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ordered 2 dozen personalized golf balls & a vest on 12/14 paid with $40 gift card &balance on charge card rec'd vest in 4 days. On 1/6 rec'd email that shipment on way when I hit tracking # said delivered 1/4 called fedex no help called dicks was told to wait til 1/8 because that was delivery date on 1/6 email still no balls on 1/8 called back that evening after I was transferred to supervisor evening of 1/8 explained everything he had me go online reorder because they couldn't do the personalization from their end then give him new order # he took care of the payment part & offered to expedite I told him that wasn't needed all should have been good at that pt. but on 1/10 rec'd email that they were refunding my $ I responded that they might want to wait I had checked & reorder was still processing on 1/12 I checked my cc act. saw where they had refunded the $ that was charged to it which was only a little more than half the price of the balls called again 3rd time in a week ask to speak to super declined was on the phone for over a half hour again trying to get them to understand that I only got partial refund and I didn't want that I wanted the balls they wanted me to reorder I said just keep refund and process the reorder that I already had in process.
Dicks went out of their way to complicate things as opposed to trying to help after over 1/2 hour I said I have to get back to work just email me how you expect to get my refund to me I had to be the one to ask the ? how are you going to put $back on my charge card that you never billed me for they couldn't even figure out that because the vest shipped 1st it used part of the gift card the balls used balance and the rest owed on balls + tax was applied to CC still haven't rec'd email yet as to settling up Ref #200108009680 from reorder


I needed to replace a few Folding Arm Chairs that I used for camping and other outdoor activities. I liked the folding chair I had purchased from Dicks a few years ago so I bought 2 more to take on a recent camping trip. I was surprised to see that they were not the same quality and were less several inches smaller than the first set I bought. Quite a differense in weight also so I am sure the frame is of cheaper quality. Anyway, my neice who I was camping with, made several comments about the quality of Dick's merchandise and that you get what you pay for. I thought I was buying quality but she changed my mind. You can see the difference in the pics, the center one is my original Dicks chair ande I thought I was buying the same quality. Brian Kunzog, 428 Beauregard Road, Summerville, SC 29486


Today I want to return a pair of youth baseball pants that I purchased that were the wrong size. When I presented the merchandise I also presented the card which I purchased the items with. The boy who was handling the transaction said that the return price was 33.99 and I paid 39.95 which was on the tag of the item I purchased. So I brought it to the kids attention he looked to the senior cashier on the floor and she said that it there must’ve been a discount of some sort, which I replied there was not. My problem comes in is when I asked for a manager the manager was unwilling to listen to what I was telling him and then became smart with me when he said well where is your receipt which he knew from the beginning of the conversation that I did not have the actual receipt but the card which I purchased the merchandise with. Now I understand it’s six dollars but when you see people shoplifting out of the store and nobody lift a finger to stop it but they’re going to harass me for six dollars, I believe your store has a problem. If you could give me a response to this incident or else I have no choice but to share this with some of my close personal friends on social media. Thank you


Not sure what is wrong with Dick’s in Santa Rosa , Ca. Everytime I go in the lines are long so I drop my purchase and walk out . I really like the store but will not go back due to poor customer service . One employee I spoke with said they do not have enough hours to hire enough help, he’s looking for a new job. I have a business and I have great customer service to bad dick’s doesn’t .


I have shopped at Dicks ever since its inception, but will NEVER do so again. Your most recent policy regarding elimination of firearms is the most liberal policy I have ever heard. Coming from a large sporting Family, Dicks was always on our first shopping stop at Christmas & special occasions, my children always felt so. Starting immediately ALL OF US will never set foot inside another Dicks again. Thomas Jennings & Family & friends


Bought a treadmill online, 1-1-19. The wrong, plus damaged treadmill delivered 1-8-19. Still here. HELP


On December I placed order 10152553950 which I received on 12/22 only to find that the boots had already been worn to the point that mud was visible on the soles and sides of each boot. I contacted customer service via chat to get a replacement pair and was informed that the new pair may not arrive before Christmas but to hold onto the current pair until the new pair arrives then return the worn pair in the bag that the replacement pair came in. This new order number was 10153326043. The new pair of shoes never arrived. Upon contacting customer service via telephone on Friday 1/4 I was informed that the order was on hold because the new boots would not be sent until the old boots were returned. This was in direct conflict with what I was told initially. Since the old boots were not yet returned I asked the customer service rep if the new boots could be changed to a size 9.5 instead to which she accommodated. New order # 10153326043 was initiated. Upon tracking this order I learned on 1/9 that my order was on hold again for unknown reasons. After speaking with customer service yet again I was informed that the size 9.5 boots were going to be expedited for shipping on 1/4 with an expectation to arrive by 1/7 or 1/8. Upon checking tracking on 1/9 with no boots in sight I contacted customer service yet again to be told the boots are on their way and would be arriving on 1/11. Today is 1/11 and no order has arrived. Upon checking tracking I see that the order has now been cancelled and upon contacting customer service was told the item is out of stock. The item that I was told was on its way, expedited and sure to arrive on 1/11. I am absolutely disgusted with this entire ordeal especially with the repeated inconsistencies and lies that are apparent via chat, phone and email. As soon I got off the phone with customer service who verified a delivery date I received an email that the product that is being delivered is not available. No apologies. If I could give you zero stars I would.


I ordered a pair of shoes 2-day shipping. It took over 10 days to get them. In the meantime, I ordered the same shoes from Amazon and received them within 2 days. I just returned them with the "Shipping Label" provided for returns and was charged $17.86 shipping as the label provided was not valid. I order new running shoes every 3 months but will never order from Dicks Sporting goods again as it was the worst experience I've ever had.


I purchased a pair of Nike shox for my husband in el paso tx the display at that for it was the only size available for his size they looked retared as ine shoe was extremely stretched so upon returning to home in fresno ca we went into store #1408 riverpark to exchange them for a regular pair and the cashier lady racially profiled my husband saying these shoes had been wien he said i havent worn these shoes at all just got them Now remind you the box stated displayed as well as telling employee she gave him such a hard time with NO apologies from any employee at the store he eas disrepected and profiled as a low life bum looking to get over Not we wirk extremely hard for our money and dont deserve to be treated so disrespectfully just to make a purchase we simply wanted to exchange them just wrong that a store has to suffer greatly bevausebthey hire the wrong people. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint an possible lawsuit.


Order #10098905107
What you have done to me with this order is shameful. You never gave me a tracking number or any information for me to know what was going on with the order. Two weeks ago, a company contacted me to set up a time. I set up a day and time (convenient for them as they didn't care about my time and schedule). They then showed up 2 hours earlier than "what was commited and was convenient to them". I wasn't home, so I was not able to inspect it until later. That night I found out the backboard was all scratched up. A another (different) company called me about installing it. They said they would order another backboard to replace the damaged one. They never called me back, so after several calls to them I finally talked to someone who "didn't know what was going on". Then the next day (without announcement) a backboard was left on my porch. It poured down rain that day, so I had to carry the whole stinking falling apart box to the garage, and hurt my back in the process. I then began a process of calling repeatedly the setup company, but couldn't get ahold of anyone that would call me back. This went on for a week, where I made umpteen calls and messages. Finally they called me back. I setup a time for today for a guy to come and install. I was given a window of 11am to 3pm. At 3pm a guy calls me and says he is calling on behalf of the installer, and he will be a half hour late. A have hour later, the installer calls me and says it will take him another hour to get here, but wants to know if I still want him to come, as it was raining where he was at. I told him, it was blue skies here. Finally he arrives 1.5 hours later than the 4 hour window I was given. After listening to all, his excuses, he begins the process of installation. 4 hours later (830pm) in the dark, he says he will have to come back tomorrow to finish it as he cannot figure the instructions out. I inspected what he had done, and it was put together ENTIRELY wrong. He will have to break it back apart and redo it tomorrow. Oh and, by the way, during this four hours, I had to give him water, and tools as he didn't have the right tools to do the job. AND at one point he knock on my door, and his hand is bleeding. How he cut it, I don't know?? I brought him bandages, Neosporin, and hydrogen peroxide. ALL of which he took with him when he left for the night. Did I mention how he pointed to water I had sitting on my shelf in the garage and asked if he could have it????
I AM SO UPSET with Dicks that my blood pressure is running high just typing this.
How are you going to compensate me for all this aggravation?!?!?!??!
Ted Cummings theo3315@hotmail.com, 256-631-7951


Worst experience gun buy in 40years. They don't fallow CA gun purchasing laws. Dicks in Petaluma CA if you have po box on CDL they won't sell to you. But every other gun store will. I drove 2.5hrs to be told no, on a Sunday morning. I drove to Pacific outfitters 1hr 29min to Ukhia CA they gladly sold me shotgun.

CDL po box, hunting lncs physical address. Pacific outfitters fallowed the law. Reward replacing $28k worth of firearms to them. To dicks just unhappy customer.

If you sell in CA you should sell by the law not surprise we do it our way.

Worst store experience ever worst then e bay.


I will never ever shop at Dicks Sporting Goods in Bowling Green Ky. again. We where ready to spend over $600.00 to buy a hunting rifle on 12/22/2016, approximate time 9:00pm. I walked up to the counter and asked do you have a Ruger .308 caliber rifle and then the sales associate very rudely replied "No we dont have one" as he continued to shake his head in disgust and abruptly walked away and never returned. I didn't have a chance to to catch the young mans name tag, but he is about 6' tall dark hair , clean cut , had a dark beard, weighed approximately 190 lbs, looked to be in his early twenties. I have never been treated so rudely. And I will never shop at Dicks again period.


I placed two orders online on cyber Monday to take advantage of the sale, 25%. I spent a lot of time looking online to find winter jackets for my entire family. I also called the store nearby to check the product in person to make sure I ordered the correct size. While on the phone, I asked the Dicks's associate whether they would extend the same offer in store and I was told whatever sale they have online will be given to me at the store. When I got to the store, they told me that whoever I spoke with was incorrect and that they were not able to give me the same discount as I would get online.

While at the store, at first, I couldn't find anyone to help me. After a few minutes of looking around, I saw an associate who wasn't very thrilled to be there and wasn't very helpful. After returning home and spending a lot of time on these two orders, I went ahead and submitted it. The next morning, I receive an email telling me that my orders were cancelled. I called customer service and the woman who answered the phone told me she didn't know why my orders were cancelled and that I will get an email from Dicks 5-7 business days letting me know the reason why.

After getting off the phone, I couldn't believe this was happening to me so I called customer service again and tried again to find out what happened to my orders. The online associate again couldn't tell me why so I asked her if she can help me recreate the orders so I could still take advantage of the sale. She spent nearly an hour duplicating my two orders and assured me that everything will go through. After getting off the phone with her, I received an email saying my orders were cancelled again.

I had to leave home to pick up my kids from school so after getting home, I called customer service again and this time I spoke to a supervisor and she told me she would look into the matter and get back to me shortly. Needless to say that she never called me back so on Wednesday I called customer service again to find out my second attempt at ordering was cancelled. They were able to help me duplicate the two orders again but this time one of the orders had the wrong shipping address. When I called customer service to change the address, they told me I had to cancel the order and reorder it.

This was my first experience with Dick's since I have never shopped there and this will be my last time as my experience has been a nightmare. I will make sure to let me family and friends know about my experience. It took a lot of time out of my busy schedule and I will never go through it again. I would like to contact someone higher up in the chain to notify them of my experience so no one else should have to experience what I had to go through.


One thing it was Black Friday 11/25/16 I went in to purchase some 243, 7MM, and 7MM-08 ammunition. I grabbed a box of 243 bullets I noticed buy 2 boxes get 3rd 50% off. I thought about it while looking for the other caliber bullets which I couldn't find. I asked the clerk for help he said if they not there we don't have them ( he said this from behind the counter not even coming to look out in the isle). So I decided to get two more boxes of the 243 bullets so I got them I was looking at scopes in the glass counter just making conversation with the clerk I said that's a good buy on 243 bullets.

He ran around the counter and tore off the sale paper that said buy 2 get one 50% off I asked what was up with that his reply was that sale was yesterday what kind of bs is that also I went and looked at a basketball goal for the kids that was in the sale paper for Black Friday I was told that they didn't stock it I would have to order it ok fine then he tells me that I would have to pay full price if I ordered it.

I asked him so you have this goal advertised for cheaper price cause of Black Friday but don't keep in stock I'll have to order it and pay full price. I've been in business for 28 years in Oxford Ms it's a very successful business. I don't know if y'all know it or not but Oxford is a very small town word travels fast here conducting business like this and like I have read on your complaint line Dick's won't make it long here.

I will give it one more try if I have anymore problem me and my family will be done with Dick's.


We have a dicks opening soon in Torrance, CA. I was told to go to the main page to fill in a online application which is not there. Why not have a application on a web page saying here it is? There are none and it shows bad planing and not one bit of a clue to get some one to come to work as an employee.


My complaints is about Dicks Sporting in Bangor, Maine. Upon check out we ended up with a young dark haired girl named Melissa. She greeted us barely with a forced hello then proceeded to scan our 1 item. The entire time we were there Melissa was talking to her coworker about how lame it was she had to be there for the next 7 hours ( it was around 12:45 Saturday 8/13/16) , never engaging us at all, only to glance at her register when needed. My debit card was declined this was one of the times she spoke to us. "Your card was declined".

I explain to her I just got a new card and I hadn't activated it yet maybe that was why as they had sent me a letter saying my old card would be deactivated soon. But let's try old card again to make sure and if it doesn't work I will use another card. Melissa didn't acknowledge that she even heard me, I'm sure she didn't because she was too busy talking to her coworker. I try my card again. She glances over and says flatly " your card was declined, you're going to have to use another card". I say " I have it right here like I said I would" I pay and we leave.

Now Melissa didn't say rude things to us but to say we were uncomfortable is an understatement. Her attitude made me feel like I was a bother to her. The way she told me my card was declined implied she was annoyed. Normally I get great customer service at Dicks Sporting Goods. Maybe she was having a bad day but if this is the norm she should not be interacting with customers.


This past Sunday.I went to buy clearance items. Fishing lures.I was told the store didn't have fliers.buy 5 lure's get 5 free.paying. The person's four store staff.a young lady. Another seem floor management. A African American young man who was in charge of all. The staff agreed. I get 2free, after buying 5. I have a head injury. I explained. I wasn't trying to get away with stealing. I might have misread the ad. I paid an left getting only 2free lure's. Paying more than expected. Afterwards McDonald's across.from the store. I didn't believe I read the sign wrong. I went back. I didn't misread.

Buy 5 get 5. I returned everything. Mad. I explained. I told you and staff. I misread the sign.I have a head injury. An you took advantage of it. You went to check the reading. And you lied. Given me only 2. You new it was 5&5. You never corrected the price. I felt like you all thought I was some dumb Mexican. With a head injury. I wouldn't challenge what you all decided was correct. Because I was already confused,embarrassed. I did sign up to track buys. Burlington WA. Monday in smoky point Wa. Calming down. I went there explained my experience. That store was awesome.


I ordered 2 blue bag chairs item #12315184, on 10/25/2015, $25.99 and only received one of them. How can I contact the support department at Dick's with my issue?


Alain Burrese is supposed to be some self-defense expert and motivational speaker but he does not live what he preaches to other people. I saw him in a Dicks Sporting Goods and gave him my contact info. He sent me an email about a fellow martial artist claiming that he was a fake and a fraud. He did this more than once and I finally had to make it perfectly clear to him that I was not interested in listening to his dirty laundry. He is supposed to be a martial arts master and pretends to teach others how to live with "The Warrior Edge" but he does not live it himself.

I found that he lied about everything about the other person. Then I googled his name and found out that it was Alain whose background was in doubt. I found at least two articles on him that said he was a fraud, that his martial arts rank was a fraud and that there is some doubts as to his military background. One time he claims he was one thing and the next time he claims something different. This is not an honest man! To make things worse he was slandering a honest man and trying to make me believe negative things about a man that I found to be very honest and a good role model.


Hello my name is Brian parent my son and I were in your store to purchase a Henry survival 22 long rifle. When my son who is 26 years old was going through his information his address on his drivers license did not match his address he lives at right now. He had not change it yet on his driver license. When the sales associate that was helping us asked the store manager that assisted him said my son would have to show a form of current document that would show the address he currently lives at which he showed him a 2016 hunting license.

Which he had used to purchase 2 previous time at another sporting store. And they had accepted this document. That was fine and my son was ok with that. So I told my son that I would purchase it . He had drove up with me in my car which I had the proper identification with me. We drove 260 mile from were we live one way. When the store manager heard that, he told me that he felt that I was purchasing it for my son and told me he cannot sell me this rifle. I don't know if this is your store policy but I have purchased several rifles and pistol from other sporting stores and never had this problem. If I would have gone through my back ground check and it would have been fine, I feel that it would have been my right to make this purchase. If you feel your manager was right. I will not be purchasing another item from your store in Bangor, Maine.


I purchased Adidas Women's Ultra Boost Running Shoes from Dicks Sporting Goods. I placed the order on 20th Jan'15 and received the order within 3 days. I must say they are fast, efficient and driven by Quality. I received a confirmation email about my order and also status call and message during the delivery period. I would definitely be a regular customer at Dicks Sporting Goods. They have a variety of brands to offer and deal only with quality goods. I recommend this to anyone looking out for sporting stuff they want to purchase.

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