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Filing tax has never been easier and thanks to TurboTax. TuboTax is known for serving millions across the country, and for filing taxes on time without having to go through the complete IRS submission process. They make sure every paper is right and double-check for you to get the maximum tax refund.

24/7 customer service is available online. The companies employees work round the clock to ensure that taxes are filed and refunds are done on time. If you have a problem with Turbo Tax, you can contact their customer service number at 1-800-4INTUIT. Intuit is the owner of TurboTax, and the headquarters office is located at 2700 Coast Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043.

The software is designed to guide users through their tax returns step-by-step. Although many customers complain about poor customer service and billing problems. One additional way that the TurboTax software provides taxpayers additional support is by offering Audit Defense.

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I am ready to file my tax return. The Federal Income tax section doesn't look correct and I can't get back into it. It's showing complete on your end, but has not been submitted. I called once and had a recording that there was an hour plus hold, so put my number in and received a callback, but no one was there. I resubmitted, received a callback about an hour later. Talked to someone who took my question and she put me on hold and I have been on hold for 40 minutes now. This is ridiculous. I apparently was put back into the original cue. If I don't hear from someone in 15 minutes I'll file my tax return as is, expect you to file an addendum and I want a refund and will never recommend this service to anyone. Melissa (850) 281-0886.


Turbo tax has taken money out of my bank account twice for my taxes. Second payment was processed, but first is still listed as pending/hold. I would like to have my money released back to me and deposited back into my account.


Horrible long torchered process. Took forever to file originally. I had started my 2016 last year but had trouble then so went to Jackson Hewitt and paid outrageous price. Anyway when I tried to do my simple 2017 taxes here it kept taking me to 2016. After many hours I was able to complete. Both taxes rejected from fed n state. I had wrong AGI. I tried to amend this on TurboTax’s site last night and it kept treating me as New customer. Called and had ‘Margaret’ call me after 2 hours. Then was on call for 1hour n 16 minutes. She couldn’t find solution!! Then my call disconnected. What a sham. I had to call IRS today and will mail my returns. The worst company I’ve ever dealt with. I’d like someone in authority to call me. I’d like my money back. I’ll spread this info about your disgraceful service. Never coming back to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am highly disappointed with your affiliate that is withholding my tax refund for no specific reason. there is no contact number that allows me to reach a representative and after going online I see several hundred people with the same issue. I spend several hundreds of dollars a year with your service and unless my issue is resolved very shortly and I take my business elsewhere and most likely others will as well. my refund is serval thousands of dollars being withheld without interest that they are earning on it.

I need to be reach at 317 997 0833
Darrin Ottinger


When I get to the end of a waitlist for live help the call hangs up. I am on my third wait list and still have not received help.




Requested a telephone call for assistance on 2/3/18 at approximately 1230 pm. Advised 5 minute wait. NO CALL. Contacted today three times no call I am not even going to list times. I have used your program for several years if I cannot get a phone call why continue using ie.. purchasing this from you.


I filed my Federal and Illinois state tax return using Turbo tax. The federal return was submitted and no problems. I received a notice from The Illinois State comptroller. The letter informed me that I completed my tax return incorrectly. Therefor my tax refund was less than what I claimed. I called Turbo tax and they bounced me around on the phone with customer support numerous times without a solution. The reps claimed they could not view my tax return records. The state tax program is flawed and does not work.


Ordered TurboTax software download and was delivered the incorrect software. After being sent back and forth from customer care and hardware support a half dozen times I requested a supervisor and was transferred to a person who said there was trouble on the line and could not hear. I will not order from Dell or Intuit TurboTax again.


Great product but horrible customer service!! 

I've used this product for many years and never once had a problem, until now. I've been inputting all my information for this years taxes and the program froze. It saved some of my information, but not all of it. I input the information again, only to have it freeze. Again! I did this three times and by the fourth time, I contacted customer service. I called mulitiple times and when I finally would talk to a person, they would immediately put me on hold. It's nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone and once you do, they put you on hold again! When I FINALLY was able to talk to an actual person, they did little to help me. They told me to restart my computer, making sure it was updated, then told me to just try again. 

I've always loved using TurboTax in the past, but if I have another problem and customer service is going to be a wash, then I'm done. 



Great product! It's inexpensive, easy to use, and accurate. I filed my taxes using TurboTax for the past 5 years. The simple, easy-to-do steps take all the guess work out of doing something as tedious as taxes. And with the tax laws allows changing, it lets me know that I'm doing my part right. I started filling out my taxes for this year and was able to take a break and come back to it later. The best part, I've been getting money back every year. Using this product in the years to come.



I have used Turbo Tax for years for my taxes, but eventually I started making more money and outgrew the software. It's nice if you only have one source of income, but should you really only have one source of income anymore?


Users of Turbotax are supposed to get free help, but whether you use “Chat” or phone, Indians answer, and most often they are clueless. They try to give you the run around. Then they will just cut off the phone line – that is how they ‘solve’ the problem. I do not know whom to complain, but if these Indians are allowed to behave like this, then it is a disgrace to Intuit. I spent about 45 minutes today, the fellow kept asking me to ‘hold’ and finally cut off the line. It happened on8th April 2013, around 2:45 p.m. Canada time.



29.95 for a Bank Processing fee? Really TurboTax? Every single year I use turbo tax to fill out my taxes. They have always made it simple, and sure they tack on a 19.99 fee every year, and that’s fine with me. To me 20 dollars is reasonable for doing my taxes, and considering how much I usually get back that’s fine.

Well this year for 2010 I used good ole’ turbo tax again, except this time when I got to the end I was met with a little surprise! After you are done with your tax return they always give you the deposit options. You can either select a paper check which takes longer, or direct deposit. Either way they just take the 19.99 fee and deduct it from your check, even steven. Will this year unless you pay the 19.99 by CREDIT CARD, you are charged another 29.95 bank processing fee.

Wow so now in addition to paying turbo tax for taxes I have to pay them just for deducting the money from my return? The key advantage over turbo tax over H&R block and everybody else has always been the convenience! Now they are charging even more for that convenience, which to me doesn’t make it worthwhile at all. Let me just say this…I am a LIFE LONG turbo tax user, and never have I seen a better reason NEVER TO USE THEM AGAIN. I also want to know if turbo tax is using the processing fee to make money, and does my money come to me or the other banks first? This seems like a scam.

Come on turbo tax, you have a great thing going. Whoever thought up this idea needs to be fired. Sure it may add money to your bottom line THIS YEAR, but people if nobody comes back NEXT YEAR what are you going to do about that? I have worked in sales and marketing before and this kinda logic is stupid! Why alienate your loyal customers with fees, THIS IS THE REASON WHY TURBO TAX IS SO SUCCESSFUL (the ability to be cheap and easy to use). Spread the word, turbo tax sucks!

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