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OK ! BF Goodrich customer service is repulsive ! I had a tire separate causing about $2,000 damage to fender ,light and bumper –I filed a complaint the lady was very nice took information and guaranteed that I would receive paperwork in 2-3 days. After 2 weeks no paperwork. I call at 3:05 PST wait 35 mins on hold then Brittney comes on line and asks for claim number. Then says we got a new system and she could not help. Then says to call back 8-5 EST. SAID she would “escalate” the claim but could not give me a direct line or number to call. I have bought over 8 sets of these BF Goodrich TA radials ( now Ko2) very disappointed to say the least with BF Goodrich so called “Customer service” nothing but wasted time and lies ..so far.


Purchased new BF Goodrich rugged terrain tires from Walmart Florence KY on 8-31-19. It's now 9-23-19 and still have the same tires on my vehicle. They have tried to balance them 5 times with the same result all 5 times and two different Walmart stores. After 50-55 mph here comes the shaking. But it's not the tires, or they're high skilled tire technicians balancing them, it's got to be something else because they can't see anything wrong with the tires themselves with they're high skilled trained eyes. Went on to say it could be my rims or something wrong with my truck. All I wanted was a new set of the same tires, even offered to pay the difference for a different name brand if need be just so my truck will ride nice again. So be careful what and where you buy certain things. First time buying tires at Walmart and the last!!


Last November 2018 I had a serpentine belt replaced at the BF Goodrich store on S 76th Street Greendale, WI. I had problems after with my car so the asst mgr was kind enough to loan me a car so I could get to work because my husband had just passed and I had no one to help. The manager got extremely upset with this kind gesture and refused to look at my car without me paying additional monies. He then locked up my car because I said I couldn’t drive a car that wouldn’t start every time I got out of work and wasn’t going to return his until it was fixed. Well, I took the loaner car back and throughout the year the belt was slipping. It’s less then one year of replacement and it is slipping so bad sometimes it squeals intensely. I had two other mechanics quick check it to see what it was and both agree it’s the serpentine belt. I am frustrated with the manager at the 76th street location but going back Saturday September 21 with hopes he will fix the problem. I want your company to know I am very frustrated because a serpentine belt should not have to be replaced 2x in one year.


I bought tires on line thru WALMART The date was March 26,2016. It was for 4 tires. The size was P235/70R16. I had a flat rear 3-5-2016. I took the tire in to be repair on 3-7-2019. WALMART would not repair the tire because it had dry rot. The mileage at that time was 149312. When I purchased the tire from WALMART I did not know that the tires were gotten from a third party called DOTCOM TIRE. They sent the tires to the store and they put on and balanced with new valve stems. What I did not know is that the tire had a manufacture date of 04/13 . They were sold as new tires and the warranty only had 3 years on it. WALMART said they do not fix flats with rot and that did not sell the tires, the third party did. I bought NEW ties not three year old tires and WALMART should told me that the tires were that old . The mileage on the truck now is 156828. I took the tire to OK tire and they fixed it. What will I do about the other tires which have the same problem? Please call me at area code (701) 663-5642 about this Problem.

Bob Vayda


I purchased 4 Goodrich Eagle F1 Asymmetrical All Season tires at $199.11 each form Superior Tire Company in Las Vegas on Charleston Ave. I had only 3000 miles driven on them. I had a flat caused by a nail. From the time I saw the tire pressure light go on I drove approx. 1/4 of a mile. I took the tire to Superior Tire where I bought the tires and was told the tire was "unrepairable!" They said," the inside had been torn apart therefore they would not repair it" and would not give me any discount on a purchase of another tire. Either Superior tire is at fault for selling me a defective tire and lacks honesty or B F Goodrich is at fault and I would like the corporate office to respond to my complaint!


I generally like B.F. Goodrich Tires but have not purchased them because they are usually the most expensive at whatever tire store I tend to shop at. They also are not carried at many of the Walmart auto centers and discount tires in my area. It would be great if B.F. Goodrich Tires could make a more affordable tire that was still of good quality. I would really consider buying them.


I recently purchased a new set of BF Goodrich tires at my local North Port Fl. Walmart for my 2011 Ford focus. I was instructed by the tire associate (Debbie) that I must purchase a $10.00 per tire lifetime balance and tire rotation. I explained that I was going to sell the car in a few months and I did not need a lifetime warranty. She became rude and short with me stating that I had no choice but to purchase the warranty or she could not mount the tires on my car. I purchased the warranty and had the tires mounted.

I noticed at Sams that you could purchase the same tires and was not obligated to purchase a lifetime warranty. I would have saved around $40.00 if I had purchased the tires from Sams. I have always purchased my tires from my local Walmart. I do not like the fact that Walmart is now making me purchase a lifetime warranty for Balancing and rotations when I purchase tires. It is convienant for me to deal with my local Walmart and I do not want to start having to drive out of my way to Sams.

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