Dallas, TX AT&T Corporate Office Address

AT&T Corporate Office Address
AT&T, Inc.
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

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AT&T stock ticker symbol
AT&T is a Fortune 500 company listed under the NYSE using the symbol (T)

Executive leadership
Randall L. Stephenson, CEO

2014 estimated company revenue
$132.4 Billion

Number of employees
243,000 (as of 2014)


My husband who was with AT&T for years and was the account holder with AT&T. He passed away in March 2015, I realize my name was not on the account but my husband authorized me to be able to access our account. I have made on time payments on this account for 7 months now, & now just because I have low credit I have to pay $455 to change the account to my name. Does it not mean anything that I have continued making the payments on time?

I tried to do what was right and it seems like I am getting punished for it. I could have just left it alone and continued making the payments. My husband has had several bad issues with AT&T in the past & now I see why. I have talked to several AT&T representatives and they all have still told me the same thing that I have to pay and I honestly don't think it is fair. Should I write a letter to their corporate office in Dallas? Maybe the CEO will feel my pain. Because if the bill wasn't being paid & with my husband no longer living, who would you come to for the bill? Me! But why should I be responsible then since its not in my name. Not to mention I called customer service in May to have his phone line shut off but was still being billed for that number.

I have been less than pleased with AT&T customer service for almost a year. The experience I had today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There are no words to describe how utterly disappointed I am in your company and services. My hope is that submitting this letter will create some change the structure of the company itself and the customer service professionals that you hire.  I would also like to see a resolution to the issue at hand.

To begin, I called AT&T corporate office at 11:57 this morning. I spoke with a technical support agent regarding my new Samsung S6 active. I explained that my phone was delayed in receiving texts messages. I also explained that this was a brand new phone and I was concerned about it exhibiting problems already. The agent (Jake R.) assured me that the issue would be resolved immediately. (I would encourage you to go back and listen to the recording of this conversation.)  After placing me on hold multiple times to speak with his “floor support”, he explained that this was an ongoing issue with the S5 and S6 models. He further explained that the technical issues was a result of an operating system update that was pushed through the phones in August. He wanted me to backup all my data and do a system reset.  

At that point, I inquired about backing up my data and he couldn’t tell me how to do it.  His exact words were, “I’m having a brain fart.”  I then questioned him about the update. If I were to reset my phone and the phone pushed the update again, wouldn’t I be back in the same boat? He seemed somewhat confused and placed me on hold a few more times. After about 45 minutes of this conversation getting nowhere, I wanted to use my option of returning my new phone for another one. I explained that I had similar problems with my S4 and simply wanted a different type of phone. As you can imagine, I was getting frustrated with the lack of solutions and his inability to answer my questions. He then tells me that he cannot get me a different phone. I must pay for my current phone in full and purchase another phone.

This was mind-blowing! I have a brand new phone from AT&T that isn’t working properly and you are asking me to buy it outright and then purchase another phone? I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that I couldn’t. He said my only option is to do a system reset or buy out my phone and purchase a new one. I was completely floored by the lack of concern or solutions to this issue. I had effectively wasted an hour and fifteen minutes of my valuable time. I hung up with him and called customer service.

At 1:15, I reached an agent in customer service who explained that I could use the buyer’s remorse clause in my purchase agreement but it seemed that I was past the 14 day window.  She explained that she would have to get a manager’s approval. This made no sense to me. After checking my delivery status on my phone order, I saw that I received the phone via USPS on October 17th.  Today is the 30th which means that this phone has been in use for 13 days. Regardless, I stayed on hold for 1 hour and 23 minutes.  She would come back periodically to let me know that she was still working on the issue and that I should be patient.

I did as told and waited for the manager. After being on hold that entire time, a new agent (Cassandra) answered the line in a new department and had no idea who I was or anything about the situation. Apparently, the previous agent had disconnected me or transferred me without any help!  Another hour and a half of my time was effectively wasted! At this point, it was 30 minutes past my daughter’s bedtime and I HAD to put her down for a nap. I asked Cassandra to call me back in 25 minutes to resolve the issue after explaining my frustration and situation.  She assured me that she would call me back in 25 minutes. I never received that phone call. 

After waiting for a return call for over an hour, I decided to try using the AT&T chat option via the internet.  Again, I was transferred multiple times before getting to a representative that could handle my situation. I spent another hour on the chat. However, this time, the agent immediately clarified that I was within the 14 day Buyer’s Remorse window. Why didn’t the two previous agents clearly see this? Why did they waste so much of my time giving me the run-around?  This should have been a very simple fix! The online agent explained that I can simply exchange my device at a local AT&T store. I certainly hope that I do not run into problems at the local store. That is still to be seen. I’m just baffled at the lack of consistency among the agents.  These last four and a half hours should have never transpired the way it did.  This was a complete waste of my day.  

I cannot fathom how a company of AT&T’s status can treat customers this way.  I have had similar situations with this company beginning in December of last year as you can see in the notes on my account. I have wasted countless hours trying to resolve issues that should have never occurred.  I have been transferred, disconnected, and treated poorly by more than one customer service agent. I have always been a loyal customer to AT&T. I pay my bill on time every month. In the past, I have recommended your services to friends and family.  At this point, I’m just fed up and I am sorely disappointed in this company.  

About a month ago, my Galaxy S6 Edge phone stopped working. So I contacted AT&T customer service. They sent me a new one and asked me to return the defective one since it was under warranty. Today I received my defective phone along with a letter stating that it was water damaged because the liquid indicator was activated, and $606 was charged on my bill. I am 100% sure the phone did not had any contact with any liquid during my pocession. My phone stopped working overnight. I have a witness who can prove that the phone stopped working as it was, not because of any contact with liquid.

The indicator was activated does not mean the phone was water damaged within my procession, it can be activated when AT&T received it, or it was defective as well. I talked to a customer service warranty dept representative and a manager today. They kept telling me it has liquid damage, which was something I did not do,  and if I don't pay the full amount they will disconnect my service and going to debt collection. Pretty offensive. If there was a liquid damage why would I ask to return the phone. I would have just gone through insurance or purchase another phone. I am extremely disappointed at how my issue was being handled after being a customer of AT&T for over 11 years.

If this issue can not be resolved, I will file a complaint to Federal Communication Commission, Consumer Affairs, and Hissing Kitty, and start with other mobile providers.

AT&T has shown little compassion to the loved ones of the deceased. My fiancé had only been dead a month and I was still grieving when our account was put on a cancellation order because someone had informed them he passed away. She was his ex, who does not power of attorney to access the account, was not an authorized user, and yet an AT&T employee put a cancellation order on the account – we are told to set up passwords, but what good are they when someone passes away and another person can just walk into a store and put a cancellation order on their account.  My fiancé and I had our cell phones on the same account for years, and we had our internet and TV linked to the same account (we were loyal AT&T customers). We always paid on time, and as a matter of fact I had overpaid the previous month and there was a credit on the account at the time the cancellation order was put on the account  - I had in fact overpaid to make sure I absolutely had a phone because at this time having a working phone is a lifeline to me since I live away from family and I now live completely alone without him and don’t have any family nearby.

It was shocking when one day the phone had no service and I contacted customer service only to find out that his ex-wife had told them he was deceased so they had put a cancellation order on the account – I still don’t understand why an AT&T employee would just take someone’s word for it and take action on an account that was fully paid for (had a credit in fact), when she could not have shown them power of attorney because she doesn’t have any such document, did not have the 4-digit account password to access or close his accounts, was not a user on the account, nor was an authorized user. How could this happen? I don’t know, I thought this was why there are passwords so unauthorized people can’t access your account. I was told that although this probably shouldn’t have been done, they couldn’t do anything to lift the hold unless the power of attorney did come in with me now.  Unfortunately right at this time the person who had power of attorney was sick himself and was in a hospital recuperating, I had to wait until he designated an alternate who could go in and have the hold on my account lifted – I went to the Anaheim store 4 times to try to have the account services transferred and the issue resolved, all this extra anxiety a short month after my fiancé’s sudden death and while I’m still trying to cope with my loss and immense grief.

I was then told that I would have to transfer billing responsibility to me to keep the cell phones, which I did – or I thought they did. But the associates in the store didn’t seem to know how to fully transfer the account to me because they said all my services were bundled. When I walked out of the store on Friday Feb. 5th I thought everything was finally resolved with my cell phone service securely transferred to a new account, and my Uverse internet and TV scheduled to be reinstalled the following Friday, Feb. 12.

But today after calling and visiting the store all weekend I was told that my cell phone numbers had been cancelled because “somehow” the account had been left as a tentative account because since all our services were bundled with AT&T they couldn’t transfer the cellular service until the other services had also been transferred – in a horrible twist of fate, AT&T cancelled the account on Friday at 5am and my service appointment for the tech to switch out the new internet router was also scheduled for Friday 8am, but once the account was cancelled the service appt was also cancelled. I didn’t even realize my cell phones had been cancelled until Saturday evening when the neighbor came over very concerned because he said my family had called him telling him they hadn’t been able to reach me for 2 days and that my cell phones were disconnected and to please check on me. I couldn’t believe the phones had been turned off again, but I thought I would be able to resolve the issue by going to the store again, but things are horribly wrong now because I’ve been told my phone numbers have been lost forever and that all AT&T can do is issue new service with new phone numbers. How is it possible that I’m being punished for a mistake that I didn’t make and in spite of all my time and efforts working with their store associates to do what they said was best in order to have my services continue with AT&T?  I tried to remain a loyal customer to the company and this is how they treat their customers, especially at one of the most vulnerable periods in a person’s life, when they are grieving their loved ones?  How is it possible that in spite of my going into their corporate store, I am now without the only cell phone numbers we’ve ever had and that friends and family have as my only way of helping me?

We were good, long time, loyal customers who made the mistake of bundling all our services (cell phones, internet and TV), and whose employees weren’t decent enough to take the time to figure out how to make sure my cell phones were fully transferred to the new tentative account so I wouldn’t lose my service at a very difficult time in my life, but worse still lose the phone numbers that are right now are my only connection to the outside world and family. I still can’t believe that AT&T’s associates, knowing my situation, would not have made sure that my cell service was fully transferred so my cell phone numbers wouldn’t be lost as I’ve now been told has happened.  I still can’t believe that at the worst possible time in my life, AT&T would be so uncaring and take responsibility for the fact that their employees allowed an ex to access someone’s account, put a cancellation order on the account, and as a result forced me to switch my service when I was grieving the loss of the love of my life.  I’ve now been told that since the account was cancelled the cell phone numbers have been lost forever and that I have to get a new phone number, when this is the only number I’ve ever had and at this time it is the most important time that friends and family be able to call me. How is it possible that AT&T would allow this to happen to a grieving widow?  Can you imagine this being done to you just as you’re trying to get the footing under you, but you are all alone and then completely disconnected because your cell phones have been turned off. How is it possible for AT&T to just say sorry and tell me that they apologize for the inconvenience but that all they can do is open a new account with all new phone numbers.  At a time of technological wizardry and all things are possible, how is it that one of the largest companies in the world doesn’t have the compassion to help me with a problem that they created, and that if they fixed it could take a huge worry off of me and frankly would mean the world to me at this time of loss and constant change, I just want to keep the phone number I’ve always had.  I can’t imagine this happening to someone else, such a relatively simple thing to do have been done, if your employees had taken the time and care to do things right.  It’s so sad that this company seems to lack any compassion for the loved ones of the dead. I still can’t believe what AT&T has put me through, when all I’ve wanted was to keep the services my fiancé and I had before he passed, and keep my services phone numbers with you, all of this happening just weeks after my fiancé died. Is it possible that no one at AT&T cares and thinks this is how their company should do business? And how can their employees just walk away and say sorry, but not fix the situation their employees created by not ensuring accounts and services are properly accessed and transactions transferred. I still can’t believe that with all that I have gone through in the last 2 months, AT&T can’t find a way to reinstate my cell phone numbers so I can just go on with the process of piecing my life back together after one of the most devastating losses a person can ever go through.

AT&T service since June of 2013 bullet points of basic type of service 2013 -called in, yes internet service available call when ready -called a few months later no internet service available -called again a few weeks later yes internet service available -called again a few weeks later no service available -finally wrote a complaint letter so you can imagine what a circus it was. -received a call from Annett Lane, assume corporate office yes service is available and apologized for all the confusion. Finally in June of 2013 we managed to get in a telephone line and internet service.

The internet service is INCREDIBALY poor we were unable to maintain consistent service. Call in several times having lines check. One technician told me there is a problem on the pole, hours later a technician told me the box is to far from the house. On the phone I spoke with a technician and he explained that were getting approximately 25% of the speed do to the distance from the house to the box and we could not expect it to be any better unless a box was placed closer to our house.

AT&T was unwilling to do this. 2014-2015 -constant problems with internet and intermittent service. - called in for service basically told the telephone line was causing the internet issue.Only had phone for my children's sake 911. -unplugged phone from wall, so paying for UNUSABLE phone line as it disrupts the internet service. - Apparently that was not true because internet service did not improve. -finally cancelled my phone service as I was unable to use a phone in the house -things seemed to stabilize or basically we got use to poor, slow service. 2016 -in February/March we had major internet problems, or basically no service. Called in numerous times within a two week period, please check the records.

They wanted to send someone to check my inside my house each time. I could not make them understand we had two people in our house in the last 10 days and the problem is at the street. Nobody would let me speak to their supervisor. So someone comes into my house and changes my wireless router, tells us this will solve the problem… ZERO result, in fact we had no service at all for several days. We had at least four people checking lines for several days outside of our home and at the street. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THEY WERE TYRING.

This is the part I don’t understand. The first person I talked to in the beginning called me said he would check the lines but he gets off at 5 so he will pass it on to Patricia. Patricia calls me in the evening her machines battery is died she can’t help me tonight, however she will be back in the morning. She did return and kept me posted, very nice lady. We kept in communication for days and actually weeks because we still had horrible service. At one point within those two weeks had an outside technician come and check lines again and he said THE LINE TO THE HOUSE IS JUNK IT NEEDS TO BE REPLACE. I DO NOT KNOW HOW FAST THEY CAN REPLACE. Within a few hours a new outside technician comes out Mike and actually comes into my house to check the lines and tells me there is nothing wrong with the outside line to the house, his words, he’d run it every time.

It’s a good line. At this point I am extremely angry and frustrated. This outside technician also very nice trying to explain what may be the issue and says he is going to change the router at the main office/or whatever local office. At that point we had better service, however is still goes out when the wind blows. Now the newest problem. I get a bill last month with a $10.00 increase because they changed my wireless router. I DID NOT ASK OR NEED A NEW ROUTER in fact service was worse with the new router until they fixed connection at the street and at the office. So I call in and they tell me it’s for the new router. NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD BE CHARGED FOR A NEW ROUTER and I will not pay for a new router. Called in and they locked me into a plan for one year to continue to pay 47.00 a month because of the new router.

AGAIN not given a choice, but tricked into additional charges. Instead of saying hey we are really sorry for the poor service here is a credit for the numerous times I had to leave work and NOT get paid, but no…. punished for AT&T’s bad service. So I get my second bill since the new router and no changes were made still. I am still getting charged the extra $10.00. I CALLED IN yesterday 4/5/16 talked to billing, THEY TRANSFERED me to someone in accounts who TRANSFERRED ME to billing who TRANSFERRED ME….finally I HUNG UP. I think being transferred four times is a bit ridiculous, wouldn’t you! So who on earth am I suppose to talk to to handle the billing problem. I hope you have recorded my conversations and I also have voicemails from Patricia, Mike and even Chris the field manager. Please put yourself in my place and how you would feel!

My family moved from St. Petersburg, FL to Keller, TX on 10/29/2016.  Approximately two weeks ago, my son-in-law attempted to arrange a smooth transition of television, internet and telephone service with AT&T during the change of ownership of our new home.  We were scheduled for an AT&T technician to arrive on 10/29, but none arrived.  My son-in-law spent several unpleasant hours on his cell phone trying to resolve the problem, was transferred to a number of different departments, and was given another technician date of 10/31.  No technician arrived, which prompted even more discouraging phone calls, with no resolution. 

An AT&T technician finally arrived on 11/2, provided us with a modem and commenced our internet and telephone service.  We had initially considered UVerse cable television service, but had changed to DirecTV through a telephone conversation with AT&T customer service.  However, the technician claimed he was unable to initiate DirecTV because he didn't have the proper equipment.  He left us with a receipt for his service and gave us his personal telephone number in case we needed further assistance.  My son-in-law tried to contact him on 11/4 without success!

I had received several e-mails from AT&T indicating service dates and times, but none was ever accurate.  I received a confirmation e-mail today, 11/4, stating that a technician was scheduled to arrive this date between 9am and 10am.  None ever arrived.  My son-in-law attempted to contact AT&T for resolution but received none.  I called AT&T, spoke with a very helpful and courteous lady who tried to resolve the problem through a three-way phone connection with another department.  After nearly two hours of waiting and receiving nothing but confusing explanations from the other department.

I was told something to the effect that our orders had become fouled up, the technician who installed out telephone and internet should have been able to do the same with DirecTV, I wasted considerable time speaking with some representative who stated he was from Arizona, and the result was that he couldn't schedule another technician to activate the DirecTV till next week.  This entire fiasco was light years beyond intolerable!  I immediately canceled the entire AT&T account and my son-in-law managed to schedule a new service plan with Frontier.  Hopefully we will not experience the same type of dysfunction that we did with AT&T. 

In all my years of experience with cable companies such as Comcast and Brighthouse, utility companies, restaurant service, merchandise vendors and repair services, nothing has been more frustrating, undigestible and unsatisfying as the runaround my family has received from AT&T!  I could not award this company with a review low enough to express my displeasure!

So, started service in June, 2016. Traded 2 Iphone 6's in at that time, filled out the paperwork, sent it in and waited.....waited......waited. Nothing. Called CS on several occasions after 2 months and when I was not disconnected, I was told there was no record of my documentation.

Then, almost 3 months after service started, received 2 notifications (one for each phone) stating rebate was denied as ATT had no record of my trading in the phones. Really? Went in to the store where I did the deal and was told all would be resolved and the store employee would contact me with details. That was 6 weeks ago.

Started calling her again 2 weeks ago and she told me my case had been elevated all the way to the CEO's desk. Now, when I call her she just blows me off. I'm going to make a poster with the details on it and stand in front of the store starting tomorrow and I'm going to stay there until this is resolved. These guys really don't care.

On the 19th of December,2016 I contacted the Liability Department of AT&T and spoke to Brandy who offered me a monthly rate for both home phone and DSL for $31.04, including all fees/taxes,etc. for 12 months. (Confirmation No. BHY03H). Today, I received a letter from AT&T, dated 20th of December,2016, where it states a different rate -$34 only for Internet services for 12 months (?!). I called Liability Department again, but they did not keep their end of the bargain. I asked to speak to the supervisor, but was transferred to his voice mail,where I left a message. His name is Justin.
AT&T breached its agreement and has to keep its promise. Otherwise, this company looks like a crooked, dishonest company. I have been a client of your company for many years, and would like to keep great relationships with you. However, it should be mutual. I hope you can  come back to your senses and honor your promises to loyal,  long-term customers, as I am.

I have only been an AT&T customer for 3 years, previously Verizon for at least 20 years.  Since switching to AT&T i have not been impressed by them at all but up until June 2016 they were at least tolerable. I saw an AD that if upgrade to LG phones with new 2 year arrangement you would receive a $250 visa rewards card. so i thought well that is a good deal i will upgrade 2 phones. so i did the on line order and for some reason it would not process so i called customer service who seemed to have fixed the problem and my 2 phones came in the mail. shortly after i called customer service for another order of 2 lg g pads and ended up in a two hour conversation ultimately adding another g pad and direct TV thinking i would have a bill of $350/month including all payment plans, unlimited data on 3 tablets, 2 cell phones, and adding direct TV. so wow!! yeah sign me up.  well direct TV came out and my bill came in. and it was nothing close to $350. so i call, and get told unlimited does not include the tablets and i said well i would not have gotten them, but now i am stuck in a contract that my bill will be not only 30 more a month but that there was another mistake on removing an existing tablet so another $10 up to $40. then come to find out $10 isn't much data at all so i have to change to unlimited on at least 1 tablet so now my bill goes to $350 oh wait don't forget that the base price to have unlimited is more expensive than my old plan so surprise there is another $50 at least. I ask about the rewards and get told i will receive information after 30 days of activation. ok that is just a few days away no big deal. As the months go on problem after problem call after call.  I just called again yesterday and after 1 and half hours on phone again they hang up trying to "transfer" me. to top it All of there are no records of all these calls i have made.  Well i do.  there is no doubt it will take me time to gather all my information and documentation, however, i will spend the time doing it.  all i am asking at this point is to have 1 bill for AT&T and this direct TV i never needed to get and the $500 in rewards or credit to my account.  All the service representative was worried about is getting me a new S Pen for the Note 5.  Unbelievable i gave up 20 years of having service with another coming for this? i will be working on canceling my accounts with out paying anything due to AT&T neglect in customer service. 

AT&T has consistently not honored the agreed upon amount for their bundled services - Direct TV, wireless and internet. I'll speak to someone in their customer services department, or their Department of Escalations or Office of the President to resolve the billing issues and never have any success. I always document the conversations re: when, who and what, but this never seems to help as AT&T does not keep accurate records. Go figure...a company who is supposed to be a leader in communications can't seem to communicate. I believe there is more to this than incompetance. It appears to be fraud, so I have filed a complaint w/ the FCC, FTC and the Department of Consumer affairs.

Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO
rs2982@att.com (direct)
phone: 210-351-5401 (direct to his secretary) 
fax 210-351-3553
alternate phone: 210-821-4105 (headquarters, press 3, ask for Mr. Stephenson's office)
175 E. Houston
San Antonio, TX 78205

To: Mr. Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO

​Sir, I want to make you aware that your site offers several ways for customers to complain besides your general customer 800 number(s). None of the links and or pages work. Do you think that is professional? Also, there is an internet article sighting you  by  name - that you will have a cease and desist order issued against any ATT customer that you receive a complaint from. I find this hard to be believe that someone who has attained such stature would do such an irresponsible thing to his company’s customers.

With respect, for over Twnety (20) years I have been a loyal paying customer. During that time I have repeatedly complained bout your bellsouth/yahoo email service, and nothing has been done to date. Moreover, Yahoo has no customer service phone number and their email customer service has never responded to one of my emails. By the way, Apple and several of your partners confirm this oversight.

Most recently, the typical password on Outlook was not accepted. When I called customer service they referred me to a third party that would fix it for me for a one year commitment billed through ATT at $16 a month. Do you think this sounds like a bait and switch? Anyway, I am writing you (also I will  send this via US Mail Return Receipt Requested) to make sure you are aware of all this, and see if anything happens. I will in the meantime await a response form you and or one of your assistants.