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ADP stands for Automatic Data Processing and is a brand name when it comes to offering payroll applications and software. They also cater to solutions in the tax, HR, payroll and benefit administration. 65 years in this industry, they have marked a trust and a brand along with them in almost 125 countries. ADP is a cloud based company and has 15 years of experience.

If you have a problem, you can contact Carlos Rodriguez, President and CEO of ADP. John Ayala is the President, Small Business Services, Retirement Services, and Insurance Services. The best way to reach a live human is by using the ADP 1-800 number by dialing 1-800-225-5237. The customer service hotline is staffed with employees a 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you would like to send your concerns or comments to headquarters, One ADP Boulevard Roseland, New Jersey 07068 is the corporate office. ADP has its services in HR, payroll, insurance plans, retirement plans and partners its services for accounting professionals, brokers, financial advisors. These are some of the more common issues for customers.

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Charging 45% more than contract says & refusing to refund money.
Charging for out if state employees we do not have & refusing to refund money.
Continued collection of paid off employee garnishments & not returning the money for the employee.
Charging additional fees not part of the contract & refusing to return money.


Was on hold for 2 hours before I finally hung up just to verify my card on Apple wallet. They could do something as simple as texting a number but this is what I get. I still can’t verify it because no one ever actually answers the phone.


my boss mrs.kc said I could not work when I was on the schedule on Tuesday around 3 oclock in the day..she said I could not do personal care and that she allowed an intern in the room and made me write a letter on why I should keep the job then she said that I could not work for her anymore I have tried numerous times since july 2nd to get her to understand my situation calling and texing her my employees and my work place she keeps saying :no:i am on the schedule until july 30 and I even wrote down my schedule im supposed to work today but im 11 minutes late..



The customer service was TERRIBLE. From my experience i dont think ill ever use this company again. The representative waived my expedited shipping fee because ahe made a mistake in the system and deactivated my card. Then, I called because 2 days had passed without my card or a confirmation number and they told me they processed it as regular shipping. I spoke to the supervisor for this company and she was basically NO help. All she did was repeat what the last representative told me which was ridiculous. I was paid on the 19th and i was not able to pay any bills or do anything with my money until the 24th.


I didn’t have the card for a month before fraudulent activity being done . Next , I call on May 2.2019 for a replacement card . Weeks and weeks go by now it’s May 21 and I’m calling to check the STATUS of my card , Nothinv . So now from May21.2019 to June 4,2019 still no card . When I ask to reach a supervisor or manger they hangs up ! Now Here I’m calling cooperate doing complaints and have to hire an lawyer for $300 . Unbelievable how you can’t even trust the people who holds your money for you .. no one . I can’t eben talk to someone in charge because they all seem to work as a team to gain up on employers. From hanging up to being not help and waiting over a month for money I work on , I will be going to hire authority !!!


I have contacted card services numerous times only to be put on hold for 45 minutes each time.On the rare occasion I would actually reach a human, the English language was difficult to interpret, and have been cut off before reaching a resolution.There are three transactions that settled on 5/22/2019 that were not of my doing.My card has been canceled and a new one is to be available in 7 to 10 business days! Seriously?That's customer responsiveness? I was told to contact "dispute dept" to reverse the charges. I have tried multiple times, spending hours on hold with no success. Certainly, you are competent enough to resolve this matter immediately. I'll await your quick response.

John Zinke


My payroll card got locked for some reason and when I called to see what was going on I was on hold for 45 minutes. Spoke to a "representative" that told me that I filed a dispute, which I had not, and then could not tell me what transaction I supposedly filed a dispute on. When asked how you even file a dispute, she ignored my question then proceeded to tell me that she was transferring me to the dispute department. I was on hold for another hour and 45 minutes just to have the line click over and hang up. Is this what good customer service is? Will I get the money back that I had to pay for over drafting another account just so I could function throughout the day without the pay that I worked for?


I lost my ADP card, called for them to cancel it and send me it another, but it never got sent. After a week of waiting for a card to no avail, I called back, only to find out they never requested a replacement card be sent to me. So this time they again told me a replacement card would arrive in 3 to 4 business days. Waited for a week, still no card. By now I'm really pissed, bills are past due, and I'm already over my borrowing money from friends and family. I called back to ADP(3rd time), and they charge me $24.00 to overnight me my card, only after I agree do they tell me it would be arriving in 3 to 4 business days. On the fourth day I called back several times due to them hanging up and placing me on 2 to 3 hour holds. After speaking to 3 different supervisors, they're to have me a card shipped overnight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So far this is the WROST service ever, and I will be draining all my funds and getting a real bank account, Never to use ADP ever again!


Husband 2016 state taxs got messed up, garnishment went into place before 2016 tax where procced, letters went out. 2 day later refund was procced and a return and stop garnishment where issued. adp got the stop garnishment before the garnishment letter threw out STOP letter and kept garnishment in place, THE ODJ has contacted them and they still pulling money out to the point that we now cant pay our regular bills


I had a severance payroll special run, I had to make 4 call's as no one knew how to process this. My employees had some of their severance going to their rrsp, but you taxed the full severance amount, which was incorrect. At them moment I am on the phone yet again trying to get this resolved. I also tried to help your staff by telling them to look at a prior payroll severance run done in 2018 Nov 08 was the payment date, which if they had done so payroll would have been correct. I can assure going forward we will be looking for another payroll provider


I have been opened payroll account three month ago but they didn't complete payroll account yet and withdraw fee from our bank account already.
Our payroll is very simple such as one person payroll, once a month and the same amount.
They had tossed to different agent again and again but never say to sorry about their mistake also the different agent did not follow up correctly
and she said that she is calling me back after review but she never didn't call or email me back yet for one week.
I believe that ADP is a professional payroll company but the service is not at all.


I started working for BEST BUY in shepardsville, ky on (9/17/18) as an occasional seasonal employee for the second year in a row and I told I was gonna be sent an adp paycard to receive pay but, that quickly turned into a nightmare ive NEVER gotten my first paycheck because they kept getting my address wrong (3 times actually) but, none of the cards arrived except an EMPTY ONE come to find out they sent my pay to the card I used LAST YEAR ending in 8277 and which I no longer have...and I called about this and they change that cards status to lost and sent me another card 1 month ago which I never received.. im talking $421 filing a law suit


I filed for Bankruptcy August 20th, 2018. The paperwork To cease garnishment was filed August 22nd. I continued to be garnished. I have repeatedly emailed my employer and was assured this would stop and I would be reimbursed. I. My most recent paycheck I was reimbursed $71.42 (half of what was owed) but also garnished $140.77. So now I am owed $213.19. I am really sick of this.


I terminated an employee. I emailed ADP to suspend the employees payroll and to mail me a check for the 1 day the employee worked for the week he was terminated. I emailed and I call ADP.

ADP proceeded to pay the employee for the entire week, the employee only worked 1 day of that week. They also mail me a check for that 1 day which I mail to the employee.

When I question ADP and ask for a refund or to get my money back. ADP told me that I needed to handle that with the employee. Terrible Terrible Service. Lack of respect for their costumer.


Tired of the run around waiting on hold with 1-800-225-5237. This phone number is not really working out well for me lately and I think you should pull it from your website.


We have been requesting support for 3 weeks regarding new California regulations regarding piece work and have not received the support needed. I will be writing my complaint to the ADP corporate office next.


I have been on hold now for 1 hour 20 minutes and 36 seconds - this is disgustingly ridiculous! Someone should tell ADP that they need to go back and rethink their customer service strategy.


ADP is one of the best payroll management companies in the market. The online payroll services are easy to use. They have the tax services and allows you to pay taxes. ADP gives accurate information in terms of payrolls. It also takes care of new employee reporting which I think is excellent. No other company has such things to offer. With a reputed name in the market one can be rest assured that data and payroll structure of the company that you run is well managed.

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