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Have problems with Microsoft office? You are not alone. Although the MS Office suite is one of the most popular in the world, many customers have filed complaints recently against Microsoft for poor customer service. The top issues include Office 365, Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

In recent years the Microsoft corporate office has made a large effort to cut costs. As a part of this effort they have outsourced most of the customer service functions, which has lead to soem frustrating user experiences. The other challenge working against the company is it's move to cloud-based SaaS. Now that Office 365 is online, many customer are struggling to transition their services.

Common registered complaints against Office 365 include problems downloading, errors, and billing problems. These are made even worse by the poor communication skills of support agents and the fact that many of them are not native English speakers. This frustrates the largest portion of the customer base who are located in the US, UK, and Australia.

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I create a lot of documents and at least 3 times during task word will fault (its experiencing problems) and requires restarting -- It will not allow the doc. to be saved requiring retyping of lost data.
Then it has the nerve to report it back to Microsoft who never does anything about the problem.
you guys suck,


my laptop was working fast and great until today after 2 unasked for down loads in 2 days one after the other now the laptop is working on a very slow boat to China.
then when I tried to send an e-mail to the e-mail address was rejected by Windows mail.
When this laptop goes their will never be another sick to teeth with hackers misinformed information and the dreaded downloads


I get a call or a loud message from some spam company saying that your computer has called and there is a virus in your computer and call this toll free number. They also say "and don't shut off the computer" to you. Well, then they gain access to our computer and are obviously looking for passwords to banks or some other financial information so they can grab your money. It happened earlier also and today is the second time they have done it. My computer will not shut off. This is a scam and that scammer targets your computer again and again. How do I get rid of the scammer?


Outlook 2016 synching to android Devices. The following was emailed and faxed to Microsoft Office Executives. I have been an Microsoft user since it was originally issued under DOS. I have used Office probably before most employees were hired into MS.I have spent the past 9 months in attempting to synch my Office 2016 contacts, calendar , task and notes to my two android devices. In January I replaced my android phone with a Windows 10 phone from Verizon. after all, windows is Windows and the devices should synch seamlessly.

Was I wrong, not only is it a truly useless device, Verizon refused to take it back and Microsoft Office does not support it. I am out $ for that error. I then replaced it with an Android phone and I have a Samsung tablet. Would you like this Windows based phone to add to the MS hall of shame? I have researched the Office 365 knowledge base, to no success, I have purchased two 3rd party synch software apps and have engaged their tech support services and again to no success.

I am so frustrated that I have pulled out my paper based Leather planner and now use that!! Also I am seriously considering an Apple product and leave the Windows environment. Please let me know that MS with its vast resources can actually develop a synch software that is simple, reliable and seamless. If you do not plan to do so. can you ask your marketing dept to send me the competition that offer a product similar to Outlook that synchs to android device.

In closing, I suspect you will never see this email, as a very long time user of MS products, when some ask me to recommend an operating system . I reply go buy an Apple. I again write this to prod the executives to really understand their users and their simple needs.


I purchased the office 365 for the purpose of installing the access on my computer, but i needed the 2013 version of it. Which office 365 doesn't have. I then called Microsoft and spoke to a representative last night who was very nice, he told me i could no longer get access 2013 but told me to call your money back guarantee center and they would refund me the money.

I called today and spoke to a women on the phone at 2:30 est, she told me no they would not. When i proceeded to tell her that i spoke to Microsoft representative last night she started yelling and cursing at me on the phone and hung up on me!!! I was appalled with the fact that someone who works for Microsoft would treat someone so unprofessional. This makes me think twice about dealing with your company. I would hope that you will look into this matter.


I bought office 365 personal subscription at office depot today. When I tried to register it I got an error message that there were some bad files on my computer. So I called support. They found some problems but told me that I needed a firewall. So I downloaded a firewall and they said it would not work. They keep trying to sell me Microsoft's firewall. But I don't have that kind of money. I bought a product from you and I can't use it unless I buy firewall from you. I feel like I have been robbed. I guess it's a good thing I don't have to have office. I am very dissatisfied.


When I bought my computer I paid for Microsoft Office. Why should I have to pay almost $100 a year for Office 365 in order to make changes to documents I already have in my files? I can't even write a letter in Word. Does Microsoft not already make enough money without screwing those who use Office by charging a fee to use what we already paid for? It's like being double taxed and it sucks big time. Time was you bought Office and that was that. You were able to use it as long as you had the computer and now you throw this Office 365 crap at us. Microsoft sucks and if there is ever an alternative to Microsoft, I'll use it.


I had purchased Office 365 personal and always ran problems on running the same. I tried to get help from you online and got a technical support key 1345601836 but due to my connectivity problems, the technician could not help me. He promised to call me between 10 and 11 am on 15/08/2016. As I had not got a call within the time, I called your helpline and got connected with a technician named Nitin. He was least helpful and refused to take down my support key I already have. He knew no English, could not even take out a key number and e-mail ID properly, even after repeating clearly for five times and finally after much struggle, gave me another support key 134329692. He worked terribly slowly and even after 3 hours, could not install my software.

I asked him the address of a service centre at Jaipur and after much waiting, asked me which place I belonged. Then he disconnected my chat and though reconnected after a long time, did not give me any answer to my query. This person seems to know no English, have no technical skills and is least apprehensive and communicative. I fail to understand what qualities enable him to work for an international firm of high repute. I am left to fend myself having no support from you even after properly purchasing your software. Your executives may help to ward off your customers and help flourishing of pirated software and private jacks. With grave concerns.


When I had a problem with Word 2013 which didn't respond to any of the "repair" fixes, one of the suggestions was to uninstall and reinstall it. After I uninstalled, I could not get it reinstalled since it had been some time since it was purchased and although I had the key, etc. Microsoft did not accept the password I had originally used and I have no active Microsoft account. I spent an entire afternoon repeatedly submitting forms, etc., to no avail. This morning I called Support and a technician said he could reinstall, using Office 2016. After two and a half hours he simply closed the remote connection he had been trying to use, simply giving up with no further word to me. He had complained that my computer was very slow but there was no further explanation from him. I still do not have Office on my computer. I am not sure how to get this program reinstalled. Help please!


I would like to report the return of 6 computers to Walmart due the fact i just found out i was being keylogged, hijacked, hacked and all my information was on these computers that were returned. I would also like to report the fact the i have tried getting hold of Microsoft about my hacked emails and information and they are not willing or wanting to help secure my information, tax information, daughters identity, my identity, my credit card information, my private and personal pages, which include all social media accounts(which are now under the control and authority of someone else) the untimely responsibility of the workers at Walmart and the workers of Microsoft. I spent good money on these computers, I spent money on Windows Office, Windows Pro, and it has been for nothing. I am now asking for help before i file Federal Charges about my information, my daughters and all i have lost.


When using MS Word 2013 with Office 10 I cannot get it to print with A4 paper. It keeps defaulting to Letter. I have set the default to A4 via devices and printers but still the same fault occurs. When I go to 'Print' and select 'Printer properties' it shows 'Letter'. I press OK, come out and go back in again and 'Letter' appears again. I have contacted the printer manufacturer and they tell me this is a problem with windows 10 that is common to all printer manufacturers. This is confirmed when I look on the web for similar complaints. Please can you tell me if this bug is likely to be corrected by MS and, if so, when.


I would love to give no stars., I bought Office 365 and windows 10 last summer. Every few months it crashes- I have to go online and it takes hours to fix. it happened again 2 days ago- went online- got someone who "worked on it" for over 3 hours and then told me that someone would call back at 10 am today. no one did. at 1 pm i called and get 2 techs - neither could help and then i was told to end the chat and start all over. the first tech changed all my outlook accounts from exchange to imap. he also deleted my windows account and made a test one with no security,. no one is helping and i just hate it that we have no other options. I paid for all this and even have ASSURE> there is no one we can talk to- if any other company had this kind of service we would go somewhere else. and they would admit they had a lemon.

I wish there was a way to get to a manager or director.. i keep asking and get nothing. they are all in India.


I have a home account with Microsoft and rent office for 6.99 a month. On 12/24/2015 I contacted them and payments were reduced from 8.99 to 6.99 as I use just one computer however my bank account via debit card was minus a charge for $79.98. Today 1/6/16, when I saw the bank statement I called the number cited with the Microsoft charge on the statement. After 30 minutes was given a case number for my bank to call them with that number. My bank, after being routed overseas and 45 minutes, cancelled my debit card due to fraud. I called Microsoft again, this time also overseas and after 45 minutes couldn't find the charge and was to connect me to the Fraud Department. That did not happen. I'm furious and wasn't my $79.98 back from Microsoft plus lost time and aggravation.


Bought office 2011 for mac in April 2012. I was at university and getting an educational discount, so used my university email to receive the product key. It's now December 2016 and I've left the university, so don't have access to my email account there. I have bought a new computer and want to install office 2011 on the new computer, but because all you get is a product key on an email I can no longer access I can't do this. Rang up customer services, and over the course of 30 minutes and being passed around to people who I can barely understand they confirm they have found the email with the product key. However they won't tell me unless I give them my email (I did), phone number and address from my address at the time (I did both), and the last 4 digits of my credit card. A credit card that expired over 3 years ago.

An impossible request - I can remember my 16 digit card number for my current credit card, but since then there has been two new cards, three if you include the one I currently have. After being told 'this is the procedure, I'm going to hang up', I asked to speak to a manager. Another 10 minutes and someone answers, listens to me repeat the whole problem again then says I'm transferring you to the mac office team. The transfer happens, and a recorded message in an American accent plays 'The office is now closed.' End of conversation - 45 minutes and no joy. I have payed my money, and because my product was delivered as a digital download I now can't use it anymore.

Is this customer service to get people to stay with Microsoft products? Never buying any Microsoft product again, and this has made me make the leap to using native Mac productivity software.


I have purchased an Office Home and Business 2016 from Best Buy on November 29th 2015 and paid USD 250.40 to receive a card with a code to be activated. Today on various occasions I tried to activate my purchase only to receive a notice that there was something wrong and that I should call a certain 800 number. Doing this yielded no results as I was greeted with an automatic message that the person in charge was not available. Probably she or he was out for a 5 Martini lunch.

I left my phone number but nobody bothered to call me back. I feel cheated and taken on a ride as I have no recourse with my purchase as one cannot return the card (Proof of Purchase) with the Product key exposed. I don't care if Microsoft belongs to the biggest companies in the USA what they do is commit outright fraud in selling a product that does not work and without recourse and no answer back. I give Microsoft a 0 minus and consider them a fraudulent company.


Case Number: 1316755869. I bought 5 copies of Microsoft Office licenses online. I'm the system admin at our firm. Installed the first 3 and called MS to activate...all sweet. Today, I called to activate the fourth one and for some reason, they said the key was blocked. So I asked how to change the product key and the activation guy didn't know, as he's only in charge of activations, he doesn't know how to change the product key. So he transferred me to the MS Office department. Ended up at the wrong department, couldn't understand a word the lady was saying. She eventually transferred me to the MS Office department.

Then explained the situation, the guy remote VPN'd to my PC and pretty much didn't have a clue what he was doing. Got so annoyed that I Googled the solution on my phone while I was repeatedly put on hold. Ended up getting the command to change the product key to the fifth one that I had bought, which ended up activating just fine. The remote desktop didn't work on Internet Explorer but worked just fine on Google Chrome...embarrassing for MS. The reception was VERY poor quality for all three conversations. I had to fix the problem at the end. Spent an hour on the phone for a solution that should've taken 10 seconds. The last three experiences with MS on the phone have been quiet pleasant, but this one was shocking.


I have now 3 times trying to get into my outlook email. I know what my password is at least I thought so because I usually don't have to use it to get into my email, until on day you decide to ask what it is and then you tell me that isn't it , but I will help you get into my email, but the only thing you have done is waist my time. I have everything in this account from my job for the last 6 years and I need back in it. I have since then made another on but this is not acceptable. I would appreciate a phone call. I want to talk to a person and tell me how I can prove to you that this is my email account so I can continue to work, you have messed with my work progress.


Your Office 365 outlook email has suddenly begun malfunctioning. 1. After signing in, when I first get to the page listing incoming emails & want to read an email, outlook bleaches out the page and tells me to "stop the script." Only after doing this can I read my emails. 2. If I delete more than 5 emails, I get a message saying the site is busy and to try again later. What the Hell is wrong with you people ? AOL & Comcast do not interfere with my emails or deleting! Why do you? This is my business email and I resent your messing up my days.


I have had the same e-mail account since 1999. I've had to accept that there are upgrades that have to be made and I deal with them as best I can. Microsoft seems to think that all people are computer savey. I am not and my mom who also has a hotmail account is legally blind and cannot find anything when these things are changed without a person's knowledge or consent and rely me who doesn't know anything about computers to explain it to her. We just got used to outlook replacing hot mail and now it's all changed again.

All we do is send and receive e-mail. We have no interest in doing anything on social media, hell we both still have flip phones and pay bills by check. Now I cannot access files in my inbox, or view things I save saved. Now I noticed that some people pay for hotmail. How do I get that. I just want an e-mail that doesn't change just like I will never change. How do I get my old outlook thing back?


After renewing my old PC I was installing the software, when I got to installing the Office Pro 2010 I could not initialize it on the internet so I telephoned using the toll free number. After a long wait I eventually spoke to someone who told me it could not be initialized but would not give a reason, when I complained about this I was told I was being put through to the technical support department, after an hour of listening to terrible music I gave up for that day. The next day I spent another hour listening to the same bad music before giving up.

On the third day I eventually got through to someone after 45 minutes of waiting only to find the person could barely speak English. After a long time having to spell out everything I said I was told the software had been blocked by microsoft, I then asked why a legal copy of their own software had been blocked but received no answer.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor as just being told it was blocked is not good enough I want to know why it has been blocked. At this point the music started to play again, after a further 45 minutes waiting I was put through to an answer phone and have no response since. Am I just expected to accept the software has been blocked for no reason and go out to buy another copy in the hope that this one has not been blocked?


I have a subscription to Office 365 and am having an ongoing issue with office. I contacted (and am still on hold) MS and was on hold for 45 minutes before even talking to a person. After I was connected they were unable to fix the problem within 1.5 hours. I was instructed to uninstall office and then re-install.

I had to go to a meeting and they suggested that I call back (yeah right and wait another 45 minutes before I even get a person). I suggested that I have a call back at 3 PM at which they stated that they could only give a one hour time frame in which to call back. I agreed so they were to call back from 3PM- 4PM EST. I had to call back and wait 45 minutes again at 5:30 PM due to the fact that no one called. Once I did get to a person they "escalated" the issue (reference #1300110935) at which time I was again placed on hold for now 36 minutes and counting.

I asked that I be connected to a U.S service center and was informed that there is no such place, only the Philippines and India. I can tell you that this will be the last Microsoft/ Windows purchase I will make. I can't wait to post this experience with all of my 500 Facebook friends in hopes that they send it on.


I bought Microsoft Small business Office 2007 from a retailer for $279.00, have been unable to install on to my computer. Only have a key card no dics. I called them to help, they say my key card for $279.00 is only a trial version. They cannot help me since I did not buy directly from them, they do not back up retailers that buy their products from microsoft. I rate them a 0!!!! It took me talking to five people before i was told they cannot help me. The retailer I bought this from went out of business. I will change to Apple for all future purchases.


Firstly I am very unhappy with the so called MS Office 365 "technician support". I was relaying my issues to a technician over a 45 minute period & then I get a message essentially saying good bye & contact us again if you experience any further problems. The problems weren't sorted, no advice given. It felt like my problem was too much trouble for the tech & he ended the conversation. I have tried to contact the support team again today & when you click on a link to a tech, I apparently have connection problems. I do not, all is on the connection front. I might be somewhat cynical but I am being blocked? seems somewhat coincidental after I complained to the next tech about this!

After several attempts to "chat" to any tech, I resorted to calling the support. After I was directed & receiving a code, my computer would not allow the download (security alert!). This is a windows 8 OS that see's a MS download as a security threat - go figure. After explaining the "security alert" notice to the technician (a dozen times! - he did not seemingly understand me in plain English that the download wouldn't download), I gave up.

My second complaint is that the technicians do not have an acceptable grasp of English. I believe that they far eastern (based on the pictures). Along with the inability of grasping what I have said, I struggle to understand them because their English quite poor. I have no problem to talking to any nationality, but when you call a support office it is not unreasonable to expect that they have a good language base in country that they are talking to (English UK). Am I expected to speak say Malaysian?

I am that ticked off with Microsoft Office products and support at present, I am seriously considering moving to google for as much as I can. Microsoft seems to have making money above keeping their customers happy - bring back Bill Gates!


I purchased Office 365. I'm having trouble installing it. I called a toll free number for assistance and he wanted me to pay him a fee. I don't believe I should pay extra fees to use your product. I also don't believe I should have to open an account to use your product (which is the problem I'm having.) I wish to use Office 365 without opening an account.


Something happened during the Office 365 renewal/update process for Outlook. All of my email accounts stopped working after the update I did not change any settings or do anything. The problem is entirely attributable to Microsoft. Called tech support. Got India on the line. Went through 5 very polite but totally incompetent individuals who kept asking and re-asking questions as a step to get to tech support. Got to support technician after 45 minutes. Answer: Call your email service provider (AOL). So Microsoft causes the problem and your tech support is so incompetent they are unable to diagnose or fix it. Total waste of my time. Still trying to fix something your company caused. Plus the Indian accent is impossible to understand. Adds 50% to the call time. You are not saving any money.


I was trying to buy something from Microsoft. My trial offer expired on Word Office. I was following instructions to order and buy product which was all in English. Then when I press order it is in Serbo Croatian because I was in Sarajevo, Bosnia. They said because IP address is in Sarajevo. Boy these tech people are not very smart. My account is in English, my bio info is all English but they think I am going to order something even if I can't read what I am paying for! What's the problem with American companies? This is one of our best?


I purchased Microsoft Office 365, paying £79.99 from Microsoft. I bought a new Acer Laptop Aspire V3 - 771 and downloaded the 365 Office onto it. WHAT A DISASTER!!!!!!!! I could not open Word 2013, Excel etc and have had to get out a computer technician to try and solve the problems that Office was giving me. So far it has cost me £100 to try and solve the problems. The technician eventually took the Office 365 off my computer and re-downloaded it again. The same problems occurred.

He contacted your technical staff and tried all they suggested to no avail. I then told the technician to take to take off Office 365 and reinstall Office 2007. Since doing that I have had no problems. I would like a refund of my £79.99 as this programme shouldn't have been introduced until all the problems had been sorted out. By selling this programme many people, like myself have been conned into buying something that just doesn't work. My address is: Bryan Rendell 9 St David's Close CHEPSTOW Mon NP16 5JZ U.K. my telephone No: 01291 - 621780 I hope you will find time to reply to this.


Your new Office 365 outlook email has a couple of flaws or setbacks. When you send someone a URL now, it cannot just be clicked anymore too take you to the site/location as in the old version of Hotmail. You now have the extra steps of having to copy and paste into a search bar. Please rectify. In the old email if you linked multiple emails you could merely point to it to see the other linked emails and then click the one you wanted to navigate to it, but with the new format in addition to pointing you also have to click to see the other emails you wish to navigate to. It would be nice to see these 2 issues resolved. Frankly the old format was just fine the way it was. A reply is expected and anticipated. My sympatico email is still okay and does not have these issues because the format has not been changed nor do I want it to be. 


Paid to upgrade to Windows 8 RT and did not know that several software programs would be deleted including Microsoft Office 2010. I don't have a bachelor's degree in computer science and like most people don't read the legal jargon that accompanies any software programs. All that I request to rectify this issue is that I be able to get back Microsoft Office 2010. That's all and nothing more!! Maybe I'm a little naive and hope that Microsoft (or any company or corporation for that matter) would be "honest" with the public and do the right thing when it comes to customer care.

I honestly DON'T believe in my heart that Microsoft will do the right thing. It would mean losing money and since it would "force" me to purchase an new Word program, adding to the $900 trillion profit target for the shareholders, it will make me think twice about purchasing any Microsoft products to add their goal. (Apple is really, REALLY looking good to me now!!!) Microsoft has proven to me that no company or corporation can be trusted and that the individuals in charge of these "legal fraudulent actions" will eventually have to answer to God to justify their greedy activities and may God have mercy on their souls!


I tried to purchase office365 through Microsoft website, it failed to complete payment page so I left it with the intention of buying from a store. Microsoft has my payment details for xbox so decided to take 2 payments from my accout and not supply the product. 4 weeks have gone by and no refund for money taken from my account. good scam hold thousands of refunds back and reep the interest that the consumer should be getting.


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