she goes. I found out he used to date my in law they broke up 2or3 months ago. So he took this matter personal instead addressing this outside of work he has a problem with my daughter. We ask what the reason they couldn't give us on we ask for pictures or video they couldn't produce nothing. So we planting on taking legal actions with this matter. This was a mistaken identity and harassment. The store and number 21.


went to buy a 64 gun safe. I was told the delivery fee was $310 or I could pick it up. if I wanted to pick it up I had 24 Hours to pick it up. if I wanted them to deliver it, at $310, it would be a week possibly 2 weeks for them to schedule the delivery.
Tried to call their customer service number. after 15 minutes of being on hold I went online to chat. chat started looking for an available agent. after 30 minutes of chat looking for an agent and 45 minutes of being on phone hold I hung up and terminated the chat.
the only thing I'll use AS for from now on is to make some other businesses price match AS.


So I have been into your store 2 times both times I couldn't get anyhelp. 1st time was shoes around 100$ and nobody wanted to help. Today you lost a 900$ dollars because nobody wanted to help and you even had a manager checking locks on gun cabinet and still could not ask if I need help. Bet you Cabela's wants my money.


chat live never responds...Customer service phone 35 minute wait and still going. Had a buy one, get one 50% off. Received one and then they cancelled the second. No detail on what my adjusted total should be. Wanna bet they charged full price on the one? I don't know because they won't pick up their phone. Visa dispute is the only way to handle them. PATHETIC.


I placed an order with you and today got an email saying my package was delivered “at my door” - and it was not. I have tried to chat to find out where my package is, and three different times FOR A TOTAL OF FORTY FIVE MINUTES- I never got a response


Purchased a springfield XDm Sunday 11/25/18 was saw the posters for a promotion for 3 magazines and a range bag. When I went to submit the form was told the promotion was already registered to the pistol I purchased. Made multiple attempts to call the Academy in Cumming GA where I purchased and not one answers. Called the main corporate number and had to do this three times to get another number. Called 888 922 2336 and have been on hold for 40 minutes. Flat out ridiculous obviously company doe snot care.
Did I purchase a used firearm?
Was it illegally registered? Springfield shows the pistol I purchased registered in Washington , MO
Should I contact the ATF because the weapon has been falsely registered?
Springfield XDm S/N MG361369 verified by myself and 2 associates before I left


I have been waiting a total of 3 hours on hold over the last two days trying to get a customer service rep to tell me the status of my order. I just spent $700+ with your store and can get NO help! All I want to know is why my order says it was cancelled????? Absolutely terrible customer service!
Truly disappointed.


I ordered two magellan laguna shirts. The package came in with the two shirts all jumbled up in a bag. Wrinkled isn't the word for how bad these shirts were packaged. These are gifts which I will probably have to bring to cleaners to get all the wrinkles out. My order number is 229828802 and shipment number 121840524. Very dis satisfied the way these shirts were packaged. They were soo bunched up and it will cost me an additional 7.00 each to get them pressed to look presentable. Please get ya'll packers trained better than whomever packaged these!


My issue is not with service . Store service is great . It is about a product.I purchased Magellan boots in summer 2017.The production date on the tongue is 04/2017. Style is fwmfmc1014. So close to summer i didn't wear them..Fall of this year i noticed my feet being wet.The heals on both shoes have split open in the center. I can almost push my finger through the sole. The shoes have little mileage on them. I would expect them to last longer then they have. I would like help on resolving our issue.


On 11-15-18, 5:34pm, I spoke with Mgr. Patrick of store #0220 at 510 E Markey Pkwy, Belton, MO 64012. My call was in regards to whether the store would match Cabelas/Bass Pro pricing. Mr. Patrick agreed. After my Academy store website search of "Brazos men's shirt jacket ", a 10 minute call to Mr. Patrick again at 6:13pm to verify a price match before making the drive to purchase. Mr Patrick then informed me that because the brand was different, he would not match price. I thanked him and hung up. On 11-18-18 (3-days later), Academy'a sale ad showed the item on sale so I decided to make the trip to purchase after all on 11-19-18. Upon arriving to the store and searching for 10 minutes for the item, I was approached for assistance from Scott, and Jeremy (who identified himself as a manager). They also searched for 10 minutes before calling Mr Patrick on the phone for availability. Mr. Patrick directed Scott, & Jeremy to the department where the items should be. They were not there and it was determined that the delivery truck apparently did not bring any. Upon my request to speak personally to Mr. Patrick, I was denied so I left unsatisfied and purchased comparable items elsewhere. Complete waste of my time, gas, & resources. I have destroyed my Academy charge card as I share this story with other concerned shoppers.


Shopping online was easy!!!! Getting acknowledgement that you ordered ZERO!!!!!!!! Updates on your order ZERO!!!! Time frame of when you might receive your order ZERO!!!!!!! I called customer service over and over again to try and get any information that ended with the same result. Nothing!!!!! Order was placed on 11-3 and was received 11-16 with zero tracking from them. I called them back to let them know that I did get it after a long wait and a rude person on the other line. Never will I online shop with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m Victor Solevilla l leave in Kissimmee Florida,some were July,2018 l went to Academy Sport in the gun store lm this Clock 17 the store manager didn’t allowed me to purchase because he told that my driver license there a crack the expired date until 2022.last October l went to LR armory l bought the Glock 26 and also another hand gun Mega Pawn sig 320,my point this two gun store has no problem.during that time also call the police to complained that store manager and now don’t want to buy anything from sports Academy,please tell your CEO to fired because his not good when it’s comes to decisions making.


im in Houma Louisiana , they never answer the phone In the sporting good section , and the employees are so rude !!!! I even asked to speak with a manager and they just put me back on hold laughing in the background for over 30 min to get back on the line and say hold please , the same girl , im just really aggravated about the situation because i spend alot of ,money there and i would hate to shop somewhere else.. but unfortunatly id rather shop at the local sporting good store then to spend another dime in your store. im definitly going to spread the word on the local htv news about the worst service experience ever in acaedmy sports in houma louisiana


I just got off the phone with the man working the firearms desk at your Spring Valley store in Plano, TX. I was calling to see if a specific metal detector was in stock before I drove there. It said it was online, but I wanted to confirm. I had the SKU number available to make it as easy a question as possible. The man was rude, short, and disrespectful with his tone and his answers to my questions. It was quite obvious. Even my wife could hear his answers, and tone, from across the room from my phone.

I am going to buy it anyway, because I need it tomorrow, and you have it in stock. I have been going to this academy for over fifteen years. Otherwise, I would go find it somewhere else. Someone needs to let this man know if he doesn't like his job, he needs to go something he does like.


Joel Foster
Allen, TX


I just went to the academy sport store in Siegen lane Baton Rouge LA, I found a Nike tennis shoes in clearance for my husband without a box with a big sign that said take another 25% off at the register, so when the cashier scanned it was the same price so I ask for the 25% she called the manager and she told me with a very rude attitud: “ ma’am the price is in the tag” so I said “ well I found it in the clearance racks with the sign take 25% off the tag price at the register, my husband take a picture and we showed it to her, so if you put a sign with that you have to give me the discount “ she interrupted me with a terrible attitude saying: you don’t understand the price is on the tag..... so finally my husband said he didn’t want the shoes, I wrote this review because her attitude was rude, is a shame that they treated the customers like that just because I’m hispanic she things I don’t understand, if the manager is like that I can’t imagine the others workers attitude.... also is a shame to academy stores that they have a people like her as a manager. I’m so aggravated I never buy at academy again in my life just because of her attitude.


To whom it may concern,
My name is Sharon Blankenship, and I live in Elizabethtown, Ky. We have a very nice Academy Store in our town. My husband and two boys have become huge fans of the store.
We as a family have bought many items there since the store opened just a few years ago. We have purchased fishing rods, reels, boating supplies, a range finder, fishing baits, trail cams, tree stands, clay pigeons, ammo, a camping percolator, a yeti tumbler, countless gift cards, targets and my son Jesse bought a 40 cal Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistol.
My son Jesse is 24 and an avid outdoorsman. He works as an EMT and volunteer fire fighter, he mows lawns and a golf course too for extra money. He saved, and saved and saved for a crossbow. He finally had enough to purchase one and on 9-15-2018 he went to our local Academy store and bought the one he wanted. A PSE 350 Fang for $320.98, it came with three arrows and he was thrilled. He went home and assembled it but he had to work the next 2 days and mow so he finally got to shoot it on 9-18-2018. My husband who has hunted with a crossbow for 8 years had a target and Jesse came to our house to try his bow for the first time. His first shot was from 10 yards away and it was about 4 inches high on the target. So he backed up to 20 yards away and tried from there. This time it was about 1 foot too high missed the target altogether and he lost one of his arrows in our woods. They adjusted the scope down and tried again from 10 yards away and the shot was still high. My husband determined there must be something wrong with the bow itself, and recommended Jesse take it back and exchange it for another crossbow.
When Jess arrived at the store he was told for the first time that all sales on bows and crossbows are final, that he couldn’t return it at all. She then showed him a sign that said all bow and crossbow sales are final. When he returned he was heartbroken and upset that he purchased a bow that had a factory defect. My husband felt bad for him and said he would look at it, he was able to tell that the rail that the arrow rests on went up at the opposite end of the trigger causing the arrow to go up instead of flat. Where the bow attaches to the rail the notches had not been cut out at the factory. He had to take it apart and use a dremel tool to cut out the notches, and reassemble. It was too dark to try to test it that night and Jess has had to work every day since and has been unable to shoot it to see if that worked.
I understand completely about your no return policy, but I do think that it should be told to everyone who is buying a bow instead of expecting the customer to look for the signs. But more importantly I think if you are not going to allow exchanges you need to make sure you aren’t selling damaged, inferior products or products with factory defects. 380.00 is a lot of money to throw away for something that is useless, especially to my son. This product had a factory problem, but you should be able to stand behind what you sell in your stores. We as a family are very disappointed. Thank you for your time.
Sharon Blankenship
523 Kings Way
Elizabethtown, KY 42701


I just came from the Odessa Academy store where my wife and I spent over an hour and a half trying to buy a gun at the gun counter but left empty handed. I stood within arms length of three employees who stood with their heads in their computer screens totally ignoring us until I finally asked if someone would wait on us---one of the men just glanced up and said "no!" He then said they were doing inventory and told me to wait an hour! I couldn't believe this, and he was none too friendly about it! I worked at several jobs during my 45 years of employment and helped with inventory dozens of times but if I had ever been rude to a customer or denied him a sale I would have been fired on the spot! Since we had driven 20 miles to get to the store, we decided to wait. My wife and I are elderly and I walk with a cane. I can't stand for long at a time, so we went to the shoe dept. to sit down but all the seating areas were piled high with shoe boxes. After going back to the gun counter after the hour wait time had passed, then another 30 minutes passed there were 5 employees behind the gun counter just looking at each other and all this time they just ignored me.I've never been ignored and treated so rudely in my life. My disability wouldn't allow me to stand any longer so I returned the ammo in my basket to the shelf and left the store. I know it would cost some overtime pay to inventory after store hours, but what value do you place on a loyal customer? I have spent thousands of dollars at your store, and also at the Midland store before the Odessa store was built. Is that worth anything at all to you? I was taught in customer service 101 that a satisfied customer will usually tell no-one about his shopping experience, but a dissatisfied customer will tell everyone he knows! The Odessa store desperately needs to re-train it's employees on courtesy and friendly customer relations, and from what I witnessed they should start with the manager!!!! One last thing, can you give me one good reason why I should ever walk into any Academy store again???


Good day , I recently went to academy on the July 17 and purchased and item for 39.00 . I went back in for a reprint of my receipt and it stated I paid 9.00 dollars for the item . Today July 30 the item I bought I brought it back because it was messing up . The manager gave me the most trouble because I was a woman of color. I stated to her the receipt was incorrect and the item I purchased was 39.00 not 9.00 . I have never been so embarrassed. Because the security came as if I was causing a problem about my receipt. When I purchased the item it was 39.00 plus tax which was 42.00 . The security guard at this location should not there. She was basically in personating an officer. I have shopped academy many years and this has never happened. I will definitely let others know about the conflicts they may experience here.


Bought a new zebco 33 micro. Only $20. First fishing trip my grandson was reeling a fish in and it fell apart and the back and button fell in the lake. I had purchased it in Benton AR store and upon returning from our trip I tried to return it with no luck. Their policy no receipt and now used sucks. Do not honor their merchandise for even a few weeks
I advised them they will lose all of my business which is well over $1000 a year over a $20 reel and only response was ok
I could have taken it to bass pro and they would have taken it back with no question but I did not buy it from them and I am honest and could not look my grandsons in the eye if I did that
So for $20 and attitude I will buy my items for outdoors from bass pro and Walmart from now on. I also found out that at least 4 others in the last few days had said the same thing
I also teach gun classes and have recommended Academy many times for students to buy from your business. That also stops today
&20 will cost you a lot more than my $1000+ per year


I exchanged for an mattress that I called the day before to hold. When I got home, the mattress was clearly over used and patched up. I then had to go back and exchange THAT air mattress and was totally dissatisfied with the mattress I had to get as a result.


There is a new Academy Sports store in my community in Winston Salem NC, easily within walking distance.
Unless you reinstate Dean Crouch whom you fired for stopping a man from stealing a pistol and ammo from your Tallahassee store, who said he will shoot someone, I will never set foot in an Academy Sport Store, and will strongly encourage my friends not to either. I have a lot of friends. Crouch is a hero! What is wrong with you? Your whole company could go down the drain from this appropriate negative publicity.
Won’t make me sad.
You’re just “politically correct.”
Be American instead.
Grow up... or fold up!


Your treatment of the fired store manager in the Tallahassee store is
an illogical and insane decision.

What is the thief had used those guns in a mass shooting or school shooting?

What if your employees have a reasonable fear of danger or physical harm?

The fear of civil litigation( from the assailants or the injured employees) is bred by your greed and albeit
our litigious society

Yet the results seem to be derived from PC politics

I will never shop at Academy Sports again and will suggest to others to note the mistreatment of this gentleman
Mr C and his wife and two small children

Terrible disgrace and the lack of logic and courage and forthrightness grows and
to think that this geography of ours in Florida one at one time could have counted on the distinction
between right and wrong

I hope that your business and brand suffer much worse than any insurance premiums
or litigation losses might be borne

Two wrongs to make a right


Your handling of Dean Crouch is a poor choice, I understand policy but sometimes exceptions have to be made and common sense needs to prevail!

The man helped keep a stolen firearm off the streets, a hero in my mind.

I will not shop at Academy any longer until the wrong is righted.


I am complaining about the termination of a Tallehasse, FL employee that prevented a criminal from leaving YOUR store with a stolen firearm and ammunition. I imagine your attorneys are worried about a criminal suing. Instead, they should be worried about VICTIMS possibly injured or killed by a stolen firearm from YOUR store, and THEM suing. I was a long-time Dick's customer BEFORE they shot themselves in the foot last February. After they lost me as a customer I took my business to YOU. Now YOU have shot yourself in the foot with the way you treated a dedicated employee in Tallahassee. So: What are you going to do to KEEP MY BUSINESS? Gander Sports just opened in my city.

Jim Hovater


I am thoroughly disgusted on how Academy Sports has treated your once employee, Dean Crouch. The fact that this man helped take at least 2, if not more, illegal guns off the street, deserves accommodation NOT termination. I therefore will no longer be ordering online or purchasing in person at Academy Sports. I cannot in good conscience support a business that treats their employee's so badly. I have shared this story on my FACEBOOK page and my TWITTER account and the outrage is palpable. Academy Sports represents everything that is WRONG with corporate America in these times.


Rest assured that, as a result of your firing of an employee of your Tallahassee, Florida store for risking his life in the protection of others by disarming and restraining a thief who had stolen a firearm, neither myself or any member of my family will ever set foot in your store or do any business with you unless and until that young man's job is reinstated. Your lack of good community ethics and citizenry does not merit our business; it does, however, deserve the work we intend to engage in to remove your presence in our community.


So the store manager in Tallahassee, FL tackled a shopper (no, wait, that would be tackled a THIEF) who ran from the gun counter with a 40 caliber handgun who was running to the exit (and almost made it), threatening to shoot customers and employees. The manager chose to stop this person and detained him until police could arrive. He did a very heroic thing as who knows what this person was planning to do.

So what does corporate do? Fire him for "touching" a customer. And AS is based in Katy, Texas? Really? This was NOT a customer. He entered the store with the intent to steal. The definition of that is a THIEF.

I just purchased my LAST item of anything from them.


Went to buy a gun safe. Found the one in store, associate said 2 were in stock there.(GREENSBORO NC). Told me to go to customer service and pay. Went to CS, had no idea why i was there. I looked up on my phone the safe and they entered and also the other items i was buying. After paying and getting information for delivery, i made sure that i was getting 1 in the box, not the floor model, which had a broken combo and missing handle piece. Was told then by CS lady that yes it was, they were getting it from the back ????? How she guessed that since she hadnt spoken to anyone but me at that point. I asked her to insure that it was one in a box. At that point it went downhill, young kid came up and said the one in the box was on hold???? That i was getting the broken floor demo, asked to see manager, he said refund, out of luck...sounded and felt like a bait and switch and wanted me out of store. Store director came out and said sorry, did you get your refund? No help to maybe get a different one, they just wanted me gone at that point. If i hadnt insisted on an answer i would have received a 650lb non returnable broken safe....


I have already sent an email once and got a call then get a 2nd call that disputed the first call. So i need someone other than Donald or Curtis to call as they gave me different answer's. Also Curtis tried to make me out as the bad guy because i said a cuss word. And i did call back and tell them i was sorry. I have spent a lot of money in Academy and this can be proved. My question was will Academy send back guns back to the manufacture for the customer? Which the managers at Academy in Anderson S.C.say no in a very nasty and rude way. Steven tried to cram a disclaimer down my throat and say they don't give refunds or send out guns for repair. Wyatt was no nicer. This is what the Firearm Return Policy/Disclaimer says. Academy will assist customers with shipping firearms to the manufacturer warranty facility and this is what i signed. Nothing else can be added to this legal document that says it has to be a Academy brand name gun. But what makes me so mad is all the money i have spent and they are trying to make me look like a bad person and liar. A letter has been sent to the CEO of Academy and i will email him everyday of the year if need be. I will post all the problems i have had at Academy. A Sportman's Warehouse just opened about halve a mile from Academy and will price match Academy and send guns back for repair free of charge. Unless they lie too.
Thanks, Larry Andrews. 864-634-1557


I have already sent an email once and got a call then get a 2nd call that disputed the first call. So i need someone other than Donald or Curtis to call as they gave me different answer's. Also Curtis tried to make me out as the bad guy because i said a cuss word. And i did call back and tell them i was sorry. I have spent a lot of money in Academy and this can be proved. My question was will Academy send back guns back to the manufacture for the customer? Which the managers at Academy in Anderson S.C.say no in a very nasty and rude way. Steven tried to cram a disclaimer down my throat and say they don't give refunds or send out guns for repair. Wyatt was no nicer. This is what the Firearm Return Policy/Disclaimer says. Academy will assist customers with shipping firearms to the manufacturer warranty facility and this is what i signed. Nothing else can be added to this legal document that says it has to be a Academy brand name gun. But what makes me so mad is all the money i have spent and they are trying to make me look like a bad person and liar. A letter has been sent to the CEO of Academy and i will email him everyday of the year if need be. I will post all the problems i have had at Academy. A Sportman's Warehouse just opened about halve a mile from Academy and will price match Academy and send guns back for repair free of charge. Unless they lie too.
Thanks, Larry Andrews. 864-634-1557


I went to the academy to shop for my daughter I found a duck they said oh we can't give you $5 off with that duck that's the wrong one I explained to the salesman this is the second time I found a duck and I have been told that's the wrong. And the salesman said well I don't know about that I just can't give you the $5 off so my step-mom went in to talk to them and they said well we can go ahead and give you the $5 coupon but you have to give it to her do you promise you won't use it for yourself well my step mom was offended which I don't blame her so she refused to $5 coupon I have to say I used to love going to the academy but I will never show up Academy again this is at the store in Paducah Kentucky sadly enough I'm not the only one that won't show up there ever again I'm sure you won't read this which is sad again because the customers is what pays your salary send me never ever will I shop Academy again


Highly disturbed about advertisement at Academy they had a Taurus 380 on sale went to get one sales clerk told me they didn't get any in they don't give out rain checks I talked to the store manager he tells me that they did get some in but wouldn't tell me how many I took my wife and we turned in our $380 worth of merchandise we were going to get and left the store bait and switch


My son went to academy and purchased 3 SD cards (1)for his phone(1) for his girls phone and (1) for his dashcam, the (2) he bought for his and girls phones were too big and the one for dashcam was not big enough , he couldn't find his receipt but took them to return , once he did he was given a gift card that he gave to me for some monies he owed, but I can't use the card because of fraud well there's no fraud and I think it's terrible , i have always shopped at academy , never had any problems til now, if there was a problem with the return it should had been addressed right then not issue a gift card, I'm a very unhappy customer


I went to the “Customer service” counter and asked for help (Costa glasses) she turns around and pages someone. I had a simple question, the price.... she went bullsh*t with 3 other workers. I left and went shop and went returned only one line out of ALL the registers were open??? Wtf? Missed out on a costa sale (assume ~$350.00 or so since I couldn’t get help) plus clothes.... not a good experience. Ambassador store!!!!


I am tired of being led around on a string.
I ordered my product on Nov 19th, only to be told 12 days later, someone messed up on the order and shipping. Now that it was all figured out, shipping cost refunded, i have a ship date, almost 30 days from date of purchase???? go figure.
So, I was given a 13 hour window of delivery for Dec 14th and was told that I would be getting a call, telling me when it would be delivered within a 4 hour time frame.
I have check the CEVA website, my order, still there, not in transit to my house, I have not received a phone call. I have spent my whole day at home waiting, losing a days pay. BAD, BAD, customer service.
I will have to check the BBB website, see what kind of rating Academy has, go from there. I am tired of waiting on the phone, I am tired of waiting at for my order to arrive, much less a phone. BAD, BAD, customer service.


I went to Academy to purchase a gun. I went through the background check and sales said a manager would have to approve. I waited 15 minutes for a manager and no show. I advised sales to radio manager and let him know I would leave if he wasn't there soon. Sales just rolled his eyes and did nothing. I got my license and left. Academy lost a big ticket sale.


To Whom It May Concern:

This afternoon (9/3/17 at approximately 5:10 PM) I was waiting in line to check out at your store located in Evans, GA. Myself and others in the line were speechless that we had to wait for the cashier to finish flirting with a male customer before any of us could be served. While some behind me left to look for another line, I stayed as I was up next and hoped the interaction wouldn't take long. When the customer finally left, the cashier watched him leave and, while looking at his lower extremities, made a sound conveying her apparent approval of his rear appearance.

While I didn't expect (or hope) to be treated in the same manner, I did expect at least a greeting as I purchased a box of ammunition. Instead of a greeting or even eye contact, she said, "Age." It wasn't even phrased as a question. As a 68-year-old man who has owned and operated my own successful business for 43 years, I was becoming frustrated with the lack of formality and professionalism. I asked her why she needed to know my age, to which she responded, "We just do." I told her to just forget about it, left the shells, and sought a manager, eventually relaying the story to her. She had nothing to say about my overall experience other than to comment that it was store policy to ask for age on purchases of the type I was making. I believe her exact wording was, "That's just the way it is."

I have no issue with producing identification when it is required for purchases (whether it's law or store policy), but no one asked for my i.d., they were just going to take my word for it. I even mentioned that to the manager, stating I didn't believe that to be a valid way to obtain the age of customers purchasing ammunition or other related products. She seemed indifferent and made some sort of comment about having to ask everyone's age (again never mentioning a form of identification to verify age).

While I have no intention of shopping at this store again, I would encourage someone to more effectively train the employees and management there. I don't imagine anyone would appreciate being treated the way I was today.

Michael D.


Went to look at a Gun for sale at the store located at 1523 W State Highway 114, Grapevine, TX 76051. A man name Billy McCanless came to help and was so rude I may never shop at that store again. Total arrogance and nothing but.


Decided to purchase a $600 kayak for my son's birthday. (Not a small purchase.) Sent someone to pick it up since it would not fit in my car. After the purchase and the item was delivered by my friend, I was informed that the item was out of stock and the display item was actually sold to me for the original price. The display item had a 10" deep scratch on top of the kayak and a 7" scratch on the bottom of it. Not really a "new" product or worth the $600 since it was damaged before we even got possession of it. I contacted the store and was told by the manager, Latoya, that I had to bring the kayak back to the store for an assessment of the damage in order to receive a discount. I understand her reasoning but certainly not practical since I had to have a friend buy it and transport it to begin with. After calling Latoya a second time since I could not arrange a means to transport it back to the store, she said I could come back with the receipt and could receive a 10% discount. That would have been great had it happened at the time of purchase, but now I have to drive 54 miles round trip to get my credit. NOT REALLY WORTH IT. It will cost me half of the credit in gas just to get it. My point is that this should never have been sold at the original cost. The salesman new from the start that it was a display item. Every salesman should know that a display item is not worth the original purchase price. I have been down this road many times with other stores and have been offered a discount without me asking. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO AKS FOR THE DISCOUNT. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DRIVE 54 MILE TO RECEIVE MY DISCOUNT. Needless to say I don't want to drive that far to return the kayak but NOR WILL I EVER DRIVE THAT FAR TO SHOP IN YOUR STOR AGAIN.


I went with my granddaughter on 11/30/16 around 6 pm to Academy Sports and we went to the shoe department looking for a six year old a pair of shoes that I had no idea of the size. We seen three employees talking but not helping anyone. I had to ask for help three times then they would just walk away. I only bought a pair because my granddaughter really like a pair or I would have just walked away.


Academy in bossier city louisiana has the most incompetent managers in existence. I called the store to ask about a product 6 times and no one ever answered my call. Finally was able to talk to a manager and was told they had a few in store and went to pick it up and was told ny an associaye the last one sold over 3 hours before I arrived. I called and was there within 45 minutes of calling. That store is the worst one around.


I purchased .223 ammunition on line for a price equivalent to other merchants. Free shipping attracted me to the offer so I ordered $202. worth of ammo. Received TEX message on Monday stating my merchandise would be here on Tuesday but required adult 21 or older present to sign. My wife and I stayed home all day, opened the front gate and left it open for the delivery truck all day, and locked our dog in the house all day while we awaited the delivery. By 5 pm, no one came contrary to our text message. Checked the package drop off box located at the road some several hundred feet from the house, I found a Fed Ex note / Door tag # DT7075 4307 0165 informing us we missed the delivery. They never came to the house.

I called customer service and they stated they had no way to contact the driver, but would have him try again Wednesday. I agreed to be present a second time. The driver made our location around 12 noon and I received the package. A whole day wasted due to his laziness. The order did not state an adult had to be present to sign for the delivery or I would have reconsidered ever placing the order. Although it did get delivered, I will never rely on an on line order with academy not know if signature would be required. Could of driven to a store, or any number of other stores on Monday and missed all the irritation. You may want to consider another delivery service!


I am a hunter and I look forward to hunting from one season to the next. I recently went into academy sports to purchase two very popular scent items for deer hunting. When I couldn't find the items a sales person asked if they could help. I told him what the items were and he looked them up on the computer and said we don't have them. I then told him I was in here before looking for another item and they didn't have that one either and that I guess I would go to Mahoneys. They always have what I need. So he said good, so we left and won't be back in Academy's store ever again.


I was responding to an article comment made by an employee's daughter on Facebook called me a "wetback". I am not sure what y'all condone for y'all's employee's but this is not acceptable for a company like Academy.


The absolute worst online merchant I have ever dealt with! I make over 90% of my non-food purchases online and have never seen such bad practices. Here's the trick employs regarding item stock status: *** In Stock Online: Usually leaves warehouse in 1-2 business days. These items actually DOES have in stock and will ship quickly. *** In Stock Online: This item may ship from a different location and therefore is only eligible for ground shipping. These items DOES NOT have in stock. These items are probably drop shipped from the manufacturer.

To my chagrin, I ordered an item with the later stock status. The manufacturer is out of stock with no estimated delivery date. Yet, STILL lists this item as IN STOCK. Reputable online merchants would never falsely represent their inventory. And if there were for some reason a shortage, they would immediately provide an option to cancel. My order confirmation promised delivery within 3-5 business days. Now I am in limbo. No delivery in sight. And renews the pending authorization on my credit card every time it expires, reducing available credit.


Order was placed on 02/04/16 - After my order was accepted/approved, Academy cancelled 2  of my items, both pair of the  jersey lounge pants I had ordered.  Most of my remaining items arrived as scheduled, but there are still 6 items that I have not received nor have I received any notification of them having been cancelled . These items are the O'Rageous® Women's Medallion Flip-Flop - Grey Sz: 9, the Magellan Outdoors Men's Summerville Poplin Short - Sz: 38 Color: KELPPLAID, the 2 Realtree Women's Camo Short Sleeve T-shirts sz:  XLarge Colors:  AquaOrTurquoise and Grey, and the 2 Realtree Men's Camo Short Sleeve T-shirts Size:  XXLarge Colors:  Brown and Grey. Also, I ordered and received the Champion Women's Jersey Short sz:  Large Color:  Oxford Gray, and the shorts that I received were a size medium instead of a large. This is now the second time I have faced this same problem when placing an online order with Academy store.

This seem to me to be quite a few mistakes for only being one order, but to make matters worse, I attempted 3 separate times today to "live chat" with an Academy representative in an effort to receive assistance in correcting my order. During all 3 chat sessions, after only given the opportunity to explain what I hadn't yet received each time, the representative disconnected their chat with me. I then proceeded to call the 800 customer service number and after speaking to a customer service agent and explained my situation they placed me on hold for about 2 minutes then hung up the telephone.

If this is the type of quality assurance and customer appreciation / care / and respect that Academy has to offer, then I will no longer be interested in remaining a loyal customer. In all the years that I have been ordering online from retail stores, I have never felt so disrespected or as if the retailer couldn't care less about their consumers experience. I have been left upset, angry, and disappointed in the Academy retailer.


Received weekly ad which advertised 22 LR shells in holiday box for $7.99. Went to store Monday at 8 a m. First one in store at 8:30. Told sorry all sold out yesterday. Come back Wednesday when truck comes in. Went back Wednesday. Was told all sold out Monday. I said you didn't have any Monday and explained. Clerk kept telling me all sold out on Monday. Finally I told her I was getting angry and she best change her story to All sold out Sunday. Don't think there was ever any at store or the employees grabbed them all up before they hit the shelves. Know this happens all the time. This was at the store in Joplin, Mo. And, this has happened before when I've tried to purchase a sale ad item. Think I'll take my business elsewhere sale or not.


I have a complaint about the new Academy Sports store in Elizabethtown, KY. Bought two pair muck boots, 1 for me & 1 for my dad dad. Looked at the website and they were actually much cheaper 2 weeks later. No refund difference. Took time and gas to go buy gun in sale circular. Did not have and will never get in store. Will not shop at store ever again. Poor business practice.


The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Manager on duty was rude and a total jerk. They had an item I wanted to buy, but I needed to go get my trailer,.I asked if I could pay for it and come pick it up in 2hrs. They said they can't hold items in the back. I told him well that's not true because they held my grill for me just this past summer, but ok can you just put a sold sign on it since it's the last one. Again No was the answer! I am confused if I pay for it now why can't you put sold on it? "Because I won't." Wow I was a huge fan of Academy but now this one guy has caused me to hate this place! Not sure why people have to be so arrogant and just make shopping and spending my money a pleasant experience! In case anyone wonders what store: Newnan Georgia location on this Sunday April 19th 2015. Best of luck to you Academy. You lost one customer forever. I am sure you're not worried.


One recent Saturday morning I called Academy Sports to check on an order's shipment status; it was a birthday present timed to arrive on a ...well...birthday. When they couldn't answer my inquiry with any detail, I cancelled the order, or I thought I did. The training of their phone people is dismal, and I never received the promised email confirmation of shipment with tracking data. The transaction was "Escalated" to a higher level; even so I was never contacted. Just another example of poor service--I have a choice where to shop. No need to raise the BP.

But the breaking point came when they asked for feedback via email yesterday. I stated, essentially, what I said above. No insults, no profanity. Today I got an email inviting me to resubmit because my response didn't meet their criteria. Again, I was direct, but polite. Academy Sports did a poor job with my transaction. Not a huge deal. Now, Academy Sports is a name I mention to friends and family whenever I think about it because they have elevated one poor sale into a big deal. If word of mouth advertising is considered the most effective, I will politely test it out and tell others of my experience.


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