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The online for super smash bros ultimate. Please change the online in the 3.0 update you. I have jut experienced being at 3 million gsp then playing opponents with items on and being up 70 percent a stock then getting hit by a final smash and hammer resulting in the player winning non competitively. I had my preferred rules set to no items on. I beg you that you let the player see the rule set of the opponent before the match starts so you can decline the match and find someone with a matching rule set. I think that the whole community would love this change and the game will become much more successful. if you care about the users online experience then you will make a change to the online for super smash bros ultimate.


On my Nintendo switch one of my controllers won't connect to the console I reset the controllers but it didn't work what should I do?




Want to know what’s planned to be done about you guys completely messing up the Wii U versions of breath of the wild. Whatever was done to prevent us from playing that game needs to be fixed or replacements need to be given to us. I bought mine on release day for $60 and still have the receipt as proof but since it’s convienently beyond your 90 day window your policy allows you to say no to replacing it. That is underhanded as hell and forcing us to buy your switch or have to buy another copy of your game is why I no longer support your products as a consumer and won’t ever again.


My complaint is that the Nintendo company has again made availability of a product coming out near the holiday season damn near impossible. I just spent 4 hours waiting to try and get an NES classic system from the only online retailer left, and what were the fruits of my efforts?

I've been trying to reserve or pre-order one since August, and it's now almost Christmas! This is something that your company has done before and I find it absolutely despicable! Are your staff so incapable that they can't do basic market research so that your company can at least try to meet demand? If so you should hire some new employees ASAP. My guess is that you pricks did this on purpose to drive up prices, and have no care about how your deplorable marketing effects your customers because at the end of the day everyone will still buy your product.

I hope all of you that are responsible for this blatant disregard have something exceptionally shitty come your way for Christmas so that you might experience some of the angst that you have caused your customers. When you're done reading this, if you even do, maybe you should saunter on over to production and get producing.


I recently logged into miiverse to see that I have been restricted from messaging or posting for two weeks. The admin states that this was for breaching the miiverse code of conduct. I find this startling as I have not posted nor have I commented on anyones post for months. To put it lightly I feel discriminated against and find this very displeasing, I'm strongly considering a moving to the Sony playstation network instead of the nintendo switch for I do not want to be treated like this again in the future.


Once again Nintendo rolled out a new product with a totally inadequate supply of products. The NES mini was sold out on all sites within seconds, and now they are going for over $2000. on E-Bay. To me this constitutes Bait and Switch and it is my intention to contact the state office of consumer protection to file a complaint on Monday. If you people were not aware that the advance advertising would create this mess, you need to fire the entire Nintendo marketing department.


I use the Nintendo Miiverse system all the time, however I keep getting banned for saying things like "Add Me!" I have read the Miiverse code of conduct and yes, yes it does say to not use any other friend system than the Miiverse friend system. However if you are under the age of 13 it is almost impossible to add people because of this rule, Please get ride of it, it is making me very frustrated.


The Nintendo website hasn't worked for days. I am trying to login to my account to download the new Pokemon game. I have been hearing from everyone I must play, but have no idea how to find it. I'm also now hearing rumors that people are using the game to rob people? It's very upsetting to me. When will it be fixed?


My Nintendo DS lite no longer has internet capabilities, so I spent the money to get a DSi. It was a huge pain in the ass to change my routers settings to get the Nintendo network working. Only to find out the game isn't supported. Why the hect is Nintendo, game GIANT cutting internet support for older games? Yeah there's still people out there that enjoy older generation Pokemon, animal crossing, etc. I spent a good 70 dollars and an hour to set everything up only to find out god damn Nintendo doesn't support the game anymore.


Personally, this is not a complaint but simply an idea I think could profit everyone with the new Fire Emblem Fates. Couldn't it be quite possible to just make the teen version and then an uncensored version but in English of course. All the people would cease to stop complaining and give the uncensored a M rating. Or something along those lines, that way the people you'd lose from the things you took out for "the publics sake" would buy the game and suddenly you lost no profits.

Parents who want the nice version of the game for their Teenagers (so almost adults in some cases mind you) can buy that, and then the people who want the version of what you've taken out implemented back into the game can buy that. If voice acting is a complaint you can simply reuse the audio from the recording of the uncensored and then fit it to the censored without certain dialogues entering the game. While I'm sure this would cost you money to do I whole heartedly feel like this would be a great idea that would keep the game selling majorly. Sincerely someone who loves nintendo and the fire emblem games.


Well it first started when I moved to the US from mexico, tired of freaking hardly getting games, DLC's , ect. I decided to change my region when I was in the US. When I first changed the region it stated I wasn't gonna be able to get access to the eshop and other things connected to my Nintendo ID. I am utterly frustrated about the fact that I have use mexico's freaken eshop version instead of the US' version, AND I ALREADY STATED THAT I MOVED TO THE US.


I think you should make the level 9 smash bros 3ds characters a little easier. I was recently playing it and all the level 9's keep spamming or going so fast that you cant keep track. Furthermore, Lucina and Luigi are some of the cheapest characters. You can't come at them and you can't grab them and you can't counter them to save your life. I had the settings on 3 stock and custom dark pit. And I couldn't kill either of them once. And I used to be able to take on four at a time and still kick their butts. Fix it.


I love the wii u, but the bs that happens in Mario cart is horse crap. I was in 4th place and you're giving people ahead of me and behind me the good stuff but you're giving me the coin. Get rid of the damn coin. There is no purpose except to piss people off. Bad.


I purchased a copy of Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3ds and Wii u. I was supposed to get a cd, due to purchasing both items. It clearly said on there promotional offer, that anyone who was eligible to purchase both copies of the super smash bros franchise, would receive a free soundtrack music cd. Up until now I have not received mine, and not even Nintendo has contacted me, or even sent me an email of notification to where it has gone. This is why I am complaining and frustrated of the matter, to take action on a situation that I was entitled to. I hope you can help me in anyway you can.

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