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I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna. When i was about to use the heater last November 2010…it was blowing cold air instead of hot air. I have it checked at Toyota Sunnyvale, California and they told me that heater was not working anymore and the cause is mechanical problem and it will cost me $3,000+ for parts and labor. They said it is not covered by Toyota warranty anymore. The car is only 5 year old with 53,000 miles and the whole heating system is already broken?!!! Ridiculous, isn’t it?! Do they gave me a choice?! None!!! They won’t even give me a discount right there from their office.

They told me that I need to find a coupon somewhere…an excellent customer service they have. Luckily I found a 10% coupon from facebook. With the kind of customer service that I have received from Toyota and the problem I have encountered with my Sienna. I will never never never ever buy any toyota car in my entire life and i will never never never ever recommend toyota to my friends and relatives…never!


I bought a 2010 Tundra Crew Max 5.7 Limited 4×4 in March of 2010… I’ve had it about a year and it has been a nightmare. I traded in my 2006 out of anger about the US Govt and media slamming Toyota for the gas pedal farse. I spent almost $50k, putting about 30k down on my dream truck. It was awesome, ripping past people with little or no effort on the freeway. So proud of it I tinted the windows to match the black exterior (with the swirl marks). Then, about 1200 miles, I went under the truck to change the oil. It was like prom night, getting under there for the first time, looking around for stuff, excited to find the oil drain plug and filter. I am an avid AMSOIL user, so 1200 miles was good break-in.

I located the filter under the skid plate and I noticed it was damp. Further inspection revealed it was an OIL LEAK! I located the source.. It was leaking from behind the TIMING CHAIN COVER! What a let-down! I was wondering if I bought a dam Chevy! I noticed that the gasket material was squeezed out from between the block and the cover, so I figured some moron at the San Antonio plant over-torqued the bolts… You know, the same plant that had shut down for a while due to low sales of the New Tundra because gas was hitting $4 a gallon at that time.

Okay, so human error. I get that but I was pi$$ed.. I was already in hot water with the wife for getting rid of a perfectly good 2006 quad cab Tundra with low miles. I took the truck to the dealer where I bought it (Salinas Toyota, CA) and they were mystified. They had never cracked open a 5.7L… The procedure to fix would basically be a timing chain replacement process, just not changing the chain out. After about a week, I got the truck back and let it run with standard oil. I drove the truck to Yosemite in the snow.. Did great. I got home and I wanted to change the engine air/cabin air/engine oil/engine oil filter. I popped off the skid pan and AGAIN THERE WAS A LEAK!. This time there was gasket smear all over the seams where the timing chain cover meets the block..

I was upset. I decided to go to my local dealer, Gilroy Toyota (CA). I took it in and they decided to order a new timing chain cover, in case the original one was warped. SO, the truck now has 5500 miles on it and it went in. The truck came back out and it had a funny whine to the engine, increasing in pitch as the engine spun faster. The thing sounded like it had a double roller chain and blower on it. It sounded like the gear whine that you get from a drag racer.

I was okay with it but it was loud in my garage when I warmed it up. I called the dealer and asked them if they put in a roller cam gear (yeah, right) or is there something wrong. I went to start it and the battery was dead. Jumped it and took it in. They had to jump it too as the battery was bad.. They stated that it was the power steering pump. I asked them to be sure and that if they used a stethescope to isolated the noise, to be sure that the noise was not being transferred from the timing chain cover, all the way through to the surface component.

The dealer assured me that the power steering was the fix.. Well, they replaced the power steering pump and the noise is still there. They still have the truck and they are waiting on a new timing chain cover and oil pump, citing that the oil pump may be the issue. I told them that it sounded like the timing chain cover was rubbing on the new timing gear sprocket, which made it sound bad a$$ but would possibly scatter the engine soon..

I have never ever ever had this with Toyota… I had a 1983 4×4 that ran 300k miles, a 2002 Camry (160k miles), a 2000 Tundra, a 2005 Tacoma, a 2006 Tundra, still have a 2007 Camry XLE, a 2008 LE and now a 2010 Tundra in the shop getting the engine torn all the way down for the third time…

What a nightmare on a dream truck I spent $50,000.00, and added another 4k in tinted windows, trd rear sway bar, clear bra, flipbak tonneau cover, bilstein shocks, TRD dual exhaust (yes the new 900$ one that finally came out for 2008-2010), satellite radio subscription and all weather mats……

What would you do? I am so anal with my vehicles there is not a scratch on any of them… I am freaking out and my wife is “told you so” ing me to death…..
2010 Tundra CrewMax 4×4 Black Limited V8 5.7 6spAuto/moon roof/nav/etc
2007 Camry xle Aloe Green v6 3.5 6spAuto/nav/moon roof/etc
2008 Camry le magnetic gray v6 3.5 6spAuto/moon roof/etc


I ordered key shells for my 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser. The original Toyota keys, between two, lasted about eight years. The two iKeyless replacements lasted about six months. The plastic is worthless. They case just disintegrated with little or no use. When contacted, iKeyless wouldn’t do anything without a return of the keys (which were ground to fit my car). When I explained that the keys were not repairable, they said tough luck. Do yourself a favor. Buy replacement keys from someone else.


My 2008 Rav4 Sport had been making noises so we took it to our local Toyota dealer. When they were done with the repair, they told me that Toyota recommended a new transmission, but that the car was safe to drive. By the end of December, the car was not drivable at all (at least not safely). Jump ahead a month – it is now the end of January. I was told by Toyota Corp that the part should be in between Jan 11th and the 25th. Guess what, it’s not here. I am still driving the rental and can’t seem to get my contact at Toyota on the phone. I don’t even know what to do any more… all I know is I am PISSED!


I went to Toyota Stevens Creek in Santa Clara California, I spoke with Wail Said and this sales person went and talked to his manager Moris Ronen, they latter came to me and told me that they have another lot full of cars but I could not go see it if I was not going to buy anything. How did I take that? Well, I am Hispanic and I felt that when they saw me they automatically thought that I did not have the money to buy a Toyota. You can visit them here: Thanks, Anthony.


My name Denzil Crawford I purchase a 2010 Toyota Camry from Toyota place on task avenue Garden grove California. The main reason why i purchase this car for thirty three thousand dollars was because it comes equip with a GPS system i agreed to the terms and condition. however this GPS system is not from the factory is an after market system that doesn’t work i was never told at the time of sale that the Gps wasn’t a Toyota product of which i was led to believe it was. I only learn this after i move to another state and having serious problem with it and took it to another dealership who advice me and make aware that this is not a TOYOTA Product.

I have Contacted These two managers Pat Petty &Sam Chaalan who are not coperating in have this GPS system remove and replace with a Toyota product. This System have been work on three times when i was living in california not knowing what kind of a junk they sold me. i am still paying for this piece of junk and it dont work Pat & Sam email me when i tried to get to the saying i should pay to have the system remove and send back to them and they will rapair it and send it back to me. this is unacceptable. can anyone get them to mentain the good TOYOTA IMAGE by selling TOYOTA only Products and stop the scam of sell cheap no good after market parts to coutomer letting them believing that they are buying GENUINE TOYOTA Products.

Would and will never refer or return to this dealer to do any buisness I am awaiting a speedy reply


We had a RAV4 2002 Model, and early this year, problem presented itself as a transmission issue with hard shift into reverse; starting off in 2nd or 3d gear. I brought it to the local Toyota dealership and was told the next day that the transmission and the ECU need to be replaced, and cost estimated about $5000. Too expensive to afford. However, after a couple of months, we got a letter from toyota motor sales USA, inc., telling us that certain 2001 to 2003 rav4 vehicles with transmission problems and had repair before could have the expenses reimbursed. I sent all my documents and expenses receipts to Toyota, but was denied to reimburse to me, because I had my ECU rebuilt/repair, but not replaced. What a stupid policy. We are not happy with this decision and will never buy Toyota anymore.

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