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From 4/25-4/28 I boarded my dog Lucy (pomeranian) at the Commack location. Lucy is a timid dog and was not thrilled to be left. When I arrived to pick her up I was told that she would no longer be allowed to board, as she had snapped at a handler when they went to leash her. I was dissapointed to hear this but understood your policy. I was however, SHOCKED to see how they returned her to me. I am NOT happy AT ALL! My dog was handed over to me full of urine. She was completely soaked in URINE. She smelled absolutely awful and required a bath immediately when we returned it was unbearable. Additionally, she was clearly traumatized. Her behavior was completely out of the normal for her. She was fearful when approached and shaking. When we arrived home she immediately went to drink and eat, she was starving. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. While I understand you have a policy and some dogs can be a challenge, I do believe she was treated poorly. I did not receive an alert to any problem while we were away. No one called me or expressed that there was a problem. If she was such a problem I would have made arrangements to have her picked up if I had known. Again, while I understand your policy and such I am extremely angry that my dog was treated so poorly. While I want to think differently, my heart tells me she was left in her cage the entire time and was not given time outside of the cage to relieve herself. Absolutely disgusting and terrible to treat a dog like this. I would like a response to understand how this could happen.


PetSmart Fayetteville Georgia grooming customer service is not good. I have been a customer for the past 6 + years and lately I have been dissatisfied with the service in grooming. This is the 2nd time I have taken my dog in for grooming and was told to allow 3-4 hours. After 4 hours my dog still was not ready. On the 23rd I made an appointment for 7:30 am due to the fact I had to be at work at 1:30, 7:30 allowing your store 4 hours would have allowed me plenty of time to get to work. At the time I dropped my dog off I explained to the employee I have to go to one at 1:00. I called at 11:15 and I was told my dog was not ready. I came to the store at 11:45 which is longer then the 4 hours and still had to wait approx. 30 min. at which time I had to cancel his nails being clipped due to the time. As I stated before this is the 2nd time this happen if it take longer then 4 hours you should let customer know. Also I have to now make a 2nd trip for his nails which is going to cost more. It is not the money it is the lack of consideration for you customers.


I placed an order by phone 4/18/19, 5:50 p.m. MT for in store pickup. Store was great! Your system wasn't! Was told I would receive a 5% discount. No email confirmation email for receipt of purchase or in store ready for pickup. Charged $51.16, should be $48.79. Cheated! Disappointed!! Called customer service 4/19 2:22 p.m. MT. Bradley very disrespectful. Please refund $2.37 so I don't have to challenge the purchase on my cc.


My dog was sick and was taken to the Vet in January 2019, where he was discovered to have Pancreatitis. Medication was provide and sent my dog home. He was also placed on a special diet foot, which is very , very expensive. I have done all they ask and paid a bill of 250.00 . Now 2 months later he started to get a new bout with Pancreatitis , I called the Pet Smart asking for the medication to use to help prevent a serious bout with it, on Saturday and then tried to order 4 pills thur Chevy to use to lessen the on set of Pancreatitis. Pet Smart would not approve and failed to call me back to direct me. Now 4 days later I called them begging for this medication and was told to bring him into the office as I will need to do this every time. At a cost of 250.00 per office call and this issue, they were not supportive, with failure to call me back to check up or see his status. If this was a person we could call this medical neglect. I request a call back on Saturday with no reponce, and I had to call again on Tuesday. This office just had me run around in circles, no on resolution other than spend the money on a office call, again , again and again. I needed just the 4 pills costing 20.00 but the vet office wanted me to continue to spend month on office calls. How ridicules and stupid of a solutions. I feel maybe they should have a boycott of this unless office ……..


I taken my Maltipoo for a dental cleaning March 18, 2019 @0700. Her vet is Dr. Montaque who does the cleaning. My dog was not dischared until after 2pm, I was checking her out when one of the technicians brought her out. Mia was still drossy so I picked her up and carried her to the car. while driving she started to wimper and was holding her left front leg up. The right leg was used to give anesthesia and take blood. I pulled over to check her leg and I touched the upper part of the leg that was very painful. I called Bansfield back and asked what did they do to her left leg that would make her limp, the response was they did nothing and that someone would call me in the morning to she how she was doing and see if the doctor would see her. I called myself around 7:30am on March 19, 2019 and asked if I could bring Mia in, I was told the doctor would not be in Until 9am that I would receive a call around 9 or 10am. No one called, so around 10:30am I called again and was told the doctor had surgeries. It is now after 1pm and no one has contacted me. I understand when you have only one Veterinarian it can be overwhelming, but it is overwhelming for me also. My dog walked in on all four legs but now she is in pain and limping coming out. I just wanted the vet to examine her leg and make sure it was ok after all it happened while she was in thier care. I have been with Bansfield for many years and this is how you are treated when your pet was injured while in their care. How long would it take just to look at her leg. Dr. Montaque was off today


I took dog training at the SouthCenter store inTukwila Washington. The trainer told me the class will start on a Friday but he could do private lessons as my dog is more advance than the dogs in the class, I paid for one session finish that signed up for a second session and I really didn't like the one to one training as it was not convient nor was I ok with this one to one for me, so I ask the trainer for a class time he said well the Friday class has started so you want be able to join that class but I can do a retake which is on a Sunday.( For religious I can't come to class on a Sunday) That's the only day that he had available. When I contacted the store manager he told me I will need to talk to the trainer, I contacted my credit card company to dispute my dissatisfaction and they disputed the wrong thing. And is waiting for me to follow up with them, I never disputed the payment what I am disputing is no class is available other than Sunday and I have two classes left that I did not take and wasn't satisfied with the other classes I was taking with the trainer as I realize I was only getting 30 mins training not an hour. I hope to hear from someone as Customer Service was no help.



Lately, I've noticed that my Petsmart on Leila in Wpg. has been putting reg. priced merchandise on the clearance end caps..they have a big red & white clearance sign & directly below it are shelves of canned dog food still with reg. prices..I figured they had just not gotten around to putting the reduced sticker discounts on them & when i asked how much they were they said the prices were marked & i said they are reg. price & the girl said oh when you check out they will PROBABLY come up less??? She didn't get a scanner to check the prices for me or really try to find that annoyed me too. Then when i went back days later, still the merchandise on the top shelf is reg. price under the big clearance sign, this time I ask again & I am told that they aren't on sale, they are being cleared out cause they won't be carrying them anymore so they are in the clearance classification but Not on sale???? Really, directly under the biggest clearance sign in red & white i've seen there..I told the girl it was false advertising & misleading..she said all merchants do it?? I've never noticed that, when it is put on the clearance rack it is usually reduced to clear..she argued about it, said she used to work at Home Depot & they do that too..well i still think, it makes people think it's on sale & they are getting a deal when they are not..they should not have reg, priced discontinued items on the same end cap as greatly reduced sale this how you are doing it now or is this store doing it wrong? I would have taken a picture of the display but i left my phone in the car..I will get a picture next time..anyway if that's the way you are doing I think it's false advertising..please let me know your procedures on clearing out discontinued merchandise..thank you..


Nagshead nc branch the girl in the back refused to sell me 3 split tail gold fish thay were the size of a quarter and would only sell me 1 fish she had the nerve to tell me that 3 fish were to many for a 50 gallon tank that nuts lmao while I'm looking at 10-12 gallon tanks there with 30 fish in them i meen really ur going to tell me 3 fish for a 50 gallon tank is too many but yet you have these small q0 gallon tanks with 20-30 fish in them thays crazy to make the matter worse when I got home I called management at the nagshead office and the manager was backing up the employee how can you back up an employee thays refusing to sell inventory thays bad business and has the nerve to tell me 3 fish is to many for a 50 gallon tank what's this world coming too and the manager is really going to back up am employee refusing to sell inventory might I add that I've been waiting over six month for them to restock these spit tail gold fish and they finally get them in and will only sell me one and not 3 thats bad business amd I'm speachless thay a manager is going to back that up they don't make money of the don't sell the fish but besides all that who do they think they are to refuse anyone from buying 3 fish it's not like I was trying to buy 30 fish amd pUT them in this tiny fish bowl it was 3 fish for a 50 gallon tank again lmao I've spent thousands of dollars at this pets mart and because of this girl and manager backing her up I will not spend not one more dollar there ever again and just wanted to add one thing the manager said he really didn't know anything about that department but yet backs up his employee that would only sell me one fish amd my question is if you don't know anything about thay department why are you a manager


There is a very rude manager at this store. Her name is Tracy and she is a bully.


This in regards to the PetSmart at 10181 West Grand Parkway at Aliana. Usually I have good experiences at PetSmart but the manager Amanda at this location no matter what we asks her makes me and my family feel like either we’ve done something wrong or like we are bothering her. Even when we ask about supplies for our animals she seems disgusted when asked any questions. She makes us feel very uncomfortable. She’s very rude. A few of my friends warned me about her and have stopped going to that Per Smart. I’m about to do the same. Please advise me on this matter, thanks.


We took both of our dogs to the grooming department on October 16th. Online we filled out the form that stated we did not want the furminator. On our akita they gave her the furminator and on our cairn terrior they cut off the top of her hair in which we exclusively told them not to do. We spoke with the manager and he was very rude and lied to our face. He said we asked for the premium package which we did not. He told us there was no one else we could speak with which we know there was. We are very upset next week we have a huge event and our dogs were in the event and now their hair does not look good and we are not satisfied with the service. I would appreciate a phone call 815-922-1452 I am very dissatisfied with the service and want my money back.


Today Oct 17th I went to Petsmart located in Fairlakes VA to drop off my pet at doggie day care. It was 6:52 am and the door was open. The temperature was 52 degrees so I decided to enter with my dog. When the manager (Kevin) saw me entering, he said to me in as rude way . " Ma`am if the door are open is because a truck is unloading products, you need to wait outside until is 7:00 am, Can you see the signs here? it said 7:00 am ?
So I asked for his name and after he provided me with his name he said back to me. Is there a problem? and I replied: Yes it is. I am a customer from Petsmart since 2010 and when the weather is cold like today , managers let customers to wait inside until is time to take care of the customer. His reaction was just to lock the door.

Is this is the way the Petsmart trained their employees? I believe this manager Kevin needs to learn how to treat customers.


Something is going wrong at the Pet Mart at Coridor G in South Charleston wv. I has a appointment for my dog for grooming and the day before they call and cancel it. That was ok they gave me other date and time. Well guess what
They call the day before this appointment and cancelled this appointment. Well this made me mad. My sister-in-law had
three appointments cancelled. If this is the way you run your business you can just kiss it. I'm going 12 miles out of my way to get my dog groom but it's better that being treated the way your company is doing. You have lost just two customers but lots. I'm on my Facebook black balling this place.

Your loss not mine


I arrived at the at the store 10 minutes before closing and was told by what appeared to be two managers to hurry up they are closing in 10 minutes. I couldn't find some items and the cashier had no clue where they were. The mangers were rude and dismissive when asked. They again said for the third time they were closing and to hurry up. I had $200 worth of merchandise and I said you do not want to ring up my items worth $200? Most owners would love that even though they had to stay open 10 more minutes, plus there were others at the cashier who were getting chastised. The main manager didn't care. The cashier piped in and said that all of us want to get home, and I said and extra 10 minuets is not a big deal and that she was getting paid for her time. They all acted as if they were not getting paid for staying open past 9 p.m. And I wasn't going to come back since I live an hour away.


Back in September of 2017 the Moorestown NJ store on Nixon Drive (store in question) came under a new store manager (L'erin Gaines and assistant store manager (Amanda). Corporate knowingly transferred one Mr. L' erin Gaines from the Fairless Hills, PA. store due to mistreated employees threatening to all quit if he remained employed there. Knowing such an awful tyrant of a person is in charge of people's livelihoods and careers, corporate desides to transfer him to the Moorestown, NJ store location. It didn't take long at the new location in Moorestown that Mr. Gaines continued his tyranny and threatening ways towards the employees that were working there for months and even years. It didn't take long for Mr. Gaines to force employees and managers alike to quit, resign, walk out or get fired. His tyranny and very poor management continued for a better part of 8 to 9 months upon arriving. Why would corporate back a store manager knowing that he has a history of being a major problem, just to cause it elsewhere? This is why a petition and grievance soon will be done in place of over a dozen employees and managers that lost, forced to quit, walked out on or gotten fired while Mr. Gaines was the store manager at the Moorestown, NJ location.

Solution????? Yes, an investigation should be done immediately. All employees/managers that were abused by this man and forced out of their livelihoods by him should get their jobs back or offered so if they want it.


I brought my dog in last week for grooming. The dog is a golden doodle . I was told she had some napping and there would be a $7.00 per 15 minute charge to take the napping out, total of 45 minutes.
When I returned to pick up my dog, She was completely shaved, less part of her tail and ears.
I asked the groomer what the hell was she thinking. I talked to the store manager and he apologized, but still charged me for the service, what a joke.
I feel I should get my money back and the groomer should be reprimanded.
The store location was on curtner in San Jose,CA.
I want results from this incident before I send it to the 7 news media.
I have before and after pics so you can have a better perspective on this.
Tom C


I was a long time shopper at the Moorestown NJ PetSmart. Within the last 5 to 6 months that store went down hill. I dont know what happened? Theres no employees around to help you. Management sucks now. There used to be managers and employees that helped me and asked me if i needed help everytime i was there. The store is now dark, empty, no employees, rude management, no customers shopping. I miss the caring managers and employees they had. I think corporate are idiots for getting rid of the staff they had there. Sad state of affairs.


I took my miniature pinscher to Petsmart in Topeka Kansas for a bath and nail clipping like I have since I got her. Never have I had any problems, but this time she came home and a couple days after being home lost a patch of hair on her back side by her tail. I like taking her there because the girls are all so friendly, but I’m concerned as to why that happened. Do they clean their supplies between pets? Did they just not do it that day? I don’t know. I want to take her back but I’m very skeptical due to that happening.


Today, 11/24/17, I went out at 5:30 am in 25 degree weather to wait outside at the PetSmart in Harrisburg, PA. I was 4th in line and prepared with where I needed to go to purchase bags of the BOGO Grain Free Authority cat food that my cat can eat as she's allergic to both grains and chicken. Since Authority offers a turkey and a salmon version, I was ready to buy those and stock up.

Being 4th in line, when the doors opened, I went directly to the Authority section for cat food, and was the first there. Out of the Grain Free versions, the only products in stock were one turkey, one chicken, and two salmon in the BOGO size. That's it. No more. I stood outside in the freezing cold for two bags of cat food. All the other Authority cat food bags were fully stocked, yet the Grain Free looked was a gaping hole.

I located Don, apparently the cat food specialist/supervisor, who told me that because of the limited stock that the price would be honored later and that I could come back with a rain check that the cashier would give me. At the cash register I explained to the cashier what Don had told me and she said that there were no rain checks on Black Friday, that the stock they had was it. She even went so far to compare cat food to televisions in stock at Wal-Mart. Once they were out, they were out. The problem here is I was the first person at the shelves. The people in front of me went for dog food, Tidy Cat litter, etc. Nobody else was around me grabbing this food. So two bags of this specific food was all this store had available.

What really made the trip worse was having the cashier tell me that I could use my Pet Perks online because this was the only reason I came into the store. I didn't see anywhere online that this was obvious and still can't find it. Doesn't matter because everything was sold out by the time I got home.

I would like to purchase more bags of the BOGO Grain Free Authority cat food as advertised for Black Friday or receive a credit/coupon in kind. My intention was to buy at least six bags. With four cats, one with allergies, I spend a lot of money at PetSmart, not to mention my dog for whom I buy food and treats there as well. This was a frustrating and upsetting event. No more than two bags available to purchase, a supervisor who lied about rain checks, a cashier who compared televisions to bags of cat food, and nothing left online by the time I attempted to buy more (who cared at this point if Pet Perks could be used).


November 10, 2017

Pets Mart
Location: 547 Steels Ave E, Brampton Ontario L6W 4S2.
Store #: 2019.
Date of occurance: Oct. 27, 2017.
Complaint filed against: Kim Sutherland (store manager), & Kailey (Groomer.)

On Thursday October 26, 2017 I took my 9 month old Morkie, Ozzy to get a groom touch up package(cost approx $30.) Upon arrival one of the grooming employees advised all dogs must have mandatory rabies vaccincaiton. Ozzy is fairy new to my husband and I (we've had him approx 3.5 months), I was unsure if he was up to date so I advised Petsmart I would make sure he was and bring him back the following day (Friday Oct 27.)
On Oct 27, I indeed took Ozzy to the Vet located in Scarborough (approx 45 minutes from where we live.) Ozzy got his rabies vaccination, as well as an examination confirming Ozzy was in good health. We took Ozzy home after to make sure he ate, and took him to the dog park. After the park, Friday evening (approx 7:50pm) I took him back into Petsmart where I handed the groomer (Kailey) his health records stating Ozzy had JUST received his rabies vacccination, Kailey took Ozzy and told me to be back in 10 minutes (confused as to how a 10 minute job, costs $30??), regardless I was back around 7-8 minutes later and Ozzy was already done, looking the exact same from before she "groomed" him. I asked Kailey if she had done what was covered under the package detail, she confirmed yes. **Note: I stated I wanted Ozzys nails cut, all paws trimmed, private areas trimmed, face trimmed, and eyes cleaned - regardless the cost, thats what I wanted done.** I than asked Kailey for advic e regarding Ozzys eyes, as they get dirty fairy quick and wanted to purchase a Petsmart product for cleaning them, she advised that the product they did use was apparently banned from Canada, and the best thing to use is just water and a cloth. I paid, and I left unhappy with the grooming job, although she was a nice girl, the grooming job was awful.

I called Saturday (Oct 28) morning to advise the grooming manager of my experience and she advised that they would take Ozzy and fix him up to my standards whenever I was going to bring him back in. At this point, and from before my dog needs to be cleaned up and theres only so much as a non-groomer I am able to do and feel confident about. I take Ozzy for a walk and he has diarrhea, and seems to be acting lethargic (walking very slow, and sideways.), first thought was having a slight reaction to the rabies vaccination and it wasn't too big of an issue, until Ozzy puked, approx 3 times. I now am panicing assuming Ozzy is having an allergic reaction, I called my Vet and they advised to bring Ozzy in ASAP, of course I did. We go to the vet (again Brampton to Scarborough, approx 45 mins). Were there for close to 3.5 hours, Ozzys Vet seen him and advised it was NOT an allergic reaction, my dog was in distress, a few hundred dollars LATER we leave. My husband and I walked Ozzy, and he had 0 energy, or livelyness to him. Seeing as my dogs eyes are bothering him (due to hair and dirtyness), it was important my dog got his grooming package I paid for, I took him back to Petsmart Saturday evening to be advised they were refusing to take him due to a POLICY OF WAITING 48 HOURS TO GROOM ANY ANIMAL AFTER VACCINCATIONS.I was confused as to how they "groomed" him a few hours after he was vaccinated, but over 24 hours after he was vaccinated they wouldnt take him?

I brought Ozzy home, and did some research about this Policy I had just been made aware of, and infact its a law, many animals have died due to this happening. I cant explain to you my fear at this point, watching my dog just curled up, no life at all to him. **Note: UP until this point in time, Ozzy is still a puppy, and will not be left alone he is constantly with either my husband and I, and a happy dog filled with energy.** To see him the complete opposite, and so depressed looking breaks my heart more then one could imagine.

Sunday Oct 29, my husband and I wake up and Ozzy has had multiple accidents all over our home. **Note: Since we got Ozzy he has NEVER gone even pee in the house, he is fully house trained**. Right away I know somethings very wrong, I take him out he doesn't want to walk, and when he is his body is still completly sideways and everyone he see's barking aggresilvely to (Ozzy is normally the sweetest dog you could imagine.) He tries two more times to go to the bathroom, its nothing but water. Fast forward a few hours of the same upsetting behaviour we bring Ozzy again back to the vet (at this point im truely thinking, my dog isn't going to live.) At the vet I had advised about the grooming incident occuring and he confirmed Ozzy was completly traumatized over the grooming taking place. **NOTE: If I had even the SLIGHTEST clue about the 48 hour policy, I would have 100% waited that if not more to have my dog groomed, not a problem, unfortunatlely I am not a vet or a groomer and didn't have a clue.** Another few couple hundred dollars later, we leave with multiple medications for Ozzy.

Monday (Oct 30) rolls by, its the same thing..Doesnt want to walk, eat, I am forcing him to drink at this point by putting the water in a syring the vet gave me ensuring my dog doesnt get dehydrated. Ozzy is now scooting his bum, MUTIPLE times, which again he had NEVER done before. After my research I see his anal glands are bothering him, so I brought him to the other Brampton Petsmart on Airport Road to have his anal glands expressed (nothing but good things to say about that location.)

I call Petsmart Head office, and let them know about this situation, and the lady was completely shocked at what I was telling her (super nice woman), she took my report and said if I hadn't heard from the store Manager after 48 hours call. I did not hear back from them. I called 48 hours later now at this point I am not only upset, and stressed about Ozzy I am MAD at how inhumane and selfish these people were for not even calling with an apology. I call the store and speak with the store manager Kim Sutherland, and she wasn't their she finally called and we spoke on Thursday (Nov 2) the conversation was pretty much her asking the full story, and how Ozzy was feeling and kept trying to advise that it seemed Ozzy had many problems before this, mind you she has NEVER even seen my dog, completely disregarding the fact this was 100% their fault. She said she "might" be able to help with the Vet bills, what a sick joke! I have bills to pay, and am out over 1000$ because of THEIR mistake. I asked her if she wanted pictures of everything - incase she thinks im making such a good story up, she advised she did. I told her better yet, I'd email pictures of Ozzys medication, and all the Vet reciepts. Which I sent off to her that same night. I hear back from her on Friday advising she shouldnt have to pay for Ozzys rabies (which NO problem, I sent ALL the Vet receipts she asked for.) Although, with this occuring I truely belive she shouldnt have an ISSUE atleast compensating for what we have already all indured. She tells me she needs to investigate with my Vet, and she'll call me the next day (Sat Nov 3.) I don't hear from her, I call Saturday evening (approx 6:30pm) for her to advise she still has NOT spoke to the vet she was busy with other stuff. I'm not even going to express what kind of attitude and answers this woman is saying, and for me having to chase her around because its pretty self explanatory. The last thing I asked her was if she had paid her rent? Because due to this happening and spending this amount of money due to their mistake we are now behinde.

** Note:I am in college fulltime, and my husband works for a large firm specializing in the IT field. I am out HUNDREDS because of the vet, $50 atleast on gas going to and from the vet, & my husband missing out on 3 days of work, having to care and watch over Ozzy (he makes $50+/hour.)**

I have YET to hear back from her, I called head office, I've emailed Kim and tried to phone the store NUMEROUS times, and there is NO response. I have been advised by numerous people to seek legal council, as to which i have spoken to a couple different lawyers and will proceed if this issue isn't dealt with accordingly ASAP.

Any questions please contact at the above email, or via phone 4169953846.


Because you cannot make an appointment to your pets nails cut you have no choice but to do a walk in, so I went in on 4/1/17 and 10:30 am, waited approximately 10 minutes before being helped then I had to wait another 5 minutes for the counter help to go ask if my dogs nails could be cut, she returned and told me that Chris said I could go next door to the grooming salon or wait "a while as we are very busy", but yet I cant make an appointment.

Not sure what's going on at PetSmart in west Ashley but since some management changes occurred a while back it's been a steady decline in customer service, there is never enough counter help and phones callers are forever being put on hold. I'll be looking around that's for sure.


Today I was at your Newton NJ location. I bought 4 fish and a snail. The fish are doing fine but the snail appears to be dead. I called the store this evening and spoke with someone in the fish department, who asked me about the tank water temperature. I told him that it is at room temperature, which is 68 t9 70 degrees. He said that is too cool for the snail, and I could return it for a refund. It is an hour round trip plus two bridge tolls to make the trip.

I then spoke with a female manager who told me basically the same thing. that being that there is nothing more that can be done.I would like to have a gift certificate for at least $10 to help cover the cost of the trip. Otherwise, I will never return to any PetSmart store and will tell everyone I know. I have read other ratings and they are not good. My rating will be zero if something is not done about this.


Cannot believe the horrible experience I had at Parmatown Pet Smart, Parma, OH today. They were suppose to trim My dog when he came out he was practically shaved! I complained, but a lot of good that did. Then he got in the car and his anal gland let down, which was very strange because the service I paid for included that being squeezed, so now I have to wash the interior of my car. I called again and you think they would offer to refund the money. No they told me next time is free. I will not take him back & will be looking for a new groomer.


I was in the Warminster Pennsylvania store on Monday October 10, 2016 to buy 15 cans of prescription cat food at $1.49 each that were marked buy 2 cans get one free. And only $2.98 was taken off my purchase. I also purchased a bag of cat food that was $21.99 making my total purchase amount $43.84.


I purchased a ramp tonight (around 6:30 PM 9/28/16) for my arthritic dog to be able to get out of my truck (she had difficulties at the vet) at the Petsmart store located at 2140 N Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89108 for $139. I went out to my car and took it out of the box because I wanted to use it when I got home (I was bringing my arthritic dog home from the vet). When I opened it, it clearly was used- the ends were all scuffed up, there were nail scratches on the walkway.

I thought it was too expensive to keep a used product- that it should at least be brand new. I took it inside, spoke to the cashier Hailey, who was very kind and said she could offer 20% off but I could speak with the manager (I think he really was a shift supervisor) and probably get more. I thought 20% wasn't enough for the amount of wear and tear so I said yes. Rich came over, very flip, and said 15%. No apology, not even polite, acted like he was doing me a favor. I declined and asked for a refund. So, instead oft apologizing, trying to find me a new one, or reducing the price and selling the product (which I would have bought had he given me a better price) he now has made me unhappy, and lost a sale. Someone put a used product back on the shelf, tried to sell it as if it were new, and charge well over $100 for it.

I just think you should invest some money and send Rich to charm school- he certainly could use it. Or better yet, have Hailey and the security guard teach it to him I apologize, I did not get the guard's name but she was African American and very pregnant. Both the guard and Hailey were so concerned and embarrassed that a used product was on the shelf, were concerned for me not being able to get the product, and that Rich acted the way he did (zero customer service). I want to commend Hailey and the guard for the customer service skills they displayed-they truly cared about me as a customer and clearly Petsmart as an employer. They both deserve to be commended.


My dog could not walk after taking him to Petsmart #0094 - 44551 Valley Central Way Lancaster, CA 93536 for grooming/bath. Even after being hospitalized and treated for almost 4 days, my dog still cannot walk. I feel so bad for him, he was perfectly fine before I took him to Grooming Salon. We can tell that he's still in so much pain even with medication. The veterinarian is recommending a rehabilitation/therapy. In addition, to make the situation worse, the Store Manager refused to pay the diagnosis, treatment and hospitalization fees.


I read an article online about the PetSmart universal return program. I had purchased Gnc calming pills and a silent whistle which both did not work. During the process of moving I lost my receipt. I visited summerlin petsmart and I was out raged by the manager Jeremy who did not gv me his last name. Not only did he refuse to take your own product back but laughed at me when i tried to tell him about the universal return program. He said you "saw it online doesn't mean it's true. Not only did he verbally abuse me in front of many costumers but laughed at me with other employees as I was leaving.

I was humilated and apalled. I hv never bn to that store and HV returned 1 previous time to another petsmart across town. He did not gv me a reason Why he refused to give me at the least store credit. Is this how you tell all your employees and managers to treat costumers? With no respect and just rude as if they are the store owner not an employee. He said as a manager he can do anything he feels like. I was never more I hv never bn treated with such indignity in all my life. Incident occured on Sunday Auguest 21 apprixnately at 2pm. I wish I had enough forethought to video tape the incident. I

said that I would file formal complaint and he replied. Who cares go ahead. And said get out of the way ur holding up my costumers. Apalling and pissd off!! So does your universal return program a false advertisement or a lie?


I left my dog for five days at the hotel because I was going on vacation. When I came back he was so sick that I had to spend more than $500 on his vet + medicines, even 3 injections of antibiotics. He had a severe flu and anemia, he wouldn't eat, and I am talking about my very healthy dog, "before he stayed at the PetSmart Hotel ". I will NEVER take him there again.


I was at the Albertville, Alabama store ,trying to get a bird cage and every thing else I needed to set it up for 4 Zebra Finches. I could not get any help finding what I needed. A young male Hispanic associate got the cage down for me. I told him I had a list of things I needed. He help me find one thing and then he saw some Hispanic customers. He said I will be back , let me go see what they need. He left me. He came back and there was a Hispanic lady associate with him. the lady ask me" Do you need some help" I said Yes Ma'm I sure do.

I told her, I was trying to set up a cage for 4 finches . She said OK and walk to the other side. I thought she was going there to get me something. WRONG. They both left. I tried to find what I needed, but I could not find all. When I went to the register the young male associate was up front talking to 3 Hispanic Children.. He ask me If I needed help getting it out of buggy.I told him " no, I needed help finding the things and you walked off to go help some Hispanic. I thought you was supposed to help people find the things they need " He said "I try to help every body " I said " I am not a prejudice person but you walked off and left me to go help them, he said "whatever" and walked off. I spent $186.00.

My husband wants me to take it all back and go to Guntersville, Alabama to Pet Depot.


The last two times we took or dog we did not get a report card which I realize now you only get them if they do a good job if they do a bad job you don't get a report card. Last time the groomer had no personality for dealing with pets let alone people my dogs nails were bleeding I asked how he did he said in a rude tone he did alright.

So this time I requested that he was not to touch my dog I only wanted a cut we bathe him so we only wanted quarter inch left on couldn't tell he had a hair cut or nails trim I said something and the other girl said his groomer no name given would be back I could wait and she could cut his hair more. I just said wait like if your dog's groomer can't do it right the first time why wasn't a manager called to do it the right way so I will be taking my busy and spreading the word to others to go to another groomer. So 4 years of our business and friends business you will be losing.


I made an appointment to have my yorkies bathe/ bridge of nose trimmed on 5-19-16 at the Nampa, Id. store. upon checking in I was informed that the person that was going to bathe my dogs was unable to trim the bridge of their nose. I asked why since my appointment was for bath/ nose trim. The manager for the grooming dept. stepped up and proceeded to inform me that I should have scheduled my appointment with a groomer not a bather.

I asked who should be scheduling the right person for the job, I assumed that they were all groomers . The manager replied that they are cracking down on them and that It should had been scheduled as a full groom and that SHE will do it this time. She then picked up my dog and started walking toward the kennels. I told her to bring my dog back, she asked why. I said I don't want you handling my dog and at that time I didn't feel comfortable leaving my dog in their care and services. I then asked to speak to a manager, she said I'm the manager. I told her that I wanted to see your manager. She paged the store manager and I stepped out of grooming to wait for the manager, she also stepped out and felt the need to to give her side of the story as I was talking to her boss. I told her that I didn't want to hear story and to stand there if she needed to.

I explained to him that I had made an appointment, it wasn't my responsibility to assign the right person for the I've always pay for my dogs services without special favors and tip very generously for services rendered, I have a professional groomer but occasionally will bring my dogs in for a nose trim, I will utilize another company for simple services in the future. The store manager stood there quiet and without any explanation of the situation or how we could remedy this situation, and for the poor costumer service I received from his store. Not to mention my waste of time.


We are long time PetSmart customers, purchasing, taking classes, grooming, etc. We're reasonable people and have refrained from complaining when we could. Today, however, was too much. 1. There's usually just one register open; 2. After waiting in line for a return, I was told I had to make my purchase before returning the item; 3. Again through the long line; 4. The employees attitudes were poor. Suggestion: Post that we should make purchases BEFORE returning an item.


Made a appointment to get my dog groomed just a bath and trim advised she had been spayed 12 days ago and he vet said it would be fine to get her done well they rejected her said they could not do it that is crap they were busy being the weekend and figured they could get a break if they didnt have her she was very dirty from it having rained for the past week and really was in need.

People have surgery and can get a bath or shower within 2 days she had no open wound or bandage just lazy people who work there and want a excuse not to do it. I have taken her there before so she was not a new customer and I always do my shopping there for her food and supplies. I will not be going to your stores anymore for grooming or food and supplies This is the second incident i had at this store the other was getting a bag of Blue buffalo an having the guy scan it twice then i ha to wait half hour to get my money back very upset as she loves to get her bath an trim and i ha to bring her home without it too lat to get a appointment elsewhere i made this one days in advance.


I was the Purina Pro Plan Rep sent to the store. I would go to work early and take break mid way to before my shift. Michelle the manager at your PetSmart location in St. Catharines would like when I went over and beyond. I would go outside of giving out samples and help customers for free. Help with food help with coats and leases and on and on. She would make rude comments about other manager even talking to us reps. Comments like..'Oh now your talking to Vendors".

We where went to be ignored and never appreciate for out help. Labels of food for parties where put in bold letters not for us to have but only PetSmart staff. I have seen her be so rude to customers and staff. I know the whole store hates her and wants her out. I have seen her follow customers out the store and write down their license plates. She is the most rudest person I have ever seen. Anything rude comes out of her mouth. She told my boss at Influence that I was in the lunch room. I went in to grab my water. I did go for a break before my boss told me not to. After that I never did except the day I got my water Michelle got me fired for a lie!

I don't understand how you can have such an evil and conniving and manipulative person representing your store. That job paid for my son to do his dream of Travel Hockey. I told people that at PetSmart. How can she live with herself. How can I now afford for my son to play travel. I am shocked and upset. So are the other Reps. Because what ever she said about me was totally a lie.


I have been taking my dog into Pet Smart for grooming since she was 6 months old, she is now going on 5. Every year her shots are due the end of April. I have always had her groomed in the morning of her vet appointment so she is clean to see her vet in the afternoon. For some reason this year I was denied service. I now have 2 goldens and I spend a lot of money each month at Pet Smart for grooming, food, treats and toys. After the treatment I received today from Pet Smart in Sarnia, Ont. I have had to change my place of business.


Petsmart was my favorite place to shop for 10+ yrs all the managers and employees knew me. I shopped for cat food about once a week. they always honored the price match guarantee for me on cans of fancy feast elegant medleys. about 2 months ago you hired a new store manager who told me I needed to bring a receipt from the competitor so I did and he still refused to price match because it was not the same flavor as I was buying at petsmart. I live I a smaller town where Walmart and HEB don't stock as many single can flavors as petsmart.

All of the other managers did not have a problem doing this but they and all the other employees I knew seem to be gone from the Abilene Tx store. I am not surprised because as rude as the new store manager was to me (a good customer) I am sure he would be awful to work for. I would buy anywhere from 40-60 cans of cat food at a time I was only asking for a price match on about 10 cans ad paying 3-4 cents more on all the rest because I appreciated the variety and atmosphere at the store. I contacted you once before last month about this issue but never got a reply so I am currently buying all the food I can somewhere else.

I have bought a total of 8 cans this month because I can not find those flavors anywhere else and I don't feel like my cat should do without her favorites because you have a lousy store manager. I would really like to go back to buying all my cat food in one place can you please answer me and tell me if it is your policy to only price match if it is exactly the same flavor as the other store. Walmart, Target, and HEB all charge less for fancy feast elegant medleys they just don't have as good a variety.


Came in to look at ferrets was told if I got 2 ferret's and cage and so on I could get 20% off. Said I would be back to get them in 2 days to keep them on hold. Came back the next day they were not on hold and I could now not get the deal. The manager just said dry don't know why they told you that I can give u 5$ off. What a slap in the face I drive over 45min to buy them and now I can't even get them. Store is a joke!


This is about the new Commerical PetSmart is showing on TV. That poor little puppy looks like it has been starved. Please change or fatten up the puppy that looks a lot like ABUSE.


I walked into your 7th ave and bell rd location on 12/29/2015 at approximately 7:30pm wanting to return a gift that was given to me for Christmas. it is unopened untouched unused, in 100% brand new off the shelf condition. my first contact was with an associate at one of your registers..she told me she had to get a manager. I was then rudely approached by an associate who told me she was the manager. her name was Jasmine. I told her I would like to return this item as it was a gift and it wasn't what I wanted anyways she said that she couldn't return it no receipt I asked her if she could look it up by the what info I could give her pertaining to when it was purchased she went to back and the came out w a paper 10 min later with an inproper description highlighted stating no return on electronics.

ITS A FISH TANK FOR GOD SAKES! My other half then asked her, don't you have a "NO HASSLE RETURN POLICY"? your manager gave no response. I then proceeded to walk towards the fish tank display as i said to jasmine why are customers not told this when purchased or why is not posted on display.her only rebuttal to this was to tell me to leave the store and that the cops were going to be called waited for them no one came you were closing I left.on tape I'm sure you have cameras. .I sure had experienced nothing but hassle.


I have been using the Farmingdale NY PetSmart for more than ten years for my cat and four dogs. I have used the grooming salon mainly for my Golden retriever for 9 years and my newest Choc Chow for a year and half. (Both since puppies). I also spend approximately 300 a month on food and litter, as well as about 300-300 in toys, treats and misc. items per month. I have also used the training classes. So in a nutshell I have been a loyal Pet Smart Customer.

Recently I brought my Chow Chow to be groomed. All his previous report cards indicated that he has been a good boy but did not like being in a kennel, so I paid extra for expedited grooming so he spent less time in a kennel. Even though the staff did not indicate that they had any specific problem with him I was told not to bring him back because they were concerned he would cause a problem.

He has been going there since he was 2 months old and never caused a problem and in fact he is well socialized and has never had a problem with people and other dogs. The new salon manager just basically refused to justify him not cooing again and so now I was stuck looking for a new groomer for all my animals. I was devastated and angry. How is it that suddenly the computer says he is bad when all the report cards reflect him doing fine?

Because of this "new manager" I will no longer patronize PetSmart nor ever recommend them again, and all my friends were going and will no longer do so after hearing how my Samson was treated. I believe the only reason that he was refused to allow to come back is because as a chow he takes more time, then other breeds. I even changed all their food as I was using the simply nourish and it is only available at Pet Smart. It is a sad thing to have to do this and it is poor customer service on the part of PetSmart. You do not know how much in sales monthly you will loose because of this.

I originally was not going to do anything about it but it makes me so mad that my sweet boy has been labeled a problem. I have since found a groomer who has reflected what all your previous groomers have said that he is a sweet bot and he doesn't have to be in a kennel or pay extra to do it. This manager needs to be reprimanded for bring lazy, and dishonest. She insulted me and cost this company a large amount of revenue on a monthly basis for no reason.


I went to my local PetSmart store &, It took me 22 min to locate anyone to help me in the fish dept. I walked around 3 times. I'm tired Just lost my dad. So just wanted to get home. Went to the register only one lane open, a man showed up and said Ill take the next in line. The guy in back of me let me out so I headed over their & a Christmas A.H Shot in front of me in the line. In my quest in trying to get the H. out of their I left My fish & left. I think the guy at the register was trying to do good, however he could have said I'm sorry I said the next in line and set me free. That was one of the worst top 10 trips to any store. The sad thing is the lasting bad feelings in a store I held high.


I had a PetSmart appointment on June 3 at 12:00 noon to have my dog groomed. I entered the store and went to the grooming dept. at 11:50. There was no one at the desk. I waited another 5 minutes, then opened the kennel door to see if anyone was around. No one. I called out back there to get someone's attention - there was no one there. I waited until 12:04 and left the store. In the meantime, there was a dog in one of the crates crying and whining - alone. So - my point is this: I would never, ever use a service that would leave my dog unattended. No one at the desk, no one in the office, no one in the kennel area. Are you kidding me?


PetSmart is a great place to not only shop for your little buddy but to also take them with you!  The staff always loves on my dogwhen we walk into the store.  He knows to go straight to the register to get treats from the sales associates. One thing that I would be wary of: PetSmart does not stock only products made in America.  There are plenty of food and treat brands that are from China, Phillipines, Brazil, etc.  I bought a bag of puppy treats and did not look closely at the label.  The product was made in Japan and we had to go to the emergency room due to sickness.  Later, I read about the product and it had a ton of negative reviews.  As a dog owner, please review ALL products before purchasing.  I love PetSmart but I was upset that they would allow such products on their shelves!  

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