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I just want to say I am a very loyal and valued customer. I spend alot of money in your stores. I live in NJ and have a second home in Naples,Florida. So I am not there all that often. On March 31, 2011 I purchased an outdoor rug. I literally had it outside for 1 month as I just got to Florida and it the raining season was starting. I had to fly back to NJ and COULD NOT bring the carpet in as it was very very wet. Needless to say I didn’t make it back to Naples until 10/18/2011. The condition of the rug is absolutely molded and ruined. It is disgusting. So I went to the Target Store #2063 where it was purchased and the woman behind the counter explained your policy.

I asked to speak to the manager which was Brittany and she didn’t want to hear anything. Very nasty and uncooperative. Now because of the second house situation I DO NOT AGREE with the 90 day policy. All I wanted was a store credit which I DO NOT feel is unreasonable considering the circumstances. If Target does not want my business anymore that is just fine with me. Otherwise you should at least try and be fair with this situation. An outdoor rug SHOULD not mold in one month.


I just tried to return a GPS that I had purchased a service plan for. When it was sold to me the sales person specifically said that it did not matter if I stepped on it or if it fell down the stairs it was covered. They said that all I had to do is bring it back and they would replace it with the same one or better. Now that I bring it back after 1 year of a 3 year service contract they will not replace it. What I now have to do is wait 2 days to mail it to a service center per the person I had to call because the store would not do anything. They said they would have it for a couple weeks to look at it. Then they will decide what they are going to do.

I use travel NA for work and need this every day. This was not what I was told and Target and Target Customer Service are not willing to stand behind what they represented. There were 2 of us there when it was sold to me and we both remember very clear what we were told.


I am very disappointed in your handling of the launch of your new Missoni line. Regular shoppers had no chance. Stores had people buying shopping cart loads of stuff, my local store was sold out in minutes. When I went online to possible order something for myself, out of stock on most items. Very discouraging. It makes me want to never give my business back to Target again! For fairness you need to limit people on how much of a new launch they can by, either at the physical stores or online. All your merchandise is on eBay for inflated prices, so that is what all the hoarding buyers did with it.

I just wanted to buy a sweater and see what else was there! Do you have an agreement with eBay for some kind of profit! Bad business, why would I want to continue to shop at your stores when you let greed and unfairness be your bottom line. Used to like your store, now I am boycotting because of this fiasco (not for your though, $$$).


On Saturday December 3, 2011 I was shopping at Target in Yukon, OK. I had a buggy full of items. I have until this experience loved shopping at Target. I decided to purchase some boots for my grand-daughters. The sign said Circo Toddler Boots $18.00. I selected a pink size 7 and a teal size 11. I try to watch my money and scan everything advertised on sale to make sure it scans appropriately prior to getting to check out. The pink boots scanned at $18.00 the teal $22.99. I ask for assistance of 2 sales clerks who both scanned and found what I had $18.00 for one pair $22.99 for the other. I asked for someone that I could show the sign too.

They sent a person to shoes and I showed her the sign which did not specify that only the pink ones were on sale. She basically told me that I was wrong. My point…Circo Toddler Boots apparently were NOT on Sale for $18.00. Circo Pink Toddler Boots were the only ones on sale. I wonder how many pairs of boots you sold for $22.99 to people who thought they were $18.00???? I was so upset by this point that I put everything back. Sorry Target you lost a good customer due to your misleading signs and your staff.

I like shopping at Target but getting a little frustrated that you are always out of the things I need. Not sure of the inventory system you use but it is awful. Today is was printer ink and sandwiches. So there is a loss of around $40.00. Not much but it happens regularly. Now Office Depot and KFC got my money instead of Target. My wife also has the same problems with items being out of stock in St. Cloud…in this economic environment, wouldnt you think you should have items in stock so you can actually sell products to customers???


I purchased a bike rack from one of your Target stores and the second time I used it the strap broke and mine and my husbands bike fell off. My bike was fine but my husbands back rim was bent. Since I purchased both from Target I took both into the store to exchange the rack and get my husbands rim repaired or replaced and they didn’t want to help me in any way at all. They said that I needed to contact Schwinn because the rack was purchased in May 2011. They said it was passed 90 days and to contact Schwinn. I would like to resolve this matter promptly.

I am very dissatisfied in the customer service I received. First of all I asked to speak to the manager several times and in the end I still ended up with a supervisor who was not able to anything that would satisfy me. I have been a Target customer for several years and a Target card customer for a few years now and I am very unhappy with the service the whole company provides. I am going to pay off the few dollars I owe on my card, close the account and shop somewhere else.

I hope that someone in the corporate office does contact me asap to handle this matter or I will be forced to contact my Lawyer, The Better Business Bureau and the Local News station regarding the terrible service that Target provides it’s consumers.


Comments: Dear Target: I am so upset at your company right now. I ordered a wedding gift in JULY for my cousin and his wife that was advertised as in stock and found out it was on back order and would be late. It is now almost September and I receive an email that it is canceled. It says I wont be charged, but I used a gift card and $2.00 on a debit that had been charged. I no longer have the gift card number, so how can I re order??????????? You also said you would credit me an extra 5.00 for future orders. I probably really dissappointed my family members with no weddding gift.

I want target to mail my cousin a gift card with the additional 5.00 you qoauted me with a letter of apology to my cousin for targets irresponsibility in customer service. If I do not here back from you I will report target to the better business bureau and never do business again. This is ridiculous. I expect that gift card to be sent to the address i originally had on the shipment asap.


I shopped at the Whittier store, on Whittier Blvd and Gertrudes. I found several items were not stocked. Corned beef hash, marinated artichokes and the skim cheese I use for my Mexican dishes(Cacique.) I spend more than 50% of my grocery, cleaning supplies, pet supply bill on items at target. And, it is a huge inconvenience when I cannot find most items I need at this store, that is suppose to sell grocery items. I have to commute to a different store for artichokes. Marshalls sells them, by the way; fyi. That’s where I purchased them. The other items I had to purchase at a grocery store. Hopefully target will stock these items in the future, otherwise I will take my dollars to Wal-Mart.


Afer the experience I just had a local Target Dept Store (where I have frequently shopped for many years, spending alot of our hard earned dollars), I can only conclude that Target has a seriously distorted view of how to treat their customers! After an item I purchased was rung up for a higher price than what was listed on the shelf’s large sale sign, I went straight to Guest Services to return that item because I had only bought it because I thought it was on sale. I stated that the sign on the shelf said $13.50, but rang up $17.99 and that I did not want it if that was the correct price.

Absolutely no effort was made to determine what the correct cost of the item was… no phone call, no walk-talkie page sent out, nobody sent over to check the shelf sign… no effort whatsoever! What she did instead, was apparently void the entire transaction by scanning the receipt and pressing some buttons on her cash register, then she promptly announced what my new total was without the $17.99 item… My response was huh? ‘All I wanted to do was return this one item, not be charged again for everything else… Why do I have to pay again for items I am not returning… I don’t understand, why did you not simply credit for the item I want to return’… After a brief exchange, she screams at me, yes screams at me ‘Because that’s not how we do it, this is how we do it… you’re not being charged again!’

Oh really… sure why not, scream at a customer…real nice lady, yell at me because I have a problem with scanning my card twice to pay for the same items again… I don’t think so… I have made many returns in my life and never had to repay for my order like this not ever! Another woman, who turned out to be Dept Manager was there and actually witnessed her employee going off on me, took over with me and sent the psycho over to the next register to harrass, I mean wait on, another guest, not once did she apologize for the pyscho lady’s rudeness! In fact, she made no effort to find the correct price of the item either (shouldn’t this be the first order of business here people?!) She also made no attempt to diffuse my upset over being yelled at!

I cannot believe what just happened her, I am standing there in awe, I cannot believe this lady doesn’t have anything to say about her employee yelling at a customer!?! Really!!! I asked for Dept Manager’s supervisor, who came over and also showed not one bit of interest in determining the correct price of the item… I said out loud ‘why is nobody but me interested in what the correct cost is supposed to be?’ and Ms. Dept Manager said she hadn’t had time to check that out, she would have gotten to that when she had the chance… I respond ‘when were you going to get to that?’ we’d been doing this for several minutes now, and they were more concerned with re-ringing items repeatedly…

I took it upon myself and left to go check the price, ignoring her calling after me that they will just adjust the price for me, as a courtesy… blah, blah, blah… (Really, a courtesy, how about not screaming at customers, as a courtesy, how about showing some interest when a customer says they got charged the wrong price, as a courtesy, how about refunding an item’s cost when the customer asks to return it, as a courtesy!!!

My response as I go to investigate ‘no, I’d like to find out what the price is supposed to be now, and I don’t want adjustment if it is not on sale, I’ll go look’ and I walked all the way back across the store to find out that sale sign on the shelf was only for 2 varieties of the item located in the center of the shelf and the 2 varieties of the same item to their left and to their right were actually regularly priced. So that part was my bad, damn advertising trick got me. I go back and announce that the price was my mistake, Ms dept Manager offered to adjust it anyway again ‘as a courtesy’ I decline again stating that ‘I don’t want anything other than what I pay for’.

Mr. Store Manager apologizes stating that items sometimes get misplaced on shelves and I correct him stating ‘nothing was out of place on the shelf, I didn’t read the sign closely enough and thought it was for all on the shelf, and that what he should be apologizing for is his rude employee yelling at me, to which he responds that he ‘was not there to see that, so he doesn’t know that it happened’ (Ok, so I’m a liar now huh?), I proclaimed again that she had in fact screamed at me and that it was very inappropriate, and to my surprise, Ms Dept Manager actually chimed in her agreement that the woman had, in fact, screamed at me.

At that point, she kept apologizing and offering to adjust the cost of the item for me, I declined again and let Mr Store Manager know that ‘this shopping experience had left a bitter taste in my mouth and that I shop here alot and spend alot of money here, but I am wondering myself how long it will be before I feel like coming in to shop here again’ Both managers I dealt with in this situation were seriously lacking in Customer Service skills, and if I yelled at a customer at my job, they way I was yelled at, I would surely be reprimanded if not fired. I left the store thinking to myself, looks like Target’s lose is Walmart’s gain… not that either of them really cares one way or the other, but I do and I feel like they should too!


My friends ordered me a crib from Target, it was supposed to be delivered between May 19th and 23rd, 2011. A week after it didn’t show up I contacted them and that’s when the decided to tell me that it’s “stuck in their system”. They can’t get into the order to cancel it or to see what’s wrong with it. After weekly emails and phone calls trying to figure this out I was sent a confirmation email saying it would ship out and I would recieve it in 3-5 business days…needless to say it’s been 10 days and still no crib.

I call customer service, every time talking to someone new, every time having to tell them my situation over and over and then wait 20 minutes to talk to a manager who “will figure out what’s going on” and call me back but won’t give out their contact information and then they don’t call back so I go through the process over and over. Did I mention I will be having a baby soon and kind of need a crib. So the last time I called I asked them if they could just start me a new order and send me a new crib…still waiting to hear if that will work but I am not holding my breath.

They are also saying that I am not the only person with this problem so if there are more of you out there let me know!!


I did a survey on line for a free target $100.00 gift card,I gave all my information,and I received a phone call,answered questions,and ordered some magazines with a credit card,the person I talked to said that was the only way I would be eligable for the card, that was two weeks ago, and I was supposed to receive the information in five days along with the card. I have not received anything yet. In my opinion if you are going to have these promotinal people use your name to get business of their own,then I really think that you and them should follow threw with what you promise. I will not shop your store’s because of this, and I have to travel at least fifty miles to get to a target store.


On Tuesday, June 28th I attended the Target Store at Walden Galleria in Buffalo as we normally do about once every 2-3 months. On this date I purchased $80.00 worth of merchandise, upon arriving home I noticed that (3) items were not placed in the bag (2 cans of Chocolate Ovaltime @ $9.58 plus I was charged for an extra $2.99 for a powder mix that I did not receive). I know this is a small amount, however living in Burlington Ontario it is not a matter of just getting in the car and going back to the store. All the time the cashier was serving me it was as if her mind was not on the job at hand & her customer relationship one would have to question. I was taken back a bit from her attitude.

The Ovaltime was the second item on my slip that she checked and maybe should have been placed in the bag right away.
Customer Service must be number 1 in the retail business and I feel that this person does not exemplify what Target should stand for. Thank you.


I recently came in to target to purchase my wic order on june 23,2011. My order consisted of getting a gallon and a quart of milk. You do not have a store brand of quart milk. Wic requires getting the cheapest brand. If you do not have a store brand the only other one is mcarthur milk so I went to purchase it. Your cashier and front end manager refused to give it to me. They said they do not get credit for substitutions. I have always been allowed to purchase mcarthur if there isn’t a store brand. If it is not allowed then you need to get a store brand milk in a quart because I purchase other things aswell when I get wic but I will not be spending my money here if your people are going to be rude.


I purchased a pair of cherokee sandals for my eight year old son. He wore them to school and came home with a broken strap. I usually only visit Target once or twice a month due to the distance from my house, so I packed the shoes back in the box with the receipt. About a month later I attempted to return them and I was told that because they were not in a “new and unused condition” they would not return them. I asked to speak to a manager, who told me that I had had the shoes for a month and this is normal wear and tear on a product. I told her that it is not normal for a shoe to break after it’s first use to which she replied, “so you say,” indirectly calling me a liar.

Being that this is the second time this has happened to me in Target, (the first defective product was another pair of shoes) I knew to call the customer service line. So, I drove back home and called 1-800-440-0680 and explained the incident. First the customer service rep. told me that the item was defective, to take it to the store with the receipt and they would exchange it. I told him that 1) I had already tried that and was declined and insulted 2) I had already replaced the shoes and didn’t want them and 3) this isn’t the first defective shoes I have purchased from target, so I wanted a refund. He proceeded to tell me about their return policy.

I told him I was aware of the policy and that I expect that a pair of shoes would last more than one day when I buy them, that I had no way of knowing that the shoes were of poor quality and I wanted a refund NOT an exchange. He told me that I should be able to get a refund so I again explained what happened at the store and how poorly I was treated. He put me on hold and when he came back he gave me a reference number which I had to use on the same day! So, I had to drive to the store AGAIN. This time I was left waiting for several minutes.

The manager finally acknowledged me and said that “as a courtesy” to me they would do the refund this time, but that even with a reference number, the return is at the stores discretion. Needless to say, my time and money are valuable to me, so I WILL NOT be shopping at Target again. We have a Kohl’s and a Wal Mart in the neighborhood, and they will be receiving the money that I used to spend at Target.


I have submitted this under a fake name because I am employed at target. part of our job is for our store to meet a quota on “red cards” which is target check cards & debit cards. i’m excellent on this & normally get several a day. however, i will no longer be pushing the target credit card or check card due to them charging my own twice for the same transaction. the way the card works is just like a check. you make a purchase, you basically have 5 or so days to get the money in your account. i always keep the money in my account just in case it is taken out unpredictably. after checking my online banking i noticed that i was charged twice for the same transaction.

I called the service number on the back of the card & was basically given the run around & the lady finally gave me a number to fax my online bank statement to. she told me to please remember to put my name, phone number, & description on it so they know who i am & what is going on. this doesn’t sound very reassuring to me that they will be fixing the problem. since i work at target, i’m obviously not very wealthy, the pay sucks & they don’t pay me enough to take my money twice. i will never be using the check card again & if a customer asks about it’s benefits i will make sure to tell them there are none.


I am employed at target and currently 32 weeks pregnant. I have an unusual amount of amniotic fluid in my stomach which causes my stomach to appear as if I were past due. Since my stomach is so large it is very difficult for me to stand up for long periods of time. I am a cashier, they schedule me for about 5 hours a day. Which would be great but the law of my state says that I can only have one 15 minute break. I hate to sound like a whiner but two and a half hours on my feet absolutely kill me and put me in the worst pain ever.

I asked an LOD [Leader on Duty.] if I could sit down at an express check out [only helping guests with 10 items or less] so I would be at least able to sit down when not helping people. I was told that I was not able to sit down, it made the Target corporation look “lazy” and that I could just go home and come to work when I was able to work. After I was told to leave I was pretty upset and even cried. I was told by several other managers to stay and continue working like usual [without a chair]. I clocked out and left wishing I could give everyone the finger. They would rather lose a willing to work person than just try to accommodate their needs so they can do their job without being in pain.

A pregnant woman sitting in a chair while not helping guests does not appear lazy to me. If I were to see this, as a shopper anywhere, I would just assume she was resting. I hope that my opinion doesn’t seem biased but I was truly offended at how I was treated by people who are supposed to insure that their employees are taken care of.


I went to your Victor NY store to purchase an offset umbrella which was on special offer. Only the floor model was available and nobody in the store knew how to take it apart despite 30 minutes of trying. They sent me to the Henrietta store. At that store I found the same product to be reduced but only to within $50 of the other store. I could get nobody to serve me so returned to the first store. They had not yet found anyone to take it apart. They also explained that it would be provided without the special tools, instructions or box, all of which had been lost.

They said the item would not be under warranty. I then went on the web and was unable to find the product and returned to the Henrietta store where I was unable to find floor staff or a manager to assist me. I went to customer service and stood at the front of the line for 5 minutes as the ladies (x3) folded items and chatted. I was not served and still do not have the item. Rather dissatisfied and will most likely not return to Target for a major item.


Purchased X-box 360 Elite with three year extended warranty for a Christmas present to my son on 12/23/09. After one year and two months the game would sometimes not read discs. After about two or three months it got progressively worse until it stopped reading them at all. I called the warranty number, the operator was very helpful and in fact she told me the “it won’t read discs, right”. I sent the console in to the repair facility per her instructions. In a week and a half it came back with a form letter listing five reasons for the warranty to be voided. The top item “liquid damage” was circled and the letter said that I should contact Target with any questions.

I have made repeated calls to Target and have gotten no satisfaction from them. I have tried to tell a number of Target reps this console has never been exposed to liquid other then normal levels of humidity. I was told there are pictures of the damage but they will not let me see them. I was told that this is against company policy. I feel that Target sells this extended coverage as an added profit and then denies coverage so they don’t have to be responsible for the repairs. I am really disappointed in this transaction, I thought Target was a good company.


On June 5th, 2011 I visited a Chicago Target store located at 1154 S Clark Street Zip-60605. I picked up cans of Campbell’s chunky soups which were on a price reduction of $1.00 per 18.5oz can tagged on the shelf. I had several scanning error at this store so I took the tag to the cash register as proof of price as the store customer price check scanner had it for a higher price. The cashier called her supervisor Michael, who said he was a GST. He refused to honor the store “price reduction” and so my visit was worthless as I did not get what I wanted. This behavior is intolerable and must be addressed by the regional management for Target Stores.


I bought 2 pair of dress pants at two different times from Target, one pair I wore, the other pair I didn’t. I tried to take the pair I didn’t wear back even though I kept the wrong recept by mistake. I wanted the money back, they wanted to give me an in store card or what ever you give for two dollars less then I paid, I wanted money. Wal-mart would have given me all my money back. I took the pants to Good Will. I couldn’t get the other recept because it went out with the trash. I don’t like your Target return policy for returns or gift cards, once you get the money, nobody is getting it back.

That is why I tell family I don’t want any gift cards from Target. There is NO reason if I spend twenty dollars of a twenty five dollar gift card, there is NO reason I can’t get the change back. Ex-shopper at Target.


My Husband, Frank Unger, received a rain check on May 13th for a Portable 44″ basketball backboard from Galesburg’s Target store with the information given to him from the service counter associate, that it would be in a couple of days, a week went by and no backboard. We called several times to check on this item. All he was told was that there was one in Peoria, IL, Moline, IL or Springfield, IL. No mention of whether they would or could ship one in for us. I feel this was poor service policy, and we wanted it to use while our grandsons were visiting.

My husband went to K-mart and bought one there, because we got nowhere with the Galesburg. Target store. The item # was 08808254 and was priced on sale for $139.00. $20. 00 cheaper than what was spent not on sale at K-mart. We are very displeased with Target at this time, and wanted you to be aware of this situation.

Sincerely, Carol Unger


I went to several Target dept. stores in the Las Vegas valley, yet nothing in over 11 years was this bad, I went to the 605 Stephanie, Sunset and Stephanie store in Henderson 5-6-2011 to get a Mother’s day card, I asked some one working their about the Mother’s day cards, this person was nice to me, yet here comes the STL of the store Jay Irwin, told me to leave: “Your disturbing her while she is working” I most ask you to leave, ok, I will pay for this and leave, no, your leaving the store, or I will have you arrested, I expect her to get her work done, she is taking too long.

I went to a Walmart and bought a nice Mother’s Day card for a $1.00 yet at Target I found I would of paid near $5.00 for a card.


Today I visited the Super Target on Oracle Rd. and Roger Rd. in Tucson, AZ. I made a purchase of about $75 using my debit card. I did not need cash back. I asked for the clerk to exchange a $20 bill for two $10. She said she couldn’t open the drawer without a purchase. If I had asked for cash back she would have had to open the drawer. I went to the service desk and got the same run around. To me this is a very poor policy. I would expect better service from Target.


I’m so upset with Target! I bought my son a bike 2 weeks ago for his birthday. My husband finally got around to assembling it tonight. He found a bolt that is suppose to connect to the brakes busted and the reflector broken as well. I attempted to exchange it at the Target store located near my house but they couldn’t help me. The barcode was not scanning properly, there was a tag with the price clearly marked but they wouldn’t return it. My son is so upset, we are going on a trip tomorrow to the bike trails and he has nothing to ride. Now I have to drive far to the Target I originally purchased and hope they can fix this mistake!

Thanks Target for ruining my sons birthday present he is only 6 years old!!! And thanks for ruining his trip to the bike trails he is going to miss this experience because we were suppose to leave at 7 am and Target isn’t open that early!

Severely dissatisfied, Nicole Brooks.


I purchased schwinn skates ( 082060415) on 11/13/10 at the Cicero, NY Target store. It was a Xmas gift for my 8 yr. old grandson. He opened the gift at Xmas but never tried on the skates until last week ( 04/15/11). The upper strap that secures the top of the skate broke which was defective. The Target warranty expired on 02/11/11. I was not happy since we did not realize the skate was defective and of course the weather was not conducive to use the skates until the weather was suitable. Not happy and I feel the warranty should have been covered based on the type of product which in this case is seasonal and for skates it should be for six months if it was a Xmas present.

Fortunately, I was able to contact the Manufacturer and they are going to ship a new pair for free. Target should re-visit its warranty policy and their customer service should have some guidelines as it relates to warranty as in this case skates should have a longer warranty especially if it was a Xmas gift.


Target @ Charlottetown, Charlotte, NC has absolutely no customer assistance. Suffering from asthma, I first walked to aisle to make sure there were still some 6′ banquet tables, which had fantastic sale price. I then walked to customer service, showed female the sale picture, asking for assistance to get 2 of the tables, as I’m suffering from asthma and can’t manage the tables; advising her there were 6 tables still back there. The female called for someone to meet me at the aisle. I heard her make the call. She then asked me to go back to aisle & meet them.

I wonder why she didn’t just ask assistant to bring 2 tables to me, rather than asking me to walk all the way bak there, again. But, I could easily make the walk again; and I really wanted those tables. I went to the aisle and waited and waited. No Target assistance came. I tried myself to get at least one onto my cart; but, couldn’t. I walked back to customer service, explaining no one showed up to help AND I now want to see the manager to state my complaint. She smiled “oh there’s the store owner over there, I’ll call him over.” A gentlemen w several other men walked over and stood behind customer service counter.

He didn’t state his nm, introduce himself, nor ask “How may I help you?”. He simply looked @ me; thus, I began the communication. Note: I knew I needed to be brief b/c I’m now feeling the weariness of this episode and I’ve still got to walk to my car; so I shouldn’t wear myself out for these tables. After stating my name, “I’m suffering from asthma, but, really wanted these tables (showed him the pic, as I’m talking); I first went to aisle, saw them; came to customer svc asked for assistance; walked back to aisle; waited & waited. NO ONE showed up.” This man simply says: “Did someone say we have the tables?”

So, I immediately knew he wasn’t listening to me; and he wasn’t going to even attempt to ease this situation for me. I couldn’t continue w this. I was obviously struggling to talk by now as my voice is now beginning to wheez; which he would use to be his excuse not to understand me. He obviously didn’t care; or he would’ve stood in front of me and listened as I’m obviously struggling to talk now. How RUDE not to stand in front of a customer or anyone speaking directly w you. I immediately knew this really was a waste of my time to come to this store.

This experience and now this manager/storeowner’s ease of disrespect isn’t worth me continuing to struggle @ this Target. Note: He stood to the side; behind the counter; w most surely 1000 other things on his mind. Afterall, it’s Easter weekend. I didn’t have his attention or he couldn’t heard and understood me. The previous female customer serviceperson understood me the 1st time (when she called for assistance). AND NOW he asks: “Did anyone say we had the tables?”.

You would’ve tho’t I was speaking a foreign language and he was trying to figure what I was saying, from the side. I found this to be insulting! I speak perfect English. Don’t even know another language. If he was giving me any attention at all…he could’ve understood me. I wasn’t that hard to understand; the pharmacist understood me an hour before. Other retailers understood me this same day and gave assistance, the first time. I never had to repeat myself w the others b/c they saw the struggle I was having to speak thus THEY EACH listened CAREFULLY, the first time and stood in front of me; rather than over to the side. BUT NOT this Target @ Charlottetown.


I visited the Target store on Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey, LA. I first went into the Stage Clothing store which is attachted to Target and I parked in front of Stage. Since Target is just a few yards away and I didn’t want to spend time looking for another parking space I left my car where it was, in front of Stage, and walked the short distance. Little did I know I would be unable to return to my car with my purchase since the wheels on the shopping cart locked when I passed a certain point (nowhere near the street or highway leading to Target).

The good news is that your shopping cart is safe and sound. The bad news is that you lost a sale and a customer. I had to struggle to get the shopping cart back into the store but I did it and returned everything I had just bought. I will never shop at Target again and I will make sure all my friends know about this.


Jobs are scarce right now, we all agree on this. Target has advertised weekly in our local job board, for different positions. I interviewed for one in Sales, didn’t get it because I’m sure I have not enough retail experience. Ok, fine, I understand. This week, Target listed one for “presentation”, 6am to 2:30 pm, NOT what I applied for last time. I was told I can’t apply because I have applied with the company within 60 days. It doesn’t matter that the jobs are not similar, it’s their policy. How ludicrous is this?

Yes, I’m a little ticked off. I could do this job with my eyes closed. With the lack of viable jobs in the paper, to be told I can’t apply for one that a monkey could succeed at, burns me.


I just closed my credit card account with Target after two years because of a $10 dispute. Your company charged me both an international service fee and a cash advance fee (for something that was not even a cash advance). This in essence is “double dipping.” Charging two fees for the same transaction seems inhospitable to me. Whenever I have had the rare complaint over something as minimal as $10, my Discover card or my Visa card provider have always successfully made things right. Even if they felt I was wrong, other service providers still valued my patronage enough to waive the fee.

Your customer service supervisor at Financial and Retail Services on April 13, 2011 had no will or no power to make things better for me. She instead had the gall to offer me a 10% off card for Target. How is my spending more money at Target remedying the $10 service fee? She thinks that by my spending more money and giving your company more patronage is somehow refunding my money? Your policies and customer service make no sense.

I will be telling everyone and anyone not to get a Target card or to use a card represented by Financial and Retail Services. In fact, I was a loyal and frequent customer at Target (simply look at my past statements) and I will no longer be shopping at Target. Wal-Mart is right around the corner. Wow, you have just lost thousands and thousands of dollars for Target over a very questionable $10 fee.



i placed an order from the baby registry at target and was not alerted when it came to the shipping address and it went right through to the billing and credit card information. i realized too late that the gift was to be shipped to the person on the registry instead of to me as the buyer which i wanted to gift wrap and give to her at her baby shower. i called target and they said it could not be changed. on march 27, 2011, it was shipped out and the person still does not have the item. it appears that the address that target gave to ups was wrong and the gift is in limbo between ups and another universe, as the purchaser, i asked that target give me the tracking number so that i could ask ups to direct the package to me and they refused to give it to me.

at the baby shower which i attended without my gift, two different people gave the mother-to-be the same gift which they took off the registry. it appears that the item was never marked “fulfilled” and the mother-to-be had to be inconvenienced by returning the gift to a target store. i am very angry about how this was handled and will not do business with target again. they do not know how to run a business.


Hey Target! I purchased a 42″ Westinghouse LED TV for $599.99here in Knoxville, TN on June 30, 2010. We have enjoyed watching “HI-DEF” since getting the unit. We purchased the three year extended warranty for an additional $79.00. Here is the problem in a nutshell. After loosing HI-DEF signal on a regular basis after less than a year. nd having our local Charter Cable TV service people check all their equipment for defects (of which we’ve replaced the HI-DEF signal box and re-turned the signal to within tolerances (+12 to -12). The problem is with the 42″ Westinghouse LED TV’s HDMI circuit. It is starting to fail. All three HDMI ports run off the same circuit.

I called you and was forwarded on to Westinghouse which told me that I would have to ship the unit to their repair center. I can not accomplish that because I do not have the original shipping carton that came with the unit I purchased. I kept it 45 days, then tossed it. I bought the 3- Year extended warranty because if I had a problem, it would be nice to have someone come out and fix it on-site or exchange it for another unit that did work properly. I am a loyal customer who is not happy. TARGET says their warranty responsibility only kicks in after the 1 Year factory Warranty has run its course. I don’t want to damage my TV (We really like it a lot) shipping it back to Westinghouse.

If things remain as they are now, I will be putting in a claim with you on July 1st, 2011. If that occurs, I will be telling all 4500 Tellico Village residents ( We have a local Newspaper who loves to publish articles from our members)that I have not had a positive experience with TARGET. There are two WAL-MART stores locally near by one in Lenior City TN and the other in Madisonville, TN.

Please call me My 3-year Extended Warranty # S1082062603. You can get my contact info from it


Will Schmidt
Loudon, TN 37774


I would like to make a complaint about a very rude employee at the Target store on 27th & Layton in Greenfield, WI. I shop there many times a week and today I went there and asked a woman that was working in the magazine dept. if she had 2 new issues of my favorite magazines in her cart that she was putting out on the displays at the time. She was rude and didn’t even want to check the magazines or answer my question. She should not be working with people at Target. I was very upset that she couldn’t take 2 minutes to check the magazines for me. There’s plenty of people looking for a job and would be more than happy to replace that rude woman and happy to help the customers shopping at this store.

I will have to find a new place to purchase my magazines in the future where the workers are more than happy to help the customers. Employees like that at Target woman should be retrained on how to do the job and work with the customers.

Thank You,

Kim Marie Nims


I purchased a television from Target and opted to buy the extended warranty. I had a issue with the sound on the tv being a little distorted and when I turned the tv on it wouldn’t power on right away. Contacted the extended Target warranty department December 2010 to get information. I filed the claim January of 2011 and shipped my tv off AFTER the Superbowl to their warranty department. I was told I would be updated via email and phone call once my television has been looked over. Well I got a email saying my tv was marked as damaged. I contacted the service center and was told my LCD panel was beyond repair and the Target warranty doesnt cover that (Now I took pictures of my tv the month I 1st called about it and in Feb prior to shipment).

They shipped my tv back to me & its came shipped in the box upside DOWN (Mind you the shipping instructions I FOLLOWED Said ship the TV right side up!). Everyone with Target has been very rude and I keep getting the run around about my tv. I have before and AFTER shots of it! The after shots look like someone dropped it and shipped my ish back to me. These Yahoo’s are trying to tell me I shipped a damage TV when I clearly have proof I didnt. Im getting this a “manager will call you back in 24 hours or 3-5 business days” run around and honestly everyone is very rude. Im beyond pissed and Im NOT getting any resolution! I sent them pictures like they requseted and well Tequila you wait to hear back from us because well you don’t matter as a consumer even though you paid cash for a TV that we have destroyed!

Thank you Target I LOVE the way you treat your customers!


Target charged our debit card twice, but clerk missed first draft and told wife to scan again, it was declined. Would not allow submission to debit draft again because transaction was not closed from the first swipe. Anyway wife left with no goods thinking it was a bank issue. I confirmed Target triple billed our debit card and the card was temporarily disabled for unusual activity. I re-shelved the stuff and bought it later today. But now the fourth draft from Target under an unusual watch store disabled my bank card completely.

This would have never happened had the clerk realized the initial transaction before my wife got upset and before I had to go spend another hour driving and re-shopping the same junk on my dime really irritates me. Not to mention the manger at the Target store was filled with a ‘sorry for you’ attitude like it was our fault for their ineptitude. Mistakes happen its how you resolve them that show who you are. Target falls flat our their butts this day. Wheres my Kmart!


What happened? Southhill mall target in puyallup wa. Don’t shop there. It is run by a bunch of 12yr olds who don’t have any life experience dealing with real people. They treat not only their employees with no respect but customers as well. It’s a unpleasant place to shop. Who gives these children jobs in high places with no experience of life yet? It used to not be that way. New management is horrible. T-0342. Fast fun & friendly is bull now. This Target store is night and day the way it used to be. Many many agree with me whether they want to take time to say something I don’t know.

Maybe if everyone who feels this way would say something, things could be fixed. So sad. A current Target employee who used to want to go to work everyday, not that way anymore. LOOKING FOR A BETTER PLACE NOW.


This is typical. People lost their Target receipt, yet somehow it’s the stores fault? Grow up and be an adult. You made a mistake, accept the consequences of that mistake. It’s not theft, it’s not even close you drama-queen. Quit trying to have a special set of rules made just for your royal butt. There are four of the many reasons why a receipt is necessary. Like I said, be an adult and either keep track of your receipts or accept the consequences of your actions. Quit asking for special treatment you self-entitled, ignorant, falsely accusing, drama-queens. There. Now let the Target employment accusations come rolling in.


So I do not know who is ultimately responsible for the Target Display Cards, but it seems to me it’s bound to garner a few sales with the Consumer inadvertently purchasing a two piece for double the price. And with Target’s exchange/refund policy on intimates or bathing suits, not knowing what it is, I cannot help but wonder at how many people have inadvertently, under a false perception due to the numerous ‘Mix n Match $14.99′ placards, spent money having no choice but to be out the money once the sale has been made. This is the one of the reasons I hate shopping at Target, and have tried to give up the hassle and confusion of incompetent employees!


i’ve just received an email from dick forrey. after doing some research, i am appalled with targets rebuff. how dare you put no money into gay causes and think that it something to be proud of . dick wanted me to boycott you because you put money into gay causes not veterans. i will boycott you because of your homophobic retaliation . grow up and stop being so bigoted.


I went to the Broadveiw Illinois Target on Jan. 14, 2011 and there were two co-workers speaking spanish. I asked for help and they told me no hablo english. How can I get proper service at Target if we don’t speak the same language? I’ll never shop there (Target) again!!!!


I do not feel Target met my needs as a customer. They should stand behind their offered claim to ship between 3-5 days. They need to acknowledge what they consider Standard shipping, and what the post office considers “standard” shipping to ensure their customers receive items in a timely manner.This was to be my daughter’s Christmas gift, and I now have a very disappointed 15 year old who didn’t receive her present from me. I understand a day or two, but since it’s been so long due to their error on the shipping I feel Target and their website misrepresented themselves. In addition I have spent at least 2.5 hours on the phone with: and the USPS trying to locate an item that should have arrived at least 12 days ago.


I placed on order with Target for multiple items from which 1 item shipped out the following day. Upon checking the order status on their website I realized 2 items became out-of-stock. So I removed these items from my order and placed a second order for another item which shipped out the following day. When I inquired with Target I was told the order was ‘stuck’ in their system and could not be reach, found, or anything. Anything wrong with this particular order is their fault and they wont give me any information on the problem, on the items, or the status of my order or when it will actually be shipped. It has been at least 7 working days since I placed my order and it still hasnt shipped. Come on Target!!!!


The DISCOUNTED PRICE TAGS on the Merchandise differ from the prices at CHECK OUT! My elderly parents were at Target the other day shopping and they always look at price tags before they buy anything! They paid $17.99 for a pair pants that had a $15.99 price tag, and $3 for a towel with a $2 dollar price tag. They were told the Prices as shown at Check Out Registers were the correct prices because Target did not have time to change the Price Tags on their Merchandise!

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