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i went to get a haircut at you Est hanover Salon this past week. The young lady I believe was Christine saw I was waiting and the next customer and she continued to speak on her phone for 15 minutes never acknowledging my presence. She never said she was sorry for the delay and did a terrible haircut never even asking about my sideburns. I always go to this salon, but i don't know about future visits if this is the type of person who will be working there. The salon was not busy at the time.

Anthony Benevento


Typically I ignore things I don't agree with, nothing's really that important. But today as I was ushered to my chair I had my breath absolutely taken by one of the worst cases of cigarette smoke I could have have imagined. And I sat through the entire cut miserable. Usually I leave great clips felling freshened up but today I feel disgusting. I like coming here but this was an absolute disgrace. I'm sorry to be so forward.
Respectfully yours,
Thomas L. Wyatt


I took my 2 granddaughters and myself to get hair cut got mine the woman looked at the girls ran comb through the hair and said they both have headlice because six weeks ago they did have lice and I told the woman at great clips and we had gotten them taken care of days before the school nurse had checked them for me and a clinic nurse it was something I had checked 3 times after treatment and she didn’t see anything because I took them the same day and got them checked and cut same day after we left great clips the woman just didn’t want to do anything which was fine with me but not to tell the girls they have lice when they don’t have any I will never go to another great clips at all !!


every time I go to great clips it hit or miss depending on the stylist. this time was the worst. I was in the chair for about 5 minutes. I asked for a light trim all the way around. the lady sprayed my hair with a tiny bit of water, not nearly enough to get a good cut did about 3 or 4 clips in the back, 1 or 2 on top and was like ok hows that? I said no you didnt go all the way around. so she did a few more clips and was done. no attention to detail. no comb no nothing. worst haircut ever, I got a Botch job haircut. I will never go there again. would like a refund. thank you


iam wondering how about 10 year boy can walk in and request a haircut abd get up without a parent how can thisbe allowed this was the grwat clips in shelbyville tn i was shocked


Hi, my name is Kate Henson. During my most recent visit to Great Clips, the manager Keyla, serviced my hair. What a nightmare! First, she couldn't find my information in the Great Clips system and then didn't note my correct information. She commented that she simply placed my info under some other profile and took me to her chair. As soon as I sat down she told she was sick - that should've been my first hint to find another stylist because during my haircut she was coughing on me. I ask her to cover her mouth where she responded to stop complaining, because "a little germ wont hurt me". At this point, I was shocked at how rude and unsanitary she was. During the haircut she pardoned herself to use bathroom. Upon her return, she came out laughing and commenting that she doesn't wash her hands. Another stylist laughed with her. I felt provoked. I couldn't believe such unprofessional behavior came from a manager. My haircut was uneven and she gave me no angles in the front. Sorry I don't have picture to provide. I could not wait to leave as this was the worst experience I've ever had. When I got home I started to feel Needless to say, a few days I began to feel sick with an itch in my throat. I end up with a infection in my chest and the flu. I got my haircut fixed at Supercuts. I thought about coming back to Great Clips for a refund, but I decided to write a letter about my experience. My parents also get their haircut at this Great Clips (Willow Spring Plaza Nashua, NH), but after this experience I have convinced them to find somewhere else. You may want to consider a change of management if you want to be more successful.


The service was goo, it was about the coupon that the great clips offered. On the great clips app says if you enter a contest you get a 2 dollar coupon towards your next haircut. There was no exemptions. When I proceeded to give the code number to the coupon that came up on the app the manager said they can not except it, cause their a franchise. I would of left it alone but on the desk by the cash register was a paper about the same contest with big and sexy products offering the same coupon. They still didn’t want to honor the coupon even after I pointed that out and said don’t advertise this on your desk if your not going to acknowledge it. My sentiments on this great clips, you need to write exceptions to contest if not all franchises except the coupon.


I really don't have a complaint, but I wanted to give a shout-out to a very talented hair stylist located at Great Clips in Springhurst. Najah Latifalia is an awesome assistant manager who I've been going to for the last 6-8 years. She used to work at the Great Clips off Brownsboro Road near the Watterson Expressway and then left to find another salon. Long story short, I have followed her because she is the most genuine, caring , beautiful young woman who happens to give the very best haircuts that I have ever had. I will continue to be a Great Clips customer as long as Najah is still there. She gets my 5-star rating. :). :).


I have going to Great Clips for years and have had great hair cuts from professional hairdressers who take time to listen to me and what look I am going for. On Tuesday October 16th I was out in Novi for the week and decided to go to the Great Clips in Novi on Ann Arbor Trail near 8 mile. I have visited it a few times and always been satisfied. On this day I stopped in to get my hair lightly trimmed and evened up because I was growing it out. I received a hair cut so short It is difficult to style and looks like a long male buzz cut. I am embarrassed to go anywhere and can't wait till it grows out in order to do some style to it. All it does is stick up a curling iron, even the smallest will not go through it.
If this is what Great Clips does I am never going back to the facility in Novi and hope this message gets to the woman who cut it and thought it was becoming to give a woman an man's cut.
I have finally stopped crying and am going out to buy a wig in order to cover this terrible cut.
My daughter brings my grandchildren to that store and she will no longer take the chance this woman will cut their hair.

Very sad and disatissified long time customer.

Sandy Loch


I've had my haircut at the Great Clips at salon #3451 in Vacaville, CA, for 14 years. I've been a loyal customer and always happy with my haircuts there. Today, you lost me as a customer. Previous haircutters have always gone to the computer and read the previous cut to me and confirmed that is the cut I wanted. Today, Angie, the manager at this store read my previous cut to me, and I told her it was not updated, and told her that I wanted, "8 on the top with the clippers, 2 on the side with clippers and 4 in the back with clippers, and squared off in the back and cleaned up with a nice line." Angie proceeded to tell me that she was going to use her scissors instead of using clippers. I responded that clippers have always been used to cut my hair. I also said, we could try it her way, but if I wasn't happy we'd have to go back and use the clippers.
Angie proceeded to scissor cut my hair, and when she got to the back to cut, she asked me if this was good. I couldn't see because her station had too many spray bottles in the way of the mirror for me to see the back of my hair. I told her I couldn't see, so she moved her bottles out of the way. I then told her that it wasn't to my liking because the back was not squared off and clean, instead my curls were still there. She responded with, "Well that's what you told me to do." with a snarky voice. I then got up out of the chair and asked, "Can anyone else cut my hair?" Another stylist returning from break offered to cut my hair, and I asked her to finish the cut. I sat down and she proceeded to cut my hair with clippers, and I apologized for putting her in his position. She did a fantastic job! Meanwhile, Angie, who was in the next station kept glaring at me in the mirrors. She then walked behind me and made a loud grunting sound at me, and continued to walk away. I was so appalled to find out that Angie was the manager of this store. I've never had ANYONE treat me like this ANYWHERE! In spite of having 14 great years of cuts at this store, this ONE incident being performed by your MANAGER is enough to make me NOT return to a Great Clips ever again. Please be sure to address this incident with Angie, as she needs to know her actions and words alone, cost your corporation a loyal customer. Makes me wonder how many other customers you've lost due to her inconsiderate behavior. My rating for today's service would be NEGATIVE ZERO if your star system allowed it.


I took my son to the Great Clips in Chanhassen MN next to Byerlys
Cassie was the stylist
My son is young so I was telling her how much to take off. When she finished I said it was a good haircut, and stated I used to have hair like that trying to be pleasant
She looks at me and says is that what he has to look forward to and asked me if it is stress
I had never met her before so I thought her comments were really rude to a customer; especially with my young son in the chair listening to her
I tipped her 5.00 and she didn’t even thank me
I will never bring my family there ever again
Wondering is that the type of low class people you hire
So I spent 20 dollars that I work extemely hard for to be insulted
I don’t like to complain ever but that experience was terrible
Thank you


Haircut looked horrible when I got home and looked at it, plus he didn't have any clean attatchments, scissors, nothing. Spent more time talking than cutting!!


I always get emails from Greatclips to tell me to print coupon for $5 off haircut. So I printed it and took it with me and was told they could not take it because it was for the Stockton and Sacramento stores only. Then why the hell send it to me. Just another way for you to get us into your store or what? Send me one I can use in Jackson Ca. or stop sending me emails.


On 12/24/17 I had my hair cut at Great Clips, Market Plaza, Elkhorn, Wi. Dawn cut my hair, along with my necklace.
My husband had gotten his hair cut too, and he went to the car to wait for me.. Dawn knew she cut the necklace as she said "Oh I didn't mean to do that". I gave my husband my necklace and he returned to the store to find out what she intended to do about it. We got a price from the local jewelers to replace the necklace.
$116.05. She told us to call the store 2/3/18 as they were going to Vegas and she would have infor for us what to do then.
Today my husband called and she said she would give me a free hair cut but that was it. She said I wiggled. I'm 68 years old I didn't wiggle nor do I shake. She cut my necklace, my husband gave me, that I wore everyday , for years.
Please let me know how you would like to handle this.
Thank You
Joan Wolfram 262-594-5225


Waited 12 min for a trim. The lady wasn't friendly at all looked very mean and smelled of smoke very badly. When i told her how i wanted it trimmed she told me i had no layers in the back i touched my hair and showed her the very distinct layers with over a half inch diff in length. She hadn't cleaned her station and there were 3 dirty pairs of scissors on the desk with hair all over them. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt hoping she'd pull clean ones out of the drawer but she picked them up. Now I am ready to call Great Clips customer service number to voice my complaint.

She used her fingers to scrape the hair off and went to put them up to my hair and I said " are you going to clean those first"? And she very rudely said "give me a minute" she didn't disinfect or spray them off just wiped the hair off with her fingers. So i pulled the clip out of my hair and said no, i don't want my hair cut here and she goes "yeah this isn't going to work". She was so rude. I tired to get her name and store number so I could make a formal complaint but she didn't know her store number. I had a bad feeling when I sat down and im glad I didn't go through with it. It worth paying more money for someone who uses proper sterilizing technique and isn't rude to people who just sat down and haven't said a word yet.


I only had one customer service experience in a great clips, and it was pretty poor. I felt like a piece of meat, actually worse than that. It felt like we were all cattle being herded in and out of our haircuts. It was very quick. Like a chop shop. My hair was not how I wanted it, but overall it was so cheap how can you complain? Never will go back though.


Yes, it's gonna be great with Great Clips for your hair care. Great Clips is the best hair saloon with great experts suggesting how to care my hair. I got the best hair massage, stylish cut with good discount. Great Clips is also offering free haircuts once in a year and clip notes where the experts suggest which hair cut style suits us the best.

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