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Liberty Mutual Group, is more commonly known by the name of its primary line of business which is Liberty Mutual Insurance. The business is an American diversified global insurer, and the second-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States.

If you have an issue with your Liberty Mutual policy and want to contact the CEO, try David H. Long. He took over as Chief Executive from Edmund F. Kelly on June 29, 2011 and has been focused on customer service from the day he took over the company. Liberty now has a complaints address called the Presidential Service Team at 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116.

To contact corporate, write to the official headquarters at 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-837-5254 and 24/7 Roadside Assistance at 1-800-426-9898. You can also file claims 24/7 online at their website.

Liberty Mutual remains a mutual company where policyholders holding contracts for insurance are considered shareholders in the company. The company created a television commercial in 2006 about people doing good things for strangers, reporting that the "overwhelming" positive response they received for the ad led to their decision to create the website The Responsibility Project.

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I have a complaint about my claim representative named Tomaszek Justyna, claim no 036369716-02.
She is horrible customer service. Liberty Mutual insured hit my car (cross Red light) and damaged my car and my body. My car is still drivable but she said it was a total lost and she does not want to repair?
I sent her a copy of Kelly blue book with my car value $1800 - $2500 as proof but she does not care. Repair estimation of Service King is $2700 and she does not allow ?
I ask her if we can negotiate an acceptable price $2000 but she rejected. As you know this is NOT my mistake. Your LM insured damaged my car and my body due but I did NOT receive anything even car rental in last 3 weeks.
My health is very weak due to the accident and don't have car to drive to work.
I need a person in LM with higher authority to help me solving this issue. I don't want to bring this claim to the court instead. Your claim representative is so rude and cannot solve the issue.
Thanks for your consideration.
My contact email


Our Liberty Mutual insurance adjuster Sarah Moore has been very aggressive and hostile throughout this whole ordeal. When she 1st contacted my husband Shan Mason she provided him the information to the Body Shop to get an estimate, once he arrived the mechanic told him, they would not be available to look at it for another 2 weeks. The following day I contacted Sarah to see if there was another Body Shop or if we could just take it to any shop, she sound very irritated and asked why we didn't leave the car at the first shop, I explained that was too long to be without a car and asked if someone could come out to take pictures, she said no, that's not how it works.

When I told her the car was my only means of transportation to work, her only response was, Isn't the car drive-able, even after being told that the gas canister was damaged in the accident and was dragging the ground. I eventually had to call and complain against her on the 31st of October, and was contacted by her Manager Paula Cartwright, she assisted in getting the paperwork from the Service King who did the estimate.

I'm now under the impression she and Manager Paula Cartwright in alliance, I emailed Sarah and copied Paula and as of 12/20/2016 I have not received a response of any kind. This is the worst experience, you would think I hit their client or even asked him to hit us while he was texting on his mobile. All we were asking for was fair compensation, we missed work and had to pay coworkers for rides.


Very poor management, although I hope it changes with the new CEO. I have had every problem you can think of, including personal insurance, commercial insurance and international plans. I heard that the company even has other local insurance companies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, and India. Maybe those places know how to do customer service better? When I did some research online I found out that the business also uses another fake name under Lloyd's Syndicate 4472 platform. This is some kind of global specialty insurance which also includes reinsurance products.


On July 7 I parked my car in a park and ride. When I got back to the car the drivers front end was hit. Our Liberty Mutual insurance adjuster looked at car saying the damage to car happened in two different incidents. Because he saw a scratch on the rim. Then he told me I went four wheeling with my 2015 Subaru. I'm not sure what happened but I am the only person driving this car. And when I parked it there was no damage to my car at all. The front end damage that was not covered was around 500 dollars.

Which should have been cover under the first claim.I been trying to reach the claim office since July 14th today is the 19th and I got one call from a supervisor. He was gonna call me back but never did. I still have a rent a car and been trying to reach Jennifer Platt. she sent me one email saying supervisor would contact me. but has never called me and said anything about the rent a car. I want the front end covered under the first claim. And I want someone to contact me from Liberty corporate HQ about this to get it straighten out.


My car was legally parked and a guy riding in the street on a bike rides by and hits my mirror breaks it and scratches the front right side of my car with his bike. He keeps on going until I yelled for him to stop and showed him what he did to my car. Then came the performance of a life time he just laid on the ground put the bike on top of him claiming he was injured, after calling somebody on his phone. No 911 or cops or ambulance. I refuse to go along with this fraud.

I called 911 and stayed there why he kept on making his performance better and better. Anyway I call my insurance company told them what happen, I should not have called them however I do pay this car insurance a monthly payment for full coverage and I told them everything word for word and scene to the whole scenario and told them without a doubt I want to fight and proceed with this fraud case to the highest of levels and to the full extent of the law.

Now we had one (1) hearing and proceeded to go to court after that for trial and I'm fully prepared and I said I will not and I do not want you the insurance company to settle with this fraud and his ambulance chasing accomplices, along with his Bootleg lawyers. So I'm waiting for the court date come rain, sleet or snow., I'll be there, whatever or however.. Anyhow all of a sudden I received in the mail a letter from the lawyers for Liberty Mutual in charge of this fake injury case and they settled it. Are you kidding me!

My car (full insurance coverage) parked and minding it's business in a legally park spot get hit and damage by a fraud bike rider looking to make a quick and easy buck off of us hard working people and he gets exactly what he wants and set out to do that day. This insurance company did nothing but make up excuses to pay this fraudster. They didn't pay for my car to get fixed, my parked car and they did no investigating of the case or use any information I gave them to show that this guy was a fraud and he knew how to work the system with this scam.

I will take and tell my story (this story) to anyone who will listen and I won't stop. As of this day I'm trying as quickly as possible to find another acceptable insurance company who treat their customers with respect and dignity and let them know 24/7 they're are there for you through thick and thin. We need your business( customers money) to keep this company afloat and we appreciate you.


Complaint case #033060633-0001. I had a house fire on 12/202015 and a family death on 12/24/2015 I am currently taking medication for anxiety and depression. I also lost a daughter to colon cancer 04/2015, this has affected me in ways I never knew it could. My Liberty Mutual agents handling my case have been judgmental of my situation and less than supportive. Because I wanted to relocate to another Best Western to be closer to family I was denied (funeral). Instead I was offered $750.00 a month and told that was my only option. and I now am homeless and even more depression. Family members cannot support me and my $750.00 for January has run out.

I met with the recovery investigator and because of a hearsay allegation that was not true at all from my boyfriend's x-girlfriend I am made out to be a criminal instead a victim that I am. My agents are no longer returning my calls and text , what must I do. I have no experience in this area and I have made some wrong choices trying to help myself.


One of the top 10 insurance companies in the world is Liberty Mutual. I have been with Liberty Mutual for more than 6 years now and I must say I am a happy customer. The customer service has kept me updated on timely basis about my plans. They remind me about payments and if anything is due. They are knowledgable and have the answers for all my doubts. I have insurance covered for my family and now I planned to Auto Insurance as well. Liberty Mutual has plans suitable for everyone's needs and that is quite impressive. They understand the actual requirement of an individual and planned their schemes accordingly. Highly rated Insurance company and I would surely refer this to all my friends.

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