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Century 21 Real Estate LLC is an American real estate agent franchise company, the System consists of approximately 6,900 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices in 78 countries and territories worldwide. The company offers you with every solution over real estate from finding a location to buy a home with the help of finance and helping their customers find right way to buy or sell their property.

Century 21 was founded in 1971 by two real estate agents, Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher holds operations in many countries. Rick Davidson, President & CEO of the company has helped the company to become he most visited real estate franchise web site. Headquartered in Madison, New Jersey, U.S the company updates every key information on their blog and provides customer service through 866-732-6139 from 9:00am to 8:00pm in the evening.

Century 21 helps you find homes near you with a simple click and the information provided. You can search the properties with your customized features by taking the advices from the experts available. Related to the real estate information you can buy, sell or mortgage the property with the help of Century 21. Century 21 brand swept all four awards in the customer satisfaction segmentsin the J.D power 201 Home Buyer/Seller satisfaction study.

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Just some advice: Maybe your agents should practice some social Distancing from Political Insults. Take Cynthia Lariviere who claims be an agent at Century 21 / Tenace Realty in Jupiter Florida. Her calling veterans who don't agree with her Politics ( Racist, Nazi's, ) may not be such a great move, because I will be sharing this with all of the Veteran's groups where I am active . I expect a reply I can make this complaint go National


I spoke to Alethia in Customr Service at your corporate office regarding a boundary dispute with my neighbor
who is flipping a home at 87 Gadpouch Road in East Hampton, CT. His driveway is on my vacant lot and clearly
shows such on my A2 survey which is registered at Town Hall of East Hampton. My lot is located at Map 05 Block 2,
Lot 2D between 87 and 93 Gadpouch Road in East Hampton, CT. He is currently selling the home which is contingent
now. We have notified his sales agent (Tom Evans), Century 21 Clemons Group, 2301 Silas Deane Highway, Rocky Hill,
CT 06067 about this situation and the realtor removed the disclosure regarding the driveway and the new owners to be
will not be aware of this problem. Even his Century 21 For Sale sign is on my property! We find this to be highly dishonest!
Mark Philhower is the present owner and he has been moving our boundary lines (pins) constantly! He is making it appear
it is only a sliver of our driveway when it is several hundred feet. The mortgage company of any buyer has to be made
AWARE of this fact as well as the title company. If this sale goes through we will be approaching the new owners of this
deception and this could result in a law suit.


A month ago, I let my landlord know I needed to move to a cheaper home. My rent near San Antonio was $1300 a month. It was a nice home and within one day I was showing the house to prospective renters for the landlord. In two days, it was rented for the end of the month.
I had to get busy finding a new home and decided to try and find a rent to own so that I could finally retire. I went online to Zillow and searched daily until I found a rent to own home accidentally through Dean Yan, a Century 21 agent who lives in Plano, TX.
I contacted Mr. Yan, which wasn’t an easy thing since he said he was in China at the time I left a message. Long story short, I told him I wanted to rent to own 609 Walnut Street in Ranger TX.
The pictures both on Zillow and on Mr. Yan’s Century 21 site showed the house to be old and needing work but nothing that daunting.
After spending mega bucks on moving trucks and movers plus $1400 (and still owing $100 which Mr. Yan has begun texting me for), which he said was not a down-payment but for paperwork; I have moved into a house four (4) hours from everyone I know and it has been stripped down to a kitchen sink on 2 x 4’s; holes in the floor large enough for a dog, etc. to come up through; holes in the walls that allow things to come through; the 3 bathrooms turned into one needing tons of work, and the other two had been stripped completely with the guts strewn all over the floor. When I requested Mr. Yan meet me here instead of Plano, which he suggested, he decided he could send me the paperwork.
When I arrived I was sweeping and throwing out tons of trash, old mattresses and suspicious needles, as in drug needles, all over the house and yard, dozens of bottles of alcohol on the floor everywhere, before the movers could bring my things in, not to mention no screens on the windows and no AC.

One of my friends asked me why I didn’t see the house before I moved in. Logical question and a logical answer.
• The house was advertised by Century 21. I told Mr. Yan, as long as the house looked like the pictures, I would like to rent to own it as advertised.
• I had one month to find a house and make plans. I did not get to speak to Mr. Yan right away and then he took forever sending me a contract, the week I moved to Ranger.
• I am 74-year-old female with limited income (social security) and strength.
• I had to rent a 26-foot truck to bring all of my belongings here.
• I had no money to do anything else when I arrived and then had to pay a $200 water deposit before the water would be turned on.
• I have no place to go but hopefully I can get a news station to follow my story.
• YOU ARE CENTURY 21! PEOPLE RELY ON YOUR HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. How could I go wrong working with your agent?
• Come and see me after you check on the listing online.


My complaint is regarding an apparent scam presentation of my house located at 821 Decatur Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20011. In fact, there is an obvious attempt to devalue my house by giving the visual impression that my house is in the category of an as-is-purchase buy ; giving the picture of the back of my house ( alley area ) is the street view of my house. Therefore, providing a flagrant and deceptive visual of my house !!

Contrary to how my house is currently presented on Zillow, all new quality windows have been installed, new siding has been installed at the rear of the house, a quality entry/ storm door has been installed, the bath room and kitchen have been redone,all new outlets and switches have been installed in every room ; as well as all new ceiling lights ( some with fans ) are being installed in every room.. In addition, the entire house will be painted inside ( top to bottom ) soon. The front yard is in good condition, and the back yard will be given whatever full needed attention there may be.

Therefore, in light of the foregoing the attempt(s) to " devalue " my house should definitely be addressed as soon as possible. For sure, the appropriate view of my house should be made; " not presenting the alley view of my house as the street view " !!! And, not taking current pictures of my house is a way of obvious deception !!!

It is surely hoped that my complaint is given serious attention, and that the person(s) responsible are made aware that Zillow doesn't sanction purposely providing visual devaluing of property.

Thanks In Advance,

Robert T. Holbrook


Century21 is the worst place to rent or buy from. They will evict you for paying rent on time. I have every recipe even the deposits. With dates and times of proof of payment. I was still evicted when I went to court showed the judge all proof of every month. Then the lady changed it when he told her I have proof. It then went from me missing April And May, to a toilet that was already broke before i moved in. 183$ for the toilet to be fixed that was already broke. I sent an email to them about a toilet when I first moved in. TWO MONTHS later they finally get it fixed. Then they charge me for it when in fact I emailed towards the begging of my move in date witch was Nov 2,


i and my grandaughter have tried to get info: without success on propertys RE: 204 Conrtijo DE LA GLORIA LEON GUANAJUATO $120291 US . Also property CORTIJO DE LA GLORIA $104000 US. All we want is a detailed write up and decent pic's of the bedrooms, with a view to purchasing one of these properties in Mexico. Regards Ron. Century 21 BRySA, LUIS RAMOS is the agent.


I have been very upset and discourage with the amount of professionalism I have received while renting from century 21. I moved in a year ago and that is the most I ever saw out of my property manager, Raylene. Keep in mind when I moved into my unit it was not properly cleaned, I had and still have broken blinds, three leaks out of four of my sinks, and the water smelled of sewage. So I have learned to manage my issues with my unit on my own since then. One year later, now, I was told to send an email regarding the parking situation by my neighbor told by Reylene herself for me to send an email about my problem. So I sent an email. Only to be told there is nothing they can do. Now again in other duplexes we share property with have 4-5 bags of trash opened everywhere. This not being the first time the property has been disgusting. I sent another email with pictures and verifying which unit is responsible. Only to be told once again there is nothing they can do. Seems to me once my hard earned money was taken I was forgotten about and there is always "nothing that can be done" about the problems I am having. Seems like I do not have a team I can trust in the problems I have as a renter. I am a single mother paying 1,000 dollars a month for nothing. I drive home to trash everywhere. To a parking spot that will flood where I am unable to even utilize it. Water that is not drinkable. I have gone through the year making the best of it but now that I bring my problems to their attention and they wont even try to do anything to help me, is discouraging of ever renting or moving forward with my lease. I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending where we live to anyone. Thank you.


I was reserved the house 3,000 euros then the agency said to us if we not pass mortgage he will give back money. He said this 3,000 euros for the process that he need to negotiate with the owner the price for the house is 420,000 euros in advertising then we offer to the agency 380,000 euros. He said with in 15 days the owner will give an answer to us but within 15 days the owner still said no for 380,000 euros. Then we said we can't buy more than 380,000 bath and stop the process we need our money back. Then the agency tried to convince us to wait he will negotiate until the owner accept 380,000 euros. Meanwhile he negotiate we present our documents to get the mortgage but finally the bank not approved 380,000 euros only 314,000 euros so we decided to not buy this house because we don't have money to pay the difference price from the bank gave the mortgage. The issue is the agency didn't want to give back 3,000 euros to us even if in the contact said they will give it back if we not pass mortgage. We sign the contract on 28 December 2018. This happened in Spain. Century 21, Sabadell city, Barcelona province. So in this case how we can do? We trust in Century 21 because very famous and big company but why the agency play the game with the customer like this???? We tried to talk nice, polite to him and explain why we can not keep going with him more because after 27 days been waiting to knew the answer from the owner the situation about economic changed then we can't do more big air force to buy this house. We so sorry for that but we really can't. We said please gave us back our money but he didn't want to gave it back. We waiting he pay us back since 31th January 2019. His name is Albert. Can you give an advise how we can do? We don't want to visit the lawyer but if this Friday he still not give back our money finally we need to talk with the lawyer and send complain to everywhere. Best regards. Jaime Uriach


I am a first time home buyer who got cheated and was show fraudulent document by a Century 21 agent. I am a first time buyer have a HA loan and need to pay down payment loan this home was first listed for $70,000 so when these people took my $54,000 offer, I was in dream heaven I bought in June of this year moved in Oct 1. the new roof started to leak went up on roof no new roof only patched then on Thanksgiving day the toilet went out for three day I tried to fix called the city sewer system they said I had tree root in pipes I have been going in a bucket since then Yesterday I stuck my head up the like new home which they said I got and all the wiring is per code the insulated is rooted and is fixing not healthy I spent all my saving to get into this home I do not have the $10,000, for new roof new plumbing and new insulation I am leaving this home on a for closer. Now you ask why I am telling you all this because a century 21 agent was involved in this scam She signed the home dis closer stating roof, plumbing and electric were redone I called city no permit or inspection where done, by them this is a construction remodel which they all sign that permits were issued. This home is not up to code!I will be filing a court case of fraud against her who at the time listed this home .
2118 Dixie, Paducah, KY 42003
Do you want simple living? If so, this house is for you! This cozy & comfy 2 bedroom, 1 bath home features; all rebuilt, new walls, fresh paint, new flooring, new plumbing an updated electrical in kitchen and bath, new windows, doors. Too many improvements to list. Contact Realtor for list of improvements. Seller is offering title insurance for new owner.

Listing Type Single Family Listing ID 95052 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 House Size 1,000 Lot Size 9,148.00 sqft Listing Status Active County Mccracken Full Bath 1 Floors 1 Garage 1.0 School District 1 Reidland School District 2 Reidland Middle School District 3 McCracken Co. HS
Flooring Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl/Linoleum Cooling CENTRAL AIR Interior Features Circuit Breakers, CLOSET LIGHT(S), GARAGE DOOR OPENER, WASHER/DRYER HOOKUP



Agent name

My Mission Statement is having a commitment of being a viable member of my community. While serving as a savy business woman, living a high quality of life. My mission is nothing short of being effective and producing great results

I will be walking away from this home


Rude mangergers,office ladies,using the words "freakin" towards me when I ask for a door knob replacement goin on 3 weeks now.. and also took 3 months for smoke detector alarms to be replaced


Purchased a home on novermber. 16th 2018. The seller and my realtor failed to disclose mold from previous water damage. Espectos in the duckwork. Entire bathroom floor tile busted into pieces. Busted windows. Electrical problems. Pluming issues. Illigal wiring. Broken service line. And water and mold damage in lower level that i was assured would be fixed. And appliance that dont work. Dirty house and appliances. White carpets muddy when they were clean when we looked at house. Unsafe outlets and non certified electrical work done in house.


I offer to purchase a home in Beaumont Ca and there were no offer and i summit the offer and then the agent say the offer was accepted and the escrow close in 25 days and then when 30 days the escrow still not close and til 40 day still not close and now it 45 days to close and I keep waiting and the listing agent (century 21) agent keep lying by saying the the buyer want to can cancel and then the seller want to cancel and now this and that


Hello and good.
I purchased a item on 12/24/17 online. In addition, the item I purchased was a gift for someone and the person picked up the item yesterday. In turn, it was brought to my attention that, the item was too small for their child. However, I contacted Century 21 and was told that, I can not do a return or get store credit due too the 45 day policy. I asked the supervisor for a one time courtesy store credit or refund. I was told again that, this was impossible due to the 45 day store policy. I have shopped a lot at Century 21 over the past 6 years and feel I should get a one time courtesy refund or store credit. In addition, I can be reached at 917-886 5573. Thank you in advance for your response and have a good day.


I would like to know how Century21 can hire agents like they do. Our agent has caused us more headaches than I can begin to tell you. We told her of our house leaking, roof falling apart, and many other things. Now she has decided she wants us out of the house we rented from her. They event sent an eviction notice. Please screen more carefully and help bad agents get away from real estate.


I am working with a Century 21 real estate broker on his inspection checklist. As a contractor I take have down and the rest at completion, and my payment has never been contingent on inspection approval. The broker, Sidney Martin working under Gwendolyn Newton, is with-holding my last payment and he is unprofessional and rude. They are located in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, IL 51st and Harper. Who should I direct my comments at, corporate or the local business?


I lost a father and a grandma in 3 weeks time and I had to pay for the funeral. Century 21 in Cleveland, Tennessee took me to court cause I was behind a month in my rent. I told them I will pay it all in the following month but they kicked me out on the street.


I met one of your agent, Frank Mellace with Rauh & Johns, through one of the online services. This Century 21 agent is very unprofessional, and provided misinformation. For instance, he sent me a text requesting that I schedule an inspection; however, after I refused to use the agent he recommended because I felt my interest would not have been well served, I arrived at the property only for him to tell me that the utilities were not yet on and denied the facts that the inspection was schedule as per his request. I had to pay the inspector $75.00 I basically did everything on my own.

He even provided me with the wrong HOA's contact information, I had to take of from work, drive to the property and obtained the actual number form others. We closed on May 20, 2016, to my surprise, he changed the lock and I had to break into the property and installed new lock. He is refusing to move the property off Zillow and other online sources. Now, my question here is, is this a common practice with Century 21?


I am looking for a house in the Sarasota Florida area. I have an agent and she is not century 21 agent. I am looking on line as well as my agent is looking. I understand that my agent can not give my 100% of her time so I also look. I saw a house online on 5976 48th st e MLS A4142242. I need a non deed restriction house and this question I to a Cathy Palmer of your company for this house and her answer could be a no or yes just as easy as her telling me I have to ask my agent I do not want to step on her toes. Well to me that is a very non caring person. I know for me if Cathy was my agent and selling my house I would be totally mad because this could be a sale walking away.

All she had to do is answer my question and she by passed it by her answer, like really she doesn't want to be bothered. I feel if I was a part of a company I would do what I can to help the seller and buyer and give my company a sale even if it means a particle commission. The previous buyers deal feel through so I could be the one. This really bothers me and I am going crazy looking for a non deed restriction house in my price range with a little bit of land. Maybe your agent should be retrain to avoid future complaints by loyal customers.


I called Century 21 customer service using phone number 1-954-675-5314 and requested information on a property. The person whom answered the phone (Alexis) was consequently the office manager as well, was short and abrupt when I just asked to speak to a live person about a particular property 10101 in Cutler bay, Fl. She asked me several qualifying questions such as my budget and type of home I was looking for. I am an investor who is looking for a specific zone for a specific conversion of a home to an ALF.

I am not interested in just any home but rather that this home qualifies being in a zone available so I just asked her for someone to call me. She refused to give me anyone else I could contact without having to answer the list of questions and refused to give me the name of her superior. I did learn that Mr. Ronald Cory is both owner and agent. I called to speak to him in reference to this property. When I told him my name he told me to go find another agent to give me information on this property.

I understand that certain procedures may pertain to century 21 but I did not want to be placed on a list that may subject me to other agents contacting me as I am an investor seeking a very specific market. Instead of diffusing this incident and understanding my point, this agent deflects business for century 21 and dismisses me to do business elsewhere. I just thought that the corporate office of Century 21 might just have a difference of opinion rather that leaving money on the table and having a potential customer leave with a very negative and tasteful experience.


I used Century 21 to help buy my first house. I was already nervous about the process but using them made the experience that much worse. My real estate agent kept canceling our meetings, took me to some houses that weren't what I wanted in a house nor in my price range, and when we were looking at houses, she was on her phone the entire time. I ended up looking up houses on Zillow myself and finding some that fit my requirements. When I would text or email her about the houses I was interested in, she wouldn't reply until days later. And when she did reply, she would say that the house is already under contract since it took her so long to get back to me. I felt like I was doing the brunt work at finding my own house. I tried to get out of having her as an agent but we signed a contract. I ended up just holding off on finding a house until our contract time was up. 


My dream of buying a house has come true with Century 21 services. Century 21 is the best place to get real estate property listings, best mortgage details, houses for sale and many more online. Thanks to Century 21 for helping to choose the comfortable house and arranging quick loan on time. The response and the customer care executives have been very helpful in the overall procedures and paper documentation. I would definitely recommend Century21 to anyone looking to purchase a property without facing any issues.

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