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I bought my son a pair of Adidas at the beginning of school this year. They were about $70-80 range. I can't remember exactly. He doesn't play sports, doesn't really do anything but play fortnite on his pc after school. So, when his shoes started falling apart I was unsure how this could have happened. The soles on both shoes is coming off.


I bought an expensive pair of cleats which were defective. The sole of the shoe came off. I called customer service in August and they told me to take photos of the shoe and email it to them. After 3 weeks of continually emailing them they told me to ship back the shoes. When they received the shoes they told me I had to wait another 3 weeks to get a gift card via email. After the 3 weeks were up, I called and they said I would receive the gift card in 10 days. After the 10 days were up, I called again and they apologized and said I would receive it the following week. After that I called and they promised that I would receive it by the following Tuesday. Still no gift card!!!!!! What a horrible customer service experience. your reps do not tell the truth. It is really despicable how this is being handled. As a global company, you should be ashamed how you treat your customers and do not stand behind your products. I have never dealt with a company as bad as you.


I bought a pair of adidas shoes in September and the loop holes on the sides have ripped apart making it amlmsot impossible to rock these shoes. I am more than convinced that adidas can’t produce a quality product.


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I had several items in my order because after picking I was going to go back in and pick those things I wanted to get my kids for Christmas. I did not know that you had a limited amount of items to add to the bag. The site will not let me back on because of this. I would like to be allowed to shop on site as I do every year. I sited the reference number and would appreciate it if I could get access back to the site.

Thank you

Alicia Townes


We have purchased two pairs of Adidas soccer shoes within the last six months for our 14yr old son. Unfortunately both pairs have split or torn within 2 months of him wearing them (see photos). I'm not quite sure why this happens or if this is a common thing with soccer shoes.

We have since purchased the Adidas Goletto's a month ago and so far so good (crossing our fingers). Please help me understand why your shoes keep splitting or getting torn so soon. It's frustrating to pay up to $50 per pair only to see them in the trash within two months.

As a former soccer player myself, I have always supported Adidas soccer shoes. I had a pair of Adidas Copas all four years in high school and two in college and never had any problems with weathering or tearing/splitting. I hope this is just a product defect and not a common thing with soccer shoes. I look forward to hearing back soon.


I bought a pair of white adidas z flux shoes from ladies footlocker and I have never in my life experienced a problem with my shoes turning yellow. I don't wear my shoes all the time and they turned a bright yellow color.


Adidas mailed me a shoes that I didn't order, they charged it on my debit card, without my approval (I never shopped at adidas before), over drafted my account. After talking to the customer service I mailed shoes back and waiting for my money back. No money, no explanation or any other comment from adidas. Emailed them couple of times (more then 24 hours past and nothing from them). I try to call them many times but without any success. I'm afraid that it was a theft on adidas part. Don't know what else can do.


Bought a brand new pair of Adidas Slingblades. A year ago. Have wore the shoes 5-6 times only to coach. Ran in then once. The unique sole (why I bought these shoes) has cracked!! DissapoInted in this product.. Looks good.. Performs Bad


After purchasing my running shoes from Adidas, I must say it is one of the best products that I have used. Adidas provides very comfortable products that suit ones requirement. A well know brand for quality, durability and classy look. Even when compared to other branded companies, I recommend Adidas for their products. I have ordered couple of shoes, tracks and other stuff and received them in quick time.


I love Adidas, this is not a negative review but I could not find anywhere to send positive feedback. I have been a big fan of this company since I was little. The shoes have always fit my feet better than Nike or other brands like that. Especially for soccer and running I don't think there is a better choice!

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