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Zillow is a leading firm that is completely into real estate business. They have been in the market for many years. They deal with various sectors like rentals, buying and selling, financing, remodelling etc. They have a huge database of more than 110 million houses in US.

Zillow was founded in the year 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle. The customer service number is 888-957-2706 and the email address for support is support@zillow.com. Common issues reported generally relate to the guidance and advice in home designs, selling, and buying of real estate.

The company famously gives Zestimates if you are planning to sell your home which are realistic and according to market rates. If you have feedback about your experience with, Spencer Rascoff is the CEO of Zillow Group. He joined Zillow way back in 2005 and then served to become the CEO in the year 2010. He co-wrote his first book “Zillow Talk” which talked about rules and regulations of real estate business. 


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We believe there is a major under estimate on our Zestimate for
12630 N Sun Valley Dr.
Sun City, AZ
We base this on the fact that another home at
9714 W. Forrester
Sun City, AZ
has a zestimate $40,000 higher when it is the exact same model with less updating.

We don't know if it is because we are being comped with condos across a main road west of us, or ??????

Thank you for your attention - this could cause a major deterrent when/if we decide to sell!!


Zestimates are all over the place and usually completely wrong. Our home has had it’s Zestimate go from $276,000 to $159,000 in the last 2 months while our neighbors Zestimates have remained relatively unchanged. It seems Zillow can’t get a handle on home values no matter where you look.


My issue is Zillow has to low of a Zestimate for my house. They say update your information of your house on the website and the house value doesn't change. I have remodeled my house with numerous upgrades, but Zillow doesn't take any of this information into account when giving a Zestimate.

I also tried calling leaving a phone message 3 straight days with no call back. I would like a realtor to come out to my house and give Zillow an actual estimate on my house.

Zillow says on there website that there information is not for banks to use information for giving loans, but this is not true since the banks are using Zillow's information to determine how much a person can take a loan against there property.

Lastly in my opinion Zillow is actually keeping down home values in my neighborhood, and i'm sure this is the same result in multiple neighborhoods. Since it is just using computer results from statistics instead of actaully seeing the houses inside and outside to get actal pricing. This results in discrimination keeping the poor people poor and the rich richer.

I would like a call back from Zillow at 610-449-3014

172 north carol blvd , upper darby PA 19082


Andrew Baum


I opened my laptop this A.M. and there was my home listed on your web site. 4508 SE 1st AVE, KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FLA. 32656. It listed my purchase price, my name as owner, and other pertinent information.
I would suggest that you might want to remove it entirely since you do not have a written signed contract with me otherwise, I will seek legal counsel. D.C.CORSON


Realtor did not respond to ANY of my messages that I sent., now I lost this home due to their incompetence.This is what I have for the contact:
(602) 290-4233

$800/mo1 bd1 ba700 sqft
2110 W Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85009

You really need to have contact information for agents that will actually respond!!

Thank this person for nothing!!!


I have been a long-time realtor customer of Zillow, but in the past 3-4 months I have not received ANY leads that I have been able to convert. When I complain to my account rep, Lars Gibson (larsg@zillowgroup.com), I always receive convoluted excuses from him for why I am paying for leads that I have no chance whatsoever to convert, including:

1. Leads who just want to sell me something.
2. Leads who are renters, not buyers (Lars has encouraged me to try to convert them to buyers, like I just started in real estate 2 days ago; it's really infuriating to hear advice like that as a justification for a bad lead).
3. Leads who are working with other realtors. Lars has told me that's what realtors have decided they want ... who are these realtors who want other realtors' buyers and sellers? It's a violation of the NAR Code of Ethics to solicit another realtor's client.
4. Then there are the usual leads who have always comprised about 30% of my leads: they can't get pre-qualified, they're just looking, they're not sure what they want to do, or they never respond. I'm used to this category of bad leads.

The bottom line is that I have had NO lead that I could convert in more than 3 months from Zillow, yet I've been paying you thousands of dollars for these very poor leads. My biggest complaint? When I tell all this to Lars he just gives me stupid advice on how to convert a bad lead, or other silly reasons why he can't help me with my leads. He hasn't offered me any substantial help -- but my previous account reps have been extremely helpful.

I believe you should credit me at least one month of leads, but bottom line is I need better leads from you. I have canceled my account with Zillow because of Lars' poor response to all my attempts for help. You can find them documented in my inbox.

Patti Pierucci


Your unrealistic zestimate is negatively affecting the potential sale of our home.
we are at 157 Kawani Lane Brevard North Carolina.
your zestimate for neighborhood homes with NO view are as follows:

238 Kawani Lane --- 804,000

245 Kawani Lane --- 779,000

Our home has been totally remodeled in the last 2 years...a ground up restoration.

Our original purchase price was far below value as we were in a depressed market and the home was in horrible condition.

I know that it is your policy to not change your innaccurate zestimates, but you must make an exeption as we have heard first hand that people are turned off by your zestimate.

Our realtor is a valued customer of yours and is quite upset as well.
please correct your zestimate so we can regain the respect of local realtors ASAP.
You are falsly advertising thate your zestimates are an accurate tool for buyers.
I'm looking forward to helping you create an accurate value to our home.

Doug Balne owner




My house is showing on this website as in foreclosure. MY house has never been in foreclosure. My neighbors address is showing, but also my house. This is outrageous. I have had several people inquire if our home is indeed up for foreclosure. This is horrific!


Zillow website needs security system because hacker and scammer accessed into my computer while I was looking list houses on State of Hawaii. The reason is hacker/scammer was into my computer. I reported State of Illinois and FBI about an incidents of crime from hacker/scammer with Mriocsoft company that it showed warned me if I don't, I go paying fine without firewall. On August 25 and 29 and 30 then September 7, it has been popped up to be switch from Zillow to "server with dracaena.us".


My listing on Zillow shows the wrong time for Open House; it should be 1:00pm - 4:00pm instead of the wrong 6 - 9.
I can not fix it. Please help! The address is 571 Tortuga Way, West Melbourne, FL 32904.
All three open houses for Sat, Sun, and Monday should have time 1 - 4 pm.
I can not reach anybody because I am not a primier agent and do not have a paid account.
Please help!


I called 888-957-2706 to update a listing but it appears this is not a working number, perhaps I dialed it wrong. Zillow is certainly a wonderful website. I do not doubt they have great service, but I wish they would staff more people on the phone for help in a bind.


I am a Realtor that advertised with Zillow. I contacted my rep via email in June 2015 and advised that I did not want to renew my advertising which is in the zip code 91773. She advised me that my renewal month was actually September. I have email correspondence with the rep by email that I reconfirmed that I wanted my advertising cancelled at the Sept. 2015 renewal. I have the billing automatically set up on a credit card and did not realize until my December billing that they never cancelled the advertising at the renewal.

I have make 4 complaints on the zillow.com site which have all be acknowledged that my complaint was sent to my rep and his manager. I separately also emailed the current rep, the previous rep who was responsible for cancelling the advertising, and have copied the emails to the reps manager and the billing dept. I was contacted once by the billing dept that advised me that my advertising was cancelled in December 2015, but that I owed a past due balance for part of December.

I have written proof of advising the rep to cancel the advertising, and communication from her confirming. I have made several attempts to have some one at Zillow contact me via, personal phone calls and emails, and no one has contacted me about returning the money that was overcharged on my credit card for the months of sept, oct and part of dec. Approximate monthly charge was $333.00.


Sorry no complaints here. Zillow is a fantastic website with a world-class team. There is a reason why they are the #1 website in terms of monthly traffic hands down. If you want to look for a house, you are going to zillow.


My husband and I took two years to find our perfect home.  Our realtor helped, but what really helped us narrow our search was Zillow.  They have an amazing database of not just about the house we were interested in but the houses in the neighborhood, the school system, the taxes, etc.  In living in a busy metroplex, our realtor would send about a dozen home selections a day that met our criteria, it was nice to look on Zillow to narrow down the good homes from the bad homes.  

The one major complaint is that Zillow will keep homes in the database that have already been sold.  I understand their reason to promote realtors, make the site look like there are more homes for sell, etc but it also made it hard and frustrating for a buyer to try to find a home that was actually for sale.  There were a few homes that I loved, I would call my realtor and she would tell me that it already is off the market.  It was disappointing and extremely frustrating.  So, my opinion, use a realtor to send you homes for sale and use Zillow to learn more about the homes from the list your realtor gave you.  Don’t use Zillow as a means to find new homes cause it might not be up-to-date.

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