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I rented a movie from Redbox about a month ago, I returned it the next day before 9:00pm. I was checking by bank statment and I notice a $25.00 dollar charge from Redbox. So i called Redbox and asked why they charge my card, they said that I never return a movie the a rent amonth ago so, I told the guy that the movie was returned hi said no that the movie never was reuturned that I was the last person tha rented it. there is many complaints about this redbox company charging people’s credit card be careful. DON’T RENT MOVIES FROM THE REDBOX.


I have a complaint about redbox. I have tried to return my rented movies twice and do not want to be charged a third time by redbox for them. I would like the money to be put back on my card please as soon as possible so I don’t get charged anymore. I would try and take it to another redbox but i dont have a car and this is the closest redbox in walking distance to my house. I really hope that somebody can help on this matter thank you for your time. Chad.


I recently rented a Wii video game from Redbox for my kids, it was: “Lego Star Wars”. I returned it after 3 days and three weeks later saw a charge pending on my bank account for $52.00 I was like what the F@#$!! I called redbox and they said the charge was for Lego Star Wars that was never returned. I said that I did return it, they then said they could refund $15 back. I was like, “no, I am going to contact my bank and get the full $52 back”. But why offer to refund $15 if you know you are 100% in the right? Very fishy! I will never rent from these Redbox con men again!


Last Redbox dvds i rented from Silverspring downtown Fenton St. Redbox did not sent me a a return confirmation and a rental receipt. This is not good sign please respond asap!


I received a free rental code, due to expire today, 1/16/11. I attempted to use it today and it was not accepted. I verified code when I returned home, and I had in fact been entering it correctly!


You mean a redbox vending machine doesn’t carefully take the disc out of the case and clean the disc with a soft cloth, carefully put it back in the case and then clean the cloth? That’s about the only way to avoid unauthorized charges. The machine should have a pair of lips that come out and kiss your ass after every rental too. Cleaning the discs are pretty much a customer responsibility with redbox. You rent with the understanding that you may have to clean the disc before viewing. Thats why the instructions on how to clean the disc are on the cases. It’s a whole 20 seconds of work for you. What do you expect for $1? Quit being a lazy turd and complaining about unauthorized charges.

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