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I bought a Roku streaming stick & had it activated was working I bought a different tv & tried to use it on that one. It showed an error & I got hold of an (tech) who told me that I would have to upgrade my service for so much a year. Why do I have to upgrade my plan I just want basic


I called in to question 2 charges on my paypal that were on previous channels that I had. First$4.99 was April 12th. Second was $6.99 on Aprip24th sundance channel. all 3 agents spoke over me but they said I wasn't hooked up to the server. First agent was very rude and wanted to explain what a server was! Someone needs to teach them about customer service which they seem to be very unfamiliar with. Not so sure if I wish to be with Roku now and the whole setup is changing on the first of May??1 Cecilia Hernandez


I bought a roku for my tv at Walmart for 30.00 & I went home & set it it up it did not work on my flat screen tv! I went to Walmart they told me they couldn’t do anything & to contact you because I didn’t have a warranty so i waisted my money ???? Im so UPSET!!!!!!!!!


They have sent out a software update that limits my ability to view my NBC Gold content without buying a new player. i had to call NBC Sports Gold and my player was on the list that will no longer function properly. SCAM


I waited on the phone for well over half an hour, after having spent previous time contacting Verizon about why I couldn't get my roku stations on my TV. They finally told me they thought the problem was that the roku was frozen. When I finally got on the line with the roku person, I couldn't understand what he was saying--he had a very thick Indian accent. After asking him to repeat what he was saying several times, he hung up on me!! Now I suppose I have to buy a new one.


my service stopped working two days ago. My son, Mathatas, pays for it. I qwant it to reconnect.
roku just floats around and doesn't connect.


I am so disappointed in how many comershals are on all the Roku Chanel’s.’and the 4 or 5 each time they come on. All to much,how do we get some of these comershals to stop. Thank You Robert Glena.


Not a complaint a suggestion. Next upgrade to TV remotes require a BACK button. Plus it would be great if when viewing a channel on roku and you go to check on say...the news if you had a previous channel button that would be better than having to search all over again! Thanks for considering my suggestions to the engineering staff!


I never ordered roku. It was on the new tv we bought but we never used it. I never really paid attention to my bank statement before last month but upon noticing that roku had been paid $11.90 I called roku and the person I finally got a hold of said he could not find any account under any of the information that he asked me for. He was sure it had been an error and would be corrected. Well I was charged again this month. I am over 70 years old and do not feel like going through all of the things I had to do last time. I just don't want to be charged again.


Service is frequently interrupted. Latest one : error code RLP1025 It will not let me go to the channels that have a lower number such as #4, 6, and 10. Picture is often scrambled. If I could, I would rate it with ZERO stars !! Lousy service.


I placed an order on June 6 2018 ,FOR a rook ultra player@ 2:18 pm with Fed Ex overnight delivery,after not receiving my product as promised the next day,I filed a dispute with my credit card company on the 7th,so now on the 8th I receive notice my device has shipped,so 4 days after the fact I will supposedly receive my merchandise.....
My complaint is for $32.83 refund for the overnight shipment which never occurred...
CUSTOMER support here is lousy,I understand why you don't provide a phone....


I rate Roku and your site, services and customer service a 0 on a scale of 1-5 I am returning my Roku tv I just bought as junk and will never buy Roku again and tell friends the same


When I went to listen to one of my favorite radio programs this morning, I had this horrible picture of snakes, skulls and other putrid things by Motley Crue with the words, Don't go away mad, just go away. I shouldn't have to have that kind of junk on my TV if I don't want it. I am very upset with Roku for allowing this to happen. I listened to my program on my computer instead. I have liked Roku because I can choose what I want to watch, and if I not longer have a choice, why should I have Roku?


Got a call for my husband from one of your call centers in Texas. Asked the guy what he wanted as my husband was getting dressed. He said he was from DirectTV and at that time I told him we were not interested as we had just gotten rid of cable and had no plans to get anything other then roku. I then hung up and less then a min later he called back on an unlisted number and yelled at me demanding to know why I hung up on him i told him that I did not want or need his service and had told him no before, then he told me he wanted to fuck me. With this as an example I will def not be using your service even if I decide to again go with paid tv ever again.


Generally I like my Roku box. I use it for Netflix and Amazon Prime. I do, have one complaint about my Roku. At least once a week it shuts down in the middle of use. Sometimes it's during a movie, which is very frustrating. I think this is a genius product idea, but it seems a little cheap to me.


I've had your Roku service for over 2 years. I went from Time Warner Cable to Dish Network so of course my internet service changed also. Now my Roku won't work!! So I called your customer service and got some girl with very poor English and she talks so fast I can only catch every 4 words. After calling twice, I get the same old nonsense like there reading from a form letter. I already paid once a couple years ago to use my Roku and just because I changed cable tv companies I'm not paying you again.

I hope your not proud of your customer service, it's a pathetic joke. I know what your thinking- WHO CARES? - loosing me isn't gonna put you out of business, but I'm sure gonna let the tv station and every one else know, and I also just filed a police report for paying for services I'm not receiving. The cop told me to call the prosecuted and make an appointment. I'm sure glad I keep all my bank statements especially for my debit card.


I love my Roku.  I am able to stream anything and everything from the little black box!  It is easy to use with the simplest remote control.  You can download apps, use facebook, netflix, and any other internet based program.  My favorite feature is watching movies off of amazon.  Instead of going to redbox or waiting until Netflix finally releases a movie to stream, I can rent any movie straight from amazon and it takes just a few seconds to upload.  Best feature by far!

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