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Stanley Black and Decker Manufacturing Inc. is an American manufacturer of power tools, for home and business. It is publicly traded on NYSE:SWK. In 2008 Stanley Black and Decker reported revenues of over US56 billion.

For support help call toll free 1-800-231-9786 or find helpful numbers here. To contact CEO, James M. Loree with correspondence you may address your letter to: Stanley Black and Decker, Inc., 1000 Stanley Drive, New Britain, CT 06053. The corporate office phone number is 860-225-5111. Find other corporate phone numbers here.

Specializing in hardware, technology, home improvement, 20VMAX Lithium Ion Batteries, security solutions and small appliances Black and Decker was founded in 1910. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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My 4 slice toaster over shattered after it cooled down on Saturday and glass flew all over. 11128616.


I purchased the HRV 420B Black and Decker Pet Robotic Vacuum from the Canadian “The Shopping Channel” on June 27, 2018. The product has been problematic from the beginning and has finally stopped working. The one-year warranty is up and there is no product support. My choices are to throw out the product or appeal to B&D and TSC.

I have contacted The Shopping Channel and they do no reply. I contacted B&D customer support and was told to ship the product to the nearest depot at my cost. I would have to pay for any service and return shipping. In speaking with the Black and Decker service depot on Blackwell Crescent in Ottawa, today November 26, 2019 I was advised the product was discontinued and other than the battery there are no serviceable parts. In other words the product is not serviceable. I was advised by the service tech that the product was replaced because it was faulty.

While I understand the warranty is up I purchased the product in good faith based on B&D product reliability and market reputation. I am requesting a refund of the initial purchase price, the tax and shipping charge, a total of $244.04.

This is my first attempt at appealing to B&D senior management, I await you replay, thanks.

Rob Caillier

TSC order details
Ordered: June 13, 2018
Customer Number: 0036254027
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purchased a portable ac unit with heat pump, model BPACT14WHT. within the first year (original purchase date was 11-20-18), the heat stopped working. called "customer service;" since i'm within the 1 year warranty period, and if i supply the original receipt, they say they'll ship a replacement. i have to call at least every other day to get updates; no one ever calls me back.
after about a week talking with the "customer service" ac guy, i received a new unit to replace the original (evidently this "department" is 1-person deep!).
the replacement unit finally arrives and the heat DOESN'T WORK. the same guy answers the phone every time i call 844-299-0879. he's very nice, professional, polite, but never gets back with me when he says he will. NO ONE gets back with me; i have to keep calling to get updates.
how on earth was i sent a "brand new" model that's defective??? called 2 days ago. called yesterday. called today. this young man tells me i can't talk to his supervisor. that he sent an email to "the warehouse".
i've called each "customer service" number i can find. each rep says the same thing, that their division only services calls on whatever product is in their division (hand and power tools, small kitchen appliances, and, of courses, ac units).
even tried b&d corporate this morning - surprise, surprise, no help there. i'm tired of calling b&d nearly everyday and getting no satisfaction.


I've purchased 4 B&D cordless weed eaters with 20 amp batteries from Lowes.
Used them a short time and 3 of the 4 have QUIT.
It's not the batteries!
These dang things are handy when they work but are a worthless item when they quit!
How do I either get my money back or replacements?


I have purchased a BWAC05MWT window air conditioner. There were parts missing when I bought it. I called the number provided on the manual. I started calling on June 25th of 2019. I have made a total of 10 calls including the area supervisor. No one is willing to send me the parts I need to use my air conditioner. They have sent me a remote control for the unit which doesn't work with the unit because it is a manual unit. The date is now July 18th of 2019. I might as well go buy another unit so I can have air conditioning in my house. Black ad Decker only wants your money, without caring about customer satisfaction. I will be posting as many bad reviews any where I can if I don't get any resolution for my problem. You might as well send me a new unit, but an upgrade for my inconvenience I have been through. This has been the worst experience I have ever had in my entire life. I will not recommend your products to any body, due to your poor and useless customer service. This company should not even be in the retail business. Just so you are aware when I opened the box for my unit, the only thing in the box was the air conditioner unit, and the side panels. I have contacted a corporate number but the gave me the run around.


I purchased a Weed Trimmer LSTE525 on Amazon and after 2 months of usage it stopped working. When I called Customer Service they told me it was on recall. When I shipped it back I was told I would get a replacement within 10 days. After calling and waiting for more than an hour I was told the replacement was on back order and no anticipated shipment date, when I requested a refund they told me they do not handle refunds.


I recently purchased a mouse derptail sander from Walmart. I used it twice and the small screw on the removable tip came out. I now realize it was held in place by a tiny metal screw in (don't know it's name) which came out of the base.

Now I amuneable to attach the pad tip making the sander useless.


I purchased a dry and steam iron --- the Classic model. It uses an incredible amount of water and spits it all out in a very short time. The spitting is the main problem as drops of water end up on the piece being ironed.


I have problem with your blackandecker battery .I have 15 of them that no good.


Just bought a model LCS1020 20V Max Litium 10" Chainsaw the chain broke after two short uses Can you plz help me with replacement Chain Thanks

Chris Puher
901 270 6041


I bought a cordless pet vacuum cleaner that advertise a free steam mop, I tried to order the free mop but so far it has been impossible as your web page doesn't allow to register property despite many attempts. I bought this hoover thinking in a free steam mop as well. Feel cheated and I think you advertise something that customers can't retrieve. I feel misguided.


Dear sir
we have oil radiator heater is at home that is not working.its out of warranty.
i want to make a complaint on given toll free no. 18004253333 but every time i called on this no. its getting disconnected after a while.
Thank you
Mandeep Kaur


Bought a lithium battery powered dust buster less than 6 months ago. In that short length of time the battery WILL NOT hold a charge making THIS dust buster useless, and my $ 50.00 wasted !!! Thanks Black and Decker ....... and you too Dust Buster !!!

Shane Burroughs
337 National Blvd.
Rossville, Ga. 30741
(903) 513-3396


I have been planning to write for months. You need to IMPROVE your lawn mower.

1. This is my second lawn mower I purchased from MENARDS in Dickinson, ND.

Why twice! SAME PROBLEM!!! the G in your operating manual, page 5, kept breaking! The screws kept falling out.
I even had a mechanic from the John Deere store in town fix it...broke again. Then I had a CASE mechanic stop at my mothers to fix it. I still used the lawn mower...the electric black cord did not break but, I had to tape it with commerial tape and that would only last so long when making turns. Anyway, I through it to the dump even though I still have batteries and battery charges. MENARDS would not take it back or fix it.

Note, I loved the light weight of it, pushing it up hills and etc. Recommendation, FIX IT! Was perfect for me, easy to handle, light and did not have to poor gas into it.

Recommendation of one that will not break "easily" and take wear and tear?


I bought my wife a electric can opener due to a manual type was hard for her to use with Rheumatoid arthritis.She said it would not work right and i thought it was due her her arthritis. I tried it and what a disappointment !! It was a pain to start a can,when a can did go around it was not cutting into the can. I thought B&D had pretty good drills, sanders, that i have bought before. I would give model EC500 opener only to an enemy!!!!


bought one of your eletric fry pans.....what a pc. of garbge do you people ever try what you make


I like to start that I'll be 88 years old tomorrow. In the past years I have brought many products from BD with great satisfaction.
Some years ago I bought an BD Blower and Blower Vacuums Model LH 5000. After a short period of time the power head failed to work.I notice that it did'nt make any moise. I was sure that the problem was either the extension cord or a failure with the circuit breaker.None was the cause. The warrenty was still in force. I return it to Service Center for repair. Behold I was pleasantly suprise when I received a brand new one with all the attachments to it. The other day I had the same problem as before. I called customer Service. They suggested that I send it to a Service Center and ask for an estimate for repair. After given some thought, it would cost me postal to return it, plus the repair charge.and maybe postal to return it.Should I spend more money for the same problem? I'm hoping that you can offer some options to my problem.

P.S. Today we hear a lot about Veterans this or that. I'm a veteren of 41 years of service.

Thank You for your consideration.


An ad was run in the Sunday Circular for a Black & Decker Lithium Ion hand vacuum with a large photo of the item on sale for $45.00. When in store, that particular item (the one in the photo) is not available, clerk states that the product number listed is actually for a smaller/cheaper model which is available. If you want the one shown in the ad, it can be ordered on-line for $84.00. This seems like a classic case of "bait and switch" where a retailer (Target) uses an ad to draw consumers into their stores, and the switch them to a different item of lesser value.


I found a Black & Decker vacuum cleaner with the price tag. As I checked out, a different price rung up. I stepped out of line to be nice to others and ask the cashier to check the price. After several minutes I didn't get any help. I went to the location and there was a employee there. I told her the price did not match. After her insulting my intelligence about the price label, I went back to the check out counter and spoke with another low-level manager. This person made a phone call and the manager on the other end said (no) to selling my item to me for the listed / advertised price. I went next door to Walmart and bough a vacuum cleaner. I spent $99.00 for a vacuum cleaner and other items).

Then next day I returned to the Mount Dora Target to speak again with a upper level manager. I got a (3 down manager) who after my showing them the photo of the item again refused to agree to my offer. My offer was that Target award me with a Black & Decker gift certificate that reflected the difference of price. This would be $20.00) I spend several hundred dollars a month on food at Publix, another $100 at Starbucks ( This Target has a Starbucks) I was prepared to continue and be a Target customer.

Unless this minor attempt to remedy my issue with Target I will never spend a dime there again. I would continue my grievance via other options, Better Business, Social Media etc, but my time is more valuable. Target has issues with their bathroom issue, credit card hacking and more. Also their profits are poor. What goes around comes around.


I bought a 18 volt weed eater. I can charge it for 4 days and I only get to use it for 5 minutes before it goes dead. Is this what Black & Decker can offer? Next I am going to call customer service and ask to speak with a manager. I demand a refund!


Purchased Black & Decker dust buster handheld vacuum 7.2 volt via PayPal 8/10/2015....worked up to a few months ago. Stopped charging, no red light no matter what electrical outlet used. Not even a year old but seller will not replace after 30 days.


We purchased your Black and Decker single source system 18 volt blower. The blower seems to work just fine BUT the so-called rechargeable battery is worthless! Today I went to use your blower and unplugged the battery from it's charger and proceeded to blow off our back patio. Within two minutes, the blower started losing power at a ridiculous rate and died. We have two batteries that came with the unit but BOTH are exactly the same when it comes to holding a charge. Your biggest problem is obviously the poor performance of the unit's battery. This is without doubt the WORST product I've EVER used. I've had more experience than the average person with products such as this (I owned a lawn business for years). This letter is probably a waste of time but it is a wake up call to me not to buy black and Decker products in the future.


I give a negative 5 consumer rating on your power shot stapler, which is by far the worse tool in my box. I have had hundreds of tools but none frustrate me like this one. What happened to b&d product quality?


Bought a 5 speed hand mixer and used it 5 times before it started to make grinding noise and does not work after only 8 uses. How can I complain and get a refund from Black and Decker corporate?


I bought a tall can opener on 2/13/16 model ec475w-2 at walmarts and when I opened it I found that the section that holds the cans was rusted. So, I took it back to another Walmart store on 2/14/16 and replaced it with another white one same kind and I bought it home and opened it to find the product put all together in the box and it had fluid on the section where the can opener lid opens so I took it back to the original walmarts and asked to speak to manager but he never came. So I got a refund and bought a rival can opener does no one care what people go through and gas is not free. I think they should of gave me a free one after all this hassle. Why do they box and resale items that are damaged instead of sending them back to you. I just wanted someone to hear my complaint and do something.


I love my Black and Decker waffle maker i got for a Christmas gift, my autistic son says waffle all the time now. The problem is its defective it looks as those the ring that holds the meat plate in didn't work. It is popped out on one side. I tried to pop it in didn't stay. I would like a new one for us to enjoy. I hear stores but won't take them back so your my only chance. Otherwise I will try again to call the customer service number for a refund.


I had to return a Black and Decker Mr. Coffee Maker because of a heating element it wasn't keeping the coffee hot. I took it back to the store. I have had good luck with B&D coffee maker before. So any way I took it home and the heating element went out on it. I have only had it for about 3 months. I can't believe another coffee maker would go out on this one. The one had before lasted for 2 years. Should I report this complaint to the Black and Decker corporate office?


My Black and Decker can opener number CO450bmc is not opening can right. It skips, can falls off, some times it may open right, can opener is really just no good. Never a problem with Black and Decker until now. Hopefully someone from the corporate office or maybe even the CEO reads this.


My corded Black and Decker leaf blower has a defect - and caught on fire. I called the corporate hotline and customer service was extremely rude to me. Considering that my son was almost burnt by this? Wow.


I have a Toast-R-Oven, It worked well for a few months. Now it heats on one end and the other end produces minimal heat. Please tell me how l can get this faulty product replaced at no additional charge. If there is a mailing address for the company headquarters that would be great, I can just mail them the toaster!


My husband and I bought a GH900 Type 1 weed whacker grass trimmer one year ago and already the reel and the cap have broken. The replacement parts are half the price of a new one! this is ridiculous. I had always thought Black and Decker manufactured quality items. I am so disappointed. Why so much for two little plastic parts? Isn't there any recourse besides throwing dollar after dollar away to purchase more little plastic parts that are guaranteed to break again or buying a new weed whacker year after year? I would greatly appreciate a response.


To clean my home, we were looking out for a nice neat vacuum cleaner and bought 16V MAX* Lithium Flex™ Vac with Floor Head from Black and Decker. I must say, this is one amazing product. It is cordless, portable and ultra compact. I was able to clean the nook and corners of my house, beneath sofas, behind shelves. It did a wonderful job and I hadn't stressed out at all. Very easy and convenient to use. Black and Decker have various options but I chose this one. It easily reaches tight spots, high shelves. It has a washable bowl and its easy to empty after cleaning. Black and Decker deal not just with this, but other home appliances like equipment for the lawns, drills, batteries and other small appliances. The quality of product is really very good and I would recommend all to go in for such quality products from Black and Decker.

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