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I have made big appliance purchases at sears before and been happy so im very familiar with you’re price match up policy on 3/2/12 i called customer support to ask a question about youre policy…. this to be specific (If you find a lower online price (including shipping, handling and delivery) on an identical branded item with the same features (in Consumer Electronics identical brand and model number) currently available from a local competitor’s retail store honoring its own online price.

And the item is currently available for sale and delivery in your area, Sears will match that total price, Plus give you 10% of the difference. Just print the ordering page, including shipping, handling and delivery, and bring it to your Sears store at the time of, or within 14 days after, your purchase. If you are purchasing the item from, please fill out a Price Match form.)… since my price match was from and it said free delivery the agent (15272) agreed and said yes i qualify but i had to purchase today ….

I agreed since it was a great deal( so i thought) at first he had some issues on his side looking at the website but finally got in when he said i qualify for price match up and free delivery and setup i actually changed from the white stove to stainless steel which is more because you guys gave me such a good deal!!!!!!!!!!!!! he gave me a price match up ref # which is 19074 was very persistent i write that num down …. we were on the phone for a long time to get all the numbers correct!!!! even had to make a third party call for payment ….

he inform me he couldn’t make a price change so what would happen is he would charge the full amount ( regular price plus delivery) then i also added warranty and removal then go right back and credit my card the difference (167.09) which would take 3 to 5 days i agreed didn’t see a problem with that…..well after checking the order status i see were he deducted 69.99 for delivery (which he had to get that from somewhere…. hint because you guys don’t do free delivery unless purchased with sears card) but saw the regular price …at first didnt think nothing of it since i thought it would be credited on the card but then i had doubts so i contact customer service by chat …

she informed me i didn’t qualify and the ref # he game was invalid i didn’t have a lowes near me (7.1 miles away from home)…i explain her the situation and all she could offer me was 5% for inconvenience well im not very happy with that because that was not what i agreed with when i purchased the stove nor was she really listening to what i was saying she kept telling me to call in and speak to a manager …the only reason i used sears cause i know about the extra 10% if not i could o went to wal mart where they have the stove as well and they would of price matched and deliver a lot sooner ( spoke to manager so i knew they would do it) instead i went with you guys …

i didn’t mind a later delivery cause of the price but now i have OVER paid have to go by my own gas hose cause you guys didn’t have it and wait a week for the stove!! non the less i didn’t receive the the great customer service i usually get from sears!!! so after chatting with rep i called in like the cat rep told me to do and this rep was very nice after some looking into saw were the stove IS available and doesn’t understand what happened ….she said she sent the case to a higher level will see what happens but right now i feel trapped and played for a fool!!!

feel like the first rep was just saying yes yes yes to everything and just charged what he wanted!!!! i cant cancel the order because you wont refund the warranty so i guess lesson learn and im going to never trust and make a purchase from sears which i normally use a lot being military its one of the stores that is always around!!!!!! In ending i am not happy with this whole transaction and definitely not happy with rep 15272 I hope he is not allowed to con another customer!!!!! i have NEVER experience this!!!! especially after proving i was correct!!!

Even the last rep saw it! I have all the number and print out add from lowes which expire tomorrow and instead of helping me and investigating because obviously something happened you guys offer 5%!! (off your price) Very disappointing

Thank you for your time
Denise Flores


We ordered a Sole elipitcal from Sears and we were called and told we could pick it up on Friday. We arrived and submitted our receipt. After waiting about 25 mins., a representative came out and told us they could not find our order. After being ignored for another 15 to 20 mins. it was determined to not have been delivered. After many other attempts to satify us, they went to work on reordering the product. No one appeared to have a clue as to how to go about this. They tried on different computers and 2 different managers and a salesman.

After another several attempts to reorder without success, they drug us around ro the front of the store and tried to do it again. At this point they decided we needed to bring in our Sears credit card. It had not arrived in the mail yet. They said to just “swing by and present it.” We live about 50 miles away. After punching in more numbers and calling for more help, a Sole eliptical that was around $1500.00 was now showing over $2200.00. That was the last straw. At this point and 1 hour and 35 minutes later, we cancelled the order. Unbelieveable.

This is the Sears store in South County Mall, St.Louis, Mo.


-The first situation is receiving a very important appliance. I purchased more than $10,000 worth of appliances from Sears in October 2011. At first, the Sears sales associate “forgot” to order a blower than goes with my vent/downdraft for my kitchen. Finally, after weeks of calling about the blower a manager ordered the item in November 2011. However, it is February and the blower has still not been delivered. They are now saying it is going to be March 2012. I cannot wait that long and I want to return the item. I had to order the item on the side which was another nearly $600.00 The store where it was purchased was suppose to return the blower and call me.

Again, I have been waiting and no one has called!!! The appliances were electrolux. I would NEVER allow SEARS to represent my company!!! -My other complaint is returning a part. After ordering all of my appliances I needed a trim kit for my microwave. The sales associate was suppose to give me the appropriate model number to place the order from home. After ordering and receiving the item it was the wrong color. My appliances are stainless and the trim kit was white. I simply need to return the white trim kit. I went ahead and ordered the correct color after weeks of calling and trying to get the appropriate numbers.

However, I have been trying to get a return receipt emailed to me for one month and can’t get them to email it. They say they are going to, but never do. After speaking with sears five times and several weeks and trying two email addresses…still NO receipt. I even took the trim kit to the store and the manager there called and spoke with the online sales people. They said to sit the appliance out and within three days UPS will pick it up. It has been six days and still no UPS pickup. I have left the tappliance on my porch day and night. So they cannot say it was no there!

The microwave is frigidaire. Once again, I would NEVER allow SEARS to represent my appliances! -On a final note, the double oven I purchased are not heating and the face lights are burnt out. The repair associate is “suppose” to come here on Wednesday. Again, these are ELECTROLUX!!!


The Sears autocenter #6220 at Eastland mall in 2765 S Hamilton Rd., Columbus OH scheduled my truck for repair. The schedule was for 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. After waiting for two hours, the shop manager told me that a technician had gone home and that they did not know when my car would be finished. I had the option to wait without an estimate of when the car would be repaired or take my car out of the shop. I was also given the option to purchase the part received from NAPA if I wanted to have someone else do the repair.

My 1995 Ford F150 needs the starter motor replaced. This is a very short duration and uncomplicated R&R procedure. I will go elsewhere. This is not the first time that the Sears autocenter here and other stores have disappointed me. I do not expect to ever again ask any Sears to perform any autorepair.

I am very disappointed with Sears. I want compensation for my time and travel. I came to this Sears from the Candlewood hotel in Gahanna and spent two hours waiting.


After saving for a year and a half after my husband passed away I was able to pay to have my homes HVAC unit replaced BY SEARS. So I hired an installer to purchase and install this for me. Exactly 2 months after this $4800.00 purchase and install the unit began leaking freon on a regular basis having to refill it every couple months. The installer was very helpful for a while refilling it for free while telling me that if I went to any other source for repairs he would cut me off. Well finally he wrote me a letter stating that the unit was a lemon, Heil Comfortmaker 3 ton unit IS A LEMON. Well my son has been trying to help me contacting Heil Corporation, who is very rude and blames everything on SEARS, we cant get anyone on the phone at Heil at all.

So, when we contacted the Sears corporate office the man on the phone told us he would wave an inspection fee of $69.00 for us as a courtesy. So, we paid $4800.00 for this unit, and have now replaced a couple relays that cost over $100 a pop, freon refills now cost $250.00 every other month and we have had to replace 2 thermostats in the past month. And they want to help us out with $69.00 on something that should have never happened, SELLING A DEFECTIVE UNIT. So I asked to speak to someone in the Presidents office, and that GUY tells me I am waisting my time cause he will just send me back to him everytime. How unprofessional is this? So is there anyone out there that can help???

Is there anything that can be done?? Before I get the BBB involved or FTC, or surrounding News Investigators involved, or post hundreds of youtube videos around about this poor customer service, is there anyone that can help, or anything that we can do to get something done about this.


Hello. My name is Al and I live in Florence, KY. My mother recently bought a Kenmore Refrigerator online and had the address to be shipped incorrect. When we called to change the address on the shipping information they kept us on hold for 23 minutes then transferred us to someone they said could help. After being on hold with this person for several more minutes we were told that they could not change the address for the shipping. I thought this was ridiculous. We had to cancel the order and redo it. My mother got fed up and decided not to purchase the Refrigerator from Sears anymore.

I just did not understand why they could not change the address because the person(s) we spoke to were barely understandable. I understand that this is not your fault but all I wanted was a result that could benefit the both of us and instead I got nothing.


2 years into a top of the line Sears elite Washer, $1699.00 and it is junk, the repair agreement covers $500., it costs $664.00 to repair so they offered us a voucher for $500 to buy a new one! Like I would want anything again from Sears, this is so outrageous that it is near fraud! Why and How can a computer go out on a washer that is 2 years old, there are only 2 of us in the house. Our laundry needs are maybe 2x a week! My husband is appalled at the cost and the lack of standing behind their top end appliances! Never buy Sears, you are only asking for problems.


Dear Sears, I will never do anything through you guys again! Your business is crap. When something is suppose to be covered under warranty or if something is screwed up on your end, it takes you forever to get out and fix things and then you charge out the butt. Any loop pole you take in the warranty, you take it.On another note, everyone’s time is valuable and when you don’t show up during the time you are suppose to, you call. I shouldn’t have to call you to find out “why you never showed up, and you should NEVER tell someone that you just didn’t fee like making it out there today.”

I would rather pay someone else DOUBLE than deal with your company. Everyone I dealt with was extremely rude and unprofessional! I will be spreading the word all over to NEVER do anything affiliated with you again. I truly hope you go out of business or learn some proper service!


I purchased 4 Gladiator 30″ storage cabinets on line from sears and they delivered them to the store. The people at the pickup location were outstanding. I went into the store to buy track to hang them and I couldn’t find anyone to help me. This is the second complaint this year about not getting help. Lastly, the store had the same cabinet on sale for $ 20.00 cheaper than I had just purchased them for. I emailed the Sears site where I bought them and I have never received a response. My order and confirmation number is 280234986 and the barcode number is 093001389363.

Sears advertises the lowest price and I want $ 80.00 refunded to my credit card, $ 20.00 for each of the four cabinets. Sears service has gone downhill from the old days when I first began dealing with Sears and Roebuck.


Bought a range hood a few weeks ago. Turned out to be a 700.00 dollar referbished piece of ###… Anyhow, this range hood has a tendency to turn on when it keeps the rangehood lights on permanently. Sears, “technicians’ have been over twice and still no result. I called, pleaded, argued, and almmost got into a physicall confrintation due to the current staff. What ill do i dont know… but… I have come to reallize that franchizing is what is killing customer service and the reputation of sears. It really is no different then buying a excpencive car. Having problems with the car. And nobody to help you with it. It is insulting …

Thanks to my anti sychotic pills, people at that store mangaed to live another day… Also, the coller your skin really affects the attitude of the staff. Thirty years ago I to was an imigrant, but instead of excpecting things , I adjusted and worked for what i wanted… Just because my subureb has been infested, sears has no wight to support them jst because they could afford the franchise.


i purchased a mattress and box spring to be delivered to my daugfhters apt. i paid for delivery and haul-away. When items were delivered, drivers told her that they did not haul away anything. i called sear delivery and wanted to know why deliverymen would tell this and also asked for a supervisor to call me since i would now be inconvenienced for hopefully the haul away that i had paid for. i never received a call from either delivery to reschedule or a supervisor to file my complaint. I gave up and paid someone to get the old mattress and box spring.

Only to find out when they get there that the deliverymen had stood the new mattress and box spring on their side up against the wall and never even removed the plastic coverings much less set them in place for her on the bed. i cannot beleive the absolute horrible experience this has been with sears. i have always purchased all my appliances from sear in all my years. however, thanks to this purchase i will never step foot in a sears store again in my lifetime and will be sharing this story with as many people as i can.


To whom it concerns, I am very displeased with your company, I purchase all my appliances from Sears, I highly recommend all my family & friends to Sears. Needless to say I will no longer be recommending Sears. I was scheduled to receive my delivery Oct. 15, 2011, When it arrived to my residence it was damaged. I was then told it would be delivered the morning of Oct. 16, 2011, I waited and waited, I then called, and was told my delivery was in route to my home. I continued to wait, I then called back within the hour, to be told my delivery never left the warehouse, for some reason it was suppose to be damaged also, but I was informed it was in route,
when in fact it never left the warehouse.

I never received a call about any of this, I called and to my surprise It never left the warehouse. I was then informed that it wouldn’t be delivered til Oct. 18, 2011. My time is valuable also. No one called to verify if Oct. 18, 2011 was a good date for me. I had the utmost confidence when I made purchases from Sears, needless to say I no longer feel this way. Whereas I was willing to pay a higher price than I would at Conn’s due to my high standards for Sears. I am very very disappointed. I received less than good no where close to the perfection as usual from Sears Co. I really hope you all do a better job with others.

Your reputation is really going down because of the incompetence of the employees and or employers neglect to your consumers. I must stress again I am very, very, very, very dissatisfied. I really hope in the future Sears do better than what I have endured.


I build cabinets and install appliances. With all appliance companies I have found complete specifications for their appliances on line, especially ‘cut out dimensions!’ Not so with Sears Kenmore. After trying online, I called for help. Only to find a dead end and a bad attitude. I had to go the the store, where I was showed a book with, cut out dimensions. The sales person look at me as if I had two heads! We can’t receive the appliances, with the installation book until a later date and the building needs to start sooner. SEARS…show more specifications especially cut out sizes on line….please…I wouldn’t recommend Kenmore kitchen appliances.


I am sure you receive a lot of these emails, I am 85 years old and my lovely wife is 82. We have been a Sears customer for over 40 years, never had a problem. Until last year we bought a refrigerator paid 1300 dollars for it which is a lot of money for us. It worked fine for a few months then started to have problems, the repair guy came out a few times but it still didn’t work right. Sears decided to replace it which was a great idea, we had that one for a few months and the control board went bad, repair man came out again but the factory kept send wrong part finally the right one came and it didn’t fix it so we decided to exchange it for a smaller unit.

we got that refrigerator in August of this year, it was delivered with missing parts but worked so they ordered new parts for it. We had it for a month and it started to leak water, then it started to freeze food in the refrigerator part, lost food, and the parts they sent 7 times were wrong. Repairman came out 4 more times and the thing has not worked since. I called and called but kept getting the run around, finally I got some one in resolutions who said the would remove it and refund our money. Let me say something about the bill, original bill was 1300.00 dollars, we exchanged that refrigerator with this one 900 dollars.

Sears has not repaired the bill so we have 2200 dollars worth of refrigerator expenses and a refrigerator that doesn’t work. Sears has not given our money back on first one. Back to resolution hot line, first they said no problem we will fix this remove it and refund money Great! Then we get disconnected I call back get another person who said same thing she puts me on hold and we get disconnected again, call back get this rude lady who says no you will not get money back and writes a case number #3820371, so I ask for a supervisor because other ladies agreed to refund money and take it away.

It takes the supervisor 6 hours to call back only to tell us he is sorry but nothing he can do but exchange it. The way I look at it we bought the original one had it exchanged, once it didn’t work we bought a new one in August, it has not been 90 days so we should get our money back. I use to think Sears was one of the backbone company’s of America, but I am ot sure now. I worked for GE for 42 years and I know we would never treat our customers this way. Not an 85 and 82 year old over 900 dollars. I would just like some one to come and get this broken refrigerator out of my house and my money back. Thank you for reading this hope to here from you.

Charlie Thompson


MODEL #LMX25964ST100 serial # 008KRUC00694 can not get a repair tech or any replacement through manufacturer warranty. I bought it in 11-20-2010 and freezer dont work or ice maker and it runs constantly. So I have unplugged it after 6 days of straight running cause I was afraid it would get to hot and catch on fire. Can some tell me what I have to do to get it taking back since it has not been fixed and run so much! It is a Double Door LG refrigerator and I have talked to LG customer service for a whole week and still cant get nothing done and even contacted Home Depot where I bought it and a extended warranty but they cant do nothing.

It is still under manufacturer warranty.. So needless to say I probably will never buy another LG product… but would like mine replaced or refunded for it!!!


I bought a new whirlpool washer at sears Middletown on 8/13/11. I picked it up, took it home and installed it on Friday. Dead on Arrival. Called whirlpool warranty… just after 5pm. A nice young man in some other state was able to tell me that there was nothing I could do to fix it that night, so onwards to scheduling a service appointment. Increasingly hard to maintain contact, Customer service reps (CSR) go repeatedly through pleasant sounding scripts taking all demographic info, then lose the call and don’t call back.

An appointment can be made for a service call several weeks after I bought the machine, the Tech says, it needs a new control module which will be shipped to me, earliest date to return is two more weeks (9/15/11) I escalate as high as I can go through CSR department to no good result. Today is 9/15, and the tech calls to say he is on his way. I ask if he has the part, he says UPS dropped it off, is unable to give tracking number or drop off date. Says CSR will call to reschedule. CSR calls while I’m on the phone, leaves voicemail to call back. When I call back, is unable to schedule appointment to install part any earlier than 9/26/11.

I complain this means that I have to drag my laundry off to a Laundromat for another two weeks, but “eva” remains unmoved, that is absolutely the earliest she can schedule me for. I had tried calling the Sears store I bought it from, but am unable to reach department or store manager. Some of the people I talked to include “Leona”, Brian, Ethel Bartoli, (a brand central mgr), France, Matham, Dorothy, Lamarr, Jaime, and Trish. I also spoke with “James”, who answered the phone for William Crowley, who was unable to be of much help either.

When I bought a new machine from Sears I expected it to work, Not to have to pay a penalty in time and aggravation because Sears customer service is not consumer friendly.


Did not honor tire price or rebate. I got a quote for tires online at Sears Tire Center for the local Sears store for both my dads car and mine. I went to the store with my dad and he purchased his tires at the quoted price. Fact is they even lowered the price by a few dollars. It’s to early to tell if he will actually get the $160 rebate promissed him though. I went in two days later with my printout for the exact same tire type just in a different size and was told after several minutes of trying to be sold a more expensive option that they would not honor the price quoted me.

THE DEAL IS STILL ON THE COMPUTER!! So I didn’t get my tires at Sears and didn’t get my $160 rebate. I ended up having to shell out an additional $100 for tires elsewhwere…I am PISSED and Sears has lost another loyal customer. 83ebf4


On May 24, 2011 our Bosch diswasher we bought from Sears in 2003 began leaking. I called for a repair service and a tech came out. He used like a magnifying glass and look around but cld not find anything – cost $109. Diswasher still leaking I called Sears again for a tech to come to my house, same tech sent out this time he “found inlet water pressure to high redcued input water pressure, checked operation”. The charge $144. Later than day my daughter came home and asked why I paid again and I said your right, the reason I was niot thinking will be revealed later.

I can’t the check and immediately called June 10 and told them I had canceled the check. She stated they would send out “Sr Tech”. Over Memorial Day weekend we went camping and when we returned the whole floor was wet clear thru into the garage. Called Sears again and talked to another rep who told me I never should of been charged for second visit and I have 90 day warranty from the time they come out. On June 15, 2011 they sent the SAME TECH out to my house and I finally kicked him out telling him I did not feel comfortable with him working on the dishwasher and asked him to leave. Before he left I made him sign a that he confirmed the water damage to dishwasher, kitchen floor and garage.

On June 21, 2011 a Sr Tech came out and replaced the water inlet valve, I paid him again $9403. The problem is now fixed.
I made claims with there claims office. She advised me to send pictures and get two estimates which I did.

On June 23, 2011 I received a Demand Letter for payment on the stopped check from TRS. I disputed the claim and sent in my letter July 11, 2011. On June 25, 2011 I received another Demand Letter for payment from TRS. Again, I sent in disputed letter. This part finaly got taken care of.

I called Customer Solutions on 7-7-2011 and talked to rep about being sent to collection agency. She stated she would have someone call me. No one called.

I called again on July 8 – no return call

I called again on 7-11-2011 and talked to rep who stated she sent message for tech manager to call me back within 24 hours. No one called me back.

On 7-22-2011 I called and talked to another rep and stated I was not going to be calling again and if they sent me to collections we were going to court.

On July 25, 2011 my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, brain cancer, espogas cancer. We flew to Arizona and was down there for 3 weeks.

When we got back I called the claims office to see where we were. She stated I had to get ahold of the Bosch Manufactured and send in faulty part ( which I thru in the garage).

I called again on 8-4 and left message for claims office. No return call.

On August 24, 2011 I finally received letter from TRS that they have charged back fee.

On August 6 I again talked to Sedgwick CMS who explained I would have to talk to the manufacutre myself. Well guess what, the manufacturel wanted the part which I had through away.

The damage was done by Sears yet they refuse to fix the problem.

At this time I do not need additional stress in my life as I have my hands full dealing with my husband. I will never shop at Sears again. They have lost all sense of what customer service is.

Why would I have to deal with the manufacture when in good faith I dealt with Sears. This claim is only $ 1,510 for replace the sub floor and lay tile down. I will never buy from Sears again and am very disappointed in them. Small claims court here we come!!!!! but we very aware the $ 1,500 just went up to addl $5,000 for pain and suffering.


I bought a dishwasher from Sears.Com. I agreed to pay them extra to deliver it, install it and take away the old unit. I also paid for an install kit. They kept me waiting 10 days for delivery. At 11:00am on the delivery day, I called to ask them when they were coming. They said, “relax, we’re coming today” I waited some more. At 4 pm they still weren’t here, so I called them again. They said, “we have decided not to come. It’s too much trouble to deliver to your area, We’ll just give you your money back, but it will take 10 days to get a refund on your credit card” I said, “what do you mean its too much trouble? Sears is only 56 miles away and they deliver to my area once a week!” said, “well, we aren’t them, and we think your area is too much trouble to get to!” They held me up for 10 days, and I am still waiting to get my money back from Then I called the Sears brick and mortar store in Flagstaff, Arizona. I told them what happened with and asked why they were allowed to use the name sears if they weren’t Sears. They said they were Sears, just a different division. So I bought the dishwasher again from Sears brick and mortar, paying extra for delivery, take away of old unit, installation, install kit and extended warranty. Sears kept me waiting 2 weeks for delivery.

When the delivery man arrived, he left the dishwasher in my living room and without making any excuses went away without taking the old unit, without installing the new unit and without leaving the install kit I had paid for. I am stuck with an uninstalled new dishwasher in the living room, no install kit, and the old unit still under the counter! Sears has done nothing to rectify this. Sure, they said they would refund the install fee, the delivery fee, and the take away old unit fee. But that still leaves me with two dishwashers, neither of which works!

And for the time being, the price of two dishwashers, two deliveries, two installations, two take away old units, and two install kits remains on my credit card ! I have done business with Sears for years. All the appliances in my home came from Sears. I own stock in Sears, but not for much longer. Sears isn’t the company they used to be.


Sears I had a scheduled AC service call for 8am to 12pm this morning (Wednesday). At noon I got a recorded call that the repairman was running late – OK, at 2:30 I went on their repair site and asked how late and I was told 3:23 – ok, at 4:15 I called and was told the tech would call me – ok, no one called, at 5:30 I called and was told that the tech said I was not home and I needed to reschedule (no tag on my door) – NOT OK! I escalated this and was told that the first time they could get to me was Saturday – my first call was on Wednesday.

I am recovering from surgery and cannot go out therefore I was home all day and they blew me off. I paid for a 3 year maintenance agreement and everyone says thank you for being a premier customer but they do not know how to treat a premier customer. I am now expecting service on Saturday 1pm to 5pm. I will be on the phone every 15 minutes until they show up and I will do everything in my power to slam Sears Service every chance I get. I am 70 years old and recovering from back surgery so I am house bound. The tech just decided to go home and I am the one who suffers. Lies!


I recently placed an order of 2 HP Touchpads through The “black friday” of the year items. They were still currently priced at the original pricing, not-reduced. I knew they would reduce them as HP issued a public statement. After I placed my order, I called them to check if they would be able to do a price reduction in the future, she said yes. However, she did warn me that the model number on this means that it would not be reduced.

Shortly after that call, I get a call from a local Sears rep saying she’s from the “order verification team” and wanted to let me know that Sears would not be issuing a price reduction on these items and if I wanted to still order at full price. I asked her multiple times if she’s sure Sears would not be reducing the pricing and she said yes. She also said because this is a “clearance” item, there’s no price matching. I had a feeling she just made stuff up to get off the phone. So reluctanctly, I told her to cancel my order. 

Then about 2 hours later, I checked and the price had been reduced! WHAT THE ****! The same items I just had ordered and cancelled because Sears said they would not be reduced, were reduced less than 2 hours after I cancelled my order. Sears basically screwed me. If the “order verification team” ever calls you, just tell them to go away. Sears has the most misinformed, lying service representatives I’ve ever dealt with. I’ll never shop there again. I’ll probably be filing a BBB and FTC complaint soon.


As so many others have said al;ready Sears is no longer the Company they once were. Their service is lousy. The Techs are not dependable and on top of that they are rude. They esculate calls only to not have a satisfied customer. I called to have service on my side by side refrigerator. I was called on the same day to say that the repairman could not find my home. I indicated that the serviceman was rude and i even went to get him and he was not sitting where he was suppose to be when i initially gave him instructions on hopw to get here.

he rudely says if your house is 7 minutes/7miles up the road he said “well is I am driving 80 miles an hour how can i determine where this location is with that information” I said i would think you would use common sense and base this fact by the normal speed limit. nevertheless i shared this information with the company, however they act as though they have no control over the techs. now we have to schedule for another day mind you i am caring for my terminally ill husband which they were told.

the next person solved one problem but then the piece that i told them that i heard broke is still unresolved, i have continuosly water flowing into my ice tray causing blockage. i wasted a lot of man hours with this company with no satisfaction and they continuosly want to push their service warranty contract for repair which they are not able to deliver satisfactory service. customer beware. with this economy, they won’t be in business long if we take our business elsewhere…


i have been reading the complaints of others and i am seeing the same story from all, that we are being held on hold for very long periods of time. not being connected to someone who can give answers to the problems and never getting call backs.leading many to be totally fustrated with those in charge.there moto is very wrong when they say = WE’RE ALWAYS HERE WHEN YOU NEED US, & WE’RE HERE TO HELP. i have a warenty and now find out how bad it is to get things fixed, so far i have had 3 techs out with 3 differant repair dates and still have no resolve to my problem. I am sitting with a washer that is broke and sears has this carefree attitude about them.

I will never buy a sears product again and if they keep this up they will find that there reputation will be gone and profits to.


I have been a Sears customer for at least 20 years. All my appliance have extended warranties. I just want people to know that they should go somewhere else. A few weeks ago my Kenmore Elite washer broke and I call for repair. It is 10 years old but every year they call me to renew my warranty and I did . My washer is warranted until October 2011 but they wont fix it because the item number of the washer faded and for that reason it can not be fix. I have the original papers and I told the repair man that it should be in the computer too. Basically they dont want to fix it.

I guess that this resession is destroying them and also us the customers. I have to buy 3 new appliances and it wont be from Sears it is not right to come up with this excuse.They but the item number on the door and it gets wet all the time. I have never heard this and I am so mad that I really think I will take them to court. Sears is not what it use to be we have had it.


I have been trying to talk to a supervisor of the customer service department for over two hours today. I have been on hold for the final time 47:37 minutes and going and expect I could be on this line to Sears for the rest of the night. I called to talk to a service employee and because I was complaining about a service call to my home that was cancelled, at least three women disconnected. Each time I called back and when I explained AGAIN that I wanted to speak to someone who could at least try to arrange for me another date, I was disconnectedor put on hold. I called back a minimum of 7 times. I was put on hold no less than four times on an average of 10-15 minutes.

Does Sears even know what customer service means??? They should fire these employees immediately. I know Sears can verify my complaint about these people from using my home number to verify my times being disconnected and put on hold, which shows that their supervisors should also be fired immediately. Sears is no longer a company that can be counted on by their customers and I will look to other companies for future purchases.


the tool department in sears freehold raceway mall in new jersey is lousey,the clerk at main check out is terrible on day shift. I was there to exchange a brocken socket and a worn out rachet, he could not open any doors to get to the tools, he said his only key was broken, no other key in the store,, he walked away saying he did not know when it could be opened. I walked up to the glass doors and pushed them open took my two pieces out of the cabinet, I walked up to the register, the clerk was amazed that i had the tools in my hand,,then he said we dont exchange new tools for warranty, my two pieces were 25 years old that just wore out.

I took the tools that I took out of the cabinet and left, I think Im going to be a LOWES custamer for tha next 25 years….thank you ..


To Whom It May Concern: First, let me start off by saying that I have been a big fan of Sears for my entire life. They have always represented quality products and good customer service. They have always stood behind their products and have done their best to assist whenever issues did arise. That was then. Now, for the rest of the story. I have bought numerous appliances from Sears in the last couple years, including a stainless steel refrigerator, a stainless steel convection oven, a stainless steel microwave as well as smaller items like my vacuum cleaner and other kitchen appliances. Even my tractor is from Sears!

At issue is my Kenmore water softener. Since I have well water, and my well is extremely deep, we have a large amount of iron in our water. You do not see it but it turns sinks and such orange. For this reason, we have the water softener. This is a very important piece of equipment for us. Without it, we cannot do laundry (orange clothes) and all our sinks, toilets, cups, bathtubs, dog water bowls (anything that gets wet) is stained dark orange.

On September 25th, my water softener started leaking. It proceeded to flood my laundry room, closet and our family room (soaking the carpet). I immediately unplugged the unit and called Sears. They said they could get someone out on Wednesday the 27th if that was okay. I agreed and called off work for the morning appointment. The repairman never showed up so I called Sears and was told they made a mistake and the appointment was put in for Wednesday August 3rd. After numerous people and apologies they scheduled it for Friday September 29th.

The repairman came out and found that he needed three parts and had none of them so they had to be ordered. He wrote it up and scheduled the installation for Friday August 5th between 1 and 4pm. When I came home from work on Wednesday August 3rd, I found the packages at my door. I also had a message on my answering machine that I had to call Sears to schedule my appointment. I called the number they left and explained that I had an appointment AND that I had the paperwork in my hand that the repairman printed. I spent the next three hours in phone hell trying to straighten everything out, only to finally be told that they had the appointment and just needed to know if the boxes came yet!!!!!!!!

Now it is Friday August 5th and I am at home, missing my third day of work for this water softener fiasco. I get an automated call telling me that I needed to call Sears and reschedule my appointment. The appointment that I am sitting home waiting for!!! I call and am told by Valarie that they do not have anyone available today so I need to reschedule. I explain that I cannot do this.

They escalate me to Desire (in Texas) who looks into having it done tomorrow (Saturday) so I do not have to miss any more work. Of course, this cannot be done. They instead schedule it for Monday morning. That will be the fourth day of work that I will have to miss so Sears can attempt to come and repair their water softener. I still cannot wash clothes, everything is continuing to stain, and Sears doesn’t care. After all, I already gave them all my money.

I call the Hotline (1.800.795.5030) and ask for help. I explain my whole story for what seems like the hundredth time. I am told that there is nothing they can do. This is not the first time something like this has happened and it won’t be the last. I am flabbergasted that they would say this to me!!! I ask to have this escalated and am told over and over that there is nothing that will be done. They are fulfilling their agreement. I explain that I will have missed FOUR days of work for a simple repair job that most companies would schedule outside of the 8-5 that Sears demands. He tells me “I guess you will be going to the BBB then.”

I let him know that I would indeed be filing a complaint with them and anyone else who would listen and that I would post this story to every web site out there. I also informed him that I would not be ordering my planned new flooring from Sears after all. I also would not be shopping at Sears or any of their other holdings ever again.

I don’t know which is worse. The fact that I have missed so much work and spent so many hours on the phone for a stupid repair or the fact that I have lost respect for a company I grew up with.


Same problem as everyone else. My wife and I purchased a set of HE3T washer/dryer from Sears because the sales rep told us how great they were. What a crock! In June/2011, sixteen months after the purchase the washer quits working and displays a F35 and SUD error code. I research this and find out that I need a new analog pressure sensor switch. I call Sears and am told, sorry you unit is past the warranty. I call part’s places and depending on who I talk to I am told the part is no longer available or is on back order, and if I am able to order it it will be $100.00 plus to get it. I used to think Sears was the place to go to for anything, now I would go any place else and pay more.

I purchased a clothes washer and dryer in August of 2008 for over 900.00 each. Since then we have had nothing but problems with the washer. The washer is a HE washer and the first thing to go was the computer brain after about 6 months, A&e came out to replace it under our extended warranty plsn. Then it happened again, A&E came out and replaced everything inside the washer to include tub,computer face and about 2-3 otheer parts. Now it broke again! Service man came out again and told us it was the computer face AGAIN!! Said the part would cost over 500.00!!!

I strongly feel this washer is a lemon and should be replaced with a new 1 free of charge! If no response, my next step will be on the news. I would like an immediate resolve to this situation. Sears does not stand behind the products they sell. Sears is no longer a customer based merchant.


I ordered a mattress online, but my local Sears contacted me and arranged the delivery. The first Sterns and Foster broke down after three weeks. The mattress was exchanged for a more standered style Sealy. It was broken in 4 days. I chatted with a Sears employee on line about the bed on day five. I called the phone number she gave me on day six. The young woman I spoke with said she would send me a packet to show me how to take pictures. I had not had this bed a full week and did not believe the responsibility was mine to prove. I ask to speak with her supervisor, she said I could not. I have been trying for over two months.

I guess I expected to get something that looked like customer service. not so. I have been hung up on transferred to dead lines, or never ending rings. The absolute rudeness is impressive,but my husband is still hanging on to keep from falling out of bed and not one person cares that two defective poor quality mattresses have been sent to this poor handicapped man. I have called every line and been promised help that never was delivered, not one bit of compassion or respect. I would love to think that Sears was on the customers side, but that way of life is over. Hope Sears looses all its customers. I know they have lost two!


I was scheduled on June 9th, 2011 to have my icemaker on my refrigerator repaired. I called on that morning to confirm my appointment and I was assured that a Sears technican will be there between 1pm and 5pm. Approximately an hour later I received a call that my appointment was cancelled and the next available appointed will be July 24th. I then asked for an earlier appointment as I am having some work done and that two weeks delay will cost me a substancial amount of money. To my surprice I was told I could not get an earlier appointment. As being a long standing customer of Sears this is unaceptable, no provisions of even tried to give an earlier appointment was given.

If such distastful service continues you are never to big to “Fall”. Without “good” customer service you will loose great customers.


This is my complaint. We have had Sears for as long as i can remeber we bought all our appliances from them and our TV’s to. Im like the last person that complained -my time to Sears does not matter….i take time off from work because sears tech’s have office hours 8-5 and cant come any other time and here is the kicker-you have to sit at home waiting for them 8-5 because they are not sure when the tech is going to show-they cant give you a 3 hour window-so its 8-5. I waited the tech never showed-i called serveral times and they kept telling me that he was going to show because i was scheduled, yea i’ll belive it when i see it-He never showed so much for me being scheduled.

To make matters worst he rescheduled me for another day like have no say on how my life is scheduled for me-mind you i have to work. well they think i dont work and have nothing better to do but wait for their tech to show becuase i am at the mercy of Sears….wait for us at our time or suffer….well my microwave has not been fixed and im sitting here wondering if their is such a thing as a class action for false representing or lack of service they give you -well i’ll find out. from a very unhappy customer.


First, let me start off by saying I’ve used Sears Repair service before and it was a great experience, it was about 2 years ago, and in the same area that I live in now. This new experience has been deplorable! Out and out lies and deception. First, it was the automated system saying it would cost $70 to come out and diagnose the problem, and then when you speak to a real person (I use the term speak loosely), the cost becomes $129. Then I made an appointment (for $70), and they did not show up. When I called they LIED and said they called and left a message… they DID NOT. Then they said that my landlord called and recheduled HE DID NOT.

Then they said that the person in my area was sick and needed to reschedule…. now we’re getting somewhere. Just so you know, I called to find out where the service man was, and I had to make new arrangements! I was told that it would be $70 for diagnostics, but when the service men get here, I’m charged $129… it’s a racket. I can’t tell you how unhappy I am about the customer service from Sears Repair. From scheduling, to the diagnostic pricing, to the bait and switch that took place. I don’t know what could have happened in 2 years, but I will NEVER USE SEARS REPAIR SERVICE AGAIN! And, I will tell all my family and friends not to use it. And, I will post this on my workplace intranet… Time Warner/Turner Broadcasing/CNN!


i placed an order at sears online of 1 air curtain sold by I was given order confirmation by sears and was given an estimate date of delivery by 28-30 June 2011. Today is the 29th when I followed it up I was told that there is info of delivery yet and that they cannot get hold of the warehouse where shipping is originated. I’ve been following it up every now and then but I was suggested to just cancel the order. This is not the kind of business I am expecting from Sears since they advertised the item for online purchase only. Is anybody from Sears can help on this transaction as it is already been paid? Order no. is 240769546.


This is regarding the services of your repair technicians, the appliance service master protection agreement. We have now been 4 weeks without a functional refrigerator and your technicians first told me the unit did not have diagnostics, the second tech used diagnostics to determine parts and we waited over 2 weeks for parts, the unit still does not work and yet another tech visit and they have ordered ore parts and want to come back again when or if the parts are available. This is crazy, the unit is still not useable and they just keep replacing parts. This is symptomatic in auto repair if the techs do not know what or how to fix something we just keep adding parts.

I understand this is not at my financial cost but my lost time from work and inconvenience of a non functional appliance is way more than I would have ever expected. This unit should be replaced. I have a bad feeling regarding sears at this point and will never renew another service contract or purchase another product from you again. I will also make sure to notify potential customers through social media how this has been so poorly handled. Not to mention the confusion in your automated service appointment calls with conflicting appointment information.


I, like you, am a hard working individual. I have a job, which requires my devotion Monday through Friday, 9-5:30pm +++ (because I love it!)…. My washing machine decided to break last week. Fortunately, all of the products I have bought with Sears (mind you, Sears is the only store we have bought appliances) have remained true and trustworthy. Confidently I called upon the Team in Blue. Rest assured a technician would be out in 2 days to handle my temperamental washing machine. Kevin knocked on my door two days later with an air of confidence and pleasantries. He was not able to fix my washer on the spot, yet would order the necessary part.

With a slight sense of disappointment I smiled and agreed to Kevin’s plan. He stated the part would be ordered under the status of emergency and please call when it arrives. Sears would be out in a jiff to fix my temperamental machine. So…two days later the part arrives. I felt wonderful and knew that Sears was my best friend for life. So, I call and reach some strange sounding person…(possibly from India)…anyway, rest assured the technician would be out Monday. I told them…hey, “I already took a vacation day off of work, so could you come out in the evening or weekend”?

Strange sounding voice aped “I’m sorry, Miss Borne” about 5 times. Essentially they do not work evenings or weekends…so…what is a working person to do? Well, I hired a neighbor to sit at my house and wait for the Sears repair technician to show up. The time frame 1-5pm. I called to get a more specific time…”I’m sorry, Miss Borne”…we don’t give specific times. Okay, my blood pressure clicks up a few points. Why can’t you give a specific time? What happened to communication? Why does MY life/work not matter? So, ….my neighbor’s son comes over at 1pm. Sears shows up at 4:15pm.

The tech tells him the part that was ordered is wrong. He fumbles around in his van and with the machine for a while. Tells the young man that “it’s fixed”. Yeah!!!! I get the call and cannot wait to get home from my job to do the laundry that has been piling up for a weak+++. I put the towels into the wash and within one minute receive an error message. Hmmmmmmmm….this can’t be right…this is–Sears. My loyal friend. Well, I think to myself…an innocent mistake; I’ll call Sears customer service and all will be fixed. Hmmmmm….am I in a different country w/ customer service?? They don’t seem to understand my needs.

They keep saying my name over and over and keep saying “Sorry, Miss Borne” over and over and over. I finally get so frustrated that I just ask for a refund (since I have spend $254.01 and 2 days of work). The ‘manager’ states she cannot refund my money. She asks me to call back (she can’t help me today)….here’s the icing on the cake….she hangs up on me. I hope this girl gets fired. She was rude, cold, and robotic. I have been beyond loyal to Sears. My husband moves every 2 or 3 years with his job. Who do we buy our appliances from?? Sears!! Yeah Kenmore!! Well, not that my dollar or two (truly about $10K every move) matters, yet good God, that was a horrible experience. Please call me if you want details. At this point (sad to say) we are done with Sears. I will get my refund (since the machine doesn’t work) and will go with an independent contractor to fix the problem.

I just wanted to let you know one of your loyal customers is shocked and going elsewhere. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. I am a loving, kind, gentle spirit. Yet your customer service does not understand the English language. Nor, do they know how to satisfy customers. All they know how to do is say..”I’m sorry, Miss ______). So, I wish you luck in all of your endeavors in the boardroom. All of your grandiose ideas will be squashed with the customer service that I dealt with. Know that people matter. Their schedules, needs, complaints, praise, and feedback matter.

Just wanted to let you know what turned around 11 years of faithful purchasing.


Jane Borne


My wife made a purchase at a sears store in the Denver area on June 24 2011and found that some of the items did not fit properly the same night. She went to your store located in the Cherry Creek area the next day and tried to exchange them. She was told that she had purchased the items in Sears’s store that would not allow exchanges and she was stuck with the items. I called the store manager Jim Callahan and left 2 messages concerning this matter and he has not bothered to return my call. I read on the internet yesterday that Sears will probably not be in business in 2012 and with customer, service like we have encountered it is easy to see why.

It looks like your financial troubles have made your Customer Satisfaction policy a thing of the past. I am sending a copy of this e-mail to Lou D’Ambrosio President and CEO, Edward Lampert, and the Denver BBB. In spite of the lack of respect that your staff and management in the Store in Cherry Creek has for your customers my wife spent over $200.00 at the Cherry Creek store on June 25th 2011.

Ron Conner, Denver.


My side by side refrigerator/freezer has a big problem. The freezer part is not working. I have a Master Service Agreement and I have to wait 12 days for a technician. Of course, he is going to come out, not have the parts and then I have to wait another who knows how long to get the thing repaired. Not fun, when it is 100 degrees in Florida and I have water pouring out of it all over my kitchen floor. Emailed the social media address at Sears. They responded immediately – great, I thought! Not so fast. Someone called me at home, so when I got home from work, I called the number (no chance of actually reaching a human being!!) and asked that they call me work number. I haven’t heard another thing.

This “social media” thing is baloney. They just delay so much that you are right back at where you started. Ridiculous.


To whom it may concern, I have been a loyal Sears customer for over 40 years. I have recently pruchased a new riding mower, which in turn I had to purchase a grass catcher bag. It turned out that the hardware for the grass catcher was defective and I was told a technician would have to come to the house to repair the problem. The appointment was set for June 14 between 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M.. No one showed and no one called. I called twice and was told someone would get back to me but nobody did. I called a third time at about 4:30 and was told the truck broke down.

Now I have waited all day, cancelled a doctors appointment and now at 4:30 i am told the Sears truck broke down and I will have to re-schedule. Someone should have called me to let me know what was happening. They didn’t know the first 2 times that I called that the truck was broke down? Now I have to wait another week to to get my problem fixed. I don’t think so. I canceled the appointment and fixed the problem myself.

This is the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. If I am not here for a scheduled appointment you charge me. What can I do if you don’t show up? I should of been informed of the problem alot sooner than I was. I wanted to let you know what happened so that maybe the next time the truck breaks down someone will let the Sears customer know what is going on so their day won’t be ruined like mine was waiting all day for no one to show up. MY E-MAIL is boatclubrich [at]


Washer from Sears stopped working and giving code F11. Sears told me since it was 20 months old that they could sell me 365 warranty or send someone out to fix and it could me a lot more. The issue is the computer board and my books says it is covered for 2 years the lady wasn’t aware of that. She just scares everyone into buying the 365 warranty. Then I find out there is a class action lawsuit on this Kenmore elite h 3 washer. I go to Sears and talk to Store Manager Joe in Colonial Height Virginia and he puts me on phone with their corporate office and the lady asked if I got a letter about this washer yet? I told her no.

She told me I would be getting one in the mail? Why didn’t they tell me that when I called 4 number earlier. They wanted money how many people have just paid? How many old ladies have been scammed like this? Then I ask Joe the Store Manager what are you going to do to make it right and he said there is nothing HHS can do until I Get the letter. What am I to do until then? I have to wash my clothes and Joe the Sears Store Manager told me to go to laundry mat. People spend your money somewhere else.

I go to Lowes and buy a new washer and dryer and warranty for 4 years was 180 for both and the warranty at Sears was over 600 dollars for both. I went to Lowes because consumer report rated them good in customer service. We all check prices on items but we don’t check out how much the warranty is and we spend hundreds more. SEARS IS A SCAM…… I found hundreds of complaints on this one washer and when called they wanted 365 dollars. The class action lawsuit claims that after washer is one year old it stops working and comes up with code f 11 and then they sell you a 365 warranty.

What a scam and a way to get more money coming in the future. Was one of these people your Grandmother.


I recently ordered 4 major appliances for the kitchen in my rental unit in Maui. At the time of order I informed the sales clerk that the refrigerator would have to be lifted over a small kithen counter in order to fit into place. I was told that was no problem and it was specifically noted on the sales slip. When the independent movers arrived, they made it clear that they were unlable to put the refrigerator in and even balked at removing the range door for easy install. After much hassling, I signed a waver and they did agree to take the doors off of both appliances and did easily put the range in place.

However, they still would not move the refrigerator and did not even stop to take the packing out of the range or level it to counter height. Later in the day another installer arrived to put in the microwave dishwasher. He was very helpful and would have moved the refrig into place if he had another person. He told me that he would come back the next day with another installer and see that the refrig got into place. I spent the entire next day dealing with this issue, calling Sears several times to inquire as to why noone had arrived. This was extremelyl important to me since the rental unit was booked for 5 nights beginning the following day.

The day ended with no refrigerator in place simply because Sears never contacted the installer to give him the order to do the job. He was in the area all day waiting approval from the manager at the Kahului, Maui store. The refrigerator was finally put into place late the next day and Sears did finally offer to give me $100 off. I was very disappointed that the manager never even said he was sorry for the inconvenience. My condo rents for over $200 dollars a day and the entire rental was lost. I have purchased many appliances from Sears over the past 40 years but I will be very hesitant to do so in the future.


Carole A Havens


To Sears CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT. How long does it take to get service from your service department? There is no truth to your advertisement, for it really takes a long time. Case in point: the ordeal that has become to service my dishwasher. Let establish first the time line. On May 16th we place the first call and got an appointment for May 21th. The technician came and left, we were home but he reported that “no one was home”. Did he come to my door??? We called back on the 23th to re-schedule; got an appointment for the 26th. But nobody came because there were no available technicians on that day.

We called back on the 27th and got an appointment for June 4th. The Sears technician came but did not finish the job, he needed a part, and had to re-schedule for June 8th; on that day he could not finish his route because he was late receiving the part he needed. We called on June 11th to acknowledge receiving the part and an appointment was made for June 14th. On that date the technician passed by to say he was coming back on the 17th to replace the part. But nobody came. When we called they told us that we were not scheduled for an appointment on the 17th and that the next available appointment would be on the 21st.

Among the many excuses I have heard over the phone is “a dishwasher is not emergency equipment”. But I beg to differ: in a household with 5 adults, 4 kids and a dog, dishwashing is a full time job. Maybe you have good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with them. The department in charge of providing service is not well managed and promises get broken left and right. This I learned by checking on the internet; there I found the complaints from other consumers about shoddy merchandise. A product sold by Sears was well made; the service was seldom needed when the item was new.

But the new trend of having all products made in China, or any place where cheap labor is available, with parts made anywhere else, produces gleaming sub-standard products that break often. Then you sub-contract the service which creates a communication chain that often gets broken. I probably have a claim number, but I didn’t get one. You can.


has owned tractor less than 2 years and has purchased extended warranty just had service tech there yesterday and he says whats wrong is not covered which is the steering gears are junk among other problems such as parts falling off the mower every time he mows what good is warrantys if company thats supposed to be as good as sears wont stand behind them ? we have alot of reiatives and family that supported sears products unless this gets fixed sears just lost alot of business for sure lost mine now i am the son of this customer and i am very upset your products and warrantys are not worth nothing if you dont make good on your word


Sears is the national leader in the warranty run around. They have 1 800 numbers to more incompetent people than the government. Their products are getting worse and worse and the warranties are a joke, they say they cant find it or they just don’t cover the basics. Sears used to stand for quallity but now is just a space filler in your local mall. If you are wise you will not buy their products they may look good on the outside but the service on them is despicable. Their only chance for survival is that the elderly will still buy because they remember what SEARS used to stand for. Where quality once stood you now have a shadow of a former giant.


We purchased the LG brand front load washer/dryer from Sear 2 years ago, at the suggestion of the Sears sale staff (I find that although LG appliances are crap, they get a higher margin). This dryer is a real piece of work and has now been making a load bumping noise for over 2 months. Even after the service guy finally showed up, he had to order parts, then return back to replace them (maybe??). It still makes the noise. He says it could be something else. Sears repair scheduled him again and then he cancelled.

It is 120 miles one way to the store, but we cannot even take the appliance in because they don’t work on them there. All of the repair guys are contractors. Bottom line here: don’t buy stuff from Sears and don’t buy LG stuff from anyone.


On January 28, 2011 I paid Sears $413.51 to fix my refrigerator-freezer and I thought they fixed it. On that day I thought they fixed it so I bought a Pretection Agreement from the tech. Months later it started doing the same thing. Not freezing. I called them back out and instead of checking the board that they had replaced in Jan. the tech said that was not the problem and fixed something else. Well instead of Sears refunding me the money for the first visit they know I bought the protection so they just send another tech out. Now here it is June 2, 2011 and the problem with my GE Refrigerator is back again.

Still not freezing. Today when I called Sears customer care they said tough luck. The customer care guy was rude, act like he did not give a care about the complaint. I have always bought my appliances from sears but not anymore.


I am writing you today regarding a dent in the side of our newly purchased refrigerator. On 5/31/2011 we purchased a new refrigerator including a three year contract totaling $744.55. Fortunately, you were able to deliver the unit today 6/01/2011 which we were very grateful. We explained we needed it immediately because we had all our food on ice to preserve until the unit was delivered today. However, the delivery man pointed out that there was a dent in the left side of the refrigerator.

We had no choice but to accept the unit because of the food to go bad and my wife said since the damage was cosmetic only she would live with the dent. The delivery people were excellent and called their firm to report the dent. The company offered a gift slip. While this is very nice of them we are not really interested in a gift slip we explained we expect some compensation for living with the dent. They informed us to contact them. The damage obviously was not due to anything the delivery company did. You could see the damage on the box itself.

I called your white marsh Md store to speak with Chris who we purchased the unit from yesterday. However, Chris was off today. So, someone named Sean asked to help. I explained the situation to him and he began to tell me that my options are to return and refund or get a replacement. We do not want a refund, we do not intend to go through moving everything in the house including removing doors etc. What should be done is a credit to compensate for the cosmetic damage rather than cause us more grief waiting and transferring everything once again.

I told Sean that I would write to someone that will hopefully listen and be a bit more understanding. I explained to him that we simply asking for a reasonable credit back to our charge taking into consideration the dent. He was obviously unable to help and suggested he start a transfer to this dept and that dept obviously just trying to pass us off.

Mr. Davis


TO: Louis J. D’Ambosio, CEO of Sears, and to all Sears Customers. I recently purchased a washer and dryer on Memorial Day, 2011. The Washer was to be delivered on June 1 between the hours of 3-5 pm. My son used his phone number when he purchased the washer as a gift for me. I purchased a dryer the next day and it could not be delivered until June 14!
On June 1, I was home all day and had laryngitis.My son called and said the del. would be one hour late.At 7:30pm there was a no show so I called sears delivery (Took 25 minutes on hold) and was told I was next on the list for del.

I gave them my home phone number and asked them to call me with questions or updates. They said OK. My son had given them detailed directions to my home since the GPS might not find it. At 9pm I called again (30 minutes on hold) spoke to an agent who said they tried to call and left a message with my son. I asked to speak with the manager (25 minutes on hold), and he told me the same thing. I told them their del. men were lying. I have caller ID and there were no calls made to me or my son and no messages were left.

They instead rescheduled the delivery for June 4th. I was very upset and asked them to send my dryer at the same time to work with me and they said they couldn’t change anything. Mr. D’Ambrosio I also called your top delivery center (800-479-6351)and spoke with “Charles” who was unable to make any chnages or help this situation. He told me he took the word of his del. men over me. I was livid. He made things much worse. My son did get a call at his work from an unknown number and when he answered they hung up. A delivery company that wants to leave a delivery doesn’t call with a blocked number and not leave a message.

There are too many red flags with the Sears organization. My son is very disappointed but I receive his and Marys blessing to gift this to me. In all do respect to the salesmen who tried to help I thank Frank and Robert at the Ohio Valley Mall. Tried to give feedback for them on your website, but the website is messed up and it seems impossible to give positive feedback for them. Another red flag. I have cancelled both orders with Sears. After reading complaints on hissing kitty, I have found Sears no longer to be a reputable and honorable place to do business.

I plan to go to a local appliance dealer who is dependable and trustworthy. I plan to replace my kitchen appliances there too. I have spent enough time with Sears. I will be cancelling my charge as well.

Sincerely a dissatisfied and disappointed longtime customer.


I have learned my final lesson with Sears. Last winter, a stove delivery arrived at 5:15 pm after being quoted a delivery time between 1:00 and 5:00. Foolish me. After sitting around for four hours waiting, it took them another hour to do the install. The two men were filthy and unprofessional. I can’t believe that Sears subcontracts with such low quality installers. I guess they make more money by giving their customers terrible service and cutting corners with installers. More recently, my washer broke and I called Sears repair services.

At the first appointment, the technician ordered parts and pre-charged me for future work. I was charged $468.35 that day and since it appeared on my bank statement right away, it was clear that Sears wasted no time collecting their money. At the second appointment, the technician only used one of the parts and issued me a credit of $184.88 on 4/7/11, however, I have not seen this credit on my bank statement. Where is my credit? Despite five emails to Sears in the last four weeks, NO ONE has bothered to respond. Does Sears think they can just keep this money?

Isn’t that theft? I am completely disgusted with Sears and will tell anyone who will listen, they should not buy from Sears. Be warned!


I was scheduled on June l, 2011 to have the icemaker on my refrigerator repaired from Sears. My husband gave the service department detailed numbers of the parts we would need so the technician would have them on hand. They called us saying the appointment time would be from 8:00A.M. to 12:00 P.M. At noon they called us again saying they would be later in the day due to a problem. Well at 5:30 my husband called Sears and the dispatcher rescheduled us for Monday June 6th. I complained saying we took the time to stay home all day for this and they should schedule us for the following day.

Why do we have to wait until the following week for a changed appointment done by the technician and not us. I don’t understand this. Besides the dispatcher just hummed and had no answers. She also stated that the tech needed to look at the refrigerator first before getting the parts which will put off getting refrigerator fixed another week or two. This is wrong. Sears please look into this type of situation and make new changes. We have always bought our appliances through Sears but this may change.


Or so I thought!!!! Sears has got to be the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. You have to be a sucker to buy an extended warranty from them. I bought 2 trimmers with extended warranties. One of them started to wobble underneath so I took it in to a Sears Store and showed them the problem. The unit is about 3 years old and the store said that they would fix it under the warranty and I would have it back in about 2 weeks. I HAVE SPENT OVER SIX (6)

TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, the repair center called me on May 11th and some girl told me that they would not honor the warranty because the oil was dirty!!!!!! Then I was told it was because the carburator was bad. Then I was told they would not fix it because it was not under warranty. Well, 2 weeks ago Thursday I finally got hold of a Sears supervisor named Jeffrey Brown who said he was going to fix the situation and have it repaired and of course never called me back. They wanted $210.50 to fix my machine. The trimmer came back to the store today (not repaired).

The oil in the machine is as clean as can be. My friend took apart the shaft (spindle) and it only required a little round piece to be put back and now it works fine. How dare Sears treat a customer with so little respect. My wife and I own 3 homes and have about 7 sears appliances in them. When they break I will go to Loe’s or Home Depot or anywhere but never again to Sears. If you are smart you won’t either.


Almost two months ago we bought 4 appliances from Sears. Kenmore, Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave and Fridge. All four arrived but the Fridge had a dent in the side of the freezer. We asked for a new one. It arrived appro. 7 days later same Kenmore name but not the same Fridge. Different style. This one had grey side’s. The appliances are Stainless Steel and Black, so it did not match the kitchen which is dark brown. Not to mention the fridge door did not match up with the freezer door. The seal around the Fridge door was crushed in. Pointed this out to deliver person who called someone who offered us $150.00 off if we keep this fridge.

No, so again waiting for new fridge a week or so it arrived. A Kenmore but different style, this fridge opened on the wrong side! Unable to change sides, another new fridge was on it’s way. Fridge number 4!! The seal on the freezer door crushed and the doors do not line up. And the handles are white!!! Not black or stainless steel like we agreed too! Now with being hung up on three times. 1-800 number telling us we “the Techs” have to review the fridge! Store Manager hanging up and refusing to give the number for customer service. Sears!? Do we have a fridge…..???

After all it’s paid for! We don’t want a repaired fridge, we want the new fridge we paid for!


Today, 28 May 2011, I ordered a part by calling the SEARS parts line. The part was $60, + TAX and Shipping. A total of about $79. Within 15 minutes of placing the order, I realized my pressure tank had a stuck valve, not a faulty bladder. I called SEARS to cancel the order and was told they have already ordered the part and can not cancel my order. GOOD FOR SEARS!!! NOT!! I have made my last purches from SEARS. Good Luck to SEARS. Losing dedicated customers in the time of the GREAT RECESSION. Can’t believe you can’t cancel an order from SEARS right after you purchased it, or at least change it!


Purchase a new craftsman tiller and it stopped working after a few hrs of work. I calaled Sears and they assigned to a tech. The tech preordered the part which arrived at my home 4 days later, The tech scheduled appt 6 days after the parts arrived. The tech told me the part was incoorrect and his parts catalog and Sears data base did not match and he would reorder correct part. The second parts arrived 6 days later and the tech 7 days after the parts was delivered. Needless to say the parts were wrong once again. Sears created a urgent case worked after the first parts arrived and she has not called or comminicated twith me as of yet.

Today, may 26th I called Sears for an update and they have no status and said for me to wait longer. I cannot beleive the poor customer service that Sears offer and will never purchase any other items from them. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to share my story with a potential customer and help them make a better decision.


I purchased an appliance (oven) from Sears, which was not in stock. So delivery was delayed. After recently reporting a problem, the Sears warranty department calculated the warranty date as of the purchase date even though the delivery date was 6 weeks later. After explaining this to the Sears people, they refused to honor the warranty and a supervisor did not call me back. I was put on supervisor hold for many minutes (more than 15 and then hung up.) The Kenmore appliances generally get good reviews, but their warranty people are really discourteous and not accommodating. If warranty service is part of your purchase decision, be advised that Sears is not consumer friendly. Lou W.


I went to repair the rear tire components of my Honda car on March at Sears auto repair. They gave me an estimate of $435. I told them why I did not do it in the dealer’s Honda. Sears stated that it was cheaper at Sears because the parts are not the original. I was scheduling the time to bring the car to Sears and then they change the quoted price to $1,000 for the same repairs to my Honda. I am really mad to this. If it is in this way now, then I go to the dealers for my Honda auto repair.


I purchased a refrigerator on February 13, 2011. It was delivered by professional personnel and I was delighted. The refrigerator, however, had a serious problem. Every time I closed the main refrigerator door, the freezer door would stand ajar. I always had to physically make the effort to close the top freezer part. After several times of finding the top door standing ajar, since I had forgotten to expressly close it, I decided I din’t need to lie awake at night hoping I had remembered to ensure the freezer door was closed. I complained and a technician came to tell me there was nothing that could be done about the problem.

I asked that the refrigerator be taken back be Sears. I had to make an express trip to the store where a clerk stood waiting for a long time to make the appointment for the warehouse to come pick it up. Why that could not be processed by phone, is a mystery to me. The appliance was not picked up on the date as promised. I had meanwhile bought a different fridge from another place of business and needed the Sears appliance to be picked up. Another trip to the store since nothing was seemingly possible by phone.

The fridge was picked up on March 22. When by April 20th, I still had not been refunded, I placed another frustrated call to Sears. Days later, I called again to find out that the warehouse had not processed my refund but that it would be attended to in 7-10 business days. It is now May 13 and I have still not been refunded.

Somebody HELP! It appears that the Raleigh, NC warehouse is extremely inefficient and meanwhile my credit card wants payment for a refrigerator that I don’t own.


On May 4, my husband called the Sears number in the telephone book. He was transferred all over the U.S. and I heard him repeating “repair department” many, many times over his 30 minute conversations with whomever. I picked up the phone when he said he could not understand what the person was saying. I could not understand her either. He hung up. Our of his 30 minutes on the telephone he did not receive one piece of useful information. I dialed 928-777-7700. I talked to someone in Texas who said that they answer when the local store doesn’t.

She transferred me to another center instead of the local store like she said she was going to. This man was a robot, could not think for himself, had to follow his script given to him by? Sears? One of these “helpful” people said that we did not have to make an appointment … just take the lawn mower in to them. Finally I looked Sears up on the Internet and found 928-777-7751 which got me to the local store. She told me that they did not have a repair dept. Duh! Left hand not knowing what the right hand does? She offered to give me the 800# for Phoenix repair.

Now, I am NOT driving two hours to take my lawn mower in for repair. Sears has serious damage control to do with their telephone service.


Here’s my recent frustrating experience with Sucky Sears! I purchased a Samsung dishwasher. During the install, a complete moron installer, pushed it under the counter with his knee, and dented the face of the dishwasher. My wife watched the entire procedure, and when she brought it up to the installer, he actually denied it, and said it was freight damage. He also broke the lower corner of my kitchen cabinet, next to the dishwasher, but that’s another adventure! So, we then contacted the 800 numbers to talk to repairs, and had to schedule a Sears’s repair tech. to come out and evaluate the damage.

The new Sears repair tech. confirmed he had to order a new exterior door skin. We waited three months to receive the new Samsung part, it was back ordered. You’ll love this! when the back ordered piece showed up, it was the interior door insulation! not the door exterior skin, we waited three months for the wrong part. I again called the 800 number, they said he ordered the incorrect part number, they supposedly re-ordered the correct part, three weeks later it showed up. The delivered part was the interior door insulation, again.

I again called and actually reached a competent and nice operator. She went ahead and ordered me a complete new Samsung dishwasher, she understood the moronic Sucky Sears process, and stated this would be the best way to correct the item. The new Samsung dishwasher was delivered and installed by a new install company, as I request to not have the previous moron installer back to my house. These guys weren’t half bad, but the new dishwasher had a bad door gasket flange, that kept catching the lower dish rack wheels. Within a couple of weeks the roller on the rack had broken off, and didn’t roll.

We again contacted Sucky Sears idiotic 800-repair number, and scheduled a repairman to visit and tell us what we already know. He came out, figured it out and ordered the new parts. When the parts showed up, I contacted the 800 4my-home to let them know the parts had arrived and schedule the repair tech. to come out and perform the repair work. They scheduled it for Tues. 4/27/11 between 1-5:PM. I took off work and to home wait, by 3:PM no one showed or called, so I called the 800-4my-home, the operator said he would contact the Sucky Sears repair tech. and have him call me. By 4:PM no call from the tech. I called the 800-4my-home again, and got the same response. Again, I patiently waited for the Sucky Sears repair tech. to call me.

By 4:30 PM no phone call, I again called back, by now I’m thinking they’ve been lying to me! I phoned back and reached an almost complete moronic operator, who stated the Sucky Sears, moron tech. would not be coming! As I proceeded to get very angry, because I missed work for no reason, and explained how Suck Sears operates, really SUCKS! She proceeded to lie to me and explained the Sucky Sears dispatcher contacted my wife and my wife said it was OK, and we would re-schedule! My wife is a schoolteacher and is hard to get a hold of, unless it’s me, her loving husband. Anyway, my wife would have called me and let me know! So, needless to say, I had to reschedule. Sucky Sears has reached a new low; they now actually blatantly lie to you!

I find it really weak, they use the consumer to receive the shipped parts, inspect the repair parts for damage, storage of the components and then throw out the left over cardboard and packing material. The Sucky Sears warranty discloser and information don’t tell that!


Here is a copy of the complaint I sent to the Attorney General of the State of Maine…

Dear Sir or Madame, My wife and I live on Frenchboro, an island in Hancock County. We recently purchased a chest freezer from the Sears store in Bangor. Even though there was a free delivery included with the price we used our pick-up truck to bring it home on the State ferry. We specifically asked the person who sold us the freezer and the optional extended warranty if Sears would repair the freezer if needed even though we live on an island with only 3 day a week ferry service. He told us in no uncertain terms that they would come out and fix it if needed.

As soon as we unpacked it we saw that the top of the freezer had been crushed. My wife called the Sears toll free repair number at least 10 times and spoke with a lot of different people, was hung up on, and finally after about 6 weeks we were told that since it was still it it’s initial 90 period it had to be rectified by the store where we bought it. We have tried to contact the store manager but after a few calls we have only been able to speak with some one in the appliance department. Today I spoke with someone named Rob who tried to help and he repeatedly tried to give me back the money we paid for the extended warranty but would not fix our freezer.

He said they would replace it but since my wife and I are retired and in our fifties we have consistently told people we do not want to return the freezer as we would have to take it on the ferry and stay overnight and then bring the new one back and we would not have any place to put the freezer full of food we have. Robb admitted that their employee told us the wrong thing but they will not fix it for us. He eventually hung up on me with no resolution except an offer for $100 which is unacceptable. If you can please help us get our freezer fixed we would appreciate it, thank you for your help.


I would love to go into the details of the experience I have had in which both my wife and I have been lied to, hung up on and disrespected, not to mention the inordinate amount of time being placed on hold. As I write this letter I have been on hold for almost an hour. I will leave it to you to look into the matter by looking at the case number as well the notes associated with my phone number. The person who hung up on my wife is Judson operator # 60805.

To keep it brief, I was initially informed by the tech who was at my house on April 26th that the part would be in on Thursday, only to receive a call that next day that the part wasn’t ordered, to being told it would be there yet again on Thursday, however when the tech showed up today April 29th the part still wasn’t there, to having the part show up around 2:30 PM on April 29th. Now when I call to reschedule service I am told nothing available until May 6th a week later.

Go to this site for phone number and address to the Sears CEO, CFO and Senior VP.



I have a Craftman lawn mower that I brought from Sears. I called the 1-800 number on the Craftmans owners manual so that I could have my mower serviced since it had been a couple of years since if had been serviced. The lady quoted me a price of $89 because they were having a special. I told her to go ahead and make the appointment. When the guy came out to service the mower he quoted me $180. So I called the service department as well as the customer solution department after being hung up on and transfered all over the world. They told me that there was nothing that they could do and that I had to pay the price that the techinican was charging me and not the price that the service department quoted me.

They could not explain to me why I was being charged two different prices. Nor were they trying to work something out with me because of the two different prices. I explained to them that I had the $89 that the service department quoted me but I could not afford an additional $80 that I was being charged. And if she had first quoted me $180 I would not have made the appointment because I know that I could not afford that. These people were unprofessional and could not provide me with any explanation or solution. They could have cared less because they were not in the situation.

I fell that everone needs to be on the same page when the are provinding information to customers. They wanted me to wait four days while they were to view the information and get back to me but the techinican could not wait four day to get his additional $80. And thats not saying that they would have really viewed the information and gotten back with me. Sears has lost me as a customer. I will never step foot into another one of their stores because of there non caring attitudes. They will never service my mower again. And I will put the word out for anyone who is considering Sears for anything.


I have had maintenance agreement with Sears for many years (5+) and the service is getting worst every year. My freezer is failing for third time this year. Every time I call Sears, they tell me it will take at least 7 or 8 days before a tech can come out. In the meantime, all my food goes bad and Sears will only replace the food the first time ($250). I have lost over $800 worth of food already (I have a full size upright freezer). The freezer was fixed the first week of March and it’s broken again (April). I tried to schedule online (not successful), tried chat (it hangs) and called 800 number.

The first time they told me to call back next day since they don’t deal with service agreements. I call back the next day. When I call back, they tell me to call back the next day again so a tech can talk to me on the phone. And the earliest appointment they could make is a week from today – so all my food in the freezer will be spoiled once again.

—– My advice — DO NOT BUY Sears Service Agreement —–


See what they did to me. In 2002, I had 25-year roof shingles and ventilation installed by Sears Home Central in Ottawa. The day following the installation, I contacted Sears expressing my concerns about the location of the Maxi Vent they had installed. The salesman came to see and insisted the ventilation was fine. In the summer of 2009 I noticed the shingles are cooked, curling, breaking and leaking. I get huge ice dams in the winter, causing water to back up and drip inside.

Cause: Their own representative finally came to inspect it in July 09 and told me that the ventilation they installed was done incorrectly, causing excessive heat buildup in the attic, and it is Sears’ responsibility. He also said that they would fix the ventilation and reshingle the roof at no cost to me. Since then, all I get is runaround, excuses, gobbledegook and outright lies from the local Installation Manager in Ottawa and from Customer Service. Be warned. If you need any work done, find another contractor than Sears.

Update— I had the whole job redone at my expense in April 2010. The latest BBB report on Sears at the time.

BBB Rating April 17, 2010

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this rating include. 669 complaints filed against business in the last 36 months. 11 complaints filed against business that were not resolved. Failure to respond to one complaint filed against business. One serious complaint filed against business.


I purchased this washer in may of 2007 I had sears out to fix the same problem 6 times they are scheduled to come out and fix it again on the 21st of April for the same problem.  I have demanded that sears replace this washer as they cannot fix the issue.  It keeps eating my clothes and plugging the pump. The last time the service man was out to fix it he informed me that I should use a laundry bag to keep this from happening again.  I have been using this laundry bag since the last time my washer plugged, however it became clogged again after only 6days of use and i was using the laundry bag as requested.

I am not happy with this purchase and I feel that I have been taken avantage of.  If this problem is not resovled soon, I will be letting all my friends and family what a rip off this Kenmore appliance is.  i will never ever purchase another Kenmore product due to the problems I have had with this particular washer.  I am requesting that I receive a new washer withing the next two weeks.  I will be contacting the consumer industry with my complaints until I do get this resolved to my satisfaction


Dear Sears Corporation, We ordered a washer and dryer from you almost 3 weeks ago. The sales guy put our delivery off 2 weeks without much reason why, saying it would take that long to get the washer. The day before we were supposed to get them delivered (2 weeks later) the warehouse called us and said we would be getting our dryer in the morning. Confused we asked about the washer was and we were told that they never ordered it. Upon hearing this we went in to Sears the next day to figure it out. Come to find out that they since discontinued that washer, they said that the best that they could do for us was sell us the floor model for 10% off.

I think that this is unacceptable, it was not in perfect condition. It was dirty and scratched up, but we decided to take it because we didn’t think we had any other options, and they promised us that when it was delivered it would look new. They said they would clean it and touch up the scratches with paint. We were excited again to get it, really happy to have figured it out since our washer and dryer had been broken for 2 weeks and we have dirty laundry everywhere. We have been hand washing and laying out to dry the important clothes since we figured it would only be 2 weeks.

So then they called this morning to say they were delivering our washer today…no dryer. Which was very frustrating because our sales guy promised that everything was handled this time. They told me they were going to have to reschedule our delivery. So after sitting on hold and arguing with them they finally got my dryer on that shipment to be delivered today. Then when they got here and the washer is filthy, covered with tape and dust and the scratch they said they would touch up with paint they didn’t…then they were supposed to haul away the old ones, but had no room in their truck so they are now sitting in our driveway…

I am very disappointed in the condition of our washer and the customer service we have received from Sears and annoyed with the fact that on our first home purchase in our adult lives we splurged on a nice set and it looks the way it does and were treated poorly. We are living in an outdated house and in the future will be needing all new appliances, and I just don’t know how we could possibly go to Sears again because of the terrible service we received. I know that a $900 set is not the biggest sale that our salesman could have gotten that day, but he handled it as though we didn’t matter and that we should just be okay with simply adequate service because we were getting a deal on the set.

$900 is a ton of money to us even if it isn’t to him or you. It is a paycheck and a half for our household, so we would expect better from Sears. I am so sad that what I was excited about 2 weeks ago is not making me regret our whole decision…we should have just bought a used set, which is what we would have done had we known that we were going to have to deal with all of this. Aren’t you supposed to be excited about a big new purchase? Especially your first one as a married couple? I am so disappointed with everything; thinking about it brings me to tears.


Rebecca Johnston


I ordered a Sears YT 4000 Yard Tractor. Delivery was at the end of the 2-4pm window and that was ok. The delivery person was given a Ford truck which had real bad transmission slipping. My driveway is long and uphill. The half ton Sears truck barely made it with my guidance help and many tries to keep tranny from slipping. The tractor was strapped to the bed of truck and he had two ramps to guide it off bed. There was no way he was going to do this by himself. Both myself and my wife helped him roll it off the truck with substandard ramps. After all that, he found that the keys were missing in packet.

He said he would bring them back to me on his way home after work. The poor guy was in no way able to remove that heavy piece of equipment safely and Sears management should be at fault for the lousy service I received. I’ve bought from Sears for years and has been my preference. My last two sales (Stoneridge in Pleasanto, CA and Jackson CA) were far less than satisfactory. Again, delivery person was fine, but as much a victim to unsatisfactory management as I was. Makes me retthink about future sales at Sears.


On April 11,2011 I had a Sears Maytag washer delivered to my home and one of the men carelessly pushed my washer into the laundry without using the dolly. He put several dents in my washer. The I was told by him that he couldn’t get the hoses to the old washer off/and for me to get the maintenance my at my apt complex to change the hoses. Our maintenance do not change washer hoses in apt. He the hooked up the hot to the cold and the cold to the hot. He did not test to see if the washer was working correcting.

I found this out when I ran a cyslt to get the debree out of the washer tub. I made 3 phone calls to schedule someone to come out and correct the problem. They couldn’t find me in the system neither time. I then had my ex-hysband and sister call Sears to try to schedule someone to come out. Once again I was not found in the system. I am not happy at all with Sears. If I had not given my old washer await, I would have the new reuturned, if I could get a delivery person to ever pick it up.

I will never do business with Sears again, and I’m cancelling the 3 yt service contract I purchased. A very unhappy former Sears customer.


I ordered a mattress in February 2011 from Sears. It did not arrive, when I called they said it must have been lost and they reordered it. It finally arrive in April 2011. However, I was sent two mattresses. The men who delivered the mattress refused to bring it in the house (i am 70 years of age) and the catalog specifically said they would bring it in and place it where I needed it. So they told me they could leave it on my porch or anywhere they wanted. They were not obligated to actually deliver it. Now I have received a bill for two mattresses from Sears (I returned the second one with the drivers). So fed up with this.


I had an appointment scheduled from 7-9am. Someone finally showed up at 11:30 when I was no longer home and he left. Then he came back alone four hours later, even though I had told them that two people were needed to take down and lift back up the stacked dryer. The bottom line was that we had to reschedule for a week later. Then Sears told me on the phone that my appointment was not for 7-9 and that there was no note about two people needed. They wasted many hours of my time and the tech’s time. This has to be the worst communication system I’ve seen. The Sears techs are good but the company is too big and centralized and one person doesn’t communicate with the other. Lots of wasted time and frustration before they do the job.


i made a purchase online for a jump station from sears. got an email stating item arrived at requested store. took off work (overtime $36.00 + an hour) to drive to a store over 38 miles from my job to pick up item desperately needed. after an extended amount of time,i was told i must have misread my email. unsure, i left, went to autozone and purchased similar item because i couldn’t wait any longer. went home, reread my email from sears stating my order was indeed at the sears store i just left. called store and sales attendant stated that indeed my order was there.

really upset i then called a 1-800 # and cancelled my order. supposedly my sears gift card was supposed to be reimbursed within 24-48 hours, still shows no such action. now you have an EXTREMELY PISSED OFF customer that has been loyal to sears for many many years. my last 3 ventures with sears (2 online) have been bad experiances. please give me my money back, don’t lose a dedicated customer and please try to get back to your old dependable ways. disgruntled but still trying to be a faithful customer, Tim Jones


Non-deliverly top of the range Microwave from Sears. I order a top of the range Microwave on 3/20/2011. I schedule installed and delivery to be on $/9/2011 I found out that, I was going to be home on 4/4/2011 until 3:00pm and call on 3/30/2011 to change the date to 4/4/2011. It has to be done by 3:00pm they said they will tell the Sears tech that. Ok got a call from the tech the night before the install this was on 4/3/2011 at 8:45 which was kinda late for for me I was already asleep and He said I will be there between 1:00pm to 3:00pm I said un ok . I was going to see if they show up on time or before 2:00 this time.

The next day he did not show up within his window time so I call back at the number I got the call from and told him who I was and he had no clue who I was he said hold on a minute I could hear him wrestle with the papers . then he said I had you down for 3:00pm I told no you said 1:00pm to 3:00pm than he said we are behind so it going to be after 3:00pm I told him to cancel it because I will not be home. He said ok and that was the end of the call. I call sears installation dept to complain and reschedule it for 4/09/2011 and want it done before 3:00pm She told me she will make a note of it and tell the techs that or if they can’t get there before 3:00pm give them a call back .

At this time I already had it with sears but was willing to give them the chance to come through. Ok its 4/8/2011 at 8:50pm I get a call from the techs they said we have you schedule for 2:00 pm to 6:00pm my Husband told no that not what we agree on the tech was like um we have the papers that said from 2:00pm to 6:00pm so my husband says ok but I am not happy with the window time the tech say good night and hung up. On 4/9/2011 they show up 5:30pm with their tools and didn’t not see a box of a over the top range microwave. Didn’t say nothing just waited to see what the techs were going to do. They go to the kitchen where me and my husband had taken the vent-a-hood down and pull out the stove for them.

They ask where the microwave is? I was like WHAT?!?!? You got to be kidding me. I told my husband it’s your turn to deal with this. He asked them where is the Microwave they said you are supposed to have it. My husband said no it was a delivery and install. They said will our papers said to install no deliver here. My husband said can you find out where it is they said YOU HAVE TO CALL SEARS ABOUT IT. At this point I am really pissed and want to cancel the whole thing. My husband got on the phone try to call the installation dept guess what they are having tech problems their system crash which I find hard to believe because they should had other data center that could pick up the calls

So we got nowhere that evening. Waited the next morning and call the direct line and spoke with a manager of some sort she said they could not do anything until Monday morning4/11/2011 My husband being a computer guy he knows how the system works and told you got two hours to come up with a tech and she said ok give me your number and I will call you back. My husband said you got two hours. She calls back and says she can’t get anyone and they are they are still having system problems my husband said that it cancel the order and give up our money back. She got quiet and barely hear her try to tell us that we are inconvinces them I said what about our inconvinces you cause us.

Told her to send up a confirming e-mail that the order has been cancelled and she want to put up with the cancelation dept My husband said I done talking to people you do its your job to take care of it that was the end of the call. While later on of the day we get a call from tech saying he will be here between 9:00am to 11:00am I was like WHAT?!?!? So my husband calls him back and said who told you to come out here. He says I got a call from my office that you wanted a microwave installed. My Husband said No we cancel the order earlier of the day after all the BS sears cause us.


My diswasher broke (loud noise, smell, hot, no water) on March 31. Called Sears for service on April 1, and they agreed to come out and so we scheduled repair for April 8th (1-5pm). Was called at 1pm on that day all for them to tell me that there was no available technician, reschedule for April 19th. Not even able to talk to a supervisor at Sears. Just gave me a huge run around and no solutions to fix the problem. I am not buying any more sears appliances if I can help it and will tell friends to do the same. I hope Sears gets the message. They are a dishonest and unreliable company, and can’t stay in business working this way.


I purchased a refrigerator on 4/3/2011 with the understanding that 1) it was in stock 2) I would receive a call the night before Friday, April 8th and 3). it would be delivered on Saturday, April 9th. None of this happened. No one called me, so I called Sears and was told that I was not scheduled for delivery. Finally, after numerous calls to the large appliance department at Sears, I was told that the item was no longer available. NO CALL, not even to tell me what had transpired??? If I had not taken the initiative, this situation would not have come to light. This is the way you do business??? The salesclerk at Sears was very helpful.

I don’t blame her. She found a refrigerator similar to the one I originally purchased. I do blame your customer service department, warehouse and your delivery service dept. As it stands now, I have to go to Sears on Saturday, to pick up a new receipt. Hopefully, the refrigerator will be delivered on Sunday, April 10th. Now I understand why Sears’ stock value has decreased. I am telling all my friends about my experience and will urge them to think twice before ordering anything from Sears.


WE bought new frig n stove at sears and the seal broke n the stove window 11 months after we bought it. right around thanksgiving. I had a house full of company, because i live in Florida. I didn’t call to get it fixed till end of holidays, which put me one month over my one year warranty, so they refused to come look at it even though i told them it broke seal before warranty was up. and now turkey grease is between the glass and looks like crap when people walk through my brand new kitchen. shame on you sears. that’s an easy fix and you know that it was faulty. Your stove looks like crap and so do you. never again will any of my three houses carry sears Kenmore or anything else in sears stores.


Fridge no 1 window gets delivered from sears Friday am. 7-1 day off work washer dryer on different truck window. 9-2 fridge arrives 1130 stuffed and forced in my house damage to house and fridge delivery guys don’t care and because I am upset decide to leave without taking away old fridge as per arrangement with sears. fun just begins washer dryer arrive with different company no problem. Sat 930am off to sears to complain new fridge to arrive Thursday eve between 6-10 great sales help from my sales person Tuesday evening the sears insurance guy shows up to access my damage and make arrangements to fix my front door. another 2hours at home waiting but again nice guy and my door will be fixed over a two day period in may when weather is better as door must be removed sanded fixed and repainted.

thurs nite fridge no2 arrives first fridge is taken from my house food again all over counter and it’s 830in the eve unpack fridge no2 and guess what big dent in the front. so in comes fridge no 1 again sears on the phone can’t help and I am s.o.l 10 pm I finally have kitchen back together again. Fri 930 on phone to sears sale rep they have no fridges in wear house so now we start again next sat you must be kidding!!!!


on 9-15-10 i purchased a gas trimmer from sears, paid 74.54 for it got it out of box and could not get it to start, took it back and they replaced it, took the new one home and used it one time. got it out 3-14-11 and it wouldn’t start,come to find out the choke lever was missing, took it back to sears this morning. the one gentleman was very professional, the sears tool dept. mgr. was very nasty, needs a attitude a adjustment, very nasty. he walked away shouting do what ever you want to do. that’s why i’m complaining, he needs to be replaced, i sure wouldn’t have a person like that serving my customers. when i took the first one back i decided to upgrade to the next level, well here i am with a piece of junk from sears, and out 138.44 .

over the years i have purchased thousand of dollars of craftsman tools for my trade, one thing for sure sears you’ll never get another dime out of me or my family.

the store #is01105 9405 w. colony dr. ocoee fl. 34761 thank you


Ever deal with a big corporation that shuttles you from department to department and everyone is really nice, but nothing gets done about your problem and finally after a few weeks and some hours online and/or on the phone you simply get tired and start adding up how much of your time is wasted? I am realizing that Sears is one of those companies (also AT&T but that’s another story). I bought a set of mattresses at Sears in December and my husband and I both tried them out in the store. He was out of town for 6 weeks unexpectedly and when we were finally able to try them at home, they sagged badly, even though they did not sag in the store.

We were waking up really achy! We are average or under-average weight. I called the store several times-no answer. So I emailed customer service and got a nice response and eventually (over several days) they told me someone would contact me. Never happened so I email back and they give me a number to call (this is after a week) and so I call and they want to give me a new mattress and I say, no, I am not willing to try another one like this after this one performs so badly.

I would like store credit. But of course they can’t help and I call the store and they finally answer and say they will call back but no, they don’t ever call back and in the meantime we are sore and achy and trying to figure out what to do– I called today and asked for contact info for the regional manager and they say they don’t have that. So everyone is friendly, but nothing is happening and now I have to buy more mattresses and I’ve just lost almost $800. on these. I will never buy anything at Sears again.

I’m done. Seriously. And though I used to tell folks to shop there for appliances, now I say, don’t do it! Find a place with good customer service. Stay away from Sears!


To Whom This May Concern; 2/15/11. I am writing to you in regards to my fridge from HELL. Four years ago I purchased this appliance with the good faith that it would work for many years and then replace it. I did for some GODLY reason, purchase the five year agreement with the appliance, it has 1 year yet to go. Finally, after all this time of trying to reach someone from the bottom up to hear and believe my wild but true story; I got someone who did.

Of course, I had to carry this problem to the Indiana Attorney Generals office twice, but I think I got the message across and believed. I needed to convay to someone in the law department at SEARS the problem, however, before we could reach an agreement, and i must say very helpful at the time. I think there is a law suit against the company that built the appliance,that was of course over a year ago, that I heard from someone.

Since July of last year, I began having problems with the motor on the unit, running most of the time…The appliance can’t handle out side room temps past 65*. Which in turn caused leakage to come from the unit. I constantly am cleaning up from this! At this time again, I notified the Attorney Generals Office to check on the complaint (July ’10)that I had first notified them this past year about the same problem still occurring. I have not heard from them to this date but the complaint is not canceled.

From that time until now, I have lost FOUR entire units of food AGAIN. I finally called the 800# and made an appointment to have the unit fixed since I had not heard from SEARS or the A.G.O.. I did not complain, because I thought the first settlement would be on its way any time, along with the top of the line replacement as agreed upon. Not true.

Therefore, I am telling you that my current “emergency time” for repairs is within TWO weeks of the last call (Feb) call. Thank GOD the weather is so that I can use the outdoors to keep things I purchase on a daily bases, or I would have at least another claim, making it five complete losses of food. I am claiming such amounts four(4)($250.each)of losses now. I would like those (4)or more claims to reflect the amount on a matching top of the line stove, in steel color, for all my problems that have occurred since the beginning; if not then a check to cover the four losses.

I haven’t ask for much, except what should have covered the losses. I have told the true to date, and hope that you can trust that is what Iam doing now. If not I can supply you a list of the weekly staples that in my top and bottom units are filled with weekly purchases, plus the extras that meet the holiday needs. The four losses have been around a holiday. Currently, the motor works part time, and the seals have pulled half off the doors, and allow fluids to flow under neath when the unit is not cooling. I have ask for the same repairmean to assist this time as well. We have a new store in North Vernon, however, this repairman lives a short visit from us and knows the problems.

Thank you for your help in the past, and finally believing me that I am telling the truth as I am now. I can apply for another complaint, However, I have faith that going this route, we can get the request met with the other settlement sooner and with less problems now.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bethanne M. Rigney


on Sunday February 13th I drove 10 miles to go into the sears appliance division to report that my Kenmore drier which I bought in June 2010 was not blowing hot air. I was given a number to call for warranty, when actually I feel the call should have been made from the store, however since there wasn’t any commission from a sale I was not given any assistance. On Monday I called sears by phone and scheduled an appointment from Tuesday February 15th 1:00PM until 5:00 pm. Around 2:15 I called sears because I had not heard from anyone from their office.

I was then told my appointment was scheduled for Thursday the 17th. This is clearly an operator error, unfortunately my husband took the day off work and it has cost us 100.00. this is a huge economic burden for us. We are very dissatisfied with sears lack of care in scheduling our appointment.


I purchased a mattress and box-spring set from the Sears store. At the time of the purchase I was assured by the salesman that he would initiate the rebate process for the shipping of my mattress/box spring and I should receive it in about 30 days. He even went so far as to ask if I preferred the rebate as a Pre-paid Master Card or a Sears Gift card, I chose the Master Card. This is now February and nothing has been received. I have contacted Sears repeatedly. I was told that I had waited to long to submit, I explained that I had been promised by the salesman that he would handle it. Apparently this means nothing to them.


My satisfaction with the contractor AE technician that Sears sent was good (4 out of 5 stars). However, my experience with Sears Customer Service was beyond a nightmare. Sears has completely lost a customer, plus my family members. I will never go to buy one product or request a service from them. They told me they would put in a request to the Tech to call me to let me know around what time they would be arriving. No one called again! The Tech came past 3. I was scheduled to work that day, but I couldn’t go in. I couldn’t even run errands.


Bought a element 40inch lcd tv at sears 1 year and a week and a half ago. Called sears to come and fix it and he said the parts were unavailable. What a joke.


Complaint against Sears Cote Vertu. Subject: Humidifier Console 45.4L (defected item)‎. We took delivery of this box on Thursday, January 20, 2011. We tried to follow the instructions, we found several defects that could cause ‎electric and other harm. For example an electric button that shows green ‎light when appliance is full. This button does not work and the result water ‎flooded all over the floor and carpets.‎ We decided not to use it and returned it to Sears after less that 24 hours.‎

We have been steady Sears clients for more than 30 years and we always had ‎satisfaction whenever we purchased any thing.‎ We were confident that we would have no problem to return the humidifier ‎and receive an apology. ‎On the contrary and for the first time we were denied return unless we pay a ‎penalty 20% of the price. We were forced to pay $45.00 for a defective item ‎that we returned in less than 24 hours. Is it possible that Sears changes to ‎such low level. I cannot believe this.‎


I am upset with sears and the women apparel dept. I shop your Matteson store on Sunday Jan,23,2011. I wanted to purchase a ladies cream color turtleneck top. I found the top and it was priced $10.99; yet there were several other tops; the same brand, just a different color and the ranged in price from $7.99-$9.99 which I thought was pretty confusing. I ask to talk to the manager and the salesperson called the manager and at first the manager did not come to the counter, but simply gave the salesperson instructions over the phone.

So I ask to speak to the manager again and finally Corrine approached the counter only to tell me that was the store policy and because they were different colors; they were priced differently.I can see why Sears is struggling in the retail arena, because this is really a dumb policy to mark them down by color. If you go to Wal-mart; what ever is marked down; it is simply on sale; all the reds are not one color and all the blacks another color.


An American Home Shield contractor, Sears/AE Tech, installed ill-fitting universal parts which devalues my appliance and my property. AHS does not stand behind the shoddy repair job and their escalated rep accused me of “just wanting to get a new appliance.” My response, “isn’t that fair if you can’t get properly fitting parts? And, isn’t that what I’ve been paying you for?” American Home Shield wants to get out of paying any claims. And Sears keeps closing out the repair order, requiring them to come out multiple times. BTW, Sears people give you attitude. Do not get American Home Shield insurance!!!


Purchased washer and dryer and specifically told the salesman at Sears that we use propane gas. He said don’t worry the dryer WILL come with an LP conversion kit. Well it didn’t. When I called Sears Customer Service they said I will have to purchase a kit from Sears Parts Dept. $34.00 dollars later my husband and I called Maytag and Sears to get a professional to install the kit as the instructions stated. After 20 calls, we couldn’t get a professional. I called Sears where purchased and the manager told me he would reimburse me $20.50 for the conversion kit.

Big Deal when we were assured that we would receive one with the purchase of the dryer. Upon calling Maytag, we received different answers one – use the old kit off the old dryer. 2 – don’t use the old one it could leak. Sears told us to call our LP supplier. That doesn’t work. Here we sit with a washer to wash and a dryer that doesn’t work. Where do we go from here?


I have been a customer of Sears for over 30 years. Having bought numerous appliances over the years. I always purchase the extended warranty on the clothes washer as they seem to need repairs. I called for repair service and was told the serviceman would be here. Tonight I received a call informing me that the technician was overbooked and could not be here. This is not acceptable with me and I will not purchase another appliance from Sears. I will also inform anyone that will listen that Sears is not the company it once was. Customer Satisfaction guaranteed…NOT.


My Sears electric blanket smoldered and burnt me, the blankets and the mattress. We contacted Sears in our town and they said they couldn’t do anything about it because we didn’t have the receipt. How would it matter if I paid with a credit card and I can verify it was bought at that Sears location? The electric blanket is faulty and burned me and I at least want to make sure that other people are not hurt or injured by this product! Nobody at Sears will listen to me in their customer service department even though I don’t really care to complain at this point! What happened to caring??


I am still shaking from the incident I just had with this Sears lawnmower. Smoke started billowing out of it…and then it caught fire!!! I had to run for my life because I thought it was about to explode. I raced fast to the front steps found a heavy mat threw it over the mower. I called Sears, naturally (since it’s under warranty) and they wanted me to put the burning lawnmower in the back of my car bring it to them…I’m not making this up!!! I purchased this mower at the end of the season last year, so I’ve only used it this season …and not all that much since we had very little rain here this summer. Come on Sears stand behind your products!!!!


Totally upset with Sears. Ordered and paid for my dishwasher on 11/5/10. Was told it would be delivered 11/22… way! Received at least 20 calls from different departments to verify my delivery address….schedule delivery….cancel delivery! There were 5 different dates given to me. What a joke. Did not get it until 12/8/2010 and even that date needed an argument with the rep. Sears did not want to deliver as the hose kit was not in yet. Are you serious??? The salesman had it in his hand at the store on 11/5!!!!!! Now I am wondering where I go to get my delivery fee refunded???? Another call to the store manager I guess. Sears sure make you work for you POINTS!


My complaint is “condensation in between the glass on the top oven door” on the brand new Kenmore Elite Electric Built-in Double Oven that is 7 months old. I noticed the condensation on the top oven door around November 2010. The oven was purchased on 04/26/10. This is enough condensation that the water will drip down creating water streaks in between the glass and viewing cooking is hindered. I ended up having to ask the technician to leave my home and was very upset. I then went to the store I purchased the oven and talked with the manager, who also could not believe that Sears would not stand behind this product either. This is a defect in this oven door and Sears should fix it, replace it and resolve with no questions asked.


I waited 3 weeks, put in at least 8 phone calls, spoke to a dozen different “associates” – and was hung up on, cut off, ignored, argued with and lied to. Not one person I spoke to at Sears ever attempted to find a solution to the problem, they only wanted was to get rid of me by passing me on to the next incompetent associate. I’ve never been a fan of Sears – their customer service is legendary (a legendary JOKE, that is!) but this incident has sealed the deal. I will NEVER buy so much as a pencil from Sears again, and I will be sharing this experience with all my friends, colleagues, family and the world via Facebook. I propose a new motto for Sears…”It’s really not our problem.”


I purchased a dishwasher and hot water heater to be installed- I payed top dollar at Sears. They contract all installs- the hot water installer called and said that Sears had left out a part and it would cost an additional 179.00 dollars-he said it happens all the time- I canceled the order w/ Sears The dishwasher installer- WHY would they separate the orders??? I was told the only way I could have my account credited was to go back to the store. Are you kidding me sears? I will not go back, and I will NEVER buy another thing from Sears.


I have a LG Kenmore Refrigerator and it has had nothing but problems! I have to keep the setting for the refrigerator and freezer far below the normal specified temperature. My freezer does nothing but leak water everywhere and build a couple of inches of ice on the bottom making it hard to close the freezer door! Not only do I have problem with the sears appliance refrigerator but as well as their LG Kenmore washer and dryer! Sears products suck and I will not purchase another appliance from them again, nor any LG made products!


Purchased a refrigerator from Sears Great Indoors. Supposed to get  a cash refund of delivery charges by sending in form which had to be sent within 30 days. I mailed the form in then called Sears to see why my rebate had not arrived. I was told to re-mail it. Never received a response. Called again and was told it wasn’t received in time and I would not be reimbursed. I completed my state rebate form same day and received it promptly with no problems. Why does Sears not want to do the right thing?


I purchased a sears dish washer brand new at the sears store, then had the wonderful privilege to order parts over $300 dollars. It was not used that much just the two of us in the household. I think a dish washer should last more than two years, and I definitely think that the warranty should cover things like this, sad to me how the quality of products in America continues to spiral downward as more emphasis is placed on profits and bottom lines than providing a quality product. Don’t buy a dish washer, Kenmore or otherwise from the sears store, trust me on this.


Very poor service on warranty repair at Sears. After this and another bad experience with a different Sears appliance (refrigerator), we will not be buying any more appliances or extended warranties from Sears. Bought a vacuum cleaner from Sears store 3 years ago. Also bought 5-year extended warranty at same time. At that time, there was a local Sears service center. Last month, on October 12, we took this vacuum to local service center, which had closed, permanently. Support your local independent appliance dealers and repair shops, where they still exist. We’re both over 60 and can tell you from experience, we’ve had much better service from our small locals than from Sears. Sears doesn’t care about you or me, as long as we keep buying from them.


We bought a fridge from Sears last week, on sale for a great price. Our salesperson asked if we wanted delivery and haul off, and we told her that it wasn’t necessary because we had driven a pickup truck specifically for the purpose of handling that ourselves. When she explained that we would be issued a gift card rebate for the full amount of delivery and haul off, in effect making it free. So we agreed to it and got the delivery. Well it’s now almost two months later and still no rebate check. We have asked and asked many times but still nothing from Sears customer service. Finally we were told that our purchase didn’t qualify because the amount we spent was too low, so we would not be issued the promised rebate of almost $80 in delivery/haul off charges.


I scheduled a Preventative Maintenance on my Kenmore Refrigerator one week early. My husband stayed home from work to meet the service technician. No one showed up, so at 6:30 pm we called to find out that “we were overbooked today so you will have to reschedule.” They did not call us, we had to call them. Then they had the audacity to tell me I had to wait another week to schedule another service day. I told them that I could go online and schedule next day service. I always felt Sears had quality appliances and good service. NO MORE!


Probably never get read, but, I can’t believe the optical dept at Sears continues to exist.

Bought glasses 14 months ago and unlike any optical house only give a 1 year guarantee unless I purchased an extended guarantee. I was not informed of this at the time. Not only that but the frame broke, the scratches appeared, and the glare coating came off. This for $369.00 glasses. I’m told by the Sears optical dept this is my carelessness and no warranty would apply regardless.

Glad I canceled my Sears card because I will never shop there again. What a scam!

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