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American Family Insurance is privately owned and focuses on property, casualty and auto insurance but also offers commercial, health, life, homeowners and retirement planning. It is comprised of 14 insurance companies and has over 7500 employees. In 2014 revenues were reported as US 7.45 billion.

If you need to contact an associate you may call 1-800-692-6326. You may also find Contact information here. To send postal correspondence to CEO, Jack Salzwedel, address him at the corporate office address of 6000 American Parkway, Madison Wisconsin 53783.

Herman Wittwer started a small insurance company in 1927. He wrote policies for farmers because he thought they were better risks than city drivers and they usually didn’t drive in inclement weather. The name Farmers Mutual was changed to American Family Insurance in 1963. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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I have a 2017 VW Tiguan 2.0 S 4Motion with 50K miles which Edmunds Cars estimates it value at $26,970. I have never had a claim and the car is in perfect condition. It was maintained by VW extended maintenance contract. The interior is perfect. Unfortunately it was caught in a hail storm so I took it to the claim adjustor and he totaled the car. Now I went looking for the same car and mileage and they are selling for $20,000+. He is saying the car value is $15,000 which is the lowest price listed by Kelly Blue Book for the base model. The insurance says that the threshold is 75% of the car value, but for some fine print and unexplained reason they dropped this to 60% and if you look at Edmunds your dropping below 50%. Now what I am getting is only enough to pay off the loan and my parent are giving me there old car to drive. My husband and I just bought a house 2 days before this happened and do not have the cash to by another car. We were planning to bundle our Insurance under American Family but if this is the tricks you pull not to pay we will not have anything more to do with you. I assume you are taking the car and wholesaling it or parting it out for more than your giving me. I am also going to file a complaint with the BBB and Kansas Insurance Commission. I believe this is blatant corruption to take your policy holder to the cleaner and leave them hanging. I wish I could erase the 1 star rating and make it nothing. Now when I go to get a car with no trade in I will have to pay full sales tax. I'm just really getting screwed from every direction from this company. We had a quote from a body shop for $9,500 to fix it but your adjustor ignored it and said the damage was $11,000+. I have heard you outsource your claim adjustment to a 3rd party. This 3rd party wouldn't happen to be buying the cars at salvage value????? Sound like a insurance scam/fraud to me and that's what I going to ask the Kansas Insurance Commission to look into. It's nice when you have grandmother that worked for the Kansas Corporate Commission and still have friend that can help look into this.


My complaint is against the fraudulent and illegal services made by Ben Roberts an agent in Taney County, Missouri. My home of 20 years, which has been in my granny's the whole 20 years, since I was 19 when I purchased my home. The Insurance, although I paid the insurance once a year in full (with my taxes) to my granny, wherein she made the payment. After the passing of my granny back in March. It looks as if Ben Roberts, has taken my already paid insurance and given my little cousin (that he has been friends with since grade school) a prorated amount of my homes insurance. Which for one can't be done. My home is still in my grandmothers name, as id the bank note. Which has to be insured through her until a name change or buy out were to happen, between the bank and I. So not only did Ben give the money I had payed away. Noe the house is no longer insured, making it impossible to get a loan on it. Not only that. Ben approved and made an account in my name, and now I have a huge bill. All of this was done without my consent. I in no manner would have ever used Ben as my agent nor would I have used American Family. I may file charges against American Family and Ben Roberts himself for doing this without my consent. IT'S MORE THAN ILLEGAL. He should not only be fined he should lose his lisence for such wrong doings as well.


After talking with American Family Underwriters today, I was informed that as of 4-10-18 my husband, Jeff Miller, requested that I be deleted from our auto insurance coverage without my consent or being notified of such change. Mark Lightner is the agent who has initiated this change. The new policy states Jeff Miller as the only insured driver. Therefore, I am daily driving a 2017 Acura without being listed as an insured driver. I would like my name reinstated and my daughter's name reinstated on the auto policy until this matter is resolved. I am hoping to resolve this without contacting the Missouri Department of Insurance. The court has order, Jeff Miller, to pay for insurance coverage while the car is in my possession. If this is an error on the agent's part, this can be corrected by adding my name back on the auto policy. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Carol Miller


I no longer want Barbara Hall as an American Family Agent. A while back I decided not to continue my coverage of TERM life insurance because I could not longer afford the cost. Apparently Barb Hall could not offer me Whole life so I decided I was throwing money out the window... $174.00 dollars a month throwing money out the window. Nonetheless, I called Barb and said I no longer want life insurance and she got upset said "Sandy, you need life insurance"... and hung up on me and didn't say sorry but thank you talk to you later. As a friend I decided to let it go. However, I still went through the proper procedures to discontinue my life insurance and no longer have it. Furthermore, a personal issue happened between a mutual friend of ours and I decided not to have anything to do with this person and Barb Hall and any people associated with and that included Barb. I received an advertisement in the mail with Barbs picture on it stating "Lets Talk" so I called the number and left a message to please remove my address from their records. That was about 6 months ago or less. JUST, yesterday, I received a letter from Barb Hall agency to advertise insurances AGAIN. So I called the number that Barb has on this advertisement and AGAIN, STATED I no longer want her as an agent and IF I want to obtain insurance from American Family, I will deal with another agent, but NOT HER. I am not sure if she received the message, however, I am making sure I never get another statement or advertise from Barb Hall's agency ever again! Just so you know, I have no issues with American Family as a company JUST Barb Hall. Hopefully this matter will be taken care of. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Sandra Drinkuth


I had Family Insurance since Jan 2017 so I thought I had the Insurance company take out my payments out of my bank account once a month so I did not think nothing of it until last week Ive seen my statements and they had cancelled my insurance in Feb 2018 and I was not notified, called, emailed or anything .But when you guys wanted me to get your insurance you called over 50 times a week emailed me and left messages, but not this time I was really upset on how they handled this situation without notifying me, this was the office on Armitage and Kedzie in Chicago ill I want something to be done to this office because what if there was a fire or something? I here thinking that I'm fully insured and I was not please handle this situation and I'm also Filling a complaint to the attorney generals office to let them know what they did to me and maybe others. If you would like to contact me my number is 847-873-4765 Joaquin Lopez I stay at 1413 N keeler Chicago Ill 60651.


I am in the process of trying to file a claim for a cracked windshield with American Family claims department. American Family after calling me 3 times ordered the wrong windshield after Id waited over a week. I attempted calling the third party glass people to try and have it done at Mini Cooper of St. Louis the dealership refused to accept the claim due to past poor payments from this glass company. I had to call my local American Family agency where I attempted to try and resolve my issues at this point I had to deal with Wendy at Kenya Garners office she was rude, basically told me my source was wrong about payment and just wanted to argue with me.

I have had one other incident with her when I called to get my policy number prior to calling the glass company and she wanted to argue with me stating I didn't need it even though the recording stated I did. I have had American Family insurance for over 2 years and everyone in my family has insurance with this office. I am now going to start looking at other insurance companies.. This is someone that doesn't need to be in customer service. I asked to talk to my agent kenya garner and was told she wasn't available. I am very unhappy with the service I have received. This corporate office hasn't been the same lately.


I been trying to cancel my American Family disability insurance for 1 month. I have sent a written letter to my agent John to cancel this insurance and I was told that the information was sent to American Family bank. I received my car note payment booklet and still the insurance is still a part of my payment. I have been on the phone with American Family about this problem over 2 hrs. This is not right the way this company treats their customer. Please sent new payment booklet without the insurance applied!


I had been with American Family Insurance for quite many years now. I had a surgery last month and needed to file a claim. I contacted them and the executive at American Family Insurance was very pleasant to deal with.

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