Uber Complaints Continued... (Page 3)

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My Uber driver never showed or called then I was charged $5 for the ride? This is definitely not acceptable, and I will think twice before hailing and Uber cab again.


Friday Oct. 23 6:37 pm. I have to register an Uber complaint about my driver. My driver did not know his way around NY and we missed our first stop at 29 and 9th got us stuck in Time Square traffic and had to come back. Then he refused our requests to go to the east side. Please help me contact Uber with my problem and they can look at the trip and you will see that fare has to be adjusted for drivers inability to maneuver in NY.


I took an Uber ride that lasted 20 minutes Monday afternoon. And i received a email the next day correcting my fee from 14$ to 64$ this is not acceptable and the reason I was given is not true in any way. The fact that I cannot contact anyone at Uber is equally frustrating.

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