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TJ Maxx, is a popular off-price retail chain with over 1,000 stores across the United States. They offer a wide range of brand-name apparel, home goods, and accessories at discounted prices, making it a go-to destination for budget-conscious shoppers.

If you have a problem and need to contact TJ Maxx complaints department, the best TJ Maxx contact number to call would be toll free 1-508-390-2323 or contact TJ Maxx support through email The best hours to reach TJ Maxx customer service number with a live agent are between Mon to Fri 9am-6pm EST (all times are in EST).

TJ Maxx corporate office is at 770 Cochituate Road Framingham, MA 01701, USA with TJ Maxx corporate number of 1-508-390-2323.Leaving your TJ Maxx corporate office complaints below is a great way to have your voice heard.

The most common TJ Maxx corporate often include issues with disorganized store layouts, limited product availability, and long checkout lines. Customers may also encounter challenges when searching for specific sizes or items due to the store's constantly changing inventory. If you have an issue with your order or experience and you desire to leave TJ Maxx headquarters complaints then we offer a convenient link to a complaint form here

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On 06-26-19 I went to location in Evergreen Park, Il. at 12:15 pm. There was a long line but only two cashiers. The cashier who waited on me was very rude and condescending. I felt like I was being treated this way because of my age. The cashier was talking about TJ Maxx negatively to another employee (I don’t need to hear this). As I left the store, the other cashier was yelling at me to put my cart back (this cashier should’ve been engaged with her customer and not yelling at me). I visit this location frequently and can say employees were much nicer when store first opened. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I was extremely disappointed.


I purchased the Catherine 2 pc shoe, it is the worst shoe by far, I would advise anyone who wants to purchase them not to waste their money!!!


Inwas falsely accused of theft when I was only shopping not even finished just as I was in the dressing room fitting on clothes. I was rudely interrupted and told to follow a gentleman who forced me to sign a document stating I committed theft which was absolutely false to the highest level of innocence and was horribly falsely accused when nothing at all was stolen or even got passed any cashiers. I was extremely harrased due to a racist discriminating individual I honestly believe in my true opinion.
It was my first time ever period in my whole entire life of being out here in Tucson, AZ shopping at the TJ Maxx off oracle rd.


Good evening:
I visit your store on CampCreek Pkwy about three, four times a week and every time I'm there in the
mornings AJ; who is always pleasant while waiting on customers, answering the phone (It's a great day at your CampCreek TJ Maxx, how can I help you?) I'm in there so much she now calls me by my name and always say welcome back. I like that makes me feels important and she appreciate my business.
She is always busy and never have any help. when she calls for help no one ever come to help.
Well I decided to seek a store manager; came upon this young lady name Tracy.... She didn't see me, waiting for to finish talking to one of the workers. 1st I had an issues because they were talking not good about another worker. So I let her know I was standing there and she did this loud and fakeness "how can I help you" I told her the young lady at the register needs some help. she asked me did she call someone? Yes and No one showed up.

The line is always long, she is trying to wait on customers and answer the phones. Tracy went to the phone and called people to the service desk, but did not check to see if they showed up.

This cashier speaks to everyone and thanks them for their patience; I can't understand why she is so calm and keeps her composer when she doesn't have any help. She can only do so much.

Other things I have experience while in the store:

You have employees walking around with music coming out of their cell phones. Tracy the manager is one of them.

I have gone to Layaway and waited for 30 mins or more for someone to come and when they show up, they act like I'm bothering them.

I've walked pass one of your workers who smelled like marijuana.

When you are in the store you hear more workers on the floor talking to each other than working.

I really think CampCreek needs and over haul.


I placed an order online at the TJ Maxx site. When the order arrived today, it had my name and address on the box. When I opened the box, it was all items that I did not order. The invoice inside matched what I had ordered, but not the items. I called TJ Maxx's customer service to report that I had received someone else's order. They told me that I had to box up the items and take them to UPS to be returned. When I inquired about the items that I had already ordered and still wanted, they told me that if I wanted to reorder the items today, I would have to pay for them again and wait to be reimbursed. Why? Why am I being inconvenienced for something I had nothing to do with? The representative had very little concern for my inconvenience. When I told her that I should be compensated in some way for the inconvenience of having to take the package that wasn't mine to a UPS store to be returned, she replied, "Well, I would be happy to give you free shipping on your next order." Umm, no thanks. I will never shop at TJ Maxx online or in their stores again. Thanks for nothing.

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