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Prudential Financial has 140 years of experience in insurance and financial services. They have operational buisinesses in Asia, Europe, US and Latin America providing customers with varius products and services including life insurance and mutual funds.

Prudential Financial's core business is life insurance. They also provide various policies such as term life insurance and universal life insurance. Prudential financial is located at major cities with their main headquarters in Manhattan, New York. The corporate address is 1270 Avenue Of The Americas, 10th Floor Ste 1000 New York, NY 10020-1879. If you have a problem you can phone customer service toll-free at 1-800-778-2255, which offers technical help and support from 8am to 8pm.

John R. Strangfeld is a CEO and president of Prudential Financial. He has served the company since July 1977 working in various positions. In 2016, Prudential ranked No.1 in fortune magazine's listing of the World's Most Admired Companies.

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I have been dealing with Prudential for months now to reinstate my VGLI life insurance and provided every single document requested, mailed checks, answered numerous questions, and still nothing to-date. This is totally unacceptable service for a military retiree who served our country for 25 years. My next contacts will be with Prudential Corporate HQ and with the Department of Defense. Below is my last communication with your staff:
Mr. Galasso, Customer Support, To Whom it May Concern, as previously mentioned via telephone, email, customer complaint, etc., I will resend the checks for the amounts listed below today, but would appreciate confirmation from Prudential that my policy has been restored at the $250,000 amount. Please help me, because this has been ongoing for months and I’ve done everything Prudential has asked of me to-date! Upon receipt of my checks, please restore my policy at the correct amount and provide confirmation of activation ASAP.
Thank you…


I would not even give Prudential one star. I have called 3 times and there is never a customer service rep available. I have been on hold for 35 minutes and someone will be with my shortly

Their customer service is horrible.


I have called four times to have my retirement account reset so I can access it, which I have not done in over 4 years. I have been told during FOUR separate phone calls to an 800 number now that I will receive an email to supposedly help me reset my account.

I received one email two weeks ago saying it was "being processed." Have not received anything since, and still can not access my account. Called back three more times and was told the same thing.

This is illegal, and Prudential can not deny me access to my money. The individuals working at your call center are worthless and rude. They do not want to help me.

Where can I show up in person to rectify these issues, and to make arrangements to transfer these funds?


I am so frustrated with the quality of service my wife and I are receiving from Prudential. We have had accounts with Prudential since the early 1960's and to be treated this way is unacceptable.

Early November we sat down with our agent and told him that we wanted to receive monthly installments direct deposit to our account. We also said we wanted this money in the account on the FIRST of each month. On January 1st, yes this was a holiday but we expected to see the deposit the next business day. It was not, we received it on the 5th. Now here it is February, the 1st has passed and no direct deposit. I do not understand what the problem is, to us the 1st means the 1st, unless it is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday. Prudential has had plenty of time to establish this request and yet to no avail.

Something tells me that deep inside this issue will not be resolved based on past history. Half of the people I talk to really don't understand my request and after being transferred dozens of times to other individuals is so redundant and clearly a waste of time.

It is with the request of myself and my wife that this issue be addressed immediately and with positive results. Too, I am also in hopes that Mr. John Strangfeld receives a copy of this COMPLAINT.



Prudential corporate headquarters will not cooperate with me and will not let me speak to a supervisor or a professional that will listen to what I needed to find out about. The lady I spoke with was rude and hateful and told me that I could not speak to someone else. Please tell me why their is not someone to talk to besides that one woman. Especially a rude woman that deals with the public.


Nothing bad I can say about Prudential. The company provides great Life Insurance, Retirement & Pension Plans, Group Disability & Insurance, Annuities and Mutual Funds, and Investments. They believe in serving customers, employees and communities in a highly ethical way.

I have known several people working in management there. Ultimately, their main interest is to give value for shareholders and meet customer needs and develop the best talent in the industry. All the employees are highly responsible and abide to every single rule followed in code of conduct.


As I have started working newly, I want to manage my monetary activities in well planned way and I got the right provider for saving money in a easy way. Thanks to Prudential bank for a wonderful service and assistance. I have opened my account and happy with the services. Prudential's has so many services like Life Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Group Insurance, Retirement Services, Investment Management, and other financial services. If you want a right guidance for your future then please get in touch with Prudential bank which gives you all solutions.


Mother passed away January 29 2006, She worked all her life to make a better life for her children. She personnally paid her Prudential life insurance policy out of her income. She told the four children she wanted her insurance policy split between the four children equally,as she got older she got Alzheimer, She was taken to the hospital several times because of bouts of combativness with my sisters and niece.

My sister Vera took her out of town to Michigan. I don't think she knew where she was being taken. We sat a talked many afternoons, and she was not the person she use to be. I remember one afternoon, she thought i was my Father. She could not feed he self, my sister made a statement before mother passed away that she was going to make sure one of my sisters did not get a penny. I am pretty sure i was robbed out of my share, I contacted the company and they would not give me any information, at all.

I feel Prudential insurance company should provide better protection .for hard working Mothers, like mind. to make sure everyone gets what they have coming.

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