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I started with boost several years ago, they advertized $50 A MO. no contract UNLIMITED talk, text, long distance. and that $50 no hiden fees no taxes all inclusive. well in the begining they were good, everything as advertized good coverage good clarity. then the coverage progressivily got worse then the droped calls messages that couldnt be sent then limited net access now the all inclusive $50 has been 53-55–57 and the topper for me personaly – the 3-7 mess. From them reminding you your bill is comming due well no shit happens ever mo. same day if fact. then after i use my boost refil card i get verble conformation at that time telling me you have successfuly bla bla bla but this has now cost you a customer!


I bought a boost mobile phone in California in July. I’ts a Samsung Prevail Galaxy. The phone keeps running out of memory and come to find out it only has 151MB of internal memory which it isn’t enough to even run the operating system. The Sprint Network doesn’t work in my area and I was told it would. The 2GB memory was missing from the package and the phone seems to be defective. It was to come with 512MB of internal memory. I trued for 2 hours tonight to talk with boost about the problem the Saves team keeps hanging up on me. George whom I spoke to last said he was a supervisor above the saves people and he also hung up on me.

I was not abusive or vulgar with anyone, they just saw that I couldn’t be resolved with my current issues. I’m in the process of filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, and the BBB so other consumers don’t get ripped off like I’m being done.


I worked late so I had to buy a 50 dollar re boost card and was 5 short so I was going to just put 5 dollars on it but no had to be 10 dollars and we all know if you do that it charges you another fee so my 55 dollar bill really costed me 64 dollars! Boost you suck 2 years I’ve been with you and you have screwed me over 3 times in the last 4 months! Sick of it, oh and don’t ask to speak to a supervisor ( they always say ) there aren’t any! I will sue this company and recommend others following suit. They lie and then lie more. When my attorney calls them they will not even talk and he has to call from a different phone if its within an hour.

Sounds like guilt to me and my uncle whom is a judge said the same so we’ll see you in court losers! Got you and if your smart you will to.


I have been a Boost customer for 3 years. The past 6 months I have had the most difficulty with getting through to a customer service rep to speak with them about my account issues. Since I began the “shrinkage” program, I paid every month on time. The problem began for my June 2011 bill. I received a text message telling me my monthly bill would be due on 06/30/2011. I received a text message from Boost dated 06/30/2011 saying “thank you for your payment”. On the morning of 06/30/2011, my phone was turned off. I had planned on making my payment during lunch online. What is the deal with them????

Not only can I not get a rep on the phone but when I do most of them do not speak very good english at all. I cannot understand them and they cannot understand me. Do they realize that “Payment due date is ______” THIS IS THE LAST DAY you can pay your bill and it not be turned off??? This not fair. Does anybody know who we can write to or call about this??


First, anyone considering using Boost Mobile needs to know up front that they have absolutely the WORST customer service interface of any service provider I have ever used, bar NONE. Their CSR’s are reasonably polite, often promise to take care of the problem, and then NOTHING HAPPENS. This will be true every single time you try to work out a problem with them—oh, and I should mention that even getting a live CSR on the line is extremely difficult due to their computer voice system. It will take you a few minutes of button punching, and if you get into the wrong menu, you get to start all over again.

If you DO finally get a live person on the line, if they offer to transfer you to another department,you will again be dumped into an automated computer dead-end and you may just as well hang up–YOU WILL NOT TALK TO ANOTHER LIVE PERSON ON THAT CALL. Anyway, Boost offers an “autoreboost” option for paying them so that you don’t lose service on your pay date. All it takes is a credit card that you authorize to be charged automatically. This way you get to start getting “shrinkage” on your bill after 6 months of on time payments. But this is what really happens:

After a couple of months where all is well, suddenly one day your phone stops working. You call them, spend HOURS AND HOURS on the phone with them, and they finally say that you’re not in “autoreboost” and that is the problem. Of course, you were enrolled in “autoreboost” before and it was fine, but now they have no record of that, so you have no service and now a late payment. This mysteriously happens to you every few months, and it will always prevent you from getting that “shrinkage”.

If you ask them to please credit you with an on time payment since the “autoreboost” problem is on their end, since you’ve called your credit card company and they say there is no problem there, they say they will submit it to their supervisors for consideration—-of course, you never get that credit from them even though the problem is obviously their fault. So, enjoy Boost Mobile. Just remember you will spend hours on the phone with them when they cut you off every couple of months, they will never keep their promises, and you will never get that “shrinkage” on your bill


Been with Boost several years and every phone I have purchased new have had problems with in less than a year sometimes six months. What I don’t understand is it doesn’t matter the price. I have recommended family members who have decided to change companies because of quality of phone and service. Reps hang up on you when you try to tell them the problem and they insist what your problem is. When you can’t understand them they get attitudes and most of the time their response is a smart one. I change phones at least every year hoping they will get better.

You have a new one now I want but am having second thoughts because I have a backberry curve less than a year and I can’t download apps from blackberry or any other site. Thinking maybe do like family and change providers.


I have made 6 on time payments and on the 7th month my service got turned off in the early morning of the day it is due. I called the customer service which took about 20 minutes to talk to a live Rep. I explained the problem and he told me no problem that all i had to do was pay the bill and that would fix the problem. Well needless to say my problem was not fixed because a couple days later i recieved a texted message from boost notifing me that my payment was due a day earlier than it had been for 6 months.

So i again called Boost and this rep assured me she would take care of it and get the date changed back oh and this happend to my husband phone as well. I thought everything was tooken care of, oh boy was i wrong, because a week later i got a reminder about my bill and it still said it was due the day before my original date. I again called customer service and after 20 min i got through to a rep and again they said they would take care of it, well after being put on hold 3 times.

Finally i thought problem solved well today 3 and half weeks later from making my first call i recieve a text reminding me about a payment due a day before the actual day so i once again called a Rep and finally got ahold of a gentleman who told me it was out of his hands because the system automatically changes the date every six months for the shrinkage. I told him that was never explained to me when i set up my phone on this certain day because that is when i get paid and several reps told me the problem would be resolved. He kept saying i am sorry but there is nothing i can do.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said ok and finally after being put on hold and notified that the call was going to be monitored the supervisor came to the phone. I explained everything to him and he tells me that i have been making late payments and i said are you sure you are looking at the right person? He said ya. I tell him the day you sign up is the day its due right? He says ya. Ok then I have been making my payments on time. He then kind of changes his story saying oh you have made one late payment. I again say no i have proof bank statments that tell when and what time and date a payment was made. He says no you made a payment at 7:45 and that is considered late.

I again tell him no I make my payments as soon as radio shak opens and again i have proof because as soon as my card is ran it is tooken out of my account and i should not be held responable for someone elses mistakes. As i am saying this and he is silent and guess what he hung up. Oh my what horrible customer service and a total scam!


After 11 years with Sprint i switched to Boost Mobile last week and within five days was back at Sprint having had the WORST consumer experience i’ve ever had with any company bar none! FIrst, you cannot contact a live human being only an endless loop of voice prompts leading to nowhere. Second, the Boost Mobile service was virtually non existent. I live in Portland Oregon a rather large city and i almost never got a signal. I’d steer clear of their lure of cheap rates its so not worth it going to Boost Mobile for wireless service.

My phone is only a month old and has a mind of its shuts off on its own constantly.I went to the metro corporate store in flint on miller rd. and they told me it was the battery and I would need to purchase a new one.I was upset because I just purchased the phone and its not my fault you think the battery is defective and I shouldn’t have to spend even more money to have my phone working I’ve spent almost two hundred dollars and have a phone that powers off whenever it feels like it.I called the manufacturer and they said its up to metro to supply me with a battery free of charge.

I am disappointed with the service I’ve received so far and really wondering why I didn’t stick with boost mobile.


I’m a caregiver for an elderly women to whom I provide a Boost Mobile cellphone for convenience. Every month a $4.99 charge is made against the account by one of their vendors. Although they reverse the charge each time I call (and acknowledge the fraud), I suspect many people don’t scrutinize their accounts and may not be aware of this going on. Some company sends a text message and, if you check it even without responding, you are billed 4.99/month as long as you have the Boost Mobile cellphone account.


Boost Mobile has THE WORST customer Service I have ever encountered. Trying to get through to a CSR is virtually impossible .I am set up on the $50 p/month Boost Shrinkage Plan. The payments have been coming out of my checking account like clockwork until today (of course they say there’s insufficient funds in my checking account ?! not according to my bank but of course it couldn’t be Boosts error?!?). When the shrinkage was supposed to start. Boost Mobile stopped my service. And I also noticed looking into my Chase account that they charged me twice for the month of March.

Of course when I did get through to Customer Service on the 8th call I was put though to a manager who assured me I would be satisfied with the outcome… said He had to transfer me to the payment processing department. Disconnected. Imagine that. Happened 3 more times after that. One rep even suggested that go to my Boost retailer. Of which there are no Official Boost Retailer on their site. So I went to Radio Shack where I purchased the plan and phone. Who surprise surprise also could not get a hold of anyone at Boost. They did manage to pull up 4 Actual Boost locations in the Phoenix area. I am headed there tomorrow.

It’s sad that no one in Boosts Customer Service Department could help. So here I am no cell phone service and double charged. When I get my money back. AND I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK. I will pursue the VP for customer relations/ sales Dennis Weikle of Boost Mobile directly to advise him of just how poorly he is doing.


I have little to no confident that this message will reach anyone of consequence, nor do I believe it was intended to, but im going to attempt it any way. ive become convinced that boost is iether running a scam of sorts because now that i am reading other complaints, I see that they are identicle too mine. I too bought the blackberry curve 8330 and three weeks later it malfunction, three months and heavan only knows how many hours people and countries, they finally sent me a refurbished blackberry, and yes three weeks later it to went down.

i complained vigorously until they said they would send me another phone, and guess what? No youre wrong this time they sent me the very first boost phone that came out and told me that they would knock off $10 if i downgraded to that phone, as you can imagined i was livid. I called everyday, the hungup on me fake transferred me, lied insesently. I am still stuck with the same phone after easther did what i imagine was a fake test that has been running know for 2 hours, i called back and got a gentle named eddie from the dominican republic who told me that they was not aloud to give the customer the email address for legal but he could give me the phone number.

I called that number and it was the security for sprint, i almost laughed, that young lady named jennifer told me to hold on while she transfered me, and the most wonderful thing happenend, pure luck grace of God whatever but somehow the line became opened to me while the other guy named peter was telling her (but accidently telling me) that they dont do anything about it and ifn we do get them then they just cancel it. Once patrick realized that he was not talking to jennifer anymore and i let him know he was talking to me the customer.

I asked him could he repeat that, and of course he said no, but let him see if he can help me, i explained my problem and he said in his nicest and most professional voice, “im sorry about that sir, let me transfer you to escalation, and i promise you they will take care of you.”Make you wish verbal promising was legal,i hope recording my converstion with them since this morning is legal, because i plan on using it. I oh and the escalation number he gave me by the way my fellow fed up consumers was a fax number, i did laugh at that one.

I may loose this battle in trying to get boost to respect me the way they have taken my money for five years, and give me what they say they were offering, i will leave you guys with a bonus. I have two numbers that was given to me im sure out of frustration, and if im not able to get them to honor their commitment. I will post the numbers and if there is nothing we can do legaly then we can just keep calling and calling those numbers until they experience the frustration that we feel.


I am a Boost Mobile customer, heard about the shrinkage plan. It was great because I have auto re-boost so my payments are always on time. This month I would have had my 3rd month of ontime payments. What do you know, Boost interrupts my service and what to you know my payment is late. i call customer care, which takes forever and they tell me my credit card was refused. I then called my credit union, they report that no attempt was made or refused to Boost Mobile.

My payments are due on the 11th of each month. What do you know, at 10:53am today the 12th a withdrawal was made by Boost Mobile and still isn’t posted to my account at 130pm on the 12th. I have been trying to get a person on the phone for an hour. So much for Shrinkage, I guess that will apply when they see fit. I think it is a scam, no give backs. Shame on you Boost! Wonder if anyone else had this problem?


My son asked if he could get the blackberry curve phone  instead of school clothes, against my better judgment I agreed. So he got the phone at Boost Mobile, about 3 weeks later the phone would not do any thing it only had a white screen. So we called blackberry tech support in order to find out what to do. After 3 different attempts with the help of the tech dept we were unsuccessful, even after following each instruction they gave while being on the phone with them. Then we carried the phone to the boost mobile dealer and he tried for 3 days and was also unsuccessful. We called blackberry and boost mobile several times and each time was promised a replacement phone, and each time I checked on the status it had been denied.

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