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I have been less than pleased with AT&T customer service for almost a year. The experience I had today was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There are no words to describe how utterly disappointed I am in your company and services. My hope is that submitting this letter will create some change the structure of the company itself and the customer service professionals that you hire.  I would also like to see a resolution to the issue at hand.

To begin, I called AT&T corporate office at 11:57 this morning. I spoke with a technical support agent regarding my new Samsung S6 active. I explained that my phone was delayed in receiving texts messages. I also explained that this was a brand new phone and I was concerned about it exhibiting problems already. The agent (Jake R.) assured me that the issue would be resolved immediately. (I would encourage you to go back and listen to the recording of this conversation.)  After placing me on hold multiple times to speak with his “floor support”, he explained that this was an ongoing issue with the S5 and S6 models. He further explained that the technical issues was a result of an operating system update that was pushed through the phones in August. He wanted me to backup all my data and do a system reset.  

At that point, I inquired about backing up my data and he couldn’t tell me how to do it.  His exact words were, “I’m having a brain fart.”  I then questioned him about the update. If I were to reset my phone and the phone pushed the update again, wouldn’t I be back in the same boat? He seemed somewhat confused and placed me on hold a few more times. After about 45 minutes of this conversation getting nowhere, I wanted to use my option of returning my new phone for another one. I explained that I had similar problems with my S4 and simply wanted a different type of phone. As you can imagine, I was getting frustrated with the lack of solutions and his inability to answer my questions. He then tells me that he cannot get me a different phone. I must pay for my current phone in full and purchase another phone.

This was mind-blowing! I have a brand new phone from AT&T that isn’t working properly and you are asking me to buy it outright and then purchase another phone? I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that I couldn’t. He said my only option is to do a system reset or buy out my phone and purchase a new one. I was completely floored by the lack of concern or solutions to this issue. I had effectively wasted an hour and fifteen minutes of my valuable time. I hung up with him and called customer service.

At 1:15, I reached an agent in customer service who explained that I could use the buyer’s remorse clause in my purchase agreement but it seemed that I was past the 14 day window.  She explained that she would have to get a manager’s approval. This made no sense to me. After checking my delivery status on my phone order, I saw that I received the phone via USPS on October 17th.  Today is the 30th which means that this phone has been in use for 13 days. Regardless, I stayed on hold for 1 hour and 23 minutes.  She would come back periodically to let me know that she was still working on the issue and that I should be patient.

I did as told and waited for the manager. After being on hold that entire time, a new agent (Cassandra) answered the line in a new department and had no idea who I was or anything about the situation. Apparently, the previous agent had disconnected me or transferred me without any help!  Another hour and a half of my time was effectively wasted! At this point, it was 30 minutes past my daughter’s bedtime and I HAD to put her down for a nap. I asked Cassandra to call me back in 25 minutes to resolve the issue after explaining my frustration and situation.  She assured me that she would call me back in 25 minutes. I never received that phone call. 

After waiting for a return call for over an hour, I decided to try using the AT&T chat option via the internet.  Again, I was transferred multiple times before getting to a representative that could handle my situation. I spent another hour on the chat. However, this time, the agent immediately clarified that I was within the 14 day Buyer’s Remorse window. Why didn’t the two previous agents clearly see this? Why did they waste so much of my time giving me the run-around?  This should have been a very simple fix! The online agent explained that I can simply exchange my device at a local AT&T store. I certainly hope that I do not run into problems at the local store. That is still to be seen. I’m just baffled at the lack of consistency among the agents.  These last four and a half hours should have never transpired the way it did.  This was a complete waste of my day.  

I cannot fathom how a company of AT&T’s status can treat customers this way.  I have had similar situations with this company beginning in December of last year as you can see in the notes on my account. I have wasted countless hours trying to resolve issues that should have never occurred.  I have been transferred, disconnected, and treated poorly by more than one customer service agent. I have always been a loyal customer to AT&T. I pay my bill on time every month. In the past, I have recommended your services to friends and family.  At this point, I’m just fed up and I am sorely disappointed in this company.  

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