8 Kia Consumer Reviews that Will Shock You

Author: keith
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We see a lot of Kia customer service complaints and reviews. But none like these. The following customers were so angry, so upset, and so mistreated that they went online and filed a complaint on the service department of our website.

1. No help from the service department
I am a returning customer to this lot. When I returned the New vehicle and asked for my old kia back I requested they check my brake lights. They immediately took a defensive standpoint and said let me get the manager. I explained to him I didn't imply Jessica or Big Red broke my brake lights I only wanted them checked because when she drove in they didn't come on. Jessica said "well I didn't use the brakes how do you know they didn't come on".

I them again said I wanted them checked to see what the cause was. I believe this could have been the least they could've done for all the hassle they put me thru. But no, I would have to pay for a diagnostic check. I informed them I could have it done for free at auto zone, I just thought since I was there. I don't recommend Big Red Sports and Imports in Norman to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle and being a returning customer has no value there.

2. Scammed by Kia sales members
I don't really have a complaint about the car. I'm upset because this is the 3rd Kia Soul that I've brought. I brought the more expensive one this time and it doesn't have a cd player in it. I  wasn't really paying attention when I brought it. But the sales men took my cd that I eft in the other soul and gave it to me. I think he should of told me this one doesn't have one. I didn't know until I got it home. I'm 60 years old and don't know how to down load music nor should i have to learn.

You need to put cd players back in your cars or have it as a option.If i didn't like the car so much i would of taken it back the same day. I listen to my CDs all the time, now I can't. And you  can't put one in. So please think about the older people who by these cars too.

3. Glitches with financing department and permanent tags
On December 4, 2015,  I purchased a Kia Optima from Nalley Kia at Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia, Ga.  As of January 19th, I am still waiting on my permanent tag to drive the vehicle. I called the person who handled my financing and was told there was a glitch with the tag and I should have it after 5pm on January 19th and either come in and pick it up or it will reach my home by Wednesday, January 20th. I elected to pick it up at the dealership.

Needless to say after arriving there to pickup the tag it wasn't there and no one could tell me why. I immediately called the finance office and spoke with same gentlemen I did the day before. I asked for a new dealers tag so that we wouldn't get stopped by the police and ticketed; I am absolutely applauded the best they could do was offer me free gas for the wasted trip.

Are you freaking kidding me. You didn't compromise when I was writing that check for the down payment or when I was signing on the dotted line.  I am simply perplexed at how they are comfortable putting me at risk and not offering me another tag for a mistake they have made. They have yet to explain to me why it's taking this length of time to get my tag and gas. Well I can tell you where to put that.  I have bought 4 cars in the past 4 years and I have never been more upset and disrespected than my deal with Kia.  I will never shop with them again.

4. Kia Sportage warranty not being honored
I bought my 2009 Kia Sportage six years ago brand new.  I have maintained my Sportage and made sure that I take it in for the maintenance it needed.  Recently, my Sportage wouldn't start.  I have to have it towed to the dealer so that they can do a diagnosis to determine the problem.  I was told that I need a new engine so I called Kia consumers to see if I was still covered under the powertrain warranty I was told that I am.  Now I have had my Sportage for six years and have only 78,489 miles on it and Kia consumers turned down the request to replace my engine because the dealer told them that I neglected repairs on my Sportage because I didn't bring my Sportage in within the three months of the last service I had.  

On the window decal for my next oil change was 79,991 miles, now I currently have 78,489 miles on my Sportage and they putting me at fault because there is sludge in my oil.  How am I to know if they really gave me an oil change during my last visit.  I originally took my Sportage in because my temperature light kept coming on and they told me they couldn't find anything.  

Now, I had to pay to have my Sportage towed from the dealer to my home but when the tow truck driver got to the dealership (Kia Atlanta South) they refused to give the driver my vehicle and told them that they had to come back in 30 minutes.  There was another driver dispatched to and pick up my Sportage.  So the tow truck driver called the dealership to see if it was cleared to pick up my Sportage.  The tow truck driver called me back and told me that the service department had closed and everyone was gone.  

I have lost towing fees because of this and this morning I called Kia roadside assistance for another tow and again I had to pay because my first tow was incomplete.  I am so disappointed in Kia consumers and Kia Atlanta South.  The consumers should have the right to have their warranties honored without question and I hope something will be done about this.

5. Leasing from Kia is a total scam
I called KIA lease end during the first week of November 2015. I called to find out what cost I would be responsible for, for turning in my KI Optima four months early. I was informed on the telephone that I would be responsible for the four months I owed on the lease, and the extra milage and damages. I figured at the most $1500 dollars. 

 On January 13, 2016 I received a bill for $5,781.37. When I called, I was first told the amount of the bill  was for the overage of miles and some damages. I informed the person from KIA Motors Finance and recovery that I had an extended wear protection plan, which would have taken care of the damages. I was then informed that  they would put the $5,781.37 in for review. A week later when I called up to check the status of the review, I was informed that the amount is what it is. 

When I asked why, I was informed by a very rude person named Tiffany, that I was not charged for the damages, but when KIA  sold the car at auction, they received $5,453.38 dollars less then the vehicle was worth at auction. I was informed I was responsible for the lost amount. I did advise Tiffany that this information was never mentioned to me by  KIA lease end.I have been trying to dispute the amount and they wont listen. If I had kept the car for the four months, I would only have had to pay $400.00 dollars at the end of the lease.

6. My new Kia smelled like garbage
I got a 2015 kia optima hybrid on December 31, 2015. As I was heading home, I noticed a smell like a dead animal, I turned around and headed back to kia. They closed early that day due to New Years.

When I got home I told my husband about the smell. I did have a garbage bag on the front floor with stuff from my old cars glove box and trunk, my husband said that could of made the smell. The following week still had smell but still had bag on front floor. Third week of having the car, the smell was still there but this time I had already got rid of the bag, so took the car in to kia to the service, they found mouse droppings in one of the filters. 2 weeks after that I had the car back in due to the same nasty dead animal smell.

They bombed the car. Still have the smell, last week I contacted kia to find out what to do. The smell is nasty and makes me instantly sick to my stomach to where I have to roll the window at least half way down and not turn heat up. They were going to have the service manager contact me. It's almost a week later and I had to contact them again. This time the service manager contacted me back. The next step would be to tear apart the dashboard to see if the dead animal is under there some where but as soon as that happens the factory warranty becomes garbage.

I have had the car for roughly 2 in a half months, the car has around 1200 miles on it. I would like something to be done about my situation, I'm pissed off, I feel like they don't care, I don't feel that I should loose the factory warranty due to this. I feel that kia is responsible to make this right. The smell came with the car when first got it and I'm getting fed up with the bull that I've dealt with from the beginning.

7. Keyless entry not working with battery
I went to Sunset Kia in Bradenton, FL because one of my Keyless  device was not working after I replaced the battery. The  parts department manager (Mr. Cendere) said the battery (new battery) was probably no good. After replacing the battery with a new one, it still didn't work. After Mr. Cendere carefully inspected the keyless device, he asked how long I've had the car, 2 years I responded.

Mr. Cendere proceeded to tell me that the device look like it had been washed in the washing machine. I responded: I have never used this keyless device and this device was given to me when I purchased the car. Mr. Cendere left and returned, only to tell me that the device was under no warranty and Kia is not responsible. I asked to speak with the Manager. Mr. Cendere turned around and hurry to a counter, leaving me behind, where I assume the Manager was and was found talking with one guy who said he could get me a key, but I had to pay to get it program.

Why, I asked? The keyless device had to be corroded when  it was given to me at the sale of the car. He responded by saying, "I'm being nice.". Then I said, I don't need nice. I later found out he was the general sales manager, Mike Cestaro and the other guy standing next to him was the General Manager,  Nick Salerno, who said nothing.However, Linda Casey was very helpful, suggested I clean the device with alcohol and apologize for the inconvenience. She also said the keyless device battery had exploded and caused the corrosion.

She is the only one that offer good customer service and possible solution to the problem. I not happy with the results, I will never buy from Sunset Kia again in Bradenton, Fl.

8. Deceptive sales practices when buying my new car
I was in the Franklin dealership Saturday to test drive a car (Keeping it Awesome is on all of their cars) and dealt with Ross Abdullah when I decided to possibly buy a Kia Sportage. Even though I expressed to him and to Jonathan Underwood that I was only in to test drive he kept coming back to me with pricing. I felt pressured which is not Awesome. The deal he gave me I could have gotten at any Kia dealership because it was no more than the true car price which I kept insisting on.  That is not Awesome.

The 1500 rebate was reduced to 700 when I was told I had to buy the gap coverage. Found out later I did not have to buy it. I told him I had already talked to my credit union and could get an interest rate of 1.99 and did not want anything higher than that. First of all, he said he couldn’t give me the incentive unless I spread the loan out over 72 months – I thought that sounded wrong but went with it knowing I could pay it off quicker.  

Second of all when I told him I didn’t want to pay more than 1.99 or would wait until I got the loan from my credit union he said ‘you will get the lowest you qualify for which I’m sure will be that or lower with your credit rating.’ The loan came back at 4.9 – when I looked at this at the dealership I thought it said 1.9. It wasn’t until I got home to my glasses that I realized this.

I was furious and texted Jonathan immediately telling him I was returning the car. Ross called me and told me I could not return the car, it was now a used car because I had driven it off the lot. He offered no help at all and quite frankly was offensive. Not at all awesome.

Let me tell you what Awesome is. My girlfriend bought a car across the street from you at the Buick GMC dealership.  After two weeks, she decided she did not like it. They let her bring it in and choose another car. Not only that, they called her and encouraged her to do so. As I told Ross, I will tell everyone I know of my experience and warn them against buying a car at Franklin Kia.