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My cat only likes beef. Why are the wet foods combined in a package with other flavors? That's the only reason I won't even try 9 lives with my cat.


My cat had recently gave birth to 7 kittens and at first we gave them soft food from the brand fancy feast which they liked and ate the heck out of it. we ran out and we decided to give them a new brand to see which they liked better, which was a huge mistake. we gave them the 9 lives wet food and now the babies are dropping like flies. it starts by then throwing up and then laying as if they’re dead but they aren’t. they’re breathing and even purring . but when you pick them up it’s almost as if they don’t know how to keep their heads up and the heads just fall back to where you have to support their heads. their eyes don’t close at all and just stay open all the time and their tongues stick out. 2 out of 7 kittens have been affected and we are just waiting to see how many more will be affected. Thanks 9 lives for endangering not only my cats but many other cats.


I bought a four pack of pate. ALL other cans of cat food I have bought from your company have pull lids. These did not, which I had no way of knowing, since they were sold as a pack. I have very bad arthritis, which may pull top cans a necessity for me. I was disappointed and angry that I could not use them


I bought the gravy 9lives and I fed my cat it and he’s never had a problem with 9lives but Some reason he threw it up and won’t even any other kind of wet food . I want my refund I bought a whole 12 pack and now it’s going to waste


I purchased 3 bags - of 9 lives daily essentials 13.2 LB cat food bags , from my local dollar general store, located in Somerset, Ky. I paid $31.80 in total, I had noticed after the first few scopes of cat food that came out of the bag the cat food was molded and stuck together. Yuck!!!! I’m very disappointed in this purchased, and strongly feel that it’s the company’s fault : for not realizing this isssue, and letting it go ahead, and be shipped to the stores. I strongly feel that I should be confiscated in the amount that I spent in full In exchange for vouchers, coupons etc.


I just gave my,best friend my,loved spades and shots are still good....
He has had Chloe since last fall....feeding her 9,lives....
Cat died.....
I usually use 9 lives for the small bites....but I once used 9 lives before and my,cats all got sick....
I,just bought 2bags....
And friend has just bought 9 lives....
Why is the food not off the shelves...
This was a year old cat....
His last cat died.....and he needed a friend....a cat.....I'm very disappointed in your company at this moment....
What was in that food????
I've made car food for years.....
Do,I,have to start again....
Please remove your killing cat products


dont have complaint have a good review found a stray cat and all he will eat is 8lives plus care could i please get some coupons i dont have way to print them thank you mary cade 2885 brookside drive zanesvill ohio 43701


I fed Nike hats hearty Cuts with real turkey and cheese and gravy. They have been throwing up non-stop. I have cleaned up 8 piles of vomit in my house. There is something wrong with this Lot number or whatever my phone number is 252-343-6980 and I do expect a call back. To resolve this. My cats are very sick. And they are my family.


I bought 20 pound bag 9 lives cat food and no lie it was all crumbles in it and it looks like it was old as me and I bought it at family dollar I tbrew it away my 5 cats would not eat it


Hi 9 lives!
I absolutely love your cat food product. I love your product because my cat loves the drug food. If you happen to have any Coupons and samples for this or an upcoming product. I'd love to try it out! Thank you for your time and for making such a fantastic item for my cat to enjoy.
Best regards,
Cora Curry
60 w Montgomery cross road unit 251 savannah ga 31406


This is the 2nd bag of cat food I bought our baby's and when open the bag its a chemical smell like chemicals been pored over the cat food not the normal smell some prices were stuck together just not 9 lives standard.


I purchased a bag of 9Lives Protein Plus cat food at my local Dollar General store and the bag had these little bugs in it they was little black ones, not quite sure what they were but I will not be feeding my cat this.. The last bag I bought had mold it looked to me, the store said they couldn't do anything about it, to contact 9Lives. This is the second bad bag of food I bough from 9Lives.. This never happened in 7 years then all of a sudden.. I even tried two different stores & got two bad bag of cat food. Bar code on this bag of cat food is (079100927968) I just wanted to let it be known I am upset but hopefully it can be fixed, my Tom cat has been eatting 9Lives for YEARS. Thank you, Kelly. If your company could be kind enough for a coupon on another bag would be great, home address is 71199 Dorsch Rd. Martins Ferry, OH. 43934.


I really do not have a complaint just a suggestion . I buy the boxed cans of cat food, my cats like the page but when puchasinh up or only choices are the either all seafood or all meat; it would be nice if you would mix the seafood and meat together so their will be a combination of meat and seafood. Thanks


I opened up a can of cat food this morning and found green stuff in it I've never seen this before in any of your food I did not feed it to my cats


Opened scan of 9lives tendermorsels flaked tuna with real egg from a 4 packand filled to brim with live maggots.
I have pictures of said infestation as well as label and pertinent info.
Given past recalls, it would seem that you have not gotten your quality control improved or your distributors are not pulling items off shelves.
We will have to find another brand.
Truly disgusting and a very sad trend in pet food manufactures .
Dorothy and JOHN Williams for their rescue cats.


My complaint is who would pack these cans of food and send them out and have them put on the shelf these are in a box meaty flavors flavors Scanning number 791-001-2283 date on box is date on box 08-30-17 time 20:52:38 Store - division / Carton 703-801-8532 36-5.5 oz expiration date June 0 7 20 71597197803UP11433


I jus wanted to know why your company don't make wet cat food with prevention of urinary tract ingredients my vet told me that if my cats don't have wet food food with the uti products in it the special care won't work on them


I usually buy the 9 lives 24 packs of cans. This time when I had opened the box a terrible odor came from inside. When i went to inspect i found a can was dented open with green mold clearly growing on the outer rim.


My cat loves his 9- lives cat food in the can-supper supper 5.5 ounces. So (bennie) my cat wants to complain about wheres the gravy this is his special. I give him his food he gets 2 drops of gravy and then looks at me for more. I use to open the can and get half a paper plate of gravy whats up with that, wheres the gravy. A true customer for my cat thank you.


I bought 9 lives super supper for my cat family of 2. I normally buy friskies, however, I found a case of 24 of the 9 lives close to home and decided to try it. Normally I can only get cases of 12 of the friskies. The very first can I opened had visible chunks of what looks and feels like bone in the food. I found several pieces in the first can and every can I have opened.

This food is disgusting and should be removed from the market. I wouldn't buy this, or feed this, to a rabid wolf, or any animal. I'm going to be severely upset if my cats become ill, as I just had one recover in hospital from a flu virus. Why does this company feel it is acceptable to feed a family pet member this kind of crap?

Do you give this to your pet? Bet you don't. I will never buy 9 lives again. I. have never seen a piece of bone material in friskies food. Maybe your company should go see how they do things.


My kitties have been eating your wet food for a week now. And I saw a white worm while they were eating. I watched each one pooped a watery miscolored poop.


I always by this product and the bag I bought the cat will not touch it. The bag has a burnt smell to it, which is confusing because I have the best by date 9/1/16. The SKU number is 5063TPO41210. I want a refund from the 9lives company, so tell them to please send me a free coupon for a 20lb bag. That is the size bag I bought and promptly had to throw away because it smelled so bad. I expected more from this company!


Looking for cat food which is nutritious and healthy? Well 99lives.com is the right place to log in and get the right food for you pet cat. 9Lives believes in delivering quality products that suits the health nutrition of your cat. My pet cat didn’t have that glow fur that I have seen in other pet cats, once I started giving my pet cat the food from 99Lives.com, there has been a tremendous improvement. I have suggested this website to few of my other friends who have pet cats so that they can also gain from what I have experienced.

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