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I have about 30 unused membership credits that I simply can’t use because my local massage envy locations are never staffed. I want a refund, can’t seem to get a manager or franchisee on the line, and corporate will not return my calls.


This is regarding the Massage Envy franchise in Hyannis Massachusetts. Today went in for my appointment, and not for the first time, did they not have me listed for an appointment. It’s happened twice before. Also, when I actually do get to get a massage they start late and they end early pretty much a 45 minutes total. I have credits that I’ve accumulated but I’d like to use. One time I try to cancel an appointment for medical reasons and was told I would lose my credit for that appointment so I went and had my appointment. I could list more complaints but will end it here.


We purchased a gift card for our daughter and have bank statement to prove it. She recieved her massage and was told afterwards the card was no good. She made to pay again and threatened with the police if she didn't. Worst business I have ever heard of.


my home phone is 516 795-5116
i have already written an email and have called your customer service phone number countless times and have not gotten a human being on the phone nor have i received a call back or reply to my email

my appointment is 6pm in massapequa on 6/13 for a facial. i was sick all day at work and finally called to cancel my facial. i was told by the woman who answered the phone that she checked with her manager and if they did not book this appt i would be charged $25. please do not bother to quote your policies as we all know rules are made to be broken. why would you expect a customer who is ill to come in for a facial and not only not enjoy the facial but pass germs on to your employees. i will not be at that appointment this evening. i do not expect my credit card to be charged, and if it is, i will dispute the charge.

i also want a refund for the gift certificate my mother purchased for me and which i was going to use this evening. this experience was terrible and i will not patronize your business again. please respond asasp


I am a member of message envy and I bought an item the day of my massage and facial in Whittier, CA. I was informed about the facial products and ingredients in them so I bought a cleanser. Upon getting home, I discovered it didn't have the ingredients I was hoping, so I returned the next day for a refund.

I was told only a manager can do a refund and she was not in the office but would be in 2 days, so I decided to leave item and receipt there, instead of me returning another day.

I called in 2 days about my refund to remind them, left message. No call and I called the next day, left another message. I called again another day, said refund was done about 5 days to show for refund.

A week goes by I still don't show refund, informed still on manager desk and I was surprised, since I was told it was done a week ago. I left message for Manager and was told she leaves at 5. I waited for a call, no call so I called before 5 but she had left already. I called the next day to speak to Manager but manager did not speak to me. I was told it's on her to do list. I asked to please contact me when refund will be processed. The item has been there about 2 weeks now and still waiting for a refund. The worst customer service ever and Manager at the Whittier, CA location.

I won't be renewing my membership nor visiting that location.

Elizabeth Medina


I asked for a print out of all the time I had appointments and was told they only had records going back two years. It was like pulling teeth but they finally agreed to e-mail the records. Later that night I checked my e-mail and the records were totally incomplete.


Run don’t walk away from this company I have horrible experiences with 2 locations in my area. Lexington sc and columbiana they book appointments then cancelled them when you walk in the door and says we tried to call but no missed calls. And the other locations I should of went to the police but it would be my word against there’s. Please don’t go through what i did


Billed me $1800.00 + $70.00 twice,have called them for months now and been to the shop,Get the same answer They wiil call back and never do the first Manager I talk to on 10/18/2008,Jouchlyn(missed spelled)i called back 1/29/19 then Vanessa called said gping to refund the money she will call back when done. never did then i called to find out she no longer works there.called again and again went to office got the same thing went back to office and got name of new manger ,,Starla left her copies of bills never heard a thing the last time i went back was 5/2/19 and 5/19/09 again said she would call back NEVER did she.I WANT THE CHARGE TAKEN OFF MY C/ will you call me back or at the least take care of this my name Virginia Romero #6199221860San Diego i will give you more info,Thank You (i hope)




After several years of loyally scheduling weekly massages at the Port St. Lucie ME, I cancelled my membership because there was so much turnover I couldn't get an appointment on the day, time or with the desired masseuse. Consequently, I ended my membership in March within the required 10 days per Elizabeth so I didn't get charged for April, but on March 30th, my credit card was charged a membership fee again. The new manager, Christie, said it was a mistake and I wouldn't get billed for April because my membership,ended April 1st, but that was not what Elizabeth conveyed to me several times. I have no trust remaining, so I've decided to cancel my credit card. During the Christmas holidays, I purchased a $700+ gift card for 12 massages with 2 free massages as the enticement. Due to the aforementioned turnover, I couldn't get in on a day, time or with the desired masseuse. When I requested a refund, neither ME manager, Christie or Elizabeth, would reimburse me for the amount left on the card; so, I subsequently accepted massages on days and times not convenient for me. The ME Manager, Elizabeth, who has since sent left the PSL branch, said I had 60 days to use the gift card at the former membership rates. I have been charged over $70 vs. $59.99, and yesterday, I was charged $144 by Johanna who promised they would credit my gift card back for the overcharge and call me once done. There has been no phone call and I have zero confidence that ME will do anything to correct the mistake. I'm a professional educator/administrator and a lifelong resident of PSL. I truly feel disrespected, abused and scammed by the ME corporation.


I asked if my therapist has experience BEFORE accepting the appointment. The Manager scheduling my appt. said YES, she's new to Massage Envy but she has lots of experience before coming here. OK, satisfied, I accepted the appt. I just finished my appointment and the girl was sweet but NOT GOOD. I asked her where she worked before Massage Envy because I knew she was new to M.E. She said Starbucks and waitressing. I said how long have you been at M.E. She said about a month. I said oh, because the person who scheduled me with you said you have "lots of experience" and I never schedule a massage with someone without experience. She said she was sorry. So I ask the lady who scheduled it, the "acting manager" and she said "She was not supposed to tell you that". Like, WHAT????? She wasn't supposed to be honest??? I said I'm not paying for that, I ended the massage and left the room, and I shouldn't have to pay. I called them when I got home and the manager said they get lots of experience before being allowed to massage in M.E., and no one has complained about her yet. She explained what training they go through. I explained that I understand they have to be trained and they may have lots of experience as they are trained but that doesn't mean "real experience." So, BUYER BEWARE. EXPERIENCE TO THE CUSTOMER MEANS ONE THING, EXPERIENCE TO THE MANAGEMENT OF MASSAGE ENVY MEANS THEY PASSED THEIR TRAINING PERIOD WITH MASSAGE ENVY AND N.O.T.H.I.N.G M.O.R.E.


I was treated rudely by managers Maya andkaylie. Maya even told me to go ahead and report the incident to corporate as, It will only come back to me." Unbelievable!!! What a disgrace!


These people won't return my call! I am very disappointed with the service.


I received a gift on Valentines day of a massage. While there I was encouraged to obtain a membership which I was told could be cancelled at any time. I have attempted to cancel the direct withdraw from my banking account with the local office, I am now being told I cannot cancel my membership without a doctors note or proof that I have moved more than 25 miles away. I want to cancel my membership and have a refund of monies taken from my account.


I find myself writing yet again because Massage Envy has broken an appointment that was set up by Kelcie Olson as a makeup for an appointment last week after the Tikhatnu clinic closed and did not notify me of a cancelled appointment and I showed up.

This is the second cancelled appointment now on Massage Envy’s behalf, not mine. I have waited another 9 days for an appointment and thought ok I am set because Kelcie made sure I was good to go and I trusted that service promise. Kelcie was very pleasant to work with and even called me from her personal cell phone, but I wasn’t set, the south side clinic did to me what the Tikhatnu clinic has done. Cancelled my appointment last minute.

I am sure you can imagine my frustration at making myself available for these appointments and arranging my schedule so I would be able to keep my end of the bargain only to be let down yet again. I was excited and really looking forward to my appointment today. This is highly frustrating not being able to use my gift cards at EITHER Massage Envy. My husband had purchased these for me at Christmas so I could have a time to zen out and relax and it has sure been more trouble trying to get an appointment and have Massage Envy commit to their service promise then it has been worth. This company is holding my funds hostage and not allowing me to use them because they are not able to follow through on a commitment to their clients. I am at a complete loss for words how any business could treat their clients this way and expect any repeat business. I don’t know about you, but my time is very precious to me and I am very emotional about the fact that it is wasted. I can forgive one error but this happening multiple times? Come on guys, this is not the right way to run a business or how you treat people paying for a service.

Good Afternoon:
I am writing in regards to the fact Massage Envy Tikhatnu stood me up for my appointment yesterday 3/18/19 that was supposed to be at 6:30pm. I received a call on Saturday morning 3/19/2019 to confirm my appointment to which I replied yes, I’ll be there. (You can see the call log I attached proving Massage Envy reached the correct telephone number for myself ). I drove from the airport where I work to Tikhatnu for my appointment only to find the doors locked and lights off, no signage on the doors and no response from knocking or calling the listed telephone number for this location. I am sure you could imagine my disappointment in keeping my end of the bargain, but Massage Envy did not.

What I am most upset about is that I did not receive a call or cancellation email from Massage Envy notifying me of any sort of issues or changes with my set appointment. I still had the confirmation which I also attached. It took me over 2 weeks to get in for an appointment with Tikhatnu Massage Envy. I left a message for a manager last night, 3/18/2019 with no response back. I called the location this AM only to be hung up on by a very disrespectful front desk gal after explaining the situation and why I was upset. She refused to let me speak with a manager. She claimed my telephone number was incorrect and they supposedly called me. How was it incorrect if I received a confirmation call on Saturday? That makes zero sense, I didn’t change my telephone number over the last 2-3 days. Then she goes on to state the therapist called out sick. I contacted the other Massage Envy on the South Side after nobody answered my call last night. They explained there was some sort of system error and all appointments were excused, but I should have received a call from customer service informing me of this. So what is the correct story? I don’t have a problem with a technical issue, just tell me the truth and work with me to get rescheduled at a convenient time. I would certainly hope my credit card or account was not charged for an error on Massage Envy’s part last night.

The other side of this and the reason I am so upset over the situation is that I have been trying for quite awhile to get in to see someone so I can use the gift cards from my husband on my account. Apparently this is the only location I can use them at which is also disappointing as you hold my funds but I can’t use them because appointments by this location are not honored. I tried to book online again this AM and the appointment is 34 days out (Monday 4/22/2019 at the 6:30pm time). There was no weekend appointments available either for a 90 minute massage. That’s a really long time considering the inconvenience I have been put through by this location and I really don’t have the faith that waiting this long Massage Envy will hold to the appointment again. I was really looking forward to my massage last night. I’d really like to get in as soon as possible after normal working hours for myself which means 5:30pm or later weekdays or anytime on the weekends. There is absolutely no regard for my personal time or patronage to Massage Envy. This is the second issue I have had with this particular location and that is not fair to me as someone who pays for a service and the business’s mission statement is guaranteed satisfaction. I’m extremely upset that this business does not honor their service promise and I am let down yet again. At this point my preference would be for the gift card funds be returned to me so I may utilize those elsewhere.


My membership ended in February. I was not informed that I had to fill out a cancellation form until they charged me. I went in to the location which is 40 minutes away from where i live to cancel the membership and the employee told me she couldn’t print the paperwork so she would email it to me. I could not fill out the form through email so I printed it and brought it to the location. After being told i would be refunded by 2 employees, the manager told me i could not be refunded. I will never attend another massage envy location and if anyone asks i will definitely not refer them.


I have emailed Guest Relations 7 times with only one response over the last couple months. I completely hate this company for not addressing my complaints.

I had terrible experiences with the Blossom Hill and Burlingame branches, and if it helps I can go into details. It's reasonable for you to ask me to take several steps before this conclusion, which I believe I have done. Reasonable steps being the following
-give people 2nd and 3rd chances
-speak with management about my issues
-speak to ANOTHER manager about the issues (since the first didn't listen and was obscenely rude)
-try another branch
-give that branch 2nd and 3rd chances
-speak with management about my issues

I feel the managers are punishing me for their mistakes by ignoring me and allowing my monthly charges to continue.

Furthernore I would like to say that I have missed work due to back pain and I am so furious that I am not getting help from Massage Envy, I am being charged for nothing, and the callous behavior of some staff overrides the mediocre and good massages I have received.

I don't want to be charged any more.


I've been a member for more than 4 years now, however yesterday I had a terrible experience. I did my appoitment for 6PM (for me and my husband, Carlos Moreno) when we got there (after rushing into traffic) we found out that the appointment was never done (they blamed a problem with the system)... They even looked if maybe it was done for next day (today) but it was not, so the manager who took care of us then made the appointment for today and she promised us due to the system problem our massages were complimentary. Today I got a call from other lady, her name is Blancha (she didn't want to give me her last name), she said she is also a manager and she said that are massages are not free.

I really do not understand or accept this because more than twice I had problems and I didn't go to my appoitments and my massages were charged regardless. So I really deserve you to honor my massages without charge.

You can call me at my cell: (786) 970-3657 Karine Grinke


I called to cancel appointment due bad weather. Monroe County and several surrounding counties in upstate N.Y have been in a Weather Advisory. I am without power, and when I cancelled my appointment O was told I would have to pay a 25.00 dollar charge. This is not the first time I have had problems with this location. The staff are rude and very pushy. I know that part of there job is upselling of services, but not to the point of making customer's uncomfortable and not leaving the spa feeling tense instead of felling relaxed. I have purchased and recived many gift cards that I wished l could return. I am thinking you should record telephone conversations for customer service. I hope that this issue can resolved




I received two(2) 1 hour gift cards with gratuity from Massage Envy. When I went to schedule my appointment they said I had to give them a credit card so if I did not show they could charge me. I said I would rather drop off my gift certificate because I did not want my credit card on file. They said I could not do that. So after arguing for several minutes I gave them my credit card. I made the appointment for 11:00 AM a week later.

As I was walking out my door to arrive early because they said I had to fill out paper work my phone rang, this was at 10:00 AM and I live approximately 20/25 minutes away. The therapist said I had missed the appointment and they were charging my card. I argued saying my appointment was at 11:00 AM and they disagreed. I asked for the manger. She was not in, but about two hours later she called.

She told me that I was going to be charged. I told her again my appointment was for 11 not 10. She said it did not matter what I said they were going to charge me. But guess what, now she says she can deduct the charge from my gift certificate it I wanted to. NOW, all of a sudden my gift certificate can be used to deduct their charges when I was told that even if I took my gift certificate in they would not accept it to hold the appointment. If they can use my gift certificate now, WHY did I have to provide them with CREDIT CARD information. I do not like providing my credit card information and I stated so, but they say I could not even schedule a massage with out it, However now they can deduct it from my gift card.

WHY, WHY did I have to provide my credit card information. Plus why should I be the one being punished when they said 11 and they put it down for the therapist for 10:00. I don't agree that I should be charged, but I am going to be, but why did they need to have my credit card information for the record if all along they could of used my gift card. I even told them I would bring the card to them , but they said that would not work that they HAD to have my credit card. That is why we have so many thefts of credit information and fraudulent charges on your accounts. I know this as a fact because it has happened to me.

They said they called the day before, the only call recorded on my phone was from Pennsylvania. I do not answer calls from people I don't know especially people out of state. I live in Texas.

I also know that my therapist missed the income from the appointment and I feel sorry for that, and it boils down to my word or the person who scheduled the appointment I know something is going to be charged for the appointment but what. My credit card or my gift card. I guess I will find out when I get my credit card statement. Who knows maybe both

Thank you for listening. You may not think this a proper complaint, but I have seen several items of this type (scheduling hours) of complaints on the internet. So I am not the only one having this problem. I really have two complaints the disagreement of the time of appointmen and the need for my credit card information.

This was the Massage Envy in Conroe, Texas.


I'm been trying to cancel my membership no reply yet. I call the place were I went to give a facial 3 days ago due to a gift certificate giving to me, the service wasn't great I have to wait for over an hour to get a facial. Now I'm having problems trying to cancel this is a horrible business I would not recommended anyone to this place. I will report this company to the federal commission for an investigation,


Dead Customer service,
I have been a long time member. I find massage envy to be a wonderful service and have referred over twelve people to memberships as well as treated some friends to a massage. I have been generally satisfied until recently.

The customer service is so great at the Sherman Oaks location including the manager Jared. Recently, I started with the chemical peels as Bobby your front office employee suggested. I liked the service so much that I planned on having the service monthly on a continuous basis. I also started my 90 minute deep tissue massages once again because I was so happy with Bobby and others.

On one of my massages the therapist complained that his wrists hurt and ended up not being a deep tissue as requested. I spoke with Jared and he apologized without offering anything. This was fine.

My last chemical peel the in the first week of September the ethitician made a mistake by using the medium solution as said before the service. I did not say anything since she had my record and I trusted her. A few days afterward I did not have any peeling whatsoever. I called Sivaria and explained the situation in which she admitted using the acne solution. I usually have the strongest solution. She said she would speak with Jared and have him call me. I asked for a complimentary do over then she back tracked and said she did use the strongest solution etc. I felt lied to and not heard. I also always leave her $40 tip. A few days later I had a 90 minute massage and saw Sivaria in which again she stated that Jared was supposed to call me.

I waited several days and then called leaving a message. I called many times after this leaving messages for Jared with NO response at all. It was over two and a half months later that I decided to have the owner call me regarding the situation. The next day Jared called me. I explained the situation. He said that he would have to speak to Sivaria not giving the benefit of the doubt and even though he had already spoken to Sivaria. He said he would call me back and if I did not hear from him I should call him. Disappointed again I have not heard from him, it has been two weeks. I should not have to chase him down.

I feel I am not asking for much. I no longer feel comfortable patronizing this location even though it is walking distance.

I also have a medical condition and cannot consistently utilize the credits for massages. I would like to end my membership but cannot use all of my 20 credits in a month. I feel trapped. I have over 20 thousand followers on various Social media sites and feel like describing my experiences.

I need someone who understands the importance of professionalism and the value of customer service. I have been ignored and made to feel like I am a customer that does not matter.

I am ready to seek a third party for help. I have two options, either i go to eye witness news' problem solver or get my husband to contact his several attorney acquaintances/colleagues to help me if there is no resolution.

I am hopeful we can have an easy resolution. I have not asked for much. Thank you for your time.

Diana Kishiyama


I was put on rescriction for telling my therapist what make me uncomfortable. Michelle the district manager did no investigating into my past appointments or cared how long ive been a member. She called my wife who now is to embarrassed to ever go back there. I want a phone call by noon today 11/14/18 because im sick of leaving messages at their corporate location.


Have been to massage envy 410 baltown road, Schenectady ny 12304 and been bullied by store manager to buy into a membership and when I refuse and say no over and over again she bullies me rolls eyes make negative comments. I have had this happen 2 separate occasions and I need to know how I can get this bully to stop. I refuse to spend good money to have this lady bully me.
I need to go for a massage and I am not ever going to take her comments again, If I go I will record and video her actions and comments and go to a higher source.


I have been trying for weeks to reach a Manager to help me with my account. A week ago I inquired about freezing my account for a while and still be able to use the services. I was told over the phone that a form would be sent to me and I could submit it and pay $10 a month for six months and still be able to use my services or I could cancel my membership and have to use my 6 massages I have left during the 6 month period.
I asked them to please not deduct anymore payments as I am having some financial woes and was told that she could take care of that. I did not receive the form all week so yesterday I called and asked about it and was told they didn't have my email address!! How could this be when I have had an account for 3 years and have not changed my personal email account. I was also told that I would have to pay $20 per month. When I informed the young lady that I was told it was $10, she said "it's changed".
I asked to speak to a Manager today and was told they would give her my message since she would arrive at 12:30 p.m. I called at 2:40 p.m. Since no one had called me and it went to voicemail. I left a message again.
I have asked several times to speak to the owner but they won't give me the contact information.
I am so disappointed and frustrated at this time I don't know what else to do or who to talk to.


My experience with Massage Envy has been absolutely terrible.

One of the employees at the front desk has misled my boyfriend and I with the membership.

In person, We made it clear that we were nervous about getting a membership for a year if we were NOT going to get more than a 60-minute massage for the price of $60 each/per month.

The employee assured us that they had monthly add ons and that it would be worth the price. She whipped out this large colorful list of monthly add ons and pointed to them saying we could add one onto a massage each month.

We double checked that we could use this with a *regular massage* because we were NOT interested in facials or anything else.

We then signed the contract in March.

We went back in April and used the first coupon with our massage (free extra 30 min). We were satisfied.

Come May, we tried to use the coupon for that month and the employee told us that we had to purchase an additional facial to use the coupon.

So then we were stuck with having to pay for an additional session (ON TOP of the monthly fee), for a *facial* that we did NOT even want, in order to use the coupon. We only wanted the *regular massages*.

So that month we could only have the one massage that comes with the monthly fee.

She said there was nothing she could do about it. We asked her about the other coupons, and it turned out that only A COUPLE of the add-on coupons could be used with a *regular massage*. The rest were for facials or stretching sessions etc.

So we left.

I came back a couple of days later and talked to a manager to settle the misunderstanding so that I could cancel our memberships. The manager told me that she DID NOT BELIEVE that my boyfriend and I were misled by her employee and that she will NOT let us out of the membership unless we had proof of moving to a different area or proof of a medical reason to not be able to get a massage. (Stated in the contract)

I talked to Corporate on the phone three separate times. Each time they gave the Massage Envy in Canton THREE separate notifications to assess the problem with me.

Finally, after the third call to Corporate and the third notification sent to them, the same manager that I talked to in person called me saying that she remembers me from when I came in and that her decision WILL NOT change. I told her that I cannot afford to pay this price of $60/per month for one single massage!

She then offered some other add ons for a massage. I did not accept because I did not trust their word anymore! She said that I was being dishonest and nothing else was done.

I called Corporate back and they never responded.


So, as requested again and again, please CANCEL our memberships IMMEDIATELY.


I have 3 gift cards still in the package that are not redeemable. When I went to massage envy in Parsippany NJ I spoke to someone at the corporate office on Monday who was going to get back to me but never did. I left 3 voicemail messages and 1 email. Could someone please contact me I like massage envy and was extremely embarrassed when I gave these as gifts and now they can not be used


I have been trying to cancel my membership now for the last year and cannot get anyone to follow through with the request. I originaly signed up as Bridgette Hornbeck years ago and when I moved I tried to cancel. I emailed, I faxed over the information they wanted and left follow up voicemails to the Las Colinas location. I continue to be charged on my credit card. I am filing a formal complaint with the BBB and will looking to pursue this with an attorney as well if I am not credited back and this is resolved. At this point all correspondences should be sent via email for documentation purposes.

Bridgette Walshe


Had a question about massages and payment. We had been overcharged once before. Seabrook NH store Candace from front desk hung up on me. Called back another girl didn't know when manager would be in.

Please answer me back


I received a gift certificate from my daughters that go to Massage Envy often in Massachusetts. I was welcomed very nicely, the massage was great, I was in a daze when I came out. Then, I was bombarded with get a membership pitch like sales over and over. It was a real shock to my system after the calm. I only get two or three massages per year, I will gladly just pay full price. They let me know that there was not enough left on my gift card to even get another massage... so, I said, " I will pay the difference". It was relentless and I am hesitant to even bother with the rest. However, I will give it another try and maybe do a facial etc. Just don't attack after a relaxing procedure. It is a lovely setting.


I made and appointment a week in advanced i asked that if i would cancel appointment what would happen the girl said minimum of 24 hrs or we would charge you a hundred percent of massage i told her no problem set me up for Saturday, February 6th at 3:30 she put me in system somebody called me on Thursday to confirm that im showing up to have message with Nick at location 342 w Army Trail rd ste 120 Bloomingdale,IL i got a call at 1:10 the lady said sorry but nick went home sick and she didn't have any openings with any body else she wanted me to reschedule.

I took off work on Saturday to go to this message and all the lady can do is say sorry im pretty angry i called back the office and they didnt bother answering the phone i received a 50$ gift car from my wife to go to this place and now i feel like going back to your store and getting my cash back so i can go to different place were they will take care of me and not waste my time if i would of canceled your company would of charged me but since he canceled appointment with me i get a sorry that's really unfair please contact me by phone or by mail my address is 764 N gary ave Carol Stream, IL 60188.


Massage Envy is the place to go for a massage, especially if it is your first time getting one. The place is relaxing and soothing, the therapists are professional, and the whole experience just enjoyable. The prices are reasonable and they always have deals and specials going on to help with the costs. Will be going again soon!


The entire reason to get a massage is to relax.  Well, massage envy is not the place.  It is a chain massage parlor so that is how I feel treated, like another customer.  Every time I went, I got a different masseuse because the one I had prior either was at a different location or no longer there.  I have had back issues most of my life and the three times I went to Massage Envy, I tried to explain this to the people.  They kept looking at the clock and trying to rush me.  I did not like it and will not be going back.

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