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My kids received giftcards for their birthday but my son couldn't find his! I called to have one reissued fine great! Until I go to the store and my daughter goes to use hers and they closed that one as well! I wouldn't be so angry but it was a little embarrassing and when I called the lady I first spoke to was rude! I called back later with the confirmation number to be told that they only issued the one missing but he closed the other that was perfectly fine but didn't even issue a new in for that! I was embarrassed at the store but more angry because when I spoke with the first guy I asked numerous times that he was only issuing a card for the lost one and the other two gift cards on the receipt wouldn't be affected and reassured me that was the case obviously not!! This is one of my favorite stores I spend a lot of money here but I don't like being lied to or embarrassed due to somebody else!!! Hopefully they will fix this problem!!


A huge line at Target. There was a woman controlling the lines. She directed a woman into a shorter line. I tried to join the shorter line. She told me that I was not allowed to, in spite that another woman right in front of me (wearing a Junior League shirt) had just done precisely the same thing. She told me repeatedly to stay in the long line. Eventually, I placed the items, which were perishable, on an empty checker's stand (of which there were many) and left the store. I tried to call the store manager from that parking lot and was told that he was too busy unloading a truck from the loading dock. I have worked in grocery stores. I know how stores work. That manager could easily have taken my call, but he chose not to. Six hours later I came back to try to contact the store manger. Those items were STILL sitting there, that I had left, on the same stall. And STILL, no manager. I want a call from the district manager in charge of this area. This is now not only bad customer service, this is a health and safety concern.


Went to checkout at express line with one item. An employee of Target's (in uniform) was ahead of me and had 30 items, which she divided up and had rung through at 10 a piece so she wasn't TECHNICALLY over the 10 piece limit of the express line. She had NO compunction about doing this nor did the cashier. After she was done, she hung around gabbing with the cashier while the express line continued to grow and I for one, kept shooting the 2 of them dirty looks to no avail. I think Target should speak to their employees and figure out who the customers are versus the employees. Shame on you! This was at the Bird Rd, Miami, FL store on Apr 2, 2015 sometime between 2 and 4pm at express lane #2.


I call in to day asking about am items the person could not speak or understand English, I ask to speak to someone who can help me he did not, he hug the phone up.


Was happy with immediate response from Target, about the checkout experience a couple of weeks ago. I also had an experience this past Sunday at check out time . Approximately 3:05 PM on register 8, the ladies name was Denise ( i believe ) . All the checkouts were busy and we stopped at the one with the shortest line, the lady said sorry i'm closed , so we moved to the next register. Denise came running out from behind register 8 pushed my cart to the side , said pardon we as she ran bye , calling for one of her friends walking bye to come back , so she could check them out , so they would not have to wait in line. ( I have good luck at target check outs )


on 3-25 i used my wells fargo visa at you lincoln anaheim store. the amount was $23.94. at 11pm while on line i notised a $948.31 charge from your store from the walnut creek store. i did not authorized any one to use my card nor was i in the walnut crekk store at 1130pm. i have notified the local police and will take legal action against the target stores.


You can not buy in target customers do not help the contrary are not interested in good customer is a shame my wife and I since yesterday 03/25/2015 stopped buying in optical target!


Availability of Featured (On Sale) Items in their circular. Target advertises items to get you in the store and then doesn't have the items in stock. Second time in a row I went to Ocala, FL Target to get something in their ad and it was out of stock. This time, it was the Meow mix that they had a big ad on the back page of their circular for. Supposedly, If you purchased Meow Mix and kitty litter in combination (two items), you were supposed to get a free $5 gift card. Non-service person pointed to her Dumb phone and said: Look: Store is out of stock but there are two online and you can order it. Right, how much shipping would I pay on 20+ lbs of cat food and would I even get the gift card. Why are there only two available online to begin with, and most importantly, why do they continue to not have their featured products? They don't even give an email address to send complaints to.


I purchased 2 pairs if Beats headphones for Christmas. 3 months later the headbands broke. I was able to exchange 1 pair without a receipt but, was placed on some list for having done so. The next day I located my receipt, returned to Target to exchange the other pair of headphones and was quoted their 30 day policy. I emailed the corporate office and received a canned response containing the 30 day policy which they themselves overrode the previous day. To add injury to insult they would not allow me a store credit to purchase a more expensive model. Target's customer service is ambiguous to say the least. More appropriately, it stinks!


I recently signed up for your Target Red Dot card and the representative ran one of my checks through your scanner. I received the card and now a letter indicating I have a returned check and it denotes "we realize you probably just made a mistake" and then indicates that the reason for return is "Invalid Account". I immediately contacted my bank and they confirmed that my account is absolutely valid and that at no time have they returned any draft and specifically not the draft in question. I then contacted the department listed on your letter and was welcomed by the RUDEST most SARCASTIC and unprofessional staff.

In my first communication I asked the representative to explain and she eloquently told me she did not need too do such and when I asked to speak to a manager she refused and put me on hold for 14 minutes. I telephone back with the hopes that the initial contact was an anomaly only to find the next contact was a mirrored disrespectful exchange and again Richard (ID 46789) refused not only to escalate my concerns but also indicated the only contact for complaints within Target was via a PO BOX. I am preparing to tweet this and will be destroying the card provided, however will need to attain resolution to this nightmare with an understanding of what happened why am I receiving this communication and having to deal with such insolent representation of Target.


I went to Target in Wenatchee Washington to do some shopping and was shocked to see the store was a mess. Looked like it had been hit with a bomb. The clothing items were all over the floor and had been walked on and dirty. The workers were RUDE. I could not believe my eyes. This was about 10:00 on Feb 28th 2015. The local dump was and is cleaner. I have always shopped in Target and been very satisfied, But that was in Spokane Washington. Are the people that work there to lazy to do their job's? When asked for help was told " that is not my department" and the person walked off. I was left standing at the counter. There was NOT another person in sight. I dought there will be any thing done, I will tell you the word will be up out about that store.


I politely asked a clerk if she was opened and she looked st me then turned away! I asked again and the customer she was serving said 'no." Then the clerk told me that she was closed." I went to another register next to the closed one and my daughter td me to turn around, when I did I saw that the cashier that had told me that she was closed was in fact ringing up another (Hispanic) customer! I said to her "I thought you were closed!" She again pretended not to hear me but the customer she was providing service to, looked ashamed! I have never felt so humiliated and degraded in my life! The cashier treated me as though my daughter and I were subservient, impotent and invisible! I spoke with Dina, the cashier supervisor and told her that I would follow-up in the morning with Ralph the store manager! I have shopped at the River park location in Fresno many years before and have bever felt so emotionally shaken and devalued like I did today! I feel that Olivia, the cashier needs additional cultural sensitivity! How she acted towards me and my daughter was not acceptable and degrading!


I cant get you clowns to accept my payment over the web. My wife was just hung up on by a "Manager" that told her that she did not hit the Submit button. And this is four times in a row. Are you people just plain idiots?


I went to target to purchase a shark steam mop, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was on sale for 109$ after picking up a few other costly items, I went up front to pay for my items, the steam mop rang up for 129$, I questioned the cashier who called over the customer service cashier, he went over to where they kept the item and came back saying there was no sign I went back with him, showed him wear the sign was and told him he took it down, I understand that mistakes happen and it was probably last weeks sale, if he would have explained that I would have purchased it anyway, I spent 345$ yesterday and walked out feeling like he called me a liar, I will never spend another dollar there, if something I want is on sale at target I will go to a place that price matches, they will get no more of my money!!!!


I went to Target today and purchased several items totaling $160.00. When checking out I attempted to use my Target Red Card. The cashier told me my card was denied. I asked why and she said I needed to call the number on the back of the card. I used my bank card but was unable to receive the 5% discount when using my card. I did call Target when I got home and was told my limit was only $200.00 because I didn't use the card recently I told the rep I hadn't used it much since the security breech and waited until I got a new card. My previous limit was $4000.00 and is now $200.00. The rep said he would have it increased, but I am not sure if I will ever shop at Target again!


I was a Target on oct.29, 2012 wanted to gt the razor deal and use 2/4.00 off of the gillete proglide, and also the target coupon for the gillette progluide styler or 2 other gillette razors and wa to receive a 5.00 gift card. when i was at the check out the cashier told me that i could not use the store coupon for the 5.00 off or get the gift certificate. I told them that i should beable to. after trying for 10 mnutes told them I DID NOT WANT THE RAZORS. he gave me back the razor coupon for the 5.00 store .but did not give me back the 2/ for the 4.00 off . so now i can't even go to another Target get the deal. I called the store and they wanted me to go back to the store ( 30 miles 1 way) and then call them and tey would take care of if. they also had several items in a 70% off shelf and they didn ring up at 70 % off .told them it was in a bin marked 70% off and they told me that they could not do anything about that either. i really did not have a good shopping trip to TARGET.

thank you for your time and for letting me complain, MARY JO COVELL


On 10/11/12, I brought pizza at Pizza Hut inside Target. 11627 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33635. (813) 814-1983. My purchase came to $11.06 and when I check my bank statement the next day, I was charge $52.06. Last, four of debit card is 6388. 00000000000429561. I email Target three times and told them about what happen, but I never receive an email back. I told my bank and when they finish their report, they mail me a letter saying I receive $40.00 cash back. I never ask for cash back. After my wife finish eating, and me I withdrawal $120.00 from the Target ATM. On 08/23/12, I purchases items at the same Target for $95.86 and when I check my bank statement the next day, I was charge $195.86. I told my bank and they mail me a letter saying I was not overcharge. I know that I then not purchase that much. I with to Target last week to talk to a manger about this. An employee told her manger and I gave them all the information I had. The manger said he would call me. After four days, I with back to Target and I had to give them the same information again. I came back the next day and the female employee said we did not call you. I said no and she told me that the camera footage show you receiving $40.00 cash back. She said for the other transaction, we could not go back that far. This is the same female employee that told her manger that we can go back as far a year because we then it for somebody else. I ask if I can see the video footage because I do not believe what she is saying to me. She said no. I would like some one to look into this so I can have proof and not someone word. If I have to get a lawyer, I will do this because Target keeps ignoring my emails. Thank you.


My loving mother in law purchased a gift for my birthday that i didn't want. I went to Target and tried to exchange the gift for store credit... I guess it's been a long time since i've exchanged an item, because they have a policy that i've never heard of. Now keep in my since it's a gift - i didn't have the receipt (no way i tell my mother in law i'm returning her gift). When they rang up the item, it was $150.00, they told me that since it was over $70, and i didn't have the receipt i could only get up to $100.00.

I'm a reasonable person; so i said "ok, put it on a gift card". They said their policy is to exchange the item, for a like item in the same department up to $100.00 in value. What? So, an item that they're going to put on the shelf and sell for $150, i can only spend in the same department? What a crock of shit. They're already making a $50 profit and they won't let me spend it anywhere else in the store?

I waited stubbornly for 45 mins to speak to the store manager. Her only reply.."it's policy". Are you kidding me? She must have been a parrot in another life, because she just kept repeating it. I could tell i was getting nowhere, so i asked for her market managers name and phone #. She said she didn't have a market manger. Look, i don't know what fancy title they call her boss, but that's who i wanted to speak with. She instead gave me a customer satisfaction card with an 800 number on it.

This 800 number goes to a third party- who then relay's the complaint to corporate...yeah right. I bet Corporate Target really looks at those complaints.
I should be able to voice my concern to a regional manager, or the store managers boss. I can't believe that they just push people over to a third party.

Moral of the story boy's and girls is to avoid buying gifts at Target. If Walmart carried the item i'm sure they would've wanted to keep my business. Maybe with enough complaints Target will change their "policy". Oh that's right, they don't actually hear the complaints.

Should they invest in reasonable store managers? My understanding was a store manager can make an exception to override a policy if they wanted to. Would that $100 gift card be worth it to them if i kept coming back?


On the 14th of September, I placed an order through the .com/website. I rec'd an email from immediately after completing my order, confirming the order, providing me with an order # and an estimated delivery date for my order. The estimated delivery date was from 9/20 to 9/22/11. Today is 9/29, and I have not yet rec'd the order. I attempted to look up the order status on line, which did not work.

I phoned the number listed for customer service, was eventually connected to a young woman who could barely speak English, and who proceeded to tell me that "due to the fact that we have a "bad computer", the order ended-up in Target's "junk pile", and therefore, "will not yet been filled." I beg your pardon, but I am writing to you from the ordering computer, which is a 2011 MacBook, used by me exclusively. She was rude, did nothing to help the situation, interms of apologies, no offer to re-order and expedite my shipping due to my inconvenience, and then disconnected the call.

If you truly do record calls for quality assurance, whom, may I ask, listens to them? I had to call back, the first woman had deleted my original order, and we had to start from scratch. This employee spoke perfect English, but asked me to repeat every single thing I said, at least once. She was slow, not very accommodating, and again, no offers to ship my order more quickly due to the inconvenience.

If we did not truly need the book cases that I ordered, trust me, I would NOT re-order them. Going forward, I will be much more judicial about trusting with my money, my order and my time. Target stores are exemplary, in my opinion, but your online ordering system is pitiful, at best. This whole situation has cost me over one hour of my time today, we've waited two + weeks for a non-existant order to arrive, and never rec'd any communication from Target to say that the items should be re-ordered due to a problem on your end.

And yet, I receive at least one email every two days from Target, telling me what to buy/what's on sale, etc. Wow. Good luck to you - you need it!


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to advise you of the experience I have recently had with your corporation. Never in my life have I been so dissatisfied with a company that it prompted me to write a complaint letter; until last week when I visited a Target store to purchase items off a baby registry.

I printed the registry in store. None of the items had yet been purchased. I selected three of the items from the registry to purchase. When checking out, I made sure to ask the clerk to verify I had in fact selected the correct items - he did; and so I asked him to please remove those items from the registry. Several hours later that evening, I had noticed that the items were not taken off the registry (by visiting your website) as he had assured me. I called the store where I made my purchase. Initially, the guest services representative advised me (in so many words) "well too bad - you'll just have to see if it updates tomorrow or come back in with the items and receipt". I became upset because she was suggesting I run yet another errand to fix a mistake the store had made which is when I asked whether it was possible someone could help me over the phone. Upon this request, she did get another individual who took the receipt and item numbers from me over the phone, and again assured me it was taken care of and may take some time to update online (24 hours). Twenty four hours later, the registry still said the items had not been purchased. Needless to say, you can imagine I was incredibly frustrated that after two times of being "helped", nothing had changed and I was forced to yet again contact your store to have your mistake corrected. This time, I called a corporate registry phone number rather than the store directly. I spoke with a representative over the phone who (for the third time now) told me she had taken care of it. I stayed on the line with her, refreshed my webpage, and did see that the items were finally listed as having been purchased. I regret having been so irritable with her but was happy it was taken care of and that I didn't have to worry about someone else buying the items (i.e. "gifting" the expectant mother an errand when she gets multiples of something she didn't want). A week later, a friend of mine purchased one of the three items (of which the registrant wanted only one of) that I had already purchased and been told was taken off the registry. I was furious when I realized that the representative who I last spoke with updated only the online registry. The information my friend had printed in store said (surprise, surprise) that the item had not yet been purchased. Today, I went back to the store with all of the items as well as the receipt in an effort to make one final attempt at having this resolved. By this point, enough time had passed that additional items has been already purchased and so the (very rude and bewildered) kid at guest services could not address my concern: whether it said "1 of 1" had been purchased because I was the one who bought the item; or whether someone else had in the meantime. It was obvious there was a discrepancy between what the shoppers in store vs those online were seeing on the registry since online the duplicate item that my friend and I both purchased said 2 of 1 purchased whereas on the in store registry, it said 1 of 1 for the same item. I ended up returning the three items all together and purchasing two completely different items (let’s hope you got it right this time). I truly wish this expectant mother who I know was registered elsewhere; as I would have decided to spend my money any other place besides Target after the fiasco I experienced.

I also want you to know that I myself am an expectant mother (6 months pregnant) and I am very glad I did not end up registering with you. If I had, you better believe I would have very quickly deleted my registry. Before this experience, I ordered and received nursery furniture from your website. Again, had I not placed my order prior to all this having happened, I would have cancelled it. Moreover, I will be sure to share my experience with everyone I speak with; and will think twice at spending money at your store myself in the future. Another woman I know had a negative experience ordering nursery furniture from another company and had to go to the hospital because the frustration sent her into premature labor. Had I not heard about her story, I would be doing more than just writing a letter. In the meantime, this’ll do.


Former satisfied customer


I purchase 39" flat screen with warrant on 11/10/2012. I was not am the mount it on my mother TV stand therefore I went to return it and at that time I was in form they will NOT GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. I ask to speak with manager he told me I will have to call the number of the warranty that I purchase and they will refund me. I ask for the corp. # he gave it to me. I called and the person by the name Patrick said I should not have any problem getting my money if I have the receipt and I told him I do have my receipt I purchase the TV on Sat. and it is Sun. only a week had pass. I did not used the TV.

I went back in to the store and ask for manager told he what was told to me he had the lady and the cash reg. to called the person she walk to were the manager was and was talking can back and talk some more to the person on phone and she gave me the phone. He also said I could not get my money back. If I paid cash money I do not see why I could not get my money back when there was not anything wrong whit the TV. IS TARGET THAT HARD UP TO TAKE A PERSON MONEY THAT I WORK FOR. He said it’s our policy, that fine but this is your job with a policy like that you all should have point it out to the customer just like it was point out to me the warranty # to call and the survey to take.



I have been a Target Shopper for years now and have always been satisfied with your products and services. At the entrance of every Target Store in the Des Plaines, Illinois area where I live, I always see signs saying HIRING NOW and whenever I apply online I am always told, "Sorry, we can't use you." I apply every 90 days and the answer is always the same. Okay, so maybe you're going to say I should get in touch with the two Niles Illinois stores where I applied and ask them. But I am not persuaded they will tell me specifically why I am "radioactive" and not able to be hired. So I thought I would tell you what I think.

I'm 70 years old, in good health, have an MBA in Finance, worked 34 years for the same Company where I served in Information Technology both as a specialist and a department head. I worked in Client Service resolving Client questions. The Company I worked for went "belly up" and I want a job. Perhaps people think I'm too old or I just want a job un-til I get something better. Well it's like this. I am free to continue working. I am not working to save up extra money to buy presents for grandchildren or stuff like that.

I want to work at Target to supplement my personal income and to learn about things which are important to me at this time in my life; things like how to shop intelligently, how to find good nutritional value at economical prices in short, how to survive by spending money intelligently and I am thinking that if I were to land a position with Target, I could learn a lot about these things. Now if store personnel think I might not like working conditions I only want to say everything with me is negotiable; pay, benefits, shift times, etc. Could anyone there tell me why I am not considered a good fit for your Company. Just thought I'd ask.


Target has lousy customer service for online orders. I ordered several items as gifts for my niece's baby shower. The items were shipped with a packing slip. When my niece opened the box two items that were supposed to be in the box were not. She called customer service and they said they would send them. A month later I called to inquire what the hold up was. I was told that even though the material was packed and shipped by Target I would have to deal with the manufacturer to get them to replace the items. I of course could not believe this but they reiterated it and gave me the phone number of the manufacturer. Of course the manufacturer thought I was nuts.

Again Target said that since the shipper said the package was delivered they could not do anything. They had no way to prove the items were not in the box.


We are having are first child, We went to babies R us, which was a great experience , i don't think i could find anything bad to say about them and then we came to target. I work with people and i have never experienced something like what i did at this target. We came to register and got no help what so ever. Apparently the person on her phone is more important and helping your customers. We asked for help, she told us to go to the kiosk, we asked for help with that and got nothing, not even a look. When i figured it out on my own we went up to see what was next . She asked us for the paper, I didn't even know there was a print out cause no one told us. Then she gave us the wrong paper because she wasn't even paying attention. After all this BS, where normally i would have lost it, we asked what do we do next, she just gave us the scanner and went on to text on her phone. So i figured it out, then my fiance tells me we didn't get a gift bag that we were supposed to get. That i do not care about. I work with people and never would this happen. Im sure ill get some email back with nothing getting done about the problem.


On 09/24/12 I placed an order on line and I was advised I would get a free $15.00 gift card for my purchase. On 10/01/12 I checked my target card and show I was charge for the gift card. I called and was told the $15.00 was deducted from the item that recived the gift card then they charged me for the $15.00. I ask well when did I get it free, I was then told that they added $15.00 to my order then sent me a gift card, again I didnt see where I got it free. I ask if I could speak with someone else, I was put on hold for a while and she came back and told me our system is down so can I call back another day, I advised no I would like to get this taken care of now. I spoke with Pat REF# 3-838017592 who advised me that I had to call back later cause the system was down. Kind of funny that the first lady I spoke with gave me information then all of a sudden the system is down. After being on the phone for over 40mins I still dont know why I have to pay for a gift card that was suppose to be free. I ask Pat if I could speak to whoever was over her, she told me no one was over her, she's the top of the company.


Once again you have discontinued a brand and substituted your Target Market Pantry brand, which is an inferior product. You no longer sell Alexia Foods Fresh Classic French Rolls which are 8 to a package and contain 230 mg of sodium and 20 total grams of carbohydrates per roll. Instead, you sell Market Pantry French Classic White Dinner Rolls which are 6 to a package and contain 410 mg of sodium and 31 total grams of carbohydrates. The Target Market Pantry rolls have a strong artificial butter taste.

We go out of our way to shop at Target but don't purchase your Market Pantry brands because they are always of inferior quality to the national brands. Stop while you are ahead, and sell the national brands at a reasonable price and your sales will increase. Count me as a conscientious consumer who reads the labels and has yet to find anything better about your Target branding.


I have had the WORST experience with When a set of packages were stolen, I called to have the items re-shipped. I worked in shipping, and my company (and others) always re-ship stolen packages. However, after an HOUR long conversation, I was told that I would be receiving a gift card.

After which, I could re-order my items and call again to get the discount applied that I had received from the previous order online. I did so, which was another 30 minute long phone call. Now, another package was supposedly delivered on the same day and stolen. I didn't know this because UPS tracked it as still in progress until today.

Am I supposed to call in again twice for an hour and a half to receive a package? Your customer service is HORRIFIC! I am telling all of my friends and family about my experience and begging them never to register with Target or buy anything from

You know what? Other people have responded (on Facebook) that they also have had horrible customer service experiences with You guys are getting a bad reputation. I would love to tell them that you came through and replaced the stolen items in an expedient manner, but so far I cannot.


My daughter and I were in Target last night. The Bridgeton, NJ Store. We were checking out at Reg #10. , my daughter told the cashier I am paying
$ 50.00 cash, and the rest on my target credit card.

My daughter gave the cashier $ 50.00 and the cashier holding the money still in her hand, ran up only $15.00. My daughter saw what she ran up and said excuse me but I gave you $ 50.00 NOT $ 15.00. Now the cashier was still holding the money in her hand and said no you did not, my daughter said you are still holding the money COUNT IT. Now the cashier, she got very annoyed and said oh yea.

No I am sorry, I made a mistake, just continued to be rude. I really didn't want to make a scene, but after I got outside to the car, I thought, she held the money in her hand and she didn't count it even after my daughter told her she rang up the wrong amount. I wonder how many other people she has ripped off ?????? Well I went back into the store to file a complain.

Wonder if it will ever see the main office. The store manager (?) look to be about 21. I even said am I wasting my time filling this out, He said no but I doubt it. I will not shop at Target anymore and I intend to cancel my target Credit card!


I just got back from Target and am really pissed! I bought 3 Kleenex Towels, Del Monte Mandarin Fruit Cups, Apple Squeeze , 2 placemats & 3 Sweaters. First, I gave 3-target 75cents Kleenex Coupons and 3 -50cents MQ. The Old Man cashier scan 2 of the target and 1 MQ then returned me the remaining coupon. I askedw him why? He said he already gave me credit for the first 3 coupons and he can use the remaining coupons anymore. So I said why not? It's 3 Target and 3 MQ, he didn't say anything and he continued scanning it. Also gave th 2- $3 Target coupon for placemats. He looked on it and keep reading then looked at the price and shook his head with a not so good smile with a tsk! tsk! sounds. I am so amd and my 20 months old baby and is getting grumpy so I rushed it and forgot to use my Mobile Coupon $5 off $20 Mossimo apparel target coupon. Went to Customer Service to do the adjustment but then it wasn't as easy as I expected. The lady said she need to look for the gift card I used to make it easier. I don't know why and how it will make it easier. Wouldn't be easier if I just return it and buy it again? but she didn't listen. She keep looking for the gift card so I told her I don't think you will find it because I saw him ripped it but she defended the old guy. To make it short haven't used the mobile coupon coz' she told me it will take 10 mins. to do it so I just said " I will just go back and do it and by the way HE'S RUDE!" (while pointing on the old guy). Not because am using coupon doesn't mean I won't be able to get a fair treatment like regular customers and treat me like that.


I was with my daughter in law, who is pregnant, at the Target in Rock Hill, S. C. yesterday, December 30, 2011, and she and I were looking through the maternity clothes. She needed a pair of maternity pants and found the perfect pair, right color, right size, and it was marked Clearance, Half price, so she decided she wanted them. When we got to the check out, the price rang up $34.99, the original price, and when she asked the cashier about that, they said that they were NOT supposed to be on the clearance area, only the tops were on clearance.

There were other pants there when we got this pair of pants, and it was obvious, that they were on clearance but my daughter in law did not want to argue with this cashier, so she went ahead and paid the full price of $34.99. I went back to the area and found 6 pairs of maternity pants that were in the Clearance rack but she didn't want to cause a stir so we left Target. I am very upset about this as she shops there a lot, of course, she probably won't be shopping there again because advertising something that should have been half price and then charging the full price is not right and it has turned me against your store completely. I

hope that you make a lot of money off of other people who fall for this but it is for sure that I and my daughter in law, and everyone that I talk to, won't be shopping and getting screwed by you anymore.


I was proactive this year by going on line to purchase a lot of things at Target. On 11/24/2011, I ordered several DVDS on line and received an email stating my shipping informaiton. I waited until after the specified shipping date with no items. I telephoned Target and talked with a representative. I was told to go online to reorder the items and they will honor the original costs. I was having difficulties shipping to a P.O. Box address and I had to call again.

I talked with a representative and she supposedly was going to honor the Black Friday costs for the items. I received an email stating a different cost from which I aggreed upon and was told would be the finaly cost. I had to call again to get it change to the Black Friday costs. I guess I will find out in 48 hours.

On Sunday, August 21, 2011 12:35 PM, I placed a gift order for my brother. You have deducted the funds from my gift cards and have yet to deduct the balance from my bank account. Your company did not have the decency or the professionalism to send out an email informing customers of your behind the scene issues. Moreover, there is no record of my order on the website or via your customer service when I made a call.

There is no history of my order, save the confirmation email and the fact that you have the money from my gift cards--something I could have used to pick up a last minute item had there not been a major screw up by your company. What baffles me is that I am switched to another department when I called in and was on hold for too long of a time. Really why would that be even a suggestion when you have no record of my order according to your phone service rep? Do you really expect to keep your customers that has been affected by this?

Can someone contact me regarding my order and my Gift Card money?! This is absolutely unacceptable! Here it is, more than a week later and no correspondence regarding my order. At the very least an email could have been sent to all in your database apologizing and explaining and compensating for this!! I await your reply! ORDER # 60198936098462606


I wanted to say that im a very upset customer. So 2 weeks ago i called the customer service in regards to my Targer Check Card being missing, needed to replace the card and that i have moved. The person i had spoken says that i will get my new card in 5 to 10 days, but never recived it. At this point i had called the customer service again to find out whats going on. One of the rep says they mailed out a letter to my old address, where i no longer live, to confirm the change of address. At this point i was very upset due to that i was never inform that would happend and besides how would i get it, if i dont live there anymore. Then i ask can't i just cancel my card and reapply for a new card says i cant, but honestly could not understand him.. so i requested to speak to a supervisor says he was going to transfer me but to find out that there was no supervisor and trans me to just another rep. I would have understand if they would have just inform me to call the next day. I thought i love TARGET but at this point the Reps that works the customer service line at night ruin how i felt about TARGET. Its not right how they treat customers and play there games. Lying to a customer and say that would trans customer to supervisor but pass it on to another rep.


i do not want to employee people from another country when so many united states employees are out of work. it took me about 10 calls to finally get an employee in the usa. most of your employee's hung up on me when & if they couldn't figure out what i was trying to resolve on my bill mainly because they over talk you or don't listen to you concerns. finally after 2hrs of calling t-mobile i did get a rep that listened & help i held for another 10 minutes to stress this to her supervisor. i am finished w/ t-mobile after my contract runs out!!! very very disstatified w/ t-mobile.


I am a long standing Target customer who values the company, the products, and its customer service, however after this last instance, I am completely unsatisfied with your planning for the Missoni product-line and your online shopping failures. I unfortunately learned that my order of 10 MISNI Via Chevron Blue Bath Towels have been cancelled as it was over the quantity allowed. For all my years of online shopping with Target, I had never seen a limited quantity for a product, and if this is your new policy, it should have been upfront at time of purchase.

If I would have known this, I would have supplemented my purchase with additional towels from another Target product line. However now that you have made this online shopping occurrence such an unsatisfactory experience, I will have strong hesitance to shop at one of your stores or online in the future. Especially now that they have also cancelled other items from my purchase without reimbursing me. I have filed a complaint with consumer protection.


I received and email from Target regarding Targets 2-Day Black Friday Deal online. So I went on line to purchase my grandchildren Christmas toys and one of the toys is a Holiday Day Barbie for my granddaughter. Your online add read "$35.95 online price Barbie Collector Doll- Holiday 2011. Ships free with a $5.00 toy coupon offer available " promo code TGTQES7C". The offer expires at 11:59pm ET 11/23/2011. The cost would be $30.95 + free shipping. My problem is that I wanted to purchase a Black Holiday Barbie which Barbie offers and your stores also offer.

The store cost is $39.95+tax = $43.25 and I will have to pay for shipping to my grandaughter. I contacted your complaint department of and Ann informed me that target.come does not carry items in the store and that I could purchase the White Barbie and keep checking online for the Black one. I informed her that that would do me not good but cause extra work and that the Targets here in Texas has both and I questioned why only the white was online without the option to buy either. The representative "ANN" said that usually carries items that are not sold in the store.

I am not sure that is true because I just this year purchased my new grandbaby's bedroom furniture and bedding from Target and since then clothing,baby clothing, equipment,etc.that were both online and in the store. I can't believe in 2011 this is happening "If you want a White Barbie you can get one online for less with free shipping and if you want a Black Barbie you have to drive to the store, pay more and I will then have to pay for shipping. This is the kind of situation that drives a person to share with family and friends. However I would prefer not to share this kind of information so I am giving Target on black Friday a chance to address my concern.

White Barbie $30.95 + shipping/ Black Barbie $ 43.25 + the cost of shipping and let's not forget that I will have to drive to the store and not sit in the comfort of my home and shop instead of put up with more black Friday complaints with Target.


I went into Target Campbelltown Mall last Thursday. Saw the advertisement in shoe area buy 1 pair of women's, men's or kids shoe & get 2nd pair for half price. I picked out a pair of sandals for my son & one for my daughter. I get to the register to pay & am told by assistant that the deals is for shoes only not sandals. Can you please explain to me the difference. I thought both are shoes they both go on your feet. Does that mean it didn't apply to sneakers, things & boots. Either she is wrong or it is very misleading advertising. Anyway, I purchased my kids sandals from Kmart.


I have found that your support of particular "groups" to solicit information and sometimes sign petitions in front of your store; extremely annoying and quite frankly politically motivated. The constant presence of gay rights/educators at the front of your store has been a problem. I avoid shopping at Target because of it (I hadn't been in Target for over a six months because the SAME organization was there last time! Okay so we know your are a corporate supporter; but it really unfair that you allow them to solicit but not other groups. I respect your decision to support what ever you want/who ever you want but if "equity" and "tolerance" is what you espouse perhaps you should put it into practice.


Please forward this to a supervisor or manager! I have literally spent over 3 HOURS trying to get this situation fixed since December 27, 2011. I keep getting transferred to the Philippines or Nigeria (?) call centers and I get nowhere. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE WITH AUTHORITY CONTACT ME!!! Preferably in the USA!

On December 27, 2011 I placed order for 1 Deluxe Doggy Step and 1 CREAM Burrow Bed. I just got my dog back and needed these items immediately as I have serious health issues and cannot lift my Dog. I spent the extra money to have 1 day shipping and waited for my order to arrive. I did receive my confirmation email. After 4 days my order still hadn't arrived. I checked my order status online and it said the order had been canceled.

I was never notified about this order being canceled so I wasted 4 days waiting for it to arrive. There was no reason given why the order was canceled. ALL information was correct and I had enough money to cover the charges. It shouldn't have been canceled!

I went online again on December 31, 2011 and placed order for the exact same items: 1 Deluxe Doggy Step and 1 CREAM Burrow Bed and again I paid for 1 day shipping. I received the confirmation email and again waited for my order. This time I checked the next day to confirm my order had processed. This order was CANCELED AS WELL! For no reason! By this time I was very frustrated!

I thought if I called and placed my order with a live person I wouldn't keep having these problems. I called customer service and explained what had happened. She asked if I wanted to order the same items as in the previous 2 orders that had been canceled. I said, "yes! Exactly the same items!" She placed my 3rd order and said she was giving me FREE 1-day shipping to make up for the inconvenience.

This time the order went through just fine and she told me there was no reason she could see for the last 2 orders being cancelled. She apologized. I believed this was FINALLY worked out and my order would arrive with no more problems.

When I received my confirmation email my heart dropped. Instead of repeating the order as promised she had ordered 2 (TWO) Cream Burrow Beds. I had specifically asked her to repeat my previous order of (1 (ONE) Cream Burrow Bed and 1 (ONE) Deluxe Doggy Step. This was HER MISTAKE NOT MINE!

I AGAIN called and spoke with customer service. After spending over 45 Minutes on the phone I got nowhere. The Best they could do was tell me to refuse the order or return 1 of the burrow beds to a local target. In the meantime they could re-send the deluxe doggy steps but I'd have to pay for all 3 items even though I only ordered 2 (TWO!) items. I would have to pay for YOUR employees mistake?

The REASON I order online is because I don't drive. Because of Christmas I'd spent the last of my paycheck on my Target Order for my dog. I do not have the time to return a burrow bed I DID NOT ORDER! I do not have the money to pay for 2 beds when I only ordered ONE bed! Because now I can't order the doggy step until the 1 bed is credited to my account.

This is getting ridiculous! Next I looked for an address or email to physically write a letter. I used the contact me form. I explained the situation but when I attempted to enter the information it went to an error screen. I did it one more time and again I got an error screen saying my "my comment was invalid" Seriously? By this time, including this letter and searching for a REAL address I've spent at least 4 hours just trying to get a few items for my dog.

I NEEDED these items a week ago! This has been a nightmare! ALLI WANT IS WHAT I ORDERED! 1 (ONE) Cream Burrow Bed & 1 (ONE) Deluxe Doggy Step and I need them shipped ONE-Day. It's already been over a week! Now I'm going to have to spend my gas money to return a bed I DID NOT ORDER! I should be compensated in some way! I just want my original order; 1 (ONE) Cream Burrow Bed & 1 (ONE) Deluxe Doggy Step.

This is not just bad customer service this is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have no idea if this letter will even reach a real person. There has got to be an easier way to deal with and process complaints. My time is just as valuable as yours. Please look into this situation and find out what's going on!


On January 3, 2013, my 13 year old daughter, D'Yani and myself searched three Target stores for a Virgin Mobile cell phone, for a Christmas present, finally we arrived at the Homewood store. She found the LG Optimus Elite which was priced at $89.99. After careful consideration she decided to purchase the phone and a $35 top up card. The male clerk asked her if she wanted to purchase insurance for the phone. I asked what the insurance would cover. He said that it would cover the phone if she dropped it and and screen cracked or if she dropped it in the toilet. She agreed and purchased the insurance.
The phone stopped registering when you plug it into the computer and she accidently dropped the phone. I called to file a claim and was informed that her insurance does not cover what the cashier said it did at the time of purchase. I have been told that there is nothing that can be done to remedy this situation. My daughter is out of her Christmas money, she is stuck with a worthless insurance policy and she does not have a phone in she can communicate.
This practice was very deceptive and shady. We will not consider making any more purchases from Target because of this incident.


I ordered an expression drink from the Starbucks inside the Geinnett Target. The drink was terrible. Burned water best describes it. I returned to the Starbucks and the Target employee stared at me and the turned away with no response. Target employees have never been helpful but this was worst than usual.


On Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 I walked into the Target in Houston, Texas on N Eldridge and FM 1960 with my wife. As my wife and I were shopping, in the mens cologne, makeup dept. The P&L employee Leon was following me everywhere in the store as if I was stealing. I asked him why he was following me around, and he said "I am just doing my job". As he continued to follow my wife and I around, my wife asked him why, and he replied like a robot, the same thing, "I am just doing my job. I left all my merchandise in the basket and asked for a Mgr.

Another black employee, Teresa the "Mgr", said he was just doing his job, and she would ask Leon why he was following us. No police where called, because I or my wife were not stealing. We left becasue of the way we were treated. Because of my race, Hispanic, doesn't mean I have to be treated like a theif. I have never stolen, nor do I have a criminal record. To be treated that way after shopping at that store for years, and spending $ there since day one was very upsetting.

No one should be treated that way, unless you are caught red handed, and Mgrs., should not stick up for the employess unless they are right. I could have swore, the reason places like that stay around is because of my $. I hate to be profiled, and I can't think, and they cannot justify what they did tonight at the store. They have lost my business. Walmart, I am coming back !


Just got back from local Target store in Hagerstown Md. Was very very upset with my experience today. Was shopping for a cordless Norelco shaver and thought I had found the perfect one. This is EXACTLY the way I found the signage at this store. Was at the health and beauty department and right there on an endcap was Norelco shavers. The shelf had a reg price of 99.99 and on ad for 59.99. the only writing on it.. said it was for Norelco After purchasing items today, I realized the total was much more than expected. The clerk told me to go to service desk and they would correct any thing that rang up wrong. Well I waited 5 minutes for someone to come get a price check on my shaver and to my surprise they told me I had picked up the one that was on ad for 99.99. I explained to them that the shelf from which I picked it up had the 59.99 signage on and the shelp below had the 99.99 price . To make a long story short I asked to talk to the manager and he told me that yes the 59.99 price was on the shelf, but that it was for another shaver more expensive ( the one I picked up) I then told him that there were many shavers of the 99.99 sale price under the 59.99 sign and no discription on the sign but the power. I have worked retail for kmart for 17 years, lowes 6 years and am now employed at a top 100 fortune company. I realize from experience that shoppers can put other merchandise on shelves and walk away. this is not the case in this situation. The store manager told me it was store policy to put 2 or several items on the same shelf to display, this is fine, but you also need to display the advertised prices not price of the lowest item on shelf. Its a shame when a store manager refuses to acknowledge that he or one of his staff, mistakkenly forgot or purposely forget to put up all signage. Without a model no. on the sign, and no price sticker on the merchandise, are we suppose to just guess at which is which even if there are multiple signs, and then when there is only one sign per shelf and both or several items are mixed on both, I guess its just pick and hope you get the one that you are looking for in your price range. Come on Target, GET WITH THE PROGRAM. If you want to mix items on shelves, then make SURE that your signage has a model number on it to at least look like you know what you're doing. Will I still shop Target? yes. BUT I will go out of my way to make sure EVERYTHING in my basket is priced the way I see it in your store. Only asking for easier details on signs is no big deal in my book. Hand write them on if they come from corporate without it. We as consumers don't care about pretty signs, we are looking for mrchandise we can afford and want at decent prices.


Target has an exculisve Skylander Granite Crusher. I've been waiting and looking for this Skylander for 3 months in several locations in the DFW area and Midland/Odessa area. Everytime I go in or call they never have this in stock. I called today 7 different Target stores today and was infomred today that they no longer are producing this Skylander.

You still have signs up showing this as being available only through Target. If that is the case you need to make it available online! and have dates for the the length you plan on selling this item only through Target. I now have a 6 year old boy that is going to be crushed.

I'm also not impressed with the customer service in Electronics has gone down hill. You need to have better signs and take them down when the item is no longer availeable. I use to hold Target up to a better standard.

What can Target do to fix this issue...... A very angry customer that keeps seeing a sign saying only exculsively at Target when the item is no longer available.


I have bought thousands of dollars of merchandise from Target, not including gift cards, etc. I am the customer they try to acquire and keep.

I did my research and decided to buy the baby Einstein jumper for $89.99 in the store. I researched it online that it was indeed in the store, stocked and available. I also called and spoke directly to an employee at that store location stating very clearly that I see the product is available in their store, but I need them to check for certain, before I make the trek up to the store. I live in NYC and the only Target is at 116th in Harlem. I needed to:
1. Hire a babysitter (which I have never done, I have a 6 month old infant)
2. Leave work early
3. Purchase a taxi (we do own cars here in Manhattan typically)
4. Buy the item
5. Flag down another taxi, which is not easy up there.

I told the Target employee very specifically, I needed to know it was actually there before I made the investment of both money and time to come up there. I didn’t buy online because I needed the product asap. The target representative put me on hold for a bit and checked and said yes, it is here.

So, I began my journey to the store. When I get there, there was no product available. I had two different target employees check and they said, the computer was wrong, there isn’t inventory. I said, but I called and spoke to someone specifically who check and said it was here, and they said well, it’s not.

Clearly, I am very upset. I paid the transportation cost, child care cost, my valuable time, and leaving my infant for nothing.

I quickly called Target customer service so they could remedy my obvious frustration as a customer and the first rep said she, “was sorry and there was nothing she could do.” I asked for a manager and she said the same thing, but as I continued to explain how upset and what an impact this had on me, she put me on hold many times, asked who I spoke to at the store, etc.

After many, many minutes of this, she said she called the store and they indeed did not have the item (I think I knew that) and that target online said the item was there, but it wasn’t.

She proceeded to throw in a disclaimer that the online tool was not always accurate (ok, then why provide it to your customers).

I said ok, that is not good customer service, but I called the store specifically to make sure nothing like this would happen and talked to a paid target employee at that store.

Round and round we go, I said ok will you reimburse me for my transportation expense, child care cost, etc. She said “we would never do that.” I said what will you do to remedy this horrible experience for me? She said nothing until finally at the end of the call, she could give a $5 voucher.

A $5 voucher, are you kidding me! Target, you have very bad customer service and policies. How many of these posts, messages do you have to read before you do something to keep customers?


When purchasing items from a list given through the Baby Registry at Target, Gig Harbor, Washington. Saturday, 10-22-11, I was told my check was rejected and I would have to pay for my merchandise in another way. The supervisor said the rejection was out of their hands and they were sorry. The checker was having repeated troubles with his scanner and called the supervisor several times and each time was told to manually key in the necessary information. Following her orders he manually entered my check ID and driver's license number.

He called her back again and they said something I couldn't hear, then she told me my check had been rejected. I contacted my bank, then TeleCheck. The bank knew we had never had any difficulty with them and had a good amount in our checking account with them. They only knew of the rejection because of our call. TeleCheck will send me a written confirmation that they did not reject the check and that we had never had any negative activity on our bank account. By process of elimation I deduced that the checker had made an error when he manually entered my driver's license information.

To their credit, when I contacted Target Corporate Office I did get a prompt call and they verified that that checker did make an error. What a huge error for the supervisor to have let the checker go on after he repeatedly let her know his scanner was non-funcitoning and what a wrong to infer the rejection was out of their hands. Why not just double check the entry and why not tell me the rejection was related to my driver's license? As the lines were long I did not made a scene (sorry about that) and chose to pay by VISA and get to the bank to see how they could help me.

I have been writing checks since college 6 decades back and NEVER had any difficulty. What a slap in the face to a long time customer to do this in front of all in the area on a busy day. Believe me, their little, "I'm sorries" do not heal the insult. The person from corporate said they would have a meeting with 'the team' to see how to do this better. I am so disgusted with this treatment and the thoughtless, careless, dishonest talk from the supervisor that I can't imagine wanting anything badly enough to deal with them again. The lady who said she was the Gig Harbor Target manager when I called back merely said I could call corporate (late Saturday afternoon) but that they do not give written apologies and that there had to be a reason for the rejection.

Of course she couldn't tell me the reason. I told her to begin with she could locate the one involved by checking to see which scanner wasn't working...she hastened to say that that had been taken care of. So she obviously was aware of the problem. She gave me no satisfaction whatever. I can't imagine she really is the manager. I think it was just too sloppy an operation and their treatment of people too indifferent. It would have been so simple to catch the error had they cared. Shopping for a baby gift on a Saturday should have been a fun experience.

I now think of Target as a place to avoid and maybe the lesson to be learned is to use my VISA...they didn't have any trouble with that.


On November 30, 2012 I went on line and ordered a heated mattress pad from Target. On December 3rd I received nothing that it had shipped and I would have it by the 5th. When it didn't arrive I called and was told it would be delivered by the 10th. Still nothing.

Called again and was told to be patient and I would have it by the 14th. Well here it is the 16th and still nothing. The customer service agents don't know what is going on. At this point I either want what I ordered or a refund of my $60.57.


I ordered a 3 piece dining set that required assembly. There were no instructions in the box. I called Target .com to request the assembly instructions. The first person I talked to put me on hold for 10 minutes after I explained the problem. When she came back on the line she stated she could not help me and transferred me to another person. I again explained the problem and was put on hold jfor 15 minutes and was told I would have to be transferred to another person . I repeated my story for the 3rd time. I was put on hold for 10 minutes and was told that they could not provide the instructions and I was then transferred to the 4th person. I told my story again and was put on hold on and off for 30 minutes. I was again transferred and told they would try to get the instructions mailed to me bout could promise they would arrive. I asked about returning the set and get a refund. I was then transferred to a gentleman the had a very difficult time understanding was I was talking about and was abruptly transferred to another person. She thought it was very amusing that I was transferred without warning. I got to repeat my story 7 times. I will be returning the set and will NEVER shop with Target again!


Target gave me the dates for arrival, so I went ahead and placed my order. What they didn't tell me was that the UPS was going to transfer my order over to the USPS. That took an extra 5 days. I was suppose to get it on Friday instead, Tues. This was a birthday present. Now it's late and the little girl is very unhappy. I even called on Weds. to make sure that the package would still arrive in time. The Rep DAVID said "don't start worring until Friday". What the package is suppose to be here Friday. Then Friday came and NO package.

Target Stinks at shipping merchandise. Seriously, don't waste your time with Taget shipping.


On New Year's Day I went to return an Innotab that had stopped working an hour after my daughter opened it on Christmas Day. She had received it as a gift and there was no gift receipt. I found out that it was purchased at a Target in Austin Texas where I reside. Ok, now I head there thinking this was going to be an even exchange an I'd be on my way, right? WRONG! When I get to the first store, yes the first store there were none in stock. I asked the lady working if she would please look and see if there were any more in the surrounding area because I really wanted my kid to have her favorite toy of the moment! The lady complied and called a store to ask if they had one in stock.

They said they did and would be holding it with my name on it. I arrived at the store on Louis Henna and yes there was an Innotab there with my name on it. I was so happy until the employee pointed out that the one on hold had been used and returned and she was not sure why it had been put back out on the floor! And was there another one in the store? Of course there was NOT! At this point I was only a little aggravated. The customer service rep did call around to a few other store that were all out of this Innotab as well! At this point I asked if I could just get a gift card now so that if this item didn't come in for a while I would not lose any value on the product. The lady said that was fine UNTIL she realized it was $79.00, $10.00 more than Target was willing to put on a merchandise card for a return without a receipt!

Now, I'm starting to get upset. The lady called the customer service line to ask if there was ant type of authorization code she could use to make this customer happy. She asked three times, they said NO three times! NOW I AM FURIOUS. I have worked in customer service all of my working life and most of that time has been spent managing. I am aware that all companies has its policies and procedures as they should. I'm also aware that in a situation such as this; my being inconvenienced by coming to a different store to get an item that was already used! Also, I was willing to eat that $10.00 and get a card for $70 but they would not do that either!! I left that store so livid that it ruined my day! I knew then that I would NEVER SHOP AT TARGET AGAIN! NOW LET ME TELL YOU ALL WHAT HAPPENED TWO DAYS LATER!

My boyfriend found the receipt!!!! I was so excited I made him return it right away! He obviously never returns anything because he turns to me and said " now that I found the receipt they will just go ahead and give me the merchandise credit so I can buy another one". I said no sweetheart, take the broken Innotab, your receipt, and get your cash back! There is no way I would give them my money after how they were so adamant that there was nothing they could do for me because of their policy! I actually felt sorry for the associate that attempted to get me that merchandise credit! I'm so happy and blessed that I work for a company that empowers its associates to make decisions that keep their customers happy!

If target can afford to lose customers because of their unwillingness to bend a little then so be it! I know I have told at least 15 people about my experience! So good luck with all that Target!


I purchased two face masks yesterday from the halloween section. After getting them home I decided I did not like them. I took them back with my receipt and was told I could not return them. I was told that the Forest Lake store has a policy not to take them back because they found that customers had worn them and then tried to return them. I explained that I had purchased these after halloweeen but she said that didn't matter. She said (the woman at the customer service section) that she had posted a note saying these could not be returned. I told her I did not see the note and in fact these were with many other items. I looked at my receipt and did not see anything saying that these items were sold as "final sale no return". I have always believed that Target provided good customer service but this time I am extremely disappointed and feel that I have been taken advantage of. I expect Target to take these masks back because they have not been worn and that I am entitled to my money back. Let me know if you agree with this request.


I spent $120 worth of goods today, 12/1/12, at your Orangethrope Ave., Buena Park California Target store. I did not expect that your cashier on duty by the name of WILLIAM JONES would embarrass me in front of other people in line for taking a couple of regular plastic bags simply because I needed to divide my large purchase. Mind you, he gave me ONE large bag which would obviously be more difficult to carry. I'm a regular shopper at this local Target and expected better customer service. All I needed was an apology from this employee. After complaining to him and his supervisor, I heard him tell his supervisor that he's definitely not going to apologize. Is this the kind of customer service Target has? If that is the case, I will not be surprised if I see that store close for business sooner that I thought.


Store Number : 1786. Location : Sugarland, TX 77478. Issue: Ordered a Bread Sticks and Icee -- My daughter refilled the Icee and the representative INDU said I have to pay for that because there is NO refill for that Icee - First of all there is NO sign says there is NO refill, but I thought it might have been printed in the Receipt so I paid the Money and even in the Receipt it was NOT mentioned there is NO refill. I asked the Representative where its been mentioned that there is NO REFILL, she says for a long time that's the practice, how do a Customer know that, the other drinks that are kept aside have the refill, if there is NO refill then Mention that.

I felt its TARGET fault and not mine for sure - INDU was very rude and Arogant and said if you want I will return the money, my concern is NOT that, keeping the fault on Target and putting the blame on a Customer is NOT perfect. So I requested for a supervisor and then came MIKE, who has NO patience and dont want to listen what the customer says, he simply said return the money its FREE for him - I was so surprised how Target made a person as Supervisor - Shame on Target.

Target has to remember customers are NOT beggars, this is totally an UNPROFESSIONAL treatment by INDU and MIKE - If I were the CEO definitely I would show the EXIT doors for these kind of reps who spoil the image of Target.


After standing in line at the Target store on Milwaukee St. in Boise, ID for 4 hrs. on Black Friday, I was in front of the 6 remaining 46" HDTVs for $298. I paused for 10 seconds to stabilize an elderly man's shopping cart as he loaded his TV. I turned and 2 young men loaded all 6 of the remaining TVs on 2 utility carts! When my husband informed them that the circular said "one per guest" they denied it and took them anyway. We informed 2 different security guards, they would do nothing about this. Why does Target not issue tickets, as other stores do to stop this unfair practice? It ruins the sale for everyone, is unfair and causes us to boycott Target indefinitely. Great marketing!


I purchased a set of chairs online, the product delivery was supposed to be delivered in 3-5 days and here i sit after 11 days without the product or communication from anyone at target. They arranged a shipping time to deliver and after the product was not received the neglected to call and tell me the product had not been received at local distributor. After reviewing the product on the website I noticed the chairs were now on sale at $100.00 less than I purchased. Requested they give me a credit and they will not credit me the difference because it was not within 7 days of ordering. This has been the worst experience ever. I will not be shopping at Target stores and will make sure to share my experience with every method available! Buy this product anywhere but here!


I was in the target Store in Cheektowago. NY (walden galleria). I went to purchase multiple items after collecting various coupons I used and spending a great deal of time finding the products and making sure they were appropriate for the ooupons being applied. The girl at the checkout bagged and put all the items in my cart (I had a very large order with multiple bags). After she started applying the coupons she began questing whether on purchased them and refused to look on the register receipt on the computer but made me dig though the bags to show her each iten (even if i bought three; i had to find all three!) really.

The line was building up. The last item she questioned (and by this time i was really annoyed) I could not find it while digging through the bags several times and it was in a bag by her; not even in the cart! We got the item out; she said this is not the right size for the coupon and I stood there thinking "how could that be"?. After I looked at the product I said wait a minute it is the right size and had to literally show her the size!. My daughter is a cashier at a local grocery store and she agreed that it was really ridiculous how she dragged out that whole transaction, held up the line and embarrassed me.

I have not had this happen in all my Target travels so I am assuming this female was likely poorly trained. I appreciate your feedback. I am a long time valued customer.


An item went on sale on Sunday. An hour after the store opened I went to purchase the item. I was told tha they must have sold out. Within the Hour? How many were in the store in the first place? They were so kind to offer me two more expensive models that were in fact in stock. They also offered me a rain check. If I wanted rainchecks I would order on line which is what I intend to do at another store even if I have to pay a little more. I know I won't be dragged to Target for something that is not in stock.


My wife has had knee surgery and has to get around by crutches . She has shopped at target for many years now . She unfortunately would like to be able to use the electric carts provided for elderly or disabled people . The six time that she has recently been there the carts are never charged . She sent a complaint by email and received back a reply that said this would be taken care of . Well guess what this morning at 11:30 am after the store had been open for only three and a half hours 4 of the 6 carts they have we're not charged . I been patient but now feel I have to take this a step further with the Americans with disabilities act . Obviously target does not care about this situation . Sad to say that this has left her with a choice to never shop at target again . And we will make sure our families are made aware of the situation also .


i just came from target the one on 120 city of hawthorne had the worst experience as a hispanic, bring the the items an had some coupons cashier shawntanett african american an maneger told me is per customer i said ok give me back the coupons an items i will get in line an pay, she anwer i cannot do that because u mite put it inside your basket an leave without paing for it i said are u calling me a thief she said no is the store policy i dont think u need to be better train u are calling me a thief infront of all these customers.


I was not allowed to use your $5 off $30 or more at the Target in West Hollywood , at Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea. I was told I couldn;t use it becausre its a city Target, It may say City Target on the front but on the back it says TARGET COUPON EXPIRES 4/13/13.

I shopped today 3/21/13 and spent nearly $80. I don't live near a city Target , I do live 3 blocks from the one I went to today. Seriously your not the same company. How rude on your part to embarass me like that. I asked the manager and she was helpless, and when I asked her if it was the same company she was stalling for a second and then said we are told that we are not suppose to take them.

Then I asked you said your not suppose to but did they say you can not and she said the same thing again, she was useless. I am done shopping at TARGET, I HATE BEING CHEATED AND LIED TO AND YOUT COMPANY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF MAILING OUT COUPONS THAT ARE NOT AVAIABLE IN YOUR SHOPPING AREA. BAD POLICY LAZY LAZY COUSTOMER SERVICE.


Friday before last- I had enough money in my account to finally purchase a 55" Phillips Flat Screen LCD TV with a 3 year service plan- Total $1,078.00. I made the mistake of going to the Target Store at 4575 West 11th Eugene Oregon. I was declined the purchase- all said and done, the reason for my decline? I hadn't spent ENOUGH money in the previous year to "qualify" to spend such a large amount. Hmph. I then proceeded to the Walmart store at 4550 West 11th, Eugene Oregon. Where- lo and behold!

Walmart had ABSOLULTELY NO PROBLEM with my money. Despite my not purchasing anything with them for the previous 4 years. Therein I purchased a Sanyo 55" Flat Screen TV LCD, complete with service plan for about two hundred and fifty dollars LESS. How Target stays in business with their patronising attitude- is beyond me. My apologies Target- for not being 'worthy' enough to spend even more money in your stores. And I apologise also- for my complete unwillingness to spend any more there- ever.

Later that month I went to the Target store in Van Nuys, CA. A large sign on a baby T-shirt display read "Clearance 70% reduction and more." I bought 3 T-shirts for my grandson and checked out. When I got home I realized that I hadn't received the reduced sales price. About an hour later I went back to customer service for the reduced price and they said those T-shirts weren't really on sale. So, I went to the department and shot a picture of the display and brought it back to customer service.

A representative was sent to check it out and came back with the sign and said it wasn't supposed to there. I showed the manager, Eduardo, the picture and he said sorry, we don't do our sale price tags this way and refused to sell it at the in store advertised price. Still have the pic in my phone.


I went to the Target to do some shopping today. I purchased, or intended to purchase over $200 worth of merchandise, only to have my Bank of America courtesy check denied by your agent. I went to BOA after leaving your store to see what was the matter. I was told my account had no issues. have had exemplary credit almost all my life. This was an embarrassment to myself being denied the purchase in front of the people behind me. The supervisor there offered no help just saying that's what the computer says!

Well I higly doubt I will return to a Target store after this. I was a monthly shopper there. I would like to see what kind of response I get from you at this level. I was wrongly parked outside of tour target store on sunday waiting for my wife who was about to come out when an employee from that store who was recollecting shopping carts came to yell at me and wanted to start a fight with me because he wanted me to move. I moved my car and proceeded inside the store for a complaint when that same employee came inside and told me i was a "wuzz and didnt have the balls to fight him instead of telling on him".

Why do you make it so hard to cash a "cash back check" that you send to my husband? No one has the right to ask for our social security numbers and yet that it what you require to cash a check. Why can't we just use our driver's license the way we do when we write a personal check? Also, why can't my husband sign and then I sign and cash the check with my driver's license ID? It seems that you purposely have made it difficult. This makes no sense when you are the one who sent the check to us. It has all the attributes of a scam.

The security employee who was at the door was hearing him as he told me this and wouldnt do anything. I told him that i was going to call the police as the employee kept on telling me the "lack of balls i had" for not confronting him, all of this happening while there was alot of people watching as you can imagine, the whole line of cashiers were just staring. After the security person sent this employee out the back the manager approached me, i told her i wanted to report the police because i felt threatened coming out but she (manager) told me she would take care of the situation.

She said there was cameras outside as well as inside the store and told me she would take care of the situation. I take responsability for my fault but there is no reason for one of your employees to insult, and threaten, pick a fight and try to embarass me in front of many people. If that employee would have been courtious in the first place none of this would have happened. I did not call the police because my wife convinced me not to, but i hope that this incident will not be taken for granted.


I live in Columbus GA and went to Targets on Bradley Park Drive. I was trying to purchase decongestion medicine. I went down the medication aisle and found the medicine I wanted but since it's controlled, I had to take the card to the counter to purchase it. I also had other medication items I was purchasing as well. When I handed the lady at the pharmacy counter the card with the item I wanted she told me to wait to see if they had it and they didnt. I asked her why then, was the cards not taken off the shelf if the items werent available. She went into a long process stating that the pharmacy doesnt put the cards in the medication aisle but the store does it. She wasnt concerned about my issue but was upset that she had to stop and explain to me why the item wasnt available. If the cards are located in the aisle where the medications are then the medication should be available. A customer shouldnt have to wait no matter how long in line to find out that the item isn't available. That isn't good business. So, then I took the medicines to the front counter due to the attitude of the person that waited on me and when I went up to the counter they asked me for my date of birth. I asked them why they needed it and they stated that they had to make sure that the medication wasn't being bought by underage children. I don't understand this policy especially if I am bald headed and have a bulging belly and am 58 years old. I have never had an issue with anyone knowing that I'm definately not an underage child so why should I have to provide that information. I could understand if I was a Young looking kid and walked up to purchase these products. Not understanding where Targets gets these ideas but it definately isn't customer relations based. If there is a Younger person coming through the line You ask THEM for their date of birth, but not someone that is 58.


My name is Ron Johnson my wife went to target today to do last minute shopping for kids school clothes got home and realized she was charged for 5polo shirts Itm#038033192 and actually only bought 2, the total spent $187.67 Receipt# 2-1240-1243-0078-7717-4 VCD#752-282-737 We called the store on Craig Rd 2189 N Las Vegas 89032 and were instructed to bring the receipt and all items back to the store, No problem just inconvienced to do so. upon arriving at the location we aproached the security guy who was Great! and very helpful he aproached an employee whos name we will get..

And asked him to help with the return he acted a little anoyed and was rushing, well the return / reimbursement was for 3 of the Polo shirts and he actually gave us $11.88 which was for 1 Polo and he headed off very quickly, my wife said to me Ron he only gave us a return for 1 shirt, I quickly ran over and flagged him down saying "hey you only returned to us the amount for 1 Polo" he came back and acted really anoyed! and said "NOW IM GETTING PISSED"! and the security guard actually apologised to my wife for what he said! He just walked right by us quickly and he immediately got the lady that supervises all the cashier lanes to help us, which she did!

It was so annoying that this guy said he was getting pissed off.. when she bought $187.67 in merchandise and was charged for items that she did not get, and then had to drive back to the store to get it taken care of and one of your store employees acts and says what he did! our experience tonight has us totally disapointed and my wife has been a loyal Target shopper knowing Walmart has cheeper prices and is directly across the street! Now Target will not be her first choice any longer.. I believe she will be shopping at Walmart. Thanks for the one experience that has changed how we now look at Target!!! His attitude towards us as a customer was so discusting !!


In today's ad you advertise a Baby Boat Float for $12, went to the store just now at 12:00 p.m. after church and your store and all stores in Sacramento were out of them. The store I went to said there were 7 in stock and sold out at 8:00 a.m. I thought could order online and this product cannot be sold on line according to your web site. Everytime it seems I want a product at Target, and I realize it is summer, or whatever time of the year it is, your stores do not get very many of them and it is first come first serve, I realize, however, but not everyone can come in when your store opens. You could at least have it online when it is advertised in your weekly ads. It is very frustrating.

On a good note though I do love Target and especially your grocery department. There are very few items I can't find at your store without going to a grocery store, but that is alright. While shopping at Target this past weekend, I purchase one bottle of wine. When checking out, the clerk asked to see my ID. I showed her my DL and she said she had to scan it. I told her to take the wine off our bill and she said she couldn't do that (why not--too much trouble?). We have purchased liquor from all kinds of retail stores and have never been asked to scan our DL. I let her do it but realized I should have refused.

There is already too much of our information out there. This is the most ridiculous policy I have ever seen--when did you start doing this? I will never buy liquor from Target ever again!! We are usually asked to see our ID for verification when using a credit card, which I have no problem with. You need to rethink this policy! An unsatisfied customer!


I went to target motile in west saint paul to add a line to an existing AT&T account and received extremely poor service! I was placed on the wrong rate plan and also the device that was supposed to be activated was never actually activated. I had to take a trip all the way to the other side of town to get the correct phone activated!

When I got to the kiosk they were so busy trying to up-sale me on the Apple protection plan they neglected to tell me the insurance that I asked for had not been added. About 31 days into my plan I found out not only had I been placed on the wrong plan and double billed but that I also hadn't been enrolled in the insurance plan I requested.

I spoke to a manager Shana Cover at the West Saint Paul Target who told me she would call me back within 1-2 days with a response but after 5 days of no response I contacted her back she then told me her district manager wasn't responding to email or text messages so that's why she hasn't contacted me back.

She proceeded to tell me there was nothing that could be done for the employees error! Talk about poor customer service! By far, one of the worst experiences ever.


My son purchased Nintendo Donkey Kong Mini Mayham ds game for $30. Had he been able to test it at the store for 5-10 minutes he would not have purchased it. He is 11 and says it is utterly boring. The store offers us no recourse since the game was opened. Of course it is opened! How else would my child experience how boring the game is! It this is how Target treats their customers, they are low grade and do not deserve our business.


Yesterday I spent $385.47 at Target and when I arrived home did not have one sack that included about $150.00 ladies wearing apparel. After making sure I did not have this merchandise in car or home, I went to customer service and explained that I did not have the merchandise and the checker in putting many sacks (groceries and all) in the buggy perhaps did not place in my basket. They (security and manger) checked video and said all checked and placed and I walked out with all.

This is not true as I had at least 25 sacks and how could they view all??? Bottom Line, I have lost time, my merchandise and most of all insulted. I responded that I feel violated and they have lost a good customer!! I will not return to Target!!! They didn't seem to care nor have any sympathy that a senior citizen, well respected in her community feels violated. I would like for all Target leadership to know as a previous loyal customer......I was mis treated and will certanly not return!!!


IS TARGET stores BECOMING BECOMING ANOTHER WALMART. I used to a avid shopper at walmart till I seen how they treated and pushed their employees.

Since then I and my friends have been taking our business to target. We find target stores very clean and the employees are quick and courteous to assist you. I generally shop the target store in Blackstone Mall and have been since their opening in 2003. Lately I have been observing a few things that have upset me. They employees are still courteous but seemed stressed and overwork. I than took a look around and noticed that there not that many people working to help you. It seems the staff has been cut down a lot.

I understand the economy is tough but there is still no need to cut the staff so much that they are running around like chickens with their head cut off. That is something that I would expect from Walmart . Recently I saw a gentlemen (most likely a exec) giving instructions to a very young employee though he was not yelling he was pretty harsh that young lady walked away crying. This appalled me and to beat that I went tg Fridays for lunch a overheard a few bosses their talking how they had to cut more staff.

It seems like target is becoming another walmart and that disgusts me. Some one in the high corporate anarchy ought to be looking in that store at Blackstone valley just to see how hard those employees are working and how they are being pushed to their limits and beyond before they lost more customers like me. For those employees who are still lucky to be working there go to your bosses or who ever else can help don’t go home totally exhausted, worrying about your job and dreading to go to work.

If not you will end up like so many walmart employees feel free to express yourself. There are those of you who been working there for a long time and know a appreciate how target was just a year ago( though they seemed to be getting fewer and fewer) stand up be another satistic feel free to write your own article.

I would like to remain anonymous if possible.


I purchased the Playskool Sesame Playset along with anothe item for my son a few weeks ago at for Christmas. At the time, offered the best price in comparison to other stores- only $19.00. Last Monday I received the other item in a box with a packing slip reflecting that the playset was inside too, however the playset was not inside. I contacted the customer service provided on the website and was specifically informed that the playset would arrive on December 6, 2012 and that unfortunately there was not a tracking number, however the associate could "see that it was on its way." I trusted Target because I've always thought that they were a great store and a a great reputation. I never received the playset, so I called customer service again on December 9th and spoke to "Jay." I was informed by "Jay" that the playset was lost. I stated that now the playset is $16.90 at but unavailable and unavailable at all nearby stores. I was never informed that the item was lost via email, never refunded, nothing. The phone kept breaking up and I asked "Jay" if he was located in the U.S., and he informed me that he was in the Philippines. I repeatedly asked for his last name and he would not provide it. I attempted to contact another representative but had no luck. So Target, not only do you provide POOR customer service, you did not compensate me (the customer) and you outsource. Target I expected more from you considering I just spent $170.00 at my local Target on Friday evening on groceries and gifts and I shop at Target on a regular basis, registered with Target for my baby shower and bridal shower. You have lost a loyal customer and I will take my money elsewhere.


I sent a note approximately a week ago regarding my attempt to return 2 halloween masks at Target in Forest Lake, Mn. I realized that I did not provide the correct email address. The correct address is In brief summary my note stated that the problem was they said they did not take returned masks. I had bought these two the day after halloween and returned them the next day along with my receipt. They claimed that had a no return policy posted. I never saw it and these masks were with all the other halloween merchandise. My receipt did not show that these items we considered final sale. I expect Target to take back my masks and refund my money. Please let me know when I can expect to receive my refund. I was disappointed to see that Target employees were unwilling to cooperate on this issue.


To whom it may concern, I am writing in regards to your employee. I had an issue with your on-line order and I found her to be condescending, with no business sense.

She informed me that I had reached the highest level, in one phone call, to address this issue and she wasn't budging from her position regardless of the consequences to her or to your company. What should have said, 'Hmm let me check into this issue and find out why this situation happened.' May I get back with you in a couple of days? This is how a supervisor should 'handle' customers.

Again, I only ordered one product and I am clueless as to how two were shipped with two different addresses. This is an error on the online purchase for I DID NOT purchase the item that was sent to Keller. By this I mean I only clicked the final purchase button ONCE!

Miss informed me that there was a confirmation sent to me and that I had 30 minutes to resend an order that I did not place. However I placed the order and left the computer for 3 or so hours. I believe I called back at 4 pm central time and the nice woman said she would attempt to cancel the order but if not just send it back for a full credit.

I thought, well since I have it I could give it as a gift to a new mother even though it is not on her register. But after speaking to I was going to return the item because of her haughty spirit. Fortunately, for Target, I called a different number and your professional employee Bismark took care of the issue.

Nevertheless, this is a formal complaint that I want escalated and apply to personnel record. She has no business working with the public. If she continues to do so I suggest she obtain a life coach to assist her manner of dealing with the public.

This employee, according to her, is the highest level within your company for order issues. How did she get to a position of supervisor with inferior public relation skills? Dealing with the public needs an individual like Bismark, a person with more understanding and good business sense.

Target is fortunate that Bismark, who handled the ordeal with great finesse, did what they should have done from the get go! I suggest you demote to an area that never interacts with customers.


I tried for two days to order a ALIVE doll but after hours on the computer and being billed for FOUR orders and no way to delete and being told to give my Number which I didn't remember I gave us and call Toys R Us and got my order without and problems disgusted with Target. I did pay $2 more because it wasn't on sale. But it was worth it. Also, for some reason the Super Target in Savage, Minnesota has what looks like a homeless person with about a 12" long skinny beard working in the produce department without a beard net or gloves. I observed this person on a recent visit, stroking the full length of his beard with his hands and then he proceeded to stock fresh produce on the shelves. YUK!!!

The store manager must think there's nothing wrong with that. I will not buy any produce from any Target store after this incident. I have been trying for a half hour to simply order two oven mitts, and it won't let me check out. You already have my registratrion and my credit card info, but every time I try to checkout it won't even take me there. This is Christmas. I deserve better treatment than this. I won't ever use target on line if this isn't fixed.


I went to target today at Queens Place (8801 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst NY 11373) to purchase "3 cube bench" from CLOSETMAID for $ 59. I also wanted to get 3 fabric bins to insert at the button of the bench, so I picked 3 of them for $ 9 each from a company called ITSO. Since I wanted to make sure that they will fit inside the bench, I asked a worker in the floor in that same area where I picked up the merchandises if those bin would have fit into the cubes and she replayed yes, without even check the items. Since I didn't want to come back I asked again "Are you sure they will fit, because I don't want to come back and return them" and she replied again "yes", with an annoyed attitude. When I came home and put the bench together I realized that the 3 cubes in the bench were too small for the fabric bin and I was frustrated. I called the store to tell them my ordeal and the first time the person I was talking to hanged up the phone on me. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor after I told my story again so I was put on hold. When a female came on the phone she stated that she was the supervisor so I told her my story again and she replied that she was sorry and to return the items when I had the chance. I told her that was not enough since the purchase I made was done based on her workers guidelines so another person (a male this time with an Indian accent) picked up the phone stated that he was the manager and told me that "people make mistakes" so it was nothing that he could do and just for me to come and return the items and hang up the phone on me again.
I find this very disrespectful and unprofessional, especially after I spend $ 100 with tax at the store. Furthermore, for you not to have a general complain line were the personal that work for target can be reported for the way they mistreat their customer is absolutely inadmissible. Lastly and more importantly none of the people that came to the phone said what it was truly needed, that they would have in-service the staff better to ensure this does not happen again.


i bought a ipod nano for my granddaughter on september 24, before the 30 days it quit.. could not find the sales reciept until a few days after the 30 days were up. granddaugther took the nano back to the store and they refused to do anything because it was after 30 days. they said it was past the 30 days and they couldn't scan it.. duhhh if i had taken it back before the 30 days has i been able to find the reciept, they still couldn't scan it.. i paid over 120.00 for this and they are telling me too bad !!!! it is a drop in the bucket for them and a small fortune to me. so i am stuck with it ,my graddaughter dosen't have a nano and target has the money ...good job target.. shame on you. you have lost a least two customers over this. and don't think i won't tell everyone i can.


Recently I applied for employment with your store in High Point, NC. On April 2, 2012 I walked into the store and filled out the necessary information on the computer system. Soon afterwards I was interviewed by 2 people. At that point I was told to expect a telephone call.

On April 2, 2012 I received a telephone call from a woman named Princess. She left a voice mail asking me to return her call and schedule a time to come in on Monday, April 9, 2012.

I called and spoke to Princess, who let me know to come in on Wendsday, April 11, 2012 at 10:00am. I arrive on that date and time and went to the customer service desk. There I was told to take a computer survey, which I did.

After completing the survey I approached customer service and was told to wait in the food court. Princess approached me in the food court and asked me if I'd already interviewed. I explained that I did and she apologized saying that my application was still pending.

She was confused as to why I was there. I explained that she had scheduled me to be there at that time, using the details I listed above. She claimed that the voicemail I had heard was an 'Old voicemail'. I did not confront her about this. She further said that Target was still accepting applications and that I would receive a phone call.

I hope that if I am called back, it is not by Princess. Her insinuation that I cannot recognize and operate voicemail or that I may of heard conversations wrong is insulting. I would suggest that the Target Corporation find more qualified people to operate the hiring process.


Ordered a couch on 10/24 from The original delivery date emailed to me was 10/29. I got an email on 10/27 saying: delayed until 11/4. I am now much more frustrated after receiving another email on 10/30 saying that it will be delivered on 11/7. I opted to cancel and buy locally. Fumbled around the link emailed to me a couple of hours earlier. No success in canceling my order.. Called customer service and learned that contrary to an email received hours ago, I can't cancel. Target really needs to get their online ordering act together!

Customer service was pleasant, but useless. Tried to email my complaint (almost exactly what I'm writing here) through Hit submit, and it told me to please enter a valid question or concern! Ha! Apparently my frustration isn't valid to them. This will be my last order! I recommend avoiding

I ordered a sark razor scooter online at on sale plus I had a coupon. UPS returned the item back to because it was damaged intransit. I was never contacted about this issue. The item is out of stock online but available at my local store. The price is now $159 NOT $122 and my coupon has expired. Target should honor the price I purchased it at and let me pick up my purchase at my local store. They will not. I will be canceling my red card and will no longer shop at target!


I went to 1 of 2 Targets in Fremont Ca and purchased an item from the freezer department. 2 Weeks later I went to the other Target and picked up other items than I went to the freezer department to get the item that I purchased from the first Target, and to my surprise they did not cary it so I put the items back on the shelf and went to the first Target. I-picked up my items than I went to get my last item on my list witch was baked lays potato chips to my surprise they did cary theme witch Target number 2 cared, so at this point I put everything back and went to a competitor and got all of my items at 1 store, it would be nice if i knew that i could depend on target to be consistent so that we don't have to wast gas running from Target to Target witch i wont do again.


I noticed again today (2/4/15-- 11:34 am) the same two employees laughing and making fun at customers in the Vestal, NY target store in Vestal Plaza. These are two Male employees: one tall and the other shorter. They were in or working around the customers in the return section in the front of store, on the left when you walk in, and this was not the first time they were doing this.


I am totally fed up with the 5715 North 15 Ave Target store in Phoenix AZ! I just purchased a LG 442 cell phone on 1/31/2015 that simply does not work properly and as usual at least two of my prescription monthly refills were never even filled again this month!!! I am a 77 year old disabled senior citizen living on social security and I cannot afford endless costly trips back and forth to this Target Store until Target Finally Gets It Right!...Nor can I afford to go without two vital prescription refills that without them this could in fact kill me! Every Month this Target Pharmacy screws up royally! And is clearly the poorest pharmacy in the world to deal with as well. Furthermore Target Electronics failed to make sure the LG 440 Cellphone worked properly before they sold it to me in the first place! This is clearly the worst and most incompetent store that I have ever tried to deal with in my 77 years of life! So,I will simply move my prescriptions to a totally different pharmacy and never even try to purchase any type of cellphones or other electronics from Target! Please help Boycott Target Out Of Business! Target Frankly You Suck Big Time!


You cannot beat the prices and deals at target. It is an amazing store that has just about everything that you need.  The lines are never long and the employees are always helpful.  It’s a great store to go to especially on Black Friday with all their deals.


I signed up for a Baby Registry at Target. The majority of the time I try to go on (and I go on often), I have issues and get error messages. I wish I knew before hand prior to choosing Target for my Baby Registry. It is awful....Always get a message about the registry having issues and to try again later. I would not recommend Target as a baby Registry to anyone ever.


I am very upset at target, I bought a vacuum cleaner for my daughter a year ago. The box was never opened and I can not find the receipt. I tried returning it to the store they said they no longer carry that vacuum cleaner so it was worth nothing. I came home and got online the vacuum cleaner is available on line for $119.99 it is a Bissell rewind smart clean. I called customer service the woman would not help at all, she just kept saying this is our return policy like she was reading it from a paper not even trying to help me. My daughter and her husband moved to San Diego, Ca. it would cost me more money to have this shipped. I live in the Greensburg, Pa area, this where I bought the sweeper. I also was able to return numerous things for her that was at Walmart and Bed Bath Beyond which they can me a gift cards for the returns since nothing was opened. there was no problem with them. I am very upset I will no longer buy anything from Target. I could understand if the box was opened but it has not been touched. My daughter husband is in the Navy we did not know they would have to move across the country. I do have a redcard with target, which I am going to throw away because of the way this was handle.

No more Target for me.

Lori Miller


On Monday 3/31 at 10am I went to Target Store on North Bergen NJ to buy the special they had on pepsi cans (4 x 10) no limit.
I wanted to buy 20 packs (to pay $50) but when I was ready to pay the security came to the cashiers and told them “Do not sell more than 4 per person, there is a limit, I told him there was no limit on the flyer and He replied to me I do not care, they have to do as I say.
I believe this is not a proper way to treat a customer, this is ridiculous

Hugo Francisco Melendez


Target t-2240 Nashville , Tennessee. When I first started I cashiered for a week, then I was placed over at target cafe/food ave . The cafe was cool for a while. Learning new stuff, some I knew. The team members were/are really nice. We have here recently gotten a lot of new team leads. They used to move me around to different workcenters around the store such as cashier, guest service , hardlines, recently softlines. I feel like I work very well over there . I’ve gotten a few compliments that I do a great job folding tables. Now I’m stuck back at the target cafe. I used to not mind working over there but, not so much anymore. I only get scheduled 5.50 hours, which means that I get a 15 min break. If I do it’s 30mins before the end of my shift . Most of the time I don’t even get a break at all. I may get a 7 hour shift one a week. In which, I get a 30 min meal break but I normally have to wait 5 to. 5.50 hours before I get to go. I always have to go find a team member or team lead to cover my break. They never come over to check on us. If we need a change request or additional help. It takes them a while to come over, depending on who’s working. Some of our GSA/GSTL’s are great & come right over, some of them never want to come over for a break or anything. When I don’t get my break, then I don’t get to eat. I get a headache, feel nauseous, feel like I have to vomit . I have sometimes. I know your not supposed to be over there when your sick. They wonder why I and/or other team members go home early. The 1st year at the cafe my hands were fine. The 2nd year they started itching , I just thought it was dry skin. For about a month now, when I’m over at the cafe . My hands start itching & burning constantly, I have to run them under cold water for them to keep from burning . They do it every time I’m over there. I’ve talked to several of the team leads about this but, they just don’t seem to understand. They just tell you what you wanna hear. Saying that they don’t have enough coverage , when there is 4 other team members that work over there. I have talked to my doctor about this & he said I shouldn’t be over there because , of my hands burning so severely. I have pictures that I have shown the team leads. They said oh wow, you shouldn’t be over there then. They continue to schedule me over there, & continue scheduling me 5.50 hours. So I hardly ever get to eat, therefore I always end up getting sick, nauseous, vomiting. I’ve noticed on my day(s) off that I feel fine not sick, but when I’m working there I feel puny & weak . I’m sure that I’m allergic to the sanitizer water, popcorn oil & salt. Whether I’m scooping up a bag of popcorn or cleaning the machine & kettle at night, washing dishes. It always irritates my skin. I guess I’m just gonna have to get a handwritten doctors note with the pictures attached for them to believe me. I just felt the need to address this matter & let you all know. Thank you so much, Samantha Spence


I visited Target at Austin East on 3/16/14 and used my bank card and the next morning I was receiving phones call from my banks fraud department that my credit card number had been stolen. I had only used my card at Target. I would like this issue to be addressed. I have been a very happy customer up to this point and now I question doing bussiness with Target.


Amber Couthran


Why do you have a ad in Spanish and English on English speaking TV? You can produce and run Spanish speaking ads on Spanish TV channels. If I wanted to hear Spanish spoken I would listen to a Spanish channel. My heartiage is German are you running your ads in German any time soon? Bet not! Last time I checked it is United States of America not Mexico!! Keep the ads in English on English channels.


Today, May 6 2013, my mother, daughter, and I visited Target in Corpus Christi, TX. We have come into this Target numerous times and buy several items throughout the year at this specific location. Today, after visiting the entire store, we decided to go through the Jewelry Department. We looked at the sunglasses first. My 3 year old daughter liked the one pair of rainbow sunglasses, so she put them on, under my supervision. Immediately a lady whom was working in the department came up to us and told us that the children sunglasses were located at the other end of the sunglass aisle, but I told her we were just
looking. The lady just rolled her eyes and walked pasted us.

My daughter then made her way over to the jewelry that was displayed along the wall. She was carefully looking at the jewelry and was not in anyway being disrespectful. As soon as she was done looking we walked by the lady who was working in this department, she looked at me and said, “Guess I will go and clean up what she messed up over here”.

I looked behind me to see what she was talking about and noticed that ONE necklace was not hung up on its designated hook and she huffed and placed it correctly onto the hook. I told her that she barely messed up anything. I walked on with my daughter into the purses and hats. The lady then said to us, “If you would like to make a complaint about me go ahead…but, I do not work for Target.

I am just here cleaning up the merchandise.” I guess she worked as a vendor, I am not sure. She was working “for Target” if not being directly paid “by Target”. She was represented Target, and therefore should respect the customers. My mother then decided that she should be brought to the manager’s attention. As my mother was speaking to the manager about what had just occurred, this “non Target employee lady” came up and said…”is she complaining about me”?

My mother said, “Yes, and you had no right to be rude to us”. This lady turned and looked at my mother and said, “I was not rude”! My mother said, “Yes you were”. And the lady said, “No, I wasn’t. You should keep a closer eye on your children”! The manager at this location did apologize for this lady’s actions and did state that she would have a conversation with her.

We do not feel that this lady had any right to treat us the way she did, and even though she specifically stated she was a Target employee, she was working in the store. She made our visit feel very unwelcomed and I do plan to do my shopping elsewhere in the future. This is unfortunate because I do like Target and its merchandise well. However, shopping experience out weighs the merchandise on many levels.

I hope that Target does ask this lady to not come and represent them in the future. She was a very rude and disrespectful woman whom I hope I never had the displeasure to meet again.



I purchased a Target gazebo on June 24, 2012. On October 5, 2012 it rained and the roof collapsed. I went to store and they had clearanced the gazebo. Manager said to come back in spring and exchange. I came back and Target said that the problem was so common the company would no longer carry gazebos. Told me to call customer service. They said to call the company that gazebo came with one year warranty. Company told me none of their gazebos have a warranty. So I am out of luck. Daughter having wedding in backyard in a month. You would think someone would be willing to help.


I want to complain about target cashiers at 4433 s Pulaski rd in Chicago Illinois . The cashiers are being rude and mean towards people buying stuff with coupons treating me and others as criminals and also getting nasty to the point where I felt attacked and sad. I have never been treated so bad at another store. Please fix the attitude and also teach the coupon policy to them, I will pass a bad review about the cashiers at this location.

Thank you.


i would love to shop at target but they have only 2 handicap carts. one the battery is dead and the other is with another disabled. i go once a week just to see if i can get a motorized cart and end up leaving. why don’t they have more of these carts? i have heard other disabled people say they can’t shop there because of lack of the motorize carts.


I tried on line to purchase from my niece’s baby registry. After 6 hours you were having technical; difficulties. So then I tried to purchase on tele#800-591-3869. I called 4 times. Central America(shame on you) can’t give USA the jobs. When I tried to place my order, I was hung up on 4 times. Communication was pathetic. No questions could be answered by them because they knew nothing about the product. I have a red card CREDIT CARD. We will close this card down and look for shopping elsewhere. I only wanted 2 items at $65.00. I purchase on line frequently and have never experienced such time comsuming ignorance.

Michael A Season


after she ring my order up I used my target credit card to pay the bill, the cashier handed my copy of the order, I did not have to sign for the order, and she did not ask for my ID!!!, what stops anybody from useing my card and runnuing up a big bill?, I will use other ways to pay for my order, maybe your company will change there ways and make you sign for your order and ask for some ID.


Target store complaint department, I am extremely hurt and dissatisfied with an experience I had at the east side target store in Evansville, In. I had inquired with the manager there about some $1.00 metal pail buckets they had in the $1.00 section.

I needed at least 150 od them for my daughters up coming wedding I was so pleased to find them after a long search on line and many stores to my surprise I walked in target and saw exactly what I wanted . I asked to see a manager and see if I could get a discount for large quanity.

He said they did not allow that. but he said they could be considered Easter and to check back Monday morning. I planned for a babysitter so I would not be late and got to the store before doors opened. I found the buckets and they were not marked on sale but I took one to a clerk and asked her to check she said no they are not considered easter and are not 30% off.

They had many more thaan I needed so thought I would check the north side target the mext evening to get all the same color I purchased 40 at the east side and new I could get many more. So I did go the north side and they had none so I went back to the east side first thing on Thursday to my surprise all the pails were gone they had gone to 70% off and someone had purchased all of them we called many local targets all were out.

Im so upset that no one knew they were Easter and why they were not marked down on Monday and went to 70% off on wed. now I have no wedding favors the manager sais there was no way to know they would go on sale and I know I should have purchased them at 1.00 but when they said they were not considerd Easter I figured I had time to get them on thursay my nest day off they had several 100 I just wish I had known…. please try to find them for me. dee


Target has longed been my preference for general shopping over Walmart, etc. my local Target store (at Rockwell & NW Hwy in Oklahoma City) has changed that opinion. In the past year the store has gone down hill in customer service and management. The employees are not friendly and do not offer assistance at the level Target normally exemplifies. On a recent visit, when a cashier mistakenly rang up an item twice on my ticket, I was told I would need to go stand in line at customer service to have the amount taken off my ticket. And she didn’t even say, “I’m sorry!” Today, I along with several other people, stood in Lin at the Starbucks in Targert for 10 minutes waiting for someone to show up to take our order. Another Target employee finally happened to walk by and said, “Oh, we’re sorry but the only person in the store today who can run Starbucks is at lunch right now!” As ridiculous as this is, at least put up a sign saying “Closed”!?!? I am about done with this store for good.


Last night, when checking out at Target in Chico, Ca, I was astonished when I was asked for my ID when purchasing a bottling of wine. It was one item among numerous others in my cart. Being close to 60 years old, I was not as offended for having to show my ID as I was when the cashier made me take it our of my wallet and then swiped it. What is that about? I must say I was pretty taken back and will reconsider shopping with your company in the future, especially for alcohol. I have never experienced anything like that in any other retail establishment.

I would appreciate a response as to why this policy is in place.


Pam Ayoob


My daughter-in-law purchased a Hello Kitty alarm clock radio for my granddaughter (5) for Christmas. There is a switch that does not work properly. The switch is almost impossible to move,so my granddaughter and mother have not been able to use the clock. We put the clock back in its original box to EXCHANGE it for the exact item. My daughter-in-law is legally blind and could not find the receipt. This problem occured when her wallet got wet and she laid her receipts out on the dinning table to dry. Her neice was visiting during Chrristmas break, to help with dinner she cleaned off the table and moved all paper work. Now that days have gone by, the neice can not remem ber where she put the papers. She is 12 years old.
I took the mom to Target 1/10/2013 and the customer service department would not exchange like item for like item. How stupid is that? Their reasoning was, she didn’t have the receipt. AND, even if she did have it she would have to pay an extra FIVE DOLLARS if she bought it on sale! I have never heard anything so crazy. ITEM for ITEM exchanges should not be a problem AND paying an extra FIVE $$. Defective is defective.and your store will NEVER get ANY of our whole family’s business again.Really, make her pay an extra $5 just because she MAY have bought a DEFECTIVE item on sale! I expect an answer from the corporate office, an apology, plus an exchange of her clock, item for item. We will spread the word about your unfair and down right stupid return policy.

Belinda Collier
You have my email address


January 2013, I bought a pair of boots that were on shelves with a 30% off sign. This was not the only pair of this kind on this shelf, but when I looked at the receipt it was for the full price. I asked them why I didn’t get the discount and they said they weren’t on sale. I went back to the section with the manager and was trying to explain the situation. She was so condescending to me and telling me to not talk too loud to her, which I admit I am a loud talker, but I definately not yelling and everytime I would try to explain something she would interupt me by telling me in so many words to shut up. This woman was not very good at her work and I’m really upset with her. She had my sister out of the store, another worker came after my sister and it was a mess.
The store is in Palmdale, California and I will never ever go to a target again. I got my money back for everything I purchased and walked out without anyone listening to my side of the story.




My husband and I purchased a TV for Christmas. We needed to return it to the store. Not knowing the difficulty we would have not having the receipt customer service said if we didn’t have the bank card or receipt (which we paid with cash) we had to only exchange it the same department which would be 008 that means TV’s or accessories. This was ridiculous I went to the department it was a waste of time especially when it was no need for those items. I asked for a store credit, customer service said that was not there store policy. I felt humiliated. There should be a different policy for the Christmas holiday. So I end up bringing the TV back home, a TV that doesn’t work great and was purchased from Target.


Electronics sale via catalogue started 26thDec, was after Expendables 2 DVD, not on shelves, store a pigsty, shelves not stocked, staff not prepared to look through all the boxes out the back to find what should have been on sale yesterday. Was exchanging Christmas gift without docket was was told the correct price my sister in law would have paid but was given the boxing day sale price, considerably less , as this dvd was only recently released, i should have been able to exchange it for the correct price as it was not purchased on boxing day, poor form on Targets behalf ,when I queried this I was given a not very nice look from the young girl, if they can’t handle complaints then they shouldn’t be on the front counter. I believe if something is advertised as being available then it should be on the shelves not still in boxes out the back.
The browns plains store in qld is poorely stocked, if you really want anything you have to go to other stores

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