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To whom it concerns:
I have been coming to Big o for a while now but I will never bring my business to Big o again the reasons is.
1. about 5 months ago I came into the shop and talked to Rob about my 2500 Suburban I told him it cut off on me that morning and response to me it's probably a flute, the problems was I needed a fuel pump and a crank sensor. What he should have told me if you got time let us check it out and see what's going on.

2. I called the Big o store to order some tires and I talked to the manager Jessie I told him what kind of vehicle I had and he look it up in the computer he said the ones you need is not in stock but get them in a day I said ok and I gave him my debit card so he order them, but when took my Suburban to Firestone the technician said you got the wrong wheels on your Suburban so I went back to Big o to let Jessie know he order the wrong tires so he agrees and order the correct ones but than he expected me to pay the difference on his mistake but I told him no you made the mistake not me he tried to blame me on the mistake but I showed him my spare it was correct size tire.

3. I came into the store on the 14 Feb 2020 around 4:15 and talked to Rob about checking the battery I purchase less than a year ago because my battery kept going dead and he had it tested it and said the battery is working find and he said I got a wire loose some wear and it's killing your battery and gave me a card to take it to another shop that’s good at find loose wires but I know that was not the problem so Saturday morning I went and try to get a second opinion but the shop said they can't look at it till Monday at 12 , so I took it back had them to look at my battery they texted it out said the battery was a little low so he said start with the cheapest way let put a new battery in see what that do I said ok and guest what my battery crank up every time sense then. Plus when I came into Big o shop the supervisor Jessie would not say hello are look my way because is still mad about the situation about the tires in the number 2 problem that's bad business when you don't greet your customers but he greeted everyone else.

4. I want to know how I go by getting my refund back from that bad battery I had it was under warranty because I had to purchase another battery from somewhere else and also I paid rotations of the tires I need that refunded also because Big o have not sent me a reminder to come in for a tire rotation.

5. I hope no one have to go through the customer service I got from Big o.
This Big o is located in Colorado springs, Co off Barnes and Austin Bluff.


Took my car for maintenance. They were supposed to replace sparkplugs, do an alignment, power steering replacement, coolant flush an oil change. I started getting check engine light and a couple other warnings. Never had any of this prior to going to their shop. Went by to discuss issues. Noticed that they pulled my car into s bay off to the side of the building. Questioned if an alignment was ever done because on 12/10/2019 I never saw my car leave the oil change bay. I also questioned the sparkplugs being replaced. I was told I was fishing and to take my car to the dealer. In addition, I mentioned code 2173. Manager input my car info into the computer and told me that there was no such code. He stepped away briefly and I noticed he had info for a Nissan on the screen. I questioned him about it and he stated that the codes are the same across the board. He stepped away again and returned saying lets put in the correct car info. I told him he stated that the were all the same then he said no they are not. Took my car to the dealer. Sparkplugs are not new. Power steering fluid never changed. I also asked him to pull up the camera feed for the alignment. He said computers were not working. So out of 5 repairs, only 2 were done. Was not offered anything. Was told to go to the dealer and I did. I want a full refund for all. In all the work took less than 1.5 hrs. I have multiple documents from BigOtires and Jeep dealer detailing what was done and needed to be done.


My front rims were damaged during rotation at big o tire in Glenwood springs Colorado.. manger told me they didn’t do it .. an said I did it which is false ! The rims were new with no damage on my part ,, my mechanic looked them over an discovered the damage on the rims they were from some tool they used was his determination.. consistent on both rims ..


Big O TIRES is a tire store. They sell tires RIGHT? Well I had a flat this morning. I inflated my tire and took over to them to fix it. No cost fix. Well, after waiting quite a long time, I asked the representative, how bout my Tire. He said, My ticket was coming up. I did notice, they weren't selling any tires while I was there. They were doing heavy front end work, shocks and struts, front end suspension work. No tires that I saw. So, what are they, a tire store or a heavy maintenance repair shop. I will never go back there. How long should a flat tire repair take? 1 hour...two hours, three hours?
Next time I will buy tires elsewhere.


i am guessing that its not against the law for an employee to sexualy harass another employee at a big o tires store iat 3120 highland driv salt lake city utah 84106 i use to work there untill i was getting sexualy harassed by a supposed to be manager kyle begay iam in the process of filing a formal compliant with the labor board and the courts of utah i spoke to the manager of the store about this issue and was told they would have a talk to kyle about this issue and two weeks later i was sexualy harassed again by kyle so i went to the ower of the same store and told him phil gibbons about the issue with the sexual harassment he said he would talk to kyle to get it stopped and then about a week later kyle said the same thing to the ower of the store that he has been saying to me and phil thought it was funny and laughed about it like it was a comedy show or something so now iam asking for you to help me with this compliant if you can not help me please direct me to someone that can i also had to deal with the manager russ gibbons cussing and yelling at me as well on several occasions and thats not goo to do when you have customers in the office hearing that lack of respect towards another employee i no longer work there and i will not ever return there for nothing at all


Took my car in to Big O put tires on my and oil change. My car came back leaking oil. Is costing me 250$ to get it fixed. So mad I cant see strait. I personally will never use this company ever again....This location is in Englewood Co.


I've been a customer for about 15 years. I started at the Nevada St in Colorado Springs, Co however I changed my location to 806 E
Fillmore St. Colorado Springs, Co 80907, but the manager for this store is no longer there, and the new people are no longer reliable. My son took his car there because he needed air, they over inflated the tires, then he needed a tire repair, we bought the tires there, he asked how much it would cost him to have fix one of your mechanic there told him it would cost him $ 27.00. I am no longer taking my pick up there because I just don't trust them.


Hi this is jkossel tony williams the
Mail adresss u sent me is incorrect pls resend invoice.


Buy two tires get one free is a scam, no Michelin truck tires in that deal!Only off brand knock off tires.TV add states buy any two tires get two free with extended warranty. Hog wash!


I had brand new tires put on at Big O in Madison, IN about 6 months ago. I left there & 1 of hub caps fell off approximately 1/4 mile down the road. I immediately went back to Big O & the owner & manager agreed it was broken by their employee who put on the new tires. They said they would order a new one & call when it came in about 10 days. Its been 6 mo. I call when I can & keep getting same story. I was told to leave my old hub cap there! They are giving me run around. I live 1.5 hrs away. If I don't get results a lawyer will be visiting in person. Ive had that car a year before they messed up & now my car looks like a junker with missing hub cap. Yet owner can drive a nice escalade? If they cant get just one hubcap then they need to replace whole set for the extreme inconvenience. I had a witness with me every time I went in.


An appointment to balance and rotate tires slight shimmy in rear. Had to go to desk and tell guy it was a balance was not just rotation as the kid was just rotating tires. Drove quarter mile home, took to work Monday morning and whole truck badly shacks ans as soon as let go of steering. Wheel it goes left. Called talked to store owner manager and was told that it had to be tired that tha did nothing wrong didn't even offer to re-balance But still pulled and slight vibration in tires went back got them to switch steer tires right and left after lots of arguing. Will definitely be going back to Discount Tire after this experience and not Big O.


Good company with great customer service. 0 complaints from me, never heard an upset customer about Big O. Not sure what all the fuss is about. You are not coming to this shop for the most expensive deal, you come for cheap tires and that means you get what you pay for.


I have Used Big O for many years now and put them for my wife's car too. The quality of tires are good and I have not faced any issues so far. The air pressure sensors are good and absorb any hard roads as well. The rides are smooth and one cannot feel too much of roughness on bad roads. The price of the tires are a good value for money. They give a good period on the warranty as well and have been very helpful in fitting it after the purchase. The executives at Big O Tires are friendly and suggest the best based on the car make.

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