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The financial services company was founded in 1906 and is now one of the largest in the United States. The company now has more than 3,100 Coldwell Banker locations around the world. Offices can be found currently in Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the US. 

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It is a sad day when five days after escrow closes you move into a home that is thoroughly infested with subterranean termites both inside and in the garage. What's even worse is when your real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage informs you that his relationship with you "terminated at close of escrow." Neither he nor his supervisor at CBRB is willing to come out and see for themselves the enormity of the infestations in your house and the damage that has been done. Instead, they collect their commission and fail offer nothing in the way of assistance or compensation to their client.

Next, CBRB staff convene with the seller's real estate agent and corporate attorneys. There is still no thought whatsoever to the senior citizen who shelled out $443,000 of her savings to move into a house that she cannot occupy for 3-1/2 months. And to exterminate, holes must be drilled every 12 inches into the entire slab of the property. Then the interior flooring must be completely replaced because that particular Pergo is no longer obtainable from the German manufacturer.

The final straw is giving testimony at the State of California Superior Court without your real estate agent or his manager present (they refuse to appear as your witness) and being informed by the esteemed judge that you are an "unlucky person" for not having any support in court. The judge then rules in favor of the home sellers who crossed state lines one day before escrow closed, making the couple's negligence and non-disclosure a federal as well as a state crime.

I would never recommend CBRB to my worst enemy.


I’m having an issue with an agent and broker in broken arrow Oklahoma. We are very unhappy with the lies we keep getting. My house has been on the market for 9 month and I have dropped it $14k and still hasn’t sold. I have asked for them to let us go from the contract since it seems they cannot sell my house and they will not. The agent complains about the thousands of rallies she is loosing because of our house. So can you help us get out of the contract free and clear. So we can try to sell with another agent. I can explain better if you would like to call me. 918-527-0200


Caldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agent, Leslie Robinson Will, and her manager Joseph Papagno caused me angst, financial loss, and delayed my home sale by 5 months due to her UNPROFESSIONALISM, and INEXPERIENCE. Always late to all my open house dates, me and my wife always greeted first people until she show up late. Many times during the week I had people knocking on my door asking if the house still for sale and when I asked them to call the listing agent their response was we left may messages with no response. Never asked any qualified buyer to submit an offer, all conversation recorded on the security cameras in the house and that made public for all buyers. She only made two open houses at the begging of the listing then she stopped, according to her belief “OPEN HOUSE DOES NOT SELL A HOUSE. When I asked for more open houses She replied that open houses were a waste of time/effort, would not drive sales, & refused to have 1 each weekend.
Recently I had a unqualified buyer “ according to many brokers who reviewed the P/S with FHA loan, that unqualified buyer caused me 2 month delay. Her communication changed from frequent, detailed, long, initiated conversations, with lack of clear or prompt responses from Her. When I asked to cancel the agreement She refused,


Being a repeat customer of The Lake Forest, Illinois office I am totally unhappy with a response from the Manager Cathy Kendall. We have purchased two lots as well as one new home from this office since 1993. We also listed two homes we built on the lots with them as well. After our current home was listed for one year while building our new home we decided to move our listing to a new company. We asked our agent if we or the new company could purchase the photos of our home as most of the furniture was removed for new upholstery. The response from the manager was no and was included with what we feel was sarcasm and disrespectful. This response was one week after the Caldwell office requested to purchase photos from our current broker Berkshire Hathaway and Berkshire agreed with common courtesy to their competitor. The response from the Manager Cath Kendall ignored that part as well as ignored the fact that when we sold one of our houses through them we actually gave them the buyer through one of our friends. This is totally unprofessional in our opinion. I await the response of Caldwell Executive management before we take this further. Caldwell Banker in Lake Forest has lost market share and many agents to their competitors in this area and now we can clearly see why. Below is the e mail from Cathy Kendall to me so you can judge for yourself.

Hi Richard,

I am sorry you are disappointed regarding the purchase of the photos of your home on Ringwood. There is no standard in our industry for sharing or purchasing other brokerages photos. Yes, you are correct you have had a long term relationship with Coldwell Banker which we greatly appreciate. Houda & Coldwell Banker have done an incredible job for you over the years evidenced by your loyalty to us. Having said that it seems Sellers in our marketplace now are faced with incredible financial losses on their homes and either can listen to the market and position their house appropriately or choose to continue to change Brokers looking for a magic bullet. Since you have chosen to do the latter I am sure your new Brokers will want to showcase their great marketing and certainly you should expect that. Best to you and Elizabeth moving forward.


I would like to report quick claim deed forgery in your clark office between Patricia ashmont. Betty jean dicellis. My no was 87 years old they change the deed and I have a lawyer I need a reply and can u look into this I need a copy of the notary insurance thang you Joseph dicellis


My contract exspirered with my agent she begged me to let her have my house for 18 days and if these people didnt buy my house she would she said it infront of witnesses and now 23 days later shes saying she cant afford it .she bareface lied to us.


I work for a septic company that was contracted to do a septic inspection for a property by a Cheryl Sherayko who represents Coldwell Banker out of Kutztown PA. This Agent was rude from the start. Finally after dealing with her several times, I asked her why she is so rude, at that point she continued to be rude and hung up on me. I thought you should be aware of the way your representative treats people, I just hope she isn't like this with your Customers, definitely bad business.


My wife and I are first time home buyers with limited resources. we put a contract on a home that under appraised by 14k Our lender and family member did his best to challenge the appraisers value. Our agent Shanna Clark provided no assistance and had zero data compiled to support the offer she recommended we submit. we were not successful in challenging the value of the appraisal. that said, the seller presented a revised term that was more than favorable. They agreed to reduce the sales price by 7k, the seller's agent agreed to lower his commission by 1% and requested our agent to agree to lower her commission by 1% as well. thus leaving us with an additional shortfall of 2500 and we were able to accommodate. however, your agent has flat our refused to reduce her commission in order for us to close on our home. She has put her own self serving interest before the best interest of us as clients. She is blaming her broker, yet the person, Nakia Evans, acting as her broker is not the broker of record listed on my contract. The broker of record is Shawn Guzzo, lic # 6291. I have requested to speak with Shawn and i was told Nakia evens is my acting Broker. Shanna even had a person by the name of Betsy call the sellers agent, John Kuburopulos 443-413-9241 and pretend to be the broker for CWB. Betsy falsely represented herself as Shanna Clark's broker and declined the sellers offer. due to these unethical games being played, the sellers are now pulling the amended offer off the table and seeking a release to the contract. which means my wife and i are losing this house and suffering a loss for appraisal fee, home inspection fees and of course the time and emotion that we have invested cannot be recovered. I believe we are well within our rights to file a complaint against the agent the broker of record and the person falsely presenting themselves as the broker of record. we are floored that your company would take a self serving position by not agreeing to a lower commission and cost us this home. I understand everyone has income to earn but the situation changed the circumstances. Instead of realizing the adverse situation for what it is and putting us as clients first, Shanna Clark, lic # 673298 put her greed before her clients she flat out told us she was not reducing her commission to save this deal. i can tell you there is no way on God's earth will i use shanna to buy another house after this contract falls out. to make matters worse, i requested a release from the agent agreement and this contract so i can start the process of finding another house. Shanna Clark and Nakia Evens are completely ignoring my request. My wife and I do not deserve this type of treatment. all we wanted to do was buy our first house and have a nice place to live and raise our three children. this is heart breaking

The house we are trying to buy is 314 Montrose ave Essex, MD 21221

please help

Chris Novak


I represent an estate sale 69 john street clark nj 07066. Your company has listing the pictures online are really terrible the wording used to describe home is really low quality description of home and I know coldwell banker listing this is not like your company compared to your listing profiles in westfield nj its an embarrassment to your company please look in to it


Recently my wife and I viewed a home over the internet we both loved. My wife had just had hip replacement surgery so we needed medical clearance to travel. We contacted an Intercoastal Agent to set up a viewing. He contacted the Listing Agent - a Coldwell Agent from the Coastal Office in Wilmington, NC. Our agent was advised in writing that there had not been much activity on the house and she would "keep him in the loop" of any activity. Upon getting clearance to travel the following week we made arrangements to fly to Wilmington to see the house. The listing agent was well aware of the appointment. Upon seeing the house within an hour we were in the process of making an offer and when our broker called yours we were told the place had sold the day before!
Clearly your agent had failed to keep or agent "in the loop". It cost us thousands of dollars and tons of time because our was not professional enough to keep a fellow agent "in the loop".
As a lawyer and having had a real estate license in New Jersey I know things often move fast. However, this was unprofessional and a breech of the Coldwell's training book about an Agent's Duty. Coldwell should be ashamed of themselves for this type of behavior!


I contacted Aaron Burnett about house 404 w main thorp he told me he would call me when home was ready to veiw, never called, I called the next week he was in Florida but told me he would call when he got back, never called I called him yesterday ask him to call me back NEVER called. He's a poor realitor and definitely not a man of his word and I won't recommend him to anyone. Chris poppe


tody I had got a very disturbing phonecall from this man asking to talk to mr tyrone and I had explained to him that I do not know who that is and that I had just got my phone anout 3 days ago and he said okay well I guess now he is getting people to answer the phone for him and I looked him up and called and asked to speak with his superviser and he said no


We are writing this correspondence in reference to Coldwell Bankers improper marketing, negligence, and breach of contract regarding the sale of our home at 52 Galen Street, Waltham, Massachusetts.
We have had serious concerns regarding Coldwell Banker’s treatment towards us in listing and marketing our home for sale. Coldwell Banker is contractually and ethically obligated to meet certain obligations under the Listing Agreement—specifically to use “reasonable efforts to procure a ready, wiling and able Buyer of the Property” and have the “fiduciary duties of an agent including accounting, care and competence, confidentiality, diligence, disclosure, fairness, good faith, honesty, loyalty and obedience to lawful instruction.” Your agents have been the exact opposite—deceptive, incompetent, lackadaisical, sloppy, unreasonable, and unprofessional to us. Coldwell Banker and its agents have taken gross advantage of our elderly status and reliance on your expertise and have made attempts to have Mr. and Mrs. Kasuba undersell their house by approximately $100,000, based on your own appraisal. Either Coldwell Banker failed to do a proper appraisal of the home or they have failed to properly market the home—there is no other reasonable explanation of your failure to sell the home. Rather than trying different marketing strategies or proposing creative solutions to sell the home, your agents falsely blame us for their own inability to properly market and sell the home. We no longer have any faith in Coldwell Banker and its agents’ ability to adequately sell our home and ultimately wish to terminate their Listing Agreement with Coldwell Banker and be made financially whole.
On May 31, 2017, Dave **, of Coldwell Bankers, Waltham, MA, provided a market analysis. This report showed that comparable properties currently on the market were listing between $619,900 to $599,900, comparable properties under contract were between $629,900 to $599,900, and comparable properties that were recently sold were between $650,000 to $600,000. In addition to providing material on the pricing of their home, this report also providing lengthy information about Coldwell Banker, bragging about having 120 offices and over 5,000 agents in New England, claiming to have expertise in this field, detailing market strategies, partnerships, agent branding, and several awards held by Agent Dave **. He assured us that the house was worth $629,900K and would sell quick as it was a better house then other homes in neighborhood at the same price point. We informed him that we wanted to sell in the spring and were intending to purchase a home in a 55+ community.
We proceeded to purchase a new const 55+ unit in Plymouth, Ma, signing a P&S in Aug/2017. Our close date on Plymouth was to be July 3, 2018. When the Plymouth property approached us to move the close date to May 3, 2018, we contacted Dave ** and asked if that time would work for the sale of our current house. We were assured that the house would sell for the $629,900k and that the time frame would be great as we would be beating the spring ‘rush’. We indicated at that time that the refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer were negotiable. So based on Agent DiGregori’s confidence his price of $629,900 was valid, we proceeded with both the sale of our Waltham home signing a brokerage agreement Jan. 23, 2018, and with the accelerated close date of the Plymouth property.
Based on the Market Analysis, we had every reason to believe that we would be receiving upwards of $619,900 for our property. However, we were informed and reassured by Agent Dave ** that we would receive between $629,900 to $619,900, and he would have “no problem” selling our home. We followed his every advice down to his recommended movers (Road Warriors) to pack up (and declutter) our home for $948.77 and put items in storage, where it has sat for the past four months at $180/month. We trusted Agent Dave ** would sell the home quickly as promised, and this would be minor cost for us but our loses are multiplying daily. It was also your agent’s decision to set an initial listing Price of $629,900.
Weeks went by, the open houses had 20+ people, supposedly great feed back, but no offers. We had open houses every Sunday 12-1:30 pm, and always accommodated every showing request. As far as we know, Dave ** never hosted an open house. We were getting worried and stressed, we needed to sell our house in order to purchase the Plymouth property. We were constantly assured that the $629,900 was a valid price and the house would sell quick. After about 25 days Dave ** advised us to lower price. He said he could definitely sell the house if we lowered price. We wondered what happened with the $629,900 market analysis. We were getting very anxious for a sale and were getting very stressed. So we agreed to lower the price to $609k. We made it clear to Dave ** that we stood to loose the $52k deposit on the Plymouth property if the house didn’t sell soon. Still no offers were forthcoming. Our stress levels were getting higher, and were not in a financial position to loose $52k. Many sleepless nights followed.
We then had a tough discussion with Dave **. We informed him that we were not happy. We were at this time committed to the Plymouth property and would stand to loose $52k if we could not proceed with the sale of the Waltham home. Dave ** got very indignant and his comments were laced with profanity. His flimsy excuses were all things that he was fully aware of when he did the Appraisal and should have accounted for—(1) a small back yard, (2) an alleged smoke smell in the screened-in porch from cigar smoking outside the house, and (3) water in the basement after a period of extremely unusual and heavy rain.
“Water levels in Boston reached the third highest on record, a 1-in-100-year water height—which means that there is a 1% chance in any given year that waters level would reach that high. More remarkable, the number one and three spots in Boston’s record books are now occupied by water levels reached during two storms this winter.” (retrieved from’easters-pummel-us-northeast-late-winter-2018)
This water issue is not something that happens during regular rains. We usually we get some water during the spring thaw - but not that magnitude. It has more of a nuisance , other wise we would of dealt with it 11 years ago.
By now, neither of us were sleeping well, usually waking up at 2am and unable to fall asleep again. The stress was getting to us and depression over the situation was setting in.
We then looked into some basement waterproofing companies. We got some quotes for a french drain, however neither company could do the work till later in the summer. They were backlogged due to the nor’easters that dumped the record rain in the area. We were willing to put money in escrow to cover the cost of the basement work. Please note: we had plenty of work done on the house (replace boiler/hot water heater, 8/2009; composite deck built, 6/2008; had asphalt driveway removed and had pavers driveway and patio installed, 4/2008; chimney repair work done,3/2007; new kitchen appliances, 1/2007; had Rebath redo the bathroom, 6/2008; had new pro windows installed, 2/2008; installed a pellet stove in the fireplace, 9/2010; reinsulated the house, 3/2010; and had the roof replaced, 11/2014). We believe this shows that were diligent in maintaining the house and if the water in the basement had been more than a nuisance, we would of have that work as well.
That was the last we heard from Dave **. Massoud **, VP and branch manager then got involved and things went from bad to worse. After the house was on the market for an additional 29 days, Massoud** advised us to drop the asking price again—this time to $575,000—far below any range in the Appraisal and approximately $25,000 below the lowest value of any comparable properties in the area. No explanation was given as to the dramatic decrease in pricing except for the water seepage in their basement. We diligently sought quotes from Contractors to fix the seepage and made sure the warranties would extend to the next owner. The quotes to install a French drain and completely fix this minor issue costs no more than $7,500 and does not reflect a dramatic $54,000 reduction in the asking price. We have acted very fairly and agreed to put $8,000 in escrow for the repairs. Again, let me stress—a $7,500 problem does not explain why the home’s price was placed $54,000 below the appraised value.
As we were getting extremely desperate and stressed to sell and meet our contractual agreement with the Plymouth property, we agreed and also renegotiated the agents fee. We had a few conversations with Massoud**. But we were then passed on to another agent in the office, Michele**. She came and hosted the Sunday open houses. Always telling us it was a ‘positive showing’ and ‘positive feedback’. But still not one offer.
Rather than trying to see the basement and devise a marketing solution, Massoud** attempted to blame us for this issue and accused us of lying. He disrespectfully and sarcastically called the problem a “swimming pool,” distorted the problem, and dismissed our concerns. There is no water damage in the basement, no mold issues, and no active leaks. The water seepage only occurs during the spring thaw, after a prolonged period of heavy rain and snow. I don’t believe he ever entered the house.
We asked Michele ** why the house wasn’t selling. Michele Michelle ** made a comment that maybe the house was priced to high. We said that Dave ** had done the analysis. Michele ** then stated that she was not Dave, and was filling in as a courtesy. Michele then said that if we were her clients, she would recommend that we lower the price to $525k, $100k less than the market analysis and all the assurances that we could sell at the $629,900k price.
Even at the $575k price we would be stretching our finances thin to proceed with the Plymouth property. Being retired, we were not able to qualify for financing for Plymouth, unless we were to raid our retirement accounts and thereby jeopardize our future income. Our stress levels were skyrocketing.
As Michele ** was not the listing agent we still needed to speak with Massoud **. We wanted out of the brokerage agreement and left several messages for Massoud **. Our phone calls were ignored and went unanswered.
Our house was on the market before the spring rains. We had three open houses before the water seepage occurred, with the first one having 27 people in attendance. Not a single offer was received. The attempts of Massoud ** to inaccurately place blame on the basement seepage to make us, an elderly couple believe that their property is worth $54,000 less than what Coldwell Banker’s original Appraisal is completely unacceptable, unfair, and deceptive. Massoud ** went as far as to discourage a showing of the house during a rainy weekend because he did not want to “highlight” the water issue. However, we were very comfortable having an open house during the rainy weekend because we were confident the issue is not what Massoud ** made it out to be. As it turned out, the basement remained completely dry through out the rainy weekend. Massoud ** is adamant on creating a problem that does not exist in order to justify his ridiculous advice that the property be listed $54,000 under what the house was initially valued at and $25,000 below any of the other homes in the neighborhood.
We then talked with Anna Shapiro at Shapiro Law Group, P.C. in Woburn, MA, on May 4, 2018. Anna Shapiro advised us to write Massoud Atallah at Coldwell and tell them we were unhappy and wanted out of the brokerage agreement. Which we did on May 4, 2018. Massoud Atallah’s response was “I have forwarded your request to our legal department, and I ask that you give us until Monday to sort things out. In the meantime, I’ve been made aware that we should anticipate an offer from yesterday’s showing, and will forward to you upon receipt.”
We requested that Coldwell Banker remove its lockbox and sign, return our key, and asked to be released from the Listing Agreement. The lockbox has since been removed, but the sign has not. Furthermore, Massoud ** has refused to allow us to terminate the contract, despite our request and several complaints with dealing with your company. Instead, we were blamed and falsely accused of being deceptive in not disclosing water seepage which is patently untrue. After receiving threats of termination because we had yet to receive one offer, Coldwell’s agents were magically able to come up with a “bona fide” offer from a Tamara Melville. Another agent, Michelle **, sent us a text message with a picture of a check at 10:09 am on Saturday May 5, 2018 in the amount of $5,000 purporting to be earnest money for the purchase of 52 Galen Street, but nothing on the check indicated that it was for the specific property. Then a mere two hours later, Michelle ** sent another text at 12:02 PM informing us that the buyer decided not to move forward with the offer, despite having already pledged the $5,000. On Monday morning, presumably after Massoud ** had spoken to Coldwell Banker’s attorneys as he intended to do, Michelle ** again emailed with an offer from the same Tamara Melville for $525,000. This was $104,900 below the initial appraisal and asking price. Michelle ** dropped off the offer and left, with no explanations. The offer was for $525k, all appliances (including refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer) and have the work done in the basement, before the closing date of June 3, 2018. The refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer which never part of the appliances we were including, and Michele ** knew that the basement companies we contacted were not able to do the work for 2-3 months. Massoud ** called this a “bona fide offer” and refused to let the us out of the Listing Agreement. The Listing Agreement specifically said you would use “reasonable efforts to procure a ready, willing and able Buyer of the Property in accordance with the price of this Agreement.” Presuming “the price of this Agreement” is referencing the listing price, an offer $104,900 below the initial listing price is not a reasonable offer nor does it reflect any reasonable effort.You could sell any property if you lower the price enough and get an offer, but this is not what your listing agreement promises when it states, “reasonable efforts” and “care and competence.” An offer $104,900 below the initial listing price is as good as no offer at all.
Then on the afternoon of Monday, May 7, 2018, Michele ** calls and said she is dropping off an offer from the person who declined to follow through with the offer on Saturday, May 5, 2015. Michele just dropped off the offer and left. The offer was for $525k, all appliances (including refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer) and have the work done in the basement, before the closing date of June 3, 2018. Our initial thoughts were that this was not a bonafide offer. We based this on the fact that the offer was $50k less than the current price of $575k, included the refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer which never part of the appliances we were including, and Michele ** knew that the basement companies we contacted were not able to do the work for 2-3 months. Also the time frames in the offer were way to quick.
Apart from this offer being grossly low, we were relying on the money from the sale of our property to purchase the Plymouth property and cannot afford to lose over $100,000. After receiving this allegedly “bona fide” offer with an incredibly low price, and we no longer fell we could trust Massoud ** and his agents to be loyal to us, protect our best interests, and provide expert knowledge concerning the sale and pricing of our home. We had our Attorney respond with a counter offer. Which we never heard back from.
Faced with the reality that the agents we hired could no longer be trusted, we set the price of our home back to $629,000 to protect ourselves from losing over $100,000. It is very possible that due to the irreversible actions of Coldwell Banker and it agents, we will never be able to get the full value of our home having raised the price after having lowered it. By not letting us out of the Listing Agreement, Massoud ** is attempting to force our hands to sell at a lower price rather than doing any work to effectively market this property and stand by Coldwell Banker’s appraisal. Even after forcing the us to stay in contract, Massoud ** has failed to put forth “reasonable efforts” to market the house. After having an open house nearly every Sunday in February, March, and April, we have not had a single open house since the conflict with Massoud ** started. We have requested that open houses take place every Sunday as before, but Massoud ** has only put forth a weak excuse of not being able to require independent contractors to do open houses and sat idly by while we are sick with worry. Not only does this show his ineptitude and unwillingness to go forth and market a home him self in dire times, it showcases Coldwell Banker’s lack of resources and ineffectiveness despite having 5,000 agents in New England.
Coldwell Banker has failed the us and failed to fulfill their fiduciary duties at every turn. Either Coldwell Banker failed to do a proper appraisal of the home or they have failed to properly market the home—there is no other explanation of your failure to sell the home.
Firstly, as a result of the circumstance listed above, Coldwell Banker’s aims of taking advantage of an elderly couple, deception, unfair misrepresentations, unprofessional dealings, blatant disregard, and reprehensible and irreversible damages by Coldwell Banker, we seek to be unconditionally released from the Listing Agreement with Coldwell Banker.
Ultimately, we feel a great injustice has been done to us, and we request that you take responsibility for your breach of fiduciary duties that led to this unfortunate situation. Please be assured that we will not hesitate to litigate if necessary to make us whole. In the event that we need to turn to the Courts, we preserve all rights to seek up to treble damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs under M.G.L. c.93A §2 which you are liable by for, including but not limited to, your failure to comply with the industry rules and regulations, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, as well as your unconscionable strong-arming of my Clients.
We feel exploited. The market analysis obviously was incorrect. We were constantly assured that the $629,900 was a valid price and the house would sell quick. Then Coldwell kept wanting to lower the price. We feel we were emotionally and financially abused. To give us a market analysis of $629,900 and then wanting to reduce it to a figure of $525k were traumatic events for us. Plus the loss of the Plymouth property, is of great disappointment, along with the deposit we will loose.
We feel we are owed cost of hiring an attorney. Had we been let out of the contract when we asked, we would not have incurred $10,715.37 in fees.
We incurred $2,320 in moving and storage costs.
We incurred a loss of $26,000 from the deposit on the Plymouth property. We would not have pursued the Plymouth property had we been give a sale price of $525,000.


I have been renting from Caldwell banker for four years. Refrigerator quit working, agent had a refrigerator delivered full of cockroaches. Refuses to do anything about it. Agents name Joy ricks from Caldwell banker In Cadiz Kentucky.


I recently was purchasing a home from Active Realty (Caldwell Banker) in Fitzgerald Ga. On the day of closing, I was informed that the lawyer found out that the home was tied up in legal issues and it was not clear to sell. The real estate company said that they would refund my earnest money. they told me that it was between me and the seller if I was to get my appraisal fee and inspection fee back. I have had no interaction with the seller. all of my interactions and even my loan officer was obtained through the real estate company. I called the number on the contract to contact the seller, but it is disconnected. I contacted the agency, but I was told that they could not give me any information on the seller. they told me that all they would do is refund my earnest money. I was on my own with the rest. They were closing my file. Is this common practice? In good faith I assumed that a real estate company only listed homes that were clear to sell. I am now out of $775.00 . This may not seem like a lot of money to some people. I do not have that kind of money to just throw away. I am on disability,and it took me a long time to save this money. This was my dream, to own a nice home for me and my kids. I did nothing wrong, but I am being treated as if I did, and all of the consideration is directed toward the seller. I am contacting you for help in this matter.


The local agency is the commissioned landlord of a property in my sub division.
Nearly nine months ago, myself and my dog were attacked by the tenants dog. Our home owners association and I went through all the channels of having this stuation rectified.
On Thursday, August 31, 2017, the same dog/owner broke all the covenants of the deed resulting in a vicious attack of my dogs.
Coldwell Banker still has done nothing to eliminate this threat from our neighborhood.
In addition, the agents were condescending and rude.
Please allow your legal department and your insurance company be put on notice.


I have been renting a home near Nashville, TN For nearly 4 years through coldwell banker (snow & wall) and I find the realtor that we must communicate with to be the most inappropriate, ignorant and degrading woman ever to walk the earth. For 3 years straight, my husband and I paid our rent in a timely manor, made several improvements to our rental property and were extremely efficient tenants.

Although I found it odd that I had never met a representative at coldwell banker corporate office prior to signing my lease and moving in, I was fine with it. I called and had a brief conversation with a realtor named Jan Young - who I found to be abrupt and rude, but none the same- I was just happy to hear her say put a check in her office box in the evening, the pet deposit in cash and the key would be In the outside electrical unit.

We proceeded to live in the property for nearly 3 years, then it happened! I had to deal with this realtor. We had a plumbing issue, I contacted her, she told me basically go to hell and fix it my self and I did so. A few months later, we found ourselves knee deep in lawyer fees, were 15 days late on our rent, and I received what was the most obvious attempt at degradation I had ever seen. This little woman called, told me pay or get out! Mad ear real unrealistic threats and hung up! I couldn't believe I was dealing with coldwell banker customer service.

Now a year later, 2 parents dying with cancer, I am caring for them and unable to work and have been running about month behind. While attempting to call and explain my situation, I was met with cruel, and threatening words. It never ceases to amaze me at the lengths a person will go to feel powerful. I really do feel sorry for this uneducated red neck realtor. If you are picking on grown ups during the worst time of your life to feel superior, this company and it's leadership deserve nothing except my pity.


Our refinance-cash out began on June 1, 2016. Today, it is August 15, 2016- We have not closed-still. A series of Coldwell customer service mistakes from the beginning (like day one- the mortgage was to only be in my husband's name- this was not done until July 27th). Our loan officer, Marcia Bland, would not return emails or phone messages. I left a voice mail to her "superior" & never heard back from her. An outside real estate agent contacted Marcia, who directed him to, Niquia Johnson, who was able to get the loan processes started to underwriting however this was after our 2nd closing date had passed.

A simple refinance-cash out was to be 30-45 day process has turned into a 75 day process with still poor customer service & errors on the closing disclosure- which again delayed closing! I expressed my frustration to Niquia Johnson imploring her to compensate us, by waiving the application fee ($600). She could waive $300 however as we drove home from the closing company- the deed didn't match the loan. She provided us little comfort, no compensation and gave US a number to call to check the progress of the correction. Will we close? Could Coldwell Banker customer service get any worse?


Had many bad experiences with Coldwell Banker but this latest is a joke. Lady in San Antonio, Mexican American , Single has been paying on your loan for years, has health issues and cannot make payments, finally gets a cash buyer to pay off your loan of $75,000 only to have Coldwell Banker stop it at closing because it is foreclosure. And you looked past the issue that this home has a foundation problem of around $12,000 which means you will turn down your payoff and inherit a home you may get $60,000 FOR! Is Coldwell Banker really that incompetent or do large companies just don't care? I do a ton of real estate business in SA but none will be with Wells Fargo whether clients like it or not. I will not go through this again.


Who said one cannot get a dream house. Yes, its possible with the help of Coldwell Banker. Coldwell Bankers are the best real estate company which deals with its customers very professionally. Whether its rent, sale or buying a home CD makes it an easy smooth and efficient process. The processing of documents were pretty quick and I was able to move into my new place within few weeks. Thanks CD for the great help and assurance you have given me.

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