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I wish to complain about our recent addition of Home Services that combined our billing to U-verse which has totally disrupted our lives due to your internal processes of U-verse combined billing. I am complaining because the combined U-verse billing has limited our ability to upgrade two of our lines with Costco, an AT&T Authorized Dealer losing a Costco Member Credit of a $200 Cash Card (each line), Accessories as well as Costco paying the sales tax for a iPhone 6s Line (forced to go to an AT&T Store phone was NOT operable Single Mom...not to mention that the Auto Pay set up to pay bill was CANCELLED – transferred funds to my daughter’s account to pay AT&T) and Samsung Note 5 (Spouse phone is not operable not holding charge – PROBLEM what is he to do if there is an EMERGENCY) purchase with each qualifying plan.

In addition to this fiasco your combined billing eliminated my employment discount for a $10 credit on this newly installed Home Wireless Service in which your Representative did not properly communicate and in recent communication with your Customer Service it is my understanding that your Representative’s are aware if there is an employer discount reflected to NOT cross sell your U-verse combined billing as the credit may not be beneficial to the consumer (“losing an employer credit for 2 months due to AT&T processes”). To resolve this problem with AT&T I would like you to honor Costco’s Member offer by crediting my account ($400 + Sales Tax Credit for each upgraded line + Accessories) OR provide Costco Gift Card) as this offer is loss to each line due to AT&T Installation Representative NOT disclosing ALL aspects of COMBINED BILLING!!!

When I first learned of this problem, I contacted AT&T with multiple calls which are documented in your system to NO success in upgrading the line. AT&T Customer Service Representatives at your company, initially conveyed 1 hour, returned back to Costco 2 hours later to learn that this may take 48 hours and last Customer Service Representative NOW indicates 2 months and that nothing could be done about my problem. I believe that this response is unfair because AT&T has an obligation of disclosing the U-verse Combined Billing in detail providing the ramifications of losing employers discount for 2 months as well as the inability of upgrading any existing lines with an AT&T Authorized Dealer. I would like a written statement explaining your company's position and what you will do about my complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible to resolve this problem. If I do not hear from you within 14 days I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies BBB, JD Power consumer survey for NON-DISCLOSURE at time of U-Verse home installation for wireless service.

2 days ago changed a iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 at our local AT&T store. The AT&T salesman took the sim card from iPhone 5 and put it in the iPhone 6, not giving us the newer larger data iPhone 6 plus edge sim card. Then he told us you don't take info from one phone to put it into another phone at the store that you do it using the att app and typed it on our cell phone and told us to scan at home and do it. That only transferred the contacts and some pictures. Next morning I'm getting my emails on my old iPhone which he had taken the sim card out of, so we went back to the at&t store. They told us yes they do transfer info contacts etc at the store. Well that caused us many many hours of problems trying to convert at home.

Next morning I tried to call AT&T complaint line at 611, the woman said there that no you must take out everything and re input. So, she did it for us and it was ok. Now today all i wanted to do was block a number on my home landline which keeps calling and when i pick up no one answers. It took 5 calls to AT&T customer support and almost one day total time to get this simple problem solved? Normally I have had good service with att. However, in the last 3 days ive had the absolute worst service ever. I left Verizon after many years with them for their lack of plans etc. I hope I don't have to cancel all the services i have with AT&T, especially with direct tv linked with my internet, cell and home phone. Because hopefully this evidence lately of horrible horrible service is not going to be the norm with AT&T.

My daughter and i had a plan with AT&T we had no problems till we added a thrid party to our plan, she get into our account and changes pass codes and ups the data plan without consulting us added a tablet and anew phone and instead of recieving the customary notice of shut off date and how much. My daughter (primary account holder was left holding the bag for over 1500 dollars.  In Oct first week we canceled the service for the third party and reported her phone and tablet stolen as told by the store manager in Boonville MO. apparently it didn't get into the styem right away and kept adding charges, we went to the other two stores and tryied to get answers but apparently thier store managers had their heads up there asses and were no help in resulting or helping us understand the bill.  We canceled the service and are now on go phones.

I went to your store to have my sim card changed for the use of a go phone and the person there put the old sim card back in and when i tryed i got a recording of the balance, I went to Walmart and not only ended up buying a new phone but a new card and getting treated better there. I will never deal with the personel in Columbia Mo on Rangeline again, she had no working knowledge of what she was doing or the support to make sure she was doing it right.  The personal in the stores are nothing but itdiots and the oneguy we dealt with his manager was trying to explain and he was not interested in learning onhjow to help the customer but was by all indication bored beyond belief.  So if you must deal with any cell service (AT&T) Make sure you have another party with you and sdon't deal with the small people always talk to a manager or above.

I've been under an old not offered anymore with AT&T. I just called to confrim and guess what they told me I had a contract. Liars!

I have not had home internet or phone since Monday, 4/25 due to trying to install U-Verse.  It is now Friday, 4/29. I have called multiple times and just want my DSL service back. People just transfer me or give me another number to call. How is this acceptable? I need to work this weekend and I can not do it from home due to not having internet services. Now I'm told it will not be re-installed till Monday, 5/2. I will neverrecommend this company to anyone and will change services ASAP.

I have spent about 6 hours with ATT trying to change the account into my husband's name.  I am told I need to go online to transfer billing and have my husband to accept billing. The online process is not working but I am told to keep trying. Very frustrating.

I have been try to get a resolution to my billing and direct tv service for 7 days now.  I am being told that they (AT&T) didn't cancel my "FREE" premium channels but it's ok becuase I'll have to pay for one of their employees mistake.Then my direct  tv stopped working the next day. After over 30hrs of trying to get a tech scheduled to comeout and fix/replace my satellite, the tech came out, spent 5 minutes in house and then hooked my cables illegally to my neighbors personally dish.

I told him that I needed my dish fixed, he said he wasn't going down to get my dish and if he did he was going to cost 75.00. I told him he had to fix my dish.  That he did. Aside from his attitude, he pulled my(AT&T's) dish out of the ground and through it in the dumpster. AT&T said it was there problem but that my bill had better be paid or my service would be terminated. What service? I don't even have a dish...the tech threw it away.

Constructive critic: As a long time AT&T customer I had to share my first and only terrible experience with the people working for you. On Saturday July 9th I went to the Liberty Missouri AT&T store.  My Iphone 5 battery was no longer holding the charge that he had before.   After discussion with your representative I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the SE.  Great service great people. On Tuesday July 12th  just before work I stopped in the AT&T store at Zona Rosa Kansas City Missouri on my way to eat lunch and then to work.

The new iPhone was not connecting to the internet and half of my apps were in dark.   The AT&T representative looked at phone and stated it was an international phone, defective and I need to take to Apple it was a defective phone.   I explained that I had just purchased the phone Saturday and can I exchange it.  He informed me of the policy that I had to take it to Apple.  (45 minutes from my home).   I asked to speak to the manager. Andrew came out, nice young man, I explained the situation to him and he stated policy once the phone goes out the door AT&T is not held responsible for any warranty.   I explained situation again that it was a two day old purchase, why am I being inconvenienced for AT&T’s sale of a defective phone.  

Andrew kept saying he had to do the same thing.  As a customer I do not care if he went to the movies last night or if he had a phone problem or he had to take his to Apple.   If the phone was 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 9 months old I understand taking it to Apple no problem, but really three days old.  Andrew could do nothing but recite the policy and state that was what he had to do.   Andrew needed to own the problem and solve it not pass it on.  I suggested since that if this truly all he can do (trying to meet on common ground) , I know that I can return in 14 days, thus I stated ok I can solve a customer problem and make the customer completely happy with AT&T.  I will return this phone and buy another one.  

Oh no Andrew stated I will not allow that, that is manipulating the system. Again Andrew kept saying that is policy nothing he can do and that was what he had to do. He seemed more interested in giving his business card, stating policy, and what he had to do than solving a lifetime customer. Loosing lunch barely getting to work I left that store Zona Rosa Kansas City feeling that Andrew could not care about a customers need and just manage to manage. I left proceeded back to Liberty Missouri store.  The AT&T representative after explaining what my phone was doing fixed the problem under settings in about 3 minutes.

Three things. The technician at the Zona Rosa store needs more training (why not ask for assistance to help solve the problem. Why did the manager not check for the reason the phone was defective as stated as an international phone. Why Andrew could not take ownership of the customers problem other than to recite the policy. I would expect an apology from Andrew as to the way maneuvered (no ownership to the problem) to handle the situation.   I am a customer, not people to show the door to and not have or worry about them anymore.

I cannot express the anger we have experienced with Comcast company for over a month now. Absolutely the worst, cannot wait to go on to Yelp. Our home landline (925-820-8302) was to be working by 09.28.2016 and Comcast has blown it again, and again and again.

On September 22, 2016 I went into an AT&T store to upgrade my line and my husbands cell phones. My phone was upgrade to the iPhone 7 but had to pre-order my husband iphone 7 plus because it was not in stock. Yesterday I called to check on the order status and there was no record of the order and was told I must go into the location I placed the order. Today after spending 2 hours in the location was notified there was a system error with order and the order to had to be reordered.

The person at the call center who deceived himself to be the manager ( ID number MF494E) said there's nothing he could do to resolve the problem even thou at the time I place the order my bill was in good standing and the mistake was made by AT&T until the bill was paid. I have a payment arrangement and schedule to be taken out my account next week. I asked to speak to his supvisior still in the AT&T store while speaking to this gentleman who for 2 hours gave me the run around.

Still did not put a supvisior on the phone. Finally came back and said he was going to credit my account so that I could do the upgrade and that I would receive a call tomorrow by noon confirming the credit and that my order would be place. I want to ensure he keeps to his word as he was deciectful through the entire time I spoke with him and the sales lady.

This is bad customer service and the call center should be train better on how to resolve problems  like this as it was not my fault but yet the system error on AT&T part. I did everything on my part as should have and on my account it showed the upgrade but the order never went through from what I was told as system error. I was suppose to receive the phone on October 6, 2016. I am extremely upset and disappointed with AT&T I have 6 lines and pay a good premium prices for this and expect good customer service. The ticket number 7383574. Please help expedite this so that my husband does not have two wait another 3 weeks for his phone.

As I know there's a longer waiting list because of the returns of the note 7.  Also, at the time I did the upgrade there was a promotion going on for the trade in for the 6s for iPhone 7 plus and I want to ensure we do not loose our credit for that as the mistake was not made by us but AT&T.

I have been trying to set and appointment for a tech to come to my new home to connect my service and the customer service people keep telling me that they can't schedule it because someone already has service there. I told them that the people will be leaving on the 21st and I will be there on the 22nd, but apparently AT&T can't get a system that is smart enough to allow an appt to be scheduled while there is still active service. Maybe they should talk to the Electric, Gas and Water companies because they don't seem to have any issues. If this is any indication of the customer service that I will be receiving, I'm not sure I want service at all.

To whom it may concern:
We have contracted AT&T and Direct TV, whom they bought, to come to our new home to install TV, Internet and telephone.  They encouraged us strongly to use Direct TV saying we would get cheaper and better service.   They have made 5-6 appointments.  They have not shown up nor called to say they had changed the date without checking with us.  In addition, when they have come, they have come ill-prepared to do the job. They come with not enough equipment or the wrong equipment.  We were told, by an AT&T employee, about services and charges from Direct TV that proved to be false.  They have sent recorded messages to confirm the appointments; yet, they have not shown up nor called to explain the delay. 
I spoke to about 4-5 people from both AT&T and Direct TV for over 1 ½ hours on one day alone.  All I received was another appointment, a lowering of the installation fee and told I could go with another company if this did not suit me.  One lady told me I could reschedule the appointment or go with another company.  Not one person seem to have any real help, comprehension, or compassion for my predicament which has led to a lack of trust and faith in the companies. I have missed work with no pay and was told that was my choice.  Well, one day was my choice the other days were due to missed and rescheduled appointments.  However, the flippant and careless remarks do make feel unwanted as a customer and not valued at all.  This was from both AT&T and Direct TV. 
I am both saddened and angry at being treated this way after being a loyal customer for so many years!

To Whom It May Concern: I am extremely dissatisfied with AT&T; my recent experiences lead me to conclude that the company's business practices are unethical.  

We recently switched from AT&T to T-Mobile.  Three lines on our account, including my elderly mother who still uses a "flip" phone.  We were unable to get her flip phone unlocked, despite multiple and repeated attempts over a two week period visiting two different AT&T stores, speaking with countless customer care (which we found to be not too caring!) representatives, and submitting e-mail requests to get the device unlocked.  She was accustomed to her phone and felt uncomfortable switching to another device.  We, on the other hand, simply traded in our devices for two new phones (but two weeks + after doing so, we were still trying to get her phone unlocked!).  We received various reasons why this was impossible...it was a "go" phone…the number was not on our account...the phone could not be unlocked (even though we were prompted to enter a 16 digit code to unlock it ??).  In the end we had to buy another flip phone from T Mobile, which my mom is now using.  

After all the time wasted (not to mention frustration) with this process of trying to get her phone unlocked, AT&T adds insult to injury by transferring charges from my husband's number to my mom's number for the two week period during which her line was still at AT&T because we couldn’t get the phone unlocked!!  Moreover, the charge ($131.57) is quite high because by moving our two numbers to T-Mobile, we were no longer on whatever super savings plan we were on originally (which, BTW, was still about $90 more than what we are now paying at T-Mobile).  

I called about the bill, saying I would be happy to pay all charges except those attached to my mom’s line (since the reason the line was on AT&T beyond the time when we switched was because AT&T refused to unlock the phone ... duh!).  After speaking with six different representatives (each time having to repeat all information, BTW, which is in itself frustrating), I was informed that there was nothing they could do about those charges.

Unfair, unethical and total disregard for customer rights...this is how I would describe the company.  We were AT&T customers for a very long time, but after this will NEVER come back to AT&T…

My name is Derenda Bradley i am a valued customer ( or so I thought), i switched my cell phone service from Sprint to ATT back in August 2016. Att was suppose to buy my contract because of the early termination. I switched 4 lines all were IPhone 6. I received the new IPhone 7 from ATT i submitted my final bill from sprint back in September of 2016. Since then I have been told several stories. I was told the bill was taken care of. I was told the final bill was never received. I was told everything was taken care of. I have been told a different story every time i call in to get this issue resolved. I have all my services with you Cell, home, internet, cable all from ATT and this is how you treat a loyal customer.

I need this resolved ASAP this is very unprofessional. I spoke with Shanice on 4-6-17 and she was going to investigate she calledme back but i missed the call when i tried calling her back i couldnt get through. She called me from 201-330-0028. I called back again this morning 4-7-17 and spoke with Toni at 800-331-0500 she told me it would be 30 days,she wasnt able to help me either. I have called every day this week and spoke with someone diffferent and they all told me a different story. I need this resolved asap. How can you treat your customers this way this is unacceptalbe and very disrespectful. I am going to switch all my service over to anothe company who appreciates loyal customers. Att service sucks and they customer service is worst.