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AT&T service since June of 2013 bullet points of basic type of service 2013 -called in, yes internet service available call when ready -called a few months later no internet service available -called again a few weeks later yes internet service available -called again a few weeks later no service available -finally wrote a complaint letter so you can imagine what a circus it was. -received a call from Annett Lane, assume corporate office yes service is available and apologized for all the confusion. Finally in June of 2013 we managed to get in a telephone line and internet service.

The internet service is INCREDIBALY poor we were unable to maintain consistent service. Call in several times having lines check. One technician told me there is a problem on the pole, hours later a technician told me the box is to far from the house. On the phone I spoke with a technician and he explained that were getting approximately 25% of the speed do to the distance from the house to the box and we could not expect it to be any better unless a box was placed closer to our house.

AT&T was unwilling to do this. 2014-2015 -constant problems with internet and intermittent service. - called in for service basically told the telephone line was causing the internet issue.Only had phone for my children's sake 911. -unplugged phone from wall, so paying for UNUSABLE phone line as it disrupts the internet service. - Apparently that was not true because internet service did not improve. -finally cancelled my phone service as I was unable to use a phone in the house -things seemed to stabilize or basically we got use to poor, slow service. 2016 -in February/March we had major internet problems, or basically no service. Called in numerous times within a two week period, please check the records.

They wanted to send someone to check my inside my house each time. I could not make them understand we had two people in our house in the last 10 days and the problem is at the street. Nobody would let me speak to their supervisor. So someone comes into my house and changes my wireless router, tells us this will solve the problem… ZERO result, in fact we had no service at all for several days. We had at least four people checking lines for several days outside of our home and at the street. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THEY WERE TYRING.

This is the part I don’t understand. The first person I talked to in the beginning called me said he would check the lines but he gets off at 5 so he will pass it on to Patricia. Patricia calls me in the evening her machines battery is died she can’t help me tonight, however she will be back in the morning. She did return and kept me posted, very nice lady. We kept in communication for days and actually weeks because we still had horrible service. At one point within those two weeks had an outside technician come and check lines again and he said THE LINE TO THE HOUSE IS JUNK IT NEEDS TO BE REPLACE. I DO NOT KNOW HOW FAST THEY CAN REPLACE. Within a few hours a new outside technician comes out Mike and actually comes into my house to check the lines and tells me there is nothing wrong with the outside line to the house, his words, he’d run it every time.

It’s a good line. At this point I am extremely angry and frustrated. This outside technician also very nice trying to explain what may be the issue and says he is going to change the router at the main office/or whatever local office. At that point we had better service, however is still goes out when the wind blows. Now the newest problem. I get a bill last month with a $10.00 increase because they changed my wireless router. I DID NOT ASK OR NEED A NEW ROUTER in fact service was worse with the new router until they fixed connection at the street and at the office. So I call in and they tell me it’s for the new router. NOBODY TOLD ME I WOULD BE CHARGED FOR A NEW ROUTER and I will not pay for a new router. Called in and they locked me into a plan for one year to continue to pay 47.00 a month because of the new router.

AGAIN not given a choice, but tricked into additional charges. Instead of saying hey we are really sorry for the poor service here is a credit for the numerous times I had to leave work and NOT get paid, but no…. punished for AT&T’s bad service. So I get my second bill since the new router and no changes were made still. I am still getting charged the extra $10.00. I CALLED IN yesterday 4/5/16 talked to billing, THEY TRANSFERED me to someone in accounts who TRANSFERRED ME to billing who TRANSFERRED ME….finally I HUNG UP. I think being transferred four times is a bit ridiculous, wouldn’t you! So who on earth am I suppose to talk to to handle the billing problem. I hope you have recorded my conversations and I also have voicemails from Patricia, Mike and even Chris the field manager. Please put yourself in my place and how you would feel!

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