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Please see attached photograph of Daniel DeLuise. Daniel was receiving personal training today by a trainer named Ratta. At the Retro Fitness located in .Retro Fitness Glendale NY
65-45 Otto Rd
Glendale, New York 11385. The trainer who states he was unaware that Daniel has autism overworked Danny without a break and without proper hydration. Danny in turn almost passed out fell and had a serious blow to his head in the gym today. After which the trainer did not seek medical attention for Danny but instead sent Danny home with his aide. Daniel passed out on the way home and is now in an ambulance on the way to New York Presbyterian Hospital in Flushing Queens. This is unacceptable. I would like to Lodge a formal complaint about your protocol and procedure to handle serious injuries in your gym. Daniel DeLuise autistic status was made known to the general manager of the gym Alexandria. I myself personally came up and paid for private training sessions for Daniel and had an extended conversation with her about how he is an guardianship program because he's autistic and has no family. I had an expansive conversation with her the limitations of Mr. DeLuise including his autistic status. I am shocked and appalled to learn that the trainer that was providing the session today was unaware that he had autism. I am also appalled that the trainer is unable to discern an emergency. Because of this Danny suffered a serious injury today and was sent home in 80 degree weather and passed out on the way home. He is now in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Following his serious injury in your gym and no one did anything to seek medical attention for Mr. DeLuise. I would request an immediate investigation into internal policies to handle injuries in the gym. I would request the regional director's name, number and email. I do not want to pay for today's training session. I would request to cancel my membership at the gym. I would also request a refund for the month of May for training as Danny has not been able to utilize his personal training for the entire month.

In addition I would like to be clear that the home health aide that travel to the gym with Danny is just that a home health aide. Which means he's there to change Danny's diapers, he's there to cook his meals, remind him about his medication and clean the apartment. The home health aide has no specialized training to make a judgment as to whether or not the patient can travel or not travel, is injured or not injured. The personal trainer however should be knowledgeable about the protocol in dealing with an autistic or medically compromised client. 911 should have been called as a matter of protocol just to make sure that the autistic person with multiple medical chronic comorbidities was checked out prior to telling him that he could leave the building.

I expect a phone call from your organization immediately. 718-926-6166

Thank you,
Yvonne Murphy MA


I would give it a rate of ZERO if I could. Management is awful. They switch everything up on you constantly. Trainers come and go. Owner is miserable to work for. Watch what you get billed for.


I was treated very rudely and poorly by Mark an associate at Retro Fitness in New City. I have certified mail documentation indicating that ABC Financial received my cancellation notification 2 months prior to my end date. I was paid in full and yet I'm still getting harassing emails and text messages that I am not up to date with my membership payments. I respectfully request that Mark be fired immediately for his rudeness and lack of customer care. I was hung up on and was harassed and I will not stand for that type of treatment. I will be paying very close attention to this manner and if the proper course of action is not taken then you will have a law suit on your hands.


I belong to your gym located on Union Turnpike in Forest Hills/Woodhaven NY since it opened approximately 1 1/2 years ago. In the last to months there has been a "stand-up" cable machine that has been out of order, no clips for the other cable machines requiring a member to switch them from machine to machine in addition to today the main cable station had one station inoperable. Further, the most frustrating problem is that for at least 3-4 weeks none of the TV's on the cardio machines work!!!
This should not be occurring to a fairly new gym for the amount of membership fees that we pay!! Also the management is not present too often.

Please address these issues or I'll be looking to cancel my membership with cause.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this matter;
Paul C Murphy


To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to you today to address some concerns I have with the Pearl River Retro Fitness location. I signed up in the fall during a zero registration fee promotion at the recommendation of my fiancée who is a member. For some reason I was charged $10 but didnt realize it until later on when I looked through my contract and billing. My fiancée attempted a few times to find out why but was always told “my manager” is not here as she goes at 4:30am. It was only $10 so we just dropped it.
My last four sign ins were October 28th, November 4th, November 23rd and December 13th. I signed in with my tag and without incident. Fast forward to February and I am receiving a collection notice for $300+ dollars! Come to find out the expiration date on my banking card was expired, which perhaps if the membership wasnt only $19.99 I would have noticed an extra notable amount of money in my account, but it went unnoticed on my end. While I am happy to pay what is owed for the months I was not billed, I have a huge problem with no contact regarding this as I signed in those dates in November and December since there was an issue with my billing, instead just kicked over to collections?
When I spoke to Jessica the manager she put blame on other employees, blamed me and lacked any kind of customer service. I was told emails where sent, but I screen shot all my emails from Retro Fitness and they are all about buying tshirts or smoothies. When I told her my fiancée would probably leave due to this issue she said “well she will still have to pay for 60 days” no action to try to remedy the situation. My fiancée said the old manager Britney would have resolved the situation before it got to me bringing it to a corporate level.

I appreciate your time and attention to this matter and hope we can resolve this issue.
Thank you
Brian Goehring


I don’t want to give you one start .I had the worse experience with you guys .The people at the front desk . I personally they al young with out any experience.The always taki g to each other and when a have any question they act like I was bothering them .I want to cancel my membership and now you guys told me to wait to my one year anniversary.Now I call and they told me I have to paid another mother .I will not recommend this gym to anybody.


My name is Anthony Esposito. I'm an exercise physioloist. I used to be a member of retro fitness on Welsh Rd in Northeast Philadelphia. It was closed suddenly today 2/28/2019. Alot of people were left in the dark as to where to go next. Yes the gym did say go to your location at Franklin Mills in Northeast Philadelphia. How can a former member who just canceled his membership today due to the gym closing get to reopen the retro on Welsh Rd and run it better for your corporation. My number is 2674383526. I would like a chance to run retro on Welch to show that it can be a great place to workout.


i have been a member at retro in northeast phila, for over 10 years. The gym is run by 2 managers who are never there, therefore they have teenagers running the gym. Do not even have enough space to complain. The gym is dirty, equipment stays br oken for weeks. The manager is a kid, an absolute disgrace, how the gym is run. I will be leaving soon. if you care about your center, hire a manager who has a clue. its been like this for a few years. Members are lea ving constantly.The staff tries, but i blame your managerial staff. i have been in the fitness industry for 30 years. i work as a sheriff, and would like a response asap.


I have been a member of Retro for at 4 years. I am paying for two accounts. I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel my brother Champ Osman’s account for a year. I did what was asked of me. I typed a letter to cancel his membership so that the money would stop coming out of my account. Still paying for him! I’m so frustrated with this process that I want out as well. My membership is at 1623 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, N.Y. Can someone help me with this matter?


In 2015 I signed up for personal training sessions, at first the sessions were going very well and I was seeing improvement. Unfortunately I injured my shoulder and then my knee and have been unable to train. Before the injuries, I had hit a plateau but my trainer cancelled sessions or would not give me their attention for the full length of the session. When I inquired about getting a refund for the remaining sessions, I was told that this was not policy of Retro Fitness. I dread going to the gym now and knowing that no one is willing to work with me to determine if I can get refunded is very disheartening. I will most likely file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


My fiancee and I own a business. I also work as a Manager at T Mobile. I signed up for Retro a few months back, I invited my fiancee and a group of 3 friends to join us. On 4/27/15 at 32-32 49th St ASTORIA NY 11103 under the Management of Ehsan Bejori, we were in the middle of working out. I happened to be lifting weights when a very rude and nasty young lady went up to me and started cursing me out asking me to leave because my payment was overdue.

I tried to be nice by letting her know as soon as I was done with the set I would come to the front desk and make the payment; however, she kept harrasing me and I became so aggravated I dropped the weights and injured my back. When I went over to the counter to make the payment and I asked to speak with the manager c_l island his employees to continue to disrespect me and he also was very nasty with me and after I had processed the payment he said that he didn't need my money nor my services and that I could leave which was very unprofessional


I am member of Retro Fitness. I love to work out here as the trainers out here are very helpful. They help us tone ourselves based on our stamina. Want to look great this summer?? Tone up you body by joining Retro Fitness. I personally have achieved a great body. Experience fast and intense results with this new workout class. Trainers are here to help you meet all of your fitness goals. My suggestion would be to have a great fitness levels, please join Retro Fitness.

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