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United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global delivery resource that provides service from beginning to end of shipment. Freight is delivered to 200 countries and  territories, employs 354,000 in the United States and 81,000 in foreign countries. Revenues were reported in 2014 as US 58.2 billion.

If you need help with packaging, delivery or tracking of a shipment your first call should be 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877). Outside the US use this number 1-800-782-7892.  To contact UPS CEO, David Abney by postal mail, address your correspondence to the corporate office at UPS Corporation Headquarters, 55 Glenlake Parkway NE, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA.  The corporate headquarters phone number is 404-828-7123. You may find this page helpful with contact information for packages, employment and media.

UPS was founded in 1907 in Seattle, WA as a messenger service. The company has grown to include ‘UPS Solutions’ with 58 million customer tracking requests daily. There are 1,000 US Customer Centers, 1,000 authorized UPS outlets and 10,000 UPS drop boxes. The ground fleet numbers 99,000 and the air fleet, including jets and chartered planes number 500.  Social media presence for UPS is found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

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Top UPS Complaints

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For the past 4 months I have been submitting complaints to UPS regional level and above about packages being left literally in the out in the open, in the woods, covered in mud, cardboard drenched in rain to the point of disintegrating when picked up because I have a rather long driveway.

I have offered a solution to the company - leave my packages at a distribution center so that they can be picked up but they still continue to be dropped off out in the open because the driver is too lazy to drive down the driveway. It is ridiculous that they cant be bothered to do their job correctly, and even when given the opportunity to not even have to deliver it their system is so flawed that they cant even adhere to a simple request to not handle my package at all, and let me just come and get it.

I have been lucky so far as to not have anything stolen, but there are certainly issues with electronics that have been wet, but if you think I am going to pursue UPS for damages, think again, I know the process of trying to get them to acknowledge liability and I would rather just tell the vendor about it and get a new item sent...

This is beyond frustrating and I am fairly annoyed that it is impossible to tell companies like Amazon to only use FedEx, as they have delivered consistently to my front door.

All in all, I will go out of my way to never use UPS for the rest of my online ordering days.


Said delivered package but I haven't seen it can't get up with no to help with that one get another one few days later driver leaves it in in front of building in rain didn't even know anyone know , building right beside main highway









Why was this shipment Delayed? and Why did it take 2 Days to go from ARRIVAL to DESTINATION?

UPS Package Tracking
Tracking Number: 1ZX1V1580352102321
Shipping Provider: UPS
Status: In-Transit
Delivery Date: ----
Destination: Collinsville, TX
2019-06-1005:44 AMDenton, TXDestination Scan
2019-06-0805:55 AMDenton, TXArrival Scan
2019-06-0805:04 AMFt Worth, TXDeparture Scan
2019-06-0712:16 PMFt Worth, TXArrival Scan
2019-06-0611:00 PM----Recent weather has caused delivery delays. Recovery efforts are under way to deliver your package as soon as possible.
2019-06-0502:40 PMHodgkins, ILDeparture Scan
2019-06-0512:09 PMHodgkins, ILOrigin Scan
2019-06-0405:37 PMLuckey, OHPackage is in transit to a UPS facility
2019-06-0405:36 PM----Order Processed: Ready for UPS


Worst deliver service you can have. This time they feel that a tree might be down in my driveway. At least FEDEX ALWAYS DIVERS ANS PACKAGE NEVER RIPPED DAMAGED ANYTHING. ALL I want is my order. They have had it foe 2 days now.


Please educate your drivers to respect women----a driver in the west valley delivered a heavy case of wine to my home----he carried it into my home--he mentioned he could help me drink the wine----no thanks-----this is the second time----I thought it was inappropriate ----However as a half joke I offered him a small drink---he accepted---I usually offer vendors water as a courtesy---I definitely was NOT interested in him---he than advanced towards me hugging me hard several times---and groped me----I asked him to stop----and he finally left---I shall never let another driver---especially him in my home----he is lucky I did not call the police---and he still has his job----This just applys to one male---my boyfriend is aware, and we are both very angry---I just wonder who else he did this to? drinking and assaulting women are criminal acts on the job---especially driving---I will never order anything UPS as to avoid him----


UPS drivers need to be fired. There rude and always leave the customers packages out on the street. They don't even knock or ring your bell. They just drop the box on the ground and leave. Something needs to be done to stop this on going problem. Packages are being stolen every day because of these uncaring/unprofessional drivers. I been filing complaints with supervisors and the so call consumer advocate dept. and still every month I'm on the phone filing another complaint against the driver. NO ONE DOES ANYTHING!! Then I try to reach out to the corporate office and that is just as useless, I never get a person on the phone then the call disconnects. I been putting in complaints since 2010, I've submitted video, pictures to support my on going problem with these drivers. I never got any return phone calls or emails in regards to my complaints. UPS and the rest of the delivery services(USPS, FedEx, Amazon) sucks big time.


My passport was picked up by UPS yesterday with delivery scheduled for today at noon. It still states noon. So for more than 24-hours, UPS has been lying to me and as a direct result of this lie i made no alternate plan and am going to lose the cost of my flight while also having to book a new one. Your customer care (bull to care) has admitted that chances are 100% that it didn't leave and I'll have to wait until the next business day. Meaning a shocking loss and no one can give me anything but platitudes. If UPS had at any stage stopped lying yesterday I would have had recourse to change my options and go for a more reliable service but as a direct result of their choices I am in a great deal of trouble. The response of customer care is to say they can refund the cost of delivery. That is not the point of this issue. I need my flight refunded. I need someone to stop telling me the same thing. Manager pzb1wxf says UPS will not pay for "consequential" damages despite admitting that keeping me in the dark makes them absolutely responsible for this.


!ZF4Y150218302935, mailed last Wednesday for two day delivery, no package as of today, after repeated contact on my part to UPS not one reply , I have called the phony store i mailed it from and they tell me its UPS issue, UPS tells me it the independent UPS location i used problem.. Thanks a lot UPS what great service take the money and run


The last three deliveries were tossed in driveway near garage. I have a sixty foot covered front porch the driver passes on his way out of my driveway. Packages are left in bad weather and have been wet when retrieved. This is laziness and lack of concern.


Just wanted to tell you about my latest contact with UPS
I ordered something on ebay needed it quickly so the seller said he , that he would use usp
So it would definitely get it
As ups reputation this is the tracking detailed
tracking No 'UPS 1Z2V7V486830401287

Tracking Result
Tracking Status:
16.04.2019 08:45 GB Order Processed: Ready For Ups
16.04.2019 11:04 Glasgow Drop Off
16.04.2019 11:04 Blantyre The Ups Access Point? Location Has Prepared The Package For Return To Ups Or Pickup By Ups.
16.04.2019 16:25 Glasgow Pickup Scan
16.04.2019 17:11 Glasgow Origin Scan
16.04.2019 18:30 Glasgow Departure Scan
16.04.2019 21:50 Preston Arrival Scan
16.04.2019 21:59 Preston Departure Scan
17.04.2019 00:04 Tamworth Arrival Scan
17.04.2019 03:11 Tamworth The Package Is Being Held For A Future Delivery Date. We'll Attempt To Deliver On The Date Requested.
18.04.2019 04:52 Swansea Delivered
As you can see it was delivered to Swansea at 04.52 on the 18th april
But it was not my address I got in touch with ups and this was the email I got back

I checked the shipment and it seems that there is a discrepancy with the address delivery. This shipment shows delivered to Amazon. Please provide me the following information so we could raised this with the relevant team:

- Phone number
- Address

I will wait for your response. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I hope that you will afford us the opportunity to earn your trust and reestablish your faith in our service.

Should you require further assistance, feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Yarilie B.

Then I got a phone call saying that ups would not go and get it back to me
I could not believe that a company with ups reputation could not sort this simple thing
Send the driver that delivered it to go and get it then deliver it to me.
I have checked with the sender and he said that it was the correct address.

Do not know if you could sort this out as your people do not want too.
this was the last email I got from the sender
It was wrapped in blue plastic, it had 2 postage labels.One on the front and one the end. It had brown sticky tape around to hold it together. Fingers crossed

why the driver cannot get it right I do not know
I know someone who works for another delivery company
and they could not believe it
they said incompadent driver or you tecnicle equipment not up to the job
even if they looked at the post code they should have known it was the wrong
Hope you can help

Thank you
alan kulpa
9 greenfield terrace
Sa15 5aw

Phone No 01269 870919

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UPS delivered my Amazon package to the newspaper box which is 400 feet from my front door where the driver said it was delivered! This is the second time and I got no response from UPS until I filed with the BBB. The package was hanging out of the box and exposed by a busy highway for 15 hours and a miracle it was not stolen. I was told the package should have been delivered to the house at least? The UPS website is useless to make a complaint as it apparently only allows one to answer questions which does not address the problem. The phone number is as useless for the same reasons.


I’m a 66 year old man who has been legally disabled since 1990.

I’ve discovered UPS (United Parcel Service) is willing to collect money (shipping charges) yet haphazardly abandons responsibility when delivering packages to residential properties on a gravel road at speeds in excess of two times the posted limit. As a result, the road must be repaired often and ultimately repaved.

I asked the UPS driver(s) on multiple occasions to slow down on camera. I explained the children, horses and dogs residing on the properties. I explained the wild rabbits, javelina and deer that frequent the road, yet the UPS driver(s) ignored my requests. I telephoned the UPS local office and call center registering a complaint numerous times… to no avail.

Since a UPS driver has already struck and killed a deer, I am calling for all businesses and residents to take notice on behalf of the children, horses, dogs, rabbits, javelina and deer. The UPS corporate office has exuded prejudice and discrimination; continuing to condone the UPS driver(s) immoral actions and lies. A class action lawsuit is in order to establish resolution of abuse.


I've noticed this becoming a trend lately from you guys and I really don't appreciate it! Do NOT mark my PKG as "DELIVERED" when I know it hasn't been delivered to me.. I was promised it would arrive yesterday's date, tracked it. UPS Marked it as delivered at 3pm. You liars!! Guess when I got my pkg? Just a few mins ago, 2pm today, not yesterday as you marked delivered!This is very irritating and it's NOT the sellers' fault but they get to feel and hear the negative impact of the UPS "deceitful acts" just so it looks good in your books even though in reality, the packages are not being delivered promptly.. It's either your delivery people are not meeting your goals or your goals are too unreachable for your business. But stop LYING to people!!!


To Whom It May Concern: I understand these drivers are busy and working into the evening hours is not fun. I was a mail carrier for over 30 years so I do understand. What I don't understand is poor costumer service. We have a front porch that we leave unlocked when we are expecting a package A lot of times I will find my package outside the door, sometimes a few feet from the door, sometimes the package will be inside the porch, which I really appreciate. My major complaint is when I am having frozen food delivered in a styrofoam cooler left outside at night. I was expecting this package on 4/6/19, so around 8:00 pm I checked, no package. I checked again at 8:42pm and there was the package. Its bad enough that they couldn't open the door and put in right inside the porch, BUT THEY DIDNT EVEN RING THE BELL!!!! Had I not checked at 8:42pm this food (and this carrier knows it is food in a Styrofoam cooler) would have been there all night, which HAS happened before. If there is a policy about not opening porch doors, which I don't think there is because some carriers will open the door and some don't, can they just ring the doorbell? The doorbell is in working condition. I wish I had taken a picture to attach it to this email but I didn't. I am sure you can use this tracking number to know when it was delivered: #1Z 038 550 02 1351 3939 My name is Gloria Meigs my address is 896 Kings Post Rd Rockledge, Fl 32955. I will be following up with a call to the corporate office on Monday. I am really tired of this type of costumer service and I hope costumer service is important to UPS and that this email will get a response and will bring change I am sure this carrier would not appreciate this kind of service at his home. When you are a carrier always deliver the package the way you would want your own package delivered.
Thank you,
Gloria Meigs


Marriott Grand Marquis
2121 S. Prarie street Chicago

Good Afternoon,

I am just reaching out to ensure that our UPS drivers deliver all of our packages to the indoor dock area. Over the past couple of days I have found important guest packages left outside of our dock doors, and that is unacceptable. I am hoping that this quick note will resolve this issue. Please feel free to reach out to me at 312 824 0640 or email I appreciate your assistance.


Gilles Jones


I ordered a part from Lazy Boy over three weeks ago that was to be delivered to us via UPS - Tracking # is 1Z3156020314401666 (which I only received today). Anyway you shipped it back to Lazy Boy without delivery or notice to us that you had it in the Reading office. When I went to the Reading office, the women said to me that it was a new driver and he didn't know to leave it at our door even if no one was there, (However, we are retired so we are home and can verify that delivery was not attempted). The tracking said they made two attempts which is totally false. Now you shipped it back to the company without any notice to us that you had it and we need to wait for them to receive it and then return it again. THERE BETTER NOT BE A PROBLEM WITH DELIVERY WHEN IT IS RESHIPPED!!!! We have a broken piece of furniture that cannot be repaired until you do YOUR JOB!!!! This driver needs to be properly instructed on delivery procedures!!


I paid $107 on 3/8 to arrive 3/9
It did not arrive until Monday. The box had a big sticker on it saying "Deliver Saturday"
I find it totally inacceptable that I am not being refunded the entire amount since I did not get the service I requested
If I wanted it there on Monday I would have sent it by USPS for a lot less
There is no sense of UPS trying to provide good customer service or even caring if a customer is unhappy and will never use or recommend your services again
I think you should refund the entire amount and give me credit for another service in the future


Hi I live at 164 Luther Shrum Ln. Lincolnton, NC 28092
I don't know who does our deliveries but they are far from what I'd consider capable. I have been out of the country for 2 months. I went up to my garage/work shop which is 200 feet from out house and find a package on the ground for my sister, Judy Morrissette. While I was gone they delivered a package on the hood of one of our vehicles, in the rain. A covered porch only being 10' away. They constantly leave packages in the rain with no plastic bags protecting them. I have 4 exterior doors on our house. Over 1/2 of the house has a covered porch. They continually leave packages at uncovered doors in the weather. Why can't the put them on the covered porch. One time the gut got his truck stuck while trying to drive through our yard. Tore up the yard by putting rocks under his tires and just left everything for me to clean up. We also get a lot of deliveries from FedEx and have never had a problem. I just don't understand the poor service of delivering packages. Than You


I will be addressing you about continuous acts of fraud and this last act which involves Tracking Number 1Z30200F0318804159. Since I have moved to my current address your drivers have constantly updated my deliveries falsely. I moved into my home on 06/01/2015 and I pay for delivery of good to my home but your drivers always put that they have attempted delivered and their is no access or it is not secure. The problem with these I take off from work and most of the time I am waiting in front of my building and following your tracking updates. The I see and attempt and have to call and argue that the attempt was never made. Today I received an email that I missed an attempt on 03/16/2019 at 8:56pm. Which I did not know about because I was standing outside of my building waiting for a door dish delivery for my dinner from 8:40 to delivery at 9:15pm. I was also notified through email that my package was dropped off at a location in a different city then I live in. So I call your customer service who took my complaint and say that a supervisor of the driver would be calling me about the problem. I explained I did not want this because it does not change anything and that it does not address the fact and crime of not providing the service I am paying UPS to preform and complete. The supervisor called and started out by trying to tell me that the drop off point was selected by the sender and that I would have to go get the package because of that reason. She became upset then, and I told her that her driver lied about delivering my package to me because I was out in front of my building before and after the attempted delivery time. she started raising her voice and cutting me off and I raise mine also she the hung up the phone on me,


I signed up for UPS app. I didn't get and now don't want it because every time I try to us safari on my I Phone I am told can't connect to internet. Then https// appears. There is no number that I can find that UPS has that the phone tree has appears to be packages and supplies. I would like anything about the UPS app I was getting could be removed so I can use my I phone to get on the internet. My phone number is 409-7711122. Any help would be appreciated.


My package was left outside my apartment building on the sidewalk ! No attempt was made to alert me. My Pill Pack Pharmacy package was with the same delivery. Well, my medications were taken to the, U P S store without my knowledge. This attempt supposedly occurred on , 3/6/2019 @ 11;48 AM. My info, Charlene F. Hall , 2825 Murray Ave, Apt# 506, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217. Email address, Home Phone # 412-521-5189. Tracking # 1z 727 066 03 6100 4640 .Thank You, Charlene F. Hall


Tracking #1Z6X30410303859462: I ordered item on Feb. 26th with Home Depot online for delivery to the local Home Depot in North Port Florida. I followed the delivery constantly. The package arrived at the Port Charlotte UPS warehouse on March 1 at 8:17 am and was scanned for delivery at 8:25 am. The tracking information said that it would be available for me to pick up on March 1st. Did not happen. The parcel is sitting in Port Charlotte warehouse which is only 20 minute drive from North Port.

I called UPS to ask why the parcel was sitting and not moving. The tracking now said that the parcel would be available for pickup on March 3rd. UPS Customer Service told me that the parcel would not be delivered until March 4th because the UPS warehouse in Port Charlotte is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Amazing! This is the best that UPS can do.

UPS and Home Depot provide tracking apps for following the delivery of packages knowing that a customer will be watching and anticipating delivery on March 1st and then March 3rd not knowing that it can't happen because UPS is closed. I am still having trouble believing that UPS is OK with this and that they expect to compete with other parcel delivery companies.

Customer Service Rep, Patrick M. at first explained that the parcel did not go out for delivery on Friday because of high volume. He later explained that it could have been another reason and only assumed it was high volume. I asked Patrick why the parcel did not go out for delivery on March 1st as the tracking said that it was scanned for destination at 8:25 am. He explained that was just a logistical scan, not an actual physical scan, sort of like talking to the Virtual Customer Service Rep online - not real. Needless to say I am frustrated. I am resigned that I will not get my package. If it is delivered March 4th, it is no good to me. I will have to cancel the order with Home Depot.

My minimum expectation from UPS and Home Depot is to be upfront and honest with me. Don't let me track something with expectations that are not possible to fulfill. Surely UPS can inform customers and Home Depot that weekend deliveries cannot happen because UPS is closed. With that information we can decide for ourselves to make other arrangements, like maybe purchase from Lowes or WalMart or use Fedex.

I am still having trouble believing that this is UPS's best! If I was running UPS I would open the warehouse and deliver the parcel personally. I would never use high volume as an excuse because that is what parcel delivery services thrive on. If you don't want high volumes, maybe you should inform your shareholders and refuse customer orders.

Customer Service Rep Patrick M. did his best but it's not good enough. I expect an answer from someone with authority to correct this. If I don't hear anything, I will take that as my answer. Either way, the parcel is no good to me now.

Following are the details of my tracking order:

In Transit 03/01/2019 8:25 A.M. Port Charlotte, FL, United States
Destination Scan

03/01/2019 8:17 A.M. Port Charlotte, FL, United States Arrival Scan
03/01/2019 4:10 A.M. Hialeah, FL, United States Departure Scan
03/01/2019 3:59 A.M. - We were unable to dispatch the trailer on time. This may cause a delay.
Past Event Shipped 02/26/2019 6:20 P.M. Earth City, MO, United States
Origin Scan

Past Event Label Created 02/26/2019 4:29 P.M. United States
Order Processed: Ready for UPS


We had a snowstorm and I was notified my package was delayed. I then received notifications that my package would be delivered the following day. it did not come. I received two more notices that it would be delivered the next day (three days now). I called the customer service number and talked to someone with very broken English (that I found out later was in PI ). Nobody could give me a number for my local service center as I wanted to check and see if I could pick up the package. I realize storms can cause difficulties but if you can send me an E-mail that a package will be delayed why is it impossible to find out about alternatives. I wouldn't care but this package, (which was shipped with plenty of leeway) is for essential Meds. that now I will need to go to the hospital and be admitted to get them. Also, why is it necessary to talk with someone half the way around the world, that I can't understand, just to get information from a service center less than 2 miles away.
By outsourcing customer service you join the ranks with Comcast, which has the worst customer service rating in the country.


Driver delivered package to wrong address. My address is 1658 Silver Creek Dr., New Albany, IN. UPS Driver delivered the package to 1662 Silver Creek Dr., New Albany, IN. My House Number is clearly marked both on my Mailbox and on my house. Luckily my neighbor brought my package over. I have on my security camera were the package was delivered next door at 11:18 a.m. My security camera shows that there was no attempt to delivered the package at my address. Please be advised that this is the second time that UPS had made the mistake in not delivering my packages to my address. I don't want the driver to be terminated or suspended, I just want them to be aware of the mistake. Sincerely, William Pavey (Tracking #1Z R38 65W 30 7608 3869)


Your UPS delivery guy came to my door this morning about 10-10:30 I had just woken up and he forced me to sign a piece of paper, was totally rude, would not address me directly. He would not say what I was signing. Nor did I receive a copy. He I received a package at the front door but there was nothing there. There was an order placed by my mom which I did not receive and still didn't receive. Do you know how often package theft happens. A lot! I would like to know what I signed and send me a copy immediately. Please deal with you driver on how he deals with people. He cannot force people into something and he would not leave until I signed. I am very angry and distraught over this.
Please contact my mother at 780.660.6550 as she was the purchaser products ordered.

Thank you for you immediate attention to this matter.
Kayla Szabo


The warehouse supervisor lied to me regards to my package. She claimed the package was not received in the facility until late. However, the tracking software said it was out for delivery. She finally admitted it went to the wrong facility and returned. The customer service rep had no answer to the issue.


I am a vendor during peak season. I have been doing this for 2 years. This year 2018, I have not been paid. I began working October 15, 2018 and turned in invoices weekly. After not getting paid by December, I made many request to find out why. I was told they were still using my old information. They were sending payments to a closed account. I verified this with my bank and was given a tracer number from my bank showing they had returned the funds. I had updated my information in the Ariba system back in April 2018. After many more phone calls to the finance department I was given a number to contact the supply line portal. This was the first I had heard of this portal. This was December 24,2018. I was told I would get and invite within a few days to join the portal. The invite finally came on January 4, 2019. I enter all required information and waited. After one week I contacted the supply line portal to inquire about the invoices I had submitted and why they were showing paid when in fact they had not. I was told they had cut a check that went out on 01/07/2019 for the first invoices. Another week has passed so again I called the supply line portal. I was told no check had been cut. I inquired about the information I had put into the portal on 01/04/2019. I was told it had not updated and was in the queue in another department. The incompetence is mind boggling. In this day and time how can information not get updated. I am owed more than $11,000.00. Whoever is in charge of the supply line should be fired! I know UPS would not continue to supply a service if they did not get paid. I have been more than patient through this ordeal. I have done everything asked of me. My next course of action will be to contact an attorney.


Walked into ups stor4781 . A female was at the counter. I told her that we were not able to print a return slip that i recieved from sheplers via amazon. I brought my note pad with a photo of the return slip. Also on my cell phone asked if she would copy it and print a copy to ship ups. I was informed that i had to send it email and it would cost $4.00. I asked her how can i do this ? She handed me their card and said here is the address. I asked for her help. She said we dont do that. This won't go far but i have always used ups, until now. If that is your policy. I wont ever need your service again. Her name was beth.


I was waiting for an important delivery for my business. After not receiving it in time, I noticed a note ( see attached file) in my door with NO information where to pick up. The driver (see photo) gave incomplete information on the slip. No info that I needed to sign . I had to track down the package from my shipper. Our normal driver Oscar give me 5 star service. This person failed miserably. This is the first time in years that I have complained about anyone, but I felt it needed to be said.


received a box of candy, which was left on the ground outside the garage,not on the porch where they ususlly leave all packages. stayed on the ground till this morning, after which we had a heavy rain durning the night. box was soaking wet to say the least.I paid 15$ to have this candy sent. the ground # is 1z 493 808 03 4970 1436. only other number on the pack. was SC 293 9 -03. maining a complaint about the driver who left it.should have been on the porch. It wasfrom Haggy's candy in ohio.thank you if you happen to read this. This is not good. Mrs. Askew


Medical device shipped overnight from Lilly Medical. Package was left outside of apartment building? At least that is what I was told. The building has an entryway when the US postal boxes are located. As stated... this is a medical device!!!!!!!
Then told by UPS that it would take 5-8 business day to investigate.


medical instrument - autoclave boxed and packed. shipped from store in San Diego to Colorado Springs. when arrived the metal roof to the instrument cracked. the only way this could happen is severe force and being shipped upside down.


Rip off for shipping charge for Christmas was told if I went ground may not make it by Christmas so I paid the high price. I am only an 8 hr. drive from my area to the area I was shipping to and package didn't weight that much, plus what's this a new rule they need to know what your shipping? I can understand asking the value but not everything your shipping as gifts, somethings wrong here??

Your drivers are the best, we love ares so thanks for that great service! but your costumer service office in Prescott Valley AZ is bad.

I use to remember UPS was the best and only way to ship without any worries, not anymore, sad!


Not only couldn’t they deliver a simple package they gave me the run around and forced me to drive 30 miles to pick up the package I paid to have delivered all with a manager telling me so what I drive that far did work.


Tracking # 1ZA4X4770323359064

Package was supposedly left at my garage door on Friday, November 30th at 1:56 PM. I was home all day sitting at my computer directly above my driveway and NO vehicle came here at all. My door bell was never rung. There was no package at the garage door either.
I called UPS and was told I would be contacted shortly to resolve this issue which has not yet been the case.
Today (Dec. 5th), my housekeeper found the package half way down my driveway in my landscape bushes at least 100 feet from the garage door. The package had been rained on several times since delivery and the package had not been placed in a dry place. The taping and wrapping were very amateur.
The item is a $700 motorcycle helmet the lining of which is now soaking wet as are the electronics for the SRC helmet communicator which is a $349 system. If mold develops in the lining or if the SRC system is not functioning, I expect full reimbursement.
This driver should be held accountable and the facility that packed the item should be ashamed of the childish packing and taping!
Believe me, it will be Fed Ex from now on.


New driver for Alliance OH - This individual has lied on three (3) deliveries this week. He has not delivered three (3) of my Christmas presents to my address which is: 12210 Oyster Road, Alliance, OH 44601. He has stated that he left them at the garage, which is 120 feet from the road, where my gated porch is a mere 20 feet from the road and is 20 feet long. Then yesterday he stated he left them at a side door. I DO NOT have a side door on my house. Do your drivers NOT have GPS in their vehicles? I have never had problems until this month with UPS delivering packages to my home. Since I am unable to locate a number for the garage to lodge a complaint with the driver manager, I am forced to reach out to you. My Tracking Numbers are from: AMAZON and from QVC - 1Z30482W1358686056 1Z811344YW05163467 1Z811344YW55217501

I realize you hire temp drivers, but do you not run employment background checks on these drivers? Now I have to again reach out to AMAZON and QVC. They should not have to cover your negligent thieving drivers.


I had two packages delivered today, November 29, 2018, and the driver tore up my yard. He/she turned into my yard about two feet off the road and was apparently going too fast, and locked the brakes up, and the front tires tore the grass out of my yard and pushed it into my driveway, leaving a 8 foot track through my yard. When they drove away, it left mud clumps and tracks up the street. What kind of assholes do you employ. I am going to contact the police, and also my lawyer for property damage and leaving the scene.


I ordered a computer from best buy. The driver left my package at the bottom of the drive in the trees. Did not see it till the next day. So it was left there all night in 19 degree weather. The drive was plowed no excuse on going to the house. I hope it works and will not be damaged . I thought they deliver packages to the HOUSE not at the bottom of a DRIVEWAY. This wasn't the first time.


Ups drivers doing 30 -35 mph in 15 mph development. I live in Heron Cay in Vero Beach, Fl. The speed limit is 15 mph. We have seniors walking dogs riding bikes and walking. Many of us have had to jump on the grass to avoid being run down, I have screamed at your drivers to slow down. I have called the local office to complain all to deaf ears.I am keeping a copy of this notice, so when one of us does get injured or killed, it will show a record of you being notified of this problem so that you can be held liable.
Thank you
Richard Palmacci


I just received a package from Costco addressed to my wife Sara but she was at work.I heard the truck pull up, thought he would bring the package to the door. I was looking out the window and after putting the package in a plastic bag, he leaned down the back of the truck and threw the package which hit the garage door and he left it in front of the garage door. There is a walk in door right next to the garage door with a door bell.
How could he possibly know that there was not something breakable in the package before he threw it in front of the garage door? This was approximately 6 to 8 feet he threw the package. Surely this is not an acceptable process to throw packages!!!
I have not opened the package yet because I thought it may be a birthday or Christmas present intended for me so I have no idea what is in it but I am very concerned about the driver throwing the package the way he did. It was just delivered to 145 Laurel Glen Drive, Ellijay, Ga 30536 approx. 30 to 45 minutes ago or around 2:30 to 2:45 PM today November 15. Tracking is : 1Z 9A9 9V1 12 18900826.
Unhappy customer!
Roy Hammond
317 441-8576


In early October, the UPS lady delivered my new $2,500 electric bicycle from San Diego, CA. I had no idea she was making this delivery until I heard a large bang outside my apartment door. I went to see what it was and it was the UPS driver from hell. She complained that she had to deliver it up via the elevator to the 4th floor. She chewed me out and continued to be very volatile and rude even though I was polite and apologized for her extra effort. What she did was bring it up on a two wheeled dolly. Then, because she was angry about the size and weight of the box, she allowed it to fall onto the pavement which was the huge bang I heard.

I asked what was going on and she just lit into me like I wronged her somehow and then said she has better things to do. Upon opening the container, I quickly noticed several parts on the bike had broken from the fall onto the concrete. I know this because the broken poarts were still directly below where they were supposed to be on the bike.

I called the bike dealer, they sent a UPS return label and then were going to send me out another bike because the drop[ onto the pavement most likely caused damage to the electronics on the bike as well.

On October 10th, the new bike arrived via SAIA. No problems.

On October 19th, this same UPS lady driver came back with another driver who was to assist her in picking this up. I first knew she was here because I could here her bitching and yelling in the parking lot below from the 4th floor through closed windows. I took several photos out throiugh the window.

I decided not to meet her in the hallway outside my apartment because she is unstable and has a violent personality. I was right in doing so because as I listened for them to walk down the hallway, I could here her bitching and complaining. As she approached, I could here her complaining to the other driver, "see, I told you it was a huge box". She then screamed to him, "Just get me a fucking gun."

I am ex military, with PTSD and when I hear that, I feel she was talking about shooting me because she did not like having to pick up this order. I feel she is a loose cannon, and should not be working for UPS. She has a violent personality and feel she will retaliate when she delivers to my home again. I order things on line and UPS delivers to me a lot. I moved here from another state and have never witnessed such unprofessional conduct from a UPS driver as I've seen from her. When she and the male driver that met her here put the box into the back end of her truck, they threw it in there on top of dozens of smaller packages and being this was listed as 12o lbs, I'm sure other customers packages were damaged from her raging behavior.

I do not feel safe in ever running into her at my location and would hope UPS takes this threatening conduct very seriously.

Please respond with proper action and how you can guarantee my safety and the safety of my packages from any of your drivers.

Jeff LeBaron


On Wednesday, November 14. I arrived home at 9:00pm. It was raining heavily outside and it was very cold. I looked at my mailbox. There was a package (box) hanging out of my mailbox. I have a regular size mailbox. The box is 9 by 10 and 4 1/2 inches wide. My complaint is the package was hanging out of the mailbox completely wet. In the past my package was placed on my porch. I receive medication every week. I hope this doesn't happen to medication.
Yvonne Green


my complaint is I have medication that I get from IWP (injury workers comp ) and some of its opioids . I was told the time of delivery would be 10:15 to 2:15 I under stand that things happen BUT when I called ups they could not get in touch with the driver .and could not tell me when to expect the delivery . I need to do things, I just can not sit around the packages need a signature . I think 8 hrs is a long time to wait with no up dates . NOW I MISSED MY PACKAGE AND HAVE TO WAITUNTILL MONDAY .some opioids I can not miss my time of day or 3 days . I need a service that will keep me in touch so I don't miss it . if this is a problem please let me no and I will tell IWP . this only pertain to package that requires a signature thanks Ronald pickerill


Good Afternoon...

I have a complaint with your drivers who instead of taking the time , care , and concern regarding the items that customers purchase and walking up to the gate to see if they are opened... they literally throw items over the gate. This has happened EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT UPS DELIVERS TO MY ADDRESS, once I was sitting in the yard and sure enough my air conditioning unit flew over the gate and rolled into the dirt. I addressed the driver and asked did you not see me sitting in the yard? I told him the time it took him to toss my package over the gate he could have done it the right way and handed it to me. He apologized nervously and pulled out his scanner and said that he would log it in as possible damaged. He waiting until we opened the package just to make sure and today again my box was thrown inside the gate. I find this practice ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. TERRIBLE JUST TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.


I had a package I was expecting delivered to my apt. building, on Thursday 10/11/2018, at 12546 33rd Ave NE #618 Seattle WA 98125. Normally the drivers will deliver to my door, there were two other exceptions when a package I was expecting was delivered to a door across from the managers office, (She brought it to me when she discovered it 3 hours later) and once to the apt across the hall. My correct address is always on the packages, Th package I was expecting today was delivered and left down in the lobby with a number of other packages. Luckily, after I tracked the package as delivered, I was preparing to go downstairs when one of my neighbors brought it to me, saying that a number of packages were left downstairs, I am 63 and disabled and most of the tenents here are disabled and elderly. Your service is usually great, but it is instances like these that can be annoying. Can you address this problem? Thank you.


To Whom May Concern

9-22-2018. 11:08 AM I had drop off some UPS packages at your The UPS Store at 4411 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota , FL. 34233- 2514.Tel941-371-6540

You Agency Larry helped me with 3 package to put on labels. I ask to borrow some tape to tape the box . He said ok . At the end of the trans action . He said there is a $ 2.99 Taping charge. I paid. I don not think this is right. What kind of customer service UPS .
I demand a refund of $2.99 to my credit card, MASTER CARD end with 1804 or I will report to Better business berua

Thank You
Carlos Da Silva


I was overcharged by £150 pounds four weeks ago... By a billing error that was your fault....
I then got to the bottom of the error and you guys admitted that it was and that I would be refunded...
To my amazement your refund process is shocking... There is no way to get your money back with out having to phone you guys repeatedly... I was told I could be issued a check or have it refunded back onto my card... I opted for the card refund... This has been fruitless as no one between Indian and Poland seem to know how to refund a debit card.... Even though I gave them all the requested details., which in itself is an epic procedure.
I have contacted them again nearly four weeks later and had to email twice before getting a reply only to be told a check would be generated... But not right away and that I will be emailed when the payment is made... Seriously!?!?!
That is what a company specialising in worldwide logistics does to pay customers money that you took in error in the first place???
I have found the whole process shocking and incredibly time consuming... It is beyond me you can deliver packages anywhere in the world in days but take four weeks to hand back money that is not yours.
The credit note number is 2787506
The waybill no is.... is...1ZY068896693599541
Email of the original person dealing with this...
Subsequent emails of those dealing with it...
Literally four people involved and no one can get me my money back in a timely manner or answer an email!

Look forward to you reply regarding this issue...


Vicky Neeson


Horrible service! package sorted wrong twice. Now package at best will be 5 days late and they still cant even promise me that. When you call UPS you get a call center if a foreign country that has no more information that I do tracking my own package. The UPS customer service number is a joke. This is my second issue and if this is what kind of service I will get with UPS I will find a shipper who can get me my deliveries.


Package got delayed late feeder truck. That is ok give me a new delivery date. No one could give me a new delivery date. They just said wait and track expect i have a customer who is waiting on this part. This is the aecond time in I have had an issue with UPS. I am going to try FEdex next maybe i can get better service


I just had an encounter at the Dickson, TN UPS Store with a young lady who had "Manger" printed on her name badge. This young lady had the most surly attitude of anyone in a position of direct service with the public that I have recently seen. If yours were my business, I would move her as far from my customers and the public as I could.

Kenneth W. Faries
102 Bryton Ct
Burns, TN 37029


My Air conditioner should have arrived July 10, 2018. To date, it has not arrived to my home. Tracking Number 1ZF5Y4230310167871.


I live in Daytona Beach Florida on n Atlantic Ave I was waiting for a package from ups by AT&T. I live in a condo complex and I was home all day they left it down stairs with no notice it was there when I went to my mail box last evening and found it on the ground that is how packages go missing. Please address this issue with the delivery staff. People in my building are getting concerned because of this issue. We have had people come and go with packages that do not belong to them. If THIS KEEPS UP I WILL STOP ALTOGETHER USING THIS COMPANY. THEY DO NOT EVEN LET YOU KNOW THAT THEY HAVE BEEN HERE I AM VERY UPSET.


We are a small business who depends on delivery from UPS, since moving to Shallotte, NC we have had nothing but problems with our delivery person, our deliveries continues to be dropped off ate the local UPS store stating they attempted delivery but no one was there, this is an outright lie, we are a small business and are always there from 9-5 at our shop or the item can be left on our front porch, they do not require a signature or payment, this issue has already been discussed with the delivery person but has done no good. We just lost a $500+ order because they failed to delivery our order on July 3rd, it was shirts for a 4th of July event, instead they were dropped off at the local UPS store which closes at 6:00pm, the customer was refunded, will no longer consider us for future business and I am stuck with $300 worth of shirts, all be cause of failure of the delivery person to deliver. I went this morning to pick up the order and for some reason it was back on the truck and out for delivery, again it was not delivered it was taken back to the UPS store and dropped off again! This is unacceptable service for a business customer. I pay to have my orders delivered to us and not a UPS store and that is exactly what I expect. I need a resolution to this issue immediately, we receive 2-3 orders a week and can not tolerate this type of service.
This is not the first time this has happened, I went through the same thing over a week ago, this seems to be a pattern with this delivery person and that needs to be addressed without delay!


1ST ISSUE:On about June the 7th I called UPS and submitted the following complaint. He told me that San Antonio UPS management will call me

Your software deleted the tracking number, but I can give it to you upon request. Here's the complaint I submitted online as well as what was given to phone agent: On June the 7th my package was left outside at 510 Cleveland Ct San Antonio Tex downstairs outside the front door. This is the front door to separate apartments each with a clearly labeled door, two upstairs and two downstairs. My APT and door is clearly labeled with a 6 is upstairs! I verified that the address on the package was 510 Cleveland Ct. (APT 6) San Antonio, Tx. I have never experienced such a lack of consideration and disregard from a package delivering service in my life. I expect the package to be left at my door upstairs at APT 6, which is clearly lettered on my door, and to knock on my door. The deliverer left it downstairs outside on the steps by the mailboxes! I wish for this to never happen again. Will someone with authority please call me at 2108265318 and leave a direct line where you can be reached without a phone tree to climb through if I don't answer?
So the following day on June the 8th a San Antonio UPS manager by the name of Ellis called me at 2:14pm. Another issue arised (2ND ISSUE)with Ellis's offensive lack of conversational protocol and etiquette. She was a San Antonio UPS personnel contact who said she would resolve my issue, but said my complaint was not clear to her and when I asked her "How was I not clear?" she wouldn't give me an explanation and became very uncommunicative, defensive and self-centered and interrupting my request for clarification talking over me and hung up on me. Too rude! Now let me ask you how could I have made this any clearer. Refer to paragraph above. And again as I say, what gives her the right to talk back to a customer the way she did and ignore my request for clarification and continually talking over me and arguing with me. I want one of her superiors to call me back with Ellis on the line explaining how my complaint was not clear apologizing before her superior and myself for her behavior and for her superior as well as herself to acknowledge the nature of my complaint both with the delivery driver and with her (Ellis's) behavior.

3RD ISSUE On June the 21st once again a package was left outside by the mailboxes, a repetition of what occurred on June the 7th. Please refer to 1st paragraph above ISSUE #1.

So here I complain to you with 3 issues!!!!!


I received a package addressed to Ms Granberry. The package was left on my front porch. I called UPS and spoke to 3 different people to let them know that the package was delivered to the wrong address and asked if they would come to pick it up. I checked the tracking number on the computer and learned that the UPS driver entered on their website that the the package was delivered. Yes, he was right. Package was delivered to the wrong house and UPS refuse to come to get it and deliver it to the Right person. A person who has already paid for her merchandise. What a shame. No one cares any more and besides I am not a delivery person.

Thank you.


Zero stars.

My package was guaranteed to be here yesterday at 10:30 am. It is 24 hours later and it's still here. Now they tell me that it won't be delivered until 48 hours more on Monday.

I stayed home for 12 hours yesterday, waiting for the package that never came, calling ups throughout the day. Last night, they told me they would call me at 9 am this morning, they didn't.

Totally incompetent organization.


Never ever received a package that was not damaged. Majority of items within also damaged. Many times even with foot prints on boxes. Apparently they walk on your stuff on purpose. Boxes so damaged that you would have to use a steel box in order to avoid damage.


I scheduled a pick up (for Amazon return) on Sunday, April 1st, 2018. After four phone calls to your customer service, and four promises that they would pick up the package (first on Monday when the driver just put the return label in my door without bothering to knock or ring the door bell, then on Tuesday, again on Wednesday), still no pick up.
I have never seen anything like this.
Please advise.


I was sending a package to my fiancé in Gheens Louisiana from Jacksonville, Florida and I wanted to get it there the next day. I was told at the UPS store on Normandy Blvd that the package could not be delivered on Sunday but it would be delivered on Monday. I told them as long as she gets it on Monday that is acceptable. I was charged $50.44 for the shipment and I didn't care about the price since it makes it easier for my fiancé since she is bound to a wheel chair. We waited on Monday and my gal called me and she said that the UPS truck went by several times but didn't stop. I saw that the tracking number showed it was out for delivery but it said that it couldn't be left because it was not secure. Then I called Atlanta and they said that the tracking number was for USPS. I said I paid UPS for the delivery not USPS because they can't deliver anything on time. My fiancé had to have her dad drive her to the Mathews post office the next day to get the package in her wheel chair. This caused great stress on her and I refuse to let this go without complaining to your company. I guess I will have to depend on FED EX to deliver my packages to her when ever I send things to her. I am very disappointed in the service and lack of caring.


The complaint I have is that packages being delivered are being left under hedges or in other areas of our yard where we are unable to see them. We have a front porch that has a roof over it where the packages would be protected from the weather. We brought in two packages this morning which were not in plastic bags and it rained and snowed on them. Needless to say, the packages were saturated. When we are expecting a delivery, we check our front porch which is where packages are usually left. We don't expect to have to look under hedges or places that are not visible from our front window or door. If the packages are left where they are not protected from the elements, they should be in plastic bags in a manner which would not allow rain or snow to saturate them. Thank you!


I sent out a package on 12/12/17 to Port St. Lucie, Florida 2nd day air. When it arrived at its destination on Thursday,the package was partially opened and the box was damaged badly. It was a perishable item and luckily nothing was taken out of it. It cost me a lot of money to ship this and am very disappointed on how it arrived in Florida. I always use UPS for all my packages and very disappointed on how this package was handled.


I have been reschedule 3 total time for delivery when the package is shown to be at Gardena CA. 1st reschedule occurred for delivery on 12/07/17 and it was reschedule for 12/08/17. The data below show that it was on the truck for delivery and it was returned back to the local office in Gardena CA. I saw this first on the website that they were going to reschedule at 06:10 pm (CA time). According to your website, once its been loaded on the truck it will be delivered and they will deliver up to 07:00 pm (CA time). Your local office reschedule message appear at 06:10pm and on the data sheet it was re-scan back at 11:38pm.

I was waiting for both days for the delivery because I must sign for it!!!!!!! Friday ready hurt because I stayed home waiting to sign for it because I noticed it was on the truck at 9:44 am 12/08/17.

I was really upset when the website was updated with a message indicating that they were going to reschedule again on me at 06:10pm Friday (12/08/17) when the local office should have delivered the item. I am not far from your local office in Gardena and believe an attempt should have been made. If the message came to me after 7:00 pm, I would believe it more, but not an 1 hour before 7:00pm !!!!!!

I was rescheduled twice before and this was the third time in a row. My package has been in Gardena longer than it took to get here from MA !!!!!!!!

I have also wonder if this is a racial thing too???? Your local office can see from my last name it's a minority name and they seem to be picking on my packing much more than they should have!!!!!!!

I have filed a case with your office on Friday and a case # was given. That case # is 1-78448368117 and the local office in Gardena was suppose to call me back within 1 hour and they didn't call back at all !!!!!

I call your main office number (1-800-742-5877) about 40 mins after the 1 hour and Emp # PZB1EJG would not help me to fill a complaint about that local office.

I hope my complaint will be processed instead of lost like most complaints at other companies. I believe the US Government take racial profiling very seriously in this county!!!!

I think the delivery person didn't want to finish to assigned delivery Friday and wanted to leave for home earlier !!!!!!

I am hoping to see what outcome you can give me of this complaint. If I don't hear anything, I will try Corporate Office and if they fails, I will fill with the US Government that I think I was targeted because I am an minority.

I have every confident that your office will investigate this case and supply be with your findings!!!!

Thank You,





Local Time


Gardena, CA, United States 12/09/2017 2:53 A.M. Destination Scan
Gardena, CA, United States 12/08/2017 11:38 P.M. Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Your delivery has been rescheduled for the next business day.
12/08/2017 9:44 A.M. Out For Delivery Today
12/08/2017 3:15 A.M. Destination Scan
Gardena, CA, United States 12/07/2017 10:30 A.M. Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed. / Delivery will be rescheduled.
Gardena, CA, United States 12/06/2017 11:30 P.M. Arrival Scan
Hodgkins, IL, United States 12/04/2017 3:25 P.M. Departure Scan
Hodgkins, IL, United States 12/03/2017 9:18 A.M. Arrival Scan
W Springfield, MA, United States 12/01/2017 10:45 P.M. Departure Scan
12/01/2017 9:18 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 12/01/2017 1:16 P.M. (ET) Order Processed: Ready for UPS


Where do I begin...If I receive 12 packages in a week via UPS, I'm on the phone 11.5 with UPS Customer service looking for my packages. This current incident is too much to take. I ordered items for Thanksgiving travel. I paid for two-day shipping so that they would arrive by Tuesday, 11/21. The shipper - Von Maur confirmed shipment of my order, which was split with tracking numbers 1Z3Y57850200149417 & 1Z3Y56R10208749389. Both show scanned onto truck at 9:21am; however, only one was delivered around 1:00p. The 2nd pkg - 1Z3Y56R10208749389 rode around for the rest of the evening until 6:47p when the delivery was rescheduled to Wednesday 11/22 - between 9:45a -1:45p --UNACCEPTABLE! How are they allowed to make that call on things people have paid to have delivered. As per usual, I called customer service and the rep submitted an inquiry to have local UPS call me. They did and left an imbecilic message that didn't come close to attempting to address the issue - where was my package - it was before 8p - so why wasn't it delivered? So, here I am at 5:50p on Wednesday 11/22 - still without my package. Mind you, UPS has already delivered other packages here today - just not this one - AGAIN! And same as yesterday, it was loaded onto the truck at the same time as the other packages. So, I called customer service again - and went through the same process. Local office (404) 505-6000 called twice and hung up each time I answered, I called back only to receive a fast busy signal. So, I have to travel without the items I paid to have delivered to me ON TIME all because of inept, lazy, incompetent drivers and disinterested, game-playing reps here at the local level. As I said - I spend more time on the phone running down my deliveries than I care too. It's completely insane! You really need to know just how much of a drag this is on my time. I plan to voice my ongoing dissatisfaction with UPS as a delivery option for future purchases and suggest shippers/senders consider other carriers. You guys are too big, too uncaring and lackadaisical (although Tiffany in customer service went way further and expressed empathy and commitment to resolve than anyone else I've spoken with) and it is a frustrating process to go through week after week, not to mention the time spent, inconvenience of not receiving items on time.

This is not my only written complaint, it's just the latest.


On 11/21/17 at approximately 3:35 pm, your driver delivered a package next door at 28036 Hickory Circle, Farmington Hills, Mi. 48331. After completion, in his rush to the next stop, he cut a deep furrow about 1.5 feet into my lawn at 28038 Hickory Circle, Farmington Hills, mi 48331. He may have damaged some sprinkler heads, but we won't know until spring. A damage claim is appropriate but hard to define. I can't find a live person to talk to so I need help. I can be reached at 248.553.8028.


Hello. I have been having problems with UPS lately. The latest is the problem I'm having with a certain delivery of one package from From the tracking I see that my package was fine when it was loaded onto the truck this morning. Now I'm seeing that somehow, someway it was damaged sometime during the trip between the loading facility and my home. And I'm wondering why it is that I'm having so many more problems with UPS. I surely hope Walmart uses a different carrier when they re-send my package!


I sent my patcel from Nigeria to Canada.Sent on 16/10/2017, up till now there is no delivery. My tracking no. is w4981397859


After over 10 years of deliveries amounting to $10000s of dollars in delivery charges . we now have a delivery driver who is scared of dogs? I am saddened at this turn of events but I will not walk to his truck & he will not come inside so we are at a stand still! My only resource is to contact Amazon and others and tell them they MUST use Fed EX who is not scared of dogs and who will come inside the building. You decide which! Change your driver to a more friendly driver or I will use Fed Ex for all deliveries. And yes I did refuse to sign his tablet because he was hiding in his truck! Good day and good by !


Horrible local customer service in Quincy, Il...first time in years the driver decided he was afraid of one of my dogs so he places the slip on mailbox which is at the beginning of our neighborhood. It blows off and my neighbor finds it. Places the slip inside mailbox. I check mail and realize they didn’t even knock on the door which I would have come outside like I have done in the past two years to get dogs (they have never bitten anyone). I call to the UPS office....try to explain that I need to get my packages. All I get in return is that the driver was afraid to even stop ( first time in two years) so didn’t and put sticker on the mail box. Ok I asked her what can be done to get my packages....again I was told that he was afraid of my dog. Ok where can I pick up my package and how are we going to deal with this in the future....driver will be here at 6:15 and all they care about is there drivers not getting hurt by dogs...she hangs up on me when I tell her the issue isn’t resolved ...I call back to speak to a manager...she accuses me of being rude on the phone and hangs up again...I call back 7 more times. She keeps hanging up on me....the 8th time I can speak to the manager who rails at me for being harmful to her employee over the phone....I tell her how many times she has hung up on me and the issue about receiving packages and she talks over me to tell me again three more times about how the driver is afraid of one of my dogs and will not stop to drop it off I ask why he is employed here if he will not drop off packages and she starts yelling at me that her driver is afraid of my dog...I tell her we live in the Midwest most farms have dogs....she then tells me again the driver was afraid of my dog( first time in two years I’ve heard of this...I shop a lot on amazon;). So I ask her if the driver could drop it off at the UPS store so I can get my packages and she said that was policy and if I wasn’t trying to talk over her she would have explained that to me....I asked to talk to another manager that handled customer service and was told she runs everything and that my concerns were not valid because her driver was scared of my dog....awful service. What can you say to that!!!


2 HOURS ON THE PHONE ABOUT A DELIVERY MADE TO AN EMPTY HOUSE. 3 TIMES IN THE PAST I HAD SOMEBODY GO TO THE EMPTY HOUSE AN PICKUP A DELIVER LEFT ON THE PORCH. The Veterans dept continues to send a shipment to the wrong address. I called customer service and told them not to deliver it to a wrong address. They say they have to deliver it there.I told them nobody lives there and was told it would not deliver if nobody was there. I told them point blank it was a lie its already been done by delivering man 3 times in the past.They just leave it on the porch if nobody answers the door. I want to have it shipped here basically I was told by 3 different people I was sol. Including the VA who told me I had to take care of this problem myself. I'm going to find out tomorrow if it was left on the porch of a deserted house again. Then I'm going to raise holy hell. Their customer service is the 3rd worse organization I have ever had to do business with.


The UPS person has been leaving our packages out at the end of our driveway instead of bringing them up to our porch. It is about 100 ft. from the highway to our porch. The UPS driver used to drive up our driveway.
Some have been left without plastic bags and have gotten wet in the rain.
We are older and unable to carry some of them up our drive.
Last week one of the drivers left a big box in the middle of our drive and it got wet.
Our address is 18300 Ranch Rd. 12, Wimberley, TX


I received a note on my door that an attempt had been made to deliver a package. I wasn't home, so the package was delivered to an Access Point instead. It was dated 8/24, and below that it states in black and white "Packages will be available at this location for 7 calendar days". So on 8/30 I went to the Access Point to retrieve my package. No package. It had already been sent back to the shipper. Apparently 1) UPS people can't count. 2) They can't follow their own rules 3) if they make a mistake they can't fix it 4) they can accuse customers of not wanting their packages anyway. Rot in Hell UPS Rot in Hell. And they're some rude SOBs on the phone, too.


Ups driver from flushing delivers packages to someone who sits at abandon building 2 doors down from me but he allows them to sign from in front of my gate. I explained to him that person doesn't live here and can not use my address. Scot got an attitude n then tried to not give me my package I called ups n he called his supervisor eventually he was told to release my packages but Scot never have me my enhanced I.d back. It's like a passport n I also can not use my credit cards without state I'd. No follow ups n it's been 3 days today is 9/30/2016.


I was behind ups truck today in a subdivision driver stopped on a hill at a bend. honked horn to get his attention to let me know if I could pass. the driver ignored me. patiently waiting for his return he gave me dirty look. License number PAW 9342.


This was my first bad experience & it just continued to get worse. I received an alert that said my package was out on the truck for delivery. Later I received 2 alerts that I would receive my package by the end of the day. It was my day off, the package was a surprise for my kids & I from my mom do, I stayed home to wait for the delivery. By the end of the day, I got an alert saying it would not be delivered due to operating conditions. I called UPS customer service number to see what this meant.

They said the package was never put on the truck. Seriously? Why the alerts saying it was on the truck & being delivered by the end of day? I never got an answer to that. I then asked if I could expect it the next day (Saturday). No, because it doesn't qualify for Saturday delivery. Air packages only. Really? Although this was a UPS error? Anyway, she says maybe Tuesday. Not cool. I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said I may be able to pick it up at the hub the next morning between 10a-1pm. He said he spoke with a Mgr there who would have someone search for my pkg. He stated he would call me in the morning to let me know for sure. By 12:10 the next afternoon, I had not heard anything.

I tried calling the hub and the phone was not working. Since they close at 1pm, I decided to just drive there , just in case. I got there and the guys knew nothing about it plus could not find the package. While driving there I called UPS customer service and held for 20 mins before I was connected to a Supervisor. She told me the package was not there. She stated it was in Orlando but not there. I asked where, then? She said the system does not say. I asked how she knew it wasn't here then? She couldn't confirm. I politely ended the conversation because we weren't getting anywhere and I was getting more frustrated. The guys were very nice. One told me it had to be there because all for Orlando/Kissimmee go there first. They just don't have a listing as to where it is, in there.

They gave me the number to call Tuesday to check on it. Later, I get a call from the Supervisor who was supposed to call me that morning. He apologized he had forgotten. Too many other callbacks to make. Long story short, he said they found the package & it had been damaged. Like something heavy fell on the top and the side was ripped or something. He said there is a Cory at the Hub who said I could stop by no later than 4pm to see the box & get it if products not damaged. I agreed. I took my daughter to work & went back to the UPS Hub. Never found Cory or a way in.

Called UPS support again & spoke with 2 supervisors who said Cory was no longer answering. I stayed there until about 4:10 then drove home to get ready for work. The supervisor called me back at 4:50 & asked if I ever found security or got the pkg. (He was supposed to call me before they closed at 4.) No and I waited for the call back until after 4. Anyway, he said the damage would be investigated and a claim filed. He advised to let the shipper know.

Next thing I know, I get an alert on Tuesday saying the package is on the truck and out for delivery. What?! Later, an alert saying it will be delivered by end of day. It was delivered, it was damaged, a few products inside busted open. It was food. One was oatmeal so I came home to oatmeal all over my front porch, oatmeal being tracked in the house as we take the box in and oatmeal all over the inside.


UPS will not leave my deliveries without my signature. I live in an upscale Condominium complex that is gated and secure. 4 years ago when my daughter lived with my wife and I there was a misplaced item shipped to her.
Ever since that incident we have not had our deliveries left at our door without signature. We want this ban on us lifted because of the hardship it creates for us.


Paid for 2 days shipping to Hong Kong but the box went to China. China put the box under quarantine. I ask for a refund and the UPS store employee would not give a refund. Plus the UPS store employee laughed at me. I am out over $168. Also, UPS website will not let a user of Internet Explorer 10 track a package. Internet Explorer 11 does not allow users to turn off tabs.


Third time we received a shipment from our vendor and found totes part off skid and some totes crushed. Received the damaged skid on 7/29/2016 at noon time. (photos attached) Seems like it is same driver when this occurs. The name of our company is ITW Highland.


My package was deliver to the wrong address on Thursday, July 28th. 2016. When Amazon called it in UPS came on the phone and took the info and had someone to call me. The lady that called me acted i like it was not there fault. And said she would have the driver call me.

The driver never call me at all. So i called back in. And that person to acted like it was not there fault. And i should go find my package myself and he could care less if i got my package or not. But the driver said to someone there he left it at a place where it look like no one lived there. How can you run a business like that . And not care if the customer gets there package or not. The company that sends it is loosing money because of you, having to resend it over and over again. I also told them if they left it at the trailer behind me.

That person would not let me have it and i could not contact because i had to take him to court for not keeping his dog up and trying to kill my birds. So, because of that you people are still not responsible for getting my package to me? I am very disappointed IN UPS and wish i never had to use them again.


Package was suppose to be delivered on 5/16/2016 it was shipped to the wrong facility and now has been delayed for 3 days. I asked customer service to transfer me to a manager, I was put on hold for 15 minutes then transferred back to the automated system. Then had to speak with another agent then wait on them to transfer me again I was on hold again for about 3 minutes. I can guarantee that I will no longer use UPS and if I order online and it is to be shipped UPS I will tell the seller I want it shipped Fed X even if there is extra cost involved. If they can not ship Fed X I will not purchase from them. I will also make sure to post on Yelp and any other social media site I can on how I was treated.


I have lived where I presently live since the late eighties. UPS services this area through the Beaumont Texas terminal. Since I have lived here UPS has delivered to me house hundreds of times with no problems. Recently there was a driver change and all of a sudden they quit delivering my orders and send me a card saying my address is no good. Nothing has changed. My address is correct and my road has a sign and my house is numbered. I had to drive to Beaumont to pick up one item but refuse to do it again.

When I went to the Beaumont office I told them the problem and they blamed it on the new driver. It has been going on for some time now and I am not getting my deliveries. This shows me that the Beaumont store must be run by a bunch of morons that don't give a damn about their company or their customers. I called the 1-800 number on one of the cards I received from them and complained but as usual nothing changed and I never heard back from anyone. I don't understand why, after 25 or 30 years and hundreds of deliveries, UPS is incapable of following simple address to my house.


I was driving on I-285 when a UPS tractor trailer truck started to change lanes without warning and ran me off the road. Thank God there was the shoulder of the road or I would have been pushed into the guard rail. I don't know if he was drunk, not paying attention or playing with his phone but he s are the life out of me. I got the tag number from the front plate on the truck. (P774872) I would hope that UPS will take this seriously as someone, namely me, could have gotten seriously hurt.


I am filing a complaint against a UPS driver who came to my place of business on March 16, 2016 and made some derogatory remarks about clothing I was wearing. To be specific, it was a hockey team T-shirt. He returned today March 17th and said" Well at least you're not wearing that hideous T- shirt you were wearing yesterday. I told him he needed to learn some respect. I do not appreciate remarks like that coming from an employee from a professional company coming into our place of business. It is harassment and I think he should be reprimanded by his supervisor. I work in Ellicott City, Maryland 21043 and it is near the courthouse. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


Package was delivered on March 14 2016 at 197 5th avve. Onalaska tx, I was on the porch waiting and he dropped it over the fence and said thank you. It was only 10 feet to porch. Now then I live with an disabled man. Lucky I was there or it would have stayed there over night. Is it too much to ask that he could have and should have brought it to me on the porch or left it on the porch. You charge enough for the service and I believe you service is in poor shape if this is how your service is now.


I brought a prepaid UPS parcel to the Dallas, PA UPS Store #2487. I also had a small 6"x6"x4" box clearly labeled "Media Rate; 4 CD's" that weighed less than one pound. We send CD's to a distributor who resells them. We are paid $3 for each one. I asked the UPS clerk if he could match the USPS media rate. He said "We're even cheaper." After he printed the UPS label and attached it to the box, he said "That will be $12.19," (more than we will receive for the CD's.) He asked how does that compare to the Post Office?

When I explained that the USPS media rate was $2.72 and their "Priority Shipping" flat rate was $6.45, he said it was too late to change because the label was already printed. I wasn't going to argue over $9.47 because he clearly was not in an accommodating mood, but I resolved to bring it to your attention and request a refund of the difference between the USPS and UPS charges since I made my intentions clear to the clerk and the box was labeled for USPS media delivery.


I went to the UPS store on 9090 Skillman ST. Dallas Texas, 75243 on Tuesday 2/02/16 to ship a guitar. I had called ahead of time to find out what it would cost for them to pack my guitar for shipment and they gave me a quote on buying the box and what they charged to pack it which was around $28.00, since it was a large box 50"x18.8" x8" seemed reasonable. I had also asked what the freight charges would be and they gave me a rough estimate on zip code to zip code was given a price without signature required and insurance, as that would be extra. I instead bought a label online based on package dimensions and weight, signature required and insurance which was cheaper than the store quoted. I guess they have quite a mark up if you buy the label in the store.

So I took my guitar and some bubble wrap that would not cover the entire guitar so I would have to purchase more at the store. So I came to the store and showed them the guitar and they got a box out and started to pack it for me.. When the store manager went to ring me up for the box and packing I showed him the label I had already purchased. He immediately told the person who was wrapping the rest of the guitar in bubble wrap to stop. He then told me if I did not buy the label from him he would not pack it and I would have to do it myself as it was against company policy for them to pack it, and then turned rude and unhelpful. Is this really the way UPS works and the kind of customer service the store supplies. I know he was mad I was not going to buy the label from him. I will now use FedEe not UPS.


Subject: Complaint about UPS Package n.:1Z 00V 9R9 0492 955678 - Mozambique. I am writing on behalf of the Mozambican association Esmabama, based in Beira Mozambique, regarding a major issue created by the UPS Maputo that is seriously harming the humanitarian association above mentioned. As it happens many times, our Association receives several donations of goods coming from several countries in the world. Generally, when these donations are sent via post they all go to the customs of Beira, since this institution exists there. However, last November, we were sent two packages (one of which package number is mentioned above) with donations from Ortigia Sicilia - Florence, Italy – to our association. One of these has arrived straight to Beira. However the one numbered: 1Z00V 9R9 0492 955678 was kept in Maputo and the UPS staff left it at the Maputo’s airport customs.

Then, they called me to let me know that a paper should be withdrawn at the ups office in Maputo in order to pick up the package at the customs…This came as a huge surprise since the final destination was Beira, Beira has its own customs office and the day before we have had received a package from the same donor and in Beira as it was supposed to. So, a major issue arose since our association is in Beira and Beira is more that 1000 km from Maputo, besides the fact that the clients had sent the package to Beira and not Maputo! How come one had arrived and the other one was kept there? When inquired, the UPS staff had the most ridiculous excuse saying they didn’t have a warehouse in Beira to store the packages and sometimes these would come to the skynet warehouse and some other times would stay in Maputo… it doesn’t make any sense!

In despair, we have contacted the customs in Maputo through a clearing agent (another expense that a non-profitable organization would have to assume due to the UPS staff incompetence…) but at the customs they have required a declaration from the donor saying it was a donation and the effective cost of the items inside the package. This was a great inconvenience for the donor but still it was done. Our association had also add a declaration with a document proving it was a non-profitable organization that used to receive donations, etc… even though, apparently, the customs have refused to accept both declarations and have demanded a payment of almost about 500 Euros to clear the package out… besides being ridiculous, this was more expensive than the donation itself (of about 300 Euros in hygiene items to the missions)!

Facing all this trouble and after having asked a friend to try to sort this out in Maputo (which meant losing his own precious time) and considering this was a matter of the UPS responsibility (or irresponsibility – as it is the case!), I have decided to contact the senior director of the UPS Maputo – Mr. Pedro Serrano – who would supposedly solve this trouble since it was caused by the UPS’ staff irresponsibility…He took several weeks to give us an answer and in the end he only gave us the same information that our contact had already given… He couldn’t do anything. So, we only had two options: Or going to Maputo and pay or just lose the donation (which besides being sad, it would constitute robbery since it was subtracted from a humanitarian association, to be left to the customs agents…)!

We have written to this person in order to try to understand what had really happened and to know if shouldn’t be UPS solving this issue since it was their responsibility… and fault!? This person never even answered to my email (attached)! So, the package (if not stolen yet) is at the Maputo airport customs and the papers to withdraw it, are at the UPS office… The donor have trusted in this company to provide a delivery service, had pay for it and in the end, the company never brought the package to the final destination and don’t even make an effort to solve it. The donor/UPS client (Ortigia Sicilia – which is a great UPS client) went to the UPS Italy to ask the package back, but they were told that UPS Italy couldn’t do anything and it should be solved in Mozambique…

So, our question now (besides this being a complaint against UPS Mozambique and Mr. Pedro Serrano as its main responsible) is: how will this issue be solved? Who is going to pay for the client’s (Ortigia Sicilia) lost (since besides the items lost, they have also paid for the service that wasn’t performed) and for the receiver’s (Associação Esmabama) lost, since we have never received the goods? Isn’t it the UPS, the main responsible,that has to pay for the customs expenses and send the package to final destination or back to the client?


I'm an online shopper and very frequently order items where the sender uses UPS for the deliveries. Just this year, the driver in the area in which I live would park close by my house, enter onto my property and slap a "Sorry We Missed You" sticker on the door, even if I leave the security door unlock to acknowledge my presents at home. I've even instructed him to knock on the door or window if doorbell is not working. I would call to speak to a manager, or customer service supervisor to complaint and like the driver, they have shit for brains. Corporate is probably no better if all the complaints on this and other website is not being address. UPS sucks and should be avoided like the plague if possible. At least USPS and FedEx are much more reliable than a corrupt, " I don't give a damn" delivery service like UPS.


Lost package. Now delayed returning package blaming a shooting last week in san Bernardino as the reason for the delay. Package only had to travel 98 miles in 5 days. Now 8 days later still no package. Package contains medication which came from a pharmacy.


I took a package to be returned at my local UPS store at 1950 Butler Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428. I was treated in a patronizing manner because I was unaware of the procedure for returns. I asked not to be spoken to in such a way and another agent called out from his seat in the office ( I guess he was on a break as I was the only customer. ) "He is not talking to you in any manner. You are an asshole !" He then stormed into the back room. The agent who was taking care of me registered shock and immediately went into kindness mode, explaining the return procedure.

I was in shock but before I left I asked for the name of the offender. " Steven ", I was told by the embarrassed agent helping me. I asked for the last name. " Schwartz ". As I left I was rewarded with the yelling of the man in the back; " Asshole " he screamed again. Perhaps he was venting his rage at his co-worker for telling me his name, or perhaps he was still raging at me. If this person is a representative of UPS I am very disappointed. I will never visit the store again, nor will my friends or family. Steven Schwartz is a loose cannon in my opinion.


Been getting deliveries from Walmart and others for a decade. Now all of a sudden they want me to sign for stuff. If something requires a signature no problem. If no signature is required for delivery my packages, I expect them to be delivered. What is going on with UPS?


My sister mailed a package to me from Canada via UPS on October 16, 2015. I first received a call from Lisa at UPS in Detroit on Friday October 23, 2015. She informed me I had a package coming from Canada. She asked me when was the last time I was in Canada. I wondered why that was relevant but answered that I was there in May 2015. She then wanted to know how I came back to the U.S. (an even stranger question). I told her I flew American Airlines. She then wanted to know if I had a U.S. passport and I told her yes I did. I asked her what was in the package (though I might be receiving some highly secret government documents - joke) and she told me it listed clothing & knick knacks. I realized it was Christmas gifts from my sister that I had been expecting and told her that. She said I needed to either e-mail or fax her a copy of my passport. I said I would fax her a copy and she said she would e-mail the instructions. I received no e-mail that day or over that weekend. On Monday or Tuesday I received a call from her to say she didn't receive the copy of my passport.

I reminded her that she had only contacted me on Friday. She said that the package had been in the warehouse a long time and I told her that was not my fault. I told her I would not be a work & have access to my e-mail until Thursday morning & I could fax it to her then. She said OK she would make a note of that. Thursday morning October 29, 2015 I did not have an e-mail waiting. I called & spoke with another person, because Lisa was not there, and explained the situation and that I had never received the e-mail with the fax number. She researched and said the reason I hadn't received anything is because the girl had transposed some letters in my e-mail address. That person then e-mailed me the fax number & I immediately faxed a copy of my passport. I received the package on November 3, 2015. When I spoke with my sister she said she had tracked the package from Newmarket, Ontario to Detroit, Iowa, Oklahoma and Kansas.

My question and complaint is, other than the unnecessary multiple destinations and the length of time it took for my package to arrive, is why was I interigated about my citizenship and why did I have to send a copy of my passport? Incidentally, a week after my sister had mailed the package she drove to St. Peterburg, Florida from Newmarket, Ontario - stayed 7 days - flew home and was still back in Newmarket before the package arrived in Oklahoma! My family and I have been mailing packages back and forth between U.S. and Canada via the U.S. Postal Service for over 50 years and never had a problem. Does someone have to be a U.S. citizen now to receive a UPS package from Canada? VERY disappointed in UPS and will definetly us the U.S. Postal Service in the future.


Here is my UPS complaint. According to tracking info, my package was received by UPS, Joplin, MO and transferred to the Joplin, MO post office on Oct 27. When not delivered by Oct. 29, I contacted post office and UPS by phone. UPS person said it was at post office, post office checked and said they didn't have it. On Oct 30 checked tracking info again and found the package was received and delivered to post office on Oct 30 and would be delivered to me by the post office on Oct 31. Package did not come today, Oct 31. More than one postal employee said that UPS regularly lets packages set for 3 or 4 days after receiving them before transferring them to post office. I hate to think that my package was setting at the UPS building 4 blocks from my house and I have been waiting on it for 5 days.


The dyslexic delivery guy has been delivering very important packages to the wrong house. This is the 8th time this has happened. It is unbelievable. I have been charged $150 from AT&T for not returning an equipment in exchange for the old equipment. Where is my reimbursement? Your employer royally screwed me and I demand the problem to be acknowledged.


Went in to return an item that was sent defective. I was told it would be about 5 to 7 minute wait. After waiting 10 minutes while he was still in the middle of the first customer with 3 more in front of me. I said I'll come back later. I did and the same place and an extremely long wait time. So I just left the package without a receipt. Went back 2 days later and another man was working. I waited for 15 minutes for him to help 2 others send just 1 package each. Seems he didn't understand how to operate the register system. This has to be the worse UPS store in the county.


I went to UPS on Pine Ave in Long Beach, CA this morning to make copies I asked the manager to help me after I gave him $2.00 cash for my 6 copies. He asked me for my debit card, ran it thru the machine then preceded to tell me that I will be charged $19.99 deposit without my permission, no explanation, nothing, after he ran my card. He told me my card would be credited within a couple hours. I said I would be back at 3:00 to check. He did not bother to tell me that he was leaving at 2:00.

The new worker told me it would be 72 hours before my card would be credited. I am on SSI disability on a fixed income. I need my money back now! I am also going to file a police report complaint, as this so called manager took my card and made this purchase without my consent. I am a very unhappy customer, and will tell everyone and anyone I know. I will also contact the BBB.


Today at 2:25 PM PDT, a UPS driver came into our park, which is right off Gibson Rd. There is a stop sign just 60 ft. in as you come into our park. The driver did not stop and did not even slow down. I live at the front of the park, and noticed him speeding well over the posted 15 MPH limit. When he left, several minutes later, he was still going much faster than the posted limit.

This is a mobile park for adults over 55 years. Most people here are in their 60's,70',s and older, and walk these very narrow park roads. This is very dangerous for the people here, and the driver should be cautioned before someone gets struck. The driver was a white male, 30's? and appeared to have light hair. He apparently had trouble finding the house he was delivering to because he drove past my house a couple times. No other details. I am reporting this for information only at this time.


UPS truck license #4C76008 unloading @ UPS store, 3145 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, Ca. at approximately 9:40 AM. Wednesday, May 13, 2015. Her truck was blocking two metered parking places. I pulled in behind your truck and waited very patiently while she was unloading.

After waiting for over 10 minutes as she passed my car. I asked her if she could please move her truck so that I could park. She completely ignored my request and upon her return unloaded more packages. The irony of all this is I was trying to park so that I could drop off a package at your UPS store at that location.

Is all she had to do was take a few minutes and pull her vehicle forward about six feet. Please respond to my complaint as I think her actions were uncalled for. She could have at least responded to my simple request. I certainly didn't expect to be completely ignored.


I was waiting after the package which (according to Amazon) would be deliver at 8pm. Went home early to wait after my air conditioner.... the sticker wasn't at the building door. I went down to lock my motorcycle for the night time and I saw the UPS sticker that "we missed you!"

What the heck !???!! The guy didn't even ring to the door !!!!!!!! I am afraid that I will not be deliver at all ! I am very upset !


They seem to be above the 25 speed limit in our neighborhood. Every day we have one flying down the street. Children during the summer ride bikes and walk from the grade school and middle school. I am about to contact Warr Acers about it as well NW 47th street area Warr Acers Ok 73122. I have observed it for several months.

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