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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in short MetLife is among the largest company into insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs, with 90 million customers in over 60 countries. MetLife’s individual life insurance products and services comprise term life insurance and several types of permanent life insurance, including whole life, universal life, and final expense whole life insurance. The company also offers group life insurance, provided through employers, which consists of term life, permanent life, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

MetLife is the largest life insurer in the United States, based on life insurance in-force. MetLife's CEO is Steve Kandarian he's also served as the company's chairman of the board and president. If you have a problem and need to contact the corporate headquarters, the address is1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

As in many large, public corporations, MetLife has a compensation committee which establishes compensation levels for the company's senior executives. MetLife compensation emphasizes variable performance-based compensation over fixed or guaranteed pay. MetLife has a diverse product mix which included insurance home, car and life variable life annuities and structured settlements, commercial mortgages and securities backed by commercial mortgages, and sovereign debt.

Common complaints filed again MetLife’s individual life insurance products and services comprise term life insurance and several types of permanent life insurance, including whole life, universal life, and final expense whole life insurance. MetLife offers group dental benefit plans for individuals, employees, retirees and their families and provides dental plan administration for over 20 million people and many other services under their bucket now stands as the single largest company.

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The following complaint was submitted on January 21, 2019. I have spent hours attempting to get a fair hearing on the problem addressed herein.
I now am requesting this complaint be sent to Darla Finchum for her review. I have been driving for over 62 years and have been insured by MetLife for about 30 years and the accident referenced in this complaint is the only time I have ever been involved an accident. For MetLife to break their word to me relative to making a payout and then surprise me with a 50% increase in my insurance premium 2.5 years after the accident appears to be very wrong. Thus far, I have tried to have this resolved within MetLife, but I have been treated very poorly and I plan to explore other options if Darla Finchum sees nothing wrong with the way MetLife has dealt with my complaint.


MetLife Auto & Home
P.O. Box 6060
Scranton, PA 18505--6060

On 01/10/2019, I received a MetLife billing statement regarding my auto insurance indicating a rate increase from $544.29 to $819.68 for the next six months. Auto policy (#0408723200).

On 01/11/19, I called MetLife and was told that the increase was due to the accident I had on 07/06/2016. Brian Auman, my MetLife Claim Agent, told me (for the first time since the 2016 accident), that MetLife and State Farm had agreed to jointly pay a passenger, in the vehicle that hit me, who claimed she was injured. This, after Brian had agreed that MetLife would not make any payout resulting from the accident and assured me multiple times within the first few months, that if anything changed, he would immediately notify me. MetLife did not live up to this agreement and I was never informed about the 7/26/2018 payout which, in effect, agreed that I was at fault.

Immediately following this accident, I reported the details of the accident to Brian. He told me that, because the witnesses had conflicting stories and the police officer had not determined liability, each party would be covered by their own insurance company. He also said that because I had no collision coverage on my truck, I would either have to collect from State Farm or pay ‘out of pocket’ for the damages to my truck. I filed a claim with State Farm on 7/11/16. Due to the long delay by State Farm in making a decision on my claim, I filed a complaint with the NC Department of Insurance on 9/2/16. This agency contacted State Farm who then rejected my claim in a letter to me dated 9/22/16. Also a 9/13/16 letter to the NC Dept. of Insurance from State Farm stated (The police report factored Mr. Southworth for "disregarded traffic signal" but did not factor Karen Johnson at all for the accident). I am enclosing a copy of the actual police report for your review, which says nothing about me disregarding a traffic signal.

After I received the 9/22/2016 letter from State Farm, I got the phone number of Victor Jones, my witness, from the accident report and asked him if he had changed his account of the accident with State Farm. He said that he was upset with the number of calls State Farm had made to him, in an attempt to have him change his account of what he had witnessed. He told me that he was absolutely certain that Karen Johnson ran the red light and he had never changed his story. I clearly communicated this to Brian Auman. I definitely was not at fault and I had a solid witness who refused to allow State Farm to bully him into changing his position that Karen Johnson had run the light. However, because MetLife failed to abide by the agreement Brian made with me, I never got the opportunity to prove my innocence in court.

Following are Problems with the Accident Report:

Karen Johnson hit me, as opposed to her claim in the accident report that I hit her and that she was only going 15 mph. A MetLife Rep came to my home and took multiple photos of the damage to the passenger side of my truck. These photos clearly show I didn’t hit her. For a 2900 pound Honda to have lifted the right side of my 4500 pound truck completely off the ground, sliding it sideways for two feet, and causing it to come to rest 180 degrees in the opposite direction would indicate the Honda was traveling much faster than 15 mph. Karen’s witness, Tarah Enoch, said a second car behind me also ran the light, which would have been impossible with my truck spinning around in the middle of the intersection. Karen did not have proof of insurance in her car and provided only phone numbers of her witnesses to the investigating officer. If I were dishonest, I certainly could have also handed the police officer a few phone numbers to bolster my position. It doesn’t appear that MetLife ever reviewed the actual accident report or they would have noticed the obvious problems noted above.

I don’t believe my insurance premium should have increased, let alone my receiving a permanent black mark on my record, thereby making it impossible for me to get any insurance company to give me a decent rate going forward.

Following are some facts that are very disturbing: MetLife waited from 7/6/2016 until 1/10/2019 (2.5 Yrs) to blind side me with this large premium increase. I have been a loyal MetLife Home and Auto customer for about 30 yrs. I have been driving for over 62 years and the accident in July 2016 is the only accident I’ve ever had. I have no points on my record and didn’t receive a citation for this accident. I ended up paying $3700.00 to have my truck repaired as a result of the accident. Because MetLife and State Farm didn’t like the prospect of a court appearance where my eyewitness and I could have possibly prevented the MetLife payout, my insurance rate increased substantially and I never got the opportunity to have my day in court. My mistake was trusting MetLife to protect my interests as opposed to them siding with State Farm in order to avoid a court appearance for which I was well prepared.

Please respond to the address below ASAP, as I must decide quickly, what my options are concerning this situation.

Larry Southworth
2705 Oldenway Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone #704-547-1568


I am an employee of Citigroup located in Tennessee. I would like to notify someone of the extreme frustration I experienced trying to take advantage of the opportunity for Citi employees to enroll in GUL and/or AD&D. I was routed back and forth between MetLife and Connect One when attempting to signup for the AD&D which was not an option available on the MetLife website. Applying for the Group Universal Life was not much better. Because my wife has been previously diagnosed with diabetes she was required to fill out a statement of health. MetLife sent her an email with a URL to an online form comprised of a large number of health questions that took nearly a full hour to answer. The last question was to enter the last 4 of the SSN. My wife entered hers and was informed it was incorrect. She attempted to enter it again 2 additional times and was then told it was incorrect and all the information entered was lost. When I spoke to a MetLife representative the next day, she thought maybe the last 4 being requested was mine. The question was unclear as to whose SSN was being required.

I decided the effort & time required was to much for me. It is sad a company as large as MetLife does not have a better online experience and in the case of continued issues a better way to resolve via phone.

Nick Skipper - Project Specialist
Core Ops – Paper TN
Tennessee Telecommuter


My name is hastina robinson...please tell me why my premium for life ins went up to 55.00 my social is 203 54 2415 9/24/1970 is my birthday. 4127 tunbridge place memphis tn 38141 is my address. My agent kalkstein wont respond


I am a Registered Nurse at Kaiser Permanente and I am on workmen's compensation. I applied for your services after I had been off more than 90 days. At the end of February a claims specialist Diane Holmes left me a message to contact her to schedule an appointment for interview questions. We played phone tag for a couple of days, then finally spoke and scheduled an appointment for March 4th. I sat on my couch and waited for her to call at 0900 a.m. No call. At 0930 a.m. I received a 3rd party call for my job. When I took that call I told the gentlemen I'm expecting another call and will need to disconnect when it comes through. No call or message from Diane Holmes ever came. On March 18th I faxed my paperwork to her that was sent to me in the mail previously. On March 19th I received a letter she had been trying to contact me and will delay or close my case if I did not contact her. I was surprised to receive that letter because I am off of work and available to speak with anyone who can process my claim so I can receive my benefits. I have had no missed calls or messages from her in March which verizon will be able to prove since every call incoming, outgoing and messaged can easily be detected on all phones. I immediately called and left her a message. No call back. I then spoke with an available representative( Lucy?) who could not ask me the required questions however, told me she would send Diane a message to please release the questions for anybody to interview me and she would have Valerie the team lead for Diane to give me a call. She proceeded to tell me dates Diane documented that she "called me" which were ALL false. After not receiving a call from Valerie, I called back to speak with anyone again so I can answer these questions. The representative I spoke with this time told me the other representative never put in the message to Valerie and that she would put the message through for her to call me. She also gave me dates and times Diane " falsely documented she called me". I was also told by her that she usually interviews members for the claims specialist and does not see a block on my case and does not understand why the questions have been released. Valerie finally called with an accusatory attitude like I was lying about Diane not calling me saying that she did. I said, "as an injured employee seeking compensation why would I not answer the call of the lady who could get my process going for my case"? Why would I lie on her? I don't know her. I feel MetLife employees are doing this on purpose to wear the member out so they will give up and you all don't have to pay us. I requested to speak to her supervisor. I left a message for Rose Shutter to return my call about what happened. She responded quickly, I told her the story and I asked her to have a conversation with Valerie about her attitude as well as look into Diane saying she called me but, did not. She assured me she would listen to the messages left and check for the dates she said she called and left a message. She also arranged for me to get a new claims specialist. I did answer the questions with her on 3/27. Over a week later I called Rose and on several occasions left a message. After about the third message she finally contacted me on 4/11 and proceeded to tell me she heard Diane leave me a message. I said, "yeah probably from February when said we played phone tag but, none from March which she has documented. I informed her this is false and I will escalate this, and thankfully whether you want things recorded or not my phone company will be able to get documentation and we will request for all of your company's "proof" that she called on all the documented days. Phone bills don't lie but people do. This has delayed my case tremendously and has affected me financially. This e-mail is being recorded and this case will be escalated. I expect to hear from someone soon about this case. Diane and the whole team that is covering up for her need to be reprimanded. It is unethical to intentionally lie on people who have worked hard and got injured and now need your company's assistance. You all have been payed from my company and now that I'm injured I need to be payed.


Maryjane hennie has a final expense on me and I'm pissed off I reported met life as frauds to fraud department



On the 11th February 2019 I discovered that I had an Investment Policy No: 419 688 1633 which I did not applied for, that have been deducting by Stop Order Instruction from my Salary since October 2017 up until February 2019.

Immediately, I laid a complain with Vryburg Brach in the North West and claim a Refund of which I received, of the inconviniency that I have experienced since then, if there is no compensation or re-imbursement in a form of Interest. I submitted my complain to the Branch Manager in Vryburg and I have not receive any respond so far (refer to the Letter dated 1th February 2019).

I am looking forward to your positive respond and assist me in this matter.

Yours Faithfully

Mr P.M. Lepholletse
Contact: 082 955 7632
Fax: 086 609 0385


Condo flooded May of 2018. Email and voice mail tag since then. Had to provide countless documents, pictures, etc. Finally told today that I will only get $100 after my deductible. No agent ever visited to inspect.

Policy 841421510


I have been trying to get a loan from my company sponsored 403b program. Distributions has been working on this sense 12/21/2018. I spoke to 4 different supervisors and nothing. I just got off the phone with another supervisor and he will call me back next Tuesday the 22nd of Jan. I have no confidence I will get a call back. All supervisors have told me there is an issue with the plan. I have a family emergency and this delay is causing a severe problem. Please I need some help fixing this issue.


I am a MetLife Auto policy holder. My daughter's vehicle was hit by another MetLife policy holder who accepted responsibility for the accident. Now this happened Thanksgiving Day forcing me to pay out of pocket for rental due to claims not being open. It's been hell since then. I had to go back and forth to get reimbursed for my out of pocket payment. The car was non repairable or totalled. Now this vehicle she had 2 weeks brand new. Once this happened it forced us to have to turn in the rental. Now we went to get another vehicle but was turned down bc it shows the total vehicle was still being paid on. I called ask an adjuster and supervisor could they extended it a couple of days bc it's in the middle of the week not a pay day and also not fair to us that our car isn't operable. They flat out said NO bc a check was sent out. They are inconsiderate and have no empathy. I will cancel my policy and anyone I referred I will be sure to tell them about their lack of taste when it comes to helping especially when an accident is not something either of us anticipated. I am really disappointed


I have implant coverage with Metlife. I have already had half of the process of an implant done,yet Metlife refuses to pay anything. I have appealed, however; my appeal has been denied stating that I should have gotten dentures for ONE tooth. This has been very frustrating and unnecessary. My policy, that I have had for over 15 years, by the way, should pay for one implanted tooth.


I have been out of work since January this year on short term disability. On three different times my pay has been cut off due to waiting on Dr. notes. It is beyond me to figure out how you just up and get well from congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation in a month or so but, I did not get the Doctors notes in time so we stopped your pay twice this year. Now I am going on long term disability with COPD which has been a problem throughout my disability. Of course just because I was going on long term disability in 30 days with out the notes from my Dr. visit we will cut off Mr. Hughes' pay one more time since he my have gotten well just before he gets on long term disability with no notice. I believe a little common since would come in handy your line of work.
Michael B. Hughes Claim #731811190355


Called from a lender for something simple. In total I spoke to 5 people to have a correction made that took all of 2 minutes. The policy was new so I was advised that I needed to speak to the agent, David Rivera. Okay. Well, Mr. Rivera could not be bothered even though he left me a message that he could make the change. When I called him back, he promptly transferred me back to customer service. He could not be bothered. Service training is in order. Please forward this complaint to the powers that be. It is a very poor reflection on the company and a huge waste of my time.


I have already contacted a number of Metlife Customer Service Employees. Names and Contact Information will be provided if needed. My
question, which has yet to be answered, is why is my Metlife Policy 852532928 PR, purchased approx. 33 years, dividends not covering the
Policy's Annual Premium? I have several other Whole Life Insurance Policies with another company, that aren't as old as my Metlife Policy, and
their Annual Dividends are paying for the Annual Premiums with interest.

I just noticed online that Metlife sold their Advisors for $300 Million Dollars to MassMutual and I also read that Metlife no longer sells Life
Insurance. Based on what I'm reading are either of these changes impacting my Metlife Policy's Financial Performance?

Another concern I have is since my Policy's Dividends are not adequate enough to cover my Policy's Annual Premium. The Policy's Built-Up
Interest is being reduced to cover the Annual Premium Shortage. When I asked why no one from Metlife has contacted me to address the fact
that in as little as four years or less the Policy's Interest will be depleted and I will start receiving bills for my Annual Premiums? I was told that
Metlife sends out Annual Policy Reports. My response was unless I knew where to look for what was happening I wouldn't know how bad the
situation was.

As a Policy Holder I think Metlife has a responsibility to contacted me, if I didn't contact them first, to address Policy issues like the depletion of my
Policy's Built-Up Policy Interest and what if anything could have been done to avoid my having to pay out of pocket for the Policy's Annual
Premium once the Policy's Interest is depleted.

I'm no insurance Expert but, in my opinion based on my Other Company's Similar Whole Life Policies Performance, My only conclusion has to be
my Metlife's Insurance Policy is underperforming and has been for a long period of time. The fact that Metlife has allowed this to continue
without trying to provide me with alternatives concerns me.

Just so you know I'm a very Private Person and do little to no Online Communications nor do I provide any Personal Information because my ID
Information has already been stolen when the Credit Agency was hacked. Now because a number of Metlife Employees refuse to provide a
answers to my questions about my Metlife's Policy's Performance I'm forced to send this Online Complaint. I was also told by a Metlife Employee
that although other Metlife Departments may have the information they were asking me for if I refused to provide that information she couldn't
respond to any of my questions.

When I told her that in her Last E-Mail Response to me she misspelled my name, although all of the information I'm providing in this complaint
was included in that E-Mail it make me wonder if she really does work for Metlife. Her next response didn't address my Name Concern she only
stated that she needed Additional Personal Information before she could answer my questions.

So to get back to my reason for sending this complaint. Can anyone at Metlife respond to my questions about why my 33 Year Old Whole Life
Insurance Policy isn't performing to the point where the Annual Dividends are paying for the Annual Premiums and why hasn't anyone from Metlife
contacted me well before the Policy's Built-Up Interest was almost depleted where I will have to begin paying out-of-pocket for the Annual

Thank You;

Thomas R. Leonard
420 North main Street
Taylor Pa 18517-1108

(570) 562-3494


For 3 days I have been trying to get through to MetLife technically it's Brighthouse Financial they gave me a number of +1-800-334-4298. I would like for you to call that number and tell me how many days and how many hours and still not be able to get through to this department which is for life insurance policies. I would like a copy of my complaint to go to Steven kandarian and request a personal letter from him regarding the operation of this company. Have never have never in my 81 years of life dealt with such an an outfit as MetLife for Brighthouse Financial. Absolutely the worst company I've ever ever dealt with.
You can text me at area code 516-817 5141. Ms. Anne Palladino


Alcoa switched a pension Annuity to Met Life beginning October. On October 1 Met Life deposited $339.44 into my account which is different from the annuity of $338.14 that I was receiving from Alcoa. I have not received a hard copy explaining the gross,st tax and fed tax for the new annuity and if they changed my tax deduction - it should be 0. What changed? I have tried calling Met life's pension and annuity department, entered my ss# but they keep saying 'our counselors are all busy, please wait or call again at another time. I have called several times the past two days and have waited well over an hour total and NO ONE ANSWERS!
I also sent an e-mail to and no one responds. Met Life's customer service is the worst I have encountered in my life. (I am 74).
Will someone call me and give me the info I seek? Can I get an e-mail that someone will respond to and help me with my problem? If you don't mess with your pension annuity department will you please forward this to them? All I am asking for is reasonable help and so far I haven't received it!
Douglas Morris
5318 Sir Sagamore Dr
Richmond, Va 23237
PH: 804-920-5794
BD: May 4, 1944


MetLife double bill customers. Take over 30 days for any refunds to be sent . Poor customer service !!!!!


On 8th Sept l visited your Jammu branch regarding payment of premium of policy of my wife.l was informed by staff that they will accept only cheque from the policy holder. When l insisted that the change of rules should be conveyed to the policy holder in advance the staff present there started misbehaving with me. They were more agitated when l asked them to give in writing the reason for not accepting my cheque.After lot of persuasion they gave in writing the reason for refusing the cheque, but refused to sign it with saying that they are not there to listen to your dictates. The staff present there were without l cards & when l asked them their identity they got furious & misbehaved & threatened me. I being an old man of 70 yrs had no option to retreat when all the goons(staff) started threatening me .No senior officer of the branch was available at that time & l was unable to make any complaint. I hope your organisation will take suitable disciplinary action against these persons who didn’t had iota of courtesy towards a customer & more so a senior sitizen whosoe only fault was that he asked them that lf some changes are made in rules the customer should also be informed to avoid inconvenience. People expect more courteous employees in pvt undertakings & if such type of persons are running these undertaking then l think Doomsday is not far off. l hope you will take severe possible disciplinary action against these erring employees.

A.K Magotra
46/5 Trikuta Nagar , Jammu
Mob: 9796030003




I called in just for a quote and Met life started taking money out of my check for a policy that should have never been started. Then I got the run around about me refund spoke with 10 different people and no one had the right answer they all where giving me different dates for my refund and no one could explain why Met-life took out the payment.


Horrible customer service. I was told following receipt of a letter dated April 23rd that I would be receiving a packet within six to eight weeks
so that I could begin collecting on a pension set up for me by my employer. It is now July 12th and when I called earlier this evening,
the customer service representative said that he could not find any record of a packet at all. I would NOT recommend doing business with
this company at all.


I'm a single mother that's trying me best to work and support my family. I can't buy food for my household I have used all my 401k trying to pay my rent. I'm unable to live just paying MetLife along. They take my whole check. They were supposed to take $977.90 i spoke to miss Bridgette on 03/12/18 @ 10:59 am a nice employee. out my account I called my bank they try taking out a thousand and some dollars that weren't the agreement. EVERY two weeks my account is negative $700 and some dollars. They canceled me I thought I had food money to buy grocery they ask me for $350.00 I'm scared lost but just work and give them what they ask for. I know you don't care about my family issue but please I beg you to get me on track I need one set amount I'm trying not get a cancellation but I need one set monthly payment are for it to come out my check as before. One rude male employees from MetLife told me to keep the money in my account. He had no right to tell anyone that I ask you to listen to all record conversation. Now they told me on 03/18/2018 there taking out again my current balance is $2,537.00 I cant afford this need a loan to get food in my house now. I need one set payment know cancellation, I have asked for help they ask for son report card set in that no deduction. I know I need insurance but everyone it's a different price for me. I'm unable to live it's getting so bad I'm about to have the cars repossessed. If I get a cancellation now I have to pay DMV and MetLife. PLease, I renew in June take out $500.00 I have to eat, pay rent, bills are since I filled out the form for payroll deduction take out $250.00 every two weeks. I have to survive. My twenty-four-year-old son was helping me but he's a survival from Oct 1, 2017, shooting he's not working that many hours. My account now is $769.39 I'm scared if I don't have money in the account as the employee of MetLife ask he might cancel my insurance. Please tell me what can I do to get a set payment? $500.00 a month are $250.00 every two weeks. its depression to see 0 on a check after working day after day. I need groceries, pay my power bill, water bill, and gas bill. Need transportation. I have been with MetLife for a while. in 2015-2016 not sure what year I was working every day midlife drooped me unexpectedly I called they asked me to pay $1600 dollars I said for what? You're not working we stop deducting from your pay role I didn't ask you how did you think I was on FMLA when I worked Every day they just didn't check. so I paid $700.00 no problem they started taking from my check every two weeks. but now they make me pay all these payments to fill out a form for payroll deduction. No one apologized either for not checking to see that I was working nor from unexpectedly drooped my payroll deduction. Now I have accepted the rudeness from the employee and I'm trying to have money in my account as the employee requested but MetLife the only bill getting paid. My apartment wants $3 thousand and some dollars. don't have 401k I have run out of option unable to call home my mother passed away four years ago. I so depressed behind this I focused on losing my cars are speaking to that employee again asking me this time what happen we couldn't deduct the money. spoke 05/08/2018@ 12:45pm


Greetings , First of all ,every single representatives I have spoken to have been more than respectful and patient,, My Complaint is in reference to my 401a & 403b pension plan. I am currently receiving 1.56% interest on my 100% MetLife Guaranteed Asset Account . Back in 2004 I was receiving 3.1% 2007 3.75% and from there is continually dropped to 1.56% My plan # is 1009609-01 , With the stock market constantly breaking records this does not make sense to any of us, Can you please look into this something is Very Wrong,,.. Thanking You in Advance, John F. McCarthy


I spent a whole day trying to access my account information because I needed to make a change to my auto insurance policy. I couldn't log into my account so I called customer service. I selected the call back option from their automated line. A few minutes later my cell rang but when I answered no one was on the line. That happened three times. I called customer service again. I was told there was a technical issue with their website and the representative offered me a "password that would work" to get into my account TOMORROW. I told her I needed to make a change TODAY because the automatic payment could go through as soon as tomorrow. She told me she couldn't help me make any changes and transferred me to another department. After giving them all of my personal information, I was told I had the wrong department and had to be transferred again. After I was transferred another customer service rep kept saying "hello" like she couldn't hear me. I called back again and spoke to someone who couldn't find any of my information in their system. Then he asked how I purchased my policy. I was again told that I had the wrong department and they couldn't help me over the phone. He gave me an email address and told me it could take 3 to 5 business days for a response. I explained the situation but he couldn't help. He then told me I was trying to access my policy through the wrong MetLife website. He gave me the internet address for another website. I went to that website and still can't access my account. Finally, I sent an email and an online complaint form but that won't help because it could take days to solve a simple problem. By then, my bank account will be debited. At this point, I just want to cancel my insurance with this company. I'm right back at Step 1 after wasting a whole day trying to contact someone in customer service that could help me. I would have been satisfied had I been able to simply access my own account online. This is the second time I've gotten this kind of run around. I can never access my policy information and I can never get a straight answer or a direct solution. I'm finished with MetLife Auto. They want to take my money every month but seem to offer nothing in return. I can't even access a printout of my insurance information and they haven't sent me any contract or paperwork in the mail. There's something really shady about the way this company does business.


I was paying my car insurance bill this morning the customer service lady Joyce tell me to hold on for 7_8min and then come back with a confirmation number and i then ask her what happened she applied this is how we do stuff i asked her to speak with a supervisor and she hang up what kind of service is this.


I had surgery on my foot on 9/5/17. Due to complications my FMLA was exhausted. I called to request personal leave and was told it was taken care of and wasn't. For one I lost my job being told by employer my personal leave denied even though wasn't filed. This being said its frustrating enough that first-time ever I was fired due to complications with surgery but more frustrating is the fact I have to continually wait to be paid. As of today. This coming Tuesday will be 3 weeks no check. First.. Told not sure what happened but be mailed asap.. It's Saturday.. No check this week and now I'm waiting again.. Last time I got paid was November 14. Today is December 2nd. How are people supposed to pay bills.. Buy food.. Etc.. I'm sorry but it's getting ridiculous it takes this long to receive a check. I'm patient but not at this rate.. I feel like I'm unimportant and my needs don't matter at all. If this is how short term is going to be..not sure it's worth the stress and disappointment anymore .


I am the broker for Lauderdale Marina in FT Lauderdale, FL.(Grp # 05543678) Renewal is DEC 1, 2017. I need to add a PPO plan as a second plan to their current coverage that will include ortho/braces for children. I have left a message for I. Wood 2 weeks response. Finally talked/email to Kristin Iovino and last I heard from her was last week telling me the computers are down. I have called her twice this week and emailed her - no response.

MetLife provides office phone numbers...unless someone has given you an extension # which never cannot reach anyone. If you dial tells you no one is available and disconnects. No one seems to answer their published cell or return calls. What kind of service/support is this? There are only 3 working days left this month.

Either I need to hear back from someone at MetLife to provide this client with the service they need or look for another carrier. . It is your choice?

Pat Price
cell 954-614-2900


My wife was involved in a accident caused by your insured cutomer Susan Ray. For a month Met Life would not repair my vehecile until your client was connected. Your agent that handled the case never returned any of my wifes calls. Our insurance company Farmers Insurance had the repairs made. For the duration of repairs we had to rent a car out of our own pocket. We finally received compensation for car rent. we only received payment for one week rental. We feel the whole situation was unfair from beginning to end . We would like to reimbursed for the second week of car rental. Thankl you


I have had a life insurance policy with Met Life since 1987. Have been receiving a statement every year showing the current value and other pertinent information. The last few years it has been impossible to get this statement sent to me. Have spoken with various people about this situation, and still nothing from corporate.


I am a Kroger employee who is disabled. I bought Long Term Disability insurance through MetLife. When I first went out on disability, MetLife's representative denied my claim. After over two month, hundreds of phone calls to both my employer and MetLife customer service, I spoke to a supervisor (just as my wife and I were about to be evicted for not being able to pay our rent) a new case manager was appointed to my case.

I never did get an apology from MetLife corporate. Upon application for Long Term Disability, I was forced to obtain additional copies of my medical records because Long Term Disability is in a different division than Short Term Disability. They denied my application and an appeal was filed on my behalf. When the same refusals to answer questions, refusals to return phone calls, and non-available claim managers I asked my attorney to contact MetLife.

Once MetLife realized I had an attorney, they refused to return my attorney's phone calls, refused to call my attorney, attempted to circumvent my art by calling me directly, etc. Essentially, they ran out the clock, then told me that my only recourse was to call Kroger. Kroger says there's nothing they can do without an official appeal which is only available on the employee website, which I can no longer access.


Negative infinity start rating for Metlife customer service. This is the worst experience of my life and I work with insurance companies every single day. The employees don't understand English and will not let you escalate to someone in America to help. I strongly recommend anyone change if they have the choice. I waited on hold to speak with someone in support for 20 minutes, I was going crazy.


My mother was insured with Met Life. She died 12 years ago and I called Met Life at that time. I was looking at unclaimed properties and several accounts with my mother's appeared. Met Life sent these accounts to the state. I now have to go through the unclaimed property process. Thanks a lot Met Life management, your service sucks. Oh and I was told if I needed insurance to be sure to call. You've got to be kidding.


I was in an accident with a Metlife auto insurance carrier on 5/27/16. I obtained an estimate, as advised to do by MetLife claims adjuster, Wanda Ahrens. After a week without receiving payment I contacted this agent and she had the wrong address because no one thought to verify the correct spelling of the address. She canceled the check and stated that a new one was issued and sent out. When a week went by without payment and I paid out of pocket for repairs, I contacted Wanda and she gave me a date that the check was sent out. After 2 weeks and still no check, I just called today and spoke with another agent who advised that "someone" dropped the ball and a check was never sent out. I am very annoyed with how incompetent these people are and how nonchalant this Wanda Ahrens is because of course it was not her car that was in an accident.


I am the owner of a cancer center in Cairo, Egypt. I wrote an official complaint against MetLife health insurance office in Cairo since 3 weeks, concerning their delay in paying my invoices and many other problems, but unfortunately I didn't receive any answers up till now. I am sure that if I didn't receive any response from customer service, I am going to sues this company.


I am consultant of clinical oncology in Cairo University, Egypt and the owner of a cancer center in Cairo. I signed a contract with metlife health insurance branch in Cairo since December 2014, by which I treat cancer patients in my center and send their invoice to metlife office in Cairo to receive their values within 45 days as stated in the contract. Unfortunately this never happens. I usually receive my money after at least 70 days of sending them, with no clear explanation or answer for this usual delay.

I even tried repeatedly to contact the CEO of metlife (Mr Rafik Samy) through his secretary asking her to arrange an appointment with Mr Rafik to discuss this usual delay in payments or even to give me his email for sending an official written complain, but all my trials failed completely. Unfortunately, I cannot find anyone responsible in Cairo office to discuss with him these unexplained delay in payments. Which I am sure this nonprofessional atmosphere will affect the mutual cooperation between us which in turn will be reflected on the patients and on your image as one of the leading companies of medical insurance in Egypt.


I have tried to cancel my car insurance/rental insurance with them on several occasions, but they keep taking out and sending me bills stating that they are going to continue to send the bill to me until I pay. My name is Annette Hayes, lives in Jackson, TN. I tell you to cancel my insurance that is exactly what I meant. Please assist me in this matter because the MetLife complaint line will not. I stated to close my account about 3/4 weeks ago. Nobody at the corporate office will return my phone calls, maybe I should go see them.


I have a complaint about MetLife as an Alabama power retired person. I had life insurance with metlife for a long time, when I retired. MetLife was the worst life insurance company that I had contact with, and the time to get a price was two long. The agents on hwy.280 alabama that were giving to me were non helpful. I got insurance from protective life for a lower rate and a less time to get quote. Metlife needs to improve on the process of life insurance for retires. I'm telling all my working friends at my work place to seek other life insurance companies.


I was approved for short term disability (less than one year) in 2014 with MetLife. As the weeks went by, I had to submit more paperwork justifying my disability. Each time, I was approved. Approximately four months ago, Met Life told me that I should not have been approved and stopped my payments. Today, I received a letter from them saying that I must repay the benefits they paid out to me because their representative made a mistake and I should never have been approved. I am now being held accountable for over $30,000. I am in the process of retaining a lawyer. If I needed supplemental short term disability insurance in the first place, how can I possibly pay back what they say I owe them? By the way Met Life assets are appoximately $739 BILLION. My complaint could go on and on but I digress for now.


I have been a member of MetLife for a number of years now as it is a good program for the elderly. I received a cancellation notice in the mail on April 21, 2015. I did not request this cancellation and was surprised in getting it. I called the company the very day I received the notice. The operator was very rude and completely unprofessional. She did not help me one bit saying that there was nothing that could be done about reversing the cancellation! Is this how your company treats their senior citizens?!?! I am very disappointed in the way the staff at MetLife treated me and just cancelled my plan with no warning or discussion with me! I have never missed a payment so this type of behavior is unwarranted!!


I got the best quote for my retirement plan in MetLife and really grateful to the advisory committee. MetLife offers life insurance, disability income insurance, car insurance, employee benefits and more. It has individual plans, group plans, child plans, online sales, financial advisory portals and also NAV tracker available for us. You can be a advisor for privileged customers if you are interested in. Do login to MetLife website, register your account and get the complete details , service alerts online.

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