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Briggs & Stratton is an American company that manufactures internal combustion and gas engine powered equipment for private and business use. In 2015 revenues were over US10 million and employees numbered over 6,000. Publicly offered on NYSE:BGG, it was founded in 1908.

To contact customer relations or equipment support call 262-509-2091. To reach CEO, Todd J. Teske, address your correspondence with: Briggs & Stratton, 3300 N. 124th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53222, USA. You may also find support information here and locate manuals from home page.

Quiet Mower Technology, Gas Off, Ready Start are just a few Trademarked products. INFOHUB Wireless Monitoring and Symphony II Power Management whole house power as well as Direct Power Installation Technology and pressure washers are premier products. Social presence is found on Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

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I purchased a craftsman mower in July 2019. We always checked the fluid levels prior to using the mower. After three uses, while using the mower it made a loud popping sound and all of the oil ran out. After sitting in the shop for about 6 weeks, my warranty claim was denied for no lubrication. First of all, of course by they time your technician got to it, it all ran out in my yard and leaked on my garage floor. Researching I see that it is a common theme for you to deny warranty claims for this reason


I have a new mower[model 450 Weedeater series] that failed the 2nd time i tried to start it! I was impressed with the performance of the the little 4.5 horsepower lawnmower, But it quit and failed to start after 1 days use! I dd not why but i suspect carburetor or something else, as i get spark and it tries to start but goes out just as fast too! I am very displeased as i have always regarded Briggs& Stratton to be superior engines and lawnmowers that are second to none! I read on forums now...that many have the same problem[s] as myself.

What can do you about this and i need answers if i am to continue to you use your products and i want to NOT lose faith!!


I had a Murray lawn mower had no issues RATED A 5 STAR until some one stole it. When to Walmart purchased the exact mower brought it home put it together added the CORRECT amount of OIL and gas started right up started mowing and it's smoking and oil is leaking on top of the mower deck and the filter is drenched in oil.. So took it back to Walmart exchanged it for the same lawn mower put it together added oil and gas started right up starting mowing NO SMOKE but oil is leaking again on the mower deck and once again the filter is drenched in oil. I am not a lawn mower mechanic repair I should not have to repair or buy new parts when it's BRAND NEW. Just wondering if anyone else is having these same issues.


Bought a lawn mower on 07 16 2018
Used it at that time for 20 minutes it works perfect in December 2019 I try to used it did not start
Made a call to 1800 800 7310
I was told to take it to pen Tex shop to repair They got to it fixed .
The cost was $51.41 and I was told that was under warranty for one year
I called 1 800 800 7310 again brandy was helping me on the phone and she said some supervisors will call you back
And later a man took the phone and shouted at me that I put bad gasoline in it hung up on me
It was the same gasoline I always used in many lawnmowers and it was always good
Please can you help me to get the money that I paid for repair
Thank you so much for taking care of that and to keep your reputation in good quality products and services
And not shouting at customers and hung up on them when they need your help


Briggs and Stratton sell Ryobi ride on lawnmowers in South Africa without replacement engines . Briggs and Stratton South Africa can or do not help
Why do you use South Africa to dump your junk and outdated scrap ???
Now I sit with a lawnmower without a working engine


We bought a air compressor and it does not work 074063-00/0331046 we want our money bk or were getting legal help


The assembly manual was not well organized, no tools were recommended and the model I bought did not line up with the enclosed manual.
Some subassemblies were out of alignment and the paint was scratched. One subassembly part was sticking thru the box. This product was
very substandard for Briggs & Stratton. I bought it at Menards on 2/1/19.


Refer to Briggs & Stratton case # 781725. December 17, 2018
Model 1696619 SN # 2017828564

My Father-in-Law won a raffle and gave me this snowblower about a month ago. I'm 60 years old and it's not my first rodeo. Pretty simple, I opened the box, laid out the parts. Read the instructions and pulled up a youtube video to watch how to put the parts on. When that was done, I read that the engine does not come with oil in it and there was also a 543 ml container with engine oil that came in the box. I pulled the dip stick to confirm, yup, no oil. Because I didn't recall reading how much oil it took. I put in 100 ml at a time until I put in 450 ml and the dip stick read 1/2 way between full and the add line. While filling with oil and waiting for it to settle before I took another reading, I put new gas in the tank.
The instructions then walked me through starting the snowblower and first usage. The snowblower ran perfectly for 5-6 minutes in my garage, door was open, and then I took it outside and made 1 pass about 20' long. The snowblower stopped. I reach down to pull on the cord and could not get it to budge. I'm thinking, it can't be seized?.
I called B & S and explained and the gentleman gave me a case # and the closest dealer. The dealer looked at it and said it was dry and appeared to have no oil on the top They reported this to B & S ( Patrice 1-414-978-4008 from B & S) who called me to say the claim is denied and if I want to continue, I would need to ship ( at my cost ) the snowblower to their service dept. Which I'm sure will say the same thing as my local dealer said. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have have to pay for the shipping, but if your service dept. denies my claim, then I'm probably on the hook to get it back here and the repair costs , which my local dealer is saying $1000. I'm really not happy with the way this situation is progressing. I've always thought a B & S engine was the next best thing to slice bread. You've taken the wind out of my sails. I'M NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.
Now I'm thinking about buying a Honda.

Wayne Aucoin
St Andrews,


I purchased a B&S battery starter pressure washer from Amazon and paid $450.00 over priced. I started it three times, started right out of the box and the other two times. 5 minutes run times, would not start the forth time. I e mailed sites that said Brigg's and Stratton did get a reply, ended up as nothing. Called and was on hold forever and hung up. I called a shop listed as B&S , they picked up my machine, 3 months latter they said the stater was bad and got permission to replace under warranty. Two moths latter said ready to pick up, but B&S has not OK the repair? I paid $270.xx to get my machine back with them saying they will pay me back when B&S pays them. I am still waiting for my money. I will never purchase anything with Briggs & Stratton name on it.


I purchased a troy built TB Pony 17.5 HP 42in rider mower from Lowes on 4/18/2018. After 90 days the engine started over reving. I called customer service and was directed to have mower serviced under warrantee. I received claim number 734196 and repair shop had my claim pending for over 30 days. Have been totally ignored by warrantee dept. and, after countless hours with customer service, decided to pay and replace defective governor on engine for $156.00. This is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. A reputable co. like Briggs and Stratton should honor their warrantee and respond in a prompt manner. Customer service made it impossible to obtain service, putting me on hold for long periods of time, sending me to service centers that do not exist, not contacting repair shop, and telling me nothing can be done until warrantee dep. has claim for over 30 days. Thirty days past and another call to customer service yielded the same runaround results. Never would have purchased this item had I known that a reputable company like Briggs and Stratton would not stand by their product. Customer Service tries to wear you down and make it impossible to obtain warrantee service.
Very unhappy customer,
John Daly


I purchased a John Deere D130 with a B&S 22 hp it has less than 53 hrs and the motor is having trouble ...when someone pays 2000 $ for a product you think it can be used for 1 hour a week but this product doesn’t and I will not purchase another product with B&S motor on it ....shoddy work ...but I guess you all make more on parts to repair than quality in what you sale...very disappointed in your products...!


I had bought a pressure washer from Lowes I had used it for 10 minutes then could not get it going Took it into your recommended service dealer Minden Hills Rent all Minden Ont Canada k0m2k0. Phone 705 286 3047. After they had contacted you the advice that they received was tear it down. if it was a warranty issue that briggs and Stratton would cover it. after 2 weeks and investigation into the motor Briggs said they would cover the repair under warranty. the problem that I have and don't understand that if this dealer is your warranty service provider. why is he telling me that he won't release the pressure washer until he has received payment from Briggs and Stratton. That is the worse service that I have ever heard of if they truly are representing you. Does Briggs and Stratton not pay their bills ? They tell me I can have my pressure washer if I pay them up front then they would reimburse me when they receive payment from you. Is that 30 days or 6 months ? still cannot understand the working relationship with Briggs and Stratton and their chosen warranty service people. Looking for some real answers here case # 701236. Thank you Michael Evans Being held hostage from Briggs and Stratton service dealer


Customer Service is terrible. CEO condones lousy service and poor quality control of lawn mower tractor engine. Bought an engine at end of April 2018. Installed it and after 30 minutes noticed oil leaking under the tractor causing belt to start slipping. Contacted B&S to be told to take engine to a dealer for warranty work. Contacted dealers only to be told that removal and reinstall action of engine is not covered under warranty. So I get a badly constructed engine and have to incur extra costs. Also, told that there is no priority for warranty work and earlier opening was 2 weeks away!!! So, no ability to mow as needed ???This is customer service??? Removed engine with neighbors help and saw oil around a bottom plate held by 3 screws. Decided to even it, and found the O-ring gasket with a crimp. Took pictures and installed a new O- ring, and Hooray I fixed the problem. Wrote to CEO since I feel I should be compensated for the repair, since B&S would pay the repair shop for their labor. Was contacted by a so called rep. who cannot be contacted directly... had to leave messages and go through a shitty computer menu. After 3 months the so called rep asking for receipts. B& S is going the way of Sears...down. My next product will not be a B&S for sure. Happy talking to computers!!!


I own a 3 year old craftsman mower with a 19hp plantinum engine. It has started smoking when the engine gets warm. I have always serviced it regularly. My yard is a little more than 1/2 an acre. In years past, i have always got many years of service from a B&S engine. I am very dissapoointed in this one however.


In March 2012, I bought a Sears Craftsman 42" riding mower with a 21 hp, 540 cc, Briggs & Stratton Platinum Engine Series with XRD engine. In August of 2013, this engine blew a head gasket. The head gasket was repaired under warranty by Sears. In August of 2016, this same engine blew a second head gasket. It cost me over $300 to repair it. There was no warranty this time. I feel Briggs & Stratton has a design flaw with this engine. I also feel that Briggs & Stratton should give a longer warranty on this engine. I want some financial relief from Briggs & Stratton because of it's faulty engine product.


My generator blew up after 9 months. Took it to the dealer and they said it won't be under warranty. So I called briggs and the talked to the dealer and they said it won't be covered because I didn't change the air filter enough and the oil was black. Well let me tell you the thing I do change the oil and filter. Of course it's going to be dirty after blowing up. I talked to a lot of people that deal with generators and they said I'm getting the run around. The warranty guy told me I can crate the engine to then and they will check it and maybe they will cover it if I dispute it with Briggs head office. What a bunch of bull. Never and I mean Never will I buy Briggs and Stratton products again.


I have bought one of the Briggs and Stratton motors and it ran maybe 2 hours before having to take it to one of their product service centers. They looked at it said it was fixed and gave it back to me. Ran it maybe 10 more hours and it blew the valves out of it. Since october it has been in the service shop without anything being done but getting lot of excuses for it. I would like to see something done about this motor and the parts service center.


I have a new Poulan self propelled lawn mower with a Briggs and Stratton 6.25 motor, I purchased a two year warranty with it, I bought it about 6 months ago. A couple of weeks ago I was mowing the back yard, and my wife called me to meet her for lunch, so I stopped mowing and left my mower in the back yard and left for a couple of hours. About an hour after I left it started raining at my house. When I got home I got the mower and wiped it off and put it in the garage. I have never been able to start the mower since then. I finally gave up and took it to the repair shop that both poulans and the store I bought it from said they use for repairs.

After a week they called me and said that it probably had water in the gas or the carb, I said how is that even possible that rain can get in the gas tank and or carb. The bottom line is they say Briggs and Stratton will not cover anything fuel related. If Rain can get in the gas and the carb just sitting then your engine design is seriously flawed and it should be a warranty item for sure, also they said your plastic carb usually can not be rebuilt so they will probably have to put a new one on it. That then is also a poor engine design, and should be covered. So now I will have to pay over a hundred dollars for repairs on a six month old lawnmower. That is totally and completely beyond my comprehension.

I have five pieces of equipment with Briggs engines, Three I plan on replacing soon, however if this is true then not only will I be getting rid of the new mower, but I will never purchase anything with a briggs engine again, and I will spread the word of my complaint about Briggs and Stratton on facebook, twitter, and any other way that I can so that more home owners do not get ripped off like that.


I purchased a lawnmower at Brigss and Stratton. I really loved it and it was used for more than 5 summers and I have had no problem with it. It moved the garden in a smooth way and there were no bumps on the grass. Everything was even and finely mowed. Briggs and Stratton have some great products not just under lawn movers but also on home generators. Since I am happy with their earlier product, decided to go in for a home generator. They have explained the method of installation and the price suits my budget too. Suggest anyone who needs such appliances to go to Briggs and Stratton for it.

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