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H&R Block (www.hrblock.com) is a tax preparation company in the United States with offices in Canada, Australia, Brazil and India. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:HRB. There are 12,000 company-owned and franchise-owned branches in all 50 states and worldwide. Revenues in 2014 were reported at US 3 billion and there are over 80,000 H&R Block tax preparers (9,000 bilingual) that prepared over 24 million taxes last year.

If you need to report a problem with your tax return or service you may call 1-800-472-5625. You may also find support here. You may contact the H&R block corporate office and write to the CEO, William C. Cobb by postal mail using 1301 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105. The corporate headquarters phone number is 816-854-3000.

Founded in 1955 by brother Henry and Richard Bloch most Americans live within 5 minutes of an H&R Block office. H&R Block has prepared tax returns for over 650 million Americans since 1955 and they have branches located on military bases. Social media presence may be found at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ and their current slogan is ‘never settle for less’.

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Me and my wife contacted H&R block in Oxnard California regarding current and past tax returns which needed to be completed
for our business due to Pay Pal doubling our revenues and making us have to go back three years and input all sales etc by hand
so when we took our returns to H&R Block in Oxnard Calif we spoke to a Sabrina Prendergast and explained our problem and that we needed to get this started ASAP due to letters from the IRS she said that she had never done business taxes but her associate would help her with them SHOULD HAVE WALKED OUT RIGHT THEN but due to our past tax preparation company costs are way more then we could afford we thought that since it was H&R Block whom was supposed to be a reputable company that they would be able to help us that was on Sept 20 2018 it is now December 9th 2018 and we have not heard a word from them we have tried contacting them with no luck now the IRS is sending letters stating the amounts owed and saying they are going to start garnishments how can we get help with this issue ? Please Help

Jeff & Traci Hicks 805-861-4448


I just received a bill from the CA FTB saying I owe them $1931 dollars because my "qualifying" dependent really doesn't qualify, even though your software said she did. Turned 18 in Nov 2017, but a full time high school/college student. I pay all her expenses. Check, check, check, But she made more than $4050 dollars in income, which according to them disqualifies her. YOUR SOFTWARE NEVER ASKED THAT QUESTION or I would have changed my filing status from HOH to SINGLE. Now I have to pay them $1931. You product is crap. Was told Turbo Tax would have COMPARED all returns for a family to one another and pointed this out, Yours doesn't. I have been a faithful customer for many years, not any more.


I own a small business just starting out. They have had my information for months now and still nothing. They say they are senior tax people and have been doing this for years. The spanaway office is where my taxes were transferred to because the office on Mt. HWY lied said they could do it but then said they had no idea how too. It takes weeks for them to call me back then gives me the run around and the lady Ann Marie is always out of the office and blaming her coworker Courtney for it not getting done .I could go on and on but I would never ever refer anyone to go to H&R Block . I personally think they all should be fired.


your holding my refund check hostage since April 20 th, and refuse to send it to me
until your done making interest off of my money. and you could care less..Their isn't a single word in the
English language to describe how I feel about h&r block...I know your not going to respond to this
anymore than you return your phone calls.. your a mickey mouse poor excuse for a company..
how you continue to stay in business is one for Ripley's believe it or not. you belong behind bars.
your thieves..


After working with H&R Block for 10 years this will be my last year with them they did not file my correct taxes cost me an unnecessary fee and refuse to correct it


I filed my taxes in the East Haven, Ct office on January 17th. For the 2nd year in a row, they have messed up my state income tax, they can not tell me when my federal return was accepted and people are rude. I have asked 4 times for a manager to call me, and no one does. When I last spoke to the person who did my taxes earlier this week, she told me she gets paid to file and I will get my taxes eventually. She stated I should have gone elsewhere. I feel I shouldn't have to pay for the services I did not recieve.


We filed our taxes as we usually do with H&R Block in Sigourney Iowa. When all was said and done we were told we were getting a rtefund of $4000 + from the Federal govt. and $1200 + from our State, a little over $5200. We asked at least 3 different times if the lady doing the taxes was sure and she said yes. We bought the piece of mind just to be sure. We paid $294 dollars and left the office thinking our taxes had been e-filed and everything was fine. 36 hours later, (a day and a half) we received a phone call from our tax preparer. She said the computer had updated and we now owe $2820 dollars to the federal govt. and would only get $183 dollars back from the state. This is an $8000 dollar mistake. We have tried to resolve this and we keep getting the run around. Twice we have been told someone from the claims department would contact us, no call yet, it has been several weeks. Each time we try to meet with someone from the office something always comes up they always have an excuse. We would just like our money refunded, our taxes filed correctly so we can be done with this.This has been going on for several weeks now. We will never use H&R Block again unless this is resolved to our satisfaction.


Had an appointment at 4 and bc there was 5 minutes before our appointment the tax preparer (Jackie) for our appointment looked at me and said "it's not 4 yet" then proceeded to take a walk in while we had to wait past out appointment time instead of take us 5 mins early!! Very upset and aggravated, as we do not file for free, we do in fact file for hundreds of dollars fee. We came in to the Zephyrhills, Fl location at 7856 Gall Blvd.


I was scammed by customer service to pay 24.99 for some plus benifits after paying i looked up online and found i was getting nothing at all different then the free version offers. I phoned customer service and was told its only 24.99 why are you so upset. I explained the situation and was told nothing they can do. The operator refused to give her name or operator number then hung up. I work for the newspaper in pa and i am sure im going to get this scam of hr block out to the public before others throw away there money. I called turbotax to get there referral info to place in my report.


H&R Block prepared my taxes for 2018, everything was fine until I was asked if I had medical insurance. I said I had it til September of 2017, she asked why, I simply said because I'm looking for a job. Then she proceeds to tell me that she is going to be the one to tell me that i need medical insurance. Frankly, its none of her business as to why i dont have it. I told her to stop talking about it and she continued to lecture me. Im an adult and im aware of what i need. I don't need to be treated as if i were a child. Her name is Patty costanza, n main location in rockford il


I went to h and r block to file my tax return and I was under the impression that I would receive funds that same day. I even asked the "tax professional" when the funds would be available on this card she gave me(The Emerald Card) and she told me within 24 hours. I was not happy that they charged me a total of $281.00 on a return of only $1,212.00 but took into consideration that this is the price I pay for a quick return. I even said so to the"tax professional" and she agreed. Turns out she was wrong. The correct answer would have been 21 days. If I had known this I would have done my taxes myself like I usually do and saved almost $300.
Hey H and r block.....tax season is not an ideal time to train.......the other "tax professional" that was doing the training was back and forth between her(the trainee) and other customers during my appointment. The last time I spoke with the tax professional that was doing the training was 3:00, she said she was going to call the higher ups and see what could be done. Thats what I get for counting on h and r block,> my husband is in the hospital and not doing well and I have 10 days to move due to the property being sold where we reside. I scheduled time off with my work so I could find a new home in time for when my husband is released from the hospital. I never should have put so much faith into h and r block....Now Im screwed. I may be stuck here, get evicted, and then how am I supposed to find someone that will rent to me? And the woman who was being trained.....dont blame her, she was not being properly trained, obviously. Thanks for taking advantage of me h and r block...NEVER AGAIN.


I've contact hr block 33 times yes 33. They said they did a investagation on my fraud statement. N they closed it. So I called again to ask them how they did this bc there were transactions being made at the same time 50miles apart. So then they assigned me Natale n she doesn't return calls. N when she does she try's blaming you. When I'm disable can't speak well n around on me. I explained I only have one card n she kept asking me if I gave it lost it etc.. n the transactions are being made at the same time in different areas n this has been going on since July n this is now October?? Hr block investagation was a bunch of crap... and since they sat on their thumbs all video evidence is gone. So yes I believe I have a right to be upset. N I want my money back


This is a note I had to sent to the recruiter for you classes in Orlando. I feel, in my worse day at work, I could do better at informing potential clients of class   cancellations or changes. If this is the caliber of individual you have working, it is disappointing. I am positive I could do better.

Quezada, Marielle Michelle (marielle.quezada@tax.hrblock.com

Good Morning

   At the moment I am highly disappointed in H&R Block.
     1. I never received the code you stated I needed to enroll in the course which started today, so
     2. I went to the address where the course was to be held and waited until after 10 AM, the start time, and no one showed.

Is the evening class from 6:30 to 9:30 still going to be held.

Thank You 


Not sure I will go with H&R Block anymore for my taxes. In the end they are starting to charge way more with the launch of "Block Advisors". It just does not make sense when Tax Act and others are charging $29 still and H&R is not getting with the times.


Please, do NOT hire H&R Block for financial services. They do document and rip off peoples personal and business information.


There was a charge put on my H&R Block account that I did not authorize and I've called over and over to talk to someone about this but I'm just getting the run around. I also wanted to stop the same company from being able to get more money over and over again. Will not be recommending this service after they ignored my phone calls to their customer complaint hotline.


Went to H&R Block to get my taxes filed the last three years. Each year the service seems to get a little worse, but the price stays the same. This past year they barely took 30 minutes with me and seemed very rushed. I hope they slow way down and get back to focusing on positive customer service experiences. That is my only complaint, and the change would need to come from the H&R Block corporate office.


No compaints here about the company. H&R Block helped me in filing my IT - returns for this financial year and it's a great relief. It is a full-service tax consultancy firm with qualified CAs, CPAs and other experienced Tax Experts for individual and Corporate accounts.

Well it is pretty necessary that we maintain and manage our financial transactions regular and H&R Block is the best place as it has 365 days frequency, error free and our documents are 100% secured. It not only helps in IT filing, but also in IT calculation, Tax scrutiny assistance, registration and advance tax quarterly services too. I suggest to ring up or text in H&R Block for the above services to get the best work done for you. I have done my taxes several years in a row and from the corporate office on down everyone in this organization seems to be world-class.

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