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I have spent over $1K CAD dollars playing this game and now i have lost the account with all of my time and advancement within the game! Gone!! A complete waste of money? I linked it up so i could recover and that doesn't seem to help! I tried the recovery page and all i got there was, while trying to recover my account, was THAT ACCT IS ALREADY IN USE!!! WTF is that for a recovery page??? The game was glitchy as hell with several reboots every time playing. Chat would freeze up in two diff places. Items going away and coming back. Not able to purchase the packages that are always wiggling in the corner of the screen. Called customer service and was given not much help. How can you not check into users accts?? So i will never play anything gameloft again!! I will also spread the word to and on all social forums to warn people not to spend a dime on any of your games! This is absolutely ridiculous!! When you are accepting peoples money you need to ensure account recoverability! What a joke! Oh ya FUCK YOU ALL!


They have banned me for cheating but I didn’t cheat rather I did earn that money for playing for a long time and I bought vip with my own credit card I think u Guyana have made a mistake in banning my account


I am using iOS devices & playing Nova 3. I have a big problem my friends are using android devices.we want to play together on online server Or local wifi but whenever we want to connect each other. It shown us your friend is not currently in the game. Same message on my friends android device and IOS device. Kindly solve this issue thanks, I'm glad I found your website.


I bought asphalt car racing today for #100 and up till now I have receive any pin to unlock and play the game. This is not the type of service I'd expect from Gameloft.


The games company Gameloft said it enjoyed a Korean. I should start this game to try to start Asphalt 8. Did anyone try using the ID using illegal programs asphalt. Now is not a good use of hacked my account and I now suffer the same thing. I will be able'd like to contact the asphalt. I would appreciate it if you could solve this problem.


I'm submitting a complaint regarding my buddy account on gameloft game gods of Rome. He has been a loyal and paying customer and few weeks back he got banned for no justification and apparent reasons. He has posted in Facebook and submitted the concerns via gameloft customer care online support however till now there has been no response. Please, they will not look into this ticket no 12405241 urgently. What should we do?


For those individuals in European countries that have had difficulty dealing with refunds from Gameloft you are able to use the European e-Justice Portal to initiate a smalls claim against the company, regardless of the EU country you reside in. They are head quartered in France and their Corporate Address is: Gameloft, 14 rue Auber, 75009 Paris, France.

You can serve a small claims on their corporate head office. In addition, I would recommend emailing the Licensor for the characters and brands that they use and detailing the problems you have experienced - after all that is why you have purchased the games. For example, Hasbro Licensing can be contacted on:


Second time that Gameloft support has said I was logged in under 2 gmails. I just un-locked car mastery played game for a couple days and got screwed out of cars and money. Very disappointed with this game. Please resolve this problem. Second time is totally wrong and now they are saying I am banned? No Way.


My gameloft game was banned (asphalt 8 Airborn). Please find it and solve it sooner.


Gameloft banned me from Heroes of order and chaos without no evidence that my account had some suspicious activity going on. I have been banned without proof and other players are reporting similar problems online. Has anyone been able to successful submit an appeal and get your account restored to normal working order?


Gameloft does not fix bugs or deal with complaints, just fob off with the same old emails! Currently running ads every few minutes for papa johns, iTunes and paddy power that crash the game causing you to have to reboot. Really annoying and bad for advertisers who have paid money! Gameloft should fix total conquest please and solve ad problem.


On 1/30/15, Asphalt Airborne 8 sent me back to square one with only an upgraded dodge dart. After over a year of play 75 days of game time over 15 million credits, 116 cars with 108 pro'd out and the other 8 maxed and close to being pro'd. I also had 4 free double credit, 84 free nitro fill ups, 34 free double tanks and 1 free tune up. I had over 6000 stars and over 2400 mastery licenses . I have spent over 1000 dollars buying credits and tokens. Hoping Gameloft customer service dept. can put me back where I was.


The game Brother in arms 3 isn't compatible with my Qtab Q850. Please make it compatible and I will rate it five stars. As it stands now Gameloft gets a poor customer service rating from me.


I opened my Gameloft game and was shocked by seeing that my account has banned. Unbann my account soon, because I want to play the game once again. I think its my brother who tried the illegal operations in the game. Is there someone at the company who I can text to fix this complaint? Maybe the corporate offices.


Continuously getting the notification that I am banned from the game green farm 3 on Gameloft. I have been a loyal customer for many months now and always pay my bill. Called customer serviced this morning and no one answered, have been searching the internet ever since for contact info. None found!


World at Arms, it says it is ready for a version update, but it doesn't tell you where to go or how to get the update. You need to tell us how to get there. I have no idea how to do it because the company has no FAQ or customer support info listed online. How about an email address or phone number for complaints?


My account is banned but I don't know why it happens. Please they need to release my account as soon as possible, but no word from customer service yet. Called twice, no answer.


I have dragon mania legends, and its not letting me connect to the game. It loads up so I can collect my daily rewards and the wifi icon pops up kicking me out of the game. I haven't been able to use the game in 4 days.


I emailed them over a week ago now for help with an issue with the Dragon Mania Legends. The game was having a tournament of sorts, having to collect/do certains tasks to get tokens and then a prize. Well the tournament was not functioning properly I'm giving out the tokens. So I emailed them and explained that I have been performing a task for the entire length of time for the tournament and wasn't getting rewarded with the tokens. So basically it boils down the extremely poor customer service. How can they expect people to pay their hard earned money into a game with such bad customer service. On top of it they released another time sensitive EASTER challenge with unobtainable goals to get prizes. They just want us the spend mega amounts of money to complete the goals to get the prizes. So they have not only deplorable customer service, they are money hungry vultures they only care about the almighty dollar and not hoe their game is functioning.

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