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email and pass word stolen. when change password it appears that there is an automatic hack that change the new pass word at the same time


please Im getting so much unnessary email mostly from advertisers.Fed x keep sending email like they trying to get in touch with me Ive tryed to stop this to no Avail. Please Help.


Hello to whom it may concern, my name is Sharon Jones I have a new phone and is unable to send messages from my accounts, I am being forced to change my passwords to my accounts each time I try to send out my message ; which makes me uncomfortable doing. And when I do the messages do not go forth my accounts are as followed (1) (2) (3) belparktenantcouncil@gmail,com. I am being blocked out from my own phone 443-452-3473 this is a new phone with the same number I've had for years. I will be getting a new phone and will be keeping the same number and is praying I will not have to go through the same issues. I left Yahoo hoping to receive better services, I don't to go back this should not be so hard to send important information it has cause many scheduling inconvenience. Will you please fix this situation? Than You kindly


I have been receiving up to 12 spam emails from "" every day. I unsubscribed and sent them an email telling them that if they didn't stop sending me spam I would report them. In the last 24 hours after sending them this email I have received over 20 spam emails from them. Can you please deal with this company and stop them from sending me spam. Thank you, Dale


i booked the order vide #40859845364457935 in which the said tempered glass is not matching with the mobile model SAMSUNG -J7 PRIME 2.SO IF U SEND SECOND TIME PL SEND CORRECT ONE OR DON'T.



Following physical trauma at work, I now live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, further compounded by a stroke, and an additional anxiety state.As a result my I/T skills are restricted.

Each time I log in I am presented with advert material to install Google Chrome. I have a model railway and within my limitations I have made models and purchased model railway items, again presented with download Goofle Chrome.

If I log into my gmail account I am again presented with the advert to downlpoad Chrome.

Each time I log into my e-mail I am informed I have installed a new appliance (or what ever wording it uses - my memory for numbers and names has been terribly affected by the stroke)

I have previously downloaded google chrome and DO NOT LIKE IT!.

This continual advertising teally gets me down and I become agitated by it, to the point that these continual adverts for google products makes very anxous.

Please stop sending me these promotions, THEY ARE REALLY OBSTRUCTING MY USE OF THE SYSTEM

David Hunter


gmail continually stops my access to my emails. Claims that 'someone' has attempted to access the account using my password. Sadly it is me. If someone else is using my password, them clearly it is gmail employees who have given it away.


Please don't email me as I don't have access. Old Alcatel tablet unable to charge. Already have a gmail account and now have Amazon tablet but cannot remember password to re-open account. Contacted Amazon directly who while very helpful couldn't resolve. Signposted me to gmail help team. Eventually got through just now to a very rude guy. Very abrupt and dismissive. I explained my problem about password and he said it seems your account has been hacked. Even i know that's not true!! I pleaded with him as a gmail employee to help me recover my password and he hung up when I refused to entertain a 'one off payment'. Would recommend you look into this guy as not only rude, arrogant and incompetent but also possible fraudster. Am leaving gmail as useless sorry!


My google account was hacked they remove all my info i had first they tried to add a family accont ..i let google no i was not aware of it ...if u look at my accont I've been only sign in from phones they even took my you tubes info when i purchase from you tube credits card ...this email name is my late father as a
google user I'm asking for the email. Yuk return to right owner..
I lost my fone in june bought another

And please contact me at 4077587359


Almost every day, I get a pop-up from the right side of my computer that says "Your Gmail settings are out of date" or words close to that, It does not tell me what to do to fix the alleged problem. Usually, the message box will disappear but sometimes it disappears and returns a very short time later. My Gmail is not my main email ( but I use it enough I would be reluctant to get rid of it. What are my alternatives?


My laptop was stolen and my gmail was hijacked. When I try to sign on I asked p/w and when it is not accepted it asks for the last one I remember, I enter it and it says p/w changed 6 days ago. I hit the lost p/w link and it asks me if i want a code sent to my cell phone which i provided and is on my security account and I say yes, i get the code then it asks for the email i have on my secuity account I provide it and it sends me another code i enter it and then it asks me when i opened the account which i have no idea, Why wasn't I made aware that I would need that information and how come all the information i provided matches the information on my security account but i always get the message unable to verify it is me.


I've been trying to reply to a message on my gmail account. Went round and round having to resign in continually, with the same thing again. Then I tried to compose and send an email to the original sender with the same results and continuing results of having to sign in again and again. I have an iMac with OS 10.5.5. this has been going on since google took over. The result is swear words about google email.


I am having a problem, I created and account on Google gmail when I bought my iPhone 5 in South Africa and lately I forget the password and I been trying to recover and reset my password but I can't cause now I am staying in Namibia and my back email was my South African MTN number that does't work in Namibia and then I tried recovering it with my small cousin gmail to send the code there but every time I enter the code in, the Google guys don't accept it. Please what's wrong, help me out.


I have been trying for several days to get back in to this email address. Several days ago it went out for whatever reason and would not let me in. I've tried everything possible to get back in and recover my emails. Nothing seems to work. I am extremely unhappy about Google email in this instance.


My gmail system is disturbed frequently. Before some days l am advised to subscribe. Is it necessary to register in it? I am poor in knowledge to handle the computer systems. I think earlier arrangement is very easy to me. I hope to contact Google directly with my feedback, but corporate has no phone line that I can find. There are only support websites.


My Google gmail account was hacked and i lost all my contacts. is there a way to retrieve them?


I recently changed my iPad and tried to connect to gmail account. I have unfortunately forgotten my password and all the recovery processes take me to hardware or email accounts I no longer have access to I have been trying to contact Google and have been locked out of my account for three days now and am no closer to a satisfactory solution.

I realize that this is my fault but the walls around google that stop people from contacting them or getting any live help, are certainly causing me a lot of grief I have used several forms like this and get no reply whatsoever. The phone number to which I no longer have access that this account was linked to it. The email that this account was linked to which I no longer have access to was there as well. Google will not answer my repeated phone call.s Please could someone acknowledge this email even if it is to tell me nothing can be done?


I visited the Dallas Texas craigslist to express sorrow for the slain officers and to speak out about the street violence going on by the Black Lives Matter movement. I began receiving hate emails from him and I asked him to stop sending emails to my personal account and he refuses. They have become sexually harassing, falsely alleging sex acts with members of my family and I have blocked him from my gmail account but he continues to penetrate the filter. He alleges that he is justified because I mentioned his name, as have others and they have posted not only his name, but a list of all the harassing emails he has sent via craigslist. I have complained to craigslist and my complaint was ignored.

I don't even know if "Robert Jude is his real name". Not only has he been race baiting with false allegations, and subjecting me to unwanted and unwelcome sexual harassment, he claims that the police won't do anything. In the community where I live they won't. I have attempted to address my landlord's unlawful monitoring of my phone and computer and they do nothing. His brother in law is a police officer and his father in law is an ROTC instructor. They have certain access and credentials but unless they have had a Court order by the Middlesex DA these past 5 years since they have owned the house, they don't have a right to breach my privacy and security of my internet. I have addressed the matter with Comcast as well.

Accounts have been created on twitter misusing my yahoo email account next to what looks like a male from the middle east with some foreign language next to his name. All the hideous laughter when they are drinking upstairs which often coincides with online personal attacks of me . I fail to see the humor. As Google must know, any astute hacker can cover his tracks. Additionally, anyone can forward to other servers. My landlord goes back to his home country of Brazil annually. If this latest attack is also my landlord, he is capable of hiding his tracks outside of this country. By the way, he works as a lineman for a company called CEI, which is contracted by National Grid, and he takes the utility truck home daily.

He has from time to time gone off in the truck with his friends and goodness only knows to do what. With so much hate, threats to national security, violence, bombings, security breaches via the internet, I can't say that I have never been concerned about the possibility of a threat to national security because of any security breach he may pose. Just reporting an ongoing problem that I have had. On craigslist Boston, many of us have been harassed by "Prince Vlad", and in particular "Carmen Lucas". Some believe it is one and the same person. I am disappointed that google doesn't protect the privacy and security of users accounts as good as they should.


Someone has fraudulently stolen my identity. The person or people have open a gmail account using a Google login as the address. These people are using this email address and are trying to open credit cards and bank accounts using my name and my details. I have reported this to the Federal Police in Australia and would also ask if Google could close this account as these thieves are reckoning my life and my finance status. They can contact me any time on phone. These people have tried to do the same under other email addresses and these providers have been good enough to close these accounts. I would appreciate in you can help me stop what is against the law. I will also be sending a copy of this request to the Federal police.


I have been trying to retrieve my other email address without success. I have forgotten my password. I keep getting asked silly questions like when I last used my address and when I set it up. And also they don't recognize my number. I have some important insurance details in one of those emails which I need to get back.


I forgot my gmail password which I rarely use, I got the 6 number password through my text 4 times, each time entering it as fast as possible and each time it said it expired already, then I got the 6 digit number by automatic phone call from you, I called it immediately and it said it expired. the I tried to answer the question from gmail, the stupid questions you ask in the alternative method, when was the last date I used my gmail account and what date it was established are so absolutely lame its unbelievable! No wonder I use my other E-mail account regularly and not gmail ever! Why don't you ask preset personal questions a person might possibly know like just about everyone else in the whole world does.


I have a Gmail account "@gmail" which is now disable by Google without informing. Would request you to suggest or provide some solution to recover my email id as it is very important for us. Please let me know if you need any further information for the same. I cannot contact the corporate office and see no phone number online for help.


I used to have an gmail account, back in 2010. Google has continued to bill me for this account even though we cancelled it years ago. I have been locked out of the account and not able to access it to cancel the subscription. It is an outrage that I can't contact anybody. All your 'help' gets me nowhere and the email advising me that you will continue to gouge me is 'no reply!' My bank won't stop the payment without me cancelling it and I can't because you won't let me. This is no less than theft. Over the years you have billed me for thousands of dollars. Please stop fleecing my account immediately and refund the amount the account has been inactive.


I have had what is now, according to the internet, a common experience with gmail. I typed "gmail" into google chrome. I got a sign in screen in which my name and email address are already populated., It is one of the screens that say "One Account, All of Google", but has no "no thank you" alternative to bypass it. At the top of the screen is a message that says "re-enter your password". Notice that I have NOT entered anything at this point. I have just typed gmail into the search engine and this request to re-enter my password has come up. This screen will not accept the password. And yes, before you default to the classic "oh well, it must be the wrong password" response, I know that it was the correct password. I had just created it and it was in the password book right in front of the computer.

In addition, the "Change to another user" alternative did not work. It is unresponsive. I am not only frozen out of my email, but there is no way to get to any other email account through chrome. Even rebooting the computer does not work. After trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get off of this page, my email is locked. When I contacted the company to unlock the email, I was sent a form letter saying that I had been locked out because I had violated the terms of usage. This is absolutely impossible. The email was brand new. I used it to join freecycebaltimore, a yahoo group. I posted to the freecycle group. That's it. That's all. Again, it was a brand new email used only two times. There is no way that I could have violated your terms of usage with those two functions. The response from your help desk informed me that I would be asked for my phone number the next time I attempted to sign in for verification and to restore access to my email. Well, that didn't happen. Google chrome was still stuck on the same "re-enter password page" that would not function. Trying to enter that particular email through explorer did not work either. It was still locked and did not ask me for a verification phone number.

This is a growing problem. I looked on the internet and there are a lot of people caught in the "re-enter your password" endless loop and having their emails shut down as a result. The only way I could access my other gmail accounts was by going to another search engine. I could get in my other gmail accounts under explorer. If your company is staking it's future on the "One Account, All of Google" model and you have this huge glitch that locks people out of their email for no reason and will not allow them to change users or go into any other gmail account at all, you are looking at a huge public service disaster. I use gmail not only for personal emails, but for work and business emails as well.

I am afraid to use google chrome to email anyone. When that glitch occurs, your email is toast and I can't afford to loose my work and business contacts and messages. Fix this. Blithely blaming it on the customer is not a solution. When customers have to use other search engines as a workaround to get into their gmail accounts, it is only a matter of time before they quit google chrome is disgust and choose other search engines as their default. For the record, the email account locked and lost was


I have a gmail account for which i have lost the password, i tried with the methods mentioned but could not open please assist Gmail account. It's currently a UAE email and the support here from Google is non-existant.


I received a notification of someone trying to get into my computer through my Google gmail acconnt. Reference number mz1786, as i understand someone in Tokyo is trying. I don't know anyone in Tokyo nor do I E-Mail anyone in Tokyo.


I am traveling overseas and my gmail account has been locked because google thinks that someone is trying access my account from Prague and Warsaw - that someone was me. I can't register to get a code to be sent to my registered mobile because that phone is PUK locked and won't unlock and Vodafone in other countries is not affiliated with Vodafone Australia so can't help unlock it. I know the day and time when I last accessed my gmail account but don't have a clue when I first went with gmail - which is a question google requires me to answer.

I will be traveling around Europe for the next 3 weeks and need access to my emails. Please note that I have given permission for my daughter in Australia to see if she can access my account from there. Perhaps Google needs something like the banks have - I informed them that I would be traveling overseas so they wouldn't lock my cards. Please unlock my gmail account.

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