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Fidelity Investments ( is a privately held financial services company based in the United States. Services include trading, mutual funds and retirement planning. Revenues in 2014 were reported as US 14 billion and operating income as US 3.4 billion. There are over 41,000 employees in the Fidelity company.

If you have a problem with your account at Fidelity you may call 1-800-343-3548 or you may find their service overview here. If you wish to mail a postal letter to CEO, Abigail Johnson you may address your correspondence to 200 Seaport Blvd., Boston, MA 02210. The corporate office phone number is 617-563-7000.

The current slogan of Fidelity is ‘every someday needs a plan’. Founded in 1946 by Edward C. Johnson III the company has social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube.

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My wife is trying to work with fidelity for about a month after her fathers passing. He has an account with $700k+ in it and she is listed as POA. She has worked with ISG, the dept supposedly doing this. After sending many, many forms, some notarized from her and her brother, making a 5hr (oneway ) trip to Fidelity office, we are hearing nothing back, just voicemail. They say they have been calling but no calls listed on 4 phones. He has 2 trusts, 1 listed with Fidelity specifying his wishes and they are not honoring POAs that allow her access so she can pay her mothers medical bills. Her mothers in in a memory care unit and unable to handle her affairs. Another person appeared, Ryan Lorence and does not return calls.

This is horrible customer service and is causing unneeded aggravation. The attorneys he used in setting this up have helped and updates have been sent to Fidelity in a timely manner and no response, no update. We have had to hire attorney to help us out with this. How do we receive compensation for this added expense and aggravation? Other institutions have accepted the paperwork. I am going direct to Fidelity to see if we can get some help. Someone can contact my wife Susan Perry at, 843-457-3978. Thank You - David Perry


Fidelity consistently proves to be non-caring of its customers and unaware of the tax implications of closing a 401K plan. After following their customer services instruction, completing all the forms, including one that limits the withholding tax, they still managed to get it wrong.
Like many other complainants, after several months of inquiries, a formal complaint issued and support from the company 401K plan administrator, Fidelity still stands by their position that the withholding tax was correct and was not willing to make any restoration for withholding double the amount of tax than they should have. Even after I provided Fidelity the tax treaty, with completed forms and the Treasury Board Regulation that covers the reduction in withholding tax, Fidelity still insisted that their interpretation was correct and refused to make any correction. These are typical approaches and tactics of large financial intuitions and insurance companies, who have unlimited resources, to never admit they made a mistake and wait out the little guy, till he goes away.
I find it unbelievable that a large financial institution with almost unlimited resources, that is responsible for billions of dollars of customer’s money, has such poor knowledge of the tax codes and little regard for their customers and their money.
If I owned a company and had chosen to trust the employee’s pensions (401K) to Fidelity and learned how Fidelity treats the employees and cares for the employees’ retirement funds, I would surely move the plan to another institution. Fidelity obviously doesn’t have a working, certified quality system as demonstrated by poor customer service, lack of knowledge of the tax codes and the lack of a customer friendly complaints mechanism. Fidelity does not seem to welcome any feedback, positive or negative from customers. Fidelity would rather coverup a mistake then correct it. Anyone dealing with Fidelity should review their arrangements to determine if Fidelity is the type of company that they should continue to do business with.
Fidelity has peoples’ futures in their hands and they have shown time and time again that the only thing they are worried about is their profits and not the people.


I been trying to disable 2 step authentication for 3 days. I've spent hours on the phone with Fidelity agents. The process to disable the 2 step authorization requires a code to be sent to your phone. but I wasn't receiving a phone call with a code which is why I wanted to disable that feature. There were times during the process of helping resolve this issue, when I was given the choice of getting the code through my email, but that option isn't available to disable the 2 step process. Fidelity is blocking access to my account by this process and is not offering a work around.


My doctor says I need a simple surgery to fix a problem with my toes, otherwise I could get an infection and therefore lose my toe, my foot, or my leg. I don't have the money for this surgery and my insurance says they wont cover it unless I pay $1,000 up front plus 20% of the bill.

I don't have that kind of money, I BARELY pay rent as it is. It's bad enough they take money out of my pay for this idiotic 401K, and now that I NEED money for foot surgery, I can't even get any of MY OWN MONEY from MY OWN ACCOUNT!!!

They want to give me a LOAN (!!!), which I can't afford because I make a low wage as it is, and having all these medical deductions for insurance is a huge strain on my pay in the first place!!!!

Now I'm at risk of getting infection in my foot, losing my toe, my foot, or my leg because they REFUSE to give me some of MY MONEY! I have double the amount in my account that I need, so it's not like I need all of it!

Seems to me this set up is nothing but an elaborate SCAM to bilk people out of their own money!

They don't have any problem TAKING your money, but when you NEED it for a possible life-threatening medical surgery, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!!!!


I have been attempting to have a sit down as of 7/24/18, with my money manager. I am going to be 70 this year and wanted to take the steps for my future retirement. After being a good customer for 35 years with Fidelity , I though it would be easy to get an appointment, NOT the case. I know I'm not a big investor (400K), but not a very happy investor right now. I don't want to hear any more music on YOUR answering services.
When I was still working, the company I was working for was going through a slowdown, jobs were being lost. We had a meeting with our VP, he said something that stuck with me. ' He said he liked when when a customer called with a complaint" he could fix the problem. His fear was the customer that did not complain, the customer just moved to another company.
For the last time, I clearly stated to my relationship manager (yesterday), I was available on Mondays, I received email today, I can have a appointment on Wednesday at 1:30 tomorrow. I come home from the Cape on Mondays and work Tues.& Wed, back to the Cape on Thurs. I am not trying to get an appointment with the CEO of the company, but that might be simpler....... Ed Mastrovito


Fidelity may have a decent brokerage acct, but their customer service is atrocious.


I went online a little over a week ago to fill out the form to have money transferred from my bank account to my Fidelity IRA. After completing the form to have $100 taken out once a month starting September 1, 2018 I received a message that it didn't work and to download the pdf and mail it in. I did that and the day I mailed the form I get an email saying that the electronic form went through. I emailed stating that I mailed in a form as well and please disregard one of the forms. They replied with Fine, we'll take care of it. Yesterday I get an email stating that $200 was taken out of my account yesterday July 31,2018! I called and spent almost an hour (mostly on hold) only to be told I could not get my money back because of IRS, IRA , tax ridiculousness. I had them cancel everything and told them if one red cent came out of my account they would hear from my lawyers. So now I'm out $200 and the overdraft fee from my bank. This is all Fidelity's fault but I'm the one that has to pay. Not fair and cannot be legal. I am just destroyed by this and wish I could get all my money from them. I am so upset by their mistake that the customer service rep made sure to make me feel like it was my fault. I was in tears after the phone call


To Whom It May Concern:

I believe that I have experienced inappropriate, unprofessional and gender bias behavior in my interaction with Amanda in the "At Risk" department during our phone conversation initiated at 8:30 a.m. EDT on 7/6/18. I formally request that the recording of our interaction be reviewed to determine the appropriateness of her actions. I contend that she was hostile, she misrepresented and misquoted me, and she made certain inaccurate and incorrect assumptions based upon my gender.

Please advise me if these means are not sufficient for a formal review and response.

Please also advise me the of the status of my compliant and the status of my account at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,
Kevin D. Harris
SS #074-62-0525
Mobile #201-312-1395


I have been trying to get a problem resolved over my Roth investment draw that I set up with you all and even though I have called in several times you just can't get it together. I requested an $100.00 bi-monthly investment into my Roth IRA and you continue to draft from my checking account costing me a $5.95 fee every time you make this error. In June I called and escalated to a Supervisor by the name of Jason Frischknecht who assured me he would get this resolved and would call me back in a few days to confirm. It has been two weeks, Jason never bother to call me and the problem still continues. I work for the bank.....ACH's happened every day from savings is not that difficult and yet you can't get this fixed why????????????????????????????? Jason not calling me back nor resolving this issue is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting on hold now for more than 23+ minutes and my time more valuable than to micro-manage my investment firm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I spoke with a supervisor by the name of Chad Huston who said (on a recorded line) that he "thinks" the problem is resolved but will have to see with the next investment. I suggested you have your back office call the bank to ensure the ACH is set up correctly and he said no. I AM LIVID! I closed the investment since clearly you don't care enough to just pick up a phone and make a call to resolve the issue. I want someone who CARES about my business enough to call me and have a discussion as to why this was such a hassle and why your only option is to sell my shares than to expect your back off staff to make a 2 minute phone call to ensure a resolution. Dealing with Fidelity is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #303-916-3745 or 303-471-7630


Keeping me from logging into my account... I needed to call security to unblock my account,,, I was told to send proof of identification. I went and faxed it 3 times where i was told it was too dark and could not read.3 different machines mind you,my licence expired March 21 and I needed money to get this straightened out . I was on vacation and that was why delayed..My utility bill was not current. I went to providence and let them fax. I was told i could not unlock my account. Asked for ss card i misplaced. i left upset.A front desk gentleman helped me with this.. Told to comeback the next day with my ss card and a current utility bill. and I would be good to go. I also brought my social security ssdi award letter....And now things are getting heated.and i am getting so upset and sad... I told them I needed to take out MY money to clear up a ticket problem to renew my license.Still no go. I was humiliated by asking me personal questions like borrow the money from someone, Why don't I have any money left from my ssdi check. I was crying and why would they ask me personal questions like that . It is none of thier business, My licence has only been expired 2 weeks , They have enough information of me to unlock . I was a risk i was told . I opened too many accounts and changed my address so a check could be delivered to florida then changed back to my current address.. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I believe i was humiliated by fidelity . I have over 85,000 dollars with you .. Now I just want to pull it all out for I cannot go to the registry to fix a ticket and renew my license.I do understand security purposes . But they have enough information on me also saw me in person.. Please help so i can access my account so i can take care of my personal business . Lauriann Obering


I was a victim a fraud. Someone claimed they were with fidelity investments and were not, they were supposed to be a community org helping families. I'm a single mother of 4 who works my ass off!. Anyways they gave me a check, I went to my branch and asked them questions about the check and procedure, They took the check and there was a hold on the check, the man George informed me no reason to be alarmed its a procedure they to make sure their are funds in the account before they release the check, its to PROTECT their customers. Well I checked my account went in to the bank asked again if everything was ok, the lady said yes and gave me a cashier check, which is supposedly guarantee money,

Anyways they gave me the cashier check I paid the bill that the people were paying and then two days later went to swipe my card it declined. I called and that's when they told me there were no funds and that the check was probably fake. So I called n called and spoke with god knows how how many people. They were all rude and treating me like I was nothing, I never over drafted my account I was a good customer who got caught up in some bs and which I take fault for trusting these people, however I feel a lot of this could have been avoided if the rep at my branch was straight forward and didn't lie to me about the procedure had things been explained properly I feel I wouldn't be going through what I am going through.

But chase wont take my Fidelity complaints seriously, on top of that the 16 different people that i had to speak with were rude I had one nice lady who didn't cut me off every 5 sec and keep saying im sorry but there is nothing we can do. 1 person out of 16. That's horrible customer service. I get ya'll aren't going to help ok so I pay it all back n it take time, but the rudeness was not called for. Once I get this taken care of I will never deal with chase again and I would never refer anyone to chase. I went through a very messed up situation I didn't need to be talked to like I didn't care by my bank, I went to my bank in hopes for relief even if you guys had no attentions of helping me or doing anything,you didn't have to act like it on the phone.

The lady Michelle was by far the worse she never got loud or anything but constant interruptions and nasty attitude was uncalled for. Even if I didn't get my money back I expected my first time being involved with fraud would have been a little bit better. I shouldn't have to deal with the fact that I got scammed and the stress of bank. Also a file was supposed to be filed, and never was. I was informed that Michelle was going to do it, she didn't and she made it very clear to me that if I filed a claim chase still wont do anything.


I interviewed for a job at Fidelity recently. The security was tight and the process was pretty brutal. The entire time I felt like this was a factory type environment where they hire account reps and churn you up and spit you out. I would like to see the company take a more personal approach to hiring. Maybe that is impossible with their size? They might see less employee complaints that way.


Fidelity was able to give me the right investment plan that I was looking for after retirement. Although I definitely will be looking to switch my account soon. I had contacted the executives at Fidelity and they have give me complete information and schemes that I could choose from. The only problem is I had to wait on hold for about ten minutes before I heard back from them. After I did get ahold of someone they were helpful. Not just this they have suggested other plans on mutual funds so that I could plan my retirement in a better way. I would really appreciate Fidelity for living up the their name and offering some good plans to people like me. Hopefully the corporate offices will make some changes in the way support is done to better serve their affluent customers.

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