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Dial customer service at 877-258-2311, this seems to be the main number for member services for NYSC and their branches in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington. You can use the official contact form on their website to take a survey about your experience or leave feedback. The company is also quite active on social media. So, if you do not get a response by phone or email you can connect with them on Twitter or on their Facebook page.

New York Sports Club was founded in 1973 of course in New York City, and grew throughout the Eastern United States. Town Sports International Holdings now serves as the parent company for the different regional brands New York Sports Club, Boston Sports Club, Philadelphia Sports Club, and Washington Sports Club. You can contact their complaints email address at memberservices@town-sports.com.

TSI Holdings at one point owned over 120 clubs in the great New York/New Jersey area and over 155 clubs total, but the company has struggled in recent years with declining membership numbers, troubling customer approval ratings, and losses. The company reportedly lost $69 million in 2014. Their corporate headquarters address is Town Sports International, 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001.

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NEGATIVE TEN STARS***Croton on Hudson Club.

I have been requesting an invoice for last year since December. I have been given a complete run around. I was able to speak with Craig Scialdone for the second time today ONLY because I saw him in the parking lot, otherwise, his calls, emails and visits to the Croton Club have been IGNORED.

I spoke with him today for the second time regarding my account. For the second time I explained in detail that I am in need of an invoice for all of last year. I am told your system has changed which has made obtaining this information difficult. After much frustration I agreed to submit my credit card bills to my company for reimbursement, however, I just became aware that this will NOT suffice. I need an actual Invoice. Craig "just left" for the evening, I would send him an email, but I do NOT believe it will be answered. I NEED SOMEONE TO PROVIDE ME WITH THE FOLLOWING:

An Invoice with your address stating I paid ...

$69.99 Yearly Fee Feb 15, 2018

Monthly Fee $24.99 March 1, 2018
Monthly Fee $24.99 April 1, 2018
Monthly Fee $24.99 May 1, 2018
Monthly Fee $24.99 June 1, 2018

Please let me state that I have been told this is difficult, I am trusting this does not mean impossible as I have paid in full and my request is NOT unreasonable.

I would appreciate this invoice to be mailed to: Nancy Giacalone, 100 Penfield Avenue, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520
I would also like to personally speak with someone in your organization regarding the treatment I have received. There are many details which this note does not address and I would hope someone in your organization would recognize the importance of my complaint and would want to know how club members are being treated.

Nancy Giacalone
914 373-8014
Member # 998708266


I contacted you about an assault by another member in your marlboro location. Clearly you think this is ok as I have heard nothing from you since making you aware of this. Today I go to work out to find that 2 other members are spreading malicious false rumors about me. Josette grosso and Alissa ferrante- Kaye are stating to your management I am having an affair with another member. This is completely untrue and totally unacceptable. I use the gym to workout and expect to do so without these kind of distractions. I am already in the process of filing with the court over the assault for wihich there was a witness too. I would hope the club looks into these issues. This is really getting out of hand and needs to stop. I would appreciate a follow up on these issues as to what will be done.




I utilize the clubs at the palisade center in west nyack ny and primarily the club in Westwood nj at both location there is no speed bag available to use as part of a workout. Westwood has 2or3 bags with no air And west nyack has no bag.i have brought this to the attention of mgt.at both locations 2x in the past 5or6 weeks and have been told the problem would be rectified but it has not been. Both locations can obtain new bags or get a pump in a day if any effort was made. I understand this may be a minor problem but if you cannot fix the small ones there will be no urgency to fix the bigger ones


It is my first time membership since 01.18.2018 with NYSC.i have never had any worse experience with anyone.i signed up contract and was never given any information on rules and regulations how they work on first point,than I was not aware or told how much I can allow myself as I gave birth my 3rd child on 01.01.2018.i started my membership and have been in the center once,during 5 month period I was paying for nothing, as I was charged annual fee as well from the club,during this time,as I decided not to continue waste my money for smth I can.t use, I called and tried to cancel the membership, as they told me to get there in person, after that I get there and was told to meet with manager,which I was not able,as the manager was not around,after that for my emergency leave,I left the country on 9 th of June 2018 for 3 month and came back on 10th of September, as I had no access to internet during my leave time,I end up with emails from nysc that my information was sent out to collections for nonpayment reason this is out of control,very disrespectful and no fear action towards me.know as I get to the vendor on Kings highway and talked to manager,he was very unprofessional and rude to me,as trying to clear my account from debts which I have no idea where it came from and sell me new membership for the horrible service u guys privide,as an this unfair action towards me and my personality and information which ended up with collection from your hand with no reason,I request all my account to be cleared and as well my wasted money to be returned every single penny and I dispute any charges against me with a lot of reason which are
1)when I signed the contract I was never informed about the cancellation policies
2)I wasted my 5 month membership money plus annual fee for Smth I could not use at the beginning because of newborn baby and then waste of time for the poorest service I experienced
3) I tried to cancel the membership through phone
4)I got in the center and tried to see the manager with no show up
5)I left the country with emergency leave for my family
6)I had no access to internet
7)I end up after I came back with couple emails,letting me know,my information was send out to collection
8)I got in the office try to find out what happened and manager with his rude ,unprofessional way was trying to blame their non profesionalism on me and solve the collection problem with a brand new clean contract
All these steps make me very disrespectful from your side on the service u provide to customers and attitude and loyalty. I am very damaged with your fault non fair and non profesional behavior. Hopefully this letter finds someone bright and professional from your field and tries to resolve my situation ASAP.my cell is 6462677761,membership I'd 36858068
Tea Gabelia


I have been renting a locker at the mercer street NYSC for a number of years. According to members and staff unrented locks were cut this past weekend. My rented lock was cut (this is the third time). When I arrived this morning after being away for a week, I could not open the lock on my locker with my regular key. The attendant cut the lock and what we found was that while they were in progress of removing the items stored, they apparently realized the locker was being rented to me and stuffed the items back into the locker. Those items which could not longer fit were thrown out. They took another lock from inside the locker and placed it on the locker. You would expect that they would have put a note on the locker that the key would be in an envelope at the front desk.


Unfortunately I cancelled my membership because the prices continue to increase without services to match it. Steam rooms don’t function properly, a rat crawled out of the toilet in the ladies restroom downstairs, classes fill up way too fast and I was not benefiting from this gym in any way. The only class I could get into and enjoyed was boxing.

Another reason I cancelled my membership is because when I had questions regarding the pricing of my membership I was placed on hold for 20-30 minutes waiting for Ricardo Ortiz to take my calls. He never answers his calls and I was told that he left or was in a meeting or not in his office. I was only able to reach him via email. The customer service at this NYSC City Hall location is non-existent.

When I came in to cancel I was not informed of the 45 days it would take to cancel nor was I informed of the “pro-rated amount” would be. I also was not informed that there would be a cancellation fee to which Ricardo Ortiz was very smug about. I will be taking my business to Blink down the street for a fair price and better customer service. This is the worst gym I’ve ever joined.


I had to cancel my membership due to a job change. No one alerted me as to the 45 day cancellation notice, after speaking with 4+ people (including the GM of my club's location). The GM took days and numerous follow ups to get back to me regarding my concerns and never called me back. I was never sent, nor did I ever sign, a contract when I joined the club. I should not be liable for this 45 day cancellation notice, especially in light of the fact Lakisha Jones at Rockefeller Center took almost a week to respond to me, after going to see her in person. Never, ever, would I recommend this club to anyone after the way I was treated.




As a current employee for the company since 2015. Actions that I have experienced have been unethical. An employee was helping out an general manager in another location that wasn't her home club with coverage, when finding out that she was terminated without notice. This employee has done nothing wrong to receive any actions like this. The general manager claimed that she has reached out asking if she wanted shift when that was never the case. The employee's shifts were pulled away with no explanation as she never stated that the shifts were only temporary. The general manager of another location asked if she could permanently take the shift that she covered. They stated that only working one shift a week isn't acceptable but, that was the only proposition that was given to her. That statement isn't valid because there are employees that only work one or two shifts every week. This general manager I feel is being racist towards her because of how she identifies herself as part of the LGBT community. I am very disappointed with the company. As what has happened was unethical, I don't want to see the same happen to another employee.


What is going at this facility? After the incompetent female who was the Manager for so many years, we now have a new set of managers who are following her footsteps. Can we please have a working handicap shower with a new more sturdy shower head that will not break as soon as it hits the wall or the floor? Can we get a shower head hooks at different levels so that they can be accessible to everyone? Do I really have to complain to corporate headquarters for this? Apparently I do.

Well what prompted this complaint was the fact that I had wait over a half hour for the pool to open...9:55AM to 10:30AM. Is it just me that thinks that a pool that is supposedly open at 5:50AM is closed at 9:55AM? This is just typical of what goes on in this facility. Dwayne the Sales Manager just looked at me and smiled on my way out after I asked about the situation with the pool opening. There seems to be corporate culture of apologizing on queue and yet no action taken. Just like the Transit Authority.

Lockers that remain broken. Lockers with the same locks on them for weeks and months at a time. Clueless managers and no oversight by area manager, Jeff Arnold. We weeks with no hot water. Equipment broken. Toilets that don't work. Bathroom faucets and urinals that do not work.
I had to notify the management that there was mold growing near the swimming pool.

Does anyone walk the facility and check things out?

To be fair, I will not blame the employees. They are hard working and unfortunately work with managers who are lacking basic managerial skills.


Really wish I'd read reviews before signing up. Currently in the process of cancelling due mainly to deceptive practices. The women's locker is also filthy - used towels everywhere except in the bin, empty soap dispensers, paper towel roll on the counter instead of in the dispense, and (most disgusting) the paper backing from a personal hygiene product left in a wide open locker. I'm hoping to get out of this with a refund, or at least no more payments, quickly. Huge mistake. Only go if you work in the building and want convenience, just don't expect much and do not listen to any sales pitches. Just go in, work out, and leave. Buyer beware.


The Jersey City facility has been in disrepair (both equipment and building) for well over 1 year. Supplies such as soap and paper towels are consistently missing, the locker rooms are a mess and despite multiple discussions with management (including Alla and the corporate office), very little has been done to rectify the situation. The multiple managers of this gym have very little concern about the members and are quite rude. I was also promised, 2 months ago, a refund due to the fact that the gym was not opened on time (5:30am published time) on multiple occasions this year. This refund has not come through and I've been left with no other choice but to quite the gym and join one of your competitor gyms.


As a 10+ year NYSC member I found a conversation initiated today by a male NYSC 73rd St. attendant very upsetting. I alway follow NYSC protocols especially re what to and not to wear when in Steam Room/Sauna. Today a new patron wore clothing into the Steam Room. I chose to say nothing to her or the front desk yet, was shocked to learn, as I was leaving, that the lady had complained about me and my towels. As a former dancer, I find the Steam Room & Sauna beneficial after a strenuous workout. So this situation was particularly distressing. It could have been avoided had NYSC posted a sign dress (or undress) protocol in NYSC Steam Rooms/Saunas.


The pool is shut for two days until Wednesday, October 26, 2016. No explanation for the shutdown is provided. I came this morning (October 24th) to swim laps. Upon arrival in the parking lot (which requires payment for the parking space) I paid the fee. Only then, after I had taken the time to travel to the club and paid to park, was my attention drawn to a note taped to the entrance door indicating that the pool is closed for the next two days.

Why weren't members informed by email that the pool would be closed? Why wasn't the note indicating the closure displayed at the machines where payment for parking is collected. Why is no explanation provided for shutting down the pool? It is understood that there will be maintenance shutdowns occasionally. It is inconsiderate and insulting to the membership that this closing was not communicated to us so that we could plan our workout differently and avoid the parking lot. Instead the manner in which the needs of the membership are being disregarded has resulted in a waste of time and much inconvenience.

It doesn't take great effort to send an email to members, or to place a closing notice where it can be seen before members unnecessarily spend their money on parking fees. The way the New Rochelle Club management handled this lack of communication does not make sense.


My son decided to check out New York Sport in Bay Ridge Brooklyn on August 16. He was asked to fill out a piece of paper with his name, address, phone number and e-mail address. He was asked for a credit card number ( I gave him mine ) and was told that he would be charged $25 monthly for his membership because he his 17 and a student. He has been there several times with his friends and never been asked anything else until he finally met the Gym manager that told him he had to pay his dues in order to work out.

To make this ordeal short, after trying to speak on the phone with the manager, I was told that I had to pay $84.99, 2 late fees included. My son was never given a membership agreement to sign, never explained the annual fees and never contacted since August 16. After I finally went to the gym myself, the manager wouldn't believe that my son never signed the agreement. He finally produced an agreement with the wrong address and not signed but still would't waived the late fees. Really a bad experience.


I have had many issues at NYSC Syosset regarding the male trainers and their disgusting, misogynistic treatment of women. I have heard trainers talking about peep holes, the most strategic places in the gym from which to ogle women. I have overheard conversations between male trainers and their clients discussing if a woman would be willing to do them. I have had a male trainer come up to me very close and act like he was going to kiss me.

I have complained about this behavior and it has improved, I still have a problem with male members staring inappropriately at me. Today I was dead lifting and a male member would not stop staring. I couldn't concentrate. It was exceptionally bad. I complained to the manager Gloria. She said she would talk to him.

My issue is with her attitude about my complaint. Her first response was "why didn't you just move?" This response takes the blame off of him and puts it on me. Incidentally, I was lifting almost 200 lbs; picking up and moving would not have been so simple. When I told her he was smirking after he realized it bothered me, she said "sounds like my husband, he knows something bothers me yet keeps doing it." I don't think this response is appropriate.

I think your management needs to take complaints of this nature much more seriously. Her response leads me to question her seriousness regarding addressing this matter. This is not the first time I have been frustrated with the patronizing, glib response of your companies management. It would be nice to be taken seriously. I am a longtime member and deserve more respect than this. I hope she speaks to him and follows through. I would like some feedback from you.


I have never been humiliated in my entire life like the way general manager Shaheem Taylor treated me in front of customers. I will never want to go to nysc as they don't know how to choose their managers. I know no one cares & no wonder they are loosing business. He is disrespectful& in educated.


When joining the NYSC in Ramsey ,NJ , Salesman Paul Gangone stated that along with our membership we would be allowed to bring one guest per visit per day without any restriction. Now they have changed that policy and you can only bring the same guest once per month or get charged $15 per visit. They stated that their agreement was not in the contract but verbal and that they have changed their policy. Spoke to the corporate office in NYC with employee Brandon employee number B179 and all he could offer is to have my children each pay 19.95 per month membership. Amazing....


I've been a member for a little over a year now and there is no wifi available. I've been told before by a receptionist that wifi will be available soon. I think for the price we are paying as customers, wifi should be available.


Was treated in an unethical way by this club. Never going back again and asking customer service for a refund.


Why is Queens experiencing a towel shortage? What a joke.


So I started a new job and was looking for a gym in the neighborhood to workout in. I stumbled across this free 30 membership for nysc, that was online. I went and got it and used it to work out, I was like this is great. I'll use this 30 days up and then join at the end of it, I was psyched. Upon finishing the workout and leaving the sales lady that gave it to me said her manager told her to get the pass back from me. Then they had the nerve to try and sell me a membership. I'm glad I got to see the services of nysc before I joined and they really did me a favor. Please look into another gym they have so many complaints filed on them.


My kids signed me up last Father's day (June 2015) for one year membership at NYSC, Ardsley, New York. At that time promotion was you could bring along a guest anytime during the year membership cycle, for free. Since Father's Day of last year I've been working out together at the club 2-4 times a week together with my wife. It's been great on many levels, and I thank NYSC for that membership package. Yesterday (1/18) when I went to the gym I was told that starting on Feb 1, 2016, I will no longer be able to bring a guest for free, but any guest of mine will have to pay for access to the club.

The host at the check in counter said there was nothing the Ardsley NYSC could do to help me out with this, as the decision to go back on the original agreement made last June was driven by NYSC corporate headquarters. I was surprised and upset at that news. I am very disappointed with what is now happening to my membership status, most especially that I will no longer be able to have my wife come along so we can work out together. It's not so much about the money.... I wonder how it is that a company can sell you a package program for a year and then change the terms and conditions six months into to program?(!) I'm not feeling too good right now about NYSC-really.

Not sure what I'm gonna do, but it's not looking to go for NYSC right now, in my book.


I'm very look how I emphasize very) disappointed in NYSC, because I had signed up for the 30 dollars a month,which includes me inviting any guess as much as I wanted. Now all of a sudden your associates tell me that, I can not bring the same guest. I have to bring different guest each time, I come to the gym. First of All that is not what I signed up for, I go to the gym with my friends to get motivated. So for you guys to take that away from me last minute is very uncalled for. Secondly, it's not free because technically speaking the 10 dollar extra that I pay for them, so how are they for free?

New York Sports Club certainly don't make any sense. So now that I don't know different people my money is going to waste, I'm very mad and thinking about canceling my membership and you guys will certainly lose money because of this situation. Thirdly I'm losing my money because I payed for a guest to come with me, so I'm asking you to fix this problem for me.


I have been working out in New York Sports Club since more than 6 months now and I feel amazingly good. My overall stress levels have come down. I have put down weight and feel fit. I have signed in for membership as I feel that since I planned to work out through out, I must take it. They have been very patiently helping me out in my overall health and fitness regime. I trainer has been a very encouraging guy who never made me feel low on the result. He kept constantly motivating me on my work outs. I must say NYSC is doing a good job. I personally would like to recommend this to all and give an A+ to it overall.

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