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Marshalls is a subsidiary of TJMax Corporation and is a designer clothing, bedding, footwear, beauty and home products department store. With over 1000 international buyers Marshalls offers quality products at bargain prices. There are over 925 outlets, including Marshalls, as of 2014 and the entire TJMax Corporate sales for 2014 were US 29.1 billion.

If you have a problem with a Marshalls purchase you may call the corporate office at 508-390-1000 and be connected to customer service or to the CEO Carol Meyrowitz. If you would like to send postal correspondence to her address your letter with 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701. Another Customer Service phone number is 1-888-627-7425. You may also find online customer support here.

Marshalls was founded in 1956 by Alfred Marshall in Beverly, Massachusetts and was acquired by TJMax in 1995. Their slogan is, “never pay full price for fabulous”. You may find social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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Marshall’s on Alpine in Grand Rapids, MI on 7-24-20. Some customers not wearing masks. I brought it to the door attendant’s attention. She said she would tell the manager. Sure she will. She let them enter the store without wearing a masks. Frustrating.


The Marshalls in Manhattan KS the front end we’re extremely nice but the manager I think his name is Mark was rude and not helpful at all. My daughter was also trying to get a job there and as you give a follow up call after putting in your application she kept on getting re-directed like they didn’t want to answer. Third day came and she called again and she got a hold of the manager but apparently they are not hiring anymore. But I went in the other day and the had paper applications and a big sign saying we’re hiring. So maybe this manager is not only rude but racist


I felt it was time to file a complaint about your store in White Lake Michigan located on Highland Road. It is a disgusting mess ... unorganized, stock not put back and very limited stock just to mention a few things. The manager should be fired! He or she is not doing their job and it is so obvious. For example, I was the first customer in the store this past Monday morning and it look like a bomb went off in the store ... The shoe department was a joke, shoes out of the boxes, not in the right place for one thing and the rest of the store was not any better with stock not put back, etc. I work for a local woman store and we are not allowed to leave for the day until the store is spotless and stock is straightened and organized for the next business day ... there is no excuse for any store to look so bad. Even though this location is less than 5 miles from my home, my husband and I will drive 20 miles to another Marshalls before we will shop at the White Lake store ... we only go there to return something never to shop. It’s a real shame but I cannot shop at this location until someone in management cracks the whip and gets this store in shape. Many of my friends have expressed their disgust with this location also and I have urged them to contact you and file a complaint. I hope they will. I also hope that you do not just brush my letter under the rug and that you put forth a real effort to get this location in shape.


Embarrassed me by lying and saying my TDBank card was no good.Made me submit it three times and my passcode. I think that there is some type of fraud .My bill was only $61.21. WHY DID SHE PURPOSELY LIE AND REJECT MY BANK CARD?


On Sunday, Feb 3, 2019, my daughter and friend bought several items at the Marshalls located in Catalina Shopping Center, Boynton Beach, FL. One of those items was a phone-case but when my daughter got to the car, she noticed the box was empty. Once back at the store, Elsa L. a coordinator/manager, insinuated that my daughter was attempting to have another phone-case for free. The girls requested for Marshalls' cameras to be reviewed and of course felt the worst treatment by this lady. Please train your managers and cashiers. Teach them to treat ALL customers, all young, old, white, non-white, with respect. Do not precipitate to conclusions based on twisted misconceptions in need of a change.


I went to Marshall's because I had received a gift card for Christmas. I found a pair of men's sneakers on clearance, and I went to purchase them. The cashier looked at the clearance sticker and immediately said, "I have to check on this price. This doesn't look right." I pointed to where I had found them and told her there was a stack of Levi's sneakers on clearance there. (I have worked in retail and I know her behavior indicated she thought I had switched the tag...) She went and found one and started whispering with another cashier and they went back and brought the whole stack of boxes from the shelf. back to the register and began looking in each one...meanwhile, I am standing there, not getting rung up and getting madder by the minute. Finally I asked for a manger. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I would like to purchase these shoes instead of being accused of price switching. They claimed the prices on all of the clearance shoes were not in the "usual place", No one offered an apology for the hold up or their behavior. I will never ask for another gift card from any of your stores, and I will not be setting foot in Marshall's again. What was supposed to be a pleasant shopping trip has upset me so badly I am sick to my stomach.


Manager John was inappropriate and offended my wife and I . We attempted to returned a shirt according to the cashier the shirt had the wrong tag. He said that we could not return the shirt due to the tag . Shirt came with that tag .
Very upsetting experienced


We spent 100 dollars on xmas etc. And paid for it all bt only got half of our called back and they had the last bag ......we live 25 miles away btw.......went and got the bag and an item was broken.....very upsetting as it was the last please be sure your workers give all the purchases to the shopper.....upsetting indeed.....


I have been in line in your new rochelle ny store for over 1/2 hr. There is nothing in this store that is worth 1/2 hr of my time. These are the slowest cashiers I have ever seen. 3 cashier and 50 peopleon line. No manager here. It’s like a free for all. Asked one of the cashiers to add more cashiers. You said sorry and continued in being the slowest person on planet. People are reading books. You need to do something about this.


The manager at the Marshalls in San Juan Capistrano is extremely rude and unfriendly. I shop there regularly with friends and we split up while we shop. I looked for somewhere to sit and wait at the front of the store. The manager rudely told me, in an annoyed way,to sit in the shoe aisle where you try on shoes.Unacceptable!!


The cashier Edith C and manager Bryan A. at store 1158 really disappointed me with their lack of proper handling of my issue. Not only did they have poor attitudes, but they also lacked huge awareness when considering what how to discount a very damaged item that has not been on clearance. both refused to give any discount at all for a toy birthday dog whose box was in extremely bad shape. Below you will find a photo of the damaged box plus a photo of my receipt plus a photo of the return of the dog as I only realized a discount was not given as I reviewed my receipt after loading my items into my car. This was an awful experience. And I shop here quite often but the service was never as terrible as it was today. Beyond disappointed by the lack of training and customer service skills that your employees have proven to have extreme lack in. I will not be shopping here ever again and I will most certainly make sure that my friends and family don’t either because supporting such a greedy and unfair company/store doesn’t sit well with me and the higher standards that I expect from the places that I spend my money at.


On 1/30/18, I paid the Marshalls store located at 241 Atlantic Ave. and I have to say that I am extremely disappointed on the service with the lack of assistance at the registers. There was only one young gentleman doing all the work and the line was incredibly long. A pregnant lady was ask to the 2nd register, she only saw one customer & then an African American lady with glasses pulled her away from the register and assigned her to do something else knowing that the customer line was extremely long. UNBELIEVABLE! In addition, as I was looking around the store, there were a few Hispanics workers walking around laying low through the aisles chit chatting not doing anything. I used to work in retails, and the experience in this store is horrible. May I suggest that the employees of this store get retrained. I also want to add that the store is a mess and should be organized.

Thank you,


Watching E! Tonight and saw the Rancic’s! Are you kidding me? One night a week with there son? Representing your company and giving their child one night a week without devices? That’s family time. Made me sick! Seven days in a week and they do one night your company should be ashamed you chose them. Pick a normal family who deals with every day struggles! Gross!


As I was being cashed out the young cashier girl suddenly paused and stared at a price tag that she had just scanned and with no explanation she just walked away, as she walked away I see her huddled talking to two other ladies and trying to change the price tag, so I went over and asked her what she was doing, the cashier girl spoke to me with attitude in front of other customers and tells me she cant sell me the item that has the wrong price tag on it, I immediately told her that she can not change the price on it that I seen it for and that she has to honor that price to me because that was not my mistake but theirs, she continues to tell me no she can't. I then asked to speak to the manager and as the manager approached me I came to realize that she was one of the ladies huddled in the conversation behind the counter with the cashier girl, I quickly explained to her what was happening and only because I informed her that I myself work in retail she then proceeded to tell the cashier to honor the price that was already on the tag. I was cashed out and left frustrated with all the unprofessional behavior. As I reached home I checked the receipt and would you believe that she did not honor the price, she continued to charge me for a price that they discussed about while in their huddle behind the counter, I was now furious and immediately called the store and spoke to the manager and she asked if I can come back and I said no not tonight but I will be there the next day. Not only was the employee behaving very unprofessional but so was the manager, this is unacceptable, the manager should have immediately informed her employee to honor the price tag on the item but instead they tried to scam me, and now I have to return a second time to correct their mistakes! Terrible Customer Service!


I lived in Aventura Fl with my family for 25 years Today I visited the store and bought some items but one in particular they did not want to sell me (a Davidoff Cool Water perfume of 2.5 FL OZ) because it was $ 5.99 marked and they told me that it was not the right price ( 16.99 )
They called the general manager and told me that if I wanted to, I made a 10% discount. I told him that this was the price tag and it was not my mistake but yes the of the perfume department workers and also he, the general manager, that did not control the employee
Then he told me that surely a customer had changed him. He explained that he had bought it and that I would not say it like that. That's a fraud and the cameras should be checked but that's not my problem. If an article has a price, it should be respected. and assume the error of the employee and the lack of control of the general manager
Finally, they did not want to sell it to me and I thought it was a serious mistake not to take responsibility. Neither the amount nor the product merit more, but it is the fact itself and the lack of responsibility of those who delegate the image of the company.
Marcos Sevillia
21050 ne 38 ave 901
Adventure Fl 33180


Went into the store exchange a shirt which was bought a week ago I was told I couldn't return it because the tag didn't match the clothing type I explain why that's how I bought it and it should have rang up the same when I bought it when tried to return it the manager (tommie) lied to me and told me he wasn't a manager when name tag clearly said who he was I asked him what the return policy was he told me all I need was and I'd which I had but he wasn't returning the shirt which a mistake clearly on his staffs behalf he was very rude and stand offfish which I went to another marshals and the clearly let we return the shirt


Honestly I don't have a complaint, a young lady by the name of Adrianna barbers is a wonderful worker and always in the spirit. Welcomes you as you come to her register and makes you feel so comfortable, she always gives you great ideas for your outfits she's a wonderful person and she works in the river oaks area at Marshall's I would love to shop and be at her register everyday.


I was picking up my layaway and I wanted to purchase an item and the person would not let me pay for my item at layaway. I have never had this issue before. I had to wait more than 15 minutes to be serviced in layaway and than I had to wait in line another 10-15 minutes to purchase my item.


I went in to the store in Savannah Georgia on September 17, 2016 to make a purchase and you have a young lady by the name of Cassandra who was very ugly unprofessional, causing me and other employees to get upset during our visit. This is very poor customer service from Marshall's and I wanted to bring it to your attention.


Very disappointed that there is no longer any layaway in RI. Do you know that some people can't afford to go buy out right so they make layaways for school clothes, work, summer, and most important holidays. Marshall's corporate has now taken this away and they will lose customers and stores won't do well as expected.


My Mother-in-Law I visited the Rogers store Saturday Nov. 7th. We were in from out of town to visit my son and family. We shopped at the Rogers, Arkansas store looking for a slip for my Mother-in-Law. Your associates (two of them, one man and one woman) did not even know what a slip was. I explained and described a slip to the woman and she took us to pantyhose and tights, etc. I told her this is not what we are looking for and she said she never heard of a slip. Your associates help was useless. And we had to walk around the store for quite a while to find someone and my Mother-in-Law is 81 years old. The gentleman could not help and we had to wait for the woman to get to where we were in the store. She was exhausted by the time we left your store. This is totally unacceptable and it needs to be addressed. I don't know if I will ever visit that Marshalls store again and I do get to Northwest Arkansas quite often.


Bought some great cosmetics from Marshalls and I love the stuff they have at their store. I was given a good discount for the overall purchase that I made. Indeed appreciated. Marshalls has also got a wide range of apparel under the men and women section. The staff at Marshalls were friendly and I was treated well in the store. I do not think all such store would have such good customer service like these guys. I would definitely like to give the an overall positive rating.

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