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Mercury Insurance is an American automobile and property insurer and is the 4th largest private passenger insurer in California. With US 4 billion in assets, the company revenues were reported as US 3 billion in 2006. Mercury Insurance is publicly owned and is traded on the NYSE:MCY. There are over 5,000 employees.

If you need to contact Mercury start by filling out a Customer Support form found here. The following two numbers are for quotes: 1-888-734-6681 and 1-800-9565-3728. The number to call for Customer Support or a claim is 1-800-503-3724. If you would like to send a postal communication to the CEO, Gabriel Tiridor, use the following address: 4484 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90010. Corporate phone number is 323-937-1060.

Mercury Insurance was founded by George Joseph in 1961 and in 2015 was listed in ‘Forbes Americas Most Trusted Financial Companies’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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Claim #capa-0101157300202. adjuster -Juan Jackson

Just wanted to let you know that It took over two months for this gentleman to complete this claim after the accident. I sent certified mail, numerous emails and left voice messages and he only return a couple over the duration of that time ,leaving me in the dark as to how I should proceed with a rental, and obtaining repair to my vehicle and updates on the claim. Very poor customer relation and nothing was upfront. I've finally received partial compensation after having to file a complaint with the department of insurance which I did not want to do if he had just returned some of my phone calls or emails, instead of just ignoring me. Bad business practices and very unprofessional.

Richard Berg


I was in an automobile accident on November 20, 2018, its now November 27,2018 and I have yet to speak to ANYONE regarding my claim#GAPA00019885, I have only been asked to leave messages since my accident, this is very poor customer service, customer service at its worse!!!! Tiffany Owens has provided no help at all!!! I have also requested to speak to a supervisor but every time being asked to leave a message, this is ridiculous poor service!


I filed with your company on Monday 3/26/18 regarding an accident when your client made a sudden left turn infront of me. Since Monday I have waited for claim specialist to make a decision. He failed to arrange for a rental car despite being informed numerously my car is not safe to drive. Today in his email he forward my insurance information to me and notes " we need you to mitigate your damages as much as you can. Below is the contact info for your carrier please have them resolve your damage as we will not know if we will have sufficient limits at this time." I have been driving with an unsafe car and after 4 days of waiting this is the response from mercury. Tomorrow is the start of holiday weekend and am very scared to drive this car. This is not the information presented by your company in Mercury Insurance commercial. Would you please help? Thank you! Mehrnoosh Sheblid


I have been paying my daughter's car insurance(Hannah may evans policy number0401-04-1201-69995) by halifax credit card.
your company has duplicated payments on my account as follows:-
7th nov 2016 £523.61
21st march 2017 £519.33
can you check your records and respond
I can provide my daughters written authority to communicate with you

owen m evns


My apt had smoke damage from a fire 9/15/14. I hired the company that was fixing the building to do my apartment as well. It cost Mercury Insurance guys a fortune. 2800.00 for the apt. 1400. for the electronics. And around 1500.00 for the clothes. Mercury Insurance had no trouble paying for those rip offs but you won't give me a lousy 500.00. I submitted a claim and the only thing left outstanding is the 500.00 for lost items. It should probably be more than that but that's what I will settle for(unless we end up in court).

Your guy Eric in Texas at the Mercury Insurance corporate office can't seem to get it through his head that the company (Belfor) threw the box of stuff out and did not give me a copy of the loss list. Nor did they sent it to Mercury Insurance. I have told him repeatedly that I don't have receipts, nor will I have until they send me the money and I can go out and replace this stuff. And he lied to me about how much a person is allowed to pay family members if they don't stay in a hotel.

And another thing that pisses me off is you have to save all your receipts for when you were off but if you don't exceed you normal day to day expenses you don't get any of it back. Well living off campus cost me a lot more than I would have spent just staying here. Claim number is 22-526w-021.


I have been with Mercury Insurance for 2 years now. They have given me a plan that is exactly what I needed for my family. The returns to the insurance policy is good and it€s a great value for money. The executives at Mercury Insurance are helpful and gave a clear picture of the policy. Everyone I talk to is very nice and helpful and empathetic. They came home and told me pros and cons about my policy and then made it easy for me to decide. Thanks to MI, I am now carefree about my future and decided to go for some other plans too to secure my future.

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